Works in Progress

Working Titles to Works currently being shaped and formed means that these Works are Works in progress and as they are being shaped, also seek support from our Friends.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is a work in progress exploring the Agricultural Course, the Compost pile, the Mound and the Elemental Beings and forces engaged that awaken Sleeping Beauty.

Tracking the Wonders of Christian Rosenkreuz

I begin to detail a tiny portion of some of the wonders related to our lofty Son of Sophia, The Rose, Christian Rosenkreuz.

Additional studies to Speech and the Vowels

I lay out additional material to what I have already brought on Speech Research. So far I have 3 available articles on Speech. One on the Vowel UH and Saturn; one more on the Consonants; one on Dramatic Arts.

The further work I am doing is a deepening of the study of the Vowels and the Planets. This, as well, could use additional support.

Tracking the future MORAL EVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE of Novalis and Goethe into the Jupiter Evolution of the Earth

This recovery of the Deed of Golgotha in the Moral Future as an Evolutionary Gift of the Gods themselves, transcends Evolutionary Materialism and tracks the Science of the Moral Evolution of Humanity and Earth that has been dismissed and corrupted by the errors implicit in our fall into entropy and dead matter. Dead matter vs Living Life that arises from the Moral Ripening of the the Human I AM.

This also needs support as I build the research.  Thanks for all your support.

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