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The Fourth Part of “Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche part 4” is now a WORK IN PROGRESS. It completes the 4 part series on the evolution of what is known as the culmination of THE AGE OF AMERICA. In part 4, I examine THE EIGHTH SPHERE as our entire Earth Evolution completes and culminates itself in the 7th age.Whore of Babylon 3Parts 1, 2, and 3 have been free to all interested students in the Michael School. In Part 3 Spirit-Self and Sophia are explored; In Part 2 America and the Consciousness Soul are explored; and (Click Link) PART 1 introduced us to the whole series. You can follow the whole series at leisure.

I would like, you, dear reader, to help me achieve a goal of 100.00 dollars seed money for this WORK IN PROGRESS. Donate whatever you see fit and feel confident that more WORKS will be coming forth.

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