Tracking the Wonders of Christian Rosenkreuz (One) by Bradford Riley


In Lazarus/John we have the beginning tracking of a mysterious Eternal I AM who has been authorized by Christ and placed above the realm of human death and forgetting. In Christian Rosenkreuz we see how this Son of Sophia gives Birth to his own Higher I AM. To find the origins of Christian Rosenkreuz we are led to examine, as our starting point, his extraordinary family background. With Christian Rosenkreuz we meet a master builder, an ever present helper of humanity. We meet in Christian Rosenkreuz one who helps lay The Foundation Stone for the Science of Humanities Objective Moral Evolution.

When Lazarus/John was raised we entered a realm, of no phony sitcom of a Dead Man Walking, but we were carried with utter astonishment and shivering wonder to the Base of the Cross. The hole we dug for the Cross, for Three Crosses, placed all of us, without our understanding it, at the Midpoint of Earth Evolution. Here we found again, Lazarus/John, experiencing and we should say witnessing or Higher Beholding, seeing with New Eyes beneath the Cross of Golgotha, the Central Mystery of Earth Evolution. His cognitive ‘ I AM ‘ gave all Humanity, in two Reports, the astonishing, shattering reality of the actual Breaking News.

The Mother of Jesus was there at the Midpoint of Earth Evolution, at the foot of the Cross. Lazarus’ sister, Mary Magdalene, was there at the Feet of Christ, also at the Midpoint of Earth Evolution. The critical and cognitive Eye or  ‘ I ‘ of the most intense vision Humanity has shared together, finds in the moment of grief, the cognitive wonder that new vision awakens in human Hearts.

The ground of gratitude in all of us, by witnessing the sister of Lazarus, witnessing her shattering Etheric vision through her tear soaked eyes, Magdalen begins to SEE through the eyes of her Heart. An Etherization of her blood, through the wrenching and purifying fires of Grief, fuse together a premonition, a before picture and an after picture where the intense etherization of her blood awakens her vision of the Etheric Christ emerging from the Tomb.

In Mary Magdalene we see the before and after. We are witnesses to the astonishing transition from B.C. to A.D. In this event we may experience the meaning and intent of Solomon’s Temple and what was expected from Solomon’s temple, in the actual witnessing of Mary, sister of Lazarus.

In the before we witness the premonition of absolute devotion, before fully knowing, Magdalene kneels and washes the feet of Christ and dries them with her hair. She uses expensive oil, fragrant aromatic oil that fills the house with it’s scent. Judas, the treasurer for the disciples objects. What a waste of money, Judas complains.

Christ, in an experience magnified a hundred fold, experiences consciously the tingling that runs from His toes to the crown of His head. Christ experiences consciously and imprints consciously the deed and premonition of Mary Magdalene, into the permanent Etheric Akasha. Hers was an absolute objective demonstration of Heart’s raw devotion that lives in the depths of the Sentient Soul and is a seed power of immense fire that resides, hidden in the heart of humanity.

After the Crucifixion Magdalene is startled awake, from her traumatic, soul wrenching grief. She is given the first Heart Communion and encounter, seeing, feeling, awakened awareness of the first appearance of the Risen Etheric Christ on Earth. She not only sees with New Cognition of the Heart, but Christ recognizes Her and speaks in the rich tones of the Cosmic Word directly to her.

We have witnessed together the Immortal Tree of Life and Budhi Beholding that Lazarus/John inhales as the Cognitive I AM bearing witness, for us, of the entire Immortal Cosmic Drama. It will take us Centuries to Catch up to what the family of Lazarus/John have witnessed.

There comes to us 4 infinitely powerful and potent seed forces from the family of Lazarus/John. 1st is the immensely wise, cognitive Witness that Christ Initiates, who shall not bear false witness to the full impact of the events occurring at the Golgotha, Mid-Earth Evolution point. Lazarus/John will bear full, fresh, cognitive I AM power of witnessing the most significant event at the Midpoint of Earth Evolution. Lazarus has his Inner I AM Awakened as no other yet had.

2nd. Lazarus sister earns the first CONTACT with the Risen Etheric Christ outside the Tomb immediately after the Mid-Earth Golgotha Event. 3rd, Lazarus and Mary are from the same household. Martha, Mary and Lazarus carry the New Christ Event right into the thick of it. Right into the Rosy fragrant thorns of Earth’s Newly Awakened cognition. This new cognition shall also burst forth, in the weeks and months that follow, from the many Disciples and all those who meet The Risen Etheric Christ, well after the Crucifixion.

But it raises the issue of the cluster of the family, the choosing of the Disciples, how Christ chose them and also what infinite depth lived in the Lazarus Family. Christ clearly recognized the Old Testament martyrs in some of the Disciples. By the Cognitive I AM of Christ, we meet again in the New Testament the Twelve that were the five sons of Mattathias and the seven sons of the Old Testament Maccabean mother. But there is certainly much more going on here.

4th, the Phantom Body, the Risen Etheric Christ, ties together, binds, from the actual Cross and Intersection of Earth Evolution the Earthly Mother of Jesus to the future of Lazarus/John. The Sophia and Mary the Mother, makes Lazarus a New son of Sophia and intimate guardian and benefactor of the hidden Etheric forces that flow through the Mother of Jesus.

The Rock and the Fortress

“There is suggestion that because of her steadfastness & loyalty to Jesus, Mary of Bethany, sister of Lazarus & Martha, was renamed “Magdalene” meaning “fortress”, in much the same way as Simon was renamed Peter meaning “rock”. It is a possibility.

“Why is Mary Magdalene portrayed as a promiscuous woman when there isn’t any mention of this in the canonical gospels?

“Actually, there is the blanket statement at Luke 8:1–2 which refers to “Mary (called Magdalene) from whom seven demons had come out” (NIV).

“The seven demons are traditionally named Lucifer, Mammon, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Amon & Belphegor, which equal in order to pride, greed, lustfulness (indulging in gratuitous copulation), jealousy, gluttony, wrathfulness & sloth/laziness.

“Whether she was a prostitute or just the “town bike” (slut) we can only speculate, but such a descriptions fits the “seven demons being cast out of her” witness.

“The 7 demons was once perceived as the definition of a prostitute, or in ancient times, any financially independent unmarried woman. There is a tradition that Mary Magdalene owned a Tavern (a roadhouse) that accommodated travelers. Imu, in those days, widows and their families would often run these establishments and it was common for these women to offer sexual favours for a price to supplement their incomes. Whether this was true or not of Mary Magdalene we don’t know from scripture.

“Now Luke 7:36 recounts that a Pharisee invited Jesus to dinner at his house and there was a woman at the Pharisee’s threshold who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears, dried them with her hair and anointed his feet with an ointment – something that would have been expensive in those days, normally an oil would have been used (vs 37&38). In the account the woman is identified as a sinner. Jesus’ knew it and said “By your faith your sins are forgiven”. John 11:2 identifies this woman as Mary, sister of Lazarus. At John 12:3 Mary does the same thing but this time the ointment is identified as the ultra expensive “spikenard”. Judas chucked a fit at what he saw as a waste of money!

“The question to be asked: Where did this Mary get the money to buy such an expensive ointment? Past earnings? Proceeds from running a business held to be suspicious by the religious leaders?

“Tradition has it that A.John’s Mary, sister of Lazarus & Martha, is the same person identified by Matthew & Mark as Mary Magdalene. Matthew makes no mention of Mary’s prior lewdness but Mark 16:9 notes that Jesus had cast 7 demons from her, which takes us back to Luke 8:2

“There is suggestion that because of her steadfastness & loyalty to Jesus, Mary of Bethany, sister of Lazarus & Martha, was renamed “Magdalene” meaning “fortress”, in much the same way as Simon was renamed Peter meaning “rock”. It is a possibility.

“The apostle John only mentions Mary Magdalene at the end of his gospel as standing before the cross (19:25), the first person to see & speak to Jesus after the resurrection and announce his resurrection (20:1,14–18).

“In the end, I think we should simply focus on her as a example of an extreme sinner, who repented, sought forgiveness and did her best to follow Jesus.” (Paul Clifford)

When we encounter the Before and After Golgotha event, the cleansing of the vision of Mary, sister to Lazarus, the cleansing of so called, 7 demons that could have obstructed the vision of Mary After the Golgotha Event, we begin to connect and See a Before and an After Astral and Etheric transformation. Mary, sister of Lazarus, has Her vision wiped clean of the 7 obstructing demons. That is a very big deal.

A situation arose of sensitive, raw purity and devotion of emotions, her soul’s cognitive mirror was cleansed and was barely able to bear the intensity of the Christ in His manifest Cosmic TONE. That is the Christ shimmering in the purity of the Cosmic Tone of the I AM, in His Physical body before her eyes. The Physical Body, one of the greatest mysteries of the Cosmos Itself and the Living Incarnate Logos shimmering right there in front of her was purely overwhelming in all it’s purity.

“In the thirtieth year of Jesus of Nazareth, that Being whom we have called the Christ, took possession of his physical, ether and astral bodies. This Christ Being could not incarnate in an ordinary child’s body, but only in one which had first been prepared by a highly developed ego, for this Christ-Being had never before been incarnated in a physical body. Therefore from the thirtieth year on, we are dealing with the Christ in Jesus of Nazareth.

“What in reality took place? The fact is that the corporality of Jesus of Nazareth which he had left behind was so mature, so perfect, that the Sun Logos, the Being of the six Elohim, which we have described as the spiritual Being of the Sun, was able to penetrate into it. It could incarnate for three years in this corporality, could become flesh. The Sun Logos Who can shine into human beings through illumination, the Sun Logos Himself, the Holy Spirit, entered. The Universal-Ego, the Cosmic Ego entered and from then on during three years, the Sun Logos spoke through the body of Jesus.”  (Encountering the purified Tone of the Cosmic I AM with no astral or etheric obstructions, unfiltered raw LOVE RS CLICK LINK)

“At the Cross, the mission was entrusted to him of receiving that force as his mother and of being the true, genuine interpreter of the Messiah. This really means that if you live wholly in accordance with the Gospel of St. John and understand it spiritually, it has the force to lead you to Christian katharsis, it has the power to give you the Virgin Sophia. Then will the Holy Spirit, united with the earth, grant you illumination or photismos according to the Christian meaning. And what the most intimate disciples experienced there in Palestine was so powerful that from that time on, they possessed at least the capacity of perceiving in the spiritual world. The most intimate disciples had received this capacity into themselves. Perceiving in the spirit, in the Christian sense, means that the person transforms his astral body to such a degree through the power of the Event of Palestine that what he sees need not be before him externally and physically-sensible. He possesses something by means of which he can perceive in the spirit. There were such intimate pupils. The woman who anointed the feet of Christ Jesus in Bethany had received through the Event of Palestine the powerful force needed for spiritual perception…” RS

The astral and etheric sheaths of Mary, sister of Lazarus, had been cleansed to such a degree that the very Higher Tone of Love itself melted her soul into a pool of Sun Golden Holy Reverence. This is the Primal Awe and Wonder of the proximity of Love Itself. It fills the miracle of our Immune Systems. This astral cleansing of the lens of our spiritual sight is the restoration of our true Virgin Sophia. This Virgin Sophia penetrates into the deepest core of our Etheric Body. There, in us, reverberates the Highest Tone of Pure Love that is the operative source code of our own Sun Drenched, Sun Evolution, unfallen, Logos imbued Etheric Bodies. If we dive in further we can at least encounter three pivotal events.

Solomon’s Passion and the recovery of the Divine Feminine in the House of Lazarus

One is the family substance of Lazarus and his Karmic circumstances, connecting Lazarus himself to Martha, Mary and a non-arbitrary, LOGOS Intersection on Earth with the Sun Force of the Christ. This intersection and meeting, must in our hearts, resemble an equivalent direct meeting the family of Lazarus had and how Lazarus and Mary his sister were utterly transformed. Dear friends if we talk about Individual Initiation encounters with the Sun Logos of the Christ, what happened in this family, the roots of their mystery, has transformed the entire future of every I AM.

Such intimate Earth shattering Initiation Events we are describing, are absolute, precise uses of the Economy of Time, where we witness a Sun Lord clocked in on Earth/Sun Logos Time. Christ lived and worked in a Physical Body for only THREE YEARS. This intense mystery allows us to catch a glimpse of a similar intersection and meeting where Christ enters Jesus at the Baptism by John.

Two. John the Baptist is intersected at a crossing point, an entire incision into the matrix of TIME Itself, where John the Baptist witnessed and humanity recorded the arrival of Christ into the Akasha and memory of the Earth. The enormous journey and contraction of a Cosmic Being traveling through the immensity of Time down to the singular pinpoint target landing in Jesus reveals the most astonishing moment ever recorded of the arrival of a visitor from higher worlds quietly and gently arriving on Earth.

Tied to John the Baptist, through the utter intimacy of the Christ Being, Lazarus/John witnesses the conclusion and awakening on Earth of an entirely New Finished Prototype of the I AM arising for Humanity. We understand and have witnessed together the Arrival and we have witnessed the Conclusion of the most spectacular event in all of Earth Evolution. These Beginnings will always be preceded by the ever evolving John the Baptist and brought through the constructive Systems Template of Resurrection Science through the Cosmic specifications that were developed by Christ on Earth. Lazarus/John remains as construction engineer on site for Humanity, our Angels, our Archangels, our Archai and the lofty Sophia and Christ Moral Transformative Fire hidden in the Core of our Earth.

The Christ raises the House that Lazarus had built and He gives Lazarus the TOOLS to develop the Resurrection Sciences for the future Moral Evolution of Humanity. Christ gives Humanity New Eyes and cleansed Hearts to see and work in the New Construction Site of a Christ Awakened Earth. Christ gave the beheaded John the Baptist an entirely fresh new innovative mission to help Him ensoul and give New Direction to the the shared work in progress of an entirely New Earth. This New Earth is What Raphael the painter paints and Novalis brings forth from his Heart.

Three. The third issue is that by cleansing the mirror of Mary the sister of Lazarus, a new purification process of cognitive Astral Virginity of Soul is returned to Mary the sister of Lazarus. Mary, sister of Lazarus, in an utterly magical, kingly former incarnation, devoted to the mysteries of Women (Click Link), was cleansed through and through to pristine Etherization Human purity of Soul and Spirit. Her entire passionate process reveals the full cleansing of the power of grief and gratitude that shatters and shakes the entire foundations of the House of Lazarus to its core.

Mary, sister to Lazarus, was also ahead of her time. She received from Christ the first future pristine vision and living encounter of events that will more and more come to pass in the 6th Age. With Mary, sister of Lazarus, we stand before the full wrenching vision and catharsis of all that lived in the dreams of King Solomon. But to understand this cleansing of so called 7 demons, 7 dispositions, 7 catastrophic soul addictions, 7 planetary karma crippling weights, we have to consider here, what kind of weights? In Christian Rosenkreuz we meet and encounter how our Moral Evolution is weighed in the great Scales of Sophia.

But let us examine the purity and awakening of the Vision of Mary at the Threshold (Click Study Link) in relation to the cleansing of the Mirror of the Soul’s impurities. We are all subject to obstructing impurities related to imperfect cognitions in our Astral body and ingrained habits we brought with us, from our descent from the planetary regions into our Etheric bodies. When powerful Initiation events occur in our lives, on Earth, how are these impurities changed and what happens when these impurities in our astral and etheric bodies are removed? In the course of our many lifetimes we manage to collect impurities and inappropriate appetites, desires and flaws. We bring with us into incarnation various bad habits we have acquired in our times together on the Earth.

Meetings of the Christ Sun in our Human Soul and in our Human Spirit

“Matthew chapter 8 verse 28 through verse 34. Remember in the context the Lord Jesus has just crossed the Sea of Galilee, and while crossing has faced the storm and stilled it, and now in verse 28 we read,

“And when he was come to the other side into the country of the Gadarenes, there met him two possessed with demons, coming out of the tombs, exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass by that way. And, behold, they cried out, saying, ‘What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? Art thou come hither to torment us before the time?’ And there was a good way off from them an herd of many swine feeding. So the demons besought him, saying, ‘If thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine (or as the original text puts it, send us away into the herd of swine).’ And he said unto them, ‘Go.’ And when they were come out, they went into the herd of swine: and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters. And they that kept them fled, and went their ways into the city, and told every thing, and what was befallen to those possessed with the demons. And, behold, the whole city came out to meet Jesus: and when they saw him, they besought him that he would depart from their borders.”

“Now Matthew does not tell us what happened afterwards with reference to the men who had been healed, but the other two gospels who recorded this event do. And now to continue and conclude this Scripture reading, I want to read a few verses from Luke chapter 8, in which is contained the Lukan account of this same incident. And beginning with the 35th verse of Luke chapter 8, these the evangelist’s words,

“Then they went out to see what was done; and came to Jesus, and found the man, out of whom the demons were departed, sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid. They also which saw it told them by what means he that was possessed of the devils was healed. Then the whole multitude of the country of the Gadarenes round about besought him to depart from them; for they were taken with great fear: and he went up into the ship, and returned back again. Now the man out of whom the demons were departed besought him that he might be with him: but Jesus sent him away, saying, ‘Return to thine own house, and show what great things God hath done unto thee.’ And he went his way, and published throughout the whole city how great things Jesus had done unto him. And it came to pass, that, when Jesus was returned, the people gladly received him: for they were all waiting for him.” (Click Link)

Mary behaves with pure, unbridled devotion. Her Before premonition and the Washing of the Feet of Christ and the Seven Demons cleansed, brought Mary, sister of Lazarus, early to the Tomb and first CONTACT. This was humanities AFTER IMAGE. We do things on Earth, usually, before we know what the consequences of what we are doing entail. The same dynamic forces of the Balance of the Scales of Time, always pass through the enormous Logos Powers of the Heart of Christ.

PTSD, will arise clearly as a sudden precise revelation of our recompense in the future of our deeds. These deeds that we do on Earth can be GOOD and bring progress to humanity OR our deeds of destruction will create absolute psychic and visual consequences of a deeply disturbing nature.

Christ Sees these events and is the writer and the Great Architect and Adjustor of each Human I AM in the unfolding Alpha and Omega Time School. Christ imprints these Adjustments (Click for Study Link Material) into our individual Karma. They are imprinted into Earth’s Karma. Christ writes the deed in the dust of the Earth. But PTSD will come forth and is coming forth in humanity where each of us encounter an AFTER IMAGE set deeply into our own individual future karma as a result of our Good or Destructive deeds.

We like to designate who first landed on the Moon, who perhaps first discovered America, but in a thousand, thousand historical witnesses to any Earthly event, there has been no better witness to the events of Golgotha than that of Lazarus/John. For we might be inclined to say, dead men don’t tell lies. But the I AM that had been awakened in Lazarus/John was a True  ‘ I ‘ witness.

“And what the dead had no speech for, when living,
They can tell you, being dead: the communication
Of the dead is tongued with fire beyond the language of the living.” T.S. Eliot

We have such an  ‘ I ‘ buried in each of us. It will take centuries for us to catch up to the testimony of Lazarus/John. But in Lazarus/John we have the beginning tracking of a mysterious Eternal I AM who has been authorized by Christ and placed above the realm of human death and forgetting. Lazarus/John now witnesses, reads and writes in the Akasha.

We witnessed together the Mother of Jesus, in whom the Insemination of the New Form of the Pentecostal Flame of the Christ Being, The Sun Being, has penetrated down through to the Center of Earth and arose with the Holy Spirit flame of fortitude to individualize over every head and thinking of every human I AM. Awakening in each, our own relation and connection to the thread of Cosmic, Karmic Development. It is our own Novalis Seed Flame, that we can see in such a tiny flame when it hovers around an actual living Etheric seed.

We may meditate on the Seed and the Plant as Goethe disciplined himself to do. But there is a vast difference between a plastic imitation of a plant and the actual sustaining forces of LIFE out of the Etheric that sustains the Living Fire in an actual plant seed.

Seeds, FIRE, Bees and Butterflies – Pentecost Imagination

“Plant-fructification takes place through the fact that the gnomes take from the fire-spirits what the fire-spirits have carried into the seed bud as concentrated cosmic warmth on the little airships of the anther-pollen. Thus the fire-spirits are the bearers of warmth.

“…for spiritual vision, the bee is surrounded by an aura which is actually a fire-spirit. When a bee flies through the air from plant to plant, from tree to tree, it flies with an aura which is actually given to it by a fire-spirit. The fire-spirit does not only gain a feeling of its ego in the presence of the insect, but it wishes to be completely united with the insect.” (Click Link)

With the Mother of Jesus and the line of connection to the highest Sophia Mysteries, a living flame was seen above the Head of each person who was gathered together at the Pentecost Event. A living Seed Flame potential in each human I AM hovers above our heads because each Human I AM is a germinal seed that is replanted, reshaped and inwardly reconfigured with starry and planetary etheric remodeled systems. At death we offer to the cosmos the fruits of our passage through Life. The cosmos and the hierarchies, and the Cosmic Tone form of our own Higher Being, retune and reciprocally reconfigure an entirely new destiny reshaped to fit our further quests to transform the Earth into Love.

The Objective Science of a Morally Awakened Nature and the New Yoga of the I AM

“This was anticipated by Goethe when he said: if the Urpflanze, the archetypal plant, is nothing more than an idea, then I can see my ideas with my own eyes and they are realities in the external world like colours. This is prescient of the future. I beg you to accept as a solid, concrete fact that the spirit is an active force that streams into us. If, however, the external impressions were to stream into us with the same vital energy as the spirit, we would respond to each of these impressions in our breathing process — for our breathing always responds to the impressions we receive through our brain and our senses. For example, an impression of red invades us from without; from within, our breathing responds to this impression with tone. Tone issues from man with every impression he receives from without. There was no such thing as a static language; each object each impression was immediately answered by tone from within. There was complete correspondence between the word and the external impression. Speech in its later development is simply the external projection, the residuum of that original, living and flexible language which was once common to all. And the expression “the lost word” which is so little understood today is a reminder of this original language. The opening words of the Gospel of St. John, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God” recall living “at-one-ment” with the spirit — this primal spirit, when man not only had eyes to see the external world, but also to perceive the spirit, when, through the breathing process he responded to visual impressions with a tone. It is to this communion with the divine that the opening words of St. John’s Gospel refer.”

This Pentecost and Grail Imagination of the individual Flame sprouting, hovering over the new germinal thinking of Humanity, that flows through and follows the Mother of Jesus, was the kernel and part of the SEED power of the Advocate.

Antwerp – Paint of Pentecost scene from cathedral on September 5, 2013 in Antwerp, Belgium

The Holy Spirit is the gift given by the Father. Christ asks the Father and Christ shares this gift and breathes out this future Holy Spirit substance into the hearts, blood circulation and Lungs of the Disciples. In that Upper Room the Atma of Christ breathes out into the Disciples lungs, life and blood circulation, an Etherization of the Blood, fueled by the Holy Spirit Life forces of the accomplished ATMA and Phantom Body of Christ.

Christ appears transformed in His New Earth consolidated Atma or Phantom Body in the Upper Room. Thomas cannot believe his senses. Thomas must touch, make contact, and even feel the wounds of the New Adam of the Resurrected Phantom Body of the Christ. But the potent enerization of vitalizing, quickening, jump-starting and igniting of the Etherization of the Blood is sent by the Atma of Christ, whirling into the lungs, hearts, and germinal seed potency, Life Bodies and Auras shared by the Disciples.

John 1: 1-10

What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have beheld, and touched with our hands: the Word of God which bears all Life within itself – the very Life revealed itself, and we have seen it and so bear witness to it and proclaim it to you as the life which is through all cycles of time. It was with the Father; now it has revealed itself to us. We have seen it and heard it, and we proclaim to you so that you also can live in spiritual community with us; that is, our community with the Father and with Jesus Christ his Son.
These things we are writing so that your joy may be full.

The reverberating History, witnessing the moment where New Life and the future Jupiter Evolution of the Earth, the spin off revelations of each of the 4 different Gospels, the expanding, encompassing vision of the entire 3 years of Christ on Earth, was written deeply into the Hearts of the Disciples. This was not Faith, this was the Science of the Logos of the Risen Christ circulating and seeding It’s active Sun Power into the Physical, Etheric, Astral and germinal I AM core of ALL the Disciples in a Pentecostal cosmic Love and Fire event.

The Salamander King of the I AM and the Pentecost Flame of the Flickering WORD

This was the first Love Generated reactor, built on true Sun Power, that would spread with the Fire of the Logos through every human heart. It would take root in human hearts because each of our human hearts were and are constructed on the most advanced, ancient Saturn, Archai design codes ( CLICK LINK FOR DESIGN CODES). Each of our Human Hearts at every New Incarnation, contain the design specifications of the integration of Time and the active unfolding of the Akasha written into the ongoing Planets and the destiny of the Stars.

This marks the difference. The SEED planted here, within the Core of the Earth, within the Etherization and fertilization in the Hearts of the Disciples held the mystery of the Core Forces of the Sun Spirits Themselves. The Logos, penetrated deeply into the Core of the Earth, retrieved the Holy Fire Spirit igniter of the Holy Spirit, that immense cohesive redemption of Language and Thought that awakens the fire, flickering flame of the Seed of the Logos in Each I AM was reactivated when the Sun Spirit Christ redeemed the Ninth Layer of the Inner Earth Itself.

This marks the difference between any materialistic science, any juggling of political ideologies. The difference is the fact that the Science of the Earth and the Science of Humanity and the Science of the Logos, restored the Core. The ancient Saturn Science in the Core, that made the Cosmic Generator, The Star Pulse built into the design codes of our Human Hearts was once more awakened and unlocked.

At Golgotha the Higher Design Codes were re-set. The Earth once more started ticking toward the unfolding of our Objective Moral Evolution. The Pendulum of the Descent had swung towards the Pendulum of Ascent. Our higher Moral Evolution was injected into the unfolding Timepiece of the Evolution of the Earth Itself.

New vitalized capacities and goals, that had been hidden in the ancient Mystery Schools, came bursting to Life as, Christ the Sun Being, penetrated the Core Seed Force of the Earth. Through Humanity and the Christ Impulse the germinating Life Force hidden in each I AM would slowly blossom forth as New Nature. Love Itself would be the Foundation of the Jupiter Evolution.

To recover the Core Fire Sphere where the primal Saturn Fire Spirits had first kindled Humanity to Life, is not the debased nuclear igniting of dead atoms into a Form Devouring incinerating mushroom cloud. It is rather that the Pentecost flames that are the Fire Seed Forces, hidden in Each I AM, unfold stage, by stage, the Higher scaffolding and Evolution where Objective Science and Objective Imagination gradually uncover and awaken Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Atma. This powerful cognitive and compassionate Fire of the Higher I AM Seed, is the Holy Realm of the Sun King Salamander and Holy Fire Spirit that arises in us as the Pentecost Flame of the Living Word. Materialistic science has evoked and bowed before nuclear fuel rods in complete dizzying insanity as a worship of the anti-Pentecost.

The Science of the Fall met at Golgotha the recovery of the Moral Evolution of the I AM that overcomes the Entropy of dead Materialism. Materialism has decided to worship a dead cosmos and a lifeless dead force in the core of our I AM. Unfortunately for Materialism Christ brought forth a true Witness (Click Link) of the Higher I AM and the Moral Evolution of our Earth, in the Individual of Lazarus/John.

With materialism we fell; with the Christ active in our I AM we activate Humanities conscious Moral Evolution. We also may track the genesis of a waking Immortal Actor linked to the awakened Lazarus/John. With the active Living Logos of the Sun now active in the Earth we learn to lift Earth and all of Creation towards our future Jupiter Evolution. The prime Foundation Stone of this New Core Living Force, arising with our Earth’s Higher Development, takes us from the Spirit of Lazarus/John, through to the history of the transformations and deeds of Christian Rosenkreuz.

The Awakening of the Moral Cosmos and the Objective Science of the I AM

19 On the evening of that day, the first day of the week, the doors being locked where the disciples were for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.” 20 When He had said this, He showed them His hands and His side. Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord. 21 Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent Me, even so I am sending you.” 22 And when He had said this, He breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit. 23 If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you withhold forgiveness from any, it is withheld.”

24 Now Thomas, one of the twelve, called the Twin, was not with them when Jesus came. 25 So the other disciples told him, “We have seen the Lord.” But he said to them, “Unless I see in his hands the mark of the nails, and place my finger into the mark of the nails, and place my hand into his side, I will never believe.”

26 Eight days later, his disciples were inside again, and Thomas was with them. Although the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you.” 27 Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side. Do not disbelieve, but believe.” 28 Thomas answered Him, “My Lord and my God!” 29 Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” John Gospel

“And behold, I am sending [present tense] the promise of my Father upon you. But stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high” (Luke 24:49).”

This, astonishing potent gift of the Comforter, the Parcelete, given by Christ, through direct transfer and deposit into our future, mortal strivings, our future mortal accounts of Love, Courage and Light, won for the Earth through the Christ Event was deposited directly into the Earthly Currency of Humanities Karmic balance sheet. We are learning how to build upon this Sun Investment from a Sun Logos Being by recovering the very Consciousness Soul Physical, Etheric, Astral and I AM Blueprints that Hiram and Cain had consolidated in the matter and material forces of the experimental building of Solomon’s Temple.

The Angel Kingdom are doing their job. Their job had to do with the transformation of the Astral body system into at least an Intelligent Brain and Heart System connected directly to the Stars. But OUR job on Earth, was to bring the creation and the I AM kingdom fostered on OUR Earth through the precise Logos Foundation Stone of Love transformations laid into the earliest blueprints of Ancient Saturn.

Christian Rosenkreuz and the family of Lazarus/John provided the Sentient Soul Holy Fire of Devotion, cored and lifted out of the depths of the sister of Lazarus. The plans and construction of how the Cosmos of Love, the Stars and Sophia of the Devachan conforms Itself with how our entire Human Metamorphosis flows directly through the Tree of Life Systems, were originally set in the Foundations of Humanity and Our Earth. These are the active blueprints of The Tree of Knowledge and The Tree of Life.

The unlocking of the flowing forces of the active Tree of Life and the Objective systems of Physical, Etheric, Astral and I AM that flow through the Logos of Christ and the Sophia forces were given to Lazarus, at Golgotha, as a free gift. The abundant forces that first appeared when Christ, along with His Mother, achieved the first miracle of Cana, in the festive mood of a Wedding is an exact part of the Objective Higher Powers of the Logos on Earth. For 3 years The Word, The Logos walked as THEE Solar Alchemist of Time Itself.

So an apparently festive mood of a Wedding arises. This general window and intoxication point of reverie Middle French reverie revelry, drunkenness” or Celebration and Joy needs to be defined in relation to Love Itself and the future Jupiter Evolution of Objective Love, Union and Birth.

Wine, the miracle of Water into Wine at Cana insured that both the Sophia and the Christ would continue the Wonder and Awe circulating and flowing through the New Tree of Life Mysteries and our Tree of Knowledge individual awakening experiences. If we run out of intoxicating motivation, which was a needed and necessary kindled flame and portion:
of each of our individual’s parts, portions and shared participation and joy: such as
each of our individual I AM joy in the share received by gift or inheritance our “dowry” or our striving and awakening to our revelation in the selfless wonder of dying and becoming in our New Life in the Higher Worlds. This was the New Wine that began circulating through the Elemental Kingdoms.

This New Wine Alchemically continues to bond with our New Etheric, Purified Astral and Higher I AM striving. This New Wine is joined with our Awakening to understanding and knowing the goal of Earth and helping to lift the Elemental Kingdoms upwards and Earth Herself upwards. Suddenly we see the significance of initiating this first miracle collaboration between Sophia and Christ from the cosmic perspective of an Earthly Wedding.

Our portion and ingredient in the joining of Two Streams of Destiny is hidden in the Marriage in Cana. In this case, understand this very clearly. This is the 1st secret ingredient of the Sophia forces and the Christ forces merging with an active Conscious Living Power of Heaven (Sophia) and Earth, The Logos of the Christ, as a free activating deed that penetrates down through the Elemental Kingdoms of the Watery and Etheric Life of the Earth. It is a New Wine, which is a Logos Science of Earth that should and does contain joyful, creative and celebratory forces that exist in both Nature and in Spirit.


“If we want to transform the thinking in such a way that our occult discrimination becomes higher and more labile and more fluid, we have to practice what Rudolf Steiner recognized as a great gift from Goethe: phenomenology.

“That is forming – actively forming – inner pictures of whatever we are trying to study, forming them in sequences so that our mind starts to move along with the unfolding of the thought rather than the corpse of what has been thought. This is a great force Rudolf Steiner recognized in the work of Goethe. He told many people that they need to work with this as a kind of research tool to form the underpinnings for the New Mystery School in Anthroposophy. Can you make your thoughts follow along the sequences where one form is morphing into another and morphing into another and morphing into another, so finally by the time you get to the end it doesn’t resemble the first one at all, and yet you know that it’s part of that morphing because you’ve gone through the process?”

The Union at the Wedding of Cana between The Logos and the Sophia

“Our imagination learns to stay close to nature, to become in other words realistic. We follow the seed as it germinates and breaks through the ground; we visualize the seedling unfolding its first comparatively crude leaves; we catch up with the increasing subtlety of the successive sets of foliage until we reach the sphere of the blossom. There we must take a leap to a new level of manifestation. The leaves are drawn together, reduced in size and arranged in a circle to form the calyx. And the circle expands again in the corolla; contracts once more into stamens and pistil; whereupon the latter swells into a fruit or pod by means of a final expansion. Within the fruit the seed is formed by virtue of final effort at contraction. Then the cycle is ready to start afresh.

“The refinement of the juices, the change from the green sap of the leaves to the colorful juice of the petals, the purification of the “green smell” to the fragrance of the flower are all part and parcel of the transformation. It is a process of ennoblement which again returns to the greater density of stored substances in the seed. The working of light and warmth in the flower are replaced by the action of the soil which harbors the seed until it again sprouts.

“Following up a plant type under its normal conditions is not enough to grasp its possible metamorphosis. It is necessary also to think of the concrete changes in another environment, in another altitude, landscape or climate. New potentialities, usually hidden, are brought out. They all belong to the “range of shapes” covered by the type. Thus the type can never be exhausted. Its comprehensiveness makes full visualization impossible. By an inner act of merging the possible shapes we must try to get hold of it in spite of its evasiveness. It is a matter of holding fast the “Proteus”, as Goethe called it, and of preventing it from escaping. If we succeed in this we know what he meant when calling it a form with which nature continuously plays, as it were, and by playing brings forth the manifold. Nature is immensely rich, so she can play with her wealth.”

Lazarus receives the active ingredient of the Sophia and The Tree of Life

“In tracing the development of the parts in the plant upwards to the region of flower and fruit we can have before us what Goethe called a spiritual ladder. Now the peculiar thing about most plants is that the steps of this ladder remain standing after the process has run its course. The foliage still is visible when the flower is formed; and even when the seeds ripen the leaves may persist. Thus the succession of phases leaves behind a kind of shadow in space, to help us confirm the truth which our spirit is after. This provides a particular satisfaction for the student. Even the dried up and withered plant still reminds him of the ladder to which it owes its unfoldment.

“It is different with the metamorphosis of animals. Take the case of the insects with their familiar transformations. From the egg hatches the caterpillar as a simple segmented shape with only the most necessary inner organs and outer appendages. In its interior a mighty revolution occurs after a few moultings. One day, as if in a sudden resolve, the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis (pupa). It ceases to feed, shortens its body, thickens its fore-end, spins a supporting thread, and wiggles out of its skin. The latter shrinks to a shapeless remnant. Had we not followed the process with our eyes we could not behold the previous stage since this is gone. We must look back in time, and not simply look at the region below the flower as we can do in the case of the plant.

“The change is even more violent when the butterfly or moth hatches. The expert, of course, sees a number of marks which point toward details of the shape which is to come. Yet the breaking through of the butterfly is a sudden revelation nevertheless, a powerful leap in the realm of form, the appearance of something quite new. The tender creature, now equipped with long slender legs and antenna, creeps a little distance upwards and begins to fill its wings with living lymph so that they spread fully in a few minutes. Presently the ultimate shape (imago) is visible with its design and all the colors and marks, while the chrysalis is an empty shell. Again, the previous phase is gone. Only the top of the spiritual ladder is now physically present; the last sprig but one has been sacrificed and has faded out of sight.

“Others say that Thetis was unwilling to have sex with Zeus because she had been reared by Hera, and that Zeus in fury wanted to marry her off to a mortal. At any rate, Kheiron (Chiron) warned Peleus to grab Thetis and hold on while she changed her form; so he watched for his chance and carried her off, and, although she changed into fire and then water and then a wild animal, he did not release her until he saw that she had returned to her original shape. They were married on Pelion and the gods celebrated the marriage with hymns and a banquet.”

Christian Rosenkreuz and the Science of the Immortal I AM

I died as a mineral and as a plant
I died as a plant and still resurrected as an animal.
I died as an animal and risen as a man.
Why fear then to become less by dying?
Once again I will die as a man.
To rise like a perfect angel from head to toes.
And again when as an angel I suffer the dissolution
I will change into what exceeds the human concept. Rumi

“What was needed, as we said above, for the study of an animal metamorphosis, in the way of an ability to “hold the breath” in crossing an abyss separating two forms, is needed to a vastly higher degree for tracing the individuality of man through successive “incarnations”. The sprigs of the spiritual ladder, so visibly close in the realm of plants and already partially interrupted in the realm of the animals, are widely separated in man’s metamorphosis. Centuries pass between two embodiments and there is no resemblance left between two sprigs, or stages, which could be grasped by a mere sense for the similarity of shapes. The ego-tracking sense (also called spiritual intuition) must work independently of any outer resemblances in order to follow a spiritual ladder flung far through the ages of history with long intermittent abodes of the ego in a purely spiritual existence. There is one thread, however, which connects the various incarnations in spite of all the differences in the shape of the bare appearance. This thread is of a moral character and can therefore be understood long before the student can hope to find for himself concrete examples of actual re embodiment of one individuality through the ages. The leap from one incarnation to the other keeps the moral continuity between deeds and omissions in the one, and consequent circumstances in the next embodiment. But every new incarnation is also a fresh start as a guarantee that freedom becomes attainable.

“The image of the butterfly hatching from its chrysalis can be retained as a picture of the connection of one incarnation with the other under the one condition that we grasp and apply it in the sense of a moral development. Yet this very transfer of the metamorphosis into the sphere of the continuity of deed and educating environment makes us stand in awe before the ability of Rudolf Steiner to bridge the gaps of centuries in his ego-beholding vision and to show how actual cases of human metamorphosis, as he described them, bear witness to the super-human morality which pervades the spiritual cosmos.”

Why, since Christ was just beginning His powerful churning power of transformation, why does Christ need the substance of powerful creative forces of the Etheric of His Mother, to set in motion and generate the Logos forces that are latent in Him? At the marriage in Cana, Christ draws from the potency of His Mother – but before we go on, this beginning of launching into the Science of Metamorphosis that unleashes the formidable power of the Logos, directly merging into the Etheric forces via His Mother, are the same SEED forces that Christ passes over to St. John, as Christ concludes His physical Alchemy of matter and Life, down to the very Core of Spirit and Matter that is the woven Maternal Science of the Earth Herself.

Of course, if we are astute, this is the substance of Sophia that Goethe brilliantly uses in the Metamorphosis of Plants, which is the very mystery of following the transformations of the Grape, from germinal seed, through leaf, vine, Light Transformation, Sun drenched bulging with rich juices, the Grape arises through the Sun Forces of the Logos of Christ as the very blood of the Earth, the Wine.

I mean this is my Body, this is my Blood REALISM. This is Goethean Realism that from the Marriage in Cana, the Higher Ether forces are woven with the Creative Logos of Christ. Christ drew from His Mother, Matters shaping Powers. The Logos of the Christ was the greatest Alchemist ever to restore the Sophia into the Immortal Earthly Tree of Life Systems.

Goethe stumbled upon and had received the germinal seed of those systems as the key science of mobility, elasticity and the ” M ” factor for IMAGO. The Butterfly and Resurrection IMAGO, higher Imagination that weaves through Mater, Milk, Motherhood is the marriage between Higher Astral and Virginal Forces of Imagination and Objective Etheric Shapeshifting forces powerfully active in the Creative Logos.

These vast Proteus and Thetis forces are stabilized in nature as crystals, bees and hexagonal life blood in honey and the mirrored cosmic heart force of the I AM that is stimulated by the poison in the Bee Sting (Study This Link to Heart Forces). These Objective forces of Metamorphosis exist and arise in our Heart Organs as Objective Cosmic Rose and Foundation Stone culminations of the Seed of the I AM that has been planted from ancient Saturn Evolution all the way down to Christ intervention and awakening slumbering Tree of Life forces in Earth Evolution at Golgotha. Our magnificent metamorphosing I AM carries the potent riddle of the origin of our Saturn Heart Construction, back up to the Stars and Sophia Herself.

This is an Objective Living Life Force that flows right through Earth to the point of Golgotha and Lazarus beneath the Cross. Christ, the Cosmic Word, passes this reworked, renewed and reactivated substance Christ restored on Earth, over to Lazarus. Lazarus must make his Initiation Journey through Time by witnessing and awakening in himself the full Science of The Tree of Life, The Resurrection Sciences and pass onto Humanity the great Sophia chrysalis mystery of the Immaculate Conception of the Sophia in the Astral body of Humanity.

This passing of the secret ingredient of Sophia, the Mother, to Lazarus, in order that out of this New Alchemical Substance of Earth and the Logos, out of the collaboration Between Sophia and Christ, the Incarnate Word, Lazarus shall work together with Christ behind the Foundations of the Logos and the Elemental and Ancient Saturn blueprints. Christ, along with Humanity, will attempt to build an entirely New, integrated and Resurrected Cosmos. The Angels did this with their Kingdom and did this within their Drama woven in Creation. We each have such an Angelic Starry Companion working with each of us. Humanity is now using and has the active ingredients and blueprints to celebrate and participate in the building and bringing to completion that which was begun with the fostering and Creation of Humanity. In the Beginning was the Word.

Not only our Angels rejoiced but Anthroposophy flooded our Soul potential with accurate Objective Science and active Objective Imaginations (Click Link) that will carry the I AM Foundation Stone of ALL our future metamorphosis into our Jupiter Evolution, our Venus Evolution and our Vulcan Evolution. This long awaited Comforter has been called the Parakletos, which can be translated in various ways: our Counselor, our Advocate, our Helper.

Anthroposophy stirs to life, as a seed in itself, in it’s Spiritual Science Objectivity the Dynamic Sheath that shall carry the Living Soul and Spirit forces of LOVE and the Logos far into the Future of the Apocalypse. Servants of the Logos, and in specific, the Event and dawning of the New Mysteries brought up from the depths, the Aristotelian, Pauline, defender of the Logos and Michael Word Bearer, an Advocate or lawyer and defender of the Logos, which we recognize very powerfully, AT THIS LINK.

Abolition of Spirit – Abolition of Soul – Abolition of Body – What is the Singularity?

“Proposed mechanisms for adding superintelligence to humans include brain-computer interfaces, biological alteration of the brain, artificial intelligence (AI) brain implants and genetic engineering. Post-singularity, humanity and the world would be quite different.  A human could potentially scan his consciousness into a computer and live eternally in virtual reality or as a sentient robot.”

“this scientific outlook is the direct consequence of that development which we have just seen in the decisive impulses of the eighth Ecumenical Council. But the majority of mankind will probably not believe in this possibility until, originating from certain centres of world evolution, the abolition of the soul will receive more or less legal sanction. It will not be long before decrees are promulgated in several States declaring that those who take seriously the existence of the soul are not of sound mind, and only those will be regarded of sound mind who recognize the “truth”, namely that thinking, feeling and willing are the necessary by-products of certain physiological processes. Various steps have already been taken in this direction, but so long as they are confined to the realm of theory they can have no deep or lasting influence or significance. It is only when they are translated into practice in the social order that they exercise a deep and lasting influence. The first half of the present century will scarcely be over before those who are clear-sighted will be faced with an alarming situation by the abolition of the soul, akin to the abolition of the spirit that occurred in the ninth century.” (Advocate, legal defense of the Holy Spirit, Protector of the Child of Sophia CLICK LINK)

The progress of Earth Evolution towards the goal of unfolding, from the interior of our I AM, the Moral Evolutionary Sciences, arises because of the progress of John the Baptist on one side. On the other side of the intimate collaboration of the I AM of John the Baptist with the unfolding Christ Impulse, is that of his partner, Lazarus/John. The progress of Lazarus/John is decidedly more hidden, esoteric than the open revelations offered by John the Baptist. We have become aware that the wonder filled hovering Archangel, hovering over the Group Inspiration of the gathering and consolidation of the entire Christ Impulse, was the beheaded Folk-Soul of the Hebrew people, John the Baptist Himself.

While John the Baptist hovered over the Disciples, the vast threads of the connecting world impulses of the Logos, were taken up and in the Higher Devachan and were woven into the future. Great gatherings of Incarnations that would return and come together on Earth again and again are now part of the weaving wonder filled majesty of the Stars. The majestic weaving of great Logos Bearers, great cultural streams, with many souls devoted to Sophia of the Stars and the Logos of the Incarnate Word were gathered together in the higher worlds.

Vast and growing numbers of Souls and Spirits of the Higher Logos Streams of human endeavor are being consolidated together in the Spiritual World and brought down to Earth again in interconnected Groups. These vast streams of Human Spirits coming together were recorded on canvas and revealed by the painter Raphael. The exoteric Raphael, Novalis and the historical personage of John the Baptist work in conjunction with the esoteric higher constructs of what the Moral Evolution of Humanity will entail. This future unfolding of the New Foundation Stone of the Earth and the higher metamorphosis of Humanity, is being prepared by the unfolding esoteric advances made by Lazarus/John.

Christian Rosenkreuz and the Science of Moral Evolution

“There had to be something which possesses the power to transform the human astral body into a Virgin Sophia. What is this power? It consists in the fact of Christ Jesus entrusting to the Disciple whom He loved — in other words to the writer of the Gospel of St. John — the mission of describing truly and faithfully through his own illumination the events of Palestine in order that men might be affected by them. If men permit what is written in the Gospel of St. John to work sufficiently upon them, their astral body is in the process of becoming a Virgin Sophia and it will become receptive to the Holy Spirit. Gradually, through the strength of the impulse which emanates from this Gospel, it will become susceptible of feeling the true spirit and later of perceiving it. This mission, this charge, was given to the writer of the Gospel by Jesus Christ. You need but read the Gospel. The Mother of Jesus — the Virgin Sophia in the esoteric meaning of Christianity — stands at the foot of the Cross, and from the Cross the Christ says to the Disciple whom He loved: “Henceforth, this is thy Mother” and from this hour the Disciple took her unto himself. This means: “That force which was in My astral body and made it capable of becoming bearer of the Holy Spirit, I now give over to thee; thou shalt write down what this astral body has been able to acquire through its development.” “And the Disciple took her unto himself,” that means he wrote the Gospel of St. John. And this Gospel of St. John is the Gospel in which the writer has concealed powers which develop the Virgin Sophia. At the Cross, the mission was entrusted to him of receiving that force as his mother and of being the true, genuine interpreter of the Messiah.” (RS Link)

A full building of the Foundation Stone and the full integration of the Moral Evolution of Humanity into a Twelve Fold Dodecahedron, operating with a fully integrated structure of the Twelve Streams of Humanity is the job of the esoteric builder Christian Rosenkreuz. Christian Rosenkreuz is the hidden partnership that Christ joined together with John the Baptist. This partnership they share and we share under the Mutual Logos Heading, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was a God (or divine)” allows us to pair up with our own dynamic polarities.

Aristotle and Plato, Novalis and Goethe, Mary Magdalene and Lazarus/John, Hiram and Solomon and our own Etheric counterparts in every Etheric body is that opposite to our physical bodies. Each of us contain our own opposites. Female physical bodies (like Male physical bodies) are directly tied to their own Male or Female Etheric bodies. “This was in the beginning with God. Through the same all things were made and save through this Word, nothing was made. In It was Life, and Life became the Light of men. And the Light shone into the darkness, but the darkness comprehended it not.”

“In the beginning was the Logos which was the archetype of the physical human body, the foundation of all things. All animals, plants and minerals appeared later, for the human creature alone was present upon Saturn. In the Sun Period, the animal kingdom was added, in the Moon Period, the plant kingdom and upon the Earth the mineral kingdom appeared. Upon the Sun, the Logos became Life and upon the Moon, it became Light; then when the human creature became endowed with an ego, the Logos as Light confronted him. But he had to learn to know the nature of the Logos and learn in what form It eventually would make its appearance. First there was the Logos which became Life, then Light, and this Light lives in the astral body. Into the human inner being, into the darkness, into the ignorance, the Light shone. And the meaning of life upon Earth is this: — That men should overcome this darkness of the soul, in order that they may recognize the Light of the Logos.” (RS Click Link)

One of the Great Collaborations we may recognize when we recognize how Christian Rosenkreuz is helping to midwife our Entire Earth Evolution, is how Christian Rosenkreuz acting as a Human Archai, works to find the right Human or Divine Spirit for the right tasks that come about in conjunction with the further development of the Christ Impulse.

Suppose we take Raphael the painter, and how in his painting of the Disputation of the Holy Sacrament (La disputa del sacramento), or Disputa, Raphael places Aristotle (sometimes mistaken for St. Paul) on the firm ground of the square on Earth as the Defense Attorney for the full factual field of the Logos.

The Higher Word and the Higher Devachan world of the DOME of the stars we see from our Earthly vantage point, above our heads, is always alive with the powerful working of the Hierarchies in the Constellations and the Planets and filled with the potent refashioning powers of New Seeds (Keim) of Human I AM’s being prepared for the unfolding future of the Earth.

In fully warmed human cognition, we understand and see, John the Baptist, the (future) individual of Novalis, and young Raphael, who paints or rather brings into Objective Imagination, as best he can, what a tremendous meeting, planning and Freedom of the future of the I AM arose and the responsibilities that were agreed upon in the Higher Devachan. These vast planning sessions are going on Now between the Hierarchies, the Living Here on Earth and the Dead in the Starry Spiritual world.

What developed in the reality on Earth and in the collaboration and friendship of John the Baptist, (Archangel of the Hebrew people (CLICK LINK) and Christ in Freedom on Earth, has not only shaped the impulses and inspirations that Raphael gathered previously in the person of John the Baptist, but Raphael brought down into Objective Imagination at a certain moment in history, an Imagination of the great activities that were forming behind the vast future of the Christ Impulse. With Spiritual Science we awaken our I AM to appreciate the Wonder that fuels the inner growth of the Higher Cognitive I AM in each of us.

Novalis/Raphael has since developed the child of Sophia, which he called “Little Fable” as the creative dynamo of Sophia and the Living Logos of the Risen Etheric Christ. Sophia rewarded Goethe because Goethe strengthened the Etheric Forces as a powerful germinal seed to be able to use the Etheric Plant Life System as the Life Pathway scaffolding needed to build the Objective Ladder from our Earth sciences, to the Science of Sophia.

St. John goes beyond Death, to the Spiritual Forces of the Stars and the Science of Sophia in planting the seed of our Human I AM back into the stream of TIME in our unfolding Earth Evolution. John/Lazarus is secretly behind the scenes. John/Lazarus is in on all of these behind the scenes events. I am exploring only a very few instances where Lazarus has secretly continued his metamorphosis in the Higher Worlds and awakening the Sophia in humanity.

Therefore we find that Goethe sniffs out this Mystery in Die Geheimnisse or we might look upon it as Keimnisse, (The Seed of Anthroposophy) CLICK LINK

“A wondrous song is here prepared for many.
Hear it with joy! Tell all from far and near!
The way will lead you out o’er mount and valley;
Now is the view obscured, now wide and clear,
And if the path should glide into the bushes,
That you have gone astray, you need not fear,
For by a persevering, patient climb
We shall draw near our goal, when it is time.

“But no one will, despite profound reflection,
Unravel all the wonders hidden here:
Our mother earth brings forth so many flowers,
And many shall find something to revere;
Maybe that one will gloomily forsake us,
Another stays with gestures full of cheer:
For many wand’ring pilgrims flows the spring,
To each a different pleasure it will bring.”

Rudolf Steiner becomes consciously aware of this conjoining mystery that exists at the root of meeting and friendship between Novalis and Goethe. Rudolf Steiner discovers this hidden treasure, out of his own ancient Karmic connection with Plato. Steiner is given the task to edit Goethe’s scientific works. But no one expected or could predict that this master of Philosophy and the roots of Freedom could unite the two streams of Objective Goethean and Sophia Sciences with the Moral forces of Novalis. Anthroposophy is shaped for the full use of the full tools that unleash Spirit-Self.

This birth of the Spirit-Self secrets of the Holy Spirit unlocks the centuries of hidden Holy Spirit forces that had been dammed up and blocked in traditions. The mystery of the Holy Ghost, the actual mystery of opening the gates to the Higher Sophia Mysteries, the Objective Science of the Logos and the Objective Imagination of Earth Evolution and Humanity, is unlocked and opened in Anthroposophy. The Logos Bearer and Milk needed to grow the awakening of the New Forces of Spirit-Self bursting forth in the I AM awakens AnthroSophia in the Soul and Spirit of Humanity. Goethe and Rudolf Steiner had to follow the clues, develop the forces and grow the cognition needed to cultivate and awaken the I AM in us.

But behind the scenes the clues and breadcrumbs along the path are part of the Metamorphosis of the Rose Itself. As it has been noted by Christ, Many seeds are planted but few grow to maturity. Christ called this process ‘Many are called but few are chosen’. It all depends on what Chosen means. Does it mean that one works to awaken the True I AM? It takes TIME ITSELF for us to awaken to our true I AM. We may just as well say ‘you may lead a horse to water but you can’t make her/him drink’ until we are ready to drink.

Dead Man Waking – Lazarus/John to Christian Rosenkreuz

“The Chymical marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz imagines forces to be active in man which embrace the whole man, which so transform his being that when he is purified from the dross of the physical body he is translated to the Jupiter, Venus, and Vulcan conditions.” (RS Click Link)

“If Christian ideas are not powerful enough to envisage an Earth which is not the graveyard of humanity, but the SEEDBED of a transformed humanity, if we cannot envisage Earth evolution differently from the natural scientists of today who predict that life on the Earth will one day become extinct, then all our conceptions of Christ are vain. For even if we believe that Christ has brought new life to the Earth, it is difficult for us to imagine that matter can be so spiritualized that we can envisage it as capable of being transmuted from its present earthly condition to its future condition. We have need of far more powerful ideas in order to be able to conceive of the Earth’s metamorphosis to the Jupiter condition.”

The Mystery of the Holy Grail – Rosy Cross:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him and without Him was no thing made. In Him was the Life and the Life was the Light of men. And the Light shone in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not. Only a few, in whom something lived that was not born of the flesh, comprehended the Light that shone in the Darkness. Then the Light became flesh and dwelt among men in the likeness of Jesus of Nazareth.

“Now we might continue: and in Christ who dwelt in Jesus of Nazareth we see none but the higher, divine self of all mankind, the God who came down to earth in Adam and was born again. This reborn human self was continued as a sacred mystery; it was preserved under the symbol of the Rosy Cross and is annunciated today as the mystery of the Holy Grail and the Rosy Cross.”

R. Steiner

The Gospel of St John, lecture 1

So essentially Christian Rosenkreuz is cultivating the readiness and the awakening of the forces of our human spirits, out of our I AM, that will help build a New Earth. We are looking at stimulus, encouragement and Higher Collaborations that are now part of the New Mysteries that are awakening in humanity. Those New Mysteries are the Objective Science and the Objective Imagination woven out of Sophia and the Stars and Risen Etheric Christ Logos active in our Earth.

In several immense phases we come towards the humble, astonishing work of Christian Rosenkreuz. Managing the unfolding of a New Earth, a New Solar System, acquiring and presenting a stream of nourishment that will awaken as well as feed the Free complexities of the I AM, these are all deeply part of the necessary rossiter and assignment tasks Christian Rosenkreuz has taken upon Himself.

If, as Lazarus/John and Novalis and all the Disciples and St. Paul discovered, the Cosmic Freedom and powerful Seed Force Christ planted as the Earth generator of Love, so intimate in each I AM, yet so immense as to lift Earth towards our Jupiter Evolution, Love teaches the Science of Freeing the I AM, every I AM. Each I AM is a Cosmic Seed Force. John/Lazarus was given the first direct Initiation and stimulus from the New Sun Forces offered by Christ. The entire magical wonder of this Free Deed of Initiation and Love received by Lazarus, allows Lazarus/John to give birth and emancipate, the free working deeds and wonder we encounter in the mysterious destiny of Christian Rosenkreuz. (Part of that Mystery may be explored AT THIS LINK).

Since we are dealing now with the exact Objective Science of the Logos and the New objective Science of Sophia, much to the logic of our surprise, we may recognize the path of the Objective Moral Evolution of Humanity. Darwin was not the Science that continues the Moral Evolution of Humanity nor does Nihilistic Political Materialism. The Moral Evolution of Humanity, as a Science, takes us now through the path of THE TREE OF LIFE. This path through THE TREE OF LIFE runs right through Christian Rosenkreuz, Lazarus/John, Novalis, Mary Mother of Jesus, Sophia Science of the Stars, the conquering of the XX and XY chromosome systems of Female and Male separation of the sexes.

Much, much more could be shared as to how Lazarus/John absorbed, learned, endured and awakened the titanic forces of Metamorphosis, birth and development a Human Soul undergoes to be able to grasp Sophia Herself. Part of that Immense quest for Initiation and awakening the Objective reality of becoming a Living Foundation Stone, which Lazarus/John endured, ahead of the rest of us, is where Objective Science meets Sophia Science. We shall continue tracking The Wonders of Christian RosenKreuz in Part TWO.