“Knights of Sophia and the Tree of Life Quests for Christian Rosenkreuz” by Bradford Riley


Knighthood of the 21st Century

“There is a knighthood of the 21st century
Whose riders do not ride through the darkness of physical forests, as of old, but through the forest of darkened minds.
They are armed with a spiritual armor,
And an inner sun makes them radiant.
Out of them shines healing,
Healing that flows from the knowledge of the human being as a spiritual being.
They must create inner order, inner justice,
Peace, and conviction in the darkness of our time.
They must learn to work side by side with angels.”
-Karl Konig

The Michael School and approaching The Tree of Life

My modest review of “THE FOUNTAIN” a Darren Aronofsky meditation:

This meditation and Imagination on the unfolding mystery of the I AM, is one of those rarest of the rare experiments. “The Fountain” gives the attentive Michael student a taste of how to present deeper Spiritual Science Imaginations. In “The Fountain” we can surmise the vivid tie of Karma and Reincarnation that intersects again and again through Time. In the Karma Lectures we encounter such interweaving strands of Time weaving through history. In “The Fountain” we are introduced to a meditation on the quest to find the fabled TREE OF LIFE. The daunting task is how would Spiritual Science approach such a powerful and profound subject?

The film, “The Fountain” carried and tied together by two interweaving human spirits, tied to a long forgotten quest, aimed for the esoteric, fabled, but deeply real, hidden mystery of the Tree of Life. We can think of Spain, Queen Isabella, Explorers, Adventurers, great Star Navigators heading into the West from Spain, right into the Heart of Mayan, Aztec and the American Heart of Darkness. The tale of an unknown Knight, pledged in devotion to the Queen. Which Knight? The eternal Knight of the Golden Stone? Which Quest? The Quest to awaken Sophia in ourselves and becoming Initiated into the mysteries of the Tree of Life?

We look to the eternal Sophia Knight in Rembrandt’s Knight or a Man in Armor or the Joy of the Polish Rider. It is our Michael Schools deepest blessing that Budhi or Life-Spirit, brought this most significant Lazarus/John exactly under the Quest of fulfilling a mystery of understanding the Sophia Tree of Life in it’s full esoteric path. Let us look at the dialogue from the film for moment –

Izzi : Remember Moses Morales?
Tom Creo : Who?

Izzi : The Mayan guide I told you about.
Tom Creo : From your trip.

Izzi : Yeah. The last night I was with him, he told me about his father, who had died. Well Moses wouldn’t believe it.

Tom Creo : Izzi…

Izzi : [embraces Tom] No, no. Listen, listen. He said that if they dug his father’s body up, it would be gone. They planted a seed over his grave. The seed became a tree. Moses said his father became a part of that tree. He grew into the wood, into the bloom. And when a sparrow ate the tree’s fruit, his father flew with the birds. He said… death was his father’s road to awe. That’s what he called it. The road to awe. Now, I’ve been trying to write the last chapter and I haven’t been able to get that out of my head!

Tom Creo : Why are you telling me this?

Izzi : I’m not afraid anymore, Tommy.

IMAGINATION, we want to understand how Imagination functions. We also want to understand, in The Michael School, when certain Imaginations come nearer, or closer to the actual OBJECTIVE SCIENCE OF SOPHIA AND ST. JOHN, because in Spiritual Science we have such Objective Science. Therefore we can examine how culture and people translate certain Imaginations and what are the source of such insights.

Now on theory, just for the sake of Anthroposophy we can put the characters in “The Fountain” through say, THREE INCARNATIONS. Due to the Knight and the Queen Isabella, who was the Queen of an entire Country and Language Spirit, working with the Archangel overseeing the development of Spain. For our Michael School we may glance over at a figure like Ita Wegman for instance, as part of a karmic sphere of Questing, Conquering and Pursuing through TIME a great collaboration toward the evolution of awakening Objective Science that conquers, for human striving, the limitations of both Kant and Darwin.

How do we come through the crisis of genetics? How do we come through the crisis of robotics and artificial intelligence? How do we find that singular spark Initiated by Christ Himself? How do we follow that immense and powerful Disciple through the transformation that brings us to the astonishment and wonder of Christian Rosenkreuz and the Sophia? How do we find, in ourselves, the Seed of the Tree of Life?

“But at that time the progressive gods said — and the words are there in the Bible — ”Man has come to know the distinction between Good and Evil, but Life he is not to have. Of the Tree of Life he shall not eat.” In occultism, we can continue the sentence, “Of the Tree of Life man shall not eat”, by adding the words, “and the Spirit of Matter he shall not hear.” Of the Tree of Life man shall not eat and the Spirit of Matter he shall not hear! These are the regions which were closed to man.” (RS Click Link)

“…with Christ, he is able to say to himself: “The endowment which the gods had allocated to me before the Luciferic temptation, but which owing to the temptation by Lucifer had to remain behind in the Cosmos, enters into my soul with the Christ. The soul becomes whole again for the first time by taking the Christ into itself. Only then am I fully soul; only then am I again all that the gods intended me to be from the very beginning of the Earth.” “Am I really a soul without Christ?” man asks himself, and he feels that it is through Christ that he first becomes the soul that the guiding divine Beings meant him to be. This is the wonderful feeling of “home” that souls can have with Christ; for out of the primal cosmic home of the soul of man the Christ descended, in order to give back to the soul of man that which had to be lost on Earth as a result of the temptation by Lucifer. The Christ leads the soul up again to its primordial home, the home allotted to it by the gods.” (Click Link)

In the Michael School we can easily see how Queen Isabella could be locked into several incarnations in different life situations, and how they weave their way into the future. Just as we can compare and understand the higher destiny, when we examine it carefully, of Doctor Ita Wegman. After all, what we are looking at from an Artistic POV, is HOW DO WE APPROACH THE TREE OF LIFE MYSTERIES? How do we approach the science of Reincarnation and Karma?

We actually have a path to the Buddhi or Budhi, Life Spirit Mysteries, because the greatest witness, that Christ chose to be His own ‘ I ‘ witness of the Golgotha Sciences was Lazarus/John. Lazarus/John is the ONE person Christ could trust to report and maintain the OBJECTIVE EVENTS OF THE GOLGOTHA MYSTERY and establish the New Science of Metamorphosis by becoming a Knight of Sophia, again and again through Time.

If we follow the trail of Lazarus/John we pass through the great mystery of The Tree of Life and we come to the riddle of who is Christian Rosenkreuz? The Sophia Sciences of The Tree of Life, whether we approve or disapprove stands firmly on the Initiation of Lazarus/John.

Christ hands to Lazarus/John with his last breath on Golgotha, beneath the Cross, Christ gives His evolved and developed Sophia into the hands of John and Mary to develop further as Humanities Higher Science path through the Tree of Life Mysteries.

In the dialogue from the film I have quoted above, we have a reference to a Mayan guide called Moses and Izzi trying to get the character of Tom Creo to see the big picture. Tom Creo seems to be trying to prove that there is a genetic answer to conquering death itself. Thomas, Doubting Thomas, Science Thomas, Knight Tomás Verde are all aspects of the same skeptical portrait but evolving portrait of humanity on the path to The Tree of Life.

How can humanities skeptical materialism ever arrive at the Higher Initiation hidden behind The Tree of Life Mysteries? How can the Raising of Lazarus and, most importantly, the legitimate path of Initiation from Spirit-Selfhood to Buddhi or Life Spirit become recognized clearly as part of the Sophia Sciences? Didn’t the Christ give Lazarus/John the assignment to midwife the Objective Sophia Being and shelter Her, below the Cross on Golgotha? How can we trace and track the objective wonder that leads us to a Higher Initiation where we encounter the Objective Tree of Life Sophia Sciences? How do we become students and Knights of Sophia ourselves? And surrounding and interwoven with this, who IS Christian Rosenkreuz?

“He, Christian Rosenkreutz, in his incarnation in the eighteenth century, as guardian of the innermost secrets of the Molten Sea and the Golden Triangle, appeared with the warning that mankind should develop slowly. But he also saw what was to happen.” Hiram and the Sophia Sciences (Click Link)

The above, if we pay attention, are all questions that Darren Aronofsky has tried to weave into a sensitive Imagination of humanities quest for the Tree of Life Mysteries. If we take the Disciple Thomas who sticks his hand in the wound of the Risen Phantom Body of Christ we encounter the doubting Thomas in all of us. Thomas becomes our adventurer, our Knight, Cancer Researcher, and Cosmic Initiate, called Tommy. We follow him progressing through Time. Two spirits are linked, tied together and interweave again and again through the film, “The Fountain”. And as we have mentioned, a similar weaving together through Time, with immense wonder and power, similar to how “The Fountain” was constructed is the actual esoteric study we have before us of the destiny Ita Wegman.

But we may also observe and as we have noted in the above dialogue, A Hiram and Solomon mystery of a Tree that grew out of Moses grave, and using the wood from that Tree in order to make the LINTEL for the unique passage and entry into The historical Temple of Solomon. Albert Steffen and RS cover this mystery in Steffen’s drama Hiram and Solomon.

These are things that only The Michael School of Objective Goethean Science and Novalis Moral Evolution can track with some accuracy. But as researchers we have to see and weigh if a certain explorer of Imagination is almost, almost getting near one of the greatest mysteries of the Christ. The raising of Lazarus.

We have to allow that the Characters in the film “The Fountain” reappear in Time, even if it doesn’t explicitly know, as Spiritual Science in the Akasha can explicitly explore the actual Karma connections of humanity. EXAMPLE

” The Fountain establishes in parallel the story of three characters, all played by the same actor: Tomás Verde, Spanish conquistador during the Inquisition in Spain, Thomas Creo, neurosurgeon in the 21st century, and Tommy, a spiritual master in 2500. The Thomas of the 21st century, is losing his wife, Izzi, ravaged by a cancer. Izzi is writing a manuscript, The Fountain, narrating the adventures of Isabella, Queen of Spain” (All part of a great Love Story through Time itself and the mystery of Soul Mates and Karmic companions who meet again and again through Time, of which Objective Spiritual Science can recognize some of the hidden Karmic contours)

Our job in The Michael School is to pierce the substance of such Imaginations and see what awakens such inspirations. And, yes, they won’t, CULTURAL IMAGINATIONS, won’t all come up ready made and Akashically clear, like the Karma Lectures, because the Artists have only stumbled over a fragment of a part of some very profound equation of Spirit. Part of our job in The Michael School is to learn to see with the mobility and elasticity of our awakening Objective Imagination.

In “The Fountain”  we see the same kind of wound in the side of the Knight that Christ received in His side. We see the same type of wound that the Biblical Disciple Thomas sticks his finger into when Christ reappears to the Disciples after the Golgotha Event. In “The Fountain” out of the pure milky white Sap from the Tree of Life, Life Itself, one’s own Tree of Life grows in consequential Goethean and organized Esoteric higher development.

We become students of The Science of Metamorphosis and Goethean Science, which leads in the long, long road, to the Science of the Resurrection. Objective Science and Objective Imagination requires in each of us that the elasticity of our Moral Imaginations become part of the tools of our evolving, Objective Spiritual Initiation. Resurrection Science and the Science of Goethean Metamorphosis requires the development of the elasticity of our Objective Human Imagination.

In the “The Fountain” we see a germinal event in one incarnation, that disappears and arises again in a potent karmic stirring and spurring event, as a Life Event in another incarnation. We see how Tomás Verde, Spanish conquistador during the Inquisition in Spain and how he was impacted by the ancient Tree of Life Initiation Verde, in the past, underwent.

Thomas Creo, neurosurgeon in the 21st century is spurred forth to remember that ancient Initiation Event and Karmic Promise through the suffering of Izzi, his wife. A sharp, deep Earthly Love Event forces the Thomas of the 21st century to dig deep into his incarnation because his beloved karmic companion, Izzi, is being ravaged by a cancer.

Izzi is writing a manuscript, “The Fountain”, remembering and stirring back into life all that she learned in the Stars before her incarnation in the 21st century with Cancer. Precisely on Earth together again, Izzi offers herself, their Love and their Karmic bond, if it helps awaken a most powerful and hidden path of Initiation that the two of them shared together. Izzi is narrating the adventures of Isabella, Queen of Spain, an inkling of her own former incarnation and intuits ahead the powerful Initiation Event this will evoke in Thomas Creo, if her obsessed husband can remember it.

The Michael School Itself, prepares our humanity to approach the magnificent Living Science of Karma and Reincarnation unfolding on Earth by our noting from time to time, with great spiritual interest, what artists are trying to SEE with our New Elasticity working its way upwards through our Human Imaginations. What are our Artists trying to See that weaves behind history? What are they trying to SEE that is unfolding behind the mysteries of TIME? How do the Starry Sophia Sciences place individual human karma back into the stream of Earthly Time and history? Spiritual Science answers these questions.

But we want to identify, how we would actually try to bring such an Imagination closer to the proximity of our Sophia Sciences? “The Fountain” is an interesting Imagination, a kind of model of sorts. We can Objectively See what Darren Aronofsky was attempting. How could our actual writers and how could our books, stories and films really learn to build clearer and clearer Cultural Imaginations?

Yet, when we look carefully, not carelessly or dismissively we see a highly recognizable fresh approach to a deep Imagination in the Akasha. In The Michael School we could bring dozens of such Imaginations with far more accurate film cohesion and technique. Darren Aronofsky’s approach, in “The Fountain” is a supremely fresh approach to Initiation and the reverse of the idea of Space, the final frontier. Space the final frontier is utter gibberish and nonsense even if it is Materialism’s derogatory dream of the future. Aronofsky makes Spirit and The Tree of Life, the final frontier. Which it truly is.

Albert Steffen (Click Link) considered it his Karmic and Artistic opportunity built from many lifetimes, to shape artistically Imaginations and Akasha events directly from the fresh Fountain of Spiritual Science itself. Steffen was on equal footing and shared a living cultural spotlight with his colleague Hermann Karl Hesse. Hermann Karl Hesse (German: born 2 July 1877 – 9 August 1962) was a German-born poet, novelist, and painter. His best-known works include Demian, Steppenwolf, Siddhartha, and The Glass Bead Game, each of which explores an individual’s search for authenticity, self-knowledge and spirituality.

Hesse and Albert Steffen are pivotal individualities we can compare and draw attention to with the problem we encounter when we compare authenticity of instinctual and passionate ART plucked from the heart of culture, And the 1st encounters on Earth of objective Schooling in New Initiation Science. New Initiation Science and Instinctual authenticity allows us to compare Steffen and Hesse. In the West we have encountered authenticity of instinct in Simon and Garfunkel, and every nuance of the Creativity of the Love Generations lyrics, music, films and Fresh Cultural Imaginations.

Hermann Hesse had an authentic, higher instinctual Initiation resonating quality not unlike Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung had for many of us. In these artists, doctors and explorers we sense, in a similar way an authenticity of initiation instinct that we can compare to Herman Melville’s Moby Dick Epic and the smaller Spielberg homage to Melville in his film, Jaws. Steffen, as an artist, was sitting in the very center of the New Awakened Initiation Sciences. Objective Spirit as a Science that penetrates into our deepest instincts asks for an entirely New Understanding of the difference between Authenticity of Instinct and Conscious Initiation Science.

With the same reality of Initiation Science we encounter the difference between that which still works as powerful esoteric instinct and inspiration and that which, only appears to be pale because it is in the 1st phases of humanities New Mysteries. No, the mighty wave of incarnations from the Stars, brought down the Fresh Style of Creativity of the Love Generation because of events behind the Threshold before we all incarnated, were directly under the Sophia Revelation of sister and brotherhood spreading like fire through humanity. While with even more validity, right here on Earth, the anchoring authenticity of the Science of Sophia streamed forth before our eyes as modern Initiation Science.

We always have two ends of the spectrum, those coming into incarnation from the Spiritual World, loaded with fresh inspiration and imaginations and those who gather for their further journey into the Stars, the fresh experiences of Modern Objective Initiation we can aquire on Earth. These authentic instinctive forces that come from the spiritual world and the Objective authenticity of Initiation Science come together in all that we call Art and Science here on Earth. Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung as well as the humanism of Carl Sagan were all mingled together in the wonderful plethora of human Science, Art and Religion that burst forth, furnishing new seeds for the Cultural Awakening of Humanity.

Albert Steffen was at the very Center of the precise Sophia Science Maternity Ward of 20th century humanity. Steffen was daily inundated and awakened by the Fountain of the Waters of Life bubbling with New Wine. Initiation was shining one of it’s brightest Lights into the centuries of grey Darkness. The Science of the Logos of the Word rayed forth under the Archai Michael’s Time Spirit supervision.

Steffen, in work after work, novels, dramas, paintings, poems, hundreds of articles, attempted to shape and channel the New Life, New Logos Sciences impacting a dead and dying War torn culture. Our job as spiritual investigators is to marvel at the originality of certain Cultural Imaginations and marvel at what artists attempt to approach and shape out of the Akasha of Humanities Revelations. In Spiritual Science we learn how the West presents subjective authenticity and originality while in the Arts and Sciences we measure the Objective Authenticity of the I AM itself.

Yet it is always highly refreshing to see how an Imagination tries to visualize history, events, Lazarus, or Alexander the Great, or the Real Julian the Apostate or Parsifal Himself. How would The Tree of Life Imagination stimulate and inspire Artists who have never even heard of Akasha Events or who are only guessing at the untold history of the Science of Resurrection hidden, even from the church? How would Artists in Spiritual Science livingly portray the dynamics of history, incarnation and the Star Vision of Sophia?

So in The Michael School we look at certain models of Imagination that we see are coming closer to proximity to actual Akasha events. But we still have to know what we are looking at and respect the initial Art, just as all painters were not Raphael. They could have been Giotto or they could have been Albert Steffen. How would we present Hypatia for instance? How would we present Herzeloyde, Parsifal’s mother or Tycho De Brahe?

So yes indeed, Ita Wegman, how and why do great Generals sometimes reincarnate as Doctors. Why do repair of battlefield wounds, healing the wounded lock into certain hidden truths?

Preparations to see Objective Imaginations in The Michael School is partly recognizing what are actual Akasha and karmic historical threads. It is allowing ourselves to becoming familiar with Hiram, Solomon and the destiny of Lazarus/John. It is seeing and recognizing how our Culture, our Artists find themselves bumping into certain riddles. Anthroposophy also have Artists, writers, playwrights, painters and would be screenwriters and filmmakers that could develop and prepare some of these treasures of Living Imagination hidden in the Akasha.

I can see a path that entails vast deep Incarnation and Reincarnation portrayals. I listed a few above, but we in The Michael School learn to appreciate how to form such Imaginations, not on the basis of vague intuitions, but on the solid ground of the Akasha and Humanities Objective Imaginations. In other words, in this age of flowing, rushing rivers of IMAGINATION, Spiritual Science stands rooted in the depths of the reality of the LOGOS.

We may appreciate Mystery Drama and as I have, studied some of Albert Steffen’s works. Here Steffen was at The Michael Mystery Center of the 20th century (Click Link). Here were RS lectures coming out one after the other. Steffen reared up as a playwright, poet, painter attempting to tackle these earth shaking and impressive themes that were a daily gushing fountain.

A true Fountain was releasing it’s long hidden contents, of the Foundations of the Akasha and the revelations of Objective Science from both the Stars and down through every kingdom in nature. The Fountain poured forth to reveal secrets of the Earth and Heaven that would establish for all time The Objective Science of Sophia of the Stars, the Objective Science of etheric, astral and I AM metamorphosis and Objective Moral Imagination as the foundations for Freedom, Knowing Doing, pursuing Objective Good out of free Moral Imagination into the future.

Now these themes were coming right out of the Akasha and hot out of the oven and entering humanities own awakening Spiritual Science Schooling. We are downstream from those initial events. We can see how Our Michael School Dramatists and Screenwriters, directors could come much closer to Reincarnation and Karma series of Creative Imaginations in Film, in Drama, in Novels, like Adriana Koulias for instance (Click Link).

My colleagues Michael Burton (click Link) and Christopher Marcus have more than successfully plowed into deep Mystery Drama Art. A director specializing in mystery theater, Christopher Marcus has written several plays. His productions include TenikoGilgamesh, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Passion of Kaspar Hauser, Hamlet, and many others, including Steiner’s mystery dramas. (study link here)

Focused on some Actors that give it their all, in one person productions and constantly new themed productions of special note are those magnificent efforts of Glenn Williamson and Laurie Portocarrero and a host, a whole host of many, many artists. Glenn writes,”Just back from Colorado, I joined my dear colleague Laurie Portocarrero (and angelic eurythmist Zachary Dolphin) yesterday to present a minimally-staged reading of Fire in the Temple, my new play about the end of Rudolf Steiner’s life. It was very warmly received, and the script is working better than ever. There is now much enthusiastic talk and anticipation about the next phases of this play’s development.” (Glen Click Link)

We just have to see how Imaginations can be presented, how and who has experimented in this field of Inspired authentic Imaginations and recognize with our elasticity of imagination that nothing may arise in human artistic imagination that does not come from the source code of Humanities Higher Evolution. What is that Evolution and equally for Art and Science what is Not that evolution?

Some of the examples of inspired artistic imaginations I have examined are “What Dreams May Come” and “Cloud Atlas” (my study Click Link) and numerous others, like “These Lovely Bones” by Peter Jackson. Our own Imaginations and the actual Akasha and Karma research Spiritual Science presents us with, gives us stupendous insights into History, Time, Place, and the realism of the historical look of an event.

Another example I have penetrated into, was “The Green Mile” (Click Link). These are examples of Mystery Art and Akashic secrets which everywhere in the Arts, and playwrights, dance, novels and films, rich extensive themes out of the Akasha are constantly being interpreted and explored. Part of our job is to recognize and appreciate discoveries such as “The Fountain” and what these discoveries reveal to us in terms of concrete Spiritual Science Initiation insights and events.

Then of course we could, with Spiritual Science and the Arts, penetrate a close up vivid experience of the development of Rome with the destiny of Julian the Apostate. We could examine in detail the motives that changed him and where and why his Spirit sought an incarnation that reveals the destiny of Herzeloyde, the mother of Parsifal. We could examine how her Etheric body, as once a Roman Emperor, suffering all the intrigues of Rome, how that transformed etheric body was metamorphosed, transferred or borrowed by one of her children, and offered as the partial foundations for the further destiny of Parsifal.

Julian the Apostate (RS Click Link)

“Behind everything that takes place in the external world lie forces and powers which give guidance from the universe. One of the instruments of these guiding powers was the Roman Emperor Constantine. It was under him that Christianity assumed the form which denies the sun.

“Living in that same century was one whose ardor for what he had learnt in the Mysteries as the last remnants of the ancient, instinctive wisdom, caused him to attach little importance to the development of contemporary civilization. This was Julian the Apostate. He fell by the hand of a murderer because he was intent upon passing on this ancient tradition of the threefold Mystery of the Sun. And the world would have none of it.”

Also Michael School studies

“…Sun-like Being, and the clear differentiation between them is possible only through the assimilation of anthroposophical spiritual science. (for example, through the description of the threefold nature of the Sun, GA 208, lecture of 29 October 1921, and through everything that belongs to the being and strivings of the individuality of Julian the Apostate and his continuous struggle to combine the old Mysteries with the cosmic Sun Being of the Christ, according to GA 238, lectures of 14 and 16 September 1924).” (Click Link)

How does Herzeloyde reveal the path to the incarnation of Tycho De Brahe? Wouldn’t we love to know the secret of how the inward Herzeloyde, turned into the Starry unruly personality and explorer of Star laws, Tycho De Brahe? We have two or three rich tandem stories, a beginning of an entire film study, of Arthur, the Grail, and the Youth of Nain and the incarnation that leads to Parsifal and beyond to Kepler and Tycho De Brahe.

We have the Akasha ability to follow the deep intrigues of Rome, where Julian the Apostate seriously sought a Threefold Sun Religion, a powerful Spiritual Sun force was sought for the new foundations to be directed from out of Rome. Powerful forces thwarted and obstructed Julian the Apostate. He was darkly cut short and assassinated even as his Etheric Body was slowly awakening to a Threefold Sun spirituality. He was suddenly plucked from his life and mission as a Roman Emperor. He carried his deep secret understanding of a Threefold Sun into the beneficent spiritual worlds of Sophia and the Higher Intelligence of the Stars.

Julian takes the fruits of his historical destiny upwards. In the Starry regions, magnificent wonders are harvested so that through the next incarnation and Earth Destiny a very introverted, distrust and antipathy for pompous Kings and Power brought a deep change from Roman Emperor Julian to the deep inwardness of the mother of Parsifal, Herzeloyde.

A deep attraction to Courage and Chivalry and Knighthood, (transforming Mars forces themselves) brought the former male incarnation of Julian the Apostate into the Initiate inwardness of the Mother to Parsifal. Herzeloyde had a new etheric Threefold Sun Force woven into her new Earthly destiny as mother to Parsifal. The Starry Sophia Sciences heard and transformed and wove into the destiny of Herzeloyde the gift of an absolutely unique child, Parsifal. Parsifal who had been healed by Christ Himself,  when Christ recognized the plea of a Widow for her son. The Youth of Nain sought the Inward Threefold Christ Impulse that Herzeloyde’s Etheric body had developed.

Measuring the deep Star destiny of Herzeloyde

“Everything that Julian undertook must be judged in the light of his initiation into the Eleusinian Mysteries (and history has been at great pains to misrepresent his actions in every possible way). In order to form a true estimate of such a personality as Julian we must give due weight to the effects of this initiation. What spiritual benefit had Julian derived from his initiation into the Eleusinian Mysteries? Through direct spiritual perception he learned the secrets of cosmic and world evolution, the spiritual origin of the world and how spiritual forces operate in the planetary and solar systems. He learned to understand certain things which were quite incomprehensible to his contemporaries (with the exception of a few Greek initiates), namely, the relation of solar influences and the Being of the Sun to the old Hermes-Logos. He understood the meaning of the Pythagorean maxim: “Thou shalt not speak against the Sun!” This does not refer, of course, to the physical sun but to the Spirit which is concealed behind the Sun. He knew that the ancient sacred traditions ascribed the origin of the world to the spiritual Being of the Sun and above all that man must recover his relation to the spiritual Sun if he is to penetrate to the source of his existence.

“Julian therefore was aware of the ancient Sun-Mystery. He realized that the physical sun is but the external form of a spiritual Sun which can be awakened in the soul of man through initiation, and when awakened can reveal to him the intimate connection between the universe and the historical life of man on Earth. It was clear to Julian that the world can never be ordered on a basis of rationalism, that only those who are able to be in touch with the Sun Logos are in any way fitted to have a voice in the ordering of the world. He had to recognize that the movements of the celestial bodies and the great historical movements of mankind are governed by a common law.” RS Click Link

Herzeloyde had the power of Courage, the Sun forces and the distilled substance of a Roman Emperor, a ruler of those very Sun forces, but with a tragic aversion to pomp and the hypocrisy and trappings of power. Rather, in Herzeloyde, mother to Parsifal, there was an inward, deep mistrust in the mere external trappings of dogmas, doctrines and rulership. The world resists the great mystery of The Threefold Sun hidden in the very strength of the Golgotha Events.

Herzeloyde and Parsifal lived away from the pomp of Arthur’s court. Herzeloyde’s husband, a brave knight and Parsifal’s father was killed. Herzeloyde became a Widow. That profound melancholy cast it’s strong veil of inwardness, strong profound Saturn inwardness, gave Herzeloyde a weight and density of moral substance that was able to see through superficial intrigues at a glance.

These forces of truth, clarity, and moral substance were the very Life Substance that sustained the real Youth of Nain, who had been once a hidden Isis Initiate that sought the destiny of Parsifal with Herzeloyde as his mother. This is part of the way Starry Sophia Sciences answer the riddles we have woven together in Time. The very Stars collaborate to bring about a New Decision and an Offering to be placed into a womb on Earth. This is partly the way Stars and Sophia Thinks through us and awakens in our deeds on Earth.

Parsifal had Kingly power, but of what kind of power? Parsifal crossed into advanced Spirit-Self depth of compassion combined with Sun Courage. We know that the model for this Kingly Sun Logos Power had infused and rayed into the Son of the Widow from a deathly state of coma. This Kingly Sun Logos Power was the Christ who paused and answered the plea of the Widow to Christ for her Son. Christ paused,(CLICK LINK) and raised from his coma, the Son of the Widow. Parsifal was the Son of a Widow. Manes was the Son of a Widow, and through an ancient Isis Initiation of the Starry Sophia mysteries, long ago in Egypt, Christ Himself paused and raised from his coma this former Initiate of Egypt. This Sun Imbued Son of a Widow is reshaped in the stars and lands in the lap of Herzeloyde.

Something like a great film study or vivid adventure study is clearly possible. It can appear in a novel first, or a drama, or a screenplay. But behind it the Akasha of History becomes a real Living Inspiration and study. These are part of the vision and the backbone of how Karma and Reincarnation can take us through some of the real adventures of history that have inspired such artists of authenticity and Initiation as that of Richard Wagner.

We can take up the torch light of the Akasha Itself and plunge into the depths of human historical events. We can follow the story out to the Stars and experience how a new destiny is charted and a new I AM stands before us on the Earth. These are and were once called The Beautiful Sciences. Steffen was attempting to load the depth of the Michael School in contemporary life and attempted to feed culture with new impulses.

Now we come to something that connects THE TREE OF LIFE, the Akasha, “The Fountain” and the central event in Human History, the event of Golgotha. It goes something like this.

“Shimmering in eternal realms is the great Tree of Life. In Egyptian myth, this tree is pictured as the great world tree. Its branches support the star-studded sky, and its roots reach into the divine watery deep. Its trunk forms the axis around which the world revolves. In the myth, the god Osiris was encased in the trunk of this tree; he became the link between the earthly and the heavenly realms.

“Christ Jesus carried this further: on the tree of the cross, the tree of death that became a shining tree of life; the divine creator’s arms are outstretched in an embrace of love that includes the whole world. We are each a living replica of the tree of life.”

Initiation Indications for Knights of Sophia

“When Parzival, who at this stage would call himself a “pious one” or purified one, stepped before his master Titurel, the latter let him use the forces that he’d developed through catharsis for an intensive concentration. The earth and everything on it disappeared before his eyes and gradually changed into the image of A Tree that Grew and from which a Wonderful Lily sprouted.

“And while Parzival was immersed in this perception he heard the voice of Blancheflur behind him — who, as it were, symbolized herself in the lily, saying “You are that.” The lily emitted a strong odor that Parzival found repulsive and he realized that this aroma symbolized all the things that he had set outside himself through catharsis, and that this still surrounded him like an atmosphere.

“Then the tree withered before him and it was replaced by a Black Cross with Red Roses sprouting out of it. He heard the voice of Floris — whose symbol was the Red Rose that’s strengthened in itself — behind him: “You should become that.” (RS Link study)

Objective Cultural Imagination connects these threads of the Tree of Life through the following Imaginations. In “Moby Dick” Queequeg makes a water tight coffin for himself. Because of this sarcophagus Ishmael survives the catastrophe. When Moby Dick sinks the Pequod, the life-buoy coffin suddenly pops to the surface and the Resurrection of the American ideal and the Resurrection Sciences are transposed and captured in the New American Imagination of Ishmael. Ishmael is a Michael, St. George and Parsifal Initiation Imagination.

Looking at the above reference from “The Fountain” the path to the Tree of Life is part of how the Tree that grew from the grave of Moses was used as the Lintel Entrance to Solomon’s Temple and later that wood from the Lintel was used for the Cross used on Golgotha to nail Christ to it.

Further and deeper into objective folds of our deepest Imaginations we arrive at the deepest metamorphosis of the Tree of Life. The Michael School is blessed with a carving of the Representative of Humanity, in the powerful transforming Vision of the Striding Risen Etheric Christ, striding in the very Core of Earth. You really have to hold your breath when you realize that the vast carving of the Representative of Humanity is from the wood of the Elm.

The Tree that is expressly part of the roots of Hell and Earth was a twisted, tormented ancient Elm Tree rooted in Hades. The Greek center of Hades where Christ on Saturn’s Day after the Crucifixion, Dante, Virgil, the Aeneid, Steiner, Cain, Hiram and Christian Rosenkreuz penetrated to the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth. The carved Elm wrought at the Goetheanum, with Rudolf Steiner’s own hands, transforms the very center of the Earth through the Christ Event. In the Michael School we are witnesses to the metamorphosis of Hades in the core of the Earth. Here is the description of that which had been encountered in Initiation through the Core forces of Earth. And we should not even mention what we understand as A Nightmare on Elm Street because humanity continues to dismiss realms that Christ, Dante, Rudolf Steiner Stephen King, Virgil, and Initiation have experienced.

The Elm and the Carving of The Representative of Humanity

Ye realms, yet unreveal’d to human sight,
Ye gods who rule the regions of the night,
Ye gliding ghosts, permit me to relate
The mystic wonders of your silent state!
Obscure they went thro’ dreary shades, that led
Along the waste dominions of the dead.
Thus wander travelers in woods by night,
By the moon’s doubtful and malignant light,
When Jove in dusky clouds involves the skies,
And the faint crescent shoots by fits before their eyes.
Just in the gate and in the jaws of hell,
Revengeful Cares and sullen Sorrows dwell,
And pale Diseases, and repining Age,
Want, Fear, and Famine’s unresisted rage;
Here Toils, and Death, and Death’s half-brother, Sleep,
Forms terrible to view, their sentry keep;
With anxious Pleasures of a guilty mind,
Deep Frauds before, and open Force behind;
The Furies’ iron beds; and Strife, that shakes
Her hissing tresses and unfolds her snakes.
Full in the midst of this infernal road,
An ELM Displays her dusky arms abroad:
The God of Sleep there hides his heavy head,
And empty dreams on ev’ry leaf are spread.
Of various forms unnumber’d specters more,
Centaurs, and double shapes, besiege the door.
Before the passage, horrid Hydra stands,
And Briareus with all his hundred hands;
Gorgons, Geryon with his triple frame;
And vain Chimaera vomits empty flame.
The chief unsheath’d his shining steel, prepar’d,
Tho’ seiz’d with sudden fear, to force the guard,
Off’ring his brandish’d weapon at their face;
Had not the Sibyl stopp’d his eager pace,
And told him what those empty phantoms were:
Forms without bodies, and impassive air.
Hence to deep Acheron they take their way,
Whose troubled eddies, thick with ooze and clay,
Are whirl’d aloft, and in Cocytus lost.
There Charon stands, who rules the dreary coast-
A sordid god: down from his hoary chin
A length of beard descends, uncomb’d, unclean;
His eyes, like hollow furnaces on fire;
A girdle, foul with grease, binds his obscene attire.

Rudolf Steiner, as a Grail/Sophia Knight, well ahead of his time, transformed the Initiate vision in the wood of the ancient Elm into the taming power of the Threefold Sun arising from the Core of the Earth Itself. Deeply anchored to the Resurrection Powers and Replensihed and Restored with the Resurrection Logos of the Christ, the Stone was rolled away and a New Humanity awakened. The Transformed Wood of the Cross was changed for Initiates of old and new Initiates in the making, the Cross was adapted and transformed from the Sacred Elm that revealed for Initiation Science the active victory of The Threefold Sun in the striding Representative of Humanity currently vibrant and active in the Core of our Earth.

It simply requires us to hold the Core of Initiation together within our I AM that Egypt recognized in Osiris, when he was placed in an elaborate coffin of the Tree of Life hidden behind the Sciences of the Higher Devachan. Arenofsky in his film, “The Fountain” gives each Individual I AM his own Tree of Life. A Tree of Life that would like to reveal a Higher Initiation into the Starry Sophia Sciences for each of us.

The higher laws of the Logos and Initiation appear in the Egyptian scene of the Mystery Dramas, in Virgil, Dante, Hiram, Lazarus and Christian Rosenkreuz and in the carved sarcophagus that floats to the surface in Moby Dick. Melville had seen it as well. The Core of the deepest Resurrection forces of the Christ Impulse transformed the very depths of the Spiritual and Cosmic forces hidden in the Depths of the Karma of Humanity and the future destiny of Earth Itself.

If we turn our attention from Julian the Apostate and Parsifal and turn our attention to Alexander the Great and Aristotle, we stumble upon the mystery of Doctor Ita Wegman. One of the truly authentic research fields pioneered by Rudyard Kipling and placed in the capable hands of the powerful story teller John Huston, (who also directed Moby Dick and The Man Who Would be King.)

We have all gotten a tiny taste of little fragments of Initiate History. Some of these stories, films and tales, like “The Fountain” reveal to us valuable spiritual clues to deeply stirring actual Initiation Events. But for the most part people have not had the opportunity to connect the dots. Clues tend to sink away into oblivion. Raising these insights into our Consciousness Soul brings us as I AM’s into the realm where we each are given the opportunity of becoming Knights of Sophia, in the quest of the Higher Sophia Initiation revealed in Christian Rosenkreuz.

None of our questing is lost. It is far more enriching for Initiation and our higher education into the Science of Human and Sophia Spiritual Arts, to slowly learn to connect the dots. Slowly in the Akasha and in the Science of Reincarnation we quietly discover and uncover how the Stars live and work in individual human beings. We become familiar with how the Stars and Sophia think within the physics of the Higher Devachan Star laws. It is better to learn on Earth to develop an active Higher Mercurial Seeing and Connecting faculty we discover through the profound mysteries enveloped and encompassing the Sophia of the Tree of Life that even the film, “The Fountain” hints at.

People are still unfamiliar with the mystery of the Tree of Life as an Objective Science Study of higher Devachan forces. We can only learn of these Higher Devachan Mysteries of Fallen Light and Fallen Life forces through Spiritual Science and the Michael School. Some of these tales carry the stamp of old initiation traditions only studied and forgotten by 33 degree Freemasons. President Harry Truman was a 33rd degree Mason and the 33rd President of the United States and failed to Consciously understand the Higher Devachan forces of the Holy Tree of Life mysteries. He introduced the Anti- Tree of Life forces through the Atomic Bomb. Truman passed the Buck and the weight of the Tree of Life Mysteries onto Humanities shoulders. We can become Knights of Sophia in training.

If we wished to follow the trail of Alexander the Great and “Alexanders Transformation”, (a play by Albert Steffen) we should, as Karma Researchers, wet our interest by viewing and experiencing the incredible story by Rudyard Kipling and the film THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING (Click Link) with Sean Connery, Michael Caine etc.

With The Man Who Would Be King we introduce ourselves to what in the Karma Lectures, given by Rudolf Steiner in 1924, offers humanity the Science of tracking Aristotle and Alexander the Great through history and Time. But we need to understand the Foundations of Time in the Objective Science of Reincarnation itself.

We learn, in the School of Spiritual Science to introduce ourselves to star studies of Herzeloyde, Julian the Apostate and Parsifal which have specific indications that lead us to a direct mystery that connects us to the intuitions and the personal peculiarities of Tycho De Brahe. We slowly learn how the Stars offer their gifts to us and how they think through us and how we are all made New Again. Sophia Sciences and Christ Sciences awaken in us the Highest Secret of the Mystery of Dying and Becoming.

We might have a completely unique and interconnected set of films, of Michael School Studies that reveal hidden realities of Egypt Isis and the Youth of Nain to Parsifal. Our Spiritual Science and Michael School studies expand and awaken in us a possible third film study. We might seek answers as to the meaning of the Mystery Center and origins of the Goetheanum. We uncover in our process of Spiritual Research into the Akasha, a personality like Ita Wegman. Her journey is strikingly amazing, especially when we look very clearly on THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING (Click Link), just as a style of film adventure, of story adventure and once you have Ita Wegman and you have Aristotle, you get to land directly, from a certain POV, into the New Athens Mystery of the West, the central riddle of the Goetheanum.

Perhaps the fourth film might just take us through Gilgamesh to Greece, to Aquinas, and a complete reproduction of the 1st Goetheanum events surrounded by WW I. Alexander the Great expansionism and conquerings, Wars and 1914 Wars and World Karma for Steiner/Alexander Impulse. As a student of Spiritual Science what I am exploring, are a series of Objective Imaginations that bring us past the 1917,(A current Oscar Film, failed Imagination) 100 year marker and for humanities deeper studies, present for the 21st Century, what actually happened in the powerful ripples of the underpinning of the karma of the world.

We are the Michael School and we can see all the way through Nuclear nightmare, to the stirrings of a New World Order, to the converging Imagination of Orwell and RS. (Meaning that we don’t skip either Ahriman’s kingdom or Lucifer’s) Our objective Michael Imagination studies are all there in sequence, if we wanted to stand before a Cultural Revelation connected to Reincarnation Studies.

These revelations of history, these Fresh Imaginations of the Akasha are what we meet with during sleep in the Higher School and I can safely say, I know of a number of souls who come down from that Higher School every morning with the vividness of these Imaginations still glowing in their souls. These Michael students from around the world are aware of how they set the tone for the Time Spirit Michael as we continue our Schooling together on Earth.

Adriana Koulias is one of those Artists/Scientists and I can name as we say in The Michael School, I can name a dozen, at least TWELVE BY TWELVE, four groups of 12, or 12 X 4 or more scattered over the world who are living in the same Objective Imaginations in the Higher School of the Dead and the Stars, every night. Investment, Money, Culture, yes if it were a Film legacy of depth to bequeath to culture an accurate series of Imaginations, from the solid foundations of the Akasha, we in the Arts community would have our work cut out for us to be sure.

Study Sequence Film 1 –  Julian the Apostate and the Threefold Sun

Study Sequence Film 2– Mid-Point Earth Evolution, Several miracles, Youth of Nain, Widow’s plea. Ancient Isis Initiation duality of Light and Darkness, stuck in a duality. Sophia Isis, Threefold Sun, Three Crosses on Golgotha, Placing a Trinity from Christ in the duality. Recovering the Initiate behind the Coma of the Youth of Nain. Son of a Widow as an Egyptian Isis Designation, Initiates of the Widow. Christ and the threefold Sun before the body of the Youth of Nain. Christ reorganizes the Astral disturbance (Youth of Nain, Manes-Light and Darkness, Christ on Earth). Spiritual World and meeting of Starry Sophia star organization for Julian Apostate, Threefold Sun. Christ on Earth radiates a Threefold Sun on Earth – Youth of Nain, Manes directed to Herzeloyde destiny. Widow from the gallant knighthood Herzeloyde gives birth of Parsifal, Resurrection and Redemption of the Isis/Sophia mystery of the Threefold Sun. Mars, Kepler, the study of the Math of the Stars as part of incarnation mysteries. The wild island research facility of Tycho De Brahe/Herzeloyde, the result of Mars star wisdom and the fall of Rome in strange hijinks at the Tycho De Brahe island with Kepler Star wisdom from Egypt as well.

Study Sequence Film 3 – Alexander the Great and Aristotle, tracking Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Enkidu, Uruk Ziggurat 7 planet studies, penthouse, wedding cake and last Primal ancient human Enkidu and the Prostitute. Burning of Ephesus, arrival of and assignment of Aristotle and adventures of battles of Alexander the Great, War and conquering back then and War and conquering as a flash forward to 1914 battlefield karma the mystery centers encountered to India and The Man who would be King. to Ita Wegman and the Star Collaboration. Love and the Pieta Imagination of Sigune and Ita Wegman.

Study Sequence Film 4 – Aquinas penetrates the Living Spirit of Aristotle, Nominalism, Realism various destiny personalities, vast written works, end of Incarnation vision of Thomas who wished to burn all his useless complex mental works as he witnesses what is the Metamorphosis of all the Mysteries in Goethean and Sophia Sciences of Nature and Persephone and Eleusis and Ephesus mysteries of Diana and St. John and the many breasted Fairy Tale of the Maternity Ward for Anthro-Sophia, a kind of Esoteric Dorothy, Alice and the Wizard of Oz. The Starry Temple of the 1st Goetheanum. Steiner gets job from (Plato) Karl Julius Schroer. Also Karma of Alexander conquerings and 1914 War time 1st Goetheanum, isolated Higher Aristotle/Aquinas/Steiner metamorphosis through time.

So I have a sketchy sequence of say 4 films. Sketchy is something of the entire Human Heart Drama of Love that inwardly utterly transforms us. There we find Sigune, Ita Wegman, we find Herzeloyde and the Love Story of the Knight she fell in Love with who gets defeated and we have Love Lessons such as Izzy, in “The Fountain” who must suffer and die of Cancer to awaken her soul mate.

Now the 4th sketchy film comes to the vision at the end of Aquinas Life. Which literally opens the world of Anthroposophy and Plant and Goethe and Tree of Life itself to St.John. Which gets us in the House, The Maternity Ward of the 1st Goetheanum (Click Link) – where we stand today with Objective Imagination. These are all part of the reverberations that many of us encounter now in the 21st century as we go to sleep and head out to join the teachers and the dead in the Spiritual World of the Stars and the School of Sophia and Novalis every night as the living part of the completed circle of Sophia wisdom.

From the entire sequence of operas of Richard Wagner, to such an interesting and awkward film called Excalibur we are surrounded by striking mysteries where even the Astral Body of Merlin plays a part. We find the echo of Chivalry, Knighthood, and in specific the Higher Moral Evolution of Freedom and Humanity that leads through the destiny of the Science of St. John and the destiny of Christian Rosenkreuz and the Science of Sophia Herself.

What is there, what is here on Earth Now, is the completed circle of the physics of the Starry Hierarchies and the substance of the Objective Science of the Logos, Reincarnation and the roots of Christ in the Core of our Earth. Christ, the Logos, has stabilized the Earth and is pulsing with the Living Life current of Life-Spirit and the New Music of the Spheres that resonates and reverberates through every fiber of Earth Karma.

HIS Life-Spirit and HIS Atma, pulsing in the Core of our Earth, is creating the next Symphony and Foundations for the next Evolutionary stage of Humanity. Christ is standing in the veritable New Tree of Life Mysteries resonating through every Elemental cohesion of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, entirely new harmonies and Alchemies. Christ in the Core of our own Earth is pulsing like a Fountain rejuvenating and orchestrating entirely New Symphonies established, made, and created by our own Human Hearts.

~ A Holy Order ~
Knights of the Golden Heart

1) I don the armor of the certitude of knowledge which is daily tested and amended as needed.

2) On my left arm I bear the sacred shield of Study which protects me from all calumny, falsehoods and villainous lies.

3) In my right hand I wield the mighty sword of Micha’el, ‘Veritas,’ ever hewing away at untruth, searching for and yielding Eternal Verities which set me free.

4) My vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience are now made anew in the light of Freedom:
Poverty: non-attachment to the goods and chattels entrusted to my care.
Chastity: no imposed abstinence, but Purity of Soul as a goal.
Obedience: not to any outer authority, but to the highest in myself.

5) I pledge my fealty to the Goddess of Human Wisdom, the sublime and serene Anthroposophia, whom I adore and seek to serve.

6) I go forth under the banner of Micha’el, Crown Prince of all the Archangels, and dedicated servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.

7) My enduring quest is nothing less than the Holy Grail.

Be it hereby proclaimed: That thus armed and charged I mount my trusty steed of well-groomed Thinking and set out on this, life’s greatest adventure, with the motto:
BE As You Would See!

In dedication hereto
I affix my signature: This date:

(Anonymous BMcC)

Michael School Colleagues. Commentary on Pros and Cons

Addendum 1 GJ responds 2020

“The biggest obstacle though Bradford, is that all those with Luciferic genius cannot deny themselves millions of dollars for their artistic endeavors! The Truth “sets free” – it doesn’t make money to feed greed. It’s mostly lost – I go by Steiner’s worse case scenarios at this point.

“Luciferic genius feeds materialism beyond degrees Steiner ever imagined. The greatest art is the Wisdom us with humility experience in the spiritual world. Greed and Pride has taken over the Babylon of Hollywood and art. It doesn’t mean there isn’t genius in it – it’s just that Lucifer is sure to direct it to islands of fantasy in order to keep the world from progressing. And all consumers of wrongheaded art will find themselves missing the mark of world evolution..

“Steiner felt that Luciferic temptation was not as much a threat in the modern age as Ahrimanic ones – but I think things have gone on the worse case scenario track and Steiner held onto some rosy views that have not come to fruition. Luciferic temptation is getting stronger and stronger in the sense of fantasy based genius and artistic production. It’s probably better to be deaf and blind in today’s age if we want self-consciousness as Lucifer’s draw to fantasy islands is getting perfected to high high degrees.

“I fear what strange and bizarre islands many of us will find ourselves on between death and new birth. Perhaps ones so completely disconnected from earth-evolution that some won’t even make it back to Earth and hence the many fantasies of extraterrestrials embedded in the modern psyche. If there was a Second Coming of Steiner I believe he would be like Jesus in the Temple turning the tables over and shutting down every Waldorf School he could find!”

Addendum 2 Bradford Riley responds 2020

Thanks for the above GJ . It is highly out of character but worthy under certain Luciferic Recognition by inviting and creating a conference around, inviting a series of directors as the ones I have described. Treating them with significance, but also setting down a challenge.

The Wachowski siblings monumental works and Darren Aronofsky who was born February 12, 1969, Luc Paul Maurice Besson, a stunning French director and writer, producer, and many, many others who live and work in powerful Imaginations could be named and invited to a conference. Yes it would be indeed a peculiar honor, in not being critical of certain highly Luciferic realities in being Artists, but recognizing that indeed these artists, so many we could name, have touched a real nerve.

Many Anthro Conferences have lost the courage of following the thread of the world in both the Transformation confidence in the transformation of Lucifer, presented, with some of their very own film clips drawn from well known directors, writers artists could be presented in the Kleiner Saal. Or the big Carpentry conference center.

Given the choice to choose in honesty, cultural figures who we celebrate for their genius and yet challenge would be a higher sharing and confirmation of Paths to Higher Worlds, which are Objective Imaginations. Great Artists who are confident enough in their Anthro insights and confident enough and not afraid of the world where Michael impulses are also very active could narrate and introduce researchers in the Arts that all drawing from the Same Spiritual World. Christ is not ashamed of those Artists, neither should A Michael School be ashamed, and such a place, such a kinky honor to invite these artists, put them up, and dedicate a conference to their works, while asking a powerful question is an affirmation of Christ, Michael and Humanity striving between with Lucifer and Ahriman in a real Spiritual world.

We have many qualified Michael Artists who would be unafraid of standing in the Esoteric as well as the Exoteric, as well as the transformation of Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces into Human Spiritual Eternal I AM forces. This is what part of a Goetheanum has always been about. Goethe was no simpleton, wandering Christian. Steiner chose a cultural figure with all his flaws as an Artist/Luciferic and yet with the Spiritual Sophia Strengths that Sophia and St. John and Knights of Sophia (Female and Male) require in order represent Objective Science. Artists, directors, writers, and Great Cosmopolitan Anthros could ask, sustain and weather some of the burning questions everyone in the world is sharing together. How can we discover the Future Path of Objective Earth Evolution in going forward?

It is still and will remain an Akashic, Goethean, as well as a Karmic and quintessential Earth quest and question for each and every Human Spirit. We have Objective Science and we recognize and appreciate Objective Imaginations. In many ways, these artists have addressed some of these questions and we affirm what some of them have uncovered and what we “might” be able to uncover together. That is if we also, out of Anthro world, show some respect for their discoveries and efforts.

Because by now most of them know the name Rudolf Steiner, they just don’t enjoy the current attitude held by some conservative Anthros. Most of the world respect RS and have greatly heard of him, but most of our failure has been a failure in our Michael School to be unafraid and unashamed to look at our culture and openly and warmly walk together with our culture and the mysteries of Earth. Our Earth and Humanity is an Objective Cosmic Question we all must answer.

Because in The Michael School we neither lose our way Ahrimanically, or Luciferically and we are not ashamed that there were Three Crosses on Golgotha, we see a Trinity, a Threefold Sun and a tireless ever rejuvenating Representative Humanity moving and pacing itself with our Humanity. Honoring in a Conference, inviting, warmly receiving and making way, offering a global challenge leaves those Artists free to reject or accept the challenge. The problem is in the organizing such a conference and the maturity working wondrously through Anthroposophy. We can find, in our Michael School a vast group who are mature enough to stand humbly with Luciferic or Ahrimanic tendencies and not be overwhelmed.

I have examined the Ahrimanic but have also understood works like those of director Christopher Nolan as he has attempted to include the Akasha and explore his understanding of TIME mysteries. These are highly potent insights and cosmic math in Nolan’s Art. In Nolan’s, “Interstellar” he gets Matthew McConaughey caught in the Akasha of Time Itself. Now we may honor such insights, but it is very much how Anthros integrate our attitude to all of us pulling together and embracing each others research and joy in others striving.

We have full confidence in Michael School and Christ actions all through human creativity, operative, working and doing great things and fueling Artists everywhere. We just need to have the honor bestowed from the Michael School Itself as a kind of recognition and an Awards Ceremony of Imaginations that have helped lift the Consciousness of the World.

Addendum 3 DA responds 2020

“I believe Rudolf Steiner once remarked that film would be a particularly good medium to portray the phenomena of reincarnation (or something similar).”

Addendum 4 CN responds 2020

“I have studied everyone of these film contributions from Artists. We, and most of souls, so many hundreds of Michael Souls we know, we can stand very clearly, unashamed of The Michael School. Most of us in the Michael School are aware, precisely how Artists, ” Imagination that lifts the Consciousness of the World” can be fully documented and verified by the Michael School.

“There is nothing under Creativity or creation that we cannot verify the stream in which the current flows. Whether the stream by Christic, Luciferic, Ahrimanic or Asuric. Every, every impulse humanity attempts is rooted in the Akasha. The Michael School is ground zero for the Akasha, therefore in the Michael School we have the most appreciation when we see and recognize how Artists have verified the Spiritual Science of the Objective Science of Humanity.”

ADDENDUM 5 (HAG – June 2020) Ita Wegman

11 June 2020 –” Today is the Death-day of Alexander the Great. On this day in 1924, Rudolf Steiner wrote a letter to Ita Wegman, from Koberwitz, during the Whitsun Agricultural Course, speaking about her incarnation as his former pupil, when he was Aristotle, & she, Alexander The Great.

“Aristotle & Alexander, just as before, when they worked as Eabani & Gilgamesh; & as Cratylus & Artemisia, after death, they continued to be active in the spiritual world for a long period of time.

“In 869 AD the entelechies of Aristotle & Alexander met, in the spiritual world, with Haroun al-Raschid & his counselor.

“This coincided with the Council of 869 in Constantinople during which the concept, of spirit was eliminated from the 3-fold human being, & was replaced with the polarized concept of body & soul.

“Haroun al-Raschid & the opposing forces that he represented did not want Christianized Aristotelianism, only the teaching of natural science that has gradually assumed the form of today’s scientific materialism, devoid of any true concept, any reverence for divinity or creation; devoid of spiritual science.

“This meeting was a spiritual confrontation that in earthly life was later reflected in the Quest for the Holy Grail & the striving for a union of early European Christianity with the Arabic cultures that had preserved Aristotle’s works.

“For the natural science that Aristotle was able to pass on to Alexander needed for its comprehension souls that were still touched with the spirit of the Ephesian age, the time that preceded the burning of Ephesus. Such souls could only be found over in Asia or in Egypt, and it was into these parts that this knowledge of nature and insight into the Being of Nature were brought, by means of the expeditions of Alexander. Only later in a diluted form did they come over into Europe by many and diverse ways – especially by way of Asia Minor, Africa and Spain – but always in a very diluted or, as we might say, sifted form. The writings of Aristotle that came over into Europe directly were his writings on logic and philosophy. These lived on, and found fresh life again in medieval scholasticism.”

“…For we can see how the expeditions of Alexander and the teachings of Aristotle had this end in view: to keep unbroken the threads that unite humanity with the ancient spirituality, to weave them as it were into the material civilization that was to come, so they might endure until such time as new spiritual revelations should be given… Both streams [Aristotle and Alexander] have lasted up to the very moment when it is possible to begin a renewed life of spirit.” ~Rudolf Steiner, World History and the Mysteries in the Light of Anthroposophy, 1910.

“They did not fully incarnate again until the 8th & 9th centuries. This time under the ruler-ship of the Archangel Raphael, connected with Mercury, to bring to light the emergence of the Quest for the Holy Grail – one of the 1st new manifestations of Christ now working as the Spirit of the Earth.

“Of that incarnation Rudolf Steiner said, in a private conversation: “I was obliged to incarnate in a stream completely foreign to me in order to acquire the Christian fervor which I needed for the Thomas Incarnation.“

“Brief indications by Rudolf Steiner point to the figures of Schionatulander (Ita Wegman) & Sigune (Rudolf Steiner), who play an important, yet mostly overlooked role, in the Parsifal legend.

“Sigune lives by the side of Herzeleide, she loves Schionatulander but she longs to read the stellar script, called “Brackenseil” – the leash belonging to the hound whose name is “Gardevias” — Guardian of the Pathways. (Does this indicate that Sigune is still reluctant to make the descent into incarnation from the world of stars?)

“She yearns to read further in the 12-fold stellar script – of Brackenseil. In the attempt to bring it to her, Schionatulander is killed by Orilus who is actually looking for Parsifal. Schionatulander dies instead of Parsifal; & he becomes a guardian spirit of Parsifal guiding his further steps.

“Sigune then becomes the bearer of this new striving to transform the cosmic Intelligence thru the Christ Impulse, & incarnates again in the family of the Aquinos near Naples. He enters the Order of the Dominicans. From the quiet “cloister cell” he exercises a world-wide influence as the most illustrious scholar of the ecclesiastical system of thought, known as Scholasticism. He is Thomas Aquinas. His teacher – Albertus Magnus.

“To grasp spiritual reality in pure thinking, to lead pure thinking with mathematical precision from idea to idea, from judgment to judgment — this was the faculty developed by Scholasticism & bequeathed to the spiritual history of humankind, above all through its great teachers: Albertus Magnus (Marie Steiner) & Thomas Aquinas (Rudolf Steiner).

“The Arabian culture adhered firmly to the idea of cosmic, universal Intelligence. Thomas Aquinas taught of the personal, human Intelligence, of personal, human thinking & personal immortality. The Arabians persisted in their contention that every human being can be fructified by the universal Intelligence, but that there is no personal thinking, no personal immortality. After death a human being passes into the ocean of Cosmic Intelligence, so they said, where there is no personal immortality. For Thomas, whose thinking was combined with fervent piety, the world of Ideas was connected with spiritual reality which comes to expression in the world of the senses around us, behind which are Beings he calls “Intelligences”.

“Along the way, our thinking evolved from the cosmic realms of “Intelligences” to realms of human intelligence such as exists today. We progressed from the Grail Castle to King Arthur’s Castle. This was the message carried by Reginald of Piperno, the young Dominican (Ita Wegman), to Aquinas, the older Dominican (Rudolf Steiner).

“In the same series of lectures, reference is also made to the fact that in the “Arthurian stream” it was not yet realized that the Cosmic Intelligence had fallen away from Michael & had now come to human beings.

“The Teachers of Chartres behind the stream of the Grail Castle, were representative of the Intelligence that had now become Christian & human – a “polar contrast” to the Castle of King Arthur.

“The message brought from Alanus ab Insulis by Reginald of Piperno, the young Dominican, was that the Teachers of Chartres, now in the spiritual world, had realized the significance of personal immortality, realized that the Intelligence had become human, were aware of the Christian thinking in the Grail stream, & its connection with the world of stars, but that this knowledge would have to sleep for a time in the spiritual world, so that the intellect could be born in freedom.

“And now in our time the 2 streams must merge, to create a unity within the world.

“From the Karmic Relationships lectures: “Aristotle and Alexander had centuries earlier witnessed, from the spiritual world, the departure of Christ from the sphere of the Sun towards Golgotha. This called forth in their souls “the challenge to set a new beginning – not to continue what had been on the earth before this mystery, but to begin completely anew.”

“Henceforth, Aristotle and Alexander must work – who already in antiquity were equal to the concepts and ideas of the fifth post-Atlantean age.” – Karmic Relationships, 1924.

Poem written by Rudolf Steiner to Ita Wegman:

There, where the light
In face of green demons
Is tremulous,
And the primordial Powers
Born of the light
To wrestling men
Proclaim the riddle,
Which from the demons
Only by men can be enticed forth
And brought to the Gods
There soul found soul
In order to offer someday to waiting Gods
The secrets of demons
In a darkened place
That light may be born,
Where for want of this deed
Eternal darkness held sway.
Such a place there is
It must vanish
Make it someday vanish,
So speaks the admonishing
Gaze of Michael.

“The Age of Love & Freedom is characterized by the fact that human beings must learn to see thru the attacks made by the ‘demons’. We cannot run. We cannot hide. We are called to summon their secrets from these demons – to learn what is behind their working – to gain insight, responsibility & wisdom. And to pass on these mysteries of ‘evil’ to the Hierarchies- our ever present helpers, to receive the knowledge we must gain from this encounter.

“We are progressing from head to heart in the advent of the Consciousness Soul age. We must learn the secret that the Fox told the Little Prince, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eyes.”

“Let us step outside, into the world, to meet our self, to meet each other, to stand in the glory of the Sun. And at night, under the myriad canopy of stars we will be invited to open our heart & share in the cosmic conversation of our collective evolution.”

Comments from JB 1/27/2021

Bradford, Hi. My recollection goes with Rudolf Steiner = Schionatulander (which, as Walter Johannes Stein points out, means: French, li joenet u l’alant; German, der Jungling mit dem Hunde; “the young man with the hound”). I touch on Schionatulander in The Arcana of the Grail Angel on pg. 56; although I don’t discuss the RS/Schionatulander connection. I seem to remember from W. J. Stein (or one of his students?) Rudolf Steiner making the point that it would have been his only opportunity to meet Parzival/Mani in earthly incarnation – but, unfortunately, he died just beforehand. Peace in Christ, John