“Threshold Entities and Problems of Initiation” by Bradford Riley

“Sensing as we do the dawning of the great new Cosmic Day of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch, at whose beginning we stand” Rudolf Steiner

Testing at the BOUNDARIES and BORDERS of the Spiritual World 

“In order to perform valid spiritual research, one must bear into this region unimpaired judgment, complete discretion, and the full force of the human ego. Then we do not live in this region in a kind of super-skepticism but rather with just as much self-possession and confidence as in the physical world. And actually all the meditative exercises that I have given in my book, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment, are intended in large part to result in a greater ability to enter this region preserving one’s ego in full consciousness and in strict inner discipline. The purpose of a large part of the spiritual scientist’s initial schooling is to keep him from losing the inner support and discipline of the ego while traversing this path.”

Alienation from the Spiritual World and our unconscious urges to forge a bridge to the mirage of our “Well Being”, through any Pharmaceutical means necessary, is part of the Horror of Seduction that rages and roars around us every day. Our astral bodies, our children’s etheric and astral bodies, our sleepless anxiety filled with the terror of releasing ourselves into the rest of sleep, releasing our astral body from our etheric and physical bodies and letting our I AM and Astral body refresh itself in the Higher Devachan Healing Altitudes of the Stars and consciously bathe in communion with our Angelic Guides, is caught in the snares of our Anxiety at the Threshold.

This acute pathological anxiety is part of the early diagnosis that Spiritual Science at the Threshold has called “super-skepticism” or Hyper-skepticism. It is when the gnawing, restless, ever agitated, hungering, disgruntled wolf like INTELLECT, or dissatisfied Intellectual Soul hounds, howls all night long in an agony of unrelenting obsessive, unresolved riddles.

“One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small     
And the ones that mother gives you
Don’t do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she’s ten feet tall
And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you’re going to fall
Tell ’em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call”  White Rabbit – Grace Slick

The discipline to take hold of our journey out to the stars at night and our ability to consciously work with our Angel, by using tried and true methods, (Solid training in Crossing the Threshold CLICK THIS LINK)  just before we release ourselves and give ourselves the permission to sleep, allows us to prepare ourselves to cross the Border and Boundaries to our vast spiritual homeland in the actual Spiritual World.

Our Angels and Our Star

“Thy body is a star of will, a star whose substance is will; and this will glows with warmth, and into the expanses of the world into which thou hast now poured thyself, it rays back to thee thy own life between birth and death as a great tableau. To the circumstance of thy sojourn within this star thou owest the privilege that thou art able to draw and absorb from the world what thou hast drawn and absorbed from it while on the physical plane: for this star, this will-star, which now forms the background is the spiritual part of thy physical body, this will-star is the spirit which permeates and strengthens thy physical body. That which streams to thee as wisdom is the activity, the mobility of thy etheric body.”

It is there in the higher worlds of math, music and the higher geometry of the intersecting vectors of TIME that we share with our Angel and our Higher I AM, that we are refreshed and nourished during sleep by our Higher Being. We work with our Higher Being and our Angel to prepare for the coming super-synchronicity of the swirling events that are set to arrive the next day in our waking life.

To begin to get any inkling of the enormous synchronicity of starry and human encounters that lead us towards others, so that we begin to see the Physics of Time, concentrated in the events of Space and our immediate day to day incarnation instances, that are hidden under the term we conveniently call, coincidence, we must begin to drench ourselves in the MUSIC and MATH of INSPIRATION, (study material HERE).

“One attains Inspiration, which can be experienced when one performs mathematics in the right way, when this performance of mathematics itself becomes an experience that can then be developed further into that which one finds in the Vedanta. Inspiration is complemented at the other pole by Imagination, and only through Imagination does one arrive at something enabling one to comprehend man.”

The foundation of Childhood must be drenched in the Higher Inspiration forces of our Angels, our Higher Beings and how the Stars Think and move in human spirits over the Earth. Childhood saturated in the warm confidence of the deeper rhythms of sleeping and waking slowly begins forming organs able to understand the Higher Forces of Imagination and Inspiration as Living forces of Math and the Music of the Spheres. Day to Night, Night to Day warmed and illuminated patterns woven with our Angels in the Higher Spheres allows us to comprehend the day to day riddles of destiny as immense opportunities to awaken in us the creative tools of Imagination and Inspiration.

“What is it that we actually experience when we go to sleep at night? Our astral body and our Ego emerge from the etheric body and the physical body. If we now look back spiritually upon the physical body and the etheric body we shall perceive that their activity at night and by day is entirely different. During the day, through our normal consciousness, we wear out our physical and etheric bodies through acts of will, through feeling and through thinking; fatigue is evidence that we have worn out our physical and etheric bodies. In fact our daily life is a process of ruining and wearing out our physical and etheric bodies, and they are most thoroughly worn out in the evening. With clairvoyant sight we shall perceive that during sleep the physical body and the etheric body begin to manifest a plantlike activity. The worn-out nervous system and etheric body begin as it were to bud and blossom at the moment of going to sleep and within the human being something takes place that may be compared with what happens in the spring, when everything buds and sprouts. The moment of going to sleep must be compared with the spring and the deeper our sleep the more do our physical and etheric bodies pass over into a condition of budding, sprouting life.”  Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

This warm confidence, this profound restoration of our Etheric Life Body, can be terminally disrupted by the immense ‘intellectual cynicism’ of haphazard parenting and our cultural addictions to pharmaceutical, magnetic and electronic (fallen light) and chemical attacks on our Soul and Spirit system at the Sleep Threshold. Those Big Pharma, chemical prescribed and Sleep Disruptive magnetic and electronic attacks are as vicious as ravenous swarms of bats and nightmares that subliminally set upon and destroy the subtle connections that link our Etheric, Astral and undeveloped I AM cohesion.

Gateway Entities that go all the way back to the 3rd Cultural Age of ancient Egypt, Threshold Beings whose job it was to release the spirit from the body at death are now employed on work visas by Big Pharma. These Pharmaceutical Nightmare guardians have had an ancient and vital role to play in human spiritual development. Modern Initiation, open Initiation has changed these Entities hunting habits. Black Lodges on Earth, through Big Pharma, offered these displaced Elemental Entities a new feeding ground.

Big Pharma has made an agreement with these Entities of the Threshold to mimic Initiation nightmares and hallucinations to create FEAR which is the actual sustenance of these Threshold Entities. By preventing human spirits from wending their way out of their physical and etheric system to the restoring and refreshing shores of Sleep and the safety of our Higher I AM that shines from the Spiritual World every night, these Entities can continue their corpse scavenging by swarming regions where the decay of the psyche is present. Decaying and putrefying LIGHT in the psyche attracts these Threshold Entities.

Light involved with our Etheric body, our Astral body and the conscious I generated Light and Love we discover deeply in ourselves, which when awakened and employed by us as inner discipline of Soul and Spirit, becomes a stream of higher conscious nourishment and stability. We rediscover and relearn consciously the rhythmic patterns of sleeping and waking and experience for ourselves the germinal seeds of Etheric Light and illumination we brought back with us from our Astral sojourn to our Starry Home and our Angel’s immense wisdom and love.

We also encounter in ourselves the abused and dormant Light and Love that we have suppressed and misused because we refused to acknowledge or awaken our own Knowledge of the Higher Worlds (click link). As these Living Seeds of Light lie dormant and unused by our Love, Interest or Enthusiasm they give off anxiety and fear which is the food of certain Entities at the Threshold. Light and Love as it decays in the lap of our complacent materialism gives birth to unconscious urges of crime, addiction, murder of our Human Conscience that provides the soil for destructive war mongering inventions where electricity, magnetism and nuclear poisons become our cultural Ignorance and our Evil social and political intentions.

Big Pharma has insidiously set traps and employed the ravenous feeding habits of destructive elemental beings to perform actions that block the release to our starry homeland and the safe return of our I AM and Astral body when we wake. Sleeping and Waking are vast Gateway Thresholds. Addictions and substitutes for Sleep now fester and surround the unaware and unconscious Boundaries at the Threshold of Sleep. Humanity can approach Sleep and the Threshold consciously, carefully and wholesomely or have our higher striving devoured by Ancient Entities hungering for putrefied, unconscious and decayed Light in our Astral, Etheric and I AM.

This symptomatic crisis that has entangled our children, our teachers, and every parent has as its source the entire gamut of the confusion of relentless materialism. The compensation for the Initiation Rites of ancient Egypt in the 3rd Cultural Epoch has come roaring back at us in the compensation and awakening required by us in the 5th, current cultural epoch. Steiner, as an Initiate and Karma carrier of the the ancient Egyptian epoch revealed some of the deep akashic shattering events from the depths of the Mystery Schools of Isis and Osiris out of Egypt from his Mystery Drama, The Soul’s Awakening.

Conscious recovery of our Sleep patterns, and our conscious participation in the awakening of our own I AM are part of the compensation required by the immense karma of the Egyptian era now thrusting upwards from below as intense higher schooling and preparation needed at the Boundaries of Sleep and the Astral Higher worlds. Relentless unresolved riddles and psychic disorientation pummels our waking brains with chronic entangled cynicism and hyper-skepticism.

Powerful Threshold Entities that once swarmed the mystery centers of ancient Egypt are now locked and loaded into weaponized Big Pharma pill popping, astral nerve numbing, psychotic addiction provocateurs. These Entities swarming us at the Threshold of Sleep are the source point of our epidemic of disturbed threshold anxiety and the infesting and accumulation of more and more uncontrollable OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders). Conscious Spiritual Training is required to antidote and control these toxic intruders.

Once born on Earth this sleep disorder anxiety spreads and infects every innocent child mainly because of materialism and parental anxiety. Everyone is subjected to the static electrical discharge of our extreme intellectual mind pollution and astral/etheric anxiety and dread. Attacks on the Threshold of our Sleep Sanctuaries with subliminal devastation of our conscience during our waking life and targeted pharmaceutical attacks on our sleep gateways plunder and pillage, rape and distort the new virgin forces of the higher organ of our Cognitive Imaginations.

“Elizabeth Margulis tells a story of a woman who was a personal friend of the late dean of scientists, Dr. Albert Einstein. Motivated partly by her admiration for him, she held hopes that her son might become a scientist. One day she asked Dr. Einstein’s advice about the kind of reading that would best prepare the child for this career. To her surprise, the scientist recommended ‘Fairy tales and more fairy tales.’ The mother protested that she was really serious about this and she wanted a serious answer; but Dr. Einstein persisted, adding that creative imagination is the essential element in the intellectual equipment of the true scientist, and that fairy tales are the childhood stimulus to this quality.” Einstein Imagination and Inspiration (Click Link)

There you have it. The Virgin Organ of our Imaginations that is developing in the current climate of our Consciousness Soul development, is being daily raped, pillaged, plundered from the very onset of childhood. The seed forces hidden in Fairy Tales grow with the Child’s Thinking and Imagination, into the deeper levels of Math, Music and Inspiration that unfold as we carry the forces that made our childhood bones and laid the foundation for our first teeth, awaken also in us the first inklings of Love at our puberty.

Incarnation, Procreation, Puberty and the Virgin Plasticity of our Imaginations lead our thinking to the highest foundations of Love that appears vividly in St.John. The Physiological cohesion of the Science of our Astral, Etheric and I AM systems nested in our physical bodies is from the womb to the tomb, from the Chromosome to the Human Adult, constantly under primitive attack.

We haven’t recognized with the fullness of our I AM all the hidden malicious weapons used by Big Pharma, our Schools, our educations, our religious, governmental and media institutes. The dominating Intellect of Materialism Itself are all part of the forces deployed in the primitive rape, plunder and destruction that surrounds the developing forces of our new ability to See with our Higher Virgin Imaginations.

Rem Sleep Behavior Disorder and Neurodegenerative Diseases

RBD has received considerable recent attention because it is strongly associated with synuclein-mediated neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson disease (PD), dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB), and multiple system atrophy.

One hundred patients were evaluated and met full criteria for RBD . Of these, 27 reported antidepressant use at or before baseline examination and 73 did not. Seven took paroxetine, 4 sertraline, 5 citalopram, 1 escitalopram, 5 venlafaxine, 1 mirtazapine, 1 phenelzine, 3 buspirone (2 of whom took other antidepressants), 1 clomipramine, 1 amitriptyline, 1 trazodone, and 1 desipramine.

In “an old episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation about the Enterprise crew going slowly insane, experiencing violent outbursts, cognitive impairment, and psychosis. In the episode, Dr. Crusher explains to the crew (and viewers) that the entire crew is experiencing REM sleep deprivation. (name of episode “Night Terrors”CLICK LINK) As with many Star Trek episodes, this passage is based on scientific fact. Reduced or absent REM is neurologically destructive, and poor REM is a well-known (though less-discussed) side-effect of SSRI, antidepressant, and benzodiazepine usage.

“Before I proceed forward, let me say that SSRI antidepressant’s negative effect on REM sleep has been known anecdotally since the late 80’s and scientifically quantified in peer-reviewed published studies in the early 90’s. It is well-established that complete, refreshing sleep is essential to overall mood and reducing depression symptoms. And yet, it is also known how antidepressants such as Prozac reduce sleep quality. If you’ve ever been prescribed an antidepressant, ask yourself this question: did the physician or pharmacist ever mention to you that the drug you were about to take is known to suppress restorative REM? No? Read on.

Importance of Restorative REM Sleep

“Sleep is a neurologically and hormonally-dynamic environment where the body and brain undergo repair in preparation for the next day. Consider, for a moment, how disadvantageous sleep is to one’s survival. Back in the good ole’ days of hunter-gathering, unconsciousness for 8-10 hours would have put a person at grave risk of death (and thus, be unable to procreate and further the species). Nonetheless, sleep is so critical to one’s survival that it necessitates the risk. During sleep, the brain alternates through cycles of light and deep sleep. It is in these light and deep sleep cycles (or sleep stages), that the brain and body are restored. Rapid eye movement (or REM) sleep is considered the “light” stage of sleep in that cycle (as the brain is closest to a state of wakefulness when in REM). The deep cycle is delta or slow-wave sleep. REM is when the brain undergoes neurologically-critical restorative processes.

“Generally, adults average 20-25% REM nightly. When a patient in my sleep clinic presents with history of cognitive impairment, memory problems, mood swings, anxiety, the first thing I expect to see in his or her polysomnogram (or sleep study), is a reduction in total night REM.

“The history of the first major SSRI, Prozac, is interesting. Prozac’s developer, Eli Lilly, first tested LY110141 as a hypertensive then anti-obesity drug. Neither worked. Then they tested it on psychotic patients and those hospitalized due to depression. The drug was reported to have no benefits. In some cases it worsened their symptoms. Only when they tested the drug on ‘mild depressives’ did they find success. The initial mild depressive group was five recruits. Eli Lilly’s total revenue in 2013 was $23 billion. In 1999, Prozac represented one-fourth of total revenue.

“I mention the worsening of symptoms in psychotic patients to return us to this article’s introduction. We live in a culture today where depression symptoms are over-medicated. This study found 7 out of 10 antidepressant users aren’t depressed.” (Click Link Here)

This research and updating of our Humanity at the Threshold encompasses East, Middle and West in the symptoms we are facing in every single woman, man and child. 1933-1966-1999 were patterns and indicators of how humanity encountered the Christ Event at the Threshold. In many of my works I have shown how the 33 year rhythm pattern, even where Prozac and Threshold Addictions to SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor – Celexa, Luvox, Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft) that affect the neurotransmitter serotonin ) have entered as GateKeepers and Jailers already through the gates of childhood. There are vast Elemental Hordes clustered around the Threshold, whose vicious hungers are set to antagonize Unconscious Humanity.

1984 was a strange and stirring mark point in our encountering Threshold Entities. Once more we encounter human courage at the Threshold. Here we have a projected occult prophecy of a seemingly arbitrary number, 1984. However not only do we find that George Orwell, as a courageous human spirit, penetrated with his cognition into the deeper regions of the Ahrimanic subsensible intention of certain Fallen Entities, but we have in the actual year, literally 33 years later from the publication of Orwell’s direct encounter in Ahriman’s realm, 33 years after 1949, we observe the direct results. In the year 1984 a vivid Imagination of the disturbances in the depths of our anxiety driven deep sleep disorders rose up to meet us.

Human courage and human Imagination at the Threshold are the weapons humanity requires in order to connect the dots. The dots in this case are that vicious Entities at the Threshold of Sleep, where Ahriman numbed human consciousness with the drug of materialism, revealed themselves 33 years later. In 1984, part of the eruption that arose from the depths of our human psyche when truth was turned into a cultural and social nightmare laced with Ahrimanic sleep disturbances, also revealed a breed of Threshold Nightmare Entities we are examining.

1984 saw the birth of the massive Sleep Disorder disturbance and prognosis from Wes Craven’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Orwell’s occult prophecy of 1984 echoed, resounded and rose upwards from the depths 33 years after 1949/50. That occult tale requires us to descend to the 8th Sphere of the Inner Earth and meet as Orwell did, the reversal of all Human Ideals. It requires Imagination to show how courage and human clarity reveal titanic disturbances in the depths of the human spirit, that are forcibly denied by Ahrimanic brainwashing.

It is here where we meet the psychiatrists and social planners of the deep State who have fostered the drugged sleep disorder terrorist patsies we encounter in Mass shooters, School shooters and possessed psychopaths. A higher echelon of Ahrimanic possessed psychopaths are the Think Tank handlers and preparers and whisperers who cover their well staged atrocities behind the deceptions of propaganda. We’re not in Kansas anymore.

In reality viral, social, political Ahrimanic Materialism extends deeply into vaccines, pandemics, sleep disorders, the murder of the totality of our integrated Human Conscience and the entire skeletal scaffolding of our education from cradle to grave. And to disturb every human being on Earth, and disturb the reader specifically, Ahrimanic deadly deeds and propaganda disturb and stir forces deep into the volcanic and 6th layer of the Inner Earth. Therefore earthquakes, mighty storms and elemental disturbances, that cause death and destruction, on top of what our politics of murder and betrayal cause in themselves, our Ahrimanic Lies disturb the very foundations of the Earth. Unfortunately this is not a joke. (Click Link for further study)

Inspiration tied to Imagination allows the precision of the Music and Math of the Spiritual World to be rediscovered in Higher Cognitive Sciences. In “The Boundaries of Natural Science” we find ourselves in the Higher Cognitive faculties where Inspiration arises and where the Logos of the Higher I AM meets the Christ. St. John, Mr. Apocalypse, is walking in the Great Cathedral of the Stars, in the Temple of Sophia Herself where Time and the ancient Hindu culture of the Vedas awaken in us the Living Body of the Physics of Higher Inspiration.

The precision of the Higher Physics of Inspiration, that goes all the way back to the Vedas and Ancient India, the Rishis, and bubbles up again through Christian Rosenkreuz and Rudolf Steiner, can be studied Here. Et Incarnatus Est (Click Link). Training our Imaginations, to see and understand, slowly and gradually, will eventually allow us to arrive at the precision of Cosmic Thinking that is The Virgin Substance of AnthroSophia Herself. The following examples reveal some of the deepest issues of the Logos Itself.

The AlgoLOGOrithms of the Cosmic I AM

Thirty-three gods” play a central role in the Ṛg Veda. In Hymn 8.28 they are described as “guardians in the west, and northward here, and in the south, And on the east.” In our yantras, for reasons to be discussed later, east is on the right, the direction our transevering axis will grow in the yantras for still larger numbers. The “three times eleven” deities of Hymn 8.35 are closely associated with the Maruts, “men of heaven” who aid Indra. The ten verses of Hymn 8.39 laud “the Thrice Eleven Deities” and repeat the refrain : “Let all the others die away.” Why the thirty-three “great” gods of the Prajāpati cycle are so important to acoustical theory can be understood best if we project them into a tone-mandala, as in Chart 13. There we can see at a glance that the metric properties of p q r numbers 2 3 5 ≤ 603 are becoming visually and aurally indistinguishable; their “angular values” are beginning to coincide when interpreted according to a cyclical or “circular” logarithmic scale on base 2. To understand how nearly certain pairs of numbers agree in meaning, we must actually perform the calculations; two kinds of near coincidences are interesting, and computing them will test the usefulness of our yantra 12b.

“Mandala of the Thirty-three Gods in 603 The reciprocals within the successive octave doubles bounded by 60, by 3600, and by 216,000 are shown here in an effort to suggest a possible musical basis for the notion of “Thirty-three gods.” ( Pg 66 of the Book “The Myth of Variance The Origins of the Gods Mathematics and Music from the RigVeda to Plato. by Earnest G. Mc Clain LINK)

The Pulse of the Logos in History and Time

“To those who wish, reverently and sincerely, to tune their thoughts in harmony with the Mystery of Golgotha, the period between Christmas and Easter is seen as a picture of the thirty-three years of Christ’s life on earth. Previous to the Mystery of Golgotha, with which I include the mystery of Christmas, the magi studied the heavens when they wished to investigate the secrets of human evolution or any other mysterious event. They studied the constellations, and the relative positions of the heavenly bodies revealed to them the nature of events taking place upon earth. But at that moment in which they became aware of the important event that was happening on earth, by the sign given to them through the position of the sun in Virgo on December 24 and 25, they said, “From this time onward the heavenly constellations themselves will be directly revealed in human affairs on the earth.”

“Can the starry constellations be perceived in human affairs? My dear friends, this perception is now demanded of us, the ability to read what is revealed through the wonderful key that is given us in the mysteries of the Christian year, which are the epitome of all the mysteries of the year of other people’s and times. The time interval between Christmas and Easter is to be understood as consisting of thirty-three years. This is the key. What does this mean? That the Christmas festival celebrated this year belongs to the Easter festival that follows thirty-three years later, while the Easter festival we celebrate this year belongs to the Christmas of 1884. In 1884 humanity celebrated a Christmas festival that really belongs to the Easter of this year (1917), and the Christmas festival we celebrate this year belongs, not to the Easter of next spring but to the one thirty-three years hence (1950). According to our reckoning, this period — thirty-three years — is the period of a human generation, thus a complete generation of humanity must elapse between Christmas festivals and the Easter festivals that are connected with them. This is the key, my dear friends, for reading the new astrology, in which attention is directed to the stars that shine within the historical evolution of humanity itself.

“How can this be fulfilled? It can be fulfilled by human beings using the Christmas festival in order to realize that events happening at approximately the present time (we can only say approximately in such matters) refer back in their historical connections in such a way that we are able to perceive their birthdays or beginnings in the events of thirty-three years ago, and that events of today also provide a birthday or beginning for events that will ripen to fruition in the course of the next thirty-three years. Personal karma rules in our individual lives. In this field each one is responsible for himself; here he must endure whatever lies in his karma and must expect a direct karmic connection between past events and their subsequent consequences.” Rudolf Steiner on the Cosmic Math of the Logos (Click Link)

Nietzsche attempted to bring Higher Mathematical Inspiration, through the Threshold. He imploded at the Threshold and became one of the haunting martyrs of Inspiration at the dawn of the 20th century. Through courage and intellectual tenacity George Orwell managed to survive his encounter with Ahriman’s intentions for imprisoning humanity. Orwell managed to form a social and Cultural Imagination of Ahriman’s Country, which places humanity on a collision course with subtle, hyper-fascism and perpetuating an advanced indoctrination of social and cultural nihilism. The subject matter and curriculum studies of Ahriman’s subsensible Realm reveals how Nietzsche, Orwell, Oppenheimer, Nikola Tesla and Rudolf Steiner are connected.

The pursuit of the higher faculties of Inspiration and Imagination at the Threshold remains a daring, daunting and also a dangerous undertaking.  The Threshold and Boundaries of Natural Science appear everywhere if we know what to look for. Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and David Lynch and his Threshold explorations in his “Twin Peaks” hold very potent insights which I shall examine later in this document.

We shall examine Nietzsche a little later, to see where Zarathustra struck like lightning both Rudolf Steiner and Nietzsche. However to understand the complications of Autism and the complications of consciously, let us say, consciously catching Inspired patterns and glimpses into each of our individual daily Destinies, from our Angels POV, we need more than a “Dream Catcher” hung over our beds. We need “Knowledge of the Higher Worlds.

The Higher Inspiration, cosmic music and math as a precise Higher Faculty of Spiritual Cognition, allowed Rudolf Steiner to ‘catch’ the pattern of 33 year rhythms that run under the surface of history. (I examine the specifics of the PARITY pattern imprinted in TIME ITSELF – HERE). When we start to investigate the vast geometrical patterns of synchronicity and the Stars, from our Angel’s POV, we stumble upon early attempts to fathom patterns of interconnectedness presently dwarfing our  “Boundaries of Natural Science” (Click study Link)

Example 1 (The Warning)

“The storyline introduces us to the aforementioned Jon, a man totally wrapped up in the various problems in his head, his mathematical obsessions and his unresolved emotional state. But his entire life is turned on its head one night, when his friend David is shot in the very place where a similar attack was carried out years prior, and where, if nobody acts to stop it, the same crime will be committed once again, ten years later. An array of coincidences and formulas point to the fact that history will repeat itself, like a never-ending loop… Unless someone breaks the cycle, that is.”

Example 2 “Knowing” Steiner calls “super-skepticism” where materialism collides with Inspiration.

“Nicolas Cage is an astrophysicist and despairing rationalist called John Koestler (is the surname slyly ironic?). His son Caleb (Chandler Canterbury) uncovers some terrifying news about the fate of the Earth when his school opens up a time capsule planted in 1959. It includes a piece of paper containing nothing but a stream of numbers: terrifying numerological clues to catastrophes past and present.”

Rhythmic patterns that nurture and reveal our bones growing, our teeth forming and each of our entries into puberty, are connected to vital 7 year rhythms which help introduce our children to the first forces of Thinking and the Alphabet. Vaccine inundations and destructive Entities stand before us daily, lie in wait at the threshold of consciousness with loaded, baited traps for our children. From these very unseen and unrecognized dangers, a majority of our precious humanity continues to remain unaware that we are all crossing the Threshold, whether we like it or not.

“Sensing as we do the dawning of the great new Cosmic Day of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch, at whose beginning we stand” Rudolf Steiner

Consciously or unconsciously we are all pressed, ready or not, at the Boundaries of Materialism and the Boundaries of Natural Science. Everything that will be discussed here is part of the current Consciousness Soul in all of us, struggling to give birth to the capacity of Higher Imagination as an Exact Sensorial stabilizer for each of our individual I AM’s. Each child and each human being needs to have calm stability in order to lay the foundations for the healthy navigation of the THRESHOLD OF THE SPIRITUAL WORLD.

The Michael School is tasked with learning how to navigate our I AM at the Gates and Shores of the Higher Worlds. In the 4th Age of the Ram the meaning of Initiation and the Threshold was filled with perilous adventures of Beings and events told in the tales of Theseus-Ariadne, Ulysses and the Argonauts. The Michael School, in this our 5th Age of Pisces, is tasked with identifying distortions, hazards, vortexes and psychic complexes that arise when we encounter specific IMAGINATIONS AT THE THRESHOLD.

In 4th Age of the Ram the crossing of the Threshold was depicted under the heading of Scylla and Charybdis. The actual IMAGINATION of the Threshold in the 4th Age of the Ram was Scylla and Charybdis.

We are in the 5th Cultural Age of the Fishes and the Consciousness Soul. Our challenging encounters at the Threshold have incrementally become more vivid and enhanced. The contours of our cultural Imaginations and Inspirations at the Threshold have radically become more distinct, refined and accessible. However using the tools of precise Cultural Imagination we can also see exactly what happened with the Pharmaceutical employment and enslavement of destructive Entities that lurk at the Threshold and Boundaries of the Spiritual World. These Entities still crave and hunger and our unconscious squandered Light and Love are still the sustenance they crave for their existence.

Big Pharma and Black Ops psychiatrists have learned and are salaried to find, feed, entice and cultivate sleep disorder victims and shape the destruction of our psychologies so that we remain fixated on Oswald Patsy Deceptions. Scapegoats and Psychic Sacrifices, weak links in human cognition are hunted down, sorted from the herd, and offered up. These prepared mass LIES are specifically designed to keep humanity in a state of unconsciousness and sleep at the Threshold of Higher Cognition, while harvesting and collecting more and more sacrifices to be served on the Altars of Ahrimanic Materialism.

Black Lodge schooling and torture research have attempted to perfect the bait that attracts these destructive beings of the Threshold, with the food they require for their survival and propagation. The type of sustenance, bait, feeding and diet requirements of certain Entities at the Threshold, are supplied out of the psychic structure of human generated fear, nightmares and Sleep Disorders. This pedigree of destructive Threshold Entities can be traced way back to the 3rd Cultural Age of Taurus where they were observed swarming around the candidates and neophytes of ancient Egyptian Initiations. (Click Link)

Pharmaceutical Monsters at the Threshold of Sleep

“To punish her rival, she prepared a vial of poison, and this she poured into the pool where Scylla bathed.

“As soon as Scylla walked into her bath, she was transformed into a horrifying monster with six heads, each with a triple row of teeth sharper than knives. Now she was no longer beautiful but a monstrous creature with 12 feet and a body composed of hideous barking dogs. Unable to move, she lived in misery on a cliff beneath the sea and lashed out at all ships that passed by. Whenever a ship sailed too close, each of Scylla’s heads seized a member of the crew and destroyed them in her grotesque mouths.

“From that time on Charybdis lived on one side of the blue channel, and Scylla on the other. The two monsters became the peril of all sailors. Everyone had tales to tell of the terrors they caused. The two sides of the strait were so close to each other [The Threshold of Sleep and the Boundary of the Spiritual and Material Worlds] that those who tried to avoid Scylla would pass too close to Charybdis, thus risking their lives in whirlpools. But those who attempted to slip past Charybdis moved too close to Scylla, and many died in the grip of her gnashing teeth.”

The Michael School provides us with the firm footing and confidence we need to build a healthy, elastic and Living Imagination that is refreshed by the reality of a living Spiritual World. As explorers of the 5th Age of Pisces, we stand today in the uncharted region of the Consciousness Soul. I embarked like Ulysses depicted in the 4th Age, and as Ishmael has been depicted in the Moby Dick tale by Herman Melville in our 5th Age. We are all Sailors and Explorers on the New Seas of IMAGINATION at The Threshold. I began my Seamanship Apprentice in Pisces HERE. (Click Link)

It is part of the objective training of our faculty of Imagination that we become flexible, elastic and more importantly precise and accurate in our thinking regarding the Spiritual Beings of our ever present Spiritual World. We have arrived together at the Boundaries and Threshold of the Spiritual World in this our 5th Age of Pisces and Science Itself is required to shift from cultural materialism to the elasticity of thinking that awakens our Spiritual Imaginations. Human culture is already doing this everywhere unconsciously.

The Demonic Rabbit of our Intellectual Atheism

To trace ANTHROSOPHIA, the new Child awakening at the Threshold of the Spiritual and Material Worlds, we have had to follow Alice down the rabbit hole and further through the Looking Glass. Alice as an Imagination was offered to us at approximately the year 1865. Immediately upon crossing the Threshold Alice encounters a stressed out, anxiety driven Rabbit. On Earth each of us have re-entered TIME through the portal of Reincarnation and the Stars. The Stars themselves are the giant Clock and Timepiece we are all required to adhere to as our deepest esoteric Schooling. (Click Link, Full TIME STUDY)

All of Humanity are Time Beings. We are all enmeshed in our earthly, organic, biological and biographical clocks with undue, consequential stress. We are also each on our own accelerating and expanding individual states of advancing through consciousness. We progress from childhood through maturity within our own rhythm patterns of powerful physiological and biographical 7 year cycles of planetary Time. Our Bones, Teeth and Puberty itself are made from the substance of Love. And consequential TIME, in the presence and Being of the continuity of the circling Planets and Stars vividly sets each of our incarnations and destinies on the CLOCK. We, each one of us, are on our own Planetary and Zodiacal clocks.

“And just as in physical perception one must learn to move about in space in order to perceive this or that in turn, the spiritual scientist who has attained Inspiration must learn to move freely within the element of time. He must be able — if you will allow me to use a paradoxical expression — to swim within the element of time. He must learn to travel along with time itself, and when he has learned this, he finds that the faculty of memory has undergone a metamorphosis, that the faculty of memory has transformed itself into something else. What memory performed within the physical world of the senses must be replaced by spiritual perception. This transformed memory, however, gives the spiritual scientist perception of a more encompassing ego. Now the ego is recognized to be more encompassing. When one has transformed memory, which contains the power of the ego between birth and death, the content of the ego cracks the husk that circumscribes but one lifetime. Then the fact of repeated earthly incarnations, alternating with a purely spiritual existence between death and rebirth, emerges as something that can be grasped as a reality.” Boundaries RS (Click Link)

Each of us are scaling and advancing through our human life spans. We are Time Pressed and Time pressured through the very fact of our Incarnations from the Higher Spiritual Worlds. We can be payed by the hour, the key stroke, the word or by being a player in the Corporate job market. Above all else each second of our destinies on Earth are in moral resonance with the ever present thunder of the Clock of the Stars themselves. We have come to Earth and fallen like Alice down the Rabbit Hole into the actual Living Logos of the living substance of TIME. (Study in SATURN, Time Lord HERE)

Imagine very clearly that Christ Himself came through each and every one of these vast layers of Time, from the opposite direction, to arrive on Earth and become for 3 years the actual Central Pulse of Zodical Time Itself. The immense bone and body forming power of the Logos of Love shrunk itself to fit the Physical elements of Incarnation. The condensed droplet of the Logos Itself appeared in Space, side by side in our Human Realm, when Jesus passed his 30th year. Christ arrived, etched into Time Itself, the Logos law of Love condensed Itself into a human existence at the Baptism. We think we have it rough reporting to work everyday and being on the clock. Suppose the entire Karmic Streaming and goal of Earth Evolution Itself was literally streaming through your tiny heart? (The Cosmic Heart in us – Click Link Here)

We can document clearly how the Christ Being descended from the vast Hierarchies to arrive at the Baptism at the TIME of John the Baptist. Christ descended into the Rabbit Hole of Earth Life Itself. TIME and the biographical precision of Christ’s Arrival is marked by the 29 1/2 year cycle of the mighty planet Saturn. (Christ’s arrival point researched HERE (Click Link).

David became King when he was 30 years old; he was a mere Shepherd before his anointing: “David was thirty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned forty years.” (2 Samuel 5:4)

Ezekiel was called by God as a prophet at age 30: “Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, in the fifth day of the month, as I was among the captives by the river of Chebar, that the heavens were opened, and I saw visions of God.” (Ezekiel 1:1)

John the Baptist was age 30 when he came out from the wilderness to pave the way for the Messiah (Jesus). We know John was roughly 30 because the Bible says he was born 6 months before Jesus, and Jesus started his ministry at age 30.

Jesus officially started his ministry at age 30. Before this time, he worked as a carpenter and “grew in stature, wisdom, and favour with God and man.” “Now Jesus himself was about thirty years old when he began his ministry. He was the son, so it was thought, of Joseph (Luke 3:23)”

Rudolf Steiner was 32 when he wrote The Philosophy of Freedom, (later retitled The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity) which he considered his most significant work.

In 1929, at the age of 32 and at one of the enormous annual European gatherings of the Theosophists in Holland, Krishnamurti announced his decision to step down from any formal role or plan to promote him as a World Teacher, resigned as figurehead of the Theosophists, and cut all ties to any notion of a religious or spiritual organization.

We have reincarnated into flesh and our Earthly cellular world, from our Home in the Spiritual World of the Higher Devachan. In this, our Time Pressed, 5th Age of Pisces and our Consciousness Soul, we have plunged like Alice, deep into the foundations of our Psychology. We have incarnated with our pace, our human pace, our growth pace, our biography pace, our Star Pace, our Planetary Pace and our Heart Pace, are all on the clock and tasked to discover our true sustaining spiritual higher thinking in the daughter of Sophia Herself, our very own AnthroSophia.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

“The White Rabbit is one of the most iconic characters and is affiliated with Alice in Wonderland, in each depiction. Hopping speedily away, he is first introduced to Alice before she falls down the hole into Wonderland. Carrying his clock, pointing hastily with worry in his eyes, the white rabbit draws Alice in because he believes she is the one to defeat the Red Queen.

“A lot of people suffer with anxiety, so this “diagnosis” could be considered easy to detect. GAD can cause twitching, restlessness, insomnia, and agitation to name just few of the many symptoms, all of which the white rabbit exude. Nervous that he has brought the wrong Alice to Wonderland and that the Red Queen will prevail, the white rabbit is especially anxious.” (Reference)

AnthroSophia, daughter of Sophia was coming and there are hundreds of tales where the new consciousness showed up on our radar. Indeed something was arriving from above, from Higher Worlds as a kind of Pentecost gift of the Higher Christ Ascension Mysteries. It would be absolutely integrated with the Holy Spirit Science of the Hierarchies and the Grail Imaginations of the Dove.

It would be the FREE Schooling of an entire New Consciousness given to humanity. The announcement of the daughter of Sophia, AnthroSophia showed up just as Michael the Archai and TIME SPIRIT, ZeitGeist thrust The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness into the unconscious depths of Humanity. And so once more Humanity was on the Clock and (GAD) Generalized Anxiety Disorder with a psychotic Rabbit entered down the rabbit hole to disturb human complacency.

Paraclete means advocate or helper. In Christianity, the term “paraclete” most commonly refers to the Holy Spirit.

Michael the Archai and TIME SPIRIT of the Age of Pisces was authorized to offer ANTHROPOSOPHY as a Conscious Tool, as a gift for humanity bestowed by Sophia Herself. Now weigh these words well, The Father Spirits of the Heights offered His Son, Christ, in whom He was well pleased; and the Mother Spirit offered Her own Daughter – AnthroSophia, to invigorate and awaken the higher Intelligence and Holy Spirit of Humanity.

Humanity could find a new compass heading, integration and navigation down through the depths of our human Psyche and learn through AnthroSophia to discover the richest treasures hidden in the Heights of the Spiritual World. This New Holy Spirit Logos Cohesion, as the Being known also as AnthroSophia, could now be nourished and cherished in each and every human soul. She was here, She is here, we can recognize Her by Her pristine Cognitive Clarity.

Like astronomers of the Psyche many observed the arrival of AnthroSophia in their own souls. To name just a few of those that have noted the arrival of AnthroSophia into the Soul and Spirit system of our humanity we must include the sudden adventure of Alice, down the rabbit hole and Alice through the Looking Glass.

In the general cultural ripples, our common naive Cognitive Consciousness Soul faculty, designated by Alice in our current 5th Age of the Fishes, Like Ariadne, guide to the Labyrinth in the 4th Age and the tangle of underground passages in our unconscious instincts, reawakens as our own Alice down the Rabbit Hole. There also appeared Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz in 1900. Novalis revealed AnthroSophia Herself in his “Little Fable” in “Heinrich von Ofterdingen”. AnthroSophia also shows up in George MacDonald’s tales of The Princess and Curdie; and in “The Never Ending Story” by Michael Ende. These are to name just a few of the hundreds of thousands of encounters with a new higher spiritual faculty of soul and thinking we are All, currently, in the process of developing.

The Velveteen Rabbit 1922

The Transformation of the Earth Itself through LOVE

“…the feelings of loss experienced by the Rabbit are actually a
consequence of his love for the Boy, a love that pines and despairs at the
prospect of permanent separation. The appearance of the Fairy, in its
turn, is actually a consequence of the Boy’s love since, according to the
Fairy’s own account, she only takes “care of all the playthings that
[children] have loved”. Love, therefore, and particularly the fate
of love when confronted by loss, is the concern that is privileged in the
interaction between the Fairy and the Rabbit.”

On the Boundaries of the Natural world and the Spiritual World there is the active event world of the Elemental Beings themselves. These Elemental Beings serve Nature, Gardening and the task of transforming the Earth into Love Itself. This intangible LOVE is what the next phase of Earth Evolution will be made of. (Study The Foundation Stone carefully CLICK LINK)

There are Entities, on the edge of human consciousness that serve the Higher or Lower Spiritual dimensions. In this research I am endeavoring to navigate along the Boundaries of Natural Science and the Threshold of Imagination. Here is what we are faced with as Human Beings. We are faced with the need to Free UP, free upwards the condensed Elemental Beings that have been allotted to us, on assignment with us, through our many incarnations.

For example, when Shakespeare through symphony after symphony of the Word, finally in his final play frees up the Sylph Spirit Ariel, Ariel has become through Shakespeare’s many incarnations a Free Humanized and baptized Spiritual Being who has endured and shared in all of Shakespeare’s incarnations. Shakespeare frees up, has humanized, and made holy for the future of the Earth, a portion of the Elemental Kingdom that had been assigned to him.

It is unimaginable in the current climate of our Intellect, (unless of course we grasped “Shakespeare’s Flowering of the Spirit” Click Link) which the climate of our intellects rejects, to realize in Higher I AM cognition, that Shakespeare literally baptized and emancipated a mighty Sylph Spirit. Such a Sylph Spirit, which each and every human being has, had served under the slavery of a human destiny for thousands of years. It was finally Freed, and returned to the Higher Service of the Hierarchies, renewed, replenished, humanized and made Holy through a Human Heart. Such a Sylph Spirit now works directly in every word of Shakespeare and in every Human Heart that serves human Speech.

That is the tale of just one portion of the Transformation from our Earth Evolution to that of the future Jupiter Evolution, in just one Human Spirit. These tales are what allowed Tolkien to conceptualize the realm of the Elves and the deep Earth mysteries of the Dwarves. Harry Potter was a cultural, generational Imagination similar to “Lord of the Rings”, that arose out of the depths of the Consciousness Soul. (Invisible House and Elemental guardian in Harry Potter (Click Link) We stand before a tremendous New Science of the Earth that began glimmering through Fairy Tales. This New Science of Imagination is the very Spirit and Soul at the very Sun Heart of AnthroSophia Herself, the daughter of Sophia.

Entities at the Threshold, some of our very own shadows themselves, have been constantly introduced as we have progressed into the Time Sphere of the 21st Century. Voldemort, out of Harry Potter Schooling at the Threshold was an example of a vicious striving Asuric Entity. We can explore some of their pedigree and development below.

The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis are  “…a collection of 31 correspondences composed by the eponymous Screwtape for his nephew and protégé, a younger demon named Wormwood. These letters were written for the express purpose of instructing the young demon on the finer points of how to corrupt the human soul.”

We have well advanced in our schooling at the Threshold and our encounter with Entities that haunt and swarm the psychic field of operations known as our etheric body, our astral body and our I AM. If we have paid a minimum amount of attention to our Starry ongoing Participation with Higher Beings, our Angels, Sophia, Michael and the Risen Etheric Christ, we can measure our advance if we have paid attention. Now in the 21st Century we need to catch up and collate some of our significantly shared Imaginations at the Threshold.

The binding I AM Ring that ties us to the Nine Hierarchies, as an I AM Bearer of the Ring that entwines us to the Higher Worlds also ties us to entities in the depths of the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth. Sauron was certainly a disembodied Entity of a caliber and threat to the psychic composition of the realm of etheric spiritual ecology in the Elves; Gems and Gold in the matter shaping Dwarves; Moral corruption of the higher initiation of the I AM in our Human Kingdom, which also extended into the binding and imprisonment of Entities trapped in the world of the dead.

Becoming prisoners of fallen genetics in the Orcs or prisoners of the occult service of Archai level monsters like the Nazgûl ring wraiths or Black Riders were all part of the refueling and re-affirmation of the dominating Portrait of refreshed Imagination injected by the inspired work of the Inklings and the monumentally Epic moral substance delivered in “Lord of the Rings” extended as a helping hand leading into the 21st Century.

Esoteric insights into Threshold Entities

“… through the strongly passionate thoughts of human beings there arise new elemental inhabitants in astral space. Gradually however man reaches the point where a kind of neutral elemental being arises. When this point of neutrality is finally past, he progresses to the stage when he ennobles his passions and desires to an ever-greater degree. This leads him to impart to his thoughts a noble enthusiasm which also has the power of creating life in the surrounding astral substance.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

“It is not the substance in which man is now incarnated. But certain retrograde beings who had fallen behind on the Old Moon had discovered in this astral substance — food for their gluttony. They want to feed on it; it has for them a great force of attraction. This shows that we are continually surrounded by beings whose higher nature is related to our lower. When someone produces egotistical thoughts, this is very welcome to these beings. In other respects they are actually more advanced than man, but they have the craving to embody themselves in the astral forms which we ourselves create. They are the so-called Asuras. Through our baser thoughts we provide nourishment for these asuric beings.

“When people whose nature is not yet purified, not yet free from passions, meditate, creating strong thought forms, they conjure up around themselves a powerful aura of desires. In this incarnate asuric beings of this kind which are then able to draw such people downwards. If a person drowsy with sleep meditates and in so doing does not rise clearly enough into thoughts, he creates this substance, and because he has no counterbalance, such beings incarnate in his thought forms. These are higher beings because they had completely developed Manas on the Old Moon, before the coming of the Buddhi impulse; they therefore do not possess this impulse. Hence with them Manas is egotistical. Had not the human being on Earth, from that point of time at which Manas came to him from outside, also received the impulse of Buddhi, had he only developed further the forward urge of Manas, he would have become in the strongest sense of the word an egotistical being. Manasic evolution is one tending to egoism and independence. Its task was to make man independent, but then the Buddhi nature was necessary. The asuric beings already referred to, because they developed Manas too early, have missed this impulse of the Buddhi nature. On the one hand therefore they stand at a higher stage and on the other hand they cannot progress, but go on developing the Kama-Manas, which is egotistical.” (Christ Impulse and the Budhi or Buddhi for our future Human Evolution (Click Link).

Now there is such a Schooling on Earth that can measure the Emancipation of locked and unlocked Elemental Beings and celebrate the release of portions of the future Jupiter Evolution of our Earth. There is such a New Science of matter and spirit, from Bio-Dynamic Agriculture to how Ariel was Freed and still lives in the towering Being of Shakespeare and our Human Word; and without a doubt how Eurythmy unlocks the hidden powers in the WORD ITSELF, allowing each human spirit to partake of the deepest mysteries of the Living Word.

“The light dips down into the plants and rises again out of them as a living spiritual element. In the animals it is the chemical ether that enters, and this chemical ether is not perceptible to man; if he could be aware of it, it would sound forth spiritually. The animals transform this ether into water-spirits. The plants transform light into air-spirits; animals transform the spirit active in the chemical ether into water-spirits. Finally, the cosmic ether, or life-ether, which man is prevented from killing and without which he could not live at all — he transforms the life-ether into Earth-spirits.” R.S. (Click Link)

Our I AM, as master of the Fire Spirits, our I AM is faced with the task of transforming through the Compassion Forces hidden in our I AM, the entire Fire Mystery of the Earth. I have pointed to this striking mystery of the Fire-Spirits brought on by the intense Karma of the West, near the very end of This Study – (Click Link)

Faulty, flawed and yet very potent Imaginations flow through a great deal of American culture. When we give an example of how seduction and fallen Asura Beings waltz up to us, while we are sleeping in our instincts and intoxicated by our sauntering lower desires, we fail, in most instances to heed the smoky delirium these Entities entice us with. European Imagination doesn’t exactly capture what the American Imagination has captured through the seductive forces of certain infectious insinuations that haunt, and entice certain Entities into our Astral body. Here is an Example of the hidden haunting intoxication of Threshold Entities that embody themselves in our unconscious Astral body.

Gordon Lightfoot

“Sometimes I think it’s a shame
When I get feeling better when I’m feeling no pain
Sundown, you better take care
If I find you been creeping ’round my back stairs
Sundown, you better take care
If I find you been creeping ’round my back stairs
Sometimes I think it’s a sin
When I feel like I’m winning when I’m losing again”

Our hopes, strengths and discoveries for the future Jupiter Evolution of the Earth are in each I AM’s ability to unlock the mysteries of matter and Love. We must tangle with Entities hiding behind our instincts at the Threshold. The Transubstantiation of the future of Earth Itself is produced through the creative Virginity of our Imagination that lives in LOVE. In the Beginning was the Word and New Eurythmy forces (CLICK LINK) help unseal the mighty etheric forces hidden in the recesses of Matter through our deepening comprehension of Imagination, and Inspiration. Unlocking and releasing these New Fresh Forces allows humanity to step into the future with renewed anticipation, wonder and joy. (CLICK LINK)

Turning our attention to the transformation of the Earth Itself into the future Jupiter Evolution we can define Buddha, and exactly how and why Buddha no longer required a body of flesh to inhabit. Buddha no longer needed a consolidation of matter and elemental forces that he had used as servants through all of his many incarnations. In deep meditation and concentration Buddha penetrated and reviewed his entire Spiritual Evolution since first he began his sojourn through TIME. ( Each human being will achieve a Buddhi phase where we learn to review and Hold in our Consciousness, the entire evolution of Earth from Ancient Saturn to Vulcan in our I AM. CLICK LINK FOR STUDY)

Love and Compassion entered so strongly into the core forces of Buddha that he released, freed, emancipated all the elemental beings that normally lock each of us into the matrix of matter itself. Our job is to legitimately free up and unlock matter itself and eventually free up, through our Gratitude and Love, the Holy Elemental Kingdoms that have served us. These Kingdoms in our bones, breath, fire from our blood stream, air and light in our lungs,our etheric lymphatic system of undine and watery lunar forces, have borne the brunt of enslavement, in each of us through our many incarnations.

We free up and unlock the Elemental Worlds, the Higher Worlds that have knotted the Karma of Earth Evolution, even into the Rings of Saturn and down into the Nine layers of the Inner Earth. In our Cosmic Evolutionary process, each of us free up individually, through our I AM, we unlock the New, raw, burgeoning forces of Love that shall be the New Foundation Stone for the next Metamorphosis of the Earth Itself, our future Jupiter Evolution. That is the Fairy we encounter in the vivid tale of Love in The Velveteen Rabbit. The only problem is that it is a real process, a consequential process in Earth Evolution and the richest part of the transformative Love in the core of the Christ Being.

Rudolf Steiner on Initiation and the Threshold

“I have already indicated the stance the spiritual scientist must take regarding the two boundaries that arise within cognition — the boundaries at the poles of matter and consciousness — if he is to attain knowledge that can reflect light back into nature and at the same time forward into the social future. I have shown that at the boundary of the material world one must not allow one’s thinking to roll on with its own inertia in order to construct mechanistic, atomistic, or molecular world conceptions tending toward the metaphysical but call a halt at the boundary and develop instead something that normally is not yet present as a faculty of cognition. One must develop INSPIRATION.

“On the other hand, I have shown you that if one wishes to come to an understanding of consciousness, one must not attempt, as Anglo-American associative psychology does, to penetrate into consciousness with ideas and concepts called forth by the natural world. It must be entirely clear in one’s mind that consciousness is constituted such that these ideas culled from the external world can gain no access. We must abandon such ideas and seek rather to enter the realm of IMAGINATIVE COGNITION. In order to achieve self-knowledge we must permeate the concepts and ideas with content, so that they become images. Until the view of man which was born in the West and now has all of civilization in its grasp is transformed into IMAGINATIVE COGNITION, we shall never progress in coming to terms with this second boundary presenting itself to normal human cognition.

“At the same time, however, one can say that humanity has evolved from certain stages, now become historical, to the point that requires that it progress to INSPIRATION on the one hand and IMAGINATION on the other. Whoever is able to perceive what humanity is undergoing at the present, what is just beginning to reveal its first symptoms, knows that forces are rising out of the depths of human evolution that tend toward the proper introduction of IMAGINATION and INSPIRATION into human evolution.”

At this juncture there is the possibility presented to us of comparing the Imagination of how the astral body and the Higher I AM, at the time of Lemuria and Atlantis and the Form and Housing of the wild elements, and elemental worlds that arose at the first consolidation of the immortal I AM as it came forth from the Gods and Hierarchies to invest Humanity with an I AM, could be plopped in our laps. It really rests on the form of the Astral Body that was POISONED in the old tale of Scylla and the corrupted, poisoned and immoral forces of Circe, who also tried to seduce, drug and corrupt Ulysses and his crew.

We will have to pinpoint this connection later, in more detail, in relation to the Christ Ascension Mysteries. However, in terms of reverting and stifling the higher development of our Children and drugging humanity away from the Virgin forces of Imagination and Inspiration, we merely have to read the tale of poor Scylla to observe the Virginity of the Astral Forces and how our children and adults are soaked in chemical concoctions and antidepressants by a form of black magic operating in Big Pharma.

Circe, Sycorax, the Red Queen, The Whore of Babylon are all literally Imaginations at the Threshold. The veracity and elasticity of how we may see deeply into the structure of our human psyche through the use of our Imaginations, threatens the Kingdom of Materialism. Muggles vs Hogwarts is that of the School of Materialism vs that of awakening and cherishing of each child as cosmic fact and part of the moral potential engaged in the future karma of our Real, actual Earth Evolution. Real Earth Evolution is indeed the Science of the Spirit. (Click Link for deeper study)

When Big Pharma, the military industrial complex, the MSM, and our universities all beg to serve the genetic black magic of the poisoning of Human Imagination and promoting the distorted Autism of Inspiration, our culture and our children are at risk of prematurely becoming entangled in the untransformed feeding frenzy of stranded Entities at the Threshold. Parenthood and the Prospero, homeschooling dilemma of Miranda standing next to an I AM, awakens our ability to understand the I AM that stands between two opposite forces.

The Red Queen

“She is a vicious and powerful witch and the mother of Caliban, one of the few native inhabitants of the island on which Prospero, the hero of the play, is stranded.

“This witch Sycorax, / For mischiefs manifold and sorceries terrible / To enter human hearing, from Argier, / Thou know’st, was banish’d.”

— Prospero to Ariel, Act 1 Scene 2[1]

” Prospero describes Sycorax as an ancient and foul witch native to Algiers, and banished to the island for practising sorcery “so strong / That [she] could control the Moon”.[2] Prospero further relates that many years earlier, sailors had brought her to the island, while she was pregnant with her bestial son, Caliban, and abandoned her there, as by some ambiguous reason, she was spared being put to death. She proceeded to enslave the spirits there, chief among them Ariel, whom she eventually imprisoned in a pine tree for disobedience. Sycorax birthed Caliban and taught him to worship the demonic god Setebos. She dies long before the arrival of Prospero and his daughter, Miranda. Caliban grows to hate Prospero’s presence and power on the island, claiming that the land belongs to him since it was his mother’s before Prospero appeared.”

The intent through out materialism and university training at The Boundaries of Natural Science, so far, has been to subvert the Astral Body, deflower the Virgin Forces of Imagination our children bring with them into incarnation. The overwhelming, unconscious intent through public education and mis-informed parenting has been that the LOVE of the Higher I AM, in our etheric and astral body, remains stunted and undeveloped at an earlier stage of evolution. In other words, the I AM and Christ Incarnation of the I AM on Earth is utterly resisted and blocked through the agencies of Big Pharma and our own perverted and unconscious social, sexual and political urges.

Love Potion #9 Circe and Big Pharma

 “Scylla had not always been a terror. She was born a nymph — the daughter of Phorcys — but one day Glaucus, a fisherman who had turned into a sea god, fell madly in love with her. Scylla did not return his love, and so she fled from him. In despair, and longing to convince her to love him, Glaucus went to see the sorceress Circe. There he begged for a love potion that would melt Scylla’s heart.”

Maturity is a requirement in understanding the links to Imaginative Cognition and the navigation forces needed if humanity is to understand Freedom and the precious Moral roots of our I AM. Our lack of maturity and earnestness prevents us from understanding the Moon Evolution and our Angels, the powerful development of our Hearts or even developing the slightest respect for the Astral body and it’s future transformation through the Ascension of the Christ Mysteries and Earth Evolution. (Study of The Ascension Mysteries Click Link)

“…we have divergent tendencies: the healthy tendency to extend the power of love into Imagination or the pathological tendency to expose ourselves to fear of what is outside. We experience what lies outside with our ego and then, without restraining our ego, bear it down into the body, giving rise to agoraphobia, claustrophobia, and astraphobia. Yet we enjoy the prospect of an extremely high mode of cognition if we can develop in a healthy way what threatens humanity in its pathological form and would lead it into barbarism.”

The failure of ‘restraining our ego‘ where the Boundaries of Natural Science encounters our unconscious and instinctual astral awakening and our early penetration of the cosmic forces that hover around puberty, results in a whole host of current unconscious sexual and pathological, exasperating tendencies. RS (click link) ” … that which I have described to you in the course of these lectures gradually extricates itself from the body between birth and the change of teeth, so also that which is experienced externally, which we could call experience of the astral, immerses itself again in the physical organism between the change of teeth and puberty. And what takes place in puberty is nothing other than this immersion between approximately the seventh and fourteenth years. The independent soul-spirit that man has developed must immerse itself in the body again, and what then emerges as physical love, as sexual desire, is nothing other than the result of this immersion I have described to you.”

Our radical divisive sexual and spiritual instincts tend to corrupt our higher education into the future Initiation progress of our higher relation to Space, Time and Love. The Science of our Astral, Etheric and Devachan Imaginations of the Pure Sophia forces of the stars which have made us, are torn apart by our pornographic instinctual barbarism. Maturity about how puberty and Virginity are elaborated in the higher development of our I AM and Astral bodies requires our education to enter into Time Travel as Inspiration and Space as Soul and Spirit Imaginations.

That is why, at this juncture I’ll postpone a leap in Imagination that only the moral agility of The Michael School can stabilize. This Conscious Moral Agility at the Threshold is what Lecture 5 of The Boundaries of Natural Science, (Click Link) require us to fathom. For in this agility and Moral Elasticity, are the highest forces of the Apocalypse of St. John, the highest mysteries of the Astral body and the I AM. And the fact is that we have a lot more ground to cover in order to find the moral stability we need to defend and explore the Threshold of the Virgin forces of Our Imaginations.

Benzodiazepine, Addictions and Feeding Terror Entities at the Threshold

“How do we know anxiety is of epidemic proportions? We know because statistics reveal a dramatic bump in the number of antidepressant prescriptions between years 1996 and 2013.

“Anna Lembke, MD, of the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine in Stanford, California, and colleagues note that between 1996 and 2013, the number of benzodiazepine prescriptions filled by adults increased by 67%”

The Oxford English Dictionaries define anxiety :

1 A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

1.1(Psychiatry) A nervous disorder marked by excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behaviour or panic attacks.

2 (with infinitive) Strong desire or concern to do something or for something to happen.

Anxiety falls into three categories according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH):

Generalized anxiety disorder includes symptoms of excessive and uncontrollable worry that can include muscle tension and irritability.

Social anxiety disorder, AKA social phobia, is about being seen in a negative light in social situations. People with social anxiety disorder fear judgment, embarrassment, rejection, etc.

Panic disorder is when someone has repeated, uncontrollable panic attacks that can include a pounding heart and intense fear or worry of an outcome ahead. NIMH cites risk factors for anxiety as:

  • Shyness, or behavioral inhibition, in childhood
  • Being female
  • Few economic resources
  • Being divorced or widowed
  • Past and/or present exposure to stressful life events
  • Anxiety disorders in close biological relatives
  • Parental history of mental disorders
  • Elevated afternoon cortisol levels in the saliva (specifically for social anxiety disorder)

True pioneers at The Threshold of higher Inspiration and Imagination, that comes up precise and accurate enough so that each human spirit may calm the nightmares at The Threshold, first in that category is Mr. Apocalypse Himself, Lazarus/John. Second is the stabilizer of the I AM and Astral body, “Knowledge of Higher Worlds” discoverer of the Grail Sister of the Hierarchies, AnthroSophia Herself, Rudolf Steiner. (Living AnthroSophia)


We “Chase” the Rabbit down the Rabbit Hole with Mary Chase (a good Chase indeed), on B’Way with the play “Harvey” in 1944. “Harvey” received the Pulitzer Prize in 1945.

“THE STORY: When Elwood P. Dowd starts to introduce his imaginary friend, Harvey, a six-and-a-half-foot rabbit, to guests at a society party, his sister, Veta, has seen as much of his eccentric behavior as she can tolerate. She decides to have him committed to a sanitarium to spare her daughter, Myrtle Mae, and their family from future embarrassment. Problems arise, however, when Veta herself is mistakenly assumed to be on the verge of lunacy when she explains to doctors that years of living with Elwood’s hallucination have caused her to see Harvey also!”

The Risen Etheric Christ, after horrific Wars, appearing, but not appearing as a 6 1/2 foot POOKA,upright, standing tall in the Human Imagination and taking over the role of the celebrated and traditional Easter Bunny, was a Transposition of THE IMAGINATION. Hundreds of Thousands of casualties in the War Years, crossed the Threshold, and were met with the New Forces of The Risen Etheric Christ. The immense Logos of the Christ, the Human Angel that carried the Christ (Click this link for study), was now “Active” and “Appearing” on the Threshold of all our Human Imaginations.

“We must acquire the soul faculty that the Oriental employed in symbolism and anthropomorphism. We must exercise this faculty inwardly and remain fully conscious thereby: we lapse into superstitions, into rhapsodic enthusiasm for nature, if we employ this faculty to any end but the cultivation of our soul.” (Problems encountering the Risen Etheric Christ at the Threshold)

In “Johnny Got His Gun” written in 1938 the Dead meet the Living Etheric Christ at The Threshold, (Click Link Here for further study). Spiritual Science and the Michael School announced as a New Advent in the precision of our Imaginations, our ability to encounter The Risen Etheric Christ near the year 1933. From 1933 onwards, on into the future, entirely new spiritual forces would be experienced and available for Humanity as we approached The Threshold of the Spiritual World. These delicate Imaginations are everywhere for humanity to vividly see through.

“The word “Imagination” means about as much to most people as the word “Sprinkles.” Many think that imagination is “nice” but it’s only icing on the cake. It isn’t crucial, it’s not even necessary. Modern people take imagination for granted. We are all capable of “imagining” in the general sense of the word. That is, being able to visualize something in your head and having the ability to change or manipulate that image in your mind. Imagination, more than anything else, sets human beings apart from other creatures. As a species, we have the power to construct societies often based on little more than an idea. The truth is our minds are powerful and we are capable of constructing much of our own reality. Negative people are more prone to negative occurrences; the affects of mental illnesses like schizophrenia are often the result of powerful mind delusions. Our minds store more memories than we could ever retrieve and still people doubt the capabilities of the human mind. There are cultures where “myths” like that of Harvey the Pooka are more than fairytales, people in these societies rely upon more than their sense of sight, and they are generally more in tune to nature and themselves as a result.”

Phenomenology of Imagination and asking Moral Imagination, how such Imaginations might wish to appear, is how we learn to track upwards into the Algorithms of the Starry Physics of Inspiration. We encounter in our daily destinies, full Mathematical Inspirations that our Angels and our Higher I AM swim with in the Stars (Click Link for biographical Angelic studies). Mr. Apocalypse, Lazarus/John combines precise Christic Inspiration and Math, with precise Christic Imaginations, so that Lazarus/John could carry the Sophia Mysteries to birth.

“Asking Reality in what form it wishes to reveal itself” – Requires Plasticity and Elasticity of Thinking.

“… reality does not manifest itself thus; it does not live in the element of logical constructs. Reality lives in pictures, and if we do not resolve to achieve pictures or Imaginations, man’s real nature shall elude our grasp. It is not at all a matter of deciding beforehand out of a certain predilection just what form knowledge must take in order to be valid but rather of asking reality in what form it wishes to reveal itself. This leads us to Imagination. In this way, then, what lives within moral imagination manifests itself as the projection into normal consciousness of a higher spiritual world that can be grasped in Imagination.Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

How has the flavor of our Human Imagination Itself, shaped the picture of a life sized, upright Easter Bunny with conscience and compassion that accompanies, as a companion, the Good Will of Humanity Itself? Clarence the Angel on the Threshold in “It’s a Wonderful Life” from Frank Capra in 1946 allows Jimmy Stewart the heightened destiny that depicted an invisible Angelic Being warmly standing next to humanity. By 1947 Jimmy Stewart had a warm and friendly invisible 6 and 1/2 foot Rabbit named Harvey standing next to him. Both Harvey and Clarence were invisible, warm and acceptable companions, that slowly became visible in the vague outlines of the Conscience of our Humanity. (Click Link) Here we have a case of Trickle Down Moral Imagination.

The Cultural and Spiritual efforts to SEE the Risen Etheric Christ at the Threshold have come and will continue to approach humanity through great consequential suffering and objective IMAGINATION that learns to treat the Christ Event with the awe and wonder that Earth Herself deserves. Learning to shape the EYE of the Soul and Spirit, to see into the invisible, at the Threshold where the Christ dwells, has formed itself out of the suffering of Wars, Deaths, catastrophe and tragedy that we have inflicted on each other. Out of consequential human tragedy our higher Eye is formed.

Dalton Trumbo in his “Johnny Got his Gun”, Clarence, the Invisible companion to George Bailey in ” It’s a Wonderful Life”, Harvey, companion to Elwood P. Dowd and Frank that haunts the subconscious of Donnie Darko, are all gigantic clues arising out of the Imagination of Humanity at the Threshold. We gradually begin to see in a new way and come slowly out of the fog that materialism has placed at the threshold. We begin to develop the eyes and heart to see the Risen Etheric Christ as companion to our highest human strivings.

If the active forces of Higher Human Conscience and Higher Moral Imagination were arriving very near to the designated Timeline of 1933, as preparations for a new encounter with the Risen Etheric Christ, we need to examine the Goethean Phenomenology of “Harvey”. Our Earth clocks and calendars are set by when Christ rose on Easter. By exploring the Reality of Moral Imagination, a second coming, the coming in the Etheric Body of the Christ started once more to rise out of the depths of our Human Imaginations around 1933.

What we like to term Easter, is not some arbitrary, abstract political construct. Easter arises on the Clock, and is set by the starry mathematics of the position of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Easter is no arbitrary abstraction like the deadline for TAX DAY on April 15. So what message does the Rabbit bring? “Harvey” is a calming and soothing Rabbit. Alice’s Rabbit, not so much.

1950 HARVEY, Jimmy Stewart

Once one has grasped these Imaginations it becomes possible to collate them, just as one collates data concerning external nature by means of experiments and conceptual thinking.”

The Celebration of the Christmas of 1917 arises as an Easter Event in 1950. Rudolf Steiner projected forwards 33 years, after 1917 would arise the Easter Event of 1950.(RS) “… the Christmas festival we celebrate this year (1917) belongs, not to the Easter of next spring but to the one thirty-three years hence (1950). According to our reckoning, this period — thirty-three years —” Something arrived as an Easter Event 33 years after 1917. What transposed and transpired in the development of Human Imagination, that warmly introduced us to a new Invisible user friendly companion that can be awakened through our Humanity? Did all the War Dead cross the threshold and participate with this Imagination?

When we penetrate Christ’s descent into Hell, we penetrate with Christ into the deep 9 layers of the Inner Earth itself. Several Easter Revelations come forth by 1950. One of those celebrations was the release of “Harvey” starring Jimmy Stewart. However, by 1950 Christ’s deep reverberation into the depths of the mystery of the 9 layers of the Inner Earth where He won Resurrection for the future of Humanity from the clutches of Ahriman, arrives in the confrontation presented and published in 1949 of George Orwell’s shattering revelation of what our unconscious descent into the future of the 9 layers of the Inner Earth and Ahriman’s domain will entail.

In other words Christ Descent into Hell and His Resurrection is dynamically recapitulated on the solid ground of the courage of our Human Imagination in 1950 through the Imagination of Orwell’s 1984 and the West’s release of Humanity’s Phantom Easter Bunny in the world wide tale of “Harvey”. Courage and Human Imagination began responding and are still awakening and responding to the Wars and reverberating events that shattered humanity from 1914 to 1918, WWII, and our further descent into conscious or unconscious encounters with Hades and our human doubles. From as early as 1909 and the Mystery Dramas, the 1933 clarion call and impetus of the Rise of the Risen Etheric Christ in the cultural spheres of humanity was strongly placed in the Foundations of Rudolf Steiner’s work.

Let us Collate, let us uncover for ourselves the Inspiration and Imagination of the descent of the daughter of Sophia, ANTHROSOPHIA, Herself. If we wish to trail down into incarnation the joint Devachan friendship and kinship of Goethe and Novalis and examine how the Cognitive Power of the daughter of Sophia, ANTHROSOPHIA, wends Her way toward us as a TIME SEED, we need to see how this immense Seed unfolds from now into the 7th Age. (This Link studies the unfolding Seed of the daughter of Sophia into the Future of Time Itself) Click Link.

Goethe’s “Green Snake and Beautiful Lily” arrives around 1795. Novalis “Heinrich von Ofterdingen” arrives 1800. Steiner opens discussion (Click Link) on Goethe’s “Green Snake and Beautiful Lily” in 1904. To find the pure stream that runs from the Devachan, where Initiate participants were heading into incarnation with entirely New Forces of Imagination, Inspiration and Time itself, we follow the dawning of the Michael Impulse, that is charged with stimulating the Higher Organ of the Cognitive Science, of the thinking of AnthroSophia Herself. Steiner launches into the Fairy Tale of “The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily” and creates the Mystery Dramas, based on Goethe’s tale, from 1909 to 1913.

“We have already observed that equally in his conception of nature and in his imaginative world, Goethe has expressed something that can form the beginning of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch. I must remind you today how I have often pointed out that Goethe has expressed in intimate fashion in his Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily what he regarded as the right impulses of culture, knowledge, feeling and will; that is, what he was obliged to look upon as necessary for the activity of man in the future. He has concealed in his fairy tale what he knew of the spiritually hidden active forces at work in mankind since the fifteenth century, and that will be at work for about two thousand years more. You know, too, how in our Mystery Dramas we have sought to bring to life in all possible detail what Goethe saw when he composed this Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily. The intention was to bring to expression, in the way in which it can again be brought to expression today, a hundred years later, what inspired Goethe and is to inspire the entire fifth post-Atlantean culture as the highest spiritual treasure. Such depths of soul underlying so great and powerful a work as the Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily, in spite of its being symbolic, and such great impulses underlying Goethe’s Faust as a poem of mankind, point again and again to forces lying deep below the surface of consciousness. All this worked in such a soul out of the depths of old cultural impulses. Today I should like to speak a little about such cultural impulses in connection with yesterday’s lecture, and of how they went through a kind of spiritualizing process in Goethe.” (RS Click Link)

What startling preparations were being made under the dawning of the Michael Impulse that burst forth in 1879, that included Wagner’s works on “Parsifal” and the War of the Minstrels that Heinrich von Ofterdingen refers to and the destiny of Strader in the Mystery Dramas? (Click Link)

“One of the most famous interpretations is Richard Wagner’s Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg (1843). Wagner was the first to merge the Tannhäuser legend with the Wartburg Sängerkrieg. In Wagner’s version, the Sängerkrieg is completely subordinated to the Tannhäuser story and the theme of release (Erlösung). The mythical sorcerer Klingsor, as an adversary of Christian conviction, is the figure which made possible the blending of these stories, because he could also embody the same demonic forces which had trapped Tannhäuser under the spell of the Lady Venus.”

There is something we should comprehend from the vantage point of the Michael School. True, if our education and Imagination grasped the Stars as part of the Higher Inspiration of Math and Music, we could witness together how ancient Wagner dealt with Lady Venus. But, we should really have to deal with as well, how Christian Rosenkreuz was caught in the Chymical Wedding of Observing or entering a room, where the workings of Venus Herself were naked before the higher cognitive perception of Christian Rosenkreuz. Sophia calls out Christian Rosenkreuz for having witnessed in a hidden room, Venus Naked. (Examination of the Event CLICK LINK HERE)

Geometry and music, what Christian Rosenkreuz saw and fully experienced by seeing the operative forces of the universe in their precise, Naked Beauty, was partially what Richard Wagner, Pythagoras and great composers and mathematicians have attempted to hold in their higher consciousness. Some of their monumental creative efforts have lifted the hearts and souls of all of humanity to the sacred shores of Cosmic Wonder, Imagination and the portals of Inspiration. Christian Rosenkreuz encountered the very primal Beauty of Sophia and Lady Venus.

These great Artists and Scientists that we admire and worship for their contributions have touched the shores of the higher capacity of Inspiration, that literally flow through the architecture, musical composition and beauty of each and every human form. From the infusion of the bones developing in each child and the symphony that lays the foundation for losing our first tooth, to the higher emancipation where we experience puberty, through the Venus cycle in our human biographies, we arrive, suddenly, at our first intuition of LOVE. These deep intuitions we sense awakening around puberty are the foundations for the releasing of the higher powers of Inspiration and Procreation that govern the movement of Time and the laws of the Stars. (Click Link for deeper study of Embryology and the Stars)

In order to conceive, what was beyond my thinking capacities, I had to learn how to identify cognitive encounters, and here we arrive, like Nietzsche or any artist or scientist. We may be given the opportunity, which is difficult to recognize at first, we have to discover in our destiny and biography, were we, in our Devachan pre-birth planning of our Earthward Incarnations, were we fortunate enough to recognize and encounter the deep striving manifested in some of our closest karmic companions here on Earth? (Primary Venus Imagination study by my colleague Adriana Koulias (Click Link).

I was profoundly bad at math, at least it hadn’t been awakened in me properly. So during my late forties and early fifties I was teaching a Waldorf Class that required real math skills. I hired, knew, loved, and enjoyed Randall Carlson. There was a karmic cluster gathered in Decatur, Georgia that was riddled with quiet astonishing personalities that were treasures reserved from the Devachan, for awakening my I AM on Earth. I arrived in Decatur, Georgia by happenstance. I hired Randall Carlson to introduce Higher Mathematics to my 7th and 8th graders. Randall had the highest capacity, a treasure preserved for me, as a Cosmic Tour Guide to the Foundations of Math, Geometry and Cosmic law. (Click Link)

In Wagner’s inner path of Initiation we are led to the mysterious Music and Imaginations that are married in the marvelous Drama of the Ring and all of Wagner’s TWELVE OPERAS, that lead up to the Culmination of the opera Parsifal. The Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg was a revelation of Star Mysteries, Inspiration and errors accrued by all of us, against our continued failure to penetrate the deepest Star Mysteries of Sophia and Lazarus/John.

Wagner was attempting in his work, to recover the interconnected insights of Myth, Math, Music and incantations from his former incarnations that had penetrated down to the deep stratas of how matter, music and math were intertwined. Nietzsche couldn’t grasp it, nor can any of us without the Michael School. This historical character, Heinrich von Ofterdingen, from the Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg, helps us unlock the entire future mysteries of Matter, Tone, Math and the patterns of the rhythms of the Stars themselves hidden beneath the laws of music. (Matter, Tone and Vibratory Physics CLICK LINK)

We are currently inundated with Imaginations from film, books, directors, writers, choreographers, musicians, painters, poets and sculptors and shrinks. We owe a great deal to such marvelous Platonic personalities such as Joseph Campbell and his vast and impressive work, including The Power of Myth. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to how Carl Jung widened and awakened his insights into the mysteries of our Psyche. Anywhere we turn in 2018 and the 21st century we are saturated with Myth Imaginations and Franchises spurting like blood and cash flow through all realms of cultural media.

Wagner had some of these mysteries deeply woven in his ancient, unconscious, deep karmic memory. Wagner as a magician ARTIST was working with the laws of Inspiration and Imagination as a capacity arising out of his own Higher Self. Only through St.John, Christian Rosenkreuz and through the Michael School are we able to approach some of the deepest mysteries of matter hidden in the laws of vibratory physics. (Wagner Prelude Example) In the Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner, a new moral integration between matter and machine were in technical R & D, (research and development) in the Initiation trials and character depicted as Strader.

“In this Heinrich von Ofterdingen I found the individuality that underlay the archetype of Strader.

“Thus it was Heinrich von Ofterdingen. Now we must concentrate on this: Why did Heinrich von Ofterdingen meet with such difficulties when he had passed through the gate of death? Why did he have to go through the world of stars, as it were, darkened and befogged?

“To answer this we must return to the story of the Battle of the Minstrels. Heinrich von Ofterdingen takes up the fight against the others. They have already called the hangman. He is to be hanged if he loses. He manages to withdraw; but, hoping to bring about a renewed contest, he summons the magician Klingsor from the land of Hungary. He did, in effect, bring the magician Klingsor from Hungary to Eisenach. A new Battle of the Wartburg ensues and Klingsor enters the lists for Heinrich von Ofterdingen. Klingsor himself sings against the others, but it is quite evident that he is not battling alone. He causes spiritual beings to battle with him. For instance, in order to do so, he makes a youth become possessed by a spiritual being — and then compels the youth to sing in his place. He calls still stronger spiritual forces into play in the Wartburg.

“Over against all that comes from Klingsor’s side stands Wolfram von Eschenbach. One of Klingsor’s practices is to make one of his spiritual beings put Wolfram to the test, as to whether he is really a learned man. For Klingsor finds himself driven into a corner by Wolfram. In effect, Wolfram von Eschenbach, observing that some spiritual influence is at work, sings of the Holy Communion, the Transubstantiation, the Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and the spirit is obliged to depart, for he cannot bear it. There are indeed “real realities” underlying these things, if I may use the tautology.

“Klingsor puts Wolfram to the test, and succeeds indeed, with the help of the spiritual being, in proving that Wolfram (though indeed he has a star-less Christianity, a Christianity that no longer reckons with the cosmos) is quite unlearned in all cosmic wisdom. This now is the point. Klingsor has proved that the Minstrel of the Holy Grail, even in his time, knows only that Christianity which has eliminated the Cosmic Christianity. Klingsor himself, on the other hand, is only able to appear with the support of spiritual beings, inasmuch as he possesses a wisdom of the stars. But we recognise, from the way he uses his wisdom, that what is called “Black Magic” is indeed mingled in his arts.

“In a word, we see Wolfram von Eschenbach, who is a stranger to the stars, encountered by a wisdom of the stars unrighteously applied.  Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

What startling events shattered Nietzsche in his misunderstanding and failure to achieve Music as Inspiration? Nietzsche was right there, next to the enormous ancient Initiate that was hidden in Richard Wagner, but he couldn’t crack the code. At the same time the opera Parsifal opened and the Archai Michael, the Time Spirit of our 21st Century stepped dramatically into his Rulership. Electricity and the Light Bulb woke Tesla, Edison and the world in 1879. The deep revelation of Zarathustra awoke in Rudolf Steiner with the Michael Impulse but crushed and shattered Nietzsche. Failure to find the deep roots of Music and Math froze Nietzsche with paralysis as Ahriman’s voice thundered in the depths. Michael’s voice and Ahriman’s voice thundered and shattered through the regions of the deep foundations of the Earth and the higher regions of the Devachan. The voice of Sophia, the Michael Guardian, and the voice of Ahriman, sounded through the world at the birth of AnthroSophia.

“…the appearance of the young Nietzsche’s first publication. Nietzsche had just published his treatise, The Birth of Tragedy out of the Spirit of Music, in which there resounds a readiness to undergo initiation, to enter the musical, the Inspirative — even the title reveals his yearning for the realm that I have characterized — but he could not. The possibility did not exist. In Nietzsche’s time a conscious spiritual science did not exist, but in giving his work the title, The Birth of Tragedy out of the Spirit of Music, he indicated that he wished to come to terms with a phenomenon such as Wagnerian tragedy out of this spirit of music.” RS (Click Link)

“Now, you see, we arrive inwardly at two poles. By proceeding into the outer world we approach the pole of Inspiration; by proceeding into the inner world of consciousness we

approach the pole of Imagination. Once one has grasped these Imaginations it becomes possible to collate them, just as one collates data concerning external nature by means of experiments and conceptual thinking. In this manner one can collate inwardly something real, something that is not a physical body but an etheric body informing man’s physical body throughout his whole life, yet in an especially intensive manner during the first seven years. At the change of teeth this etheric body takes on a somewhat different configuration [Gestalt], as I described to you yesterday. By having attained Imagination one is able to observe the way in which the etheric or life-body works within the physical body.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)


“White Rabbit” was written by Grace Slick either in late 1965 or early 1966. It was first performed by The Great Society, the band of which Slick was a member at the time, in 1966. It was largely on the strength of that song that Jefferson Airplane asked Slick to join them as them. The song was recorded for Jefferson Airplane’s debut album Surrealistic Pillow, released in 1967. It was released as their sixth single and was their second hit, following their remake of The Great Society’s “Somebody to Love.”White Rabbit” went all the way to #8 on Billboard’s Hot 100.”

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards (Astral world)
And the Red Queen’s off with her head
Remember what the dormouse said
Feed your head, feed your head”

There was no problem with the Logic and Proportion of Aristotle. Aristotle is the Foundation of Western Science. But to challenge our TIME CONSCIOUSNESS and our Time Organism, we have incarnated into the region of dense Materialism. We have arrived at THE BOUNDARIES OF NATURAL SCIENCE. Materialism and our avid quest for university approval, by Doctors who are materialists or worse places us in a peculiar trap. Parents, professionals and the majority of society have no choice but to be, under their skin, conniving materialists. Aristotle was a Spiritual Materialist. Aristotle’s logic was impeccable.

To enter the Purity of Imagination, we also are required to understand the precision of Aristotle’s materialism. There are inconvenient truths in history that have already been edited out of the public educational domain. This allowed in 1966 for a Revolution in Thinking that was as necessary as the Revolution and upheaval that overtook Thomas Aquinas when he came to the end of his life.

Thomas Aquinas took in the life substance of Aristotle with a hunger to get to the kernel of the Thinking of Aristotle. The shock of Revelation, at the Culmination of Thomas Aquinas’ journey through Aristotle, rocks Time and the Purity of Imagination off its hinges and shattered Thomas Aquinas at the end of his incarnation.

Which brings us, and this historical missing link in our education, brings us to the discovery of ANTHROSOPHIA and Aristotle’s Revelation. Aristotle’s fundamental law is uttered here, “asking reality in what form it wishes to reveal itself“.  Once inside the Logos, in all it’s purity, you are inside the Logos of the Six Elohim of the Sun. This Sun Being was able to incarnate in a physical human form for 3 years on our sweet Earth.

We have noted with great interest how the 1933 Rise of the Etheric Christ, at the Threshold of our neighboring Etheric world, coincided with the fulfillment of the Task of the Grail Initiate, Rudolf Steiner’s life plan. Rudolf Steiner was sent as the preparer of the way, and his 72 year Sun Span life course would have completed itself by 1933. In 1933 a dreadful counterweight to the Rise of the Etheric Christ rose from the ashes of The Reichstag fire which took place on February 27th 1933. On Rudolf Steiner’s birthday.

The Easter Resurrection that Steiner predicted would occur around 1950, brought a vast sweep and inpouring of Souls dedicated to the celebration of the Rise of the Etheric Christ. Somewhere in the Time frame around 1945 to 1950 millions of souls sought their entry point into Earth Incarnation. By 1966, 33 years after the Rise of the Etheric Christ in 1933, the generation that brought with them the full celebration of the rebirth of Brother and Sisterhood and Love as the foundation of the Earth, by 1966 those voices surged forth with such overwhelming intensity, that for a season, over the entire Earth, LOVE ruled.

The counterweight, as had happened as well in Germany in 1933, the counterweight to brother and sisterhood in 1966 was the Vietnam conflict. In 1966, roughly within a certain range of years, a full and colorful celebration of the Rise and flooding forth of the Risen Etheric Christ spread like Holy Fire through all of culture. Around 1966, for a certain period of years, a consolidated generation celebrated together in a global wave of incarnations. Love lifted and soared through humanity with unbridled courage as a result of the Rise of the Etheric Christ in 1933. In this way we begin to see an underlying pattern in the 33 year rhythms that had their volatile inception revealed and predicted ahead of the coming of the Rise of the Etheric Christ in the year 1933.

“The solar calendar, based on the Sun’s apparent movement through the zodiac and returning to the same point, is 365 days plus about 5 hours. Therefore the difference between the solar year and the lunar year is about 12 days. An added interesting phenomenon is the fact that the lunar calendar and the solar calendar, though different rhythms, come into alignment every 33 years. Hence we have this significant Christic number of 33 as the time between when the lunar and solar calendars coincide.

“Thus these 12 Holy Days of Christmas stand as a special time, the time in the solar year which is outside, so to speak, the lunar year. We have 12 days in which the solar forces can be accessible directly without the “filter” or intervening sphere of the Moon influence. One can think of this in the sense that the Moon sphere is connected with the soul world and with the time before birth when we weave our being into the body, the hereditary forces of the Earth. The Moon sphere is connected with our embodiment into Earth existence. The Sun realm is that realm which is the entrance to the true spiritual world from the soul world. It carries the activity of the higher beings of the Sun sphere.”  Jonathan Hilton A presentation given at the New York Anthroposophical Society on December 26th, 2018

By 1998 Earth was also engaged in a confrontation with the arising opposition to the Christ Event. In 1998 the Sorath events were preparing their full impacts. In 1999 “The Matrix” and “The Green Mile” (Click Link) made their appearance. In 1950 George Orwell released his Imagination of Ahriman’s intentions in the subsensible kingdoms aimed at our political and social weaknesses. Thus Christ had once descended on Saturday into the underworld to free the dead. George Orwell brought back from Ahriman’s icy kingdom, the intentions buried deep in the unconscious strata of our human psychic structure, and made them conscious for future generations.

From 1933 to 1966 to 1999, we have some of the gushing and welling upwards of New Christ/Michael Cultural Imaginations that had been, flushed upwards and infused through the entire incarnation stream that brought the 1966 infusion of the World Wide Love Generation bursting forth. The powerful bursting forth of Orwell’s and Harvey’s generation, following the horrific Trench Wars of 1917, revealed by 1999 what the Christ Rhythms circulating through humanity could now do. From 1945 onwards an entire incarnation stream from the Stars swarmed into Incarnation wave upon wave, upon wave

The Matrix series by the strongly Orwellian Wachowski siblings and the Christ Penetrating and reverberating Imagination of “The Green Mile” (Click Link) in 1999, were bursting with new found Life Forces of The Risen Etheric Christ. We have 33 years after 1966, a powerful welling up and thrusting up of Imaginations from the depths of the Rhythms known in The Foundation Stone as Christ Rhythms in the Encircling Round that hold sway.

1933 – 1966 – 1999 THE FOUNDATION STONE

Human Soul!

You live in the heart-lung throbbing,

Which guides you through the time-rhythm

Into the feeling of your own soul’s being:

Live meditating on Spirit

In soul equanimity,

Where the surging

World-evolving acts

Your own I With cosmic I


And you will feel truly

In Human-Soul-Creating.

For there reigns the Christ will in the earth-sphere

In Cosmic rhythm gracing souls.

You Light-Spirits

Let from the East ignite

What through the West takes form:

This speaks:

In the Christ, death becomes life.

This hear the Spiritual Beings in East, West, North, South:

May human beings hear it.

GAD, General Anxiety Disorder, arises as a nervous rabbit. The nervous rabbit in us all can only be calmed by keeping ourselves up to date on the rhythms of Time that quickly approach us. What are the manifestations and implications of Time, stagnant Time, Lies and distractions of the reality of Time and what secrets are hidden in the stream of ongoing Time? One of the most profound secrets of Time are our own standard Human Biography and the trails of our Incarnations, the tributaries that join us all into the stream of ongoing Time. One of the highest revelations of Time are the Karma Lectures by Rudolf Steiner. Who are we and where did we come from? (Study of TIME PORTALS, RS Karma Lectures (Click Link)

Maturity at the Threshold of Initiation Science will continue to ask a great deal from every piece and parcel of our deepest revelations that powerfully penetrate and raise our humanity. In this respect we have to stand before the shattering events of the awakening of Anthroposophy in the Imagination, cognition and maturity of humanity. What does this mean?

It means that we observe the awakening of Electricity around 1879 from Tesla and Edison. Hold on, walk carefully. It means that we understand that Wagner and his Parsifal in 1879 and the Grail Imagination itself, is what inspired Tolkien to bring us the Quest we are all engaged in everywhere over and through the whole of Earth Itself, through his monumental Lord of the Rings.

It means that we get serious about Aristotle and his deep path through history. We learn to not only see and understand why the Underground Temple raised into historical consciousness through Goethe’s Green Snake and Beautiful Lily refers directly to Aristotle’s historical journey to the Grail Castle but we meet the transformed Aristotle himself. We follow the raw historical evolution of Aristotle all the way to the revelation of the LOGOS arising again at the dawning of the 20th Century. We become the vivid witnesses to the Rise of the Etheric Christ in the Imagination awakening in our refreshed and revitalized cognition. We begin to see how the Christ Will in the Encircling round holds sway in us.

What, you say? Aristotle was well before any whisper of anything to do with the Grail? Yes and maturity requires us to follow History and the Power of reality, through electricity, the Matrix, Wagner, Tolkien and the very core of the vivid Imagination of the Logos Itself. (Click Link for study purposes) For Aristotle prepares the path of humanity to encounter a new awakening of the Logos Itself.

“At the baptism by John in the Jordan, Christ entered into a human body, and that which permeated this human body was the spiritual essence of the Harmony of the Spheres, the spiritual essence of the Cosmic Life — the element that still belonged to the human soul during the first phase of its time on Earth, but from which the human soul had to be shut out as a result of the Luciferic temptation. In this sense also man is related to spirit. With his soul he really belongs to the region of the Music of the Spheres and to the region of the Word, of the living Cosmic Ether. But he was cast out from those regions. They were to be restored to him in order that he might gradually be permeated again by the spiritual elements from which he had been exiled. So it is that from the standpoint of spiritual science the words of St. John’s Gospel touch us so deeply: In the primal beginning, when man was not yet subject to temptation, was the Logos. Man belonged to the Logos … the Logos was with God, and man was with the Logos, with God. And through the Baptism by John in the Jordan the Logos entered into human evolution — He became Man.” R.S. (Click Link)

Our actual and real human maturity of tracking and following an I AM as it moves through TIME (Time Travel) is not because Aristotle was extinguished and never heard from again. On the contrary, that which was and is in us of our I AM, travels through TIME ITSELF and consistently reappears and we unfold ourselves along side and with the future of the Earth Herself as TIME BEINGS. We ripen and mature with the Earth Herself through each incarnation. The fortunate reality for us, and Aristotle, was that the Logos was on our Earth, walked the Earth with us for THREE YEARS.

Something changed with our observation of the phenomena of Alice in Wonderland. Something changed with our encounter with The Wizard of Oz. But something changed so powerfully in the revelation of the LOGOS, and in capturing the Revelation of the Logos through the Imagination of The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily, that an entirely new Turning Point in Human Cognition shattered like thunder up into the great Temple of the Stars and down into the deepest depths of the roots of matter itself. It is not going away.

“Sensing as we do the dawning of the great new Cosmic Day of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch, at whose beginning we stand” Rudolf Steiner

Nature and Humanity are Pure Imaginations of the Logos. Perfecting the Organ of our Imaginations and discovering AnthroSophia coming alive within us shattered the hard, hard work Thomas Aquinas achieved in the purification of his Thought Life. At the end of his life, Thomas Aquinas had his first revelation of AnthroSophia and She was the most beautiful and precise revelation of the entire organ of Human Thinking Itself. The only problem with METAMORPHOSIS (which I explore intensively here) was that human thinking itself had to come through to the Purity of Imagination Itself in order to proceed to the Culmination of Earth Evolution (Click Link for Study).

Donnie Darko January 2001

 “Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?” with “Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?” WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT…”

“The character of Donnie is most important to the spiritual transcendence of not only himself, but also through his act of self sacrifice, is responsible for the spiritual transcendence of society. This scenario is reminiscent to the second coming of Christ, which is also symbolized in the film when Donnie leaves Gretchen at the theater when watching Evil Dead, and the marquee reads, The Last Temptation of Christ.” 

We have advanced a generation from “Harvey” with “Donnie Darko”. The mental and Spiritual temperature can be measured precisely. Donnie is seeing a therapist, must take sleep disorder pills, is suffering from a more serious version of Schizophrenia, that is a precursor to a highly advanced DUALISM coming from the Sixth Age and foreshadowing the conscious problems of Time, Spirit-Self and our adaptation to Manas. In the 6th Cultural Age (Click Link for study) we encounter through our Incarnations the polarity between our Higher Being and our Earth bound thinking.

 “…when the sixth period begins, mankind will have been able to re-attain at a higher stage what it has possessed of non-sensory perception at an earlier period in a still dim way. The new possession will, however, have a form quite different from the old. What the soul knew in ancient times of higher worlds was not permeated by its own power of intellect and feeling; that knowledge came as an inspiration. In the future the soul will not merely have inspirations, but it will comprehend them and feel them as being of its own being. If knowledge about this or that being or thing dawns upon the soul, the intellect will then find it justified through its own nature; if a knowledge of a different kind asserts itself — knowledge of a moral law, or a human relationship — the soul will then say to itself: My feeling can only justify itself when I act in accordance with this knowledge. Such a soul state is to be developed by a sufficiently large number of human beings of the sixth cultural period.” (specific study Occult Science RS (Click Link)

In the coming 6th Age the intimate function of our Pituitary and Pineal glands will be integrated as pure forces of Imagination and Inspiration. But we will have to encounter, like Donnie Darko, Elwood P. Dowd, Hamlet, George Orwell, Nietzsche, Oppenheimer, Harry Truman, Rod Serling Syd Barrett, David Lynch and Stephen Hawking have, our own schooling on the Threshold and Boundaries of Natural Science.

“We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.” Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking and thousands and thousands of other souls have been made martyrs to the god of materialism. Steiner must thank Nietzsche and we must also thank all of our brothers and sisters who have shown us through their honest and intense incarnation mark points and martyrdom, the difficulties we all must share in approaching a comprehensive path to awakening the Logos in us, that is the Foundation for every Earth life.

Stephen Hawking is now back in the same Higher World as John Lennon. With his profound Fifth Epoch ode to Imagination, “IMAGINE” John Lennon, of the Love Generation, left the lofty seed of IMAGINATION for us to explore.

It must come as a surprise to Stephen Hawking that he has been lifted from the ailments that had constricted his former physical body. He has been released from obligations of carrying the curse of Newton. Instead, through our hyper-skepticism, drawn from the dogmas of materialism, we have had a very hard time lifting all that Newton had attained in profound service to the Higher Science of the Divine Laws operative through our Living Universe.

Stephen Hawking in his office as High Priest of Materialism served us all. Stephen earned his passage and is on his way through the Living Substance of the Stars, preparing to be restored and given The Virginity of an entirely fresh incarnation. Each of us prepare ourselves in the Higher World, in the Higher Devachan to literally receive a New Heart, filled with Physics and TIME SUBSTANCE of Hope tied directly to Love. (Science of the Heart Click Link) Each of us receive the math and music of a new TIME INCARNATION opportunity. Truly there are more things in Heaven and Earth Mr. Hawking than we have ever conceived to be possible.

We are currently entering and beginning to enter the sphere of Manas and Spirit-Self and the Higher Capacities coming towards us from the 6th Age. The science of sifting through and collating our cultural Imaginations can also be encountered and reconciled HERE with  “Johnny Got His Gun” and “Source Code.”

Unlike “Harvey” we get the opportunity to enter, with “Donnie Darko” into THE PHILOSOPHY OF TIME TRAVEL, which truly are the missing pages of INSPIRATION that are literally tied to the reciprocal organ of our developing IMAGINATIONS. Unless we have a higher schooling of Initiation Science that includes St.John and Mr. Apocalypse, Christian Rosenkreuz, and are grounded in the daughter of Sophia Herself, AnthroSophia, we can only stumble forward with juggling the various Autistic Dimensions of the LOGOS and Time that are placed as theoretical-metaphysical physics constructs in “Donnie Darko”.

Let me give you an example. Suppose we could take the LOGOS and follow it all the way down through the Rabbit Hole of Time and the precise moment when a Higher God, from the Higher Worlds literally Re-Set TIME itself and the outcome of the Primary Logos universe. (We do not live in anything but the Primary Logos Universe) Firstly we are met with pathological in-bred materialistic skepticism, which RS calls “super-skepticism”, there are no such things as Gods.

There are theoretical Genetically Modified, Marvel Comics Super-humans, created by our materialistic thinking, but actual Logos Deities, not so much. Nietzsche, inspired by Ahrimanic Darwinism, and unable to find AnthroSophia projected a SUPERMAN, an Imagination of the materialization of the Stars and Planets. An Ahrimanic cartoon copy of what a Rosicrucian Initiate, journalist, and alien from another world would be like, developed the Clark Kent mythology and Ahrimanic Imagination of Superman. Nietzsche was struck deliberately by Ahrimanic lightning from the depths. Lazarus/John, Christian Rosenkreuz and Rudolf Steiner were Inspired by lightning from the heights of the Logos. [ADDENDUM 4 at the very end of this document, reveals the hidden forces of Lightning from the heights. This is a 1st Class, higher initiation study that should not be skipped over]

In Both Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Donnie Darko there is a re-set of their understanding of the Logos Itself. The Template of St. John, Mr. Apocalypse himself, shatters all our university preconceived theories of reality. But, squirrelly, the Net of our illusions of Freedom continues to fail to cough up Christ as the Logos in either Donnie Darko, Hamlet or Superman. And that makes the skeptic in us very comfortable, self-satisfied and complacent but really irritates the heck out of the rabbit tied to our ongoing Anxiety Disorder.

How do Time, Space and Human Incarnation really work? Hamlet is dealing with a supersensible enigma and Donnie Darko has also stepped over The Threshold and the Boundaries of Natural Science. “The time is out of joint—O cursèd spite, That ever I was born to set it right!” This is the issue for all of us. Having no comprehension of the function and purpose of our Etheric Body, our Astral body or the origin and meaning of our Higher I AM and or our Earthly Self makes it very challenging, this awakening of our own Logos experience.

How is the backward flowing LIFE-STREAM of the Astral World itself, where our lives flash backwards before us at death, reconciled with Christ giving Lazarus/John access to the gigantic LOGOS and Sophia? How does Time going forward and at death, Time whizzing backward, reveal the higher science system of the Astral and I AM? These are the questions that must be faced and answered at The Boundaries of Natural Science.

So did one of the Gods, Christ Himself, PATCH THE PRIMARY UNIVERSE? Without Initiation science everyone must daintily walk around the issue of the enormous I AM of the Logos having entered Humanity and the Rabbit Hole at the Baptism. Science, rather Natural Science, University trained Science, loaded with pathological, dogmatic, hyper-skepticism refuses Humanity the Joy of Discovering the LOGOS OF CREATION that arrived in our own backyard.

We had the Logos with Humanity for 3 years, in the flesh with us. The proof of the entire Transformation of the Logos of Materialism is repulsed at our current level of university indoctrination. We are like Nietzsche, and must abide by our paralyzed, terrible, induced, rigid, thought constructs. Materialism succeeds in making all of us infected with an enormous dose of pathological, (shrunken Logos) skepticism. Welcome to the presiding cult of Spiritual Nihilism as the religion of materialism.

The Mysticism of Skepticism

“Successfully patching the Primary Universe causes the hardware to reset, closing the Tangent Universe debugging protocol, and restarting the Primary Universe from the moment the initial error was caused. This explains why the Manipulated may have memories of the Tangent Universe, as the Primary Universe Simulation can only continue to run after the Tangent Universe has completed debugging.” (link)

In Donnie Darko, in Hamlet and in Harvey we are faced with a metaphysical conundrum. The conundrum of conundrums stands before us when we try to answer the question of the riddle of the universe.”Debugging Protocol” rebooting the primary universe was done, by incorporating an Event which had as a key, the unfallen forces of The Luke Jesus Child. Here is the Link. Where do we go after we enter through the gateway of death? What do sleep and death have in common? Why is there a standard Astral Reverse Time Review, when we have a Near Death Experience? What is an NDE?

Since we generally cannot get our heads around our Etheric Body and our Physical body, we certainly can’t get our heads around our Astral Body, Time, Physics and our Higher I AM and our Angels living deeply in the vast rhythms of the Stars. Now with these Math and Music rhythms we encounter the most profound riddle in our human universe, that is, did the Logos of Creation itself literally Re-Set our Primary Universe under the real Power of Golgotha? Was St.John, Mr. Apocalypse, entrusted to be the keeper of the door to the vast Sophia Mysteries of the Stars? From “Harvey” to “White Rabbit” to “Donnie Darko” we were all diagnosed with a deep Schizophrenia and were called upon to understand the riddle of THE PHILOSOPHY OF TIME TRAVEL.

“And just as in physical perception one must learn to move about in space in order to perceive this or that in turn, the spiritual scientist who has attained Inspiration must learn to move freely within the element of time.” RS (Click Link)

Inspiration in the powerful forces of Edgar Cayce as “The Sleeping Prophet”, reveals a deep thread of Starry Astral mobility and how our Angels move in the world of the Stars. What do we learn from the sort of inner mobility where our consciousness travels in the Astral and Higher I AM spheres of Inspiration Itself? We stand before riddles of Initiation Science, even when we encounter Kim Peek (Click Link), who was the model for the Savant of memory for Dustin Hoffman’s portrayal in “Rain Man”.

“Peek has been called a “mega-savant” for his ability to memorise to the word up to 12,000 books, including the Bible and the Book of Mormon. He could read two pages in about 10 seconds – the right page with his right eye and the left simultaneously with his left eye.

“He knew phone books by heart, and could tell you what day of the week a particular date fell upon going back decades. One of his party tricks was to tell strangers the names of the people who used to live next door to them years ago

“At the same time, though, he had deep disabilities and relied on his father Fran for help dressing, brushing his hair and other simple motor skills”.

Inspiration and Initiation Science and the clash of Consciousness we have on The Boundaries of Natural Science struck with tremendous force in Nietzsche. In 1966 the cover of TIME MAGAZINE, inspired by Nietzsche asked a question. The answer to that question is part of Initiation Science.

“We can only become Ubermensch when we accept and affirm our existence repeatedly, so through practice. Ubermensch is an entity or a state of being that is transcendent or overcoming of the “nature” of man a greater understanding. We can only go beyond man when we no longer need a god to serve purposes of moral judgment. “DEAD ARE ALL THE GODS: NOW DO WE DESIRE THE OVERMAN TO LIVE.” —trans. Thomas Common, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Part I, Section XXII,3 (LINK)

Nietzsche as well as humanity could experience the musical composition and the Inspiration of Music and Math that Richard Wagner embodied. His cohesion and consciousness was very unique. Wagner had a specialized Astral Body (study link here) that could unlock certain mysteries of math and tone like a magician. Nietzsche was unable to crack the code of the lofty level of Inspiration Wagner was using. Nietzsche’s mental faculties froze up, locked up at The Threshold. Ahriman locked the Brain of Nietzsche and did not allow him into the Higher Region of Inspiration where Zarathustra and St. John reside.

Nietzsche, Syd Barrett, Donnie Darko at the Threshold

Syd “Barrett continued his masterful marriage of light and dark emotions on the group’s next single, See Emily Play, and also alchemised the whimsical new bohemian spirit of the summer of love into an entire album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. But the dark aspects of his art soon eclipsed the light and euphoric side of his vision. In the late summer of ’67 he wrote several disturbing new songs, one of which, Jugband Blues, appeared to be a stark autobiographical cry for help from a man desperately struggling with schizophrenia.” (link)

On August 1, 1982 Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, titled with the distinct field of Initiation and the failure of our Initiation at the Threshold, which we have encountered intensively in a study of The Boundaries of Natural Science, was released. Here we meet the Wall of our unprepared and unschooled attempts to slam into and through the Threshold of the Spiritual World that surrounds us, without taking due precautions.

In Place of the Self : how drugs work
Ron Dunselman

– LSD mainly has the effect of causing the ethereal body to separate from the physical body.
– Marijuana/hashish mainly separates the astral body from the ethereal and physical body.
– The opiates, opium and morphine, separate the astral body from the ethereal and physical body to an even greater extent, while heroin and methadone also remove the Self from the other essential aspects to a large extent.
– Alcohol breaks down the organization of the Self, so that the astral and ethereal forces are given free reign and the Self is cancelled out to a greater or lesser extent.
– Cocaine and amphetamines cause the astral body to descend powerfully into the ethereal and physical body.
– Ecstasy can cause the astral body to either ‘breathe out’ powerfully (like marijuana/hashish) or ‘breathe in’( like cocaine and amphetamines.)
The activity of the Self is cancelled out to a greater or lesser extent. In addition, the Self is forced to passively experience the effects created by the drugs and to look on helplessly while its foundations and instrument (the physical body, the ethereal body and astral body) become increasingly disabled after repeated use. These essential aspects increasingly exist in an uncontrolled situation, abandoned by the Self, as it were; the power of the drugs to a larger extent determines the structure, movements and interrelationship of the essential aspects, and therefore takes the place of the Self. This means that the development of the Self stagnates, and the other essential aspects become alienated and break down.”

“The Wall” between our Earthly world and our attempted leaps, in ‘A Single Bound‘ into the Higher Worlds, is potently dangerous and has catastrophically real results.We have witnessed the results and experienced the tragedies where a human I AM is slowly swallowed by addiction. Entities slowly undermine, feast upon and catastrophically invade and strangle what is the greatest and Holiest of our conscious human adventures, our sacred TIME GIVEN INCARNATION.

Enormous Divine Beings planned with us and coordinated our incarnations with Time and the Span of the Stars, so that we should find our karmic companions on the Earth and together with our companions, bring Earth Herself one slender step forwards. There are immeasurable tragic consequences for entire Karmic Groups (Click Link) if even one I AM is lost.

Schooling at the Threshold and Knowledge of the Higher Worlds cautions and guards against how we consistently are encouraged to abuse ourselves by diving into our herd mentality. Entities at the Threshold taunt and taint us in the hopes that we forsake the Divine gift of our I AM. The monumental frustration and tragedy of our education, parenting and science is our failure to comprehend a solid Logos system that includes how our I AM evolves between mortal and immortal laws (Click Link).

“We can either turn to what opens a free, spiritual vision of the highest realities, or, by shunning this, by not summoning sufficient courage to penetrate into these regions with full consciousness but allowing ourselves to be driven by unconscious forces within ourselves, we can call forth illness in the physical organism. And it would be a grave error to believe that one could guard against this illness by electing not to strive into the actual spiritual world. Illness will occur anyway, if the instincts are allowed to drive the astral body, as we call it, out of the organism. Yet especially at the present time, even if we do not investigate the spiritual world ourselves, we are fully protected against the pathological states that I described yesterday — even against those arising only in the soul — by seeking to comprehend rationally the ideas of spiritual science.” RS Warning of the Wall (Click Link)

Alice through the Looking Glass is by esoteric definition, and this is the challenge each of us face, Alice through the Looking Glass passes through the Mirror of the Lower Threshold of Consciousness, and just past this mirror, is the immense destructive generator and power of the I AM Core. Past the Mirror of External Consciousness is the real destructive Core forces of either our Human Free and Future forming Moral Goodness and the core point of our Creative Human Imaginations, lifting reality with deepest Love; OR (Click Link for OR), we let the wrecking ball of annihilation, chaos and the unbridled Core of our Immortality out, without Cognitive Supervision.

The Seeds of Future Worlds

“within man a kind of centre of destruction. I showed how as long as we remain within the limits of ordinary consciousness, we retain memories of the impressions made upon us by the world, but that this is as far as we can go. We receive our impressions from the world; we turn them into experience through our senses and through our understanding, through all the manifold effects they have upon our soul; and later we are able to call up again pictures of what we have experienced. We bear these pictures within us; they are for us our inner life.

“It is indeed as though we had within us a mirror; but one that works differently from the ordinary spatial mirror. For the ordinary mirror reflects what is in front of it in space, whereas the living mirror we carry within us reflects in quite another way. It reflects the sense-impressions we receive, and reflects them in the course of time. Something or other — at some later moment — causes this or that impression to be reflected back again into consciousness, and so we have a memory of a past experience.

“If we break a mirror that is in space, then we can see behind it; we can look into a realm we cannot see when the mirror is intact. Correspondingly, if we carry out inner exercises of the soul, we come, as I have often suggested, to something like a breaking of the inner mirror. The memories can as it were cease for a time — for how long a time depends upon ourselves — and we can look more deeply into our inner being. As we do this, as we look within behind the memory-mirror, then what I described as a kind of centre and heart of destruction meets our gaze.

“There must needs be such a centre within us, for only in such a centre can the Ego of man establish itself. It is a centre for the strengthening and hardening of the Ego. But, as I said, if this hardening of the Ego, if this egoism is carried out into social life, then evil ensues, evil in the life and actions of men.” RS Link


The Mirror of Consciousness and the Boundaries of Natural Science bring us to the Threshold of the Higher Worlds. Entirely new orientations and experiences await us at the Threshold. Donnie Darko goes a bit deeper than Harvey had. We come to some of the first experiences of our lower I and our Higher I. We begin to experience Inspiration and Knowing from an entirely new vantage point at the Threshold.

“Persons in this pathological state enter the same region as the spiritual scientist, but they do not take their egos with them; in a certain sense they lose their egos upon entering this realm. And it is just this ego that is the ordering faculty. It is the ego that is capable of bringing the same kind of order into this world as we are able to bring to our physical environment. The spiritual scientist knows that one lives in this same region between falling asleep and waking. Everyone who returns from the theater actually is deluged by all these questions in the night while he sleeps, but due to the operation of certain laws sleep normally spreads itself out over this interlocutor, so that one has finished with him by the time one awakes again.” Rudolf Steiner Link

We are not in Kansas anymore nor are we spared a kind of schizophrenia which, if not monitored closely by us, brings us into the massive realm of PHOBIAS which we can study in this wonderful film called “Toc Toc” on Netflix. Here we encounter some of the unrestrained Phobias and obsessive behaviors that confront us and nettle us at the threshold. These Obsessive – Compulsive behaviors and Phobias were very vividly described by Steiner in our study of The Boundaries of Natural Science. They are warmly and vividly portrayed in the exceptional film study of “ Toc Toc” (Click Link). Entirely new forces of Imagination and Inspiration come rushing towards us. So what is the new normal?

“Naturally, a movie about time travel is going to involve numbers and mathematical equations. However, it turns out that Donnie Darko has more than a few number references for audiences to mull over.

“For instance, the numbers on Donnie’s arm (28:06:42:12) add up to 88. However, if you subtract or add one to the numbers (in this sequence: -1+1+1-1), the numbers add up to exactly one lunar month.

“Throughout the movie, the number eight repeatedly pops up. It’s set in 1988, and a DeLorean is mentioned, which in Back to the Future, had to go 88 mph to travel through time.

“Eight on its side looks like an infinity symbol, which is often referenced in mathematics and time travel.

“Ronald Mallet has been interested in time travel since he was a child. After reading The Time Machine by HG Wells, he discovered information about Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and went on to become a professor.

“As with Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, and other theoretical physicists, he believed that time travel was possible.

“He experimented and eventually created a machine that essentially curves light back upon itself, which is a part of proving time travel. Many scientists believe that gravity and black holes may also play a role.

“In the movie, Donnie uses a tunnel to send the engine back to the primary universe, and an earlier point in time (some might interpret that Donnie didn’t send the engine back, he just had to be there when it happened, but that has been explained).

“The movie took 28 days to film, and takes place over 28 days. To add to this, Richard Kelly has stated that it took roughly 28 days to write the initial script.

“Shooting schedules for independent movies (sometimes even for studio films) can be short due to budget constraints and availability. So for this unconventional gem on a limited budget, it’s no surprise that the schedule had to be cut relatively close.

“Additionally, a lunar month is 28 days long, and in keeping with the importance of symbolism in the movie, the song “Killing Moon” by Echo and the Bunnymen plays in the opening scene.

“As with Kelly’s inspiration for Frank the Rabbit, Ian Mcculloch stated that the lyrics came to him in a dream – specifically the lines “’Fate up against your will. Through the thick and thin. He will wait until you give yourself to him.’” (Reference Link)

Alice through the Looking Glass, passing through the Mirror of Consciousness, I explored partially HERE (Click Link). Every human being, in this the 5th Age, 5th Epoch of our penetration into Consciousness Soul Development are met with and must face the following issues.

“…because ahrimanic forces stream in on the one side, and luciferic forces on the other, the strivings of men become specialized. If things had happened otherwise, four great problems would have filled the feelings of men in all their work and productive activity down to the very tilling of the soil. The first of these problems is that of natural urges and impulses; the second the problem of birth; the third the problem of death, which is concerned not only with how the human being comes to the earth through birth but also how he leaves the earth through the gate of death. The fourth is the problem of evil.” ( Rudolf Steiner Click Link)

Problem Three – DEATH

Death Takes a Holiday February 1934

“Alberto Casella’s 1924 play “La morte in vacanza” had great resonance in a society coping with the early death of a substantial part of the younger generation, and the work met with distinct success, both on Broadway in 1929 and as a film in 1934.”

In the study of the riddle of Death we are forced to come to The Threshold, where materialistic education has dropped the ball. The reverberations through the world in 1924, 1929 and in 1934 were strongly felt stirring in the depths of humanity again. We were coming once again to The Boundaries of Natural Science. We were also approaching the slow Rise of the dawning of the New Imagination of the Etheric Christ spreading It’s profound forces of Love and Light, shining deeply into the very bones of coming future generations.

These coming generations would be infused with an entirely new quality of Love and Light that would bring entirely new faculties from the virtual fount and source point of the Rise of the Etheric Christ. These new forces were seen and felt through the radically altered cultural revolution bursting forth by 1966. Coming of age, timed with cosmic waves flowing directly into incarnation as a gift, entirely new cognitive myth, music, science and Imaginations flooded culture.

And by this time, 1924, Earth Herself had been infused with New Light from the Michael Stream. The entire Life after Death cycle from our being placed in TIME and Space at birth to being received and integrated in the Higher Devachan regions of Sophia and the Stars at our deaths, had been deposited directly into the Time Organism of human history. By 1924 this information had been Outlined in detail, with Scientific Occult precision (An Outline of Occult Science click link). The full panorama of Heaven and Earth systems were laid out as the nutritional Life Force that would be able to sustain the daughter of Sophia in our Human Souls.

By 1924 some of our confrontations at Threshold of the Spiritual World had been explored and set down rationally so our I AM could begin unfolding our careful navigation and exploration of the new frontiers at the Threshold. At the same time as AnthroSophia was awakened, the lofty Devachan region of the Stars had been anchored into the Cognitive Sciences of Humanities Spiritual Science.

A literal Foundation Stone had been placed in the Heart of Humanity. Our Humanity now stood, poised, unsteadily at the Threshold, tasked with beginning to explore an entirely new chapter in Human Evolution. The explorations of these New Worlds meant that we would encounter absolutely New Entities and Beings that we were unfamiliar with.

“The anthropomorphic personification of Death in cinema is almost as old as the art form itself, whether Death is playing chess with Max Von Sydow in The Seventh Seal or crashing Vincent Price’s party in The Masque of the Red Death it has always been a fascinating archetype that writers and filmmakers have loved to dabble with. The 1924 Italian play La Morte in Vacanza by Alberto Casella is if not the first portrayal of the incarnation of Death in a somewhat sympathetic light it is at least one of the earliest, and then after being successfully adapted into English for Broadway as Death Takes a Holiday in 1929 it made its way to the silver screen in a film directed by Mitchell Leisen and starring the great Fredric March.” (Link)

 “There was something cold and terrible. I was sitting by the fountain watching the water. I could hear the music, and then a shadow blew over. That’s what it was, a shadow.” Some think she was startled by a prowler, though no evidence of one can be found when the grounds are searched, but later that night Duke Lambert is approached by the “intruder” and is shocked to learn that he is speaking to Death itself, “I am…how shall I describe it? A sort of vagabond of space. I am the point of contact between eternity and time.”

Meet Joe Black November 1998

“Meet Joe Black, released in 1998. Here, it is not a hero who descends to the Underworld, but “Death” who decides to surface on Earth. Furthermore, while doing so, Death falls in love with a woman, but in this case decides not to take her with him to his Infernal Realm. Death takes on the name of “Joe Black”, as he wants to be your “average Joe” and he is of course, as Death, best known for the colour black.”

“The descent of men – heroes – into the Underworld, the Realm of Dead, is a well-known mythological theme. Often, a person descends to meet the Lord of the Underworld, asking him to return his beloved, and let her return with him to the World of the Living.

“The name of the hero varies from legend to legend, but the best-known example is perhaps that of Orpheus, made into a surreal trilogy by Jean Cocteau in the middle of the 20th century. Orpheus went to Hades to plead for the release of the soul of his dead wife, Eurydice. His beautiful music captivated the god of the dead, who granted his request on condition that Orpheus should not look back when leaving the Underworld, otherwise Eurydice would have return to Hades. Orpheus failed to honour this rule of the spiritual path and hence his journey was in vain.” (Link)

The Higher capacity of Inspiration is a fountain, filled with the Tree of Life future mysteries of what we call Budhi or Life Spirit (Click Link). We imagine this Inspiration Field of Forces, once grasped by our Higher I AM, as some arbitrary fantasy. It is no arbitrary fantasy and Shakespeare was correct to comprehend the Math and Music of the Spheres of the Planets and the Etheric life of the Earth in the following Etheric living integration.

from Henry VIII)
Orpheus with his lute made trees,
And the mountain tops that freeze,
Bow themselves when he did sing:
To his music plants and flowers
Ever sprung; as sun and showers
There had made a lasting spring.
Every thing that heard him play,
Even the billows of the sea,
Hung their heads, and then lay by.
In sweet music is such art,
Killing care and grief of heart
Fall asleep, or hearing, die.


Nothing in the Dark 1962 Robert Redford “Twilight Zone”

“An old woman living in a nightmare, an old woman who has fought a thousand battles with death and always won. Now she’s faced with a grim decision – whether or not to open a door. And in some strange and frightening way she knows that this seemingly ordinary door leads to the Twilight Zone.”

Monty Python “The Meaning of Life” March 1983

Geoffrey:            Yes?

[Pause. The Reaper breathes death-rattlingly.]

Is it about the hedge?

[More breathing.]

Look, I’m awfully sorry but…

Grim Reaper:    I am the Grim Reaper.

I am Death.

Geoffrey:            Yes well, the thing is, we’ve got some people from

  America for dinner tonight…

[Geoffrey’s wife, Angela is coming to see who is at the door. She calls:]

Angela:                Who is it, darling?

Geoffrey:            It’s a Mr Death or something… he’s come about the reaping…

  [To Reaper.] I don’t think we need any at the moment.

Angela:                [appearing] Hallo. Well don’t leave him hanging around

  outside darling, ask him in.

Geoffrey:            Darling, I don’t think it’s quite the moment…

Angela:                Do come in, come along in, come and have a drink, do.

  Come on…

[She returns to her guests.]

  It’s one of the little men from the village… Do come in, please.

  This is Howard Katzenberg from Philadelphia…

Katzenberg:       Hi.

Angela:                And his wife, Debbie.

Debbie:                Hallo there.

Angela:                And these are the Portland-Smythes, Jeremy and Fiona.

Fiona:                   Good evening.

Angela:                This is Mr Death.

[There is a slightly awkward pause.]

  Well do get Mr Death a drink, darling.

[The Grim Reaper looks a little startled.]

Angela:                Mr Death is a reaper.

Grim Reaper:    The Grim Reaper.

Angela:                Hardly surprising in this weather, ha ha ha…

Katzenberg:       So you still reap around here do you, Mr Death?

Grim Reaper:    I am the Grim Reaper.

Geoffrey:            [sotto voce] That’s about all he says… [Loudly]

  There’s your drink, Mr Death.

Angela:                Do sit down.

Debbie:                We were just talking about some of the awful problems

  facing the –

[The Grim Reaper knocks the glass off the table. Startled silence.]

Angela:                Would you prefer white? I’m afraid we don’t have any beer.

Jeremy:               The Stilton’s awfully good.

Grim Reaper:    I am not of this world.

[He walks into the middle of the table. There is a sharp intake of breath all round.]

Geoffrey:            Good Lord!

[The penny is beginning to drop.]

Grim Reaper:    I am Death.

Debbie:                [nervously] Well isn’t that extraordinary?

  We were just talking about death only five minutes ago.

Angela:                [even more nervously] Yes we were.

  You know, whether death is really… the end…

Debbie:                As my husband, Howard here, feels… or whether there is…

  and one so hates to use words like ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’…

Jeremy:               But what *other* words can one use…

Geoffrey:            Exactly…

Grim Reaper:    You do not understand.

Debbie:                Ah no… obviously not…

Katzenberg:       Let me tell you something, Mr Death…

Grim Reaper:    You do not understand!

Katzenberg:       Just one moment. I would like to express on behalf of

  everyone here, what a really unique experience this is…

Jeremy:               Hear hear.

Angela:                Yes, we’re *so* delighted that you dropped in, Mr Death…

Katzenberg:       Can I finish please…

Debbie:                Mr Death… is there an after-life?

Katzenberg:       Dear, if you could just wait please a moment…

Angela:                Are you sure you wouldn’t like some sherry?

Katzenberg:       Angela, I’d like just to say at this time…

Grim Reaper:    Be quiet!

Katzenberg:       Can I just say this at this time, please…

Grim Reaper:    Silence!!! I have come for you.

[Pause as this sinks in. Sidelong glance. A stifled fart.]

Angela:                … You mean to…

Grim Reaper:    … Take you away. That is my purpose. I am Death.

Geoffrey:            Well that’s cast rather a gloom over the evening hasn’t it?

Katzenberg:       I don’t see it that way, Geoff. Let me tell you what I think

  we’re dealing with here, a potentially positive learning


Grim Reaper:    Shut up! Shut up you American. You always talk, you

  Americans, you talk and you talk and say ‘Let me tell

  you something’ and ‘I just wanna say this’, Well you’re

  dead now, so shut up.

Katzenberg:       Dead?

Grim Reaper:    Dead.

Angela:                All of us??

Grim Reaper:    All of you.

Geoffrey:            Now look here. You barge in here, quite uninvited, break glasses

  and then announce quite casually that we’re all dead.

  Well I would remind you that you are a guest in this house and…

[The Grim Reaper pokes him in the eye.]

Grim Reaper:    Be quiet! You Englishmen… You’re all so fucking pompous

  and none of you have got any balls.

Debbie:                Can I ask you a question?

Grim Reaper:    What?

Debbie:                … How can we all have died at the *same* time?

Grim Reaper:    [pointing] The salmon mousse! [They all goggle.]

Geoffrey:            [to Angela] Darling, you didn’t use tinned salmon did you?

Angela:                [unbelievably embarrassed] I’m most dreadfully embarrassed…

Grim Reaper:    Now, the time has come. Follow… follow me…

[Geoffrey suddenly runs forward with a revolver. He looses four shots at the Grim Reaper from about three feet. They pass through him. Pause. Everyone is rather embarrassed.]

Geoffrey:            Sorry… Just… testing… Sorry… [He sits.]

Grim Reaper:    Come!

[Out of their bodies, spirit forms arise and follow the Grim Reaper.]

Angela:                The fishmonger promised me he’d have some fresh salmon

  and he’s normally *so* reliable…

Jeremy:               Can we bring our glasses?

Fiona:                   Good idea.

Debbie:                Hey I didn’t even eat the mousse…

[They follow the Grim Reaper out of the house.]

Angela:                Honestly, darling, I’m so embarrassed… I mean to serve salmon

  with botulism at a dinner party is social death…

Entities at the Threshold

“The spiritual investigator is confronted by a shattering experience when he turns his spiritual gaze to souls who have died prematurely in the flower of youth, either as a result of illness, misfortune or hardships during their lifetimes. There are many such destinies. The seer beholds a vast expanse of illness and death wholly governed by certain evil spirits who bring disease and death down to the earth. If one now seeks to trace the course of existence of those souls who lacked conscience on earth, one finds that they were forced to become the servants of the evil spirits of death, disease and hindrance who bring about premature deaths and great misfortune.” (Rudolf Steiner Link)

In the Third Episode of “Black” a South Korean adventure into exploring Entities at the Threshold, we find ourselves in the realm where suicides and entities serve Death or Initiation forces at the Threshold. Sleep Disorders and suicides sometimes encounter through pharmaceuticals, terrible Entities at the Threshold. It is rare to find writers and Explorers of Imagination, trying to piece together the mythology of certain Threshold Entities.


The Boundaries of Natural Science and The Threshold of the Spiritual World requires us to have a disciplined Imagination. However Imagination is of necessity raining with tremendous force, all around us. These times we live in are rough seas for Imagination. Navigating the shores of Imagination and the Threshold of the Spiritual World also requires us to see things from the perspective of the departed as well as the living. We are challenged to find in instances of current cultural Imaginations our own well grounded clues. We may recognize, in this way, streams of Imagination flowing through all humanity.


The Christ rose again at the Threshold of our Human Consciousness near and in proximity to 1933. Through His New Light and Michael’s clearing the cognitive debris ahead of His Rising, Christ began illuminating for all of humanity a vast undiscovered Spiritual World. We are tasked to begin exploring this Brave New World together. Reverberating in unison and illuminating in counterpoint with the dawn of Michael’s entrance as Time Spirit and ZeitGeist in the service of the Risen Etheric Christ, Aldous Huxley wrote and published a BRAVE NEW WORLD in 1932.

“Through its exploration of the pitfalls of linking science, technology, and politics, and its argument that such a link will likely reduce human individuality, Brave New World deals with similar themes as George Orwell’s famous novel 1984. Orwell wrote his novel in 1949, after the dangers of totalitarian governments had been played out to tragic effect in World War II, and during the great struggle of the Cold War and the arms race which so powerfully underlined the role of technology in the modern world. Huxley anticipated all of these developments. Hitler came to power in Germany a year after the publication of Brave New World. World War II broke out six years after. The atomic bomb was dropped thirteen years after its publication, initiating the Cold War and what President Eisenhower referred to as a frightening buildup of the “military-industrial complex.” Huxley’s novel seems, in many ways, to prophesize the major themes and struggles that dominated life and debate in the second half of the twentieth century, and continue to dominate it in the twenty-first.”(Click Link)

We have been examining different species of Entities and rules of conduct and alterations in our psychological orientations as we slowly and gradually awaken to the challenges of Humanity Crossing the Threshold. We are slowly entering where the Risen Etheric Christ and the vast community of Higher Beings, including our own individual Angels and those who have crossed the Threshold of Death, exist even now within the laws of the Stars that we share in our souls. It is at this Borderland and Boundary of Natural Science and Spiritual Science where we may historically encounter Michael and the New Sophia Mysteries awakening for us through her daughter, AnthroSophia.

Threshold Entities

“The question may arise as to why now is the time for humanity to learn these truths, some of which are liable to shock people. They have of course existed for a long time, but humanity in general was protected and did not have to accept them. Many of these truths were carefully guarded in the ancient Mysteries, as you know, so that people in the surrounding areas were not exposed to the disturbing effect of these truths. Now, we have often said that it is fear of the great truths that prevents people from accepting them. Those who have this fear today — and there are indeed many of them — could of course say: Why cannot humanity go on in a kind of sleep state where these truths are concerned? As it is, people have grown tense and fearful in recent times, and why should they be exposed to those great and fearsome truths?

“Let us go into this question, first of all considering why from now on humanity has to be treated differently, as it were, by the world of the spirit than has been the case so far in this post-Atlantean age.

“In my earlier lectures I spoke of the non-physical world which borders directly on our physical world. This is the world humanity will need to know about in the time which lies just ahead. You know, as soon as you enter into a non-physical world, everything is different from the way it is here. You get to know certain entities, and above all things of a special nature which are hidden from the sight of weak humanity — ‘sight’ here includes anything conveyed in insights and ideas.

“Why has the human eye been deflected from this other world in the post-Atlantean age, right up to the present moment? It is because there are entities in this next-door world — other, higher worlds lie beyond it — which could only be made known to human beings under certain conditions. They have a specific function in the whole universe and especially also in human evolution. There are many different kinds of these entities in the other region.

Today I want to talk to you about one class of such entities, the class whose function in the great scheme of things is connected with human birth and death. You should never believe that human birth and death are actually as they present themselves to the senses. Spiritual entities are involved when a human being enters this physical world from the non-physical, and then leaves it again for the non-physical world. To give them a name, let us call them the ‘elemental spirits of birth and death’ for the moment. It is true that the individuals who until now were initiated in the Mysteries considered it to be their strict duty not to speak to people in general of these elemental spirits of birth and death. If one were to speak of them, and of the whole way in which these elemental spirits live, one would be speaking of something that would seem like red-hot coals to people, for this is how humanity has developed in the post-Atlantean age. We might also use another analogy. If people get to know more about the essential nature of these elemental spirits of birth and death and do so in full consciousness, they come to know powers which are inimical to life in the physical world.

“Anyone with more or less normal feelings, even today, will be shaken to learn the truth that in order to bring about birth and death in the physical world, the divine spirits who guide world destinies have to use elemental spirits who actually are the enemies of everything human beings seek and desire for their welfare and well-being here in the physical world. If everything was done just to suit the wishes of human beings — to be comfortable in this physical world, be fit and well as we go to sleep and wake up again and go about our work — if all spirits were of a kind to see to it that we have such a comfortable life, birth and death could not be. To bring about birth and death the gods need entities whose minds and whole way of looking at the world give them the urge to destroy and lay waste to everything which provides for the welfare of human beings here in the physical world.

“We have to get used to the idea that the world is not made as people would really like it to be and that there exists the element which in the Egyptian Mysteries was known as ‘iron necessity’. As part of this iron necessity, entities hostile to the physical world are used by the gods to bring about birth and death for human beings.

So we are looking at a world that is immediately next to our own, a world that day by day, hour by hour, has to do with our own world, for the processes of birth and death happen every day and every hour here on earth. The moment human beings cross the threshold to the other world they enter into a sphere where entities live and are active whose whole conduct, views and desires are destructive for ordinary physical human life. If this had been made known to people outside the Mysteries before now, if people had been given an idea of these entities, the following would inevitably have happened. If people who are quite unable to deal with their instincts and drives, with their passions, had known that destructive entities were present around them all the time, they would have used the powers of those destructive entities. They would not have used them the way the gods do in birth and death, however, but within the realm of physical life. If people had felt the desire to be destructive in some sphere or other, they would have had ample opportunity to make these entities serve them, for it is easy to make them serve us. This truth was kept hidden to protect ordinary life from the destructive elemental spirits of birth and death.”

Can big Pharma, Psychology, the CDC weaponize pandemics, vaccines and cultivate destructive Entities at the Threshold? Are Entities incubated, cultivated, directed and employed, as destructive psychological Core intruders into receptive hosts? Do certain Black Ops cultivate and help destroy the protective sheath of weak spiritual and human vessels, until the destructive core, below the threshold of consciousness are exposed to the frenzy of and feeding of destructive Entities?

Is brainwashing, torture, sleep deprivation and the science of extreme interrogation part of the occult branch of the military industrial complex? Is there an active gateway science now operative that cultivates serial killers, psychopaths and invites destructive Entities to take over the shell of a collapsed human I AM?

Has humanity rewarded, trained and cultivated a science of Evil, torture and death? Are there progressive descending sub-sensible Entities that can progress from the core of a single collapse of the psychological core astral, core etheric and core I AM system? In other words, is there a science of sociopaths, psychopaths and a school that recognizes those fully conscious mass murderers that have been engendered by the office of POTUS? Are there those that serve the destructive powers of the Etheric, those that shatter the initial astral forces through vaccines that lead to Autism and those that promote and drag humanity into addictive Sleep Disorders? Are there Asuric, Ahrimanic and Luciferic Black Schools that cultivate, identify and promote the path that leads to the destruction of the I AM itself?

Gilgamesh – David Lynch and Entities at The Threshold of the Spiritual World

“Mashu is said to mean twin and it is from the “twin peaks” of the Mountain Mashu “daily keeps watch over sunrise and sunset]” (ANET, 88) which was at the center of the Soul of the World and the two main geographic points of East and West. For it is the Western gate which the sun enters at night and the sun travels at night in subterranean caverns back under the earth to come out in the East at sunrise. The cave is also called the “vault of heaven” is the same phrase su-pu-uk same(e) meaning the “foundation of heaven.”

“…they could see inwardly, spiritually, that which at this time withdrew its physical power from the earth most completely. In the long Christmas winter night the novice was far enough advanced to have a vision at midnight. The earth was then no longer a veil for the sun, which stood behind the earth. It became transparent for him. Through the transparent earth he saw the spiritual light of the sun, the Christ-light. This fact, which marks a profound experience for the mystery-novice, was recorded in the expression: To see the sun at midnight.

“There are places where the churches, otherwise open all day, are closed at noon. This is a fact which connects Christianity with the traditions of ancient religious faiths. In ancient religious faiths the Mystery-pupils said, on the strength of their experience: “At noon, when the sun stands highest, when it unfolds the strongest physical power, the gods are asleep, and they sleep the deepest sleep in summer, when the sun develops its strongest physical power. But they are widest awake on Christmas night, when the external physical power of the sun is weakest.” Rudolf Steiner

“It is here where we find remnants of the Sabien Rite which is the Rites of the Apocalypse being performed by initiated priests known as the scorpion-men whose “glance is death” and guard the entrance to the cave in the mountain of Mashu or Mashi; that is, “the mountain of the Sunset” or “Dark Mountain of the Sunset.”

Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me and, (who would have thought it), Twin Peaks and the Gilgamesh Epoch might be connected? We now have Three Initiation Dramas that are interconnected. The Gilgamesh Tale, The Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner and the attempts at a Mystery Drama, David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks, Fire Walk with Me”.

Let us first of all deal with David Lynch issues of the extended “Twin Peaks – Fire (of the I AM) walk with me”. What we are directed to observe are the splintering, multiple personality disorder at the initial Threshold of the Spiritual World. We have to have the courage, sanity and discipline to understand and withstand by means of training at the Threshold and Boundaries of the Spiritual World, what happens. And this – ‘What Happens’- at the Threshold must really be prepared for and stabilized by how our understanding and our training requires our efforts to stabilize our wild rampaging WILL, our wild mood swings of elation and depression that storms and riots in our FEELINGS; and also training the foundations of our THINKING to accommodate the laws and reality of an actual Spiritual World.

Cooper – Dougie and Bob Twin Peaks and Initiation paradigms

“Assuming it’s true that Cooper is dreaming everything, what problem or trauma caused his mind to split apart? Is he really an FBI agent, or did he adopt that image as a symbol of strength? Or a desire to interrogate out the truth? If my theory is correct, who is the “host personality,” the original personality from which the others were born? Is it Cooper (the representation of truth and justice), Dougie (the representation of innocence and kindness) or BOB (the representation of evil and immorality)… or are there more to come?”

“During supersensible perception thinking, feeling, and willing do not remain three forces that radiate from the common egocenter of the personality, but they become Three Independent Entities, three personalities, as it were; one must now make one’s own ego all the stronger, for it is not merely a matter of its bringing three forces into order, but of leading and directing three entities. This separation, however, must only exist during supersensible perception. Here again it becomes clear how important it is that the exercises for higher training be accompanied by those that give certainty and firmness to the power of judgment, and to the life of feeling and willing. For the person who does not bring these qualities with him into the higher world will soon see how the ego proves weak and unable to act as an orderly guide for thinking, feeling, and willing. If this weakness were present, the soul would be as though torn by three personalities in as many directions and its inner unity would cease. If, however, the development of the student proceeds in the right way the described transformation of forces signifies true progress; the ego remains master of the independent entities that now form its soul. — In the further course of this evolution the development continues. Thinking that has become independent stimulates the emergence of a special fourth soul-spirit being that may be described as a direct influx of currents into man, similar to thoughts. The entire cosmos then appears as a thought-structure confronting man as does the plant or animal world in the realm of the physical senses. Likewise, feeling and willing that have become independent stimulate two forces in the soul that act in it like independent beings. Still another seventh power and being appears that is similar to one’s own ego itself.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

In the Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner, we follow AnthroSophia Herself to the Threshold. We encounter in Maria’s character, what her inner development schooling reveals. We follow the awakening at the Threshold of Maria’s own THREE SOUL FORCES. These Three Soul Forces are tamed by the I AM and become servants of the I AM of Maria. They are not, as with “Twin Peaks” let loose as aspects of our distorted multiple personality disorder, to wreak havoc in the world. Those are the results of our chaos and our hidden psychotic behavior that runs unrestrained as we slam into the Threshold of the Spiritual World.

Psychopaths and sociopaths of all stripes, including Norman Bates in Psycho, Dorian Gray, in The Picture of Dorian Gray, have broken the harness and loosed the reins of The Charioteer of the Higher I AM initiation discipline we need at the Threshold. Normal, Norman, Everyman, All Human Beings slowly encounter a delicate division of forces from out of the Unconscious Soul Cohesion that has been planted deeply into the Foundational Design Codes that have been set into the systems structures of our Thinking – Feeling and Willing. We have an indisputable, esoteric Trinity of Cosmic forces in us, which have to be unfolded delicately and with conscious cognitive alertness and care as we progress through stages of Initiation.

In Shakespeare we follow through Macbeth, his very own atavistic and destructive Three witches as they create havoc. In King Lear and his Three Daughters; in Bram Stoker we glance at Dracula’s Three blood thirsty Soul forces. In fact for a study of these Dramatic concrete Initiation encounters at the Threshold of all Mystery Drama (Study this link).

Before we conclude this particular research chapter on the problems of Initiation at the Threshold we shall offer The Imagination that AnthroSophia and Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Alexander the Great, Sophia, St. John, Parsifal, Wagner, Tolkien, the Love Generation, Orwell, Christian Rosenkreuz, Zarathustra, Merlin, King Arthur and the Round Table, St. Francis of Assisi, Buddha, Dalton Trumbo, Emerson, John Lennon, Michael the Archai, our own Angels, Star Wars, the Matrix Series, Spiritual Science, Emil Bock (Click Link); and Marie Corelli (Click Link) along with hundreds of thousands of us striving souls, in every country and every Language Archangel Community in the world embrace, we all share the challenge of a common goal.

Before concluding this study of Initiation at the Boundaries of Natural Science and the Spiritual World we shall look back to the Lemurian Imagination where Humanity was just beginning to get the Super Immortal System of the unformed potency of the vast I AM, into a Physical, Astral Imagination that St. John witnessed. We need to compare the raw I AM, unformed powerful Lemurian Imagination, with our ongoing 21st century ripening and maturing process. Everyone of us are engaged in the Initiation of Love arising as the future Foundation Stone of the next evolution of our Earth, the Jupiter Evolution. We are all currently enveloped and engaged in shaping and fashioning our I AM into the Super-Force of Love.

“The present stage of human evolution conceals the secret that humanity is giving birth to a striving, an inclination, an impulse that rumbles within the social upheavals our civilization is undergoing — an impulse that seeks to view the spiritual world of Inspiration. And Nietzsche was the one point where nature revealed its open secret, where the striving that exists within humanity as a whole could reveal itself. We must seek this if all those striving for education, seeking within modern science — and this shall be the entire civilized world, for education must become universal — if humanity as a whole is not to lose its ego and civilization fall into barbarism.”  Rudolf Steiner

The Imagination from the Time sequence of Ancient Lemuria, to the full flooding in of the Time Sequence after Golgotha right into our current 21st Century allows us to comprehend the occult science behind the Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Oscar Wilde revealed for the world, shaping powers that exist in the Etheric Anima and Animus that Wilde himself, Jung and Spiritual Science has explored in the elaboration of the Female Etheric body functioning in males and Male Etheric bodies incorporated in the sex of physical females. (The other occult tale by Wilde is The Fisherman and His Soul)

This new maturity in facing our shadows at the Threshold is required by each of us. We literally gain the strength and maturity to delve into the deep shaping powers of the universe. We are tasked to come to terms with the complex enigmas at the Threshold that slowly prepare us and accustom us to an entirely new form of Thinking. We are tasked to awaken new forces buried in the depths of our Being and awaken the Logos forces of Higher Inspiration and Imagination that serve these new forces.

To understand the Cosmic forces of the Trinity within our vast Psychic Complex that arises as a potential from the inception of our Astral and I AM system, that hovered over the Fire Streams of Ancient Lemuria, we need a secure understanding of the vast germinal seed forces of the Trinity. From Lemuria through Golgotha, to the 21st Century we have encountered the hidden germinal seed forces of Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Atma or Spirit Logos Bearing Higher I AM that is the Foundation of the Akasha. These Imaginations have appeared everywhere before us, from the Lion, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow to Kirk, Bones and Spock. (We can study The New Tree of Life Forces awakening in the I AM HERE)

If we collate the collaboration through all our Human Imaginations combined, of how the Higher Trinity in us arises in the ancient Norns, through the Trinity of King Lear’s three daughters, Macbeth’s three witches (All can be studied here) we begin living into the deep foundations of the Trinity in each of us. Three Immortal Seeds of the Higher Trinity in us are the Three Queens that The Passing of Arthur, by Tennyson, also allows us to experience. These Three Queens are the buried treasure of our Manas, Buddhi and Atma. These Three forces are fed by the Agnishvatta, I AM fire forces that we learn to cultivate.

America, the United States of America and consequently the entire Earth Herself have been thrust into the gruesome maw of Fallen Ether Fire Forces of nuclear annihilation that have been severed from the Higher Compassion Fires latent in our I AM Itself. Our I AM is tasked, all of us are tasked to learn to transform the Earth, down to the depths of every animal, plant, stone and human being, down through the New Fire Forces of Compassion and Conscious developments that awaken through The Three Queens or Three Kings of our expanding and encompassing Love latent in our Higher I AM.

from: Idylls of the King [1859-1885]  1859-1885

“Then saw they how there hove a dusky barge,
Dark as a funeral scarf from stem to stern,
Beneath them; and descending they were ware
That all the decks were dense with stately forms,
Black-stoled, black-hooded, like a dream–by these
Three Queens with crowns of gold: and from them rose
A cry that shivered to the tingling stars,
And, as it were one voice, an agony
Of lamentation, like a wind that shrills
All night in a waste land, where no one comes,
Or hath come, since the making of the world.”

The complex package and containment of the ongoing super-forces of the I AM allows us to understand intimately what St. John and what each of us must encounter in the transformation of our Astral Body. The transformation of our Astral body goes back to the Lemurian times and forwards to the transformation of the Three Higher Soul forces of Maria in Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas. The Apocalyptic understanding of the early immense powers of the Astral body and I AM, appear also in the following description.

The description below of Scylla, after SHE reverts back to her initial Astral form after being poisoned, is part of the current vast poisoning attacks that arise through many of the agencies engaged with Big Pharma. These stunting, crippling attacks against our children and our own adult ability to enter the astral world consciously in our sleep and work within our Higher I AM on our Astral, Etheric and Physical bodies reveals one of the revelations involved with understanding our Astral Body.

“As soon as Scylla walked into her bath, she was transformed into a horrifying monster with six heads, each with a triple row of teeth sharper than knives. Now she was no longer beautiful but a monstrous creature with 12 feet and a body composed of hideous barking dogs. Unable to move, she lived in misery on a cliff beneath the sea and lashed out at all ships that passed by. Whenever a ship sailed too close, each of Scylla’s heads seized a member of the crew and destroyed them in her grotesque mouths.”

Under the esoteric initiation of the I AM we succeed in transforming our primitive, primal and reptilian Astral form, by fashioning from our spiritual conscious progress through Time, stages that reveal Three Queens or Three Kings that begin to form the basis of a Human Cosmic Trinity, evolving through our I AM into Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit and Atma.

Sir Galahad’s Vision Of The Holy Grail. Sir Joseph Noel Paton R.S.A (1821-1900). Catalogue No. 1081c

Immense forces surrounding us crave nothing worse than to stunt and block our Higher Astral development so that it reverts back to an ancient Apocalyptic Lemurian Dragon form. Lemuria, the Pineal gland and Reptilian Entities or throwbacks, the study of the TUATARA (click link). This reversion and embracing the reversion of the I AM prior to the Event of Golgotha, is the path that leads to occult and esoteric Barbarism through the disruption and shattering of the Sheaths and core of the I AM itself.

The Astral World of our I AM and where our Angels dwell in the rhythm of the Stars and in the forming forces of our bones as children, and the love in our bones as deep puberty comes to the surface, all are subject to Math, Music, and Inspiration through the portals of TIME ITSELF. We begin to see our individual biographies and our historical TIME BIOGRAPHIES and the Earth Biography Itself (Click link for deeper study) in vast cosmic rhythms of Time and the Stars.

These realities of the astral body, puberty and the dragon reflect themselves right into the unconscious forces of Math and the complexities of innocence in Alice in Wonderland. If we approach puberty and Math unconsciously and abstractly we arrive in a similar position as Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, alias, Lewis Carroll.

Unconsciously, today, especially now into the future, our unconscious frothing desires, hidden in our predatory craving to devour innocence itself is being progressively corrupted by barbarism and ravaging uncontrollable forces enhanced through materialism and our hyper-cynicism. Even if, the immature and available mathematical layers of inspiration had unconsciously burst forth through Lewis Carroll’s initial chaotic thinking patterns, Alice was only a fleeting shadow of the true Being of AnthroSophia. But, for a fleeting moment Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson had caught a glimpse of her.

Inspiration as the Starry Symphony of Innocence and the Foundations of Love in the bones and development from Embryo to Puberty

 A native health and innocence
               Within my bones did grow,
And while my God did all his glories show,
       I felt a vigour in my sense
That was all spirit. I within did flow
               With seas of life, like wine;
       I nothing in the world did know
               But ’twas divine. WONDER by Thomas Traherne

How did Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson fall short of the maturity and clarity of the Logos revealed through the arrival of AnthroSophia? To even encompass the vast Mysteries of the World that would be revealed with a mature understanding of AnthroSophia, both Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy herself or Ariadne in the depths of the Labyrinth with Theseus, would be insufficient. (Study Imagination, “Pan’s Labyrinth” more profound than Alice in Wonderland – Click Link)

When we approach the Logos and the Sophia Mysteries in AnthroSophia that Spiritual Science encompasses, we enter deeply into the formative forces of Music, Form and Love that are the actual shaping forces that run deeply through our childhood bones, through nature Herself and the Holy Innocence of the purity and virginity of Love in the world.

If we have all the instincts of Love, Music, Math but have no comprehensive grasp of the vast Starry Sophia forces that waft as music and geometry through each child, that awakens in us the vast Logos of the World, we are likely to remain immature and morally stunted human beings. We are required to become familiar with the mysteries of the Dodecahedron and The Foundation Stone (Click Link for Study). We are brought before the Virginity of the musical composition of Starry Innocence engraved and enchanted into the Luke Jesus child.

Without the warm maturity of comprehending the woven beauty in the Higher Logos of Inspiration, even as it has been woven into the innocence of our own childhood bones, and the music that weaves through and through in the bones and skeletal system of our children, we are all likely to blunder and misunderstand how the Christ entered the Bones of the Luke Jesus manhood (Click Link for Study). What lived in the unfallen music and math of the cosmos that was preserved in the bones for the arrival of Christ – into – Jesus at the Baptism, also awaits each of us. The exceptional Virginity of the Luke Jesus Frame, as a mature human being, when that human being arrived near his 30th year, revealed the very Symphony and Purity of the mystery behind the Geometry and Math of the Heavens. Christ entered the Virginity of the Bones of Jesus at the Baptism. (Study Link)

Only AnthroSophia and Spiritual Science realize and recognize in full clarity and maturity what happened in the bones and body of Jesus at 12 years of age, and what ripened virginal fire and clarity entered the body of Jesus at 30. (Logos Knowledge vs stunted human instincts of the Science of the Christ Event, Click Link) The Super Forces of Love and the Logos were absolute Innocent Holy, Living Fire. They not only transformed the bones of Jesus at Golgotha but established for the entire future of the Earth the influx of the future Sun Forces of the Christ that now flow through all Human Evolution.

“The Bridegroom shaded his eyes and look’d,
And his face was bright to see —
‘What dost thou here at the Lord’s Supper
With thy body’s sins?’ said he.” ( The Karma of our Bones Judas Iscariot)

It is time we understand the ‘made to order’, one to a customer, cosmic science of what each individual person brings into incarnation. “What dost thou here at the Lord’s Supper with thy body’s sins?” Our individual formation of what we bring back with us into incarnation from the stars not only allows us to find the right ‘hook up’ for a new hereditary stream, but we also bring the karma of our individual organs of Lungs, Liver, Spleen, Kidney’s, Heart, Brain, Gallbladder, bones, newly formed with us. The entire science of the Stars and what we have wounded the planets with in the abuse of our organs in the past, we bring karmic redemption forces back with us into incarnation.

“…from the age of thirty to thirty-three — the entire cosmic Christ-being continued to work in him. In other words, Christ always stood under the influence of the entire cosmos; he did not take a single step without cosmic forces working in him.” RS

“No two people have the same brain. If we could take a picture of the entire brain with all of its details visible, we would get a different picture for each person. If we photographed a person’s brain at the moment of birth and took a picture of the sky directly above his or her birthplace, the two pictures would be alike. The stars in the photograph of the sky would be arranged in the same way as certain parts of the brain in the other picture. Thus, our brain is really a picture of the heavens, and we each have a different picture depending on where and when we were born. This indicates that we are born out of the entire universe.

“This insight gives us an idea of the way the macrocosm manifests in the individual and from this, in turn, we can understand how it manifests in Christ. If we were to think that after the Baptism, the macrocosm lived in Christ in the same way as it does in any other human being, we would have the wrong idea.

“Let us consider for a moment Jesus of Nazareth and his extraordinary life. At the beginning of the Christian era, two boys named Jesus were born. One belonged to the Nathan line of the house of David, the other to the Solomon line of the same house. These two boys were born at approximately — though not exactly — the same time.”

We collect our baggage from the planetary community as we prepare to descend into incarnation. Many of us carry a great deal of baggage, karma and abuse, a heavy debt load awaits us, which is part of the redemption of the Earth. Many in the future will want to lift the heavy burden of others. The balance sheet of Karma is part of the transformation of the entire Earth we share. The meaning and the Science is that we collect our unresolved errors and Karma and bring them down into our newly functioning bodily operation. We bring our individual Karma down with us into our bones and bodily system, as the LAW, of every New Incarnation. Our Body’s Sins, are those carried over from previous abuses and misuses and sins against the vast Holy Spirit of the World.

So to have Sinless Organs and Sinless bones, untouched by human error, required that one of the Jesus children should be prepared in such a way, and certainly through Gabriel the Archangel who visits one of the Mary’s, we find that a specially prepared bodily system, un-polluted by Karma had to be the prepared body of the Christ at the Baptism. We mostly gloss over and fail to see exactly why there were Two Jesus Children.

“The Nathan Child brought into incarnation for the first time the Adam of Chapter 1 of Genesis created by the Elohim, the Spirits of Form. Rudolf Steiner goes on to describe how this Ego/Form substance which was held back was given into the care of the most Holy Mysteries through Atlantean and post-Atlantean times, “preserved in an important Mystery Center, as in a tabernacle”. (GA 131) This is the genealogy of the Priestly line of Nathan and the sacred Sun Mysteries of the Elohim which protected the pure human Ego, the human uncorrupted Form, in preparation and readiness for the incarnation of the Logos. In the exoteric Old Testament the content is focused on the line of the Jehovah stream, the preparation of a body with pure blood lines of the chosen people of Israel. But there are also indications of the Sun Priests in the old testament, as in the story of Melchizedek, who brings out bread and wine and blesses Abraham. It is not the offering of the blood sacrifice of the Hebrews, but the offering of the Sun symbols of bread and wine. There are also the two sacred Mounts: Mount Zion and Mount Moriah, on which the Temple in Jerusalem is built and the home of the High Priest Sadducees. Mount Zion is the Sun Mount and Mount Moriah the Moon mount. This is a rich area for further development.” Jonathan Hilton

Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, Lewis Carroll, paraded a stunted, deformed Logos and Sophia variation through his glowing naive sensualism, and through his penetration into his own soul Labyrinth in the diving bell of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson also had a very deep unconscious connection to all the intricacies and riddles of complex Mathematics that are woven into the term Inspiration. But deep in his subconscious he also had felt the world wide birth and stirring of the awakening of AnthroSophia somewhere in the world.

Humanity began celebrating the flashing up of various world wide IMAGINATIONS, that gained worldwide attention, attraction, popularity and appeal. These all flashed up around the world and some of them were given universal human reception in a way that Sophia Herself drops her clues in the deep Well of our human souls and they ripple out across the world popping up simultaneously in receptive individuals. It was a Cosmic Annunciation of the arrival of a Higher Soul/Spiritual faculty, a living Being.

The Birth of AnthroSophia, Sophia’s daughter in our souls, requires and calls forth entirely new capacities from entirely new generations of Artists and Thinkers. This new, flexible way of Imagining and Thinking disturbs and disorients materialism and our fixed and false comprehension of the Stars and the Mystery of our Earth.

Discerning Initiation Science and the actual history of John the Baptist, we see that Novalis experienced the arrival and awakening of Sophia of the Stars at the grave of his beloved Sophie von Kühn. Lewis Carroll felt the arrival of AnthroSophia personified through his infatuation with Alice Liddell, daughter of the Christ Church dean. Innocence that flows through Love and the skeletal system, that culminates in the cosmic model of the bones, weaves together in the Higher Math and Music of the Stars that flows as Inspiration.

“There is no indication that Carroll was conscious of anything but the purest innocence in his relations with little girls, nor is there a hint of impropriety in any of fond recollections that dozens of them later wrote about him. There was a tendency in Victorian England, reflected in the literature of the time, to idealize the beauty and virginal purity of little girls. No doubt this made it easier for Carroll to suppose that his fondness for them was on a high spiritual level, though of course this hardly is a sufficient explanation for that fondness. Of late Carroll has been compared with Humbert Humbert, the narrator of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita. It is true that both had a passion for little girls, but their goals were exactly opposite. Humbert Humbert’s  “nymphets” were creatures to be used carnally. Carroll’s little girls appealed to him precisely because he felt sexually safe with them. The thing that distinguishes Carroll from other writers who lived sexless lives ( Thoreau, Henry James….) and from writers who were strongly drawn to little girls (Poe, Ernest Dowson….) was his curious combination, almost unique in literary history, of complete sexual innocence with a passion that can only be described as thoroughly heterosexual.”  (Introduction to the Annotated Alice page XIX by Martin Gardner – (Click Link)

Time and the Math and Music of the Stars allows us to see into the layers of Cultural Evolution what innocence and virginity mean to the cosmos and higher development of the I AM. In the future, we, as evolving humanity will find our Selfhood Identity in our I AM and not in our sexes. However we can measure consciously the events that produced the complex prematurity of the tragic efforts by Michael Jackson to achieve surgically by force, (instead of from within the I AM) a kind of sexless androgyny. We are progressing towards the future evolution that I have outlined in THIS WORK, (Click Link).

“In the course of evolution humanity is becoming younger and younger and retains the power of evolving in body and soul to a definite age. In ancient India man retained plasticity up to the age of 56. At the time of Golgotha to the age of 33; now, to the age of 27. In the 6th post-Atlantean epoch it will be to the age of 21-14 in the 7th epoch, 14-7.

“Woman will cease to be fertile, another mode of entering earthly life will take place when the Moon re-unites with the Earth, in 8,000 A.D.” RS

Our recovery of our cosmic innocence and the higher seeds buried deeply in the karma of Earth Herself arrives slowly in tandem with the unfolding of our higher developments. The fulness of Earth evolution, as part of our vital Initiation Development, proceeds to unfold from within us, just because of the Christ Event. Through our journeys through all of our Starry Math and the symphony of Music and Time that has been woven in our bones, we gradually evolve, unfold and ripen our higher spiritual faculties at an ever earlier, younger and fresher pace.

Dorothy’s Initiation in The Wizard of Oz, written by Lyman Frank Baum in 1900 also reveals three soul forces of Initiation that have arisen in nearly every depiction of deep and profound Consciousness Soul, cultural Imaginations. Baum projects a young elastic, innocent soul force which we accept as a youthful innocent Dorothy.

That new, vital, innocent soul force encounters a path of Initiation in Herself, as a Yellow Brick Road surrounded by elemental beings cheering Dorothy and humanity onwards. And once again adolescence at the very edge of the innocent symphony of the bones that awaken Love Itself at the threshold of puberty comes to meet us in Dorothy (Click Link).

Dorothy is Herself the I AM, the revelation, the substance of the four quarters of a world wide house, built on the compass points and foundation stone of North – South – East and West, built into the Four Chambers of our Human Hearts. In the Michael School of Spiritual Science we learn to see the Foundation Stone that is planted deeply in our Hearts. Once again, AnthroSophia, reveals to Dorothy that she is in herself the immense riddle and cosmic mystery of the I AM.

Steiner lifted the destiny of Maria in his Mystery Dramas into the elevation and emancipation of three soul forces that must arise as we unfold our higher Initiation. Based on Goethe’s Fairy Tale of The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily published in 1795 Steiner literally lifted up the Underground Temple where Sophia had hidden her daughter AnthroSophia.

Humanity was pregnant with Sophia’s child, from the union between Christ and Sophia of the Stars. Little AnthroSophia lay in the swaddling wraps of the living Language of the Logos of the World. Her Annunciation, birth and life depends on the solid nutritional stream of Manas – Buddhi – and Atma of the living Logos of the WORD that streams down deeply and nourishes the roots of the Soul and Spirit Sheath in each and every human being.

Suddenly through the world, The Time was at Hand. The trimesters ( Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan evolution; Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Atma) the progressions and the contractions of the world itself, the birth pangs of delivering an entirely new child from the Union of Divine Spiritual Beings was at our doorsteps by 1924. The Risen Etheric Christ began reappearing at the Threshold of the Spiritual World by 1933, preparing the coming generations, preparing the Starry Configurations for the future incarnations that would carry the birth and awakening of the future child of Imagination and Inspiration that could be nursed to life in each human soul.

This child was the result of the long incubation and gestation that resulted from the marriage between The Risen Etheric Christ, the Logos, and Sophia Herself. As a result of this Union, AnthroSophia could now be conceived in every Human Soul and brought forth through the Imagination and Inspiration of the Logos Itself.

The announcement of the insemination and pregnancy of Sophia Herself, in the Temple of the Word, in the 20th century, in the ER Delivery Room of the 1st Goetheanum, reproduced in artistic splendor, with the Cupolas and the pillars, the Imagination on Earth, designed to accommodate Sophia and the birth of Her Child AnthroSophia. The contractions and birth pangs through the 1st Goetheanum revealed the swelling and coming forth of the awakening into consciousness, of the Underground Temple that was announced by Goethe in 1795.

“Construction began in 1913, meeting with delays during the First World War. Still incomplete, the building burnt down on New Year’s Eve of 1922/23.
The central element, already present in the project in Munich was the ground plan: 2 domes of different sizes resting on 2 large rotundas and interlinked with one another. Because of their particular proportions, they gave the impression both of a single, sculpted space, or also one consisting of 2 separate portions. The pillars along the interior of the building connected with earlier epochs in the development of architecture. Yet each pillar was sculpted individually with a base and a capital whose motifs were carved in such a manner that each new one derived its forms from elements of the previous one. It was Steiner’s attempt to incorporate into the design the laws underlying all development from one form to another in the living world, as in Goethe’s theory of metamorphosis, and to give to these new forms of artistic expression.” (Click Link)

Underground Temple doesn’t quite cover the honor that the Devachan Mystery of the Stars, Sophia Herself, bestowed on Goethe. Why was Goethe given the honor of delivering the secret Annunciation Mystery of Anthroposophy? Firstly, both Goethe and Novalis would meet together at a critical time on Earth. Both the young Novalis and older Goethe had within their inner development, the precise seed force, sanctioned by Sophia and the Risen Etheric Christ that would become the precise metamorphosis of pure FORMATIVE ETHERIC LIFE, that would engender, stimulate and initiate The birth of AnthroSophia in the soul life of humanity.

Goethe in the higher Devachan worlds, was given some credit by Sophia while both the beloved Best Man, John the Baptist, and Scientist and Poet Goethe, were each finally ready to incorporate an entirely new capacity into the development of each Human I AM. So it was through the incidence of coincidence that both Novalis and Goethe were given the seal of approval by Sophia Herself, which did not go unnoticed by Rudolf Steiner. Goetheanism is part of the higher science system that can bring AnthroSophia to objective Birth in the I AM. We are in the Michael School to witness how the Hierarchies prepare humanity for the future.

The Mystery Dramas are the ripened I AM Schooling of the mature science of AnthroSophia at the Threshold. This I AM Schooling has traveled from Lemuria, where the Primal Powers of the I AM first gathered their initial Dragon Potency, through the vast previous developments of the Lion, the Bull, the Eagle, through Golgotha and the Revelation of the Cosmic I AM. In this our 5th Post Atlantean age, we arrived at the Annunciation of AnthroSophia Herself, as a world wide awakening of the objective cognitive Science of the I AM in the higher Devachan worlds and in our own intimate Earthly world. The Science of the I AM, living in AnthroSophia, now connects and unites both the Earthly and Heavenly Realms.

The Androgyny of the I AM, from Lemuria to the 21st Century

“When, in the beginning of Lemurian Times, the Sun went out of the earth, the Elohim — Spirits of Form which had until then worked in us — departed and withdrew from the earth. They went with the Sun and worked from outside the Earth upon man’s development. But a group of Elohim did not go to the Sun, rather staying in the neighborhood of Earth. They worked further on Earth, in mankind, so that in the Lemurian and early Atlantean periods, the wildness in the astral body of men might be tamed. It needed to be tamed in such a way that it would not overwhelm the seed of the ego impulse when it was put into man.

“During the development of Atlantis, the impulse of this human ego was to enter into the development of mankind. If the astral body had still been ruled by the uncontrolled forces of Lemurian times, these would have overwhelmed this new ego force. For this task a group of Elohim made the sacrifice of the Sun to stay in the neighborhood of Earth. They are called after their spheres of influence — spheres which were formed later: Elohim of the Moon, of Mercury, and of Venus. Each took a special task.

“The Elohim of the Moon brought wisdom to the astral body; the Elohim of Mercury brought healing forces; the Elohim of Venus brought the impulse of beauty — of love for beauty to the astral body. These impulses were compensations to the wildness of the astral body in later Lemurian times, and at the start of the Atlantean period.

“In the middle of the Atlantean period, out of the world of the Elohim of the Sun, the impulse of the personal ego entered man — man, prepared by the Hierarchies, in his physical, etheric, and astral body. The ego was like a drop falling from heaven. (Click Study Link)

In other words as humanity, if we don’t set out to continue to corrupt innocence in every conceivable way, we can give each generation time to mine and strengthen their higher I AM development. But from the corruption of Priests, to rape and robbery of innocent astral forces, sleep disorders, psychotic PTSD episodes, suicides, addictions through Big Pharma to every type of Entity that devours fear as it’s food, our children remain unprotected because of our fear of the Spiritual World. Our failure to understand the purity of our I AM androgyny, and our I AM innocence, which even Tesla manifested, our perpetuating abuse and cultural ignorance will force our rapid descent into further, horrific cultural barbarism.

Let me give you a concrete example from the realm of the higher Devachan. The Higher Devachan and the path every human I AM makes through the portal of death, through the upper regions of the Stars, to the portal of birth and incarnation allows each of us to re cloth ourselves, re-Group in cosmic actuality and receive a new navigational and time instrument, our Hearts, designed from the Math and Love that lives in the Stars. This Cosmic Life that lives in the deep marrow of our Bones will grow through to the Virginity in the I AM Itself.

The vast Science of the Hierarchies are part of the Life Blood of the daughter of Sophia, AnthroSophia. (Study Higher Devachan Here) One of the deep Devachan friendships on record is the friendship between George MacDonald and Novalis. There are World Devachan Friendships, configured in the friendship between Plato and Aristotle. Deep Devachan friendships historically exist between young Alexander the Great and the Initiate Aristotle. Each of us have immense friendships that we seek to encounter On Earth as it was in Heaven, when we leave the Devachan and journey down into our flesh and bone.

“Mary MacDonald was the daughter of Carroll’s good friend George MacDonald, the Scottish poet and novelist, and author of such well known children’s fantasies as THE PRINCESS AND THE GOBLIN and AT THE BACK OF THE NORTH WIND. The MacDonald children were in part responsible for Carroll’s decision to publish ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND. To test the story’s general appeal, he asked Mrs. MacDonald to read the manuscript to her children. The reception was enthusiastic. Greville, age six (who later recalled the occasion in his book George MacDonald and His Wife), declared that there ought to be sixty thousand copies of it.” (Pg 140 of the The Annotated Alice the definitive edition by Martin Gardner)

George MacDonald’s meeting of the individuality of Novalis in the higher Devachan before MacDonald was born, remained as a sacred guiding star and bond between Novalis and MacDonald. You can literally feel the ancient nature forces that filled Elijah, waft through all of MacDonald’s very earthy literary genius. MacDonald immersed himself in the fairy tales of Novalis. MacDonald translated Novalis from German into English and felt that Novalis was a Kindred Spirit to humanity. Novalis, this enormous soul who once stood next to Christ as John the Baptist did, like George MacDonald would, struggle in obscurity as a clairvoyant and sensitive artist working for the future mysteries of Sophia and AnthroSophia.

The future treasure trove of what the birth of AnthroSophia would mean for the future of humanity, reverberated to the core and deep heart of George MacDonald. MacDonald built the literary works of his life upon the deep Devachan revelation that Novalis carried within him. (Study of Novalis and MacDonald Here) Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy of the Wizard of OZ were part of the Soul Cognitive glimmerings scattered around the globe, at the arrival of Sophia’s daughter as early as 1795 by Goethe.

These realities of Time and the I AM in the Astral World are revealed cognitively and securely through the mature and ripening arrival of ANTHROSOPHIA Herself. The Logos Conscious Clarity of the laws operative in and through the Hierarchies of Sophia and the Stars, the Math and Music of the Spheres and the laws we encounter deep in the depths of Entities working on the Threshold we also clearly encounter in the Astral and I AM science of St John.

“We are now living in the fifth epoch, the post-Atlantean epoch, between the great Atlantean flood and the great War of All against All. The sixth will follow this and then the seventh. The sixth epoch is indicated in the Apocalypse of John by the seven seals, and the seventh by the seven trumpets. Then the earth passes over into the astral. That is a new condition of form which again will have its seven epochs.

“And still our diagram is not at an end. Each epoch as it runs its course between such events as the great Atlantean flood and the great War of All against All must again be divided into seven ages. As regards the fifth epoch there are the Indian age of civilization, the Persian age of civilization, the Assyrian-Babylonian-Chaldean-Egyptian-Jewish age, the Graeco-Latin age, our own age, then the sixth, which is indicated in the Apocalypse by the community of Philadelphia, and the seventh age of civilization which will follow that. (Further Study Notes Here)

“Thus if we imagine the whole of evolution consisting of nothing but short ages such as these — which, however, are long enough — we have 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 stages of development such as the ancient Indian or the ancient Persian. The number of different conditions of this nature which man passes through between Saturn and Vulcan is 16807:

x 7 x 7 == 343.
x 343  == 2401.
x 2401 == 16807.

“Thus you see how the number 7 governs development in the successive periods throughout the whole of evolution. Just as the tones in music progress from octave to octave, so does the whole of evolution take place in octaves of development.

“Let us now recall that we have seven of these conditions out of the 16807 in our epoch between the great Atlantean flood and the great War of All against All, and that previously we had seven more in the Atlantean epoch. But we also remember that man went through four of these seven ages of the Atlanteans epoch under quite different conditions from the last three. You know the kind of conditions we have to enumerate. Four of the conditions out of the total number, man went through during the Atlantean epoch in such a way that he felt himself as a group-soul, as we have described, as eagle, lion, bull and man. He gradually developed these four group-souls during these four root-races of the Atlantean epoch.” (Further Study Notes Here)

The dual Female/Male Electrical current system that TESLA lived for us as a vivid Imagination, not only through the mastering of Electricity, but Tesla anticipated the immersing of the entire globe in Wi-Fi and internet connections. He also advanced for us the Imagination we saw and understood by witnessing Tesla.

Did Tesla’s moral force show the revelation of conquering the Lemurian Dragon? AnthroSophia and Wonderland, the Michael School and Sophia Herself may testify through witnessing Tesla and Rudolf Steiner the progress made by the Astral body and I AM from Lemuria – Through Golgotha – to the depths of the currents running through the 21st. Century. The I AM develops a higher Grail and Logos Virginity (Click Link) capable of incorporating AnthroSophia, the daughter of Sophia and the Risen Etheric Christ, into our ongoing development.

What awaits us, and what we consciously encounter in all the higher development of our Soul and Spirit forces, is the stable, fathomless love IN our comprehension of the magnificent Androgyny of the I AM. Tesla had this quality that stablized electricity and the ancient currents that were carried over from Lemuria into the manifestation of massive doses of global Wi-Fi streaming. Every human I AM who develops the Love illuminated through and through by the Christ Logos experiences the awakening of the Grail Virginity of Androgyny (Click Link) that is kindled by the strength of Love arising in the I AM. Or the currents rip through humanity unconsciously so that female/male and AC/DC Androgyny becomes a further fatal fall into sexual barbarism and political and occult dualism.

In our further initiation into taming and experiencing our Astral body we may also recognize the efforts drawn for us in The Matrix Series Imagination. The Imagination of female/male dual electrical current system first arose as an Imagination in Ancient Lemuria. The XX and XY chromosome sex divisions that Tesla conquered through alternating current, AC/DC actually had recrossed the gigantic sweeps of TIME from ancient Lemuria to the sexual confusion now running rampant in our 20th and 21st century.

By the most remarkable feat of TIME ITSELF and the math and hidden music evolving in the very foundations of human evolution, Tesla brought us ALL, all of global humanity, to a further humanization and evolution of our ancient Lemurian Dragon forms. Through the Christ Event at Golgotha, that harmonized the XX and XY cellular chromosome systems in males and females, or as Donnie Darko would like to say, (the RESET and debugging protocol of The Fall). We are now in the 21st century slowly humanizing the handling of the higher systems of our Astral body, our Etheric Bodies and the Androgyny of our I AM (Click Link). Physical and sexual orientation becomes less and less of an issue. Except of course through our blind materialism, where we continue to spiral down into ever more twisted pornographic and distorted social Barbarism.

Now we can witness the details of this progress erupting through Women’s liberation, leadership, creativity, compassion. We meet the Wachowski siblings, we meet in every school, transgender chaos and confusion, that impacts all aspects of our education and makes life very interesting. Our Identities are unraveling as we spiral downwards into social chaos or upwards into Initiation through the 21st century and beyond. The focal point of all true androgyny must be the pivotal neutral ground, the new virginity hidden in every I AM. In the primal virginity of the womb of our I AM we each give birth to three higher spiritual beings. And Sophia’s daughter, AnthroSophia Herself, shall midwife this process with us, if we let Her.

We are being rocked into the primal Jurassic Park of our ancient Lemuria resurgence of the origin of our sexes, only now arising in the new paradigms of our Anima and Animus higher Etheric systems confronting us. We each of us are whole, unique Androgynous I AM (Click Link) beings who contain within ourselves both Female and Male systems. We have experienced this ride through the 20th and 21st century through massive Wars, Mushroom clouds, the Beatles, the Love Generation, Rudolf Steiner, Orwell, global electrification of the information age and IT wisdom at our fingertips. We experienced The Goetheanum where science advanced beyond death, and we have experienced a full house spread of demonic, robotic, Apocalyptic, Pandemic Cultural Imaginations that live historically and vividly in every detail of the Science in the living Heart of AnthroSophia Herself.

The Astral body and the Earth Dragon force

“At the middle of the materialistic age which had been developing ever since the 14th–15th century, mankind was standing at that point in the world through which he had passed long ago in the Lemurian epoch. And mankind as a whole in that moment remembered the entry of electricity into the human being, and thereupon as a result of this memory impregnated his whole civilization with electricity. The soul and spirit in Man found again what it had once experienced long ago.

“Truths like this must be clearly envisaged again, for it is only with truths like this that we shall escape decadence in the future.” Rudolf Steiner study Click Link)



It should astonish us if we had any understanding of the momentum of Math and Time that has recrossed our first inception of I AM dragon forces that arose out of the Age of Fire and Lemuria. In the patterns of Time Itself, through to the Event of Golgotha, to Tesla, Initiation Science and the sturdy revelation of AnthroSophia and our I AM, today we have advanced beyond our former Dragon Nature. Our depleted education fails to give us a chance to awaken our astonishment with our current encounter with Electricity and in any way, connect it to Tesla and our current social chaos and confusion in understanding Androgyny and Virginity in the new Science of the I AM (Click Link).

We profess, to the world at large, daily, that we are not mature enough to see the connections that abound all around us if we look. Click the above link and really digest what we have been discussing in this research that leads all of humanity to the Boundaries of Natural Science and dawning of Spiritual Science. We certainly are not in Lemuria or Kansas anymore. We are at the Threshold of Initiation and the Androgyny science of the I AM (Click Link).

The Apocalyptic Reversion back to the dragon Or our further and future conquering of the Dragon in Us through our I AM

“But the lower nature they will have acquired through not having accepted the Christ-principle will be expressed in the astral by their having essentially the animal form we have characterized, with the seven heads and ten horns. Now from all that has been said you will be able to gather what the relation is between what we call “heads” and what we call “horns”; but in connection with this the question may arise in your mind: Why is it that just certain organs which appear in the physical body are called “horns”? Why does one designate as horns the physical organs and their vestiges in the astral when the earth shall have become astral?Forming Horns and Roses vortexes of higher organs

“It can easily be understood that those who have not taken up the principle of Christ must fall back again into the condition in which man was before he could partake of the Christ-principle. Man was formerly a non-individual being with a group-soul; and we have seen that during the first four ages of the Atlantean epoch he was furnished with the group-souls which are correctly symbolized by the lion, bull, eagle and human heads, but the last must be conceived of as an animal human head. We must imagine that when man reappears in the spiritualized earth and has failed to take in the Christ-principle during our epoch, he will then again appear in the old form, because he has contributed nothing towards the highest development of his previous group-soul nature; and not only in this form but with three heads more, which were added during the ages. Before the great flood of Atlantis three further ages followed after the first four.

“In these three ages those who later received the Christ-principle had in a certain way the possibility of taking up three further group-soul heads; but they have transformed them, they have raised the animal nature in man to a higher stage. They will appear in a spiritualized form when the earth is spiritualized. The others, who have rejected the Christ-principle, will appear with seven heads, because there were before the flood seven ages during which the animal nature was developed. And because in the last three Atlantean ages there was bi-sexuality in contradistinction to the first four, each head, so to speak, appears with two possibilities towards the animal nature, with male and female possibilities, so that in these three later ages each head appears with two horns; that is man with ten horns altogether. Some one might now say, “I quite understand that those who do not work upon themselves so as to strip off the form which they have and lift it up to the human, will reappear in the animal form; but I do not understand why horns are spoken of! It is quite comprehensible when heads are spoken of, but why horns?” I will now explain why one not only speaks of horns, but must speak of them. The expression is not merely to be understood symbolically, it is reality. Those who fail to take up the Christ-principle into themselves will actually appear in astral form also, but because they have so shaped their instincts that they have held fast, so to speak, to the animal group-soul, the corresponding instincts appear in the astral body which men will then have, in the form of horny protuberances. It is an actual form.” Rudolf Steiner

But, we have accelerated our Human Development, through the Primary Event of Golgotha and the impelling events of the 20th and 21st centuries, down through the fallen regions of Magnetism, Electricity and Fallen Light. On July 16, 1945 at the initiation site of TRINITY, the chasm broke through to the core of Fallen Light.

This impelling force rising rapidly up from the depths to meet us, engaged the vast flood of Higher Spiritual World Incarnations that had come through the stars into incarnation, filled with massive creativity and an infusion of New Life that surged through Global Culture itself. Around 1966 the reverberating global power of the first dawning of the Love Generation began bursting forth. Around 1933 Christ was once more seen Rising and His Rising reverberated throughout the Spiritual World, down into the very foundations of matter and Light. Only this time woven with Love, and Courage Newly Arisen and refreshed, this vast stream of global incarnations ran the gauntlet of inpouring Love for all the world to see.

“Sensing as we do the dawning of the great new Cosmic Day of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch, at whose beginning we stand” Rudolf Steiner

We look through the riddles of culture and we are required to sort them out with our I AM. Our I AM, without the stability of Initiation Science is torn to pieces by a whirling confluence of tangled historical lies, deceptions, false flags, failed sexual clarity, failed sister and brotherhood, authorities and leaders that certainly are not authorities or leaders. AnthroSophia as she arrived brought with Her the essential stability the I AM needs to approach the adventure of Humanity and the I AM at The Threshold.

David Lynch and the entire influx of Baby Boomers felt the extreme potency in the Trinity Event in its power for shaping the future comprehension of the Initiation of humanity. (Click on Link to experience July 16, 1945). It was felt as a clarion call, but as we see, the clarion call for awakening humanity from its slumber was prepared, as we say, IN THE WINGS, ahead, so that a full wave of incarnating humanity could come forth and reveal what Love could do. And AnthroSophia Herself came to the aid of Humanity and the Risen Etheric Christ.

The way in which David Lynch looked at the above events,( in the above link to July 16, 1945) in his “Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me” reveals what we may truly and rightly comprehend of our modern day Gilgamesh Initiation challenge. The question, which is a riddle of Initiation Science, is who was Gilgamesh? We may also ask, (but we arrive at one of the great mysteries of Time and Space) who was Sigune and who was Schianatulander? The ancient Twin Peaks of Mashu, where Gilgamesh follows the passage of his best friend and companion, Eabani, through the dark tunnel of the Scorpion Entities over the Threshold of Death is captured by this quote. “For it is the Western gate which the sun enters at night and the sun travels at night in subterranean caverns back under the earth to come out in the East at sunrise.

“When [he arrived] at the mountain range of Mashu,
Which daily keeps watch over sunrise and sunset-
Whose peaks [reach to] the vault of heaven
(And) whose breasts reach to the netherworld below.”

Thus Twin Peaks with the Rise of the Sun that comes in the East and the nightmarish inversion of the Sun, down into the depths of sub-nature and fallen light in the far West, opens the gates of the underworld for all of the future unfolding of human evolution. From July 16, 1945 (Click Link) the world and the pivotal center of Initiation of the I AM was changed. David Lynch out Kubricks, Kubrick in this sequence.

The scorpion men open the doors for Shamash as he travels out each day, and close the doors after him when he returns to the underworld at night. Their heads touch the sky, their “terror is awesome” and their “glance is death”.

Baby Boomers indeed. BOOM, the big boom. (a person born during a period of time in which there is a marked rise in a population’s birthrate a person born during a baby boom especially a person born in the U.S. following the end of World War II (usually considered to be in the years from 1946 to 1964). The Initiation period that David Lynch incarnated into gave the core STAMP of reverberation that an entire loaded stream of incarnations from the Devachan of the Spiritual World, hearing the call in the Spiritual World, it echoed through the Halls of the Dead, the Halls of the unborn, the Halls of the Hierarchies and the Halls of the Underworld. From 1933 on, the Spiritual In Streaming of humanity reveals for us the actual secret behind the big BOOM of The Baby Boomers.

Many would reach by 1966 something of what we might call the age of consent or dissent. The I Am would be stirred by a complete Cultural Revolution. The ability to see the Twin Peaks, the Inversion and meeting point of the deep descent of Light that met the Underworlds projection of darkness are really TWIN PEAKS. The Pyramids of Egypt understood the Inversion of drawing a point upwards from the base and a meeting point coming downwards from the Spiritual World. We just had to think through what type of Event were the Twin Peaks?

How did the Sun forces from above and the anti-sun forces of below meet at the intersection of the Gates of the East and the Gates of the West? What was Trinity New Mexico? But even more importantly, what I AM Two edged Sword, FIRE WALK WITH ME was drilled down into the Destiny of America and the far West? Do you see how the Sun Rising in the East, Japan, met the first strike nuclear nightmare, where the Gates of the Underworld in the West met the ancient Sun forces rising out of the East?

We couldn’t make this stuff up in our wildest IMAGINATIONS OF INITIATION. The vivid IMAGINATION of the shattering incidence of coincidence that brought about the historical Real Imagination of the events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the East, revealed the direct consequences of the events in the far West that shattered the walls of the underworld, at TRINITY NEW MEXICO. Nor could we make up such a tale of the Love and Light of the Central Mystery of the Earth arising as a counter-force for Humanity in the staggering and stunning physics of The Mystery of Golgotha. (The Culmination of the American Psyche).

“The human being of the East once experienced the world within himself and this resounds within him even today; The human being of the West is at the beginning of his experience and is only on the way to finding himself in the world.” Rudolf Steiner

From 1933 onwards, through all our future incarnations, we shall have to traverse the underworlds with Christ, Michael, AnthroSophia, Entities, Scorpion creatures of invisible etheric death, addictions, lethal invisible pandemics, radioactivity and fallen Light, all the way down through the passage of the dark Western Gate of occult materialism. We now had a Lethal Gateway of the Twin Peaks of Dawn and Darkness. The Baby Boomers and all future incarnations of our children now must pass consciously through The Lethal Gates of the Underworld in the far West, blasted open at Trinity New Mexico. (Click study link for Anti-Grail Assault Team)

Rudolf Steiner

More on THRESHOLD ENTITIES and Spiritual Science

“Indeed, fear and anxiety, such negative feelings are something that puts the human being in a fateful relation to the spiritual world. For in the spiritual world are beings to whom fear and anxiety emitted by the human beings are welcome nourishment. If the human being is not afraid and does not fear, these beings are starving. Those who have not yet penetrated deeper may take this as comparison. However, they who know this matter know that it concerns something real. If the human being emits fear, anxiety, and panic, these beings find welcome nourishment, and they become mightier and mightier. These beings are hostile to the human beings. Everything that feeds itself from negative feelings, from fear, anxiety and superstition, from hopelessness, from doubt are powers in the spiritual world that are hostile to the human being. They make cruel attacks on him if they are fed by him. Hence, it is necessary above all that the human being who enters the spiritual world makes himself strong against fear, anxiety, hopelessness, and doubting at first.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Scenarios of Armageddon, The Terminator, The Matrix Series, On the Beach, Bird Box (which have invisible Entities that latch onto our Eyes) Zombie Pandemics, The Stand, I Am Legend, Resident Evil which features Alice as a malicious computer code, are all part of the so called Harrowing of Hell, Christ’s Descent into Hell on Saturday before Easter. Christ, Orwell’s and St. John’s reports have shown how Ahriman, from subsensible kingdoms will continue to attempt to Reverse all Human Ideals.

From Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the East Gate where the Sun Rises to the descent into the West Gates, where the Sun disappears into the Earth, where Christ disappeared into the depths of Hell on Saturday, we have ample Imaginations of Alpha to Omega and the Twin Peaks, of below and Above. All that Threatens the very existence of Humanity and all that allows humanity to share the Ascension with the Risen Etheric Christ are clear cut realities of Initiation Science at the Threshold.

Last but not least in our considerations of Entities, Relics and Incompletes marked on our test scores, we are allowed to continue to stumble toward our hopeful, future Jupiter Evolution. We are seeking to become coworkers in the full Resurrection Mysteries. We try to enliven and merge our Earthly awakened I AM permeated WITH the flowing LIFE- SPIRIT tied directly to the Risen Etheric Christ, but no matter how perfect we may think we are there is always a left over smudge, some remaining residue of the sludge and shadow castoffs of all that we have left undone. We all leave something behind us even if we think we have made cosmic goodness a part of our Life Substance.

What imperfections of our own selves in the unfolding of TIME, have we left deserted on the tarmac of Earth Evolution? It is incomprehensible to us presently, that the Cosmic I AM of LOVE must come to our aid, penetrate us to the marrow, so that every relic, shadow and remains of our failures to penetrate our body’s sins are alleviated, so that all our left over errors can be infused with the immortality of Love’s Highest Mystery. Not I but Christ in Me.

In John 18:11, after Jesus had finished praying, and as He was being arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter tried to rescue Jesus by pulling a sword on the Temple guards. But Jesus stopped Peter, and asked him, “Shall I not drink the cup which My Father has given Me?”

Down to the very dregs, indeed the last cup of the bitter drink to be drunk from the 3 years Christ shared with Humanity on Earth and Christ drinking the full sorrows and errors of Humanity and the Earth to the full consequential end of the full Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan evolution of Humanity, Christ will be there with us. Not I alone, but Christ in me.

“Often, at the bottom of the cup, there were bitter dregs from the wine. If you were the person to empty the cup, you must drink the bitter dregs as well, before you “let this cup pass.”

“So when Jesus prays, “Let this cup pass from me,” He is not saying, “I don’t want to drink it,” but is rather praying, “Let me drink of it as deeply as I possibly can before I pass it on to humanity. Let me empty it. Let me drain it. Let me drink all of it, even the bitter dregs at the bottom of the cup.” (Click Link)

“Not I, but Christ in me”, the Christ in us, then He takes over the objective remains of our incarnations, and they stand there vivified by Christ, irradiated by Christ and permeated by His life.”

“Christ who belongs to all mankind in the present and in the future — the remains of the single incarnations are all compressed together. Every human soul lives in successive incarnations. From each incarnation certain RELICS or remains are left, as we have described. Further incarnations will leave other remains, and so on, up to the end of the Earth period. If these RELICS are permeated by Christ, they are compressed together. Compress what is rarefied and you will get density. Spirit also becomes dense, and so our collective Earth-incarnations are united into a spiritual body. This body belongs to us; we need it because we evolve onwards to Jupiter, and it will be the starting-point of our embodiment on Jupiter. At the end of the Earth period we shall stand there with the soul — whatever the particular karma of the soul may be — and we shall stand there before our EARTHLY RELICS which have been gathered together by Christ, and we shall have to unite with them in order to pass over with them to Jupiter.

“We shall rise again in the body, in the earthly body that has condensed out of the separate incarnations. Truly, my dear friends, from a heart profoundly moved I utter these words: “In the body we shall rise again!”

“In these days, young people of sixteen and even less are beginning to claim a creed of their own, and to talk of having happily grown beyond such nonsense as the “Resurrection of the Body”. But those who seek to deepen their occult knowledge of the mysteries of the universe strive gradually to rise to an understanding of what has been said to mankind, because — as I explained at the beginning of the lecture — it had first of all to be said, in order that men might grasp it as life-truth and come to understand it later. The resurrection of the body is a reality, but our soul must feel that it will rise again with the EARTHLY RELICS that have been collected, brought together by Christ, by the spiritual body that is permeated with Christ. This is what our soul must learn to understand. For let us suppose that, because of our not having received into ourselves the living Christ, we could not approach this Earth-body, with its sin and guilt, and unite with it. If we had rejected the Christ, THE RELICS of our various incarnations would be scattered at the end of the Earth period; they would have remained, but they would not have been gathered together by the Christ, who spiritualizes the whole of humanity. We should stand there as souls at the end of the Earth period and we should be bound to the Earth, to that part of the Earth which remains dead in OUR RELICS. Certainly our souls would be free in the spirit in an egotistic sense, but we would be unable to approach our BODILY RELICS. Such souls are the booty of Lucifer, for he strives to thwart the true goal of the Earth; he tries to prevent souls from reaching their Earth-goal, to hold them back in the spiritual world. And in the Jupiter period Lucifer will send over what has remained of scattered Earth-Relics as a dead content of Jupiter.” Rudolf Steiner

What is inconceivable in our Imaginations and our thinking? What do we fail to comprehend when PERSONALITY alone becomes Fixed as a worshipped Idol, loaded with celluloid and digital Idolatry? It is inconceivable to Imagine such a rigid THING, frozen in time, as a force which we must confront as a remnant of our untransformed Earthly remains. Thought and Imagination has failed to weigh in on these occult consequential criteria. We don’t want to weigh up the intensity it entails to become filled with the primal forces of Love for every detail of Creation Itself. Love so immense that it would offer itself fully and totally down to the last dregs of Earth Evolution. Not I but Christ in me.

The Apocalypse of Egotism – THE CONGRESS

“More than two decades after catapulting to stardom with The Princess Bride, an aging actress (Robin Wright, playing a version of herself) decides to take her final job: preserving her digital likeness for a future Hollywood. Through a deal brokered by her loyal, longtime agent (Harvey Keitel) and the head of Miramount Studios (Danny Huston), her alias will be controlled by the studio, and will star in any film they want with no restrictions. In return, she receives healthy compensation so she can care for her ailing son and her digitized character will stay forever young. Twenty years later, under the creative vision of the studio’s head animator (Jon Hamm), Wright’s digital double rises to immortal stardom. With her contract expiring, she is invited to take part in “The Congress” convention as she makes her comeback straight into the world of future fantasy cinema.”

Human Love has much, much more lofty goals than becoming a mere digital relic, worshipped and Idolized as frozen Personalities encrypted into the Luciferic dead trophies stack of dead weight relics left over from our accumulation of human egotism. Stuck, stranded and left behind we cannot carry these dead objects into the Jupiter Evolution.

Egotism, but let us refine this Initiation IMAGINATION, so that we can feel the immense tragic brilliance of Humanity and our shared and stupefied Imagination of leaving behind us, on the tarmac of the Akasha, astral and etheric systems, our physical and digital systems, our RELICS. Some millions have bowed down and shaped for themselves, replications of our false and fatal Idolatry. Psychotic impressions of actual spiritual density, of our unresolved personality shells, lay strewn in the vast wasteland of the sweep of the Akasha of unfolding Time.

The Michael School is blessed by being able to identify the solidified shadows of some aspects of our stunted remains that may lie scattered and strewn on the shores of Time and the Akasha. The Michael School is stirred to compassion by seeing the complexities of the Idols we have created in ourselves and Idols that we may have worshiped once upon a time that might remain too dense and unpenetrated by the power of Holy Recovery we carry in the germinal forces of our true Earth, captured in the words Not I but Christ in me.

Human Imagination and “Sunset Boulevard”

“For all its humour, Sunset Boulevard is a bitter and queasy film, and the figure of Desmond is its greatest grotesque, a woman of 50 striving to be 25, surrounded by images of herself and entranced by her own face on a cinema screen.”

Charles Dickens “Great Expectations” Chapter 8, When Time is Frozen in the Past

“It was not in the first few moments that I saw all these things, though I saw more of them in the first moments than might be supposed. But, I saw that everything within my view which ought to be white, had been white long ago, and had lost its lustre, and was faded and yellow. I saw that the bride within the bridal dress had withered like the dress, and like the flowers, and had no brightness left but the brightness of her sunken eyes. I saw that the dress had been put upon the rounded figure of a young woman, and that the figure upon which it now hung loose, had shrunk to skin and bone. Once, I had been taken to see some ghastly waxwork at the Fair, representing I know not what impossible personage lying in state. Once, I had been taken to one of our old marsh churches to see a skeleton in the ashes of a rich dress, that had been dug out of a vault under the church pavement. Now, waxwork and skeleton seemed to have dark eyes that moved and looked at me. I should have cried out, if I could.

“Who is it?” said the lady at the table.

“Pip, ma’am.”


“Mr. Pumblechook’s boy, ma’am. Come – to play.”

“Come nearer; let me look at you. Come close.”

It was when I stood before her, avoiding her eyes, that I took note of the surrounding objects in detail, and saw that her watch had stopped at twenty minutes to nine, and that a clock in the room had stopped at twenty minutes to nine.

“Look at me,” said Miss Havisham. “You are not afraid of a woman who has never seen the sun since you were born?”

I regret to state that I was not afraid of telling the enormous lie comprehended in the answer “No.”

“Do you know what I touch here?” she said, laying her hands, one upon the other, on her left side.

“Yes, ma’am.” (It made me think of the young man.)

“What do I touch?”

“Your heart.”


She uttered the word with an eager look, and with strong emphasis, and with a weird smile that had a kind of boast in it. “

No we haven’t grasped or understood the seriousness of Earth Evolution, our I AM, Spiritual Science or our own journey from egotism, which includes what we call Congress, (which is also the betrayal, through ahrimanic fornication in our sciences that serve our rampant consumer egotism). This Colossal Egotism also include and encompass Presidents, Dictators, Liars, the cult of Hollywood Idols stranded and stagnated, caught in digital and dead regions of Time. We have unknowingly and unwittingly littered our astral world with the digital wreckage of the history of our false Personality worship. How does Earth digest the cosmic wreckage, the shells and carapaces we have left behind us? Through the reality of NOT I BUT CHRIST IN ME.


Percy Bysshe Shelley1792 – 1822

I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shatter’d visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamp’d on these lifeless things,
The hand that mock’d them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
Nothing beside remains: round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

Sophia and Her Son, St. John, and Her Daughter AnthroSophia have arrived together with The Risen Etheric Christ at a great Surging Point where future generations will confront in ourselves both Heaven and Hell. The Twin Peaks of Incarnation into the Mysteries of the Inner Earth and the Mysteries of consciously Ascending into the Spiritual World will challenge us all to the end of TIME.

We are all challenged to re-think what stands at the Boundaries of Natural Science and what stands at the Threshold of the Spiritual World. Entities and Beings exist all around us and through us, above and below us. Whether you are Christian Rosenkreuz, Rudolf Steiner, Novalis, Goethe, Martin Luther King Jr. Marilyn Monroe, Ita Wegman, Mother Teresa Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Stephen King, scientists, artists, mothers, fathers or children, we are all stepping over the Threshold.

This will not be easy. We must become comfortable in how we locate ourselves in TIME. We must slowly learn to live within the fluidity of TIME, move through Time, and in this sense, become Time Travelers in the I AM. We will eventually become readers and reporters of the Akasha of Time Itself.

That is why, when we study what an Initiate brought forth at the very conclusion of his Life Course, we see how he was able to unveil the Karma Lectures. These are Time Revelations that allow each of us to become actual Witnesses to the fruits, seeds and becoming, hidden in The Mysteries of Time Itself. We are called, in our education, to carry precise insights gained through our growing and developing higher faculties,, discover new virginal Living Life Forces hidden in the soil of Imagination and Inspiration.

to Sophie von Kühn (March 17, 1782 – March 19, 1797)

Where is Sophie and is she alive? –
the Pilgrim asked, all dressed in white.
Or, maybe she hides
behind some boyish face,
growing like a flower
in the spring-day grace;
Is that song of the birds
which spreads over the sky, hers?
Or is she among some children
who run joyfully through the forest,
a shy little girl, carefully drinking
the light of the Sun in the morning…

Ah, Sophie is now the voice
of the long lost Heavenly Purity;
her smile shines from the dawn,
her hands are the blossoming trees,
she is everywhere and everything sees,
and Love is her eternal choice.

Annael A. Pavlova ]


Imagination is called upon to awaken in us the higher explorations of the Science of Sophia and the New Clairvoyance in the Science of Soul and Spirit development. We must make note in our Spiritual Science schooling how Elijah acted as a Nature force itself in the forming of the Hebrew People. This Nature force of Elijah, which is depicted clearly in the Gospel of St. Mark lectures by Rudolf Steiner becomes a fully condensed force in “Little Fable”, in the Novalis tale of the Blue Flower. In Heinrich von Ofterdingen, we encounter ANTHROSOPHIA as the newly emancipated, higher human cognitive Fairy Tale embodiment of the elastic cosmic ‘naked youth’ depicted in the Mark Gospel lectures by Rudolf Steiner. When we go further we come towards THIS LINK, and many links that reveal the Spiritual Well of the Higher I AM. Study This Link.

From Elijah to ‘Little Fable’ (Living Anthrosophia)

“But if we wish to consider the whole spirit of Elijah’s work, and the whole spirit of Elijah as it is presented in the Bible, and allow it to influence our souls, we may say that in Elijah we are confronted by the spirit of the whole ancient Hebrew people. All that lives and is interwoven in this people is encompassed within the spirit of Elijah. We may refer to him as the folk spirit of the ancient Hebrew folk. Spiritual science shows him to have been too great to dwell altogether in the soul of his earthly form, in the soul of Naboth. He hovered over him like a cloud; and he not only lived in Naboth but went around the whole country like an element of nature, active in rain and sunshine. This is revealed ever more clearly the more we go into the whole narrative, which begins by saying that drought and barrenness prevailed, but that through Elijah’s relationship to the divine spiritual worlds the drought was ended and the needs of the land at that time were fulfilled. He worked as an element of nature, a law of nature itself.”


Androgyny and the Virginity of the Grail from my colleague and friend in the Michael School Adriana Koulias (Click link for in depth study). We need to awaken in ourselves immense clues as to the Androgyny and Virginity we need to awaken in us. HERE IS A BIG CLUE FROM ADRIANA.

“How may we know our work?

“One has to know what is lower ‘self’ and what is ‘higher’. For instance, when you look into the world you see a rose. The rose you see, is red. It is red because you see it with your lower ego and you remember it red. But if you look within you to the complement of the rose, you will see a green rose. The green rose is essentially the spirit of the rose.
This spirit is the Manna that is held inside the Grail Cup.
This you see only because you have a Grail like Soul in which lives a higher self. The red rose is in the world like a riddle.
We must ask the question, ‘What are you?
The red rose answers in your soul. ‘I am a green spirit trapped in red body, and now you have released me through your consciousness!’

Once you discover this secret, the spirit is like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. You can follow it down into the rabbit hole, into your soul until it disappears.
From out of the darkness then it comes again, this time it is illuminating the higher self, which shining through the feeling soul of human being fashions the etheric heart – the eye of the soul for the light of the spirit. This heart will be green, like the emerald in the Parzifal Story because…it is the spiritual counterpart of the red heart. Later we descend with our consciousness following the Light itself down to the bones and we see how there it fashions the body into a diamond.

“Grail = Spirit in the Human head.
Emerald = Spirit in Human heart.
Diamond = Spirit in the Human Limbs.

“So what is your higher self in truth? It is the Spirit that enters into the soul to illuminate Christ, and through Him takes us to the Father. Christ is the Higher being in the self.
And just like a pregnant woman can carry a child and be one with it though she does not see it or know it , we can carry Christ knowing he is inside us even if at first we can’t see him or know him. And just like it is only when the baby is born that we can say we are separate from the child but of the same blood, so it is when we give birth to Christ. We realise we are individual and yet one with His spirit. Christ appears before us then, born out of the womb of souls, which one might call Sophia, as a separate being with whom we are forever united in a bond stronger than life.

“For that kind of love follows us through death and into new lives!
So in our work we must ask ourselves always:
Is this wise? Will Christ be born from my soul as a warm light of love if I do this action? Does the work I do reflect the love of Christ in me, even if I can’t see him yet, even if I only see the shadow of his work reflected by my own soul?
That should be the measure by which we judge our work.” (January 2019)


It is remarkable to me, as a student in the Michael School, I had pretty much come to the end of my editing process of my research article “Entities at the Threshold” by January 25, 2019. However mutual collaborations and Higher Inspirations travel without passports through the starry regions at night, where Adriana (above) and Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon (quoted below), and myself, all came to similar insights. But none spoke to each other and we are not in proximity with each other nor do we have each others phone or text access. Just patterns in the Higher Sleep forces, that help build the new Foundation Stone Community.

It is a hot topic to understand the Androgyny of the I AM and the Virginity of the I AM as Part of the Grail Mysteries. The three of us and many more spread over the Earth, have been attending classes conducted by the Dead and the Higher Initiates in the Spiritual World. And when each of us wakes, we have no idea or no knowledge that any of us have been studying the same regions in the Higher Worlds. I have, however, paid some attention to my colleagues but only through the electronic media and mostly listening quietly behind the scenes to certain FB pronouncements. This is the Link to Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon’s recent research also out of January 2019. (Click Link)

Rudolf Steiner lectures of 14-15 September 1924, GA 318

 The spiritual side of the same process is illuminated when the connection is made between the white forces of the lymph and the soul being of the white Lily, Blancheflor, and the red forces of the blood with the spiritual being of the red rose, Flor. What was described above from a physiological occult point of view is described below as the union of the soul and spirit in the self-conscious human “I”:

  “Flor symbolised the human soul who has received the impulse of the Ego, of personality, who lets the Spiritual work out of his individuality, who has brought the Ego-force down into the red blood. But the lily was the symbol of the soul who can only remain spiritual when the Ego remains outside… Flor and Blancheflor symbolise the finding of the World-Soul, the World-Ego, by the human soul and the human Ego. The event recorded in the legend of the Holy Grail is also described in the legend of Flor and Blancheflor… The union of the lily-soul with the rose-spirit was taken to express that principle in man which can link him with the Mystery of Golgotha”.

Rudolf Steiner lecture of 6th May 1909, GA 57

“When this marriage of the human soul and cosmic spirit is consummated, the Christ child is born in the heart of the self-conscious human self. And this newborn higher self, is also the essence of spiritual cognition, because this cognition is in itself a productive, creative power:

“This human being who gives birth in man to the higher man, to a man who represents a little world in the great world, who out of his purified soul brings forth the true higher man — what is he? He cannot be otherwise described than by the word clairvoyant. If we try to make a picture of the soul that gives birth to the higher man out of himself, out of the spiritual universe, we need only call to mind the picture of the Sistine Madonna, the Madonna with the wonderful Child in her arms.

“Thus in the Sistine Madonna we have a picture of the human soul born of the spiritual universe, and springing from this soul the highest that a human being can bring forth — man’s own spiritual birth, what within him is a new begetting of cosmic creative activity”.

Rudolf Steiner, lecture of 29th April, 1909, GA 57

“If we experience inwardly what Rudolf Steiner described above, we can read Cognitive Yoga again with deeper understanding. In chapter 7, Birth of a New Etheric Body, I describe how the connection between the etherized blood and lymph is connected to the birth process of the new etheric body. Their spiritual union brings about the spiritualization of the forces of fructification and birth, that harbor the new etheric body. This is also the connection to the new Grail mysteries, because this etheric body, that we have to create today independently, is also the new Grail chalice, into which the etheric Christ can pour his new life forces.” Much more detail study (Click Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon LINK)


To talk about Fire Initiation, and Fire Walk with Me and passing into immense forces that pass unconsciously through us, The Deep Forces of the Cherubim – Seraphim and Thrones themselves, we come and as it happens, I also stumbled during my research into this. By the above references, you can understand that it is up to us to understand how coincident events shed light from various regions on subjects such as Initiation and Entities at the Threshold (Click Link) we are studying. This is really part of the 1st Class studies in the Michael School. Let me give you just a brief quote from those studies.

“Now I must indicate something to you, my dear sisters and brothers, something you all know, for normal consciousness is already aware of it. It is what we call the voice of conscience in us. The voice of conscience! But the voice of conscience calls out in an indeterminate way to human consciousness. Usually we do not rightly know what it is – in respect to our moral-psychological comportment – that comes from the mysterious depths of our souls and which we call the voice of conscience. With normal consciousness one does not penetrate so deeply into one’s own being as to reach the voice of conscience. It ascends, but man does not reach it, so he does not look at it face to face.

“And when man penetrates meditatively to the distant world of the Cherubim, the wisdom filled beings who live and act throughout the universe, he makes the great discovery that from the world of the cherubim an impulse enters into him within which the voice of conscience lives. Oh, the voice of conscience is of high origin, high being. It actually lives in the world of the Cherubim. From that world of the Cherubim it weaves itself into humanity and at first resounds from the depths of this humanity in an indeterminate way. But it is a great, mighty encounter when man, through intuition, can come into contact with the field of the Cherubim and encounter the world where his conscience lives and works. It is the greatest personal discovery anyone can make.”  (Really – to penetrate into the footsteps we make and the deeds we do Please Study this Link Carefully)


Lemuria and the Pacific Rim.


To penetrate and understand the Choice of the Ascension Mysteries of The Risen Etheric Christ and to understand THE NOTHING, of the descent into the 8th sphere, merely requires our Soul and Spirit to adjust itself and catch up to Earth Evolution. But catching up or even desiring to catch up and sort out gnarly dogmas and twisted aberrations we cling to proves to us time and time again that generally most people are too busy to stand still long enough. Most have no desire to take hold of and to know what the impact of the Christ Event has had for the Entire Evolution of our Earth.

Here are two points of reference that can be placed in the scales. Michael the Archai of the Sun has held the Cosmic Scales of Cognitive Balance for our Human I AM, while Christ is the actual uplifting Power of the I AM Itself. The first one, THIS ONE (Click Link) allows our Thinking to catch up to our 5th Age of Pisces current crisis. The second one, THIS ONE (Click Link) allows our Thinking to step into the future of the Ascension Mysteries of the Entire Earth. For a refresher we should use both. On one scale of balance, the past and on the other scale of balance the future. In both we are directly called to overcome THE NOTHING.


John Lennon is mentioned in our research of this document. John Lennon and the Beatles were, as most of humanity have been, influenced by Alice in Wonderland. Here is the Link to something we might call Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. (Click Link). Lucy certainly has assisted humanity. Humanity comes eventually and out of necessity to NOT I BUT CHRIST IN US.