Vowel ‘UH’ – SATURN – a study in Western Cosmology by Bradford Riley

100 Years of Eurythmy

“The ancients identified each of the seven original modes with one of the Planets, whose power to influence their destinies they were thus enabled through music to invoke at will, as a nation or as individuals, The Greeks of Hellas adopted the Sun or Dorian mode as the foundation of their wonderful musical system, whereas the Phrygians appealed to Venus, Lesbos to the Moon, Lydia to Mercury.

“The idea of the Planetary basis of music originated with the Egyptians and was accepted by the Greeks who connected the twenty-eight notes of the scales with the days of the moon’s rotation. The fifteen notes of the diatonic scale were related to the same number of days of the moon’s increase, The seven days were associated with the seven notes of the octave…”   Kathleen Schlesinger

Part (ONE – CLICK LINK FOR PART ONE) Introduction and Study of the Consonants

This is (Part TWO – A) starting with the Vowel ‘UH’ and a study in Saturn

Part (TWO – B) of the Vowel Studies (not completed)


“The Stars once Spoke to Man.
It is World Destiny that they are Silent now.
To be aware of this Silence
Can become Pain for Earthly Man.
But in the Deepening Silence
There Grows and Ripens
What Man Speaks to the Stars.
To be aware of this Speaking
Can become Strength for Spirit Man.”
Rudolf Steiner
Christmas 1923


“These Saturn impulses have a very special influence on men. Even the perception of them when a man looks back upon his earthly life between the fifty-sixth and sixty-third years — even the sight of the Saturn mysteries is in many respects shattering; these mysteries are in a sense alien to earthly life. And whoever gradually learns through Initiation knowledge to perceive the Saturn mysteries that are connected with this period of life, undergoes experiences of dramatic intensity, shattering experiences, that are harder and harder to bear because these mysteries strike at the very roots of life.”  Rudolf Steiner

Exploring the planets and our infatuation with a DEAD COSMOLOGY that is the inspiration of NASA, good Sci-Fi and world wide efforts to master STFF – ‘Space the Final Frontier’ in warp drive Star Trek ships and marvel at Star Wars special effects on wild untamed planets, (now here is where it gets tricky) it produces only a DEAD COSMOLOGY.

“Today the human being himself is changing from being a creature to becoming a creator. But if he clings on to the world of what has become, he releases forces of decline. Opposing this, Rudolf Steiner opened up access to the world of real creative forces. In speech as archetype of the arts, the human being still carries an image of the etheric world in himself and can consequently lift himself from being a creature to that of a creator. And so the significance which Steiner gives to speech is understandable. In speech the future is enclosed like a seed. The human being received speech on its descent into the earthly world as a precious store of provision and seed for the future. But in order that this seed can again grow into life, it has to come out of the realm of the feeling heart where it could be protected, and enter the realm of the will. ”  Martin-Ingbert Heigl

Our task as humanity is without a doubt, to become familiar with how the planets have formed us. Our job is to become familiar with how the planets intimately influence us, their ratios, orbits, weights, pulls, balances, intangible and tangible meanings but most importantly we need the freedom to become familiar with their intrinsic Personalities. The Planets have Personalities and Beings and our task as humanity is to become familiar with the family of the Planets and the Beings who inhabit them. This requires us to change our orientation and thinking. It is not merely the surface location of the planet that interests us, where we send our cameras and robots to scour the surface and send back pictures, that has been merely a Galileo Galilein, Tycho De Brahe and Keplerian  (Kepler Link Here) monumental achievement. Our intimate human task is to meet, encounter and gain insights into the Personality, position, mark points and Beings, that without a doubt, DO inhabit the Devachan region of these planets and learn HOW to see them and understand them.

“Nicholas Copernicus (1473–1543) became a Church dignitary in Frauenburg. His celebrated astronomical work, De revolutionibus orbiurn coelestium, had been dedicated to Pope Paul III, but was not printed until 1543, in Nurnberg. Although protected, to begin with, by the dedication to the Pope, in 1615 it was put on the Index of books forbidden to Catholics, remaining there until 1822, when the ban was officially lifted by the Vatican on works dealing with the earth’s motion and the fixed position of the sun.”

Galilee – Galileo and Walking on the Etheric Waters of Western Cosmology

In several instances of research I have brought forward a Living Western Cosmology (SEE LINK)  from Embryology and the Science of the Word in Eurythmy (CLICK LINK)  and the Consonants and the current exploration of the Vowels and the Planets.

We can, as well, encounter the interior of Western Cosmology in Shakespeare and his SEVEN AGES, which also taps into human biography. But to merely say human biography apparently doesn’t strike home or impress us quite enough. The Science of the Planets and Western Cosmology is also directly related to the intimacies of human biography as we shall discover by examining the Saturn Mysteries.

Standard Planetary System as it unfolds in Every Human Biography

0-7 Physical body (Moon) Will growth to Change of Teeth
7-14 Etheric body (Mercury) Intelligence towards Puberty
14-21 Astral body (Venus) early foundations of Love Adulthood
21-28 Sentient Soul (Sun forces) – (emotional Ego)
28-35 Intellectual Soul — (Sun forces) – (Intellect of Ego)
35-42 Consciousness Soul / (Sun forces) – (Cosmopolitan Ego)
42-49 Spirit Self (Mars) Speech
49-56 Life Spirit (Jupiter) Thought
56-63 Spirit Man (Saturn) Memory

The Science of planets in the Seven Ages of a human biography

Jacques: All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,

Moon – Vowel  (ie – pie)

His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,
Mewling and puking* in the nurse’s arms.

Mercury – Vowel (EE – see)

Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like a snail
Unwillingly to school.

Venus –  Vowel  (AH – Apostle)

And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress’ eyebrow.

Mars – Vowel  (AY say)

Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard*,
Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the canon’s mouth.

Jupiter – Vowel  ( O – tone)

And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon* lined,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws* and modern instances;
And so he plays his part.

Saturn – Vowel (UH – glue)

The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slippered pantaloon*
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side;
His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his* sound.

Excarnation – Return to Spiritual World

Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans* teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.
(As You Like It, 2. 7. 139-167)

Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

“To the modern materialistic view of the cosmos, Saturn is observed merely as a body moving about in cosmic space; and the same with the other planets. This is not the case; for if we take Saturn, the outermost planet of our Universe, we must represent him as the leader of our planetary system in cosmic space. He directs our system in space. He is the body for the outermost force which leads us round in the lemniscate in cosmic space . . . Were he alone to work, we should continually move in a lemniscate.” (Click This Link for further insights)

There is an obvious failure in our education and a horrible reluctance to cohesively approach a true Western Cosmology and over come our infatuation with the dead apparatus and functioning of the Planets and Solar System.

Without effort on our parts we can stare all we want at the magnificent NASA and HUBBLE pictures of the cosmos and twiddle our thumbs and wait for more materialism to give us tourist shots of those magnificent orbs, those spinning islands rotating majestically in space; OR we can get down to awakening each of our insights into every human being we meet. We can mature and educate ourselves and learn to know the true nature of the planets shining through every human being.  We can learn to do our own spiritual space walking as explorers able to see the very Beings of the Planets themselves.

This study will introduce us to the Saturn Beings and the origin of the resonating Vowel Sound ‘ UH ‘. The Saturn Beings are alien to our mode of perception. Human Beings are unique members of the planetary community. We integrate and incorporate into our soul and physical, etheric and astral bodies the entire range of Planetary Beings. We are literally the portals and windows through which the planetary worlds shine forth and Speak. It is in the very secrets of our anatomy and in the secrets of the Vowels that we emotionally raise to art and skill in our Operas, Speech and Songs (CLICK THIS LINK).

“On The Celts, and also on the new album Watermark, Enya employs the multi-vocal technique – layers and layers of perfectly pitched and matched breathing of vowel sounds. Sometimes, she painstakingly record a sound or word hundred times over.” Cronus is Saturn, the son of Uranus and Gaea. Cronus-Saturn is the keeper of Time (CLICK LINK) and the karmic memory of humanity and the gods who created humanity. To become an independent explorer and voyager into the region of immortality, an intense course study and training in Cronus and Saturn is required.

All the Planets are operative within us. Our Lungs a gift from Mercury, our Hearts a gift from the Sun, our Livers a gift from Jupiter, arranged from center to periphery, our Bladder –  is a gift from the Moon and the tides that run through our bodies at the center; our kidneys are a gift from Venus further out; our gallbladder, ‘ of all the gall’  is a gift Mars; our  liver a gift from Jupiter and the orbit of Jupiter in years around the Sun, matches the cycle of our livers in hours within our bodies;  and finally our spleen is a gift from the  Saturn Beings, which in our anatomy and our inner organ system stands very close to the periphery of the outer region of organs. We are going to look at some of the specifics of the Saturn Beings who are the guardians of mighty Saturn which sits, loaded with mysteries for us to penetrate and unravel.

KVASIR and Baldr (also Balder, Baldur) reveal the hidden secret of Western Cosmology (See Link)

“When the AESIR and the VANIR had made a truce, and settled terms for a lasting peace, every single god and goddess spat into a great jar. This put the seal on their friendship, and because the Aesir were anxious that no one should forget it, even for one moment, they carried off the jar and out of the spittle they fashioned a man. His name was KVASIR. He was so steeped in all matters and mysteries of the nine worlds since fire and ice first met in Ginnungagap that no god nor man or giant nor dwarf ever regretted putting him a question or asking his opinion.”  THE HUMAN BEING IS THE PORTAL TO THE PLANETS AND THE CONSTELLATIONS.

We are pretty giddy with excitement when it comes to our external earth-bound sense of SEEING the surface systems of the design and lay-out of the planets. With Saturn there are several significant mysteries we have been able to detect, partly with our external NASA technology. One of those insights is the magnificent HEXAGON (click link) on the North Pole of Saturn. The Hexagon is a Life System, Earth System foundation that exist in all aspects of matter from the plant’s green blood to our human blood, DNA and crystal formations of our Earth. (Please Click on this Link and study the Hexagonal Mystery of Saturn).

Saturn and the Acoustical Mystery of the Planets

The gateways and doorways through to the planets, how we enter these Planetary Mysteries are all about the higher frequencies of Math and Tone. Sound that sounds forth through a higher vibrational frequency, when it resounds in the soul life, when we can SEE the Tone and Hear the Tone, we can follow that massive cosmic Tone out to the Planets. What was the Mystery of the 1st Goetheanum? The 1st Goetheanum, THE HOUSE OF THE WORD,  had a series of vast, carved wooden pillars running the length of the BAU, the building.(CLICK LINK TOUR OF 1ST GOETHEANUM) The WOOD of the Pillars carried Tone, with such exquisite, living vibration, that the entire building or BAU was an instrument and resonated with the Living Word.

We know the story of “The Red Violin” (Click Link). The Red Violin movie is about the creator, owners and users of a strange red violin. The film follows the violin’s journey through 7 different languages and covers a period over 300 years. It is an acoustic masterpiece of construction by a master. But it’s mystery is very much like the brilliant mystery of the Instrument of the Word that Rudolf Steiner made called ‘The Bau’. Here we know something in advance of our understanding.

Many people have commented on the considerable differences between the two Goetheanums. Shortly after the fire, Herr Doktor, never one to procrastinate started to design the new building and made a most interesting comment to a close friend. After talking about how the First Goetheanum was built with money from love and out of living materials to create an architectural/musical instrument for the human soul, Steiner went on to say: “The new Goetheanum will be built from the money the insurance companies will pay. They will hate to pay us. It will no longer be money given with love, and I must use it accordingly. The new Goetheanum will not be built out of wood, but of dead material-of concrete.”

The Red Violin (Click Link) is an Imagination that has to do with the blood that was mixed into the varnish of the violin and the mysterious journey of Love, as the blood is the I AM, the mysterious journey of the intangible science of Love, which allowed the most intoxicating, priceless, impressive journey of Sound through Time. The Red Violin  (Click Link needed Souls and Spirits to play it and when they did, it was the single most perfect acoustic instrument ever seen or played by human hands.

We are each of us such precious instruments of Tone (We are Architects of Sound Click Link) enveloped in the mystery of our I AM and our blood. And the science of the Mystery of the blood that was spilled on Golgotha by a Divine Being is a singing Instrument of the Cosmic Word that continues to journey through time. 300 years is the length of one work day of a Time Spirit, known as an Archae.

But to create the Tonal Instrument of a Building that replicated the inner tonal structure of the Temple that Zarathustra and Christ built and Christ rebuilt the Immortal Planetary and Zodiacal masterpiece of Spirit-Man in three days  –

Mark 14:56-59  “Many testified falsely against him, but their statements did not agree. Then some stood up and gave this false testimony against him: ‘We heard him say, “I will destroy this man-made temple and in three days will build another, not made by man.”‘ Yet even then their testimony did not agree.”

– to restore the  Masterpiece of the Resurrected Human Spirit – Rudolf Steiner reproduced the Resurrected Model in the magnificent Tonal Masterpiece of Resonating Pillars and Tone, the double domed cupolas that revealed on the inner ceiling of the BAU –  the higher Devachan Vision of Humanity that resounds through the Revelation of St. John. Rudolf Steiner did this during the Saturn period of his human biography. It is this Saturn Mystery in the Vowel Sound ‘UH’ and the Time Frame of SATURN in the Human Biography of Rudolf Steiner that we shall focus on.

56-63 Spirit Man (Saturn) Memory

It was here and only here, at the magnificent HOUSE OF THE WORD, where the doorways to the Planetary Beings were reopened for business.  In the HOUSE OF THE WORD, created in Rudolf Steiner’s SATURN PERIOD OF HIS BIOGRAPHY humanity learned once more to SPEAK  BACK TO THE STARS, raising once again to visibility and public authenticity the clear vision of the Mission of Humanity.

Resounding through the entire building of the 1st Goetheanum were the Planetary Tones and magnificent revelation of  how humanity once more, retrains itself to become the Voice of the Heavens. Through the fact that Rudolf Steiner penetrated the depths of the Christ Mystery, he brought the reality of the Science of the Christ Event and the Science of St. John and the Word out from the darkness of time into the Light of day where all human beings in the West, who love Science, Soul and Spirit could witness and reclaim how Humanity could find the path to return to the Heavens, but not in Spaceships. Rather that each human being, each of us, are the portals, tones, and synthesis of the Heavens. That without a doubt, we, each of us, were made and represent, in our human physical, etheric, astral and I AM systems, the complete, condensed, compact vision of the Heavens. We are the riddle of the Stars, we had merely to learn to see and read how each of us are the riddle of the Stars.

“Through the relationship of the different speeds of the planets, the fundamental tones of the harmony of the spheres arise that sound through the cosmos. The School of Pythagoras was justified in speaking of a celestial harmony. With spiritual ears one can hear it. When you spread fine powder as evenly as possible on a thin brass plate and then stroke its edge with a fiddler’s bow, the powder moves in a definite line pattern. All kinds of figures will arise depending on the pitch of the tone. The tone effects a distribution of the material. These are called Chladny figures (CLICK LINK DEMONSTRATION). When the spiritual tone of the celestial harmony sounded forth into the universe, it organized the planets into their relationships.” (Occult Signs and Symbols, 1972, pp. 9-12)

There are three waves of human biography, human math, that match the orbital periods of the outer planets. Listen carefully, the Saturn Beings are the stern guardians of the outer incubation area we see with our telescopes, of the First Creation and Warmed Cosmic Embryo where Humanity was first conceived. The orbit of Saturn marks what is known as the Ancient Saturn Evolution. The Jupiter Beings are completely different and the orbit of Jupiter marks the circumference point of the Ancient Sun Evolution. The Mars Beings are an unruly lot, but their orbital demarcation around the Sun marks the extent of the Old Moon Evolution.

Rudolf Steiner brings this crisp sentence from (THIS LINK) “You will do well if you picture those outer planets as boundary marks for the limits of the ancient Worlds.”  Spiritual Hierarchies: Lecture 5

The various Pythagorean, musical, mathematical and biographical systems reveal clearly and distinctly that we as Humanity are the compendium and harmonic system of the planets and all Life on Earth reflects that.  Our entire Emotional field of Vowel Expressions are gateways to the Rainbow, the Law of the Rainbow of emotion and Goethe’s Theory of Color. Which means Humanity is truly a spectrum and prism for the many Planetary Beings who make up our Solar Community. Humans can be one-sided but they are designed to contain the full spectrum of Light that runs through our Souls, our Art, our Science and our Religion.

“Sun, Moon, and Stars, blue air, seven-colored bow

In man are offered to the worlds below.

Stone, Blossom, Beast and Earth’s great task of Love

In man are offered to the worlds above.”

Let us briefly review how the border-land of TIME and HUMAN KARMA has remained in the grip of the Saturn Beings. Before I actualize this piece of apparent Greek Mythology, it is important to get our heads on straight. To comprehend such a study as the KARMA LECTURES by Rudolf Steiner, we are required to appreciate a course study in the Saturn Mysteries.

To actually gain the capacity to be a fully conscious Karma Researcher of individual human I AM’s, tracking and tracing their journey’s out beyond Saturn, to a new incarnation, actually requires an intimate understanding, not just of the names of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, but the shattering intimate knowledge of being able to bear the force of knowing ourselves to the depths of our being and sustaining Living Love – Light and Hope, through the most vivid comprehension of the tragic condition of humanity. This crushing journey into the realm of Conscious Karma Cognition requires an intimate and sobering knowledge of the Christ Event on Earth, and an unwavering familiarity with the Vowel Sound ‘ UH ‘.

Speech Sample VOWEL SOUND ‘ UH’

“The Horned Owl”  by Barry Cornwall

In the hollow tree in the old grey tower,
The spectral owl doth dwell;
Dull, hated, despised in the sunshine hour,
But at dusk he’s abroad and well:
Not a bird in the forest e’er mates with him,
All mock him outright by day;
But at night when the woods grow still and dim,
The boldest will shrink away.
Oh, when the night falls and roosts the fowl,    
Then, then is the reign of the horned owl!
And the owl hath a bride who is fond and bold,
And loveth the woods deep gloom;
And with eyes like the shine of the moonshine cold
She awaiteth her ghastly groom!
Not a feather she moves, nor a carol she sings,
As she waits in her tree so still;
But when here heart heareth his flapping wings,
She hoots out her welcome shrill!
Oh, when the moon shines, and the dogs do howl,
Then, then is the cry of the horned owl’.
Mourn not for the owl nor his gloomy plight!
The owl hath his share of good:
If a prisoner he be in the broad daylight,
He is lord in the dark green wood!
Nor lonely the bird, nor his ghastly mate;
They are unto each a pride –
Thrice fonder, perhaps, since a strange dark fate
Hath rent them from all beside!
So when the night falls and the dogs do howl,
Sing ho! for the reign of the horned owl!
We know not alway who are kings by day,
But the king of the night is the bold brown owl.

Cronus – Saturn is usually depicted viciously devouring and eating his children. We are the Reincarnating offspring of mighty Saturn. The Greeks moved the goal posts IN to Jupiter and Zeus –  because Jupiter’s actual orbit in space marks the perimeter of the Ancient Sun Evolution. Goethe’s karmic roots go all the way back to ancient Greek culture. Through Goethe humanity bought time to absorb the immense awakening of the Etheric Life of the Logos and the deed that was performed at Golgotha.

This strengthening in the realm of Jupiter and the ancient Etheric Sun forces has allowed humanity to endure, reach out and embrace the Saturn Mysteries. Goethe and the Goetheanum, and the etheric sciences, and our study of Etheric Phytology are all Jupiter/Sun Mysteries. Goethe himself is literally an honored Jupiterian Representative. Rudolf Steiner brought the Etheric Sciences of Goethe all the way to the Etheric Christ Mysteries. By resurrecting and transforming the Greek Mysteries, Steiner was able to expand further beyond the Saturn Mysteries and establish the first all encompassing Science of Western Cosmology.

Which begs the question, St. John was once the Folk-Spirit of the Celtic people wasn’t he? This Celtic Folk Spirit sacrificed his position to become the guiding Spirit of Esoteric Christianity. However, the Exoteric Spirit of Christianity was given to the Folk-Spirit of the Greek people. Goethe carried the focused exoteric SUBSTANCE of the Greek Soul. However, whoever was assigned the task of representing the Exoteric Mysteries of Christianity, was once the Greek-Folk-Spirit. So now we see two Spiritual Individualities, chosen by the Christ Being. One to represent the Esoteric Eagle Heights of the Christ Mysteries and the other to work side by side representing the Exoteric Mysteries of Christianity. I will look more closely at this question a little later.

There is no single, individual, human rhythm pattern, in one life-span of a human being, that averages 72 years, there is no pattern in human life on Earth, in biography, anatomy or human destiny, so far, that matches the outer planets orbits named Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Most importantly the human soul so far, is not designed to utter Vowel Sounds beyond the realm of Saturn.

Geistesmensch Neptun Neptun
Lebensgeist Uranus Uranus
Geistselbst Saturn Saturn
Bewusstseinsseele Jupiter Jupiter
Verstandesseele Mars Mars
Empfindungsseele Venus Venus
Empfindungsleib Merkur Merkur
Ätherleib Mond Mond
Physischer Leib Sonne Sonne

If you had the remnants of a classic Greek filter system still alive within your soul life, you would realize something profound that is crushed and degraded in EVERY educational system. The underestimation, the lack of thinking insight into the structure of Greek Thinking that is so much deeper and richer than anything we ever reduce down to a game of THRONES, even the name THRONES, Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones are being ripped away from the outstanding laws of cognition and how we approach Western Cosmology.

Cronus – Saturn is the young son of Gaea and Uranus. When we draw attention to an Alien Being and an Alien Intelligence, we are tasked to know the Saturn Beings if we would know that there is no such thing as a BIG BANG. If you entertain the aberration of the BIG BANG and have made it part of your theory of Western Cosmology 101 and prance proudly patting clever science on the back for having solved the greatest gnawing riddle of human history, than you are a victim of what I drew a link to in PART ONE.

Every scientist and university and teacher who glorifies this BIG BANG and other nonsense has been infected with the Fall of the Star Beings. We perpetuate the imprisoning of the Eurythmy and Word Beings and continue to darken our own and our children’s path through the stars because we wish to remain unconscious of certain WORD MYSTERIES. We cripple our capacity to understand the true science of Western Cosmology, Eurythmy or the Christ Mystery Itself because we never had the good fortune to study the following link carefully.

Deadly Aberrations, Abstractions, Distortions and lies in Western Cosmology (asked to study the link again, it was given in part one and is given again here CLICK LINK and study carefully)

“…it is clearly possible to see among those who fought hard against the dominion of Michael, and against whom the spirits of Michael had to proceed — it is clearly possible to see among them to this day, the very spirit-beings whom Klingsor conjured up in the Wartburg long ago against Wolfram von Eschenbach.

“But it is most significant of all to recognize this connection of abstract rationalism, abstractly clever thinking, with that which lives in the subconscious as darkened, veiled conceptions about the stars and relationships to the stars. Such things, living in the subconscious, rise into consciousness as abstract thoughts. We can study the karma of the cleverest men of the present day — cleverest in the materialist sense — and we find that as a rule in former earthly lives they had something to do with cosmological aberrations into the realms of black magic. This is a very significant connection.”

To the Greek mind Uranus did not like the Titans and Cyclops children, and again, we follow the powerful word TITANIC, a heck of a set of Consonants it has too. Just look at those strong ‘ T ‘ s. The Birth of Eurythmy and The Sinking of the Titanic in 1912 follow two different and  distinct journeys. Eurythmy rises with the Risen Etheric Christ and follows the trail of love and the resurrection of the WORD out beyond Saturn. We reawaken legitimate Western Cosmology from the TOMB that it has been sealed in.

Our Ahrimanic inspired technologies are following a path that will drag Earth and Humanity down to cosmic enslavement. The dividing line was the 1912 Birth of Eurythmy and the 1912 sinking of the Titanic. Western Cosmology rises again in the Word or sinks with Ahrimanic University dictated, taught and infected materialistic poisoning of our children’s Thoughts – Words – Insights – Ideas and imprisoning all of us into a falsified and blackened, hypnotic Western Cosmology.

With Ahriman we follow the actual immoral children of Gaea, Nuclear Energy, degradation of the Sun Evolution and Etheric Life of humanity currently in the anti-human sciences of Monsanto. Which means we tread the path of producing monsters through genetic manipulation and epidemics, radioactive chromosome infected deformity and an entire Pandora’s Play-box of plagues and Monsanto manipulation of seed and gene codes. These monsters have the shelf-life and the half-life of the vast orbital time fields, beyond human biography, of the orbital measurements of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

“The rate of decay is a fixed rate called a half-life. The half-life of a radioisotope describes how long it takes for half of the atoms in a given mass to decay.”

Well the children of Gaea, what we produce out of our Ahrimanic Inspirations, could very well release cosmic monsters. So should human beings and humanity be permitted to produce ghastly degraded monsters unfit for the future of the cosmos?

The Romans had a mid-winter festival Saturnalia in honor of Saturn. It lasted seven days around the time of Winter Solstice. Saturn was a god of agriculture and harvest. He held a sickle or scythe in his left hand and a bundle of wheat in his right hand. Saturn’s scythe became a symbol of the grim reaper or death, hence in astrology Saturn is considered malefic.

Cronus – Saturn, castrates with a scythe, Cronus-Saturn and the myths of killing our Fathers, from Luke-Skywalker, (Uranus meant sky) to Oedipus who kills his father and marries his mother in an unholy riddle of actual human Karma,  places our good friend SATURN as the actual guardian, and stern recorder and sifter of All Human Karma. The Great Castrater or should we call the Saturn Beings the  Circumcisers of the Planetary Community? The Saturn Beings might safely be called the Circumscribers of the Planetary Community.

“To understand karma, therefore, we must return once more to a wisdom of the stars. We must discover spiritually the paths of man between death and a new birth in connection with the Beings of the stars.” (SEE LINK)

If we had a Greek thinking capacity, we would know in our souls that the Karma Lectures by Rudolf Steiner (SEE LINK) signals one of the greatest breakthroughs in human cognition since Greek Mythology met St. John and the Saturn Beings embraced the Christ Event on Golgotha. The Karma Lectures are some of the highest manifestations of Western Cosmology ever presented. These were part of the gifts of a person who was achieving Spirit-Selfhood with heart felt enthusiasm, joy and Michael Courage. So we are tasked with getting to know the stage of human development known as Spirit-Self and learning to rejoice and share the victories and tragedies that signaled the re-birth of Western Cosmology.

The Saturn Beings are the historians of the Cosmos. Through this essay we are reviewing a few of the various experiences from reputable sources who have truly, and I make no joke about it, have encountered the Saturn Beings and are witnesses to their highly alien behavior. What is alien to us is meeting a completely one-sided, fully operative community of Planetary Beings who have a completely different task than humanity. Another startling aspect of the Saturn Beings, who are truly the peripheral guardians of the borderlands of deep space, is their memory of the origin and first dawning of humanity.

Saturn becomes a living historian of the planetary system. Rudolf Steiner (See Link)

“Saturn presents himself to us as the heavenly individuality who has steadfastly participated in whatever has come to pass in our planetary system and has faithfully preserved it in his cosmic memory. He is silent about the cosmic Present. He receives the things of the cosmic Present into himself and works upon them in his life of spirit and soul. True, the hosts of Beings indwelling Saturn lend their attention to the outer universe, but mutely and silently they receive the happenings in the universe into the realm of soul, and they speak only of past cosmic events. That is why Saturn is like a kaleidoscopic memory of our planetary system. As a faithful informant concerning what has come to pass in the planetary system, he holds its secrets of this kind within himself.”

But Cosmology, true Western Cosmology stands at the threshold of an abyss of tragedy. Western Cosmology wishes to merely TREK around with our external sense perception and make no effort, expend no effort in seeing the very nature and beings who truly inhabit our planetary system. And that can be a very shocking and shattering experience especially when we personally meet Saturn Beings.

This resistance and reluctance we have to become planetary explorers ourselves, shuts off the higher stream of exploration of the planets that all of us can embark on. We should not settle for a dead science to decree to us a DEAD COSMOLOGY. We can pursue a Living Cosmology of the Planetary system but of course this creates an internal conflict. Who has actually encountered these Beings from the various planets and how do we learn to find the inner doorways and gateways to the planets ourselves? Each of us can do this, we can open the doorways and many have already done it and we can intercept their transmissions and what they uncovered. We can learn the hidden secrets and gateways that unlock the Devachan region of the inner side of the Planetary Community.

We are going to make inroads into the Inner Exploration of the Planets and Solar System and turn the tide, bend the rainbow, invert the current of our education that relies wholly on the external worship and infatuation with outer space exploration and learn how to actually meet the Beings of the Planets in the intimacy of our soul life.

We are all members of the planetary family and we all have the opportunity of stepping into the stream of exploring the planets and learning of the Beings that inhabit each of the planetary worlds. In fact Western Cosmology only remains a DEAD COSMOLOGY because it has so far been technologically infatuated with external toys instead of EXPLORING the foundations of the human spirit, where we participate directly with the Beings of the Planets.  For the sake of a true Western Cosmology let us take a few readings and observations of the Planetary Beings of Saturn.

Saturn and the Relentless Severity of our Individual Karma

Victor Hugo is one of the most famous survivors who crash landed amidst the Saturn Beings, held prisoner, and was given a message from the Saturn Beings to send out to humanity. Everyone is familiar with the front story, but we see how difficult it is to understand the back story. Victor Hugo’s human encounter with the Saturn Beings is not something we have learned to cherish. There is nothing sweet, playful, trivial or easy going about the Saturn Beings. Nothing happy-go-lucky, skipping down the road, whistling a pleasant Walt Disney tune (SEE LINK) and floating with the breeze surrounded by laughter, beauty and good company that is in any way part of the nature of the Saturn Beings. Their stamp and Personality if we meet them is sombre, weighty, grave, immoveable.

That is because as Beings, different than human beings, the Saturn Beings have the task to record, remember, hold, solidify all the events of the world and the cosmos. For them the law of Jot or Tittle is defined as every instant, movement, thought, deed, human and spiritual etheric, astral, physical and I AM, all and every minute event is recorded.

This is the appetite and life force, the hunger and living task of the Saturn Beings. They aren’t Sci-Fi fantasies. Meeting them or meeting a fellow human being who has participated with Saturn Beings is not easily forgettable.  Major, memorable, Life Changing, and Life Shattering experiences are part of our encounters, direct encounters with the Saturn Beings. And the fact is that every human being must experience Saturn Beings, some more than others. Saturn Beings are anything but frivolous, superficial, or lite and what we have experienced of them we will probably never forget. The Saturn Beings strike the core, the foundation of the world and ourselves and our deeds at the eternal I AM, literal Bread of Life, Father Forgive them, Chronos forgive them, for they know not what they have done nerve center, of our planetary system.

Matt 5:18 “For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled.”

“The “Jot” is the Hebrew word “Yodh” which is the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It is also the smallest letter. It’s European or English equivalent is the letter “Y” as in the English term Yahweh or in Hebrew YHVH since there were no vowel’s used in the ancient script.

“The word “jot” itself is an English transliteration of “iota” which is the 9th letter of the Greek alphabet. “Iota,” in turn, is the nearest Greek equivalent for the Hebrew yodh.

“The “tittle” is the small decorative spur or point on the upper edge of the yodh. If you can imagine a tiny letter with a slightly visible decorative mark.

“Tittle is used by Greek grammarians of the accents and diacritical points. It means the little lines or projections by which the Hebrew letters differ from each other. One example would be the difference between the letter L and I. The difference is only one small mark. We use phrases like “the dotting of the i, and the crossing of the t,” and “every iota.”

“It is interesting that the Jewish scribes who copied the MT (Massoretic Text) of the Hebrew Bible scrolls paid the greatest attention to the minutiae of detail and such marks attached to each consonant throughout the entire text. They even numbered every letter, word, sentence, paragraph, chapter, section, and scroll to insure that the total equaled that of the text being copied before allowing it to enter the holy synagogue.

“The meaning of the passage is very clear. Not even the smallest letter or even its decorative spur will ever disappear from the “God Breathed” Word until all is fulfilled. In fact when heaven and earth are replaced by a new heaven and earth, the Word of the Lord will have accomplished its purpose and will be fulfilled in every detail even to the very letter.”

We have all encountered Saturn Beings but failed to grasp them because we have no Western Cosmology that can refer to these beings. So in our Saturn Exploration we will examine Victor Hugo, Marley’s Ghost, from Charles Dickens and the encompassing destiny of one of the most vivid planetary explorers in recent memory to whom we owe the honor of breaking through the barrier of the Saturn Beings to the I AM forces of immortality, Rudolf Steiner.

Oh (Jupiter Vowel), and think not for one second that because we pay homage to Rudolf Steiner that he walked away untouched and unscathed by his encounter with the Saturn Beings. In fact, we are going to connect to something which I mentioned in part ONE. Everyone, without exception, meets the Saturn Beings and the term Shattering Experiences, Life Altering Experiences are not used lightly when describing THIS IS YOUR DEED; THIS IS YOUR KARMA; THIS IS WHAT YOU IMPRINTED INTO THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE WORLD.

Eurythmy, Speech and Word studies part ONE  (See Link)

“Education and Public Initiation and giving humanity the forces that strengthen and set into motion the new Etheric nature forces in Agriculture, in Speech, in each Consonant and Vowel and setting the laws of humanity that were lost, towards the good again, with the Science of Reincarnation and Karma, restoring the Greek and Human model of Truth – Beauty – Goodness through Art – Science – Religion, required a Human Being to go out beyond the shattering reefs and debris fields of the SINS OF OMISSION that are part of the Saturn Beings.

“Part of the debris field that surrounds any individual who attempts, unconsciously, to scale the Walls where Saturn stands ominously reflecting the consequences of each of us, well, put it this way, most of us cannot even glimpse the magnitude of the I AM once it passes through the karmic necessities of Saturn.”

Before we examine Rudolf Steiner and his ongoing encounter with the Saturn Beings let us briefly examine the title and the outline of something we are all familiar with. Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo reveals the relentlessness of Saturn and a Saturn destiny where from a lowly crust of bread, from a mere symbol of bread – this is my body, this is my blood – when we break bread together and learn the true meaning of THE BREAD OF LIFE, we have been crushed into humility.

Meal Blessing by Bradford Riley

Bread of Body, Soul and Spirit

Earth and Sun and Planet Powers.

Change this substance as We share it

Let Christ’s Will flow into ours.

The Saturn signature of the Saturn Beings and how Saturn itself prints itself into the karma of humanity and into the karma of individuals who have had a unique relationship with the Saturn Beings revolves  in “Les Misérables”, by Victor Hugo, around the relentlessness of  Inspector Javert in pursuit of a man who once broke a window and stole bread from a bakery and spent some 19 years in prison, the criminal Jean Valjean. It is not insignificant in our studies to note that Jean Valjean spent 19 years (see link) doing hard labor amongst hardened criminals and admits losing his humanity and becoming lower than human.

The Back Story of how Victor Hugo understood the imperfections and flaws in our human nature, that we all have and that are imprinted into the imperfection of our karma and recorded by the Saturn Beings, brings us to something in our deep down etheric patterns of behavior that fundamentally wounds the very foundations of our being. Out in the loneliest outpost of ancient Initiation Centers, long before Victor Hugo, his I AM, became Victor Hugo, he had set himself the task to isolate himself from the throngs of humanity, enter the discipline of an initiation cloister in the wayward lonely isles of Hibernia.

This is the back story of penetrating Saturn Beings from the lonely, cold outpost, once set out in the vast isolated isles of Ireland and Scotland and in an extreme penetration, of inwardness, that certainly our externalized and trivial culture of the 21st century have been programmed from birth to never endure, happened to the I AM of Victor Hugo. Out there in the ancient isles of Hibernia, before Victor Hugo became Victor Hugo, he stood shattered, crushed, before the mystery of how our deeds, our thoughts, our acts, our karma, every Jot and Tittle becomes impressed into the unforgiving,  fixed laws of eternity, of the ether memory of the ancient Saturn Beings.

Rudolf Steiner (See Link)

“Now there is a personality upon whom the Initiation rites and ceremonies of the Hibernian Mysteries had made a profound impression; they had a deep effect upon his inner life and his experiences were of such intensity that he forgot the Earth altogether. Then, after this personality had lived through an incarnation as a woman, when the impulses of earlier Initiation showed themselves merely in the general disposition of the soul, he came to the Earth again as an important figure in the 19th century. He had lived out the consequences of his karma in the Saturn-sphere — the sphere where one lives among Beings who, fundamentally speaking, have no present. It is a shattering experience to look with clairvoyant vision into the Saturn-sphere, where Beings live who have no present but only look back on their past. Whatever they do is done unconsciously; any action of theirs comes to consciousness only when it has happened and is inscribed into the world karma. Acquaintance with these Beings who draw their past after them like a spiritual comet’s tail, has a shattering effect. The personality of whom I am speaking, who had at one time been initiated and had thus transcended earthly existence in a certain sense, bore his soul to these Beings who take no part in the present, and elaborated his karma among them. It was as if everything that had been experienced hitherto in an Initiate-existence now illumined with majestic splendor all the past earthly lives. This past was brought to fruition by what had been experienced through the Hibernian Initiation. When this personality appeared again on Earth in the 19th century he had now, by contrast, to unfold impulses for the future. And when, on descending from the Saturn-sphere, this soul, with its gaze into the past illumined by the light of Initiation, arrived on Earth, it presented this contrast: a firm foothold on the Earth while gazing into the future and giving expression to far reaching ideas, impulses and perceptions. This Hibernian Initiate became Victor Hugo [Note 2]. We can assess a man rightly only when we also perceive the development he underwent between death and a new birth. His moral, religious and ethical qualities then become evident to us. A personality certainly does not become poorer but on the contrary, very much richer, when viewed with the eyes of spirit.”

The conflict in Victor Hugo’s “Les Misérables”  is on one hand a shattering demonstration of the relentlessness of Saturn Karma and how our human spirits learn to unlock the deadly stranglehold that Chronos, the ancient Time Spirits, the Saturn Beings themselves, stand before the guardians of the universe and record every human error with the relentlessness of  Inspector Javert.

These are the facts of the Saturn Beings and there is only one way to resolve the shattering experience of what we ARE against what we SHALL BE in the perfection of time. Jean Valjean constantly is reminded of what he was when he sank below the animal in prison and what he is capable of Becoming.

Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens and Rudolf Steiner are on record with meeting and unlocking the ONLY riddle that will ever get us beyond the Saturn Beings crushing, accurate, immoveable decree locked into the eternal records of the Saturn Beings.  The answer to the riddle of the Saturn Beings requires, not if, or maybe, or can’t I bargain? Use my popularity, reputation, lie, cheat or finagle my way out of their reach, rather it  has everything, literally everything to do with our understanding the secrets of the Vowels and THE WESTERN COSMOLOGY OF THE STARS.

“Ptolemy’s Geography, a work compiled about the year 150, gives a description of Britain and Hibernia; and if it could be trusted as an authority upon the subject at issue, it would at once settle the matter in favor of Ireland being the Hibernia of the ancients. The Flaming Door, first published in 1936, is a classic work that reveals the secrets of initiation embedded in many Celtic myths. Eleanor C Merry unearths the secrets that are to be found slumbering in the sagas and legends of ancient Hibernia and Wales Eleanor C. Merry says: “Certainly an immense paradox was concealed in the symbolic presentation of the male and female statues in the Hibernian initiation; the paradox that though what appears in feminine form in the world is passive, yet the supersensible nature that lies behind it is active. On the other hand, what appears in masculine form presents outwardly the active principle, and inwardly the passive one. One must receive, the other give. But the aspect that is revealed on the physical plane is reversed on the spiritual plane. In greater or lesser degree this paradox is always present in the sexes. Every man has the woman within him; every woman the man. This is well known. But it is also a fundamental principle of world-evolution, giving rise to a kind of cosmic conflict which urges evolution onwards towards its fulfillment. The fulfillment consists in the harmonizing of these male-female principles. We find them in nations, in epochs of civilization, as in individuals – sometimes the spiritually active (feminine) and sometimes the spiritually passive (masculine) predominates. The physical masculine element, which is that of ‘Becoming’ in the evolution of man on Earth, must gradually absorb more and more of the cosmic feminine, the active spiritual principle.

“Anyone who studies the Celtic legends and traditions which are linked with the early centuries of the Christian era, will be impressed by the atmosphere of beauty that pervades them. Mingled with the fragments of an ancient Druid culture and wisdom there is the childlike purity and ecstasy of a Christianity quite unlike that which is to be found later. It is enclosed like a delicate seed within the old and dying splendor of the Great Mystery Centers of Ireland; it is a Christianity that, in its pristine purity is no longer to be found on the surface of civilization. It is still hidden in the hearts of a few, and in solitary places. More than any other writer Fiona Macleod was its apostle; and he longed for its true history to be made known through the story of (SEE LINK) Iona: ‘What a book it will be! It will reveal to us the secret of what Oisin sang, what Merlin knew, what Columba dreamed, what Adamnan hoped: what this little ‘lamp of Christ’ was to pagan Europe; what incense of testimony it flung upon the winds; what saints and heroes went out of it; how the dust of kings and princes were brought there to mingle with its sands; how the noble and the ignoble came to it across long seas and perilous countries….And how, slowly, a long sleep fell upon the island, and only the grasses shaken in the wind, and the wind itself, and the broken shadows of dreams in the minds of the old, held the secret of Iona‘. The foundations of Celtic Christianity had a peculiar and deeply esoteric quality.”

In Rudolf Steiner’s case, in Victor Hugo’s case and with Marley’s Ghost it is the case, in all of us, and anyone who finally passes through the threshing floor of the gods, it is humility itself before the awe and supreme majesty of the cosmos we inhabit that allows the Bread of Life to come into Being.

A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens

`I wear the chain I forged in life,’ replied the Ghost. `I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it. Is its pattern strange to you?’

`Oh! captive, bound, and double-ironed,’ cried the phantom, `not to know, that ages of incessant labour, by immortal creatures, for this earth must pass into eternity before the good of which it is susceptible is all developed. Not to know that any Christian spirit working kindly in its little sphere, whatever it may be, will find its mortal life too short for its vast means of usefulness. {SATURN SINS OF OMISSION} Not to know that no space of regret can make amends for one life’s opportunity misused!  Yet such was I! Oh! such was I!’

`But you were always a good man of business, Jacob,’ faltered Scrooge, who now began to apply this to himself.

`Business!’ cried the Ghost, wringing its hands again. `Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!’

It held up its chain at arm’s length, as if that were the cause of all its unavailing grief, and flung it heavily upon the ground again.

`At this time of the rolling year,’ the specter said `I suffer most. Why did I walk through crowds of fellow-beings with my eyes turned down, and never raise them to that blessed Star which led the Wise Men to a poor abode! Were there no poor homes to which its light would have conducted me!’

There are shattering moments of human catharsis that drill down to the very root of human destiny and reality. Something of this nature passed through Charles Dickens. Something of this nature passed through Victor Hugo. These Saturn Truths rock the foundations of the soul and spirit. We do not get by Saturn Beings with a lite, ” I gave at the office”. Our deeds and our karma are fixed and transparent and the Saturn Beings are unimpressed with our trivial slop bucket of superficial and mediocre excuses. To become the Bread of Life and carry the imponderable weight of humility allows the I AM to unlock the doors of Saturn and venture forth into the Company of the Gods themselves.

To chart the course to lift humanity to become the Mediator for the Hierarchies, Christ had to restore the entire Template of how the human I AM masters his residency in Heaven and Earth. In other words, from within the structure of our human being, from our Etheric, Astral, and our Immortal I AM, the I AM of the Christ, restored the most intimate instrument of HUMAN COSMOLOGY, that allows all of us the potential of regaining contact with the Beings of the Planets and Divine structure and Beings that stand behind the Constellations.

We are the living mediator with all the planetary forces coursing through us and we utter the mystery of each planet in the Vowels that make us alive and Word Bearers of the Constellations and the Planets.  But Christ followed the law of Immortality and the Cosmic I AM, which meant that in order to open the pathways to the heavens HE had to experience the full effects of the most crushing blow the regents of Saturn yoke humanity with.

He made no excuses. To open humanity to the Kingdom’s that created and rule the starry heavens and weave with wonder in the Soul and WORD of human beings, Christ volunteered to unlock the mystery of the Saturn Beings Themselves. Because Christ is greater than all the planetary Lords. He is the Inner Sun of the Spirit that lights the Human I. Through such a shattering sacrifice of a sinless, karma less Divine Being, the I AM of humanity are allowed, through the highest sanctions of our planetary community, to return and walk with HIM in the starry house of the gods.

To meet the Saturn Mysteries and the Saturn Beings directly and conquer Ahriman and conquer death, Christ volunteered to imprint the force of Cosmic and Human Love into the history, memory and deeds of Earth herself. With that deed humanity gained access to the realms beyond Saturn and were able to consult and meet the Saturn Beings and listen and review the History of the Cosmos so that humanity would understand completely that there was no such thing as THE BIG BANG!  Christ offered Himself so that humanity could fully comprehend itself. There was just one hitch.

13Now when Jesus came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” 14And they said, “Some say John the Baptist, but others Elijah, and still others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” 15He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?”

Matthew 16.16-28

16Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” 17And Jesus answered him, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father in heaven. 18And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. 19I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” 20Then he sternly ordered the disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Messiah.

21From that time on, Jesus began to show his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and undergo great suffering at the hands of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and on the third day be raised. 22And Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him, saying, “God forbid it, Lord! This must never happen to you.” 23But he turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; for you are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things.”

24Then Jesus told his disciples, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 25For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it. 26For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their life? Or what will they give in return for their life? 27“For the Son of Man is to come with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay everyone for what has been done. 28Truly I tell you, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.”

The math of every human encounter with the Saturn Beings are very clearly imprinted into every human destiny. There is no compromise, no escape from the math because every human being must encounter each and every planetary threshold. That is the majesty and mystery of our task as humanity. We are the living Hieroglyph and the Living Seal of the Cosmology of the Heavens. We are the walking sublime integration and cohesion of all the planetary mysteries.

Human Beings are the Living Seal of the Cosmology of the Heavens

I hold the SUN in my ‘ I’
As King he leads me aloft from earth to sky.
The MOON in my being lives;
She to my form sustaining forces gives.
In me are MERCURY’S forces;
He holds the Sun and Moon
like a pair of horses.
In me doth VENUS dwell;
Without Her love I am only a hollow shell.
She unites Herself with MARS,
Who speaks my being in words that stem from stars.
That JUPITER shining bright
Illumine all my being with wisdom’s light.
And SATURN, ancient of days,
Strengthen my beings colors with warming rays.
These are the SEVEN from heaven
I am the SEVEN in ONE.
I am the earthly SEVEN.
I am the SUN.

We are stamped by the Moon every 19 years in our biographies, where we encounter a job performance review with our Angels every 19 years through out our entire biographies (see link). We meet the Saturn Beings every 29 1/2 years in our biographies. No we pay no attention, we take no interest, we have left out of our education the living reality that we are, each and everyone of us, the Walking Mystery of the Planetary system.

Every 29 1/2 years, there is no escape, Saturn comes rolling around, Saturn returns to where it first released us from the heavens every 29 1/2 years. We are stamped at birth with the precise position that Saturn was in when we were born.  That same position that Saturn held at our births, comes around precisely every 29 1/2 years and consults with us.

At that point, without exception, we get a message from Saturn. The math is called Biography. We just fail to even consider the enormity of the power of the planets themselves as part of the intimate gateways and doorways through which we, as human beings, we are STAMPED, SEALED by the planets, imprinted by them, with tonal and specific spiritual gateways that are WITHOUT EXCEPTION, part of every human biography.

Our study of Christianity and Jesus and His destiny is so marred by distortions that when it came to recognizing Saturn’s 29 1/2 year impact on Jesus, we have 98% of the world imagining that Christ was born as a baby in a stable. He was not! Christ only appeared at the Baptism and entered the Nathan Jesus Manhood at 29 1/2 years.  At 29 1/2 years the Super Human Being of the Christ entered Jesus.

The tragic moment of transition and celebration, was the moment where the supreme sacrifice of Zarathustra/Jesus leaves the GREAT WORK of creating a vessel worthy of the Christ Being, and exits, letting Christ Enter. Christ Entered at the Baptism, at the Saturn Being encounter point when we reach the gates of Saturn at 29 1/2 years. The time in years it took Zarathustra/Jesus to establish a NEW WESTERN COSMOLOGY in the restored human being of the Nathan Jesus. Once again our lack of understanding of the TWO JESUS CHILDREN collides with our lack of cognition. We owe Zarathustra the astonishing debt for restoring the entire Inner Western Cosmology and TEMPLE that is our human form, physical, etheric, astral and I AM sheaths, for Christ to Enter at the Baptism at 29 1/2 years.  (CLICK LINK)

“In the thirtieth year of Jesus of Nazareth, that Being whom we have called the Christ took possession of his physical, etheric, and astral bodies. This Christ Being could not incarnate in an ordinary child’s body, but only in one which had first been prepared by a highly developed ego, for this Christ-Being had never before been incarnated in a physical body. Therefore from the thirtieth year on, we are dealing with the Christ in Jesus of Nazareth.” (SEE LINK)

Finally those ancient Saturn Beings, those stubborn, stern task masters of concrete facts, smiled as Christ entered the Temple that Zarathustra had prepared. That Temple is the reality of what the Human Being is, as the Bread of Life (CLICK LINK) and the riddle and reality of the cohesion of the entire planetary system. The human being is the key to the mystery of Western Cosmology.

It is tiny, little and nearly insignificant to people that the VOWELS, are our own very rainbow of moods, that we utter effortlessly, constantly, instinctively, universally, all mean the same in every Language that is spoken on Earth. We are all portions and measures of the Planets themselves when we speak, gasp, sigh, groan, moan or shiver in our souls with the touch of ‘UH’. The Inner Cosmology of the Planetary System, where we have stalled in our understanding of a True Western Cosmology, shouts at us from our biographies, our Vowels, Consonants and our journeys after death into the bosom and heart of the Planetary Beings.  Our higher families in the Heavens of the Devachan worlds, where we are the Humans, the synthesis of the Planets and the Home where Christ chose to settle the differences of the Heavens, He gave to Humanity the enormous task of harmonizing the Solar System and our cousins in the Planets from the vast wealth of our souls and spirits. We are Humans, the mediators and Christ Bearers, whose lowly residence and humble home, is Earth.

Each of our Ethnic/Etheric soul colors have been stamped by the Planetary Beings before we incarnated and we carry them now in our flesh tones and the various Languages, Etheric and Ethnic locations, where we were born, from where we speak,  mingle, cavort and conceive each other in the higher conception of our Spiritual Intuitions.

Our Music and Foods reflect the great Soul Colorings that our native regions have stamped onto us. And we are all and each and everyone of us the vast Rainbow Vision Gateways that sound forth in our accents, gestures, and sound flavors and rich pigmentations of Speech and inflections that we carry from our Native Regions. Those are the gifts of the Archangels who hover over each and Every Language Group as the mighty Folk-Soul, of which, we, humble members of the Tenth Hierarchy, are each of us, the Ethnic/Etheric representatives of one of the soaring Archangel families.

Embryology is Cosmology (See Link), Biography is Cosmology and filled with planetary Doorways, Gateways, which as adults we should have comprehended to fully understand the unfolding of our children. We could learn a whole new reason for celebrating together where each and every human being crosses from one planetary mystery to another in the stages of our on going biographies.

The accuracy of how we follow and read the planets in the heavens is NOT some horoscope of our daily love life. These are decadent, useless and inaccurate. There is only one certified method to know and follow precisely the events that surge through nature, through everything, everybody and EVERYWHERE. Simply order the only reliable day by day functioning Planet and Constellation guide there is. I’m certain that Bio-Dynamics have accurate planting Calendars, but for classrooms and human experience as well as Living Functions of the plant world, THE STELLA NATURA CALENDAR (CLICK LINK) is absolutely reliable.

“When you see the forces developing in a spiral in a plant from stipule to stipule, you then have the activity of those forces which work down from the planets. And according as the forces of the offspring of the Spirits of Motion work down from this planet or that planet, does this peculiar line which puts forth the leaves vary. This gives a certain means of studying the actual orbits of the individual planets through their reflection; and when external science has once recognised this fact, it will have to correct a great deal of former astronomical systems. Certain plants are allotted to the forces of the Spirits of Motion who work from Mars, others to those who are on Venus, others to those on Mercury. They work in from the planet and according as they work in from one or the other, they impart to the plant the movement expressed in the coil of their leaves; it is the same movement which the corresponding planet makes; the absolute movement it makes in the heavens.” (The Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and the Kingdoms of Nature, 1951, pp. 170-172)

Standard Planetary System as it unfolds in Every Human Biography

0-7 Physical body (Moon) Will growth to Change of Teeth
7-14 Etheric body (Mercury) Intelligence towards Puberty
14-21 Astral body (Venus) early foundations of Love Adulthood
21-28 Sentient Soul (Sun forces) – (emotional Ego)
28-35 Intellectual Soul — (Sun forces) – (Intellect of Ego)
35-42 Consciousness Soul / (Sun forces) – (Cosmopolitan Ego)
42-49 Spirit Self (Mars) Speech
49-56 Life Spirit (Jupiter) Thought
56-63 Spirit Man (Saturn) Memory

We should be marking and celebrating the crossing of each phase of our human biographies. We should each be having at least Nine Birthday’s and a rich sharing and celebration of each of our recollections. Our children and grand children pass through those same Planetary Portals that each and every individual human passes through.

To follow Rudolf Steiner out beyond the region of Saturn and the Saturn Beings we all have to pass through the Jesus Temple of Western Cosmology restored by Zarathustra (SEE LINK), that now shines and fills the Human Spirit with the Risen Etheric Christ Sun. When we follow the trail of Rudolf Steiner out beyond the Saturn Beings we also encounter the stern, inflexibility of the Jot and Tittle law of the crushing lessons of Saturn.

Western Cosmology and Humanity at the Threshold of Saturn Initiation

Rudolf Steiner and Humanities Saturn Moment

56-63 Spirit Man (Saturn) Memory

Before we follow a series of 12 pictures that lead us to one of the greatest losses to Western Cosmology for the 20th and 21st Centuries let us stabilize our observations so we know what we are seeing. Crushing, shattering events. We can take either stand point, I’ve taken both, how could humanity have chosen to crucify Christ? What were we thinking?  Or – Without the bitter, but solid laws of Life on Earth, Death could not have been conquered.

Initiation and the birth of the Risen Etheric Christ in the realm of humanity could not have been secured without the steadfast courage of the Christ Being. Resurrection and our invitation to cross the threshold and enter the Etheric World where all Life has it’s links to the ancient Sun Evolution would not have been achieved. The gifts of the Etheric Christ cannot be grasped by sitting in the dogmatic pot hole that worships the Dead Image of Christ the way we worship the Dead Image of the Cosmos. Stephen Hawking is the Poster Boy for the Dead Cosmos.Worshiping Dead Cosmology and the Dead Image of Christ is begging the Ahrimanic and Luciferic Mafia to come and put cement shoes on us and our children and bury our humanity in the deep oblivion of the sea. And we are succeeding in doing just that.

I know what Stephen Hawking represents and I know what Monsanto is trying to do. But let me quickly review the ecstatic joy of the stage of human development that Spiritual Science students aren’t comprehending clearly enough. Rudolf Steiner was like an ecstatic butterfly of Light, that had once more reawakened on the shores of history.

Rudolf Steiner earned and was given the intensity of darkness to awaken his Spirit-Self capacities. These are underling Angel capacities. Rudolf Steiner tracked, trailed, detailed and retired the Big Bang Theory before it was hatched.

The ecstatic joy and enthusiasm of Spirit-Selfhood, translates in real terms as a human being, just exactly like us, talking, laughing, walking, seeing, but fully operating and functioning with both left and right brain systems and the Heart already awakened. The Pineal and Pituitary already tuned and operating at human/Angelic capacity.

When we think of Rudolf Steiner we should fully comprehend, with our thinking, if Aristotle ever thought of Heaven, it would have been with all the doors and windows of Earth and the Spiritual World thrown open in a celebration of Human Freedom. Aristotle’s Heaven would absolutely be, without question, Rudolf Steiner’s vast Cosmological and Human systems analysis. The two, Aristotle’s desire to know how everything material on the Earth works, his untiring quest for accurate information is only matched and fulfilled in Rudolf Steiner’s untiring quest to penetrate to the roots of existence. Rudolf Steiner would be Aristotle’s Heaven.

The transformation from Aristotle to Rudolf Steiner is truly to grasp how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. In the attainment of Spirit-Selfhood by Rudolf Steiner we have the opportunity to examine the ecstasy of disciplined cognition as the human being is set-free to be a butterfly that lives for light, the love and the freedom that is the nectar of the gods. Go, Do, be the reader of the Moral and Magnificent Creation and think with Angel insight and Intuition into all realms. Spirit-Self, we can’t say enough about this capacity standing there, staring us in the face in a human being like us.

From Eurythmy, Speech, The Word and the study of Etheric Phytology (part one)

“You must take this in the strictest sense of the words: Folk-spirits are Archangels, they are Spirits who have finished the transforming of their astral bodies into Spirit-self or Manas, and are now transforming their etheric body or life-body into Life-spirit. Just halfway between these Beings and man are the Angels. These are Beings who are occupied in remodeling their astral body into Spirit-self or Manas, but have not yet concluded their work. At the present time man is at the beginning of this work, the Angels are nearly at the end of it, but have in no wise finished it.”

How do you get to do that? Well look, Parsifal arrived at the beginning of  this state of Spirit-Self hood. And by tracking the Son of the Widow we know that this stage of development is not so easy to attain. Parsifal did it. How did Parsifal do it? Well, frankly, because at one moment Schionatulander was killed in Parsifal’s place. Some say near to the location where the Goetheanum is today.

Tragedy is not easy but Saturn is curious about these things. Parsifal intersects with the suffering Fisher King, who has been waiting in perpetual agony from the WOUND of Amfortas which Saturn excruciates as a terrible reminder of our human weaknesses and a terrible reminder that a Grail successor has not been found. Harvesting Spirit-Self human Angels from the crop of humanity isn’t easy. Saturn never lets us forget it.

Secrets of Western Cosmology (CLICK LINK)

“What sort of time was it, then, when Parsifal entered the Grail Castle, still ignorant, not ready to ask questions — according to the later tradition taken up by Wolfram von Eschenbach? What sort of time was it when Parsifal entered the Castle, where Amfortas lay wounded and on Parsifal’s arrival suffered unceasing pain from his wound? What was this time? The saga itself tells us — it was a Saturn time. [i.e., a period when the forces of Saturn work with particular strength.] Saturn and the Sun stood together in Cancer, approaching culmination. So we see how in the most intimate effects a connection between the Earth and the Stars is established. It was a Saturn time!

…”Worldly concerns, such as were pursued at the court of King Arthur, [See Cosmic Christianity and the Impulse of Michael, lectures III and VI. Given by Dr. Steiner in Torquay and London, August 1924.] could be approached with earthly forces, but it was not permitted to approach the concerns of the Holy Grail in this way, as Amfortas had found. Anyone who attempted it was bound to suffer pain. And since the working of the stars had been permeated by the Christ, a man had to be found who had remained untouched by the controversies in the external world, and through his karma stood at a point where his soul could be approached by Christ; a man, too, who was related to the forces indicated by the symbol of the Saturn time, with Saturn and the Sun standing together in the sign of Cancer. So it was that Parsifal, in whom the Christ Impulse was still working unconsciously, in the depths of his soul, comes with the power of Saturn; and the wound bums as it had never burnt before.”

We may weigh and continue to weigh for ourselves the gifts burgeoning forth from a human being, before our very eyes, who is now in the 7th Heaven of Aristotle’s driving urge to KNOW. Apollo and Apollonian Sun forces to KNOW and KNOW THYSELF, the Spirit-Self of actual human Angel Hood gets to be earned. Humanity will tread the path to earn the rights to advance to Spirit-Selfhood. Is it hidden in some obscure legend buried in the fog of history? No, it is right out in the open, in the 20th century it was there for us to witness day in and day out in Rudolf Steiner.

We take note of the scaffolding of the science of education. The secrets of Agriculture and the redemption of the Earth. Eurythmy, the resurrection of the Etheric forces latent in the WORD. The extinguishing of the very foolishness of THE BIG BANG theory, by going to meet the Saturn Beings and being shown the history of Time, Space and the Human Riddle. But why do we appease ourselves and settle for less than The Living Cosmology of Humanity?

I can remember, in studying Occult Science, this journey of the loneliest human being ever recorded, ever. It stands like this. To journey back into the memory of the creation of humanity, the I AM, us,  to come to a place where prior to this point in the untold drama of the backward revelation of our I AM on Earth, our Astral Bodies on the Old Moon, our Etheric Bodies on old Sun and the prototype of the first model of our physical, skeletal, well actually hexagonal structural system going all the way back to Old ancient Saturn, finally the trail stops. One Step Beyond this point and WE as humanity don’t exist, no record, hint or wisp of an echo exist, no trace.

In other words the Memory forces of the Ancient Teachers and Beings of Saturn and the Memory of the Making of Humanity, our very existence can only go back to a certain point. This precipice is where Rudolf Steiner stood. He cognitively stood there. To date, Steiner’s testimony and eye witness account  is the most profound record of any traveler ever recorded on Earth. Steiner’s testimony beats the distance record so far of Voyager 1 (SEE LINK) the longest link we have to the furthest exploration of the Cosmos.

Rudolf Steiner stood at the vast cosmic precipice, where beyond that point, the I AM, the absolute ANYTHING of Human that we rely on to identify ourselves as humanity, doesn’t exist. I remember being startled that this human being journeyed back to the very Precipice, beyond which, not a scrap or trace of humanity exists. Steiner humbly and briefly described it. But what do we care? Our fall back is who cares to believe that nut-ball, that there absolutely is no possible way our universe rests on a disorganized Big Bang (Misleading Science of the Big Bang CLICK LINK). It is an insult to Aristotle, but our sloppy thinking merely flounders and then trivializes the magnificent grandeur of Human Initiation Science.

The Dawning of the Spirit-Self

“All these things are completely true of all human beings; nevertheless people are unaware of them. Every night we are required to blot ourselves out, without being conscious of it. But it is an entirely different matter fully consciously to give over to destruction and to forget one’s remembering ego — to stand in the spiritual world as a nothing on the edge of the abyss of nothingness. This is the most shattering experience one can have; one must approach it with great confidence that the true ego will he brought to us out of the cosmos. And this is indeed the case.

“We know, after we have achieved forgetfulness on the edge of the abyss, that everything we have ever experienced is blotted out, and this we did ourselves. But out of an as yet unknown world — a world I might call super-spiritual — our real ego, whose only remaining concealment has been the other self, comes toward us. Only now do we meet our true ego, whose shadow or maya as it exists in the physical world is the lower ego. For man’s true ego belongs to the super-spiritual world. All this is inner experience: the ascent to the super-spiritual realm, the perceiving of a completely new world at the edge of the abyss, the receiving of the true ego from this world.

“I wanted this description to serve as a bridge to tomorrow’s lecture. You should mull it over. We will continue tomorrow, linking up with what I have said today in regard to the encounter that takes place at the edge of the abyss.”

I was correctly and healthily awed.  Why make the effort to put Western Cosmology into perspective, understand the magnificent Vowel of ‘UH’ and take a spin on the dance floor with the Saturn Mysteries? Steiner made it clear, simple and discreet for us to comprehend. Standing at the precipice at the very beginning where humanity was made wasn’t a comfortable perch to stand upon at the end of the universe.

Such experiences are only faintly, ridiculously and sometimes humorously  reflected  in (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Universe CLICK LINK) OR Stanley Kubrick’s 5 star Hotel Suite (CLICK LINK), astronaut and mystical retirement residency, in the halls of memory at the end of “2001 a Space Odyssey”.

Don’t imagine that it isn’t wonderful to have a sense of humor. We need that sense of humor. But there is literally no conception, no possibility of describing standing, in all reality at the precipice, where merely one step, one tick further backward, all evidence of humanity and our grand excursion through Time vanishes.

The claustrophobia clenches at the literal ‘ UH ‘, the primal ‘ UH ‘ where all familiarity of our former understanding of  humanity STOPS. President Harry Truman used to say THE BUCK STOPS HERE, but truly our infantile imaginations and the Big Bang lunacy has nothing on the Eye witness account, from first-hand cognition, which took  us to the very brink of the beginning of the Science and Cosmology we call Humanity.

So Spirit-Selfhood linked with astonishing capacities of an I AM whose quest for the accuracy of wisdom and knowing, we have correctly branded as Aristotelian gives ample opportunity for us to deny either Lazarus or Rudolf Steiner’s metamorphosis.This graduation into Spirt-Self conscious butterfly/Angel status becomes wrought and wrung clearly from every fiber of word and thought delivered on the human breath stream as Rudolf Steiner’s living and loving gift compliments of the Christ Event. That which Freedom of the Spirit bestows and the graduation of humanity to new stages, has as recently as the 20th century stood before us. And we remain tepid.

The ecstatic new capacities of Angelhood in human Consciousness with all the crisp framework of the laws of Love as the very food of Freedom and Light awakens in a growing dismal and dark period of human history. That, I suppose, is not new to us. The gifts flourished, jubilation of the Soul and Spirit let the flood gates open and much was bestowed, freely, generously and with the understanding that we will be mature enough to appreciate the tools placed at our disposal.

The darkness, that as St. John fully understood, ‘comprehended it not’, still lingers in all our education and all our theories and all our narrow minded religious dogmas. I’m not in the least exaggerating, as you well know. It comes down to the unfathomable debt we owe the Christ first of all and the Cosmos itself for initiating plan 10 for the creation of the TENTH HIERARCHY. There is plenty to tell regarding the history of the Karma of such a Person of Interest who has stood before us as Aristotle’s higher Self.

Sharing the Leadership and Trials of ESOTERIC AND EXOTERIC Christianity (Click Link)

But I did say I would examine for a moment an extreme riddle which explains a great deal. The Celtic Folk-Spirit relinquishes the Celtic Folk-Soul and elected by Christ, a human being is chosen to represent ESOTERIC Christianity. The Greek Folk-Spirit sacrifices the entire Folk-Spirit role and elects to lift a human representative to serve as the EXOTERIC guide for Christianity.

Many of us have a fondness for the memory of Celtic history and traditions. So we are astonished to see the Resurrection of the Spirit of Celtic mythology casting it’s most powerful rays back into humanity through Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings saga and Peter Jackson the director of the film,  that were all inspired by and hovered over by the vision and Resurrection forces that once filled the Celtic Folk-Spirit.

“At a definite moment of time which coincided approximately with the descent of Christ upon Earth, the Greek Time Spirit renounced for our present epoch the possibility of rising into the Hierarchy of the Spirits of Form and became the guiding Time Spirit who then works on through the successive epochs. He became the representative guiding Spirit of exoteric Christianity, so that the Archai-being himself, the guiding Spirit of the Greeks, himself formed the vanguard of the Christ Impulse. In consequence, ancient Greece rapidly declined at the time of the expansion of Christianity because it had surrendered its guiding Time Spirit in order that he might become the leader of exoteric Christianity. The Greek Time Spirit then became the missionary, the inspirer or rather the intuiting Spirit of the expanding exoteric Christianity.

“The peoples belonging to the Celtic Folk Spirit also inhabited an area extending far into the North East of Europe. They were guided by an important Archangel who, soon after the Christian impulse had been bestowed on mankind, had renounced the possibility of becoming an Archai-being, a Spirit of Personality and elected to remain at the Archangel stage and to subordinate himself in future to the different Time Spirits who might arise in Europe. Hence the Celtic peoples also declined as a united people because their Archangel had made a special act of renunciation and had undertaken a special mission.

“This is a typical example of how, in such a case, an act of renunciation helps to initiate particular missions. Now what became of the Archangel of the Celtic peoples after he had renounced the possibility of becoming a Spirit of Personality? He became the inspirer of esoteric Christianity. All the underlying teachings and impulses of esoteric Christianity, especially of the real, true esoteric Christianity, have their source in his inspirations. The hidden sanctuary for those who were initiated into these Mysteries was situated in Western Europe and there the spiritual impulse was imparted by this guiding Spirit who had originally undergone an important training as Archangel of the Celtic people, had renounced his promotion to a higher rank and had undertaken another mission — that of becoming the inspirer of esoteric Christianity which was destined to live on further in the Mysteries of the Holy Grail, in Rosicrucianism.”

12 Steps to the Death and Resurrection of Western Cosmology.

Saturn Crushes so that Humanity shall arise and awaken in ourselves the New Cosmology of the Christ Impulse

How do we go from here 1

To Here 2

To Here 3

To Here 4

To Here 5

To Here 6

To Here 7

To Here 8

To Here 9


To Here 10

To Here 11

To Here 12

We may stand in awe and ‘ UH ‘ as we are witnesses to an Initiate, a graduate to Spirit-Selfhood, shattered by the destruction of a Living Testimony to Western Cosmology and the Human Word. We know that Rudolf Steiner gasped. Saturn had something to convey. Steiner was saddened, filled with a sorrow and he confessed wasn’t for himself, but that for thousands upon thousands of seekers in the future from the West, seeking the living cohesion of Western Cosmology, they wouldn’t touch it or hear it resound from the fulfillment of the Mystery of THE HOUSE OF THE COSMIC AND HUMAN WORD (SEE LINK).  To touch, see, calculate, measure, hear, livingly carry treasures back to every university in the west, to have known, walked through and met the cupola, the columns, the tones and the science of Sound and the Human and Cosmic reality of the Word, had been ripped away from the grasp of the West.

In Part One of this study of the Vowel and Consonants we were advised to review René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz (1887 – 1961) study of the Egyptian Temple. To put Egypt – Rudolf Steiner – the 1st Goetheanum and the mighty 20th and 21st century manifestation of the Exoteric Christ Mysteries into the framework of Initiation Science and the 1st Goetheanum. I highly recommend reviewing this link carefully. (SEE LINK)

Rudolf Steiner had to follow the trail of Zarathustra and Victor Hugo in order to unravel the riddles that keep humanity a prisoner within the a Dead mathematical-gravitational Planetary System. Our freedom to explore the planets requires us to rivet our attention on the human being, every human being and the specific human examples of those that have opened the doorways to the solid foundations of Inner, Living WESTERN COSMOLOGY can be studied in depth through this link (CLICK LINK).  It reveals the precise connections that René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz (1887 – 1961) researched, (in the paragraph above this one) that was recommended in Part One to understand the mystery basis of the Egyptian Temple in relation to the 1st Goetheanum.

The only way to enter and exit the Planetary System and become explorers and witnesses for cohesive Western Cosmology is by discovering the doorways, the keys and locks that take us to the Devachan gateways of the Planetary Mysteries. Here we meet with the alien beings we have longed to discover in close proximity to us. And the Saturn Beings who live by the fixed Memory of the Cosmos, looking back instead of forwards, are truly fixed as guardians of human endeavor.

Those gates and doorways to the Inner Planetary Mysteries requires a real education, not the tattered rags and flimsy materialism that we currently worship. It requires us to reevaluate the Mystery Temple of the Human Form and the Human Being and in that reexamination, we can without question, locate the doorways and meet some of the Beings of the Planetary Community that are indeed alien to our mode of perception.

Victor Hugo and the Saturn Beings – Full Text

“The whole human wonder, black, vague, unlimited;

Freedom breaking immutability;” Victor Hugo April 26, 1857

VISION FROM WHICH THIS BOOK AROSE (see link ) by Victor Hugo

I had a dream: The wall of the centuries appeared to me. 

It was of living flesh and unpolished granite.
An immobility made of uneasiness,
A building with the noise of crowds,
Black holes starred with wild eyes,
Evolutions of monstrous groups,
Vast bas-reliefs, colossal frescoes;
Sometimes the wall opened, allowing rooms to be seen,
Caverns where the blessed were seated, and the powerful.
Conquerors besotted with crime, drunk in incense,
Interiors of gold, jasper, porphyry;
And this wall trembled like a tree in the west wind.
All the centuries, their brows bound with towers or ears of grain,
Were there, sad sphinxes crouching on the enigma:
Each tier seemed vaguely alive;
It rose into the shadow, like an army
Petrified with its leader
At the moment it dared scale the Night;
A block, it floated like a rolling cloud;
It was a great wall and it was a crowd;
Marble had a scepter and a blade in its fist,
The dust wept and the clay bled,
The stones that fell had a human form. 
All humanity, with the unknown breath that leads it.
Undulating Eve, Adam floating one and different,
Throbbed against this wall and being and the universe,
And destiny, the black thread that the tomb unwinds.
Sometimes lightening suddenly shone
Millions of faces on the livid wall.
I saw there this Nothing we call the All; 
Kings, gods, glory and the law, the passing
Of generations downstream through the ages;
And before my gaze extended endless
Scourges, sufferings, ignorance, hunger,
Superstition, knowledge history
Like a black facade disappearing from sight.
And this wall composed of all that crumbles
Rose up, steep-sloped sad, formless. Where?
I do not know. In some place of shadows.
There are no mists, as there are no algebras,
That can resist, in depths of numbers or of heavens,
The calm, deep fixity of the eyes;
I observed this wall, at first confused and vague.
Whose form floated wave-like,
Where all seemed fog, vertigo, illusion;
And beneath my thoughtful eye, the strange vision
Became less foggy and more clear in proportion
As my pupil grew less trouble and more sure.
Chaos of beings, rising from the chasm to the firmament,
All the monsters, each in his compartment,
The centuries – heartless, hideous, unclean.
Fog and reality! Cloud and map of the world! (Click Link)
This dream was history with open doors.
All peoples were there, having for platforms, all time;
All the temples, with dreams for steps;
Here the paladins, there the patriarchs;
Dodona whispering low to Membra;
And Thebes and Raphidim, and its sacred rock.
Where Aaron and Hur raised the two hands of Moses       
On the Jews struggling for the promised land;
Amos’ chariot of fire amid the hurricanes;
All these men, half princes, half brigands,
Transformed by fable with grace or anger,
Drowned in the shelves of popular tales,
Archangels, half-gods, hunters of men, heroes
Of the Edda, the Vedas, the Romanceros;
Those whose sensuality stands up like a lance-head;
Those before whom the earth and the darkness are silent;
Saul, David, and Delphi, and the Cave of Endor
Whose flames are extinguished with scissors of gold;
Nimrod among the dead;  Booz among the sheaves;
Divine Tiberiuses, great and proud, gathered together,
Displaying at Capri, in the forum, in camps,
Necklaces that Tacitus arranged in yokes;
The golden chain of the throne ending in prison.
This vast wall had slopes like a mountain.
O night! nothing was lacking this apparition.
All was there, matter, spirit, mud and light;
All the cities, Thebes, Athens, the stages of
Romes on the heaps of Tyres and Carthages;
All the rivers, the Scheldt, the Rhine, the Nile, the Aar,
The Rubicon, saying to someone who is Caesar,
“If you are still citizens, you are so
Only up to here.” The hills rose up, black skeletons,
And on these hills horrible clouds wandered,
Phantoms dragging the moon amongst them.
The wall seemed to be shaken by the wind;
It was a crossing of flames and clouds,
Of mysterious games of clarity, of shadows
Sent back from century to century and from scepter to shield,
Where India ends up being Germany,
Where Solomon is reflected in Charlemagne;
The whole human wonder, black, vague, unlimited;
Freedom breaking immutability;
Horeb with the burnt hillsides, Pinda with the green slopes,
Hicetas preceding Newton, discoveries
Shaking their torch to the bottom of the sea,
Jason on the dromon, Fulton on the streamer;
The Marseillaise, Aeschylus, and the angel after the ghost;
Capaneus standing on the gate of Elektra;
Bonnaparte standing on the bridge of Lodi;
Christ dying near where Nero is applauded.
Here is the fearful way of the throne, this paving
Of murder, fury, war, slavery;
Herd-Humanity! howling
Committing crimes on dreary and gloomy peak,
Striking, blaspheming, suffering.
Alas! I hear, beneath my feet, in the abyss,
Misery sobbing with dull groans,
Of dark incurable mouth, ever complaining
And on the mournful vision, and on myself,
Whom I saw at the bottom of a tarnished mirror,
Immense life opened its misshapen branches; 
I contemplated the irons, the sensual delights, the evils,   
The dead, the avatars, the metempsychoses,
And in the darkness hewn from beings and things,
I watched Satan prowl, this poacher in the forests of God,
Black, laughing, his eye on fire.
What titan painted this unheard-of thing?
On the bottomless wall of the spreading shadow
Who sculpted the dream that was suffocating me?
What arm constructed with all the forfeits,
All the mourning, tears, and horrors,
This vast chain of living gloom? 
This dream, I trembled from it, was a dark deed
Between creation and humanity;
Cries gushed forth from below the pillars;
Arms rising from the walls raised their fists to the stars;
The flesh was Gomorrah and the soul was Sion.
Vast thought! It was the confrontation
Of what we were with what we are;
Beasts, by divine right, mingled with humans,
As in a hell, or in a paradise;
Crimes raged there, enlarged by their shadows,
And even the ugliness was not unbecoming
To the tragic horror of these giant frescoes.
And I saw there the ancient forgotten time.
I plumbed it. Good was connected with evil
As vertebra is joined to vertebra.
This wall, a block of funebrial darkness,
Rose into the infinite one misty morning.
Whitening by degrees on the distant horizon,
This somber vision, dark abridgement of the world,
Would disappear in an immeasurable dawn,
And, begun at night, would finish in glimmering light.
Sad day seemed there like pale sweat;
And this shapeless silhouette was veiled
With a misty spiral of starred smoke.
While I dreamed, my eye fixed on this wall
Sown with souls, covered with a darkened movement
And the wild gestures of a ghostly people.
A rumor passed beneath the murky domes.
I heard two deep noises, coming from the sky
In the opposite direction to the depth of eternal silence;
The firmament that none can open or close
Seemed about to part.
From the direction of dawn
Passed the spirit of Orestes, with musky sound;
And at the same time, from the direction of night,
Frighted black genius fleeing in an eclipse,
Fearful came the immense Apocalypse;
And their double thunder thrugh the mist
Approached  on my right and on my left; and I was afraid 
As if taken between chariots of shadow.
They passed. There was a dark agitation.
The first spirit cried: Fate!
The second cried: God! And dark eternity
Repeated these cries in funereal echo.
This terrifying passage shook the shadows;
Everything tottered at the noise they made; the wall,
Full of shadows, shuddered; everything took part; the king
Put his hand on his helmet, the idol his on his miter;
The whole vision trembled like a pane of glass,
And broke, falling into the night in pieces;
And when the two spirits, like two great birds,
Were fled, in the strange fog of the idea,
The pale vision reappeared full of cracks,
Like a ruined temple with gigantic shafts,
That let one see the abyss between its crazy quilt of walls.
When I saw it again, after the two angels
Had broken it by the shock of their strange wings,
There was no longer this prodigious wall, entire,
Where fate coupled with infinity,
Where all times gathered together joined with ours,
Where the centuries could question one another,
Without one making a mistake and failing in the summons;
Instead of continent, there was an archipelago;
Instead of a universe, there was a cemetery;
Here and there a dismal stone rose up,
Some standing pillar, no longer bearing anything;
All the mutilated centuries were stranded; without a link;
Each epoch hung demolished; none
Was without a rip, without a hole,
And everywhere stagnant shadows and pools of night
Rotted on the wreckage of the past.
And the mists where my eye fell was only
The deformed, tottering debris of a dream,
Having the vague appearance of an intermittent bridge            
Falling arch, by arch into the waiting abyss.
Like a fleet in distress that’s floundering;
Resembling a dark and interrupted phrase
The hurricane, this stutterer wandering on the summits,
Always begins without ever finishing.
Only the future continued to open
On these black vestiges gilded by a pale orient
To rise like a star, amidst a cloud
Where, without seeing thunder, one felt the presence of God.
Out of the deep, heavy impression left
By this chaos of life on my gloomy thought,
Out of this vision of the movement of humanity
This book, where beside yesterday we glimpse tommorrow,
Has arisen, reflecting from poem to poem
All this ghastly, dizzy clarity.
This book is the terrifying remnant of the Tower of Babel ,
The mournful tower of things, the building
Of good and evil, of tears, of mourning, of sacrifice,
Once proud, dominating distant horizons,
Today possessing only hideous stumps,
Scattered, fallen, lost in the dark valley;
This is the bitter, immense, broke-down epic of humanity – crumbled away. 
(Guernsey, April 26, 1857)

SATURN and the Etheric Body of a Grail Initiate (Click Reference)

©Astrosophy Research Center 2012 – ISBN – 1888686-11-1 All rights reserved. These lectures are for private use, study, and research only and are not to be reprinted for any other purpose without the written permission of the Astrosophy Research Center. THE DEATH OF RUDOLF STEINER IN THE SPIRITUAL WORLDS Incomplete and Unrevised Notes of a lecture by Willi Sucher, 30 March 1954 In remembrance of Rudolf Steiner’s death day, 30 March 1925.

“Today it is 29 years since we heard of Rudolf Steiner’s death. This time between 29 and 30 years is an important rhythm in our life here on Earth and also for the souls who have crossed the threshold. Before we go into the details, we want to consider the experiences of a soul after death. As we know, the moment of death is indicated by the separation of the ether body, astral body, and ego from the physical body. In the first three days after death, the ether body is freed to live in its element of active, creative, cosmic memory, in which the memory tableau of the life just lived is the primary experience. This is the unfolding of the ether body, in which the soul’s life experience is engraved. As the ether body is freed from its physical task, it now lives in its own element and weaves in the ether aura around the Earth—known as “clouds” in the Bible.

“As the Earth rotates during these three days, the place where the human being died passes three times through the ether aura of the sky. It is a kind of baptism, whereby the ether body adjusts itself to the cosmic ethers related to the planets in the sky at death. Rudolf Steiner spoke of this death asterogram as being much more important than the birth moment, as it provides a more exact and satisfactory result of human connections with the starry world.

The starry sky at the moment of death is like a nativity into the spiritual world, for as an embryo swims in the waters before birth, so the soul swims in the cosmic ether after death. In the depths of the universe is the fixed-star Zodiac, in which the planets are distributed in an endless multitude of possible aspects.

“Saturn is the outermost planet that is visible with the naked eye. It holds the memory of the life histories of all human beings and their experiences. As Dr. Steiner indicated, the human soul experiences its just-lived life in reverse during the first three days after death. Our researches have shown that when a human being dies, the planets are distributed to catch the memory-pictures and preserve them. There are intimate connections between the ether body and the cosmic world, with which it merges about three days after death of the average human being. In the positions of the planets in the death asterogram of a soul, we find the cosmic reflection of the individual’s life on Earth.

“There is also the possibility that a human ether body can be preserved, as in the case of a highly developed initiate. Let us think this through in connection with Rudolf Steiner’s death. I wish to give you the aspect of the sky on 30 March 1925, about 10:25 am: The Sun was in the constellation of Fishes, Venus was nearby, and Mercury was in transition from Fishes to Ram. Mars was in Bull, and underneath it was the Moon, which was rising. Jupiter was in Archer, and Saturn had set in Scales. This aspect in the sky represents the tableau at the moment of Dr. Steiner’s death.

“Here we can find a true picture of the life on Earth. Saturn leads us back to about 1896 in the life of Dr. Steiner, when he was about 35 years of age. It was a time that Dr. Steiner wrote about in his autobiography as a time of inner crisis; for although he was living in the fullness of the spirit, even his best friends, such as cultivated souls like Hermann Grimm the famous historian, could not understand what he had to say. He experienced within himself the question, “Must one forever remain silent?”, referring to his inner world.

“It was a moment when the world was faced with complex decisions. Saturn is now again in Scales, and humanity is again faced with world decisions. Significantly, Saturn in Scales can also be found in the death asterograms of astronomers such as Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, and Kepler. At those times, important world decisions were also made that influenced humanity. Rudolf Steiner decided to speak, and in 1912 the original Soul Calendar was published, which contained the “imaginations of the constellations”. Leitsätze, from the cosmological point of view: the handing-over of World Karma from the Father to the Son.

“Scales is definitely connected with the Son Deity of the Trinity and with the Good Friday Events. It is like a thread through human destiny, a question of Grave or Altar (Stagnation or Transformation), and exemplifies the question of whether to speak or to remain silent. 2 Jupiter in Archer shows other aspects in the life of Dr. Steiner. It shows the birth of the deed, the capacity of the human being to bring the Idea into the Deed. Jupiter is always connected with this. This brings us to events that lead up to the year 1901-2 and the birth of anthroposophy, when Christianity as Mystical Fact was written.

“The Sun was in Fishes, which swim in opposite directions connected by a thin ribbon of stars. In the language of Fishes, one fish swims toward Waterman, the past, and the other swims toward Ram, the future. In Dr. Steiner’s life, this position leads us to 1908-9 when he wrote Occult Science and lectured on the Apocalypse. One can say that from these deeds a substance was amalgamated with the Sun in Fishes. While on Earth, we see with our physical eyes; however, when a soul crosses the Threshold to the world where we no longer use physical eyes, we only experience darkness. However, light can be produced through the will by occult training, through closing the gates of the senses to the physical world. In the darkness we experience a mirror, reflections of Imaginations of past and future events. Steiner relates these in Occult Science (especially world evolution) and in his lecture cycle on the Apocalypse. One can say that the substance of Dr. Steiner’s efforts have been amalgamated with the Sun in Fishes.

“Mercury was in transition from Fishes to Ram. Mercury represents intelligence that endeavors to lead the human being from personal intelligence to cosmic intelligence. It brings us into the time of 1910, when Steiner revealed the time of the Second Coming of Christ, the revelation of Christ in the etheric world. If an individual can penetrate the spiritual background of Ram, it will be found that Ram is connected with the descent and incarnation of the Lamb of God from the realm of the Kyriotetes, the Spirits of Wisdom, and the deeds of these Beings. Thus we find in his Ram the great Imagination of the Second Coming of Christ.

“In the opposition of Saturn in Scales to that of Mercury in Ram, we are lead to the preparation and the time of the Christmas Foundation Meeting. This is not an affair that is only for our Society, but this Meditation concerns the whole of humanity. It is the beginning of the new Christmas Mysteries, helping to bring about the experience of Christ’s Being in the human soul. In these Mysteries, the Shepherds’ and Kings’ approach from either side of our soul, opening the road to the heart and the head, and to the Spirit of the World—the Risen Christ.

“We must prepare, preserve, and work with what we were given and be responsible for it, until humanity of the future can understand this speaking of the Spirit of Christ. Both Mars and Moon are in the constellation of Bull. They are planets that are deeply connected with the realization of spirit in matter. In the Moon, when it appears as a Cup, or Chalice, spiritual-cosmic forces are gathered and then “emptied” into the Earth; the spiritual forces of creation are offered to the Earth.

“Mars is like a rock in the universe against which ancient spiritual substance bounded and broke up, to create matter—the working of spirit in plants, etc. Both Mars and Moon are connected with making spirit visible in matter. This brings us to the time of 1912-13, when eurythmy, the visible Word, came into existence, the Mystery Dramas were completed and performed, and in 1913 the Foundation Stone of the first Goetheanum was laid. A gateway was opened, as Bull is the cosmic region of the Word, and the Goetheanum was the House of the Word, a portal open to the spirit.

“In the moment of Rudolf Steiner’s death, the Twins are rising. This constellation signifies the backbone of his work, the time connected with his carving of the great statue of Christ between the twin adversaries, Lucifer and Ahriman. During this time he spoke and gave advice on how to meet the adversaries and how we can stand upright in our battle against them.

“This was the life tableau of Rudolf Steiner, which we have now chronologically descended from Saturn to the Moon. It is possible that his life body was not dissolved. From the evidence I have collected, I am almost certain that it was not dissolved but is still working there, though I cannot present my conclusions now. Saturn was in Scales at birth and also now at death. This Saturn in Scales may help us answer the question of why he had to leave then, when there was apparently still so much left to be done. The question for him was, “grave or altar?” He experienced the grave of civilization in World War I, and he made an attempt to help resurrect it with The Threefold Commonwealth. I believe his death was a necessity to give us the possibility of becoming independent.

“We who recognize him as our teacher are faced with the same question: grave or alter. The world in the last thirty years has had much of the “grave” present in it. We have also received a lot of knowledge about the spiritual world; however, unless we transform that which we have received, it will remain the “grave”. We should transform our knowledge of the spiritual world into a new power to come, as it still remains entombed. It is my belief that this experience of entombment will pass, and the future is nearer than we think, when the “grave will become the altar of transformation.” Saturn is again very near Scales today.

“We must know where we stand, for the very life, the very existence of anthroposophy depends on it. Saturn is a general reminder that decisions have to be made, decisions not to bury what we know in the “grave” of our personal intelligence, but to transform it to work through our hearts and radiate into the world. With these thoughts we may remember the death of Rudolf Steiner, which in a certain way may be a spiritual birth. [Ed. Note: Saturn was again in Scales in 1981, as it was also again there in 2011.]

91 years since Steiner’s passing 2016 and 2025 will come up to the 100 year mark.

In a book by the architect Daniel van Bemmelen dealing with the first Goetheanum in relation to other examples of sacred architecture including Solomons Temple, accompanied by numerous illustrations, he shows that one of the intentions expressed in the Goetheanum architecture was to convey an experience of the human head. He provides a cross section of the building which shows that the large cupola corresponded to the cerebrum and the small cupola the cerebellum. The location of the podium would correspond to the location of the pineal gland. The red window in the west could be seen as the forehead of the building. The foundation stone of the building which was fashioned into a double dodecahedron can be related to the human heart.  THE KEYS TO THE MYSTERY OF WESTERN COSMOLOGY CAN BE STUDIED WITH THIS LINK, (CLICK LINK).
Solomon’s Temple, The New Jerusalem & The Grail Castle (Part 2)
The beloved disciple shares the vision of this unfolding seed, which comes to expression in the cubical dimensions of the New Jerusalem and the twelve foundation stones which repeat the motif of the 12 gemstones that adorned the breastplate of the high priest. In the apocalypse we again hear of the 12 tribes, in the 144,000 who receive the seal of the living God upon their foreheads and learn the song of a new creation, fulfilling the promise “behold I make all things new!”. In a series of lectures dealing with the Temple Legend Rudolf Steiner helps to shed light on these mysteries “We enter the Temple of Solomon. The door itself is characteristic. The square used to function as an old symbol. Mankind has now progressed from the stage of four-foldness to that of five-foldness, as five-membered man, who has become conscious of his own higher self. The inner divine Temple is so formed as to enclose the five-fold human being. The square is holy. The door the roof and the side pillars together form a pentagon. When man awakens from his fourfold state….enters his inner being – the inner sanctuary is the most important part of the temple – he sees a kind of alter; we perceive two cherubim which hover, like two guardian spirits, over the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy of Holies; for the fifth principal [of man’s being] (Manas – Spirit-Self), which has not yet descended to earth, must be guarded by the two higher beings – Buddhi (Life Spirit) and Atman (Spirit Man). Thus man enters the stage of Manas (Spirit-Self) development.” (The Temple Legend Lec. 12 – 5/22/1905) Note; explanatory additions added by author.The magnificent 1st Goetheanum
As mentioned earlier the Holy of Holies embodies the head of the temple, the cube which encompasses the entire Earth, represents the three dimensional world we all live in between birth and death, during our earthly plane of existence. The alchemical trinity of salt, mercury and sulphur harkens back to the legendary thrice great Hermes Trismagistus, one of the central inaugurators of the Egyptian Mystery wisdom. Moses was familiar with this hermetic lore due to his initiation into the Egyptian mysteries, salt which crystalizes in the form of the cube was related to thinking focused in the human head. When Christ proclaimed “Ye are the salt of the Earth” he was also referring to this same mystery. With the help of the Foundation Stone meditation laid into the hearts of the members of the Anthroposophical Society by Rudolf Steiner at the Christmas conference, we can grasp more clearly how the human head and our higher thinking which he often characterized as a spiritual activity could serve as a bridge to the Holy-Spirit, mediated by the Angels, Archangels and Archai who together embody the three principals of Spirit-self, life-spirit and spirit-man that it is our shared mission to unfold. The temple which contained the cubical chamber enveloped in darkness and covered with the sun metal gold, was dedicated to the lunar ElohimYahweh who prepared the bestowal of the gift of the human ego. It’s innermost sanctuary contained the “Light Hidden in the Darkness” referred to in the prologue to the John gospel, symbolizing the Spiritual Sun forces that Christ who embodied the six Solar Elohim would anchor to the core of the Earth through the Mystery of Golgotha.
It is during this earthly phase of development that the fourth principle, the human ego which is a gift bestowed by Lucifer on a lower level and the seven Elohim (Spirits of Form) on a higher level. This 4th member could subsequently begin to transform the three lower members which were given during the three previous eon’s (mantevara’s) Old-Saturn – Physical, Old-Sun-Etheric, Old-Moon- Astral into their higher three-fold counterpart, Manas – Spirit-Self, Buddhi-Life-Spirit and Atman-Spirit-Man. Together these three higher members form the Golden Triangle that was central to Rosicrucian esotericism and are reflected in the 5th, 6th & 7th Rosicrucians seals. The possibility of achieving this Alchemy which will reunite the human being with the three members of the divine trinity was given by the healing impulse bestowed through the Mystery of Golgotha which involved the redemption of the fall, ushering in the great turning point that would initially lead from the fourth earthly stage of human evolution to the fifth, embodied in the New Jerusalem. This transformative process comes to expression in the seventh seal which is referred to as the grail seal due to its close association to these mysteries. While in Koberwitz during the last Pentecost season that Rudolf Steiner spent upon the earth, he responded to a question from the countess Keyserlingk regarding the relationship between the Grail Castle and the New Jerusalem, he responded; “The New Jerusalem of which the Bible speaks is the eternal, archetypal image of how it will be in the future. The Grail Castle is the image of how it is now in the spiritual world.”
With the help of further indications provided by Rudolf Steiner we can develop an understanding of the secrets of occult physiology that were expressed in this seed-chamber (Holy of Holies) in which our collective higher future is concealed. “When man’s forebrain developed the organ of the” I” was [focused] into man’s head at the root of the nose……In man the I streams out of this place. But it isn’t enough that the organ of the ego is developed in man. So that the higher self can stream into him to make him into a higher being, we find the organ for this ….[in] the pineal gland. Man makes a connection with the divine self in the world through the pineal gland.” (Berlin 5/06/1906) In a book by the architect Daniel van Bemmelen dealing with the first Goetheanum in relation to other examples of sacred architecture including Solomons Temple, accompanied by numerous illustrations, he shows that one of the intentions expressed in the Goetheanum architecture was to convey an experience of the human head. He provides a cross section of the building which shows that the large cupola corresponded to the cerebrum and the small cupola the cerebellum. The location of the podium would correspond to the location of the pineal gland. The red window in the west could be seen as the forehead of the building. The foundation stone of the building which was fashioned into a double dodecahedron can be related to the human heart. A year after the fire this foundation stone was metamorphosed into the Foundation Stone meditation that was laid into the hearts of the members. The second Goetheanum made of concrete was built according to proportions that would have encompassed the earlier build and could be likened to the scull. (Das erste Goetheanum als Menscheitsbau)
Based on these contemplations one can begin to experience Rudolf Steiner’s intention to have the building serve as a bridge between the microcosmic and macrocosmic Grail mysteries. The columns, the organic and flowing sculpted forms, the painted ceilings and colored etched windows, together could convey an experience of the etheric brain illuminated by the light of clairvoyance as conveyed by the red window in the west. Gazing into the interior space from the perspective of the red widow located at the western end of the central axis we can perhaps begin to experience what Steiner sought to convey in the following words in a lecture delivered on April 20th, 1924 which was accompanied by a diagram, which showed a side view of the human head with arrows directed inwards in the forehead area. “Here is the head. Man looks outward. Now instead, he learned to look inward. But in thus looking inward he became aware of what had entered him as the pre-earthly life and being, which had entered in through eye and ear and skin etc. Of this he now became aware….This was part of the first stage of an initiatory experience, he then went on to describe a second Degree. “what did the second degree contain? It contained all that the human being perceived when he now no longer gazes into himself through the eyes, or hearkens inward through the ears, but when he actually enters into himself. At this stage it was said to the candidate: ‘Thou enterest the human Temple grove’ He learned to know the Temple….permeated physically by the forces of soul and spirit, of which man consisted before he descended into earthly life. Thus he entered into himself. And it was said to him; There are three chambers in this Temple Grove. The one chamber was the chamber of Thinking. Seen from outside it is the head. It is but small, but when one sees it from within, it is great as the universe; one learns to know its spiritual nature. …..In the second chamber the candidate learned to know the life of feeling, and in the third chamber the life of willing.”(The Easter festival in relation to the Mysteries lec. 2)

— with Ruta Hallam.

Time and the Eagle forces of St. John allows us to carry with us certain fumbled attempts to understand the Saturn Beings. The Steve Miller Band  (click link) takes us into Time. Flying like an Eagle and grasping the depth of St. John takes much more effort than this very sweet melody. Most people don’t understand that the Eagle arises out of the constellation of Scorpio, out of the death sting of Scorpio. The Bull, Taurus; The Lion, Leo; The Water Carrier, Aquarius AND the Eagle, Scorpio are the sources of the FOUR GOSPELS. St. John is allowed to pass the Saturn Mysteries of Time.

Addendum 4

Aside from a general shrunken intelligence and attempting to drain the life out of the cosmos with absolute mathematical abstractions, and aside from the fact that university education suffers from a complete failure to get inside the forces that are constructive to the human I AM, the animal, the plant and the stone in the foundations of form and the laws of reincarnation, we sit in our emptied universe and debate the BIG BANG. Do we keep up with this childishness? We do and most, avidly. HERE IS ANOTHER REASON TO REJECT THE BIG BANG – (click link)

Addendum 5

The mathematical beauty of the Spring Equinox on Saturn (CLICK LINK).

Addendum 6


Addendum 7


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    I AM Faithing, Loving, & Hoping, “What the Heaven is this stuff?!’, can be altruistically, anonymously, and individually deciphered, and beneficially employed, by fellow, and fellow-ette, Mighty Mouse Daily School of Lifers, Karma 101’ers, Word-Wide, Deep-Ocean, Etheric Surfers, In Heaven, and In Earth, while livin’ on da’ Earth-Plane!!!

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