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Rudolf Steiner 2 David NewbattThis is Bradford Riley’s WORKS site. All new materials are being prepared here. Our current, intense focus of study  (CLICK LINK) is on the DESTINY OF AMERICA. Novalis and the West are currently, immediately, in our cross-hairs. This THIRD ESSAY IN THE SERIES has been the pivotal point that connects Riley Brad’s Works to Rileybrad’s Blog. It has marked a pivotal change in the most intimate aspects of my destiny. Therefore I have pivoted both sites and tied them together on the strength and substance of “Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche part 3”.


Christ and the Face of the Risen Etheric ChristWhen we try to imagine Rudolf Steiner carving THE REPRESENTATIVE OF HUMANITY, the Risen Etheric Christ moving through the Etheric Strata of the Earth and humanity, we are faced with the great riddle of the Elm Tree. (To find out more click on the IMAGE of the Risen Christ)

The Risen Etheric Christ in the center of the Great Hall encircled by the planetary wooden columns, revealing the past and future REVELATIONS OF THE EARTH, were one of the great mysteries of the TREES. The First Goetheanum and the wisdom of the Trees and their different planetary Etheric Vestments, which by touch, quality of soul and sound, the resonating timber and tone of the wood, revealed the inner etheric character, quality and fiber of the great pillars on which Earth Evolution rests.

An entire transformation of the Wood of the Cross, to the Risen Etheric Christ, brought humanity an entirely new active vision of the Alpha -Omega STRIDER. The Risen Christ, active through every fiber of creation, is the Free Being that is both the central core of the I AM of humanity and the full unfolding essence of Time laid into the very foundations of the Cosmos.

Rudolf Steiner’s capturing the moving power of the Risen Etheric Christ helped focus and crystallize the ancient mystery of the Elm. Now, all may catch a glimpse of the potent active Divine Being that lay behind the mystery of the magnificent statue of the moving, living, Risen Etheric Christ. We also may now come to understand the ancient mystery and the great suffering of the Elm  –  CLICK ON PICTURE OF THE REPRESENTATIVE OF HUMANITY. trees and the Representative_of_humanity Elm