Chapter 1 “Star Embryo and the Vesica Piscis of the Oval Office” by Bradford Riley

Our Angel’s Work in the Cosmogony of the West

“It is then revealed that these Beings of the Hierarchy of the Angels — particularly through their concerted work, although in a certain sense each single Angel also has his task in connection with every individual human being — these Beings form pictures in man’s astral body.” (RS Click Link)

The Mission of the West is that of presenting a clear and Objective Cosmogony. The Sophia Quest to find this Cosmogony has been constantly striven for in the West. A Cosmogony that includes Sister and Brotherhood and the consequential laws at the foundations of the Cosmos goes all the way to the Center of the Oval Office, the office of POTUS. (Rudolf Steiner “Cosmogony, Freedom and Altruism” CLICK LINK)

By 1933 Renovations and setting the tone of the OVAL OFFICE itself, in connection with a fire in the White House in 1929, brought the completion of the significant Sophia Star Science of the West, into a vivid recognition. The OVAL OFFICE was completed by 1934. The vivid reality of the Mission of the West, the full mission of the West, that spreads out from the so called OVAL OFFICE, that mission is the completion of the Cosmogony Sciences for all of Humanity. That is the mission of the West.

The United States a Cosmogony of the Vesica Piscis the Feminine Mysteries of the Stars

“In 1909, William Howard Taft had the West Wing expanded and extensively remodeled. He relocated the chief executive’s office in the middle of the south side—taking over the secretary’s round-ended office—and changed its shape to a full oval, like in the White House, about 34 feet by 27 feet. Furnishing it were silk velvet curtains and a checkerboard floor made of mahajua wood from the Philippines. Caribou hide tacked with brass studs covered the chairs in the room. President Taft chose an olive green color scheme.

“For President Taft, an oval office may have symbolized his view of the modern-day president. Taft intended to be the center of his administration, and by creating the Oval Office in the center of the West Wing, he was more involved with the day-to-day operation of his presidency than were his recent predecessors.

Renovation and Expansion

“When the West Wing caught fire in 1929, the original Oval Office was gutted along with most of the rest of the building. It was rebuilt by Hoover to the same design.

“Franklin Roosevelt chose to renovate and further expand the West Wing to accommodate additional staff in 1933. He moved the Oval Office to the southeast corner in place of the laundry drying yard. The new location had better light (with windows to the east as well as south) and provided easier travel back and forth to the Residence.

Time magazine described FDR’s new office as:

“Oval like the old one but, by his order, two feet wider, two feet longer. Handsomest room in the building, it is decorated with the great Presidential Seal set in the ceiling, has indirect lighting simulating daylight.

“Since its completion in 1934, the modern Oval Office has changed very little except in its furnishings. Most presidents have commissioned a new rug and drapes, but two presidents chose not to change the decor: Eisenhower and Carter. Kennedy’s new decor was just being installed the day he was assassinated.”

To bring Sophia Star Sciences directly through the entire culture of the West must reveal, does reveal, the stupendous Rise of the Etheric Christ at the Threshold of the Spiritual World by 1933. This profound historical Revelation of the Sophia Sciences and the vast world anticipation of the Event of the Rise of the Etheric Christ flooding It’s powerful Logos majesty in full cooperation with our Angels and the Stars, opened the floodgates of light that illuminates the centuries ahead.

By 1966 a stunning, staggering proof of this new wave of cultural revelation, was manifest in the sweeping enthusiasm, creativity and originality of the entire impulse of the Love Generation. But most of us were unaware or weren’t yet ready to understand the Science of Sophia and the Stars that had flooded the fields of Time with entirely fresh forces.

Yes some called them Flower Children and Baby Boomers but entirely new forces that traced themselves to pre-natal events were rippling through the Angelic Kingdoms and thundering through the Spiritual World. How did this stirring new awakening occur? The results of that wave of powerful awakenings are part of the new dimension of wisdom that is directly connected to the OVAL OFFICE.

The mission of the West is connecting and awakening the Cosmogony of the Stars and tying it directly to the Vesica Piscis of Embryology. The mission of the West is to tie the gate of birth and the gate of death together with Higher Initiation Science of the Stars. There have been and continue to be great waves and Cosmic Tsunamis. The Events that are now rippling through humanity, that were initiated by the Rise of the Etheric Christ in 1933 manifested an unprecedented global wave of Light that was unstoppable and overwhelming by 1966.

The Massive reordering and changes in the pattern and flow of Star Incarnations were poured down into Vesica Piscis human female birth vessels. Mighty Feminine Star Form receivers, flushed full with advanced cosmic math, carried the star wisdom of how the Angels brought about the interior, biological (Click Link for deeper study) and embryological math inversions. Incarnations and what human incarnations contain and how they are designed, streamed from mighty, manifold positions of the Constellations and the Planets, down into the very intimate Vesica Piscis Oval Sacred Geometry hidden in the wombs of womenThe New Science of Sophia and the Eternal Feminine awakening in every human soul, changes the whole meaning and intent of THE OVAL OFFICE.

The Cosmogony of the West and the Eternal Feminine brought a new subtle mystery to the West. The West instinctively knows it needs, enjoys and is culturally vivid and alive in itself when it is groping blindly in the frontiers of Cosmogony.

For instance the Oval and the Ovid form of the Oval Office is projected forward into the future of deep Dead Space with the voyages of the Starship Intrepid, seemingly to explore out beyond the future of humanity to the Federation Starfleet, projected beyond the year 2378.

The main bridge of the Intrepid-class starship was OVOID OR OVAL and served as the nerve center of the vessel.

In most Starships an Oval construction of the Bridge and Command and Control systems of an entire living nexus of so called Karma have been severed from the primary pivotal and anchoring circadian systems of Earth, Sun and Moon. This vast withdrawal of a complex Nexus of Human Karma which were once anchored with Etheric, Astral and I AM systems directly tied to Sun Rises, Sun Sets, sleep and waking patterns, specific Moon influences tuned to Life, Etheric and Living circadian rhythms are now constantly projected into the future of Space. We have wonderful and vivid Imaginations in the West that tend to consistently jump the shark.

Deep Space explorations of the future are poised to pluck humanity from being embedded in our own unique Planetary and Zodiacal System, like uprooting plants and greenhousing entire human destinies in deep state vessels and thrusting, with highly advanced technical Life support systems, (what could possibly go wrong?) out into the unknown vastness of foreign Constellations, formidable Sun Logos entities, foreign planets, galaxies, suns and moons, that operated out of completely different etheric and astral laws. How could we so completely misunderstand Mortal and Immortal seeds planted under the great burden bearing Mother, our Earth? Is there not a graduation process of Initiation involved? Of course there is.

Human foundational structural systems are solidly anchored into the structure of our Birth and Death Life Systems here on Earth. These systems serve the immortal portions we are called upon to develop from within us. So how do we humbly approach the Sophia Science of the Stars latent in each human being? We have approached this immense question given to  humanity with our usual enthusiasm. The West has a powerful enthusiasm for the so called ‘adventure’ into Cosmogony. But there are truly new paradigms ahead. We prefer to skip over our mandatory inner hurdles, but that would only be catastrophic for humanity. It would stunt our human maturity and forfeit the entire intent of Earth Evolution.

Cryosleep, a process in which an astronaut is put into a state of suspended animation using a drug or a chamber or something very cold, is a common sci fi trope. It’s one of the main plot points in 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s how the wormhole-traversing astronauts manage to not age in Interstellar. It’s in Aliens and Avatar and it’s even shows up in the not-very-good Riddick tetralogy.

We in the West are drunk on pioneering, conquering Imaginations that extract and mingle arbitrary groups of people or entities together in a hodge-podge by fleeing the sensitive threads and planetary and zodiacal systems that have Authored and Authorized all our actual functional Etheric, Astral, Physical and I AM systems. These systems are spread out before us over the Earth and through the Heavens. These Systems powerfully, and painfully evolved from their specific Saturn, Sun, Moon and Earth Embryonic unfolding. Ours was not a Darwinian accident.

A true Cosmogony of the West includes the concrete reality of our Angels and how Birth and the After world of the Stars and Death fulfill themselves through each and every Human I AM. (Click Link) Our projections into the future of humanizing and facilitating each Space Vessel with sustaining Etheric, Logos, Astral, Lunar and general human circadian maintenance while shoving our intellects and physical bodies into strange galactic configurations, are all external enthusiastic fantasies.

Our maturity must arise to see and know our very own Logos, Star System, Planetary community and Mission Destiny of Earth as a full Cosmic Seed of the vast Hierarchies. Beyond Cryosleep, Stasis or Deep Space Hibernation are those of grasping, Earth, Sun, Moon circadian rhythms by penetrating the precise systems integration of Etheric, Physical, Astral and I AM living and renewing life rhythms. In this work we shall begin to see precisely what is ahead of us.

The West has as its fundamental mission for the Earth the binding together of the Science of the Stars and the Embryological Mystery of the Vesica Piscis. This Sacred Geometry mystery that penetrates from the Math and Higher Mystery of the Stars down to the Earth and the Birth of Human Spirits on the Earth, is the completed circle that the West must carry in it’s ongoing Cosmogony contribution for the full community of Humanity and Earth.

Imagination, Cosmogony and Angelic Imaginations

For the Western world, the way of initiation into the super-sensible world is through Imagination. But Imagination must be integrated organically with our spiritual life as a whole. This can come about in the most varied ways: as it did, after all, in the East. There, too, the way was not determined unequivocally in advance. To-day I should like to describe a way of initiation that conforms to the needs of Western civilisation and is particularly well suited to anyone who is immersed in the scientific life of the West.” (RS Link)

Cosmogony Stanley Kubrick the Pieta
Sigune, Shionatulander and Parsifal in the Pieta


Sophia of the Stars and the Pieta

Realism and venturing towards Humanities Quest into the meaning of the Stars, brought Stanley Kubrick the cultural force of the recognition of his use of vivid Pictures and Imaginations. What available Pictures, from the cutting edge of western science or religion or Time Itself, could Kubrick use to convey or translate into human imagination, a journey that would take us to the loftiest Cosmogony goals of All Human Striving?

Already, in 1968, the tremendous ZEITGEIST, the strong Archai of the Sun, standing above the Angel Community, Michael the Time Spirit, had prepared the Angelic Community with Lofty Spiritual Imaginations. In deepening the Science of the Cosmogony of the West, we are required to address the stunning Laboratory of the Stars that is directly connected to embryology.

In our Western Cosmogony studies we must meet and address, where and how these lofty Beings, Higher than Humanity, operate directly from behind the veil of the Stars. The veil of ancient Isis and the current Science of Sophia and the Stars represent the entire enigma we call The Heavens. In the Cosmogony of the West we are tasked to tie together the entwined Vesica Piscis that constitutes the Oval Mothering forces of the Heavens to how we metamorphose ourselves here on Earth. Remain alert, we will approach this staggering Science of the Stars as we continue.

Before 1966, 33 years before 1966 a massive global impulse of the Rise of the Etheric Christ behind the Threshold of matter and in the realm of the Starry Planners of the unfolding reality of TIME, sent a shock wave through All The Souls of the Living and the Dead on both sides of the Threshold. (Further Study CLICK LINK) The living and the dead celebrated the Rise of the Logos Sun, shattering both sides of the Threshold.

The Risen Etheric Christ, the like of which, as the LOGOS ITSELF, rose with the cohesion of the Stars and the cohesion of each Human Destiny on Earth. Christ with all those still in Heaven, launched forth, strode forth, sent shock waves all through the Angel Community and down through the deep fissures of matter and the Devachan worlds. It was announced through Kingdoms above and Kingdoms below, that The Time was at Hand.

καὶ τὸ φῶς ἐν τῇ σκοτίᾳ φαίνει, καὶ ἡ σκοτία αὐτὸ οὐ κατέλαβεν

Kai to phos en te skotia phainei, kai he skotia auto ou katelaben. John 1.5  “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not grasped it.” This awakening to the Starry Sophia Sciences from Einstein and the speed of Light, to the Threshold Dawning of the Moral Initiation Science and consequential path of the Free Moral Evolution and Cosmogony of Humanity was an awakening that had taken many, many Centuries.

Why shouldn’t the Science of the Stars and conquering the Objectivity of the Heavens take centuries to accomplish? If we wish to chart the awakening and dawning of the Scientific Moral Evolution of Humanity and how it tallies with and corresponds with the Hierarchies and the Sophia Star Sciences, we could start HERE (click Link), where we can arrive through the Higher Initiation of Christian Rosenkreuz.

Silently behind the Living and overwhelmingly from the world of the dead, Christ Shone forth, rising behind the tapestry of nature in 1933. Every human soul, on Earth or in the Stars were baptized with a new type of courage, love as a cultural impulse, brotherhood and entirely new Imaginative Thinking, even as Earth was ringed and raged with War and thrust into our first global confrontations with the nuclear fall of Light, The Time was at Hand. A massive wave of births flooded the world with a sister and brotherhood, flowering over the world, in an overwhelming surge. It was Global, it was Archai inspired, it was an actual signal flare of the Zeitgeist and touched deeply into every human soul, living or dead.

“Thinking that is capable of penetrating into the essential nature of things has suffered a catastrophic decline. The Copernican theory and allied theories are valuable contributions to knowledge at a superficial level, but they do not probe deeply enough. They are the outcome of man’s failure over the years to go to the heart of things, a failure that will become progressively more pronounced. Today, we can cite instances, fantastic as they may seem, of the situation that must arise if this trend of thought, which is already to some extent endemic, were to continue unimpeded. This trend of thought will have to be abandoned because the impulse of the Mystery of Golgotha will gather increasing strength.(RS Transition to the Inner Side of Stars, The Inner side of Cosmogony, The Inner side of the Etheric Cosmos of Reality, The Inner Science of Sophia and the Vesica Piscis, The true mission of the Cosmogony of the West [Click Link])

Michael’s confrontation with Ahriman and Humanities unfolding struggle with Artificial Intelligence were placed before the Living and the Dead in vivid Imaginations. Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke and whole hosts of writers and artists brought Imaginations and tales of humanity’s struggle with consequential Artificial Intelligence. In “2001 A Space Odyssey” Hal, the soulless computer, murders Frank Poole in the cold vacuum of empty space. Only David the ‘Arrow’ remained.

David Bowman was the mission commander of the Discovery 1, as well as the sole survivor of the disaster that occurred aboard the ship.

The disaster that Stanley Kubrick was faced with was how to create Pictures and Imaginations of an Initiation Event that would take, the Cosmogony of the West beyond the Cosmic Starry Hierarchies Inversion field, beyond death and reveal the mystery of how Humanity is majestically remade and returned to Earth through the Vesica Piscis Stargate of Sophia? How was Stanley Kubrick, in the greatest Odyssey Initiation Epic since Ulysses, to present the next Chapter, the dawning of the Sophia Sciences? How do we learn to awaken the new Cosmogony of the West with the vivid clarity of the Sophia Sciences of the Stars?

“If we thus bring our activity of perception into a state of flux, as it were, and infuse it with life and movement, not in the way we follow when forming concepts, but by working on our perceptions in an artistic or symbolising manner, we shall develop much sooner the power of allowing the percepts to permeate us in their pure essence. Simply to train ourselves rigorously in what I have called phenomenalism — that is, in elaborating the phenomena — is an excellent preparation for this kind of cognition. If we have really striven to reach the material boundaries of cognition — if we have not lazily looked beyond the veil of sense for metaphysical explanations in terms of atoms and molecules, but have used concepts to set in order the phenomena and to follow them through to their archetypes — then we have already undergone a training which can enable us to keep all conceptional activity away from the phenomena. And if at the same time we turn the phenomena into symbols and images, we shall acquire such strength of soul as to be able, one might say, to absorb the outer world free from concepts.” (RS Special study Link)

In other words the Science that binds the Devachan and higher regions where Souls and Spirits arrive after death, in the Starry Sophia world that we have merely relegated as some –  Space the Final Frontier –  adventure, the vacuum of empty, infinite Space; contrary to our theories of Big Bangs, the Stars are actually the Living, Working, Moral Laboratories where the Hierarchies, and our Angels, perform their greatest mysteries of transmutation and transfiguration.

It is there, in the rejuvenation and replenishment of the Stars we carry our heavy destiny, our literal LIFE harvest, back to the stars at our deaths. While each and every night, when we sleep,

Math of the Human I AM our Angels and the Vesica Piscis

we bring OUR ASTRAL BODY back to the Moral Core, the Higher Star Laboratories of our Angels, for rest and rejuvenation and seeding our astral and I AM with Living Intuitions. We need to wake with Living Intuitions where we learn to connect the dots. The Hierarchies along with our Angels weave and highlight the gifts from the constellations and the planets, the Math, Hopes and Potentials that are constantly alive and weaving, every second through each child and every ripened and mature I AM. The Stars are never closed. Our Earth is a living Entity alive within the germinating Etheric and Astral life of the Stars. The Science of Heaven and the Cosmos is more majestic, more encompassing, more intimate and more compelling than Stanley Kubrick, NASA, Hubble, Galileo or Copernicus ever attempted to imagine.

Moral Evolution in Nature and Our Human Spirit

“Despite all the services it has rendered to mankind, despite its great achievements, modern science is but an interlude. It will be replaced by another science which will recognize once more that there is a higher vision of the world in which the natural law and the moral law are two aspects of a single whole. But this higher vision will not be reached through a vague pantheism, but from a concrete insight into reality.

“We must recognize, as external nature unmistakably shows, that it was originally designed for something other than is disclosed in the existing order of nature today. We must have the courage to measure external nature also by the yardstick of morality. The materialistic monism of today which prides itself on excluding moral principles does so from intellectual cowardice, because it has not the courage to probe deeply enough to a point where, as was the case with Goethe, it becomes imperative to apply moral standards, just as it is necessary to apply scientific standards to the study of external nature.” (RS Conscious Moral Evolution, Initiation and the purification of the Astral Body, as part of Cosmogony Science of Sophia CLICK LINK)

When we unwrap, and begin to unravel any inspiration from any Human Spirit and especially when we try to see in what manner we are all subject to the Virgin Sophia of the Stars, we approach the missing ingredient. The true aspect of the purification of the astral body, which are criteria of all Initiation and all research into the intimacy of Star Laws, allows us access to the Higher Moral Laboratories of the Stars. To understand Initiation and the Angels Work in our Astral Body we can examine the parallel problems of puberty and virginity Kubrick addressed. Let us examine for the moment the criteria of the Higher Virginity of Cognition in the Human Spirit.

Kubrick “LOLITA” and the sins of the Astral Body

“When unconscious experiences of childhood come to be experienced consciously, we even find that, while we were absorbing colour and sound impressions unconsciously, they were working spiritually upon us. When, between the change of teeth and maturity, erotic feelings make their first impact, they do not simply grow out of our constitution but come to meet us from the cosmos in rays of colour, sound and warmth.

“But warmth, light and sound are not to be understood in a merely physical sense. Through our sensory impressions we are conscious only of what I might call outer sound and outer colour. And when we thus surrender ourselves to nature, we do not encounter the ether-waves, atoms and so on which are imagined by modern physics and physiology. Spiritual forces are at work in the physical world; forces which between birth and death fashion us into the human beings we are.

“When once we tread the paths of knowledge which I have described, we become aware of the fact that it is the outer world which forms us. As we become clearly conscious of spirit in the outer world, we are able to experience consciously the living forces at work in our bodies.” ( RS Purification of the Astral Body foundation of Sophia Sciences CLICK LINK)

Interest, inner living interest in the composition and destiny of every I AM we encounter, slowly becomes part of the higher capacities we acquire on the Threshold of Initiation. In Kubrick we encounter the astral damage and psychotic obsessions hidden behind the infatuation of innocence, puberty and virginity. Well how does such a confrontation serve the Kubrick Imagination? In his destiny he prepares himself, not exactly consciously, but in order to come to the frontiers where The Stars, Sophia and Innocence are destroyed in most of humanity, Kubrick passes through the Lolita Complex. This is the decadent corruption of the astral body, watched in slow motion and horror in Kubrick’s “Lolita”.

To attain to the Virgin Sophia of the Stars, a cleansing of the Astral body, with all its entanglements in our double and our shadow, have to some degree, to be penetrated consciously. In “Lolita” we meet the life long friendship and awe Kubrick felt for Peter Sellers. Peter Sellers plays three roles in “Lolita”. Kubrick had the highest respect for Peter Sellers. In the film “Being There” Sellers plays the raw character of pure Etheric Body Innocence or as we might easily say, what stands behind the pure forces of the Etheric Body are the very stirring of the first blush of the miracle of The Gardner, at the Tomb, seen by Mary Magdalene.  (See Link understanding the Cleansing of the Astral Body)

Peter Sellers says of his roles in “Lolita”  –  “Quilty was a fantastic nightmarish character, part homosexual, part drug addict, part sadist, part masochist, part anything twisted and unhealthy you can think of. He had to be horrifying and at the same time funny. I had never met anyone at all like this so I just had to guess, to construct an imaginative idea for myself of what such a person must be like. When I saw myself on the screen, I thought ‘This time you’ve done it – no one will ever believe this.’ But then in the U.S. I actually ran into a couple of people who might almost have been role models for the character and I began to think, ‘Oh, well, perhaps you weren’t so far out after all.’

In “The Shining” Kubrick recovers the spiritual and objective clairvoyant issues behind some of our first encounters with the dead and Entities at the Threshold. There was an inner door to the Lower Devachan worlds and the Threshold of the Stars and the Schooling of the Heavens. Kubrick approached that back door in “The Shining”.

There are children born that still retain some, “Shining” suppressed inner spiritual capacities. In general people are too superstitious or intellectually materialistic or dogmatic to accommodate peculiar higher capacities that many innocent children manifest. The mature researcher must resurrect that palpable Innocence that stands behind the first indications of puberty, by not corrupting and erotically destroying puberty. Behind the very encounter of Love is an amazing Astral and Star field of Star Forces that easily fall victim to societies pornographic bloated and fallen shadows.

Priests and all varieties of those who, like Zarathustra/Jesus know of the 12 year old threshold, that Michael Jackson, the failed poster child of the puberty and virginity threshold, (CLICK LINK FOR STUDY) many know that his materialistic shrunken shadow of Androgyny, failed the “Lolita Test” from a completely other direction. It is altogether another matter when we learn to approach the mysteries of the Rose and awakening the innocent Androgyny of the Cosmic I AM hidden in each of us. We directly encounter this translucent innocence of restored cognition in the Initiation of Christian Rosenkreuz, Novalis and Goethe.

“The butterfly long loved the beautiful rose,
And flirted around all day;
While round him in turn with her golden caress,
Soft fluttered the sun’s warm ray….
I know not with whom the rose was in love,
But I know that I loved them all.
The butterfly, rose, and the sun’s bright ray,
The star and the bird’s sweet call.”

However, the actual pure understanding of the Androgyny of our Higher I AM are intimate and intricate to the Higher School and Laboratories of the Starry Hierarchies in our Sophia Science studies. If we know nothing and care nothing for the work of the Hierarchies, our Angels and the vast regions of the Starry Beings and have little interest in our fellow human beings we must remain transfixed and hypnotized by the mechanical nature of our dead deep space Solar System. The virginity of our Imagination and the purification of our Astral Body is realizing that we have an Astral Body. This realization allows us slowly to approach the Higher Cosmogony of the Sophia Sciences of the Stars.

Oscar Wilde was more of an Initiate than most of the current 7 billion or more people as he struggled with innocence and his own Etheric Body. Oscar Wilde left us two extremely profound Angel and Shadow encounters with the inner nature of our renegade Astral Body. (One) In the Initiation Angelic Imagination of “A Picture of Dorian Gray” and (Two) in one of the most powerful depictions of our Astral Body unfettered from the Moral forces and Moral Education of the I AM, in his “The Fisherman and His Soul”.

“Lolita” a 1955 novel written by Russian-American novelist Vladimir Nabokov, reveals that he actually had a scientific fetish for the Light virginity, emancipated Light substance that we witness in Butterflies. He also, as an instinct, looked directly into the mystery of puberty that leads only those who know how to track reality to the 12 year old transition of the highest event in human history (Click this Link for esoteric study), but unconsciously encountered leads to desecration or to the highest metamorphosis of cognitive Love as Innocence.

“Vladimir Nabokov wrote about a predatory middle-aged literature professor who succumbs to his desires for the flesh and fancy of a 12-year-old girl he nicknames Lolita. The novel went on to become one of the most controversial works of the 20th century. A few years later, Stanley Kubrick directed the most successful adaptation of Lolita, despite naysayers who said it simply couldn’t be done.”

The study of the metamorphosis of Butterflies, the many enchanting varieties of the LIGHT nymphet, allows us to approach the Virginity of the Resurrection Sciences of Sophia and the Logos appropriately. However “Lolita” was a study in the inappropriate, but very active shadow and double hidden in our spiritual system.

It is not a game we play with ourselves but an occult painting, we do TO ourselves. It is an inexorable fact of the Science of our Human spiritual system. Everyone of us have our own hidden, subconscious and evolving “Picture of Dorian Gray”. With “Lolita”, Peter Sellers as Quilty (or Guilty or a Patchwork of fallen and fatal shadows) takes on diverse sexual innuendo disguises; early on he impersonates a suspiciously sex obsessed cop at a Police convention — When Quilty poses as a German psychologist, the dagger-glint in his eyes lets Humbert know that the pseudo shrink has nailed him with under age extortion, sexual abuse of a minor and even perhaps murder. We are all guilty and depraved in our shadows. We only need to measure our own occult damage to that of Jack Nicholson’s character, unraveling in Kubrick’s “The Shining”. Kubrick knew about the Maze and the Minotaur monsters revealed in the beastility of Pasiphae. These are all there for us to see in “The Shining”.

“The Shining” revealed a secret Fallen Devachan trap door to what the ancients called Hell and after death we call Kamaloka. It is the decadent spoiled harvest of our failure to purify our Astral desires. These failures in education and failures in our Moral Evolution are written indelibly into how we journey through the Solar System of Sophia, after death. Jack Nicholson’s character is caught in an actual Fallen Astral, abusive, addictive spiral down into the depths of the occult Kamaloka. He becomes the Minotaur in the Maze. Kubrick studied the psychosis and Astral punishment in Jack Torrance’s character, played brilliantly by Jack Nicholson. Watching Nicholson’s descent into madness directly links itself to the occult research of Oscar Wilde and “A Picture of Dorian Grey”.

But of supreme importance to our immediate understanding is the unsupervised Astral Body, off the leash of human education, that we encounter in Wilde’s “The Fisherman and His Soul”. Moral Evolution, training of our Astral Body, redeeming the virginity of our Higher Cognition leads us to the realization of Freedom. Moral Evolution means becoming conscious of the work of our Angels and the work of the Angelic Hierarchies in the Stars and transforming the instincts in our Astral Body, under the conscious supervision of our own I AM. To approach the Stars, to approach St. John, to approach the laws hidden behind the veil of Birth, Death and Reincarnation we must recover and awaken the cognitive virginity inherent in the Science of our own Moral Evolution. We cannot have Freedom without a conscious clarity of our higher Moral Evolution. That is that our own I AM discovers the laws hidden behind the Stars and the New Law of Freedom, LOVE.

The entire World and the Cosmos and every Human Spirit on Earth or journeying through the world of the Dead are integrated, from Dante, to Robin Williams in “What Dreams May Come” (which includes Hamlet), to “A Picture of Dorian Grey” to Rod Serling, Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick and most powerfully and clearly to the Objective Initiation into the Moral Evolution of Sophia and the Stars that Christian Rosenkreuz, Goethe with his “Faust”, Novalis and St. John have powerfully offered to our Humanity.

Objective Initiation in our study of the Cosmogony of the West must include the cleansing and purification of our Astral Body and a deep clarity into our Etheric body. Cosmogony and exploration of Outer Space are now presented as tormented kiddie cartoons unable to inform the world of the True Cosmogony of the Stars.

In comparing some of the following Imaginations, we shall together, penetrate behind the Veil of Isis and meet some of the Higher Hierarchies and the Sophia, Living and working behind our actual Moon, Stars and planetary system. In the following comparative studies we shall begin our journey to SEE what stands behind the Timepiece of the Stars and the empty void we call Space. We are challenged to lay the foundations for how the West can initiate and carry forth a Cosmogony of the Stars and our Solar System that is objective and applies to every human spirit on Earth.

We are still stuck at the threshold of advanced technology and the Pieta Initiation of David Bowman. In other words, we have been unable to consolidate and integrate the Higher Sophia Science of the Stars and Life after Death, with the Embryological clarity we need for the Vesica Piscis. The integration of this vast Cosmogony Science is what the West is called upon to explore and introduce into the Higher Education of our Human Soul and Spirit striving.

In any approach to higher, attainable capacities, it is important to acquire some preliminary Initiation Knowledge. Otherwise, our very Materialism and pathologies will block our approach to our full inclusion into the Starry Sophia Science of the Hierarchies. For a portion of Michael the Time Spirit, Angelic Imagination took a great interest in Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick was unafraid of approaching certain complex spiritual truths and he was made aware that not all Entities at the Threshold are friendly. The Higher Sophia Star Worlds are ringed by Lofty Hierarchies that maintain the Cosmic Development of Earth, Humanity and our Solar System. I will get to those shortly.

The Resurrection of Conscience and the Objective Moral Evolution Science of the Stars

“This cosmic picture is within us during earthly life, sounding faintly as conscience. After death we behold it objectively.” RS

“In conclusion, let us look once again at the human being as he passes through the gate of death. The physical form he could see when he looked into a mirror or at a photograph of himself, is no longer there. Neither is it of any interest to him. The cosmic archetypal picture, inscribed in the ether, — upon that he now turns his gaze. During his earthly life this archetypal picture was present in him; it was anchored, as it were, in his ether body. He was not conscious of it, but it was there all the time within his physical being. Now, after death, he sees what his own form really is. The picture he now sees is radiant and shining. The forces streaming from this archetypal picture have the same effect as a radiant body — only, here it is to be understood in the etheric sense. The Sun shines physically. This cosmic picture of man shines spiritually; and because it is a spiritual picture it has power to illuminate quite other things. Here, in earthly life, a man who has done good or evil deeds may stand in the Sun for as long as he will, his hair and so forth will be lighted up by the rays of the Sun, but not his good and evil deeds, as qualities.

“The luminous picture of his own form which a man experiences after death, sends out a spiritual light which lights up his moral deeds. And so, after death, the human being discovers in the cosmic picture which is there before him something that illumines his own moral deeds. This cosmic picture is within us during earthly life, sounding faintly as conscience. After death we behold it objectively. We know that it is our own self, and that we must have it there. We are inexorable with ourselves after death. This luminous picture does not relent or react to any excuses such as we are wont to make in earthly life, where we are only too ready to make light of our sins and flaunt our good deeds. An inexorable judge shines out from man after death, shedding a brilliant light upon the worth of his actions. Conscience becomes, after death, a cosmic impulse which works outside us.” (RS Entering the Science of Sophia and the Stars CLICK LINK)

The Starry Sophia Sciences are loftier and complimentary with the Science of St. John and the Living Renewal and Reconfiguring in the making of every Human I AM. The Seed of a New Heart, for every Incarnation is designed in the region we refer to as The Heavens. When we penetrate the depth of the Immortality frequency of Past – Present – Future laid into the foundation of Every Human Heart, we enter another branch of the Cosmogony Sciences of the West. (Click link to explore the Science of the Immortality of the Human Heart) In our Hearts a Germinal Seed force of the ticking of the great Star Clock and the unfolding future and cohesive past of our Earth are hidden. Our Heart is like a Geometric Rose Bud that holds the perfumes and secrets of Sophia and the Laws of Love we will need to unfold an entirely new Earth and advance a new Solar System.

Opening the Angel’s Work in the Science of Astronomy

” …spiritual investigation can indeed only be made by someone who has acquired the relevant capacities by exercising or in another way through destiny, but when the results of such an investigation are made known, they can be as plausible to everyone as for instance the results of astronomy.” (RS study in Astral body, Star body mobility and how Novalis gave birth to Little Fable as a scientific organ CLICK LINK)

“But only by recognising the truly eternal in man by exercising our forces to such an extent that we recognise this eternal in our existence in the pre-earthly, spiritual-soul existence, we also gain that for ourselves which gives us certainty about life after death.

“There is no longer a word for the pre-earthly as something eternal in the human soul in today’s civilisation because we only know the one half of eternity, we speak of immortality. Older languages had the other side, the not-yet-being-born, that is, our existence before we entered earthly life. But only both sides — not-yet-being-born and immortality constitute eternity. And it is a fact that man has to pay for his longing for immortality, that it becomes a mere belief if he wants to forgo knowledge of not-yet-being-born, because [we] will only understand eternity when [we] recognise both sides of eternity, the not-yet-being-born as well as the immortality of his being in unity. With this then man has advanced to a real taking hold of that which he is, to a real self-knowledge.” (RS Opening the Gates of the Astral Body understanding Novalis and Raphael)

In the final film of the career of Mr. Kubrick, we have an Initiation Enigma that remains highly esoteric and highly complex. “Eyes Wide Shut” enters a deep study in Masking and Unmasking. Kubrick arrives at a culture of masks and shadows, elite doppelgangers and how perception and reality are criminally veiled behind public personas and masks.

We may literally see the politically and powerfully elite faces before us everyday. They are all thrashing about in unconscious, immoral and instinctual evolution and prefer to have their hungers for power, seduction and perversion veiled behind the mask of respectability and anonymity. They parade before the Zeitgeist or Time Spirit, which is a real Archai phenomena and has for its foundation an actual Moral path of Initiation and Evolution based on Sophia Science and our Human Initiation Education.

Eyes Wide Shut is loosely is based on Arthur Schnitzler’s novella Traumnovelle (Dream Story), which was published in 1926. Considering that the movie takes place in 1990s New York, it is obviously not a direct adaptation, but it overlaps in its plot and themes. “[The book] explores the sexual ambivalence of a happy marriage and tries to equate the importance of sexual dreams and might-have-beens with reality,” Kubrick said. “The book opposes the real adventures of a husband and the fantasy adventures of his wife, and asks the question: is there a serious difference between dreaming a sexual adventure, and actually having one?”

In “Eyes Wide Shut” we encounter an elite esoteric club, not unlike “The Bohemian Grove”  and “The Lolita Express” that shuttled the elite, where either they could take off their masks and air their infected Luciferic and Ahrimanic perversions, allowing those shadows to indulge themselves, graze their animal instincts unimpeded and unhindered at one of Jeffrey Epstein’s exclusive shangri las OR by Watching, just soak up the roving eroticism by feeding off the sense perception of sensuality and physical desires flowing, merely by stimulating faculties of our fallen imagination.

Thereby certain Entities in the human soul are fed. Thereby Moral Education and the Higher cohesive I Am fragments of purity are offered up, still on pagan altars, and allowed to spread and become further infected and riddled by voracious fallen entities. These Entities entwine, strangle and wrap themselves deeper and deeper into our various Luciferic and Ahrimanic instincts, impulses and doubles. There they take root and defy, delude and deny our Conscience the growing force in nature of a Higher Moral Evolution.

Our pampered shadows prevent the Science of the I AM and the Science of the Stars, and the Science of Sophia and prevents our inherent cosmic ability to awaken and rejoice in the metamorphosis of the higher Androgyny of the living I AM. The awakened Conscience and Moral Evolution retrieves the path the Living and the Dead take through the Stars. In this Novalis, St. John, Christian Rosenkreuz and Spiritual Science, along with Goethe have awakened Nature and Heavenly Science and prepared us to pursue a legitimate Science of Moral Evolution.

In “Eyes Wide Shut” Mr. Kubrick peels the skin away behind the facade of culture and presents a powerful Dream Enigma cult Hierarchy we might call the shadowy body of the  ‘deep state’. A Deep State defined as a region of physical, lymphatic and astral animal indulgence and Trance, where human beings allow themselves to ‘Graze’ and let out their hidden instincts, predatory appetites and catered perversions and desires.

If we looked at a field of cattle, cows, steers etc, you would see a giant pulsing FOUR CHAMBERED STOMACH, Sun Heart dreamily engaged in chewing its cud, while vast cosmic forces transform the FOUR CHAMBERS, into an imitation of the four chambers of our human hearts. The cow in a deep state trance unconsciously transforms cosmic, physical and etheric forces of consumption into White Gold.

These Biodynamic Horns, and Biodynamic preparations and Biodynamic Agriculture, even the manure, if understood alchemically and spiritually, we would understand what gnomes do, when they follow the ‘pot of gold’ and take their lowly lawn chairs and follow the Sun Glow that spiritually radiates from the Great Cow Four Chambered Matter Engine of the moveable beasts of the field.

For the gnomes of the Earth the generative power of the Cows churning Alchemical matter transformation are moveable feasts. The Sun Bathing of cosmic Alchemy of matter in the Cow is how the gnomes refresh themselves in the glow of the Alchemy of the Four Chambered Sun Force operative in the grazing Dream Trance of cattle. This unconscious force is woven through and through as an alchemical sun force in the Conscious and awakened I AM. Higher Nature allows Humanity to unfold Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Atma.

The Cows make White Gold for human consumption, the Horns of the cattle are super charged energy cones that rejuvenate and trigger Earth’s infusing Starry and nutritional forces. If we practiced and truly understood Agricultural and Starry Science we would understand matter and etheric and astral interchanges.

Well in a sleep, a trance, a dream, the Cows graze, the Bees gather elixir. The Bee Colonies dream the Hexagonal, Mathematical, Embryonic Cosmic Form, (The Same Form We See In Crystals). Dragon Flies, Butterflies, house flies, Bees all carry a Six sided and six legged insect, designated servants uniform of the Astral Body of the plants. The Bee Star Colonies, as a Trinity of Sun Designed Workers, Drones, Queens are miniature Star Colonies. Out of the Bees grazing and out of the Bees dream, they produce for our human delight and consumption, Liquid Gold in the form of Honey.

Humanity is woven through and through with a substance of Conscious Moral Evolution, that when it becomes conscious and Nature becomes alive in us, the entire body of nature becomes a vast book of wonder. We no longer crave to graze like dumb beasts of the field with dead end materialism.

Our own interior Moral Evolution and Conscience is designed to find it’s way to our Angelic Companions. Angelic Companions that cannot be located in the dungeons of materialism. The arrogance and stubborn denial of the path that leads to conscious and consistent capacities of Moral Evolution, that we see partially written in nature, that are hidden and woven through and through in our humanity, brings about the immoral Trance of Materialism. Infectious, dead end, deep space junk science surely entertains us but eventually leads us to the occult version of A DEEP SPACE STAR TRANCE. We forsake and leave uncultivated the Higher Metamorphosis of the I AM.

“It should be fairly easy to spot a patient suffering from boanthropy. He or she may well be down on all fours chewing grass. Boanthropy is a psychological disorder in which the sufferer believes he or she is a cow or ox.

“The most famous sufferer of this condition was King Nebuchadnezzar, who in the Book of Daniel “was driven from men and did eat grass as oxen”. Nebuchadnezzar was the king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire from 605BC to 562BC. According to the Bible, he conquered Judah and Jerusalem and sent the Jews into exile. He was also credited with building the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

“Nebuchadnezzar was humbled by God for boasting about his achievements, lost his sanity and lived like an animal for seven years, according to Daniel, chapter 4. When his sanity was later restored he praised and honoured God.

“Aside from boanthropy, other explanations for his behaviour include porphyria (a group of enzyme disorders that manifest with neurological symptoms including hallucinations, depression, anxiety and paranoia) or general paresis or paralytic dementia caused by syphilis.

“The porphyrias are a group of rare inherited or acquired disorders of certain enzymes that normally participate in the production of porphyrins and haem. They manifest with either neurological complications or skin problems, or occasionally both.

“The metamorphosis of humans into animals is known as therianthropy, the best known form of which is lycanthropy — transformation into a wolf or werewolf. The term “cynanthropy” dates back to ancient Greece and is applied to shapeshifters who alternate between human and dog form.

“A therianthrope, however, is a being that is part human, part animal. The best known examples are the animal-headed gods of ancient Egypt, such as Bast (with the head of a cat) or Anubis (with the head of a jackal). The word combines the Greek therion, wild animal, with anthropos, human being.”

This Dream Enigma in “Eyes Wide Shut” has the fallen and decadent Lolita Astral Body Itself, served up as a tantalizing tasty treat, wrapped in packages of under age Luciferic erotisism. Virginity and the prostitution of virginity and teenaged puberty or worse are secretly served as special horderves for certain perverted, uncontainable and uncontrollable hungers. They feed, they graze, they sink into the reverie of their unconscious instincts. Erotic menus were made, designed to satisfy certain elite tastes that refuel and re-strengthen the forces of the Unconscious Double that serves to fuel the Immoral Evolution of false Initiation that stands behind the majority of those who consider themselves deserving of holding the world’s attention.

This Dream Enigma is part of our deep Astral Body Initiation. Becoming conscious and unveiling and unmasking our own monsters are Initiation trials of normal “Picture of Dorian Grey” experiences every human being encounters in The Guardian of the Threshold (Click Link for Study). Space Theory and Space Travel and the arrogance of conquering the Stars impinges directly on the true Higher Science of the Stars as concrete facts of initiation. Abstract patchwork and patched together education only continues a muffled, blocked and strongly unconscious desire to bury and hide the secrets of our shadows. Knowing those dangers allows us to overcome our strongest tendency, our strongest dogma, Darwinian Materialism.

We don’t explore or connect the dots to see where Luciferic and Ahrimanic perversions remain voraciously operative, demented behind the STAR Elites and the Political mass murderers and liars we nonchalantly accept as our leaders. Kubrick in “Eyes Wide Shut” unveiled a kind of sickened, pagan, hidden church hierarchy that determines the mask status and membership privileges, admittance and punishments for betrayals and infractions in the global club of those who crave and are addicted to astral power, perversion and decadence.

But sometimes U.S. officials can request that these hidden identities be “unmasked” — that is, revealed — to better understand the context or import of their secret conversations.

The Complexity, Pain and Actual Initiation behind UnMasking

” How can we, when sleeping we are outside our body, be the same which we are in the interior of our physical body? So something else must be the case. We must be something outside our body, but that does not assert itself. We are initially not able to lay hold of the actual nature of the soul in the sleeping state. That conceals itself and masks itself at first; it surrounds itself with pictures of its own bodily nature and shows itself in relationship to its own life in arbitrary compositions of its experiences. The former psychologists have rightly deduced that we are outside our body when we dream, but that the dream shows us something about this being which is outside our body, that is not the case, although they believed it. Because it doesn’t show us anything except what we have formerly experienced within the body, and our own body in symbols. Therefore if we are something outside our body, then this is masked in the dream, then the dream is wearing a mask in respect of this. If we want to discover our own being, then we must be able to take this mask off the dream, that is off the soul — for the dream is this mask.” (RS Esoteric Training in Conscious Moral Evolution – Click Link)

“Kubrick had been holding onto the rights to Traumnovelle—which screenwriter Jay Cocks purchased on his behalf, in order to keep the project under wraps—for nearly 30 years. Kubrick had planned to begin working on the film after making 2001: A Space Odyssey, but then got the opportunity to adapt A Clockwork Orange.”

Kubrick attempted to depict Higher Sophia and St. John Initiation within and through the mystical events of David Bowman. What happened to Ulysses in the Odyssey is no more mythical than that which confronts David Bowman. In a similar manner Homer reported on the journey of Initiation that the king of Ithaca experienced on his journey home after the fall of Troy. Kubrick attempted to depict what happens to every human I AM if they were sucked back into the Higher Laws of the Stars. Homer did much better in B.C. than Kubrick did in our C.E. Dead Space has remained the rugged thrust of the expensive big space wagons, deployed by the Cosmogony of the West, that we continue to use to re enforce our illusion of our true connection to the stars.

The Bowman that is connected directly to the suffering of Prometheus was Chiron. Chiron trained Hercules and Chiron offered the Spear of Destiny and presided over the Embryological unfolding and planning in the Heavens that was made for the birth of Achilles. Achilles was also trained by Chiron. We can directly connect the science of embryology to Chiron, the Bowman, to the birth of Achilles. We can directly connect the cosmogony of the west and the science of embryology to the Initiation Imagination we encounter in David Bowman.

What reveals itself behind the archer, or Bowman Imagination of David Bowman, trained under an Initiation into the mysteries of Birth and Imagination? Exactly what did Prometheus know and why did the Gods wish to keep the secret of Incarnation away from Humanity? What does Stanley Kubrick do with the 21st century David Bowman?

To understand the Bowman in David Bowman, or Sigourney Weaver as Ripley aboard the Nostromo or Noomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw aboard the Prometheus, we are faced with the Archer. The Bowwoman or Bowman or the now commonplace Space Voyagers, Astronauts and explorers of infinite  ‘ dead space ‘ can only achieve the Initiation into the Science of the Stars through the higher Androgyny of our I AM.

The great strategic Arc that takes the great Bow, Rainbow, Cosmic Dome of the Heavens, the overwhelming bowl of the immense Cathedral of the Stars, Kubrick attempted to gather in the full Darwinian Arc of the Evolution of Humanity and place humanity outside of Space into the Initiation of Time. But materialism and current Space Exploration, cowers before the educational challenge of TIME, our Astral body, Night, Sleep and the voyage After Death we take through the Hierarchies of the Stars.

Stringing the Bow of the Ram’s Horn Odysseus

Kubrick and every Space and Science Fiction paradigm fires the Arrow of David Bowman from the beginning of a Darwinian Evolutionary paradigm to the farthest end of the Solar System. Everyone except Darren Aronofsky’s “The Fountain” which attempts, correctly to recover the path to The Tree of Life. (Knights of Sophia Star Knowledge Click Link).

Odysseus or Ulysses used a Ram’s Horn Bow. Odysseus was the only person able to string the bow, set it, aim and shoot through TWELVE AXE HANDLES with bulls eye proficiency. In the Odyssey, our Ulysses returns home after a long, long Initiation Event to Penelope, his faithful wife, who in the Astral World, every night, has unravelled her Tapestry she is trying to complete. It remains one of our most powerful Astral Imaginations of what we do during Sleep in the Stars. Our Astral body runs Time Backward.

Here is Initiation wisdom, Danny Torrance, the boy in “The Shining” distinctly has an Astral Body capacity. However Danny Torrance, like thousands and thousands of 1st and 2nd graders appears to see words in reverse even immoral deeds written in the astral world they may pathologically experience in reverse. We try to call it, dyslexia.

In “The Shining” Redrum – thunders through the child soul of Danny Torrance, which he reads in reverse, beyond intellect, Danny experiences raw Astral trauma as Murder most foul. Violent Murder is a sin against the Holy Systems Science of our Angels and the Hierarchies. Danny, as a child carrying “The Shining” is correctly portrayed by Kubrick. There are powerful moral codes in the higher laws of the stars. Those great Star Laws are where the Dead go when they leave Earth and where they come from when they re-enter childhood and an Earthly physical incarnation.

In the astral and organic system of sleep, sometimes a writer will further examine just what might have happened in later life to the character of Danny Torrance after the powerful events of the “The Shining”. What would be the outcome if Danny Torrance managed to have a life after the traumatic events of his childhood?

To face the Initiation Realities of absolute evil is a lonely, powerful, distressing burden. The I AM and those in Initiation who carry a conscious “Shining” are elaborated in the sequel “Doctor Sleep” with terrible, terrible clarity.

In the sequel, the further private life of the Initiation of Danny Torrance, and his encounter with a young WOKE, really WOKE African American child, allows us to actually see what really WOKE means. Really Woke requires the I AM to face Real forces we scream at the top of our lungs don’t exist.

The term WOKE, in the year 2020 revealed rather the fall of human intelligence into the destructive vortex of forsaking any human moral compass. Really WOKE in our Astral and Etheric brings us face to face with Beings who crave to devour the Light and goodness our children bring with them from the Stars. The sequel “Doctor Sleep” allows us to follow Danny Torrance to regions and levels where we painfully witness Sins against the Holy Ghost that are bottomless and unredeemable.

The Astral world of TIME and training the I AM in the Logos of the Stars allows us to examine the world of Sleep and Higher Initiation. Which is why Penelope, wife of Odysseus, takes her pet project, the artistic tapestry of her destiny and her nightly belief in the Initiation of her true Odysseus by unravelling by night that which she wove in her tapestry by day. Penelope in the night reaffirms in the Astral World of clarity, certainty and sleep her fealty, fidelity, piety, steadfastness, troth and constancy which sustains her during the day.

It is an Astral Law of the Astral Body which we describe, as we adapt our brains, turn our full attention towards our earthly environment by slowly learning, through our Mother Tongue, Speech, language, spelling, grammar, syntax and thought. In education we attempt to weave a representative tapestry for elaborating sense perception and thought. Our education and childhood development slowly gets our intelligence integrated and turns our sense perception toward the wonders hidden in the Earth. Where before we arrived on Earth we lived in the vivid world of the Hierarchies and the massive moral Reality hidden in the Stars.

In Fact the Astral World of the Stars and the events we have in Time, with our destinies on Earth, daily, are Morally written into the stars every evening when we sleep, and deeply written into the book of Nature Herself. The Shaping of our I AM and the fact of our own Moral Evolution are written as Event and Resolution as we are recalibrated and reformed in what we think is the blank vacuum of the Stars. Nobody home. Nobody up there. Rather every detail of the unfolding Moral Evolution of Humanity is resolved again and again in the Cathedral of the Holy Stars.

The Monolith on the Moon and the Failure of Monism

“What does concern us at this moment is the fact that in the present epoch the Moon is there like a fortress in the Universe — a cosmic fortress within which lives a population which fulfilled its human destinies more than 15,000 years ago, and, with the spiritual guides of humanity, withdrew thereafter to the Moon. For there were once upon a time on Earth very advanced Beings — Beings who did not put on physical human bodies as do the men of today. They lived rather in etheric bodies, yet for the men who lived on Earth at that time they were the great leaders and educators.” (RS the Gateway to the Moon)

“Arthur C. Clark wrote 2001: a Space Odyssey at the same time he was collaborating with Stanley Kubrick on the screenplay to the highly influential movie. They went to great lengths to get the science right in the book and the movie right.

“The statements, in Chapter 31, are about the mysterious monolith found on the moon. “The monolith was 11 feet high, and 1¼ by 5 feet in cross-section. When its dimensions were checked with great care, they were found to be in the exact ratio 1 to 4 to 9—the squares of the first three integers.

“Monism is unbiblical because it denies the distinction between God and creation.  God is, by definition, completely different than the creation which he brought into existence by the exercise of his own will (Gen. 1:1-3Eph. 1:1). In Christian theology, God is “wholly other” and that the only way he can be known is through his self-revelation whether it be through the Bible or to the person of Christ who is God incarnate (John 1:114Colossians 2:9).”

JFK, the Office of Potus, Embryology and the Moon Mysteries

“We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.

“It is for these reasons that I regard the decision last year to shift our efforts in space from low to high gear as among the most important decisions that will be made during my incumbency in the office of the Presidency.

“Many years ago the great British explorer George Mallory, who was to die on Mount Everest, was asked why did he want to climb it. He said, “Because it is there.”

“Well, space is there, and we’re going to climb it, and the moon and the planets are there, and new hopes for knowledge and peace are there. And, therefore, as we set sail we ask God’s blessing on the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked.” (JFK September 12, 1962)


“As human beings begin to find their way into this new kind of life, they meet there other human beings with whom, in earthly life, they have had a companionship of spirit, mind and heart. And no pretence is possible any longer between them. For what each man is, and what his feeling is toward his fellow-man, is faithfully expressed in the physiognomy I have described. During this period of the life after death — it follows the period of “trial,” of which I do not propose to speak to-day — men live together with those with whom destiny has in any way connected them in the last earthly life, — or in any other earthly life. They learn to know one another thoroughly, for they behold the physiognomical forms of which we have been speaking. Life consists, in this period, in learning to know those with whom one is connected by destiny. You must try to imagine what a close and intimate mutual scrutiny this is. The word sounds perhaps a little commonplace, but it expresses the reality. Each human being stands fully revealed before the other, with the whole meaning of their common destinies unveiled. In this way they are continually going past one another, meeting one another.

“It is during this period of existence that the human being who has become such a “physiognomy” learns to know the Beings of the Third Hierarchy — the Angels, Archangels and Archai. For these Beings are themselves always, by their inherent nature, physiognomy. They have come forth from the Beings of the higher Hierarchies and let their whole nature of spirit and soul be impressed upon their spirit-form, making it thus perceptible to Imaginative vision. This contact with the Beings of the Third Hierarchy is thus an experience which is added to that of association with our fellowmen with whom we are connected by destiny. The spectacle of all the other human beings with whom we are connected by destiny is, of course, full of variety. Among them are, for example, some who on Earth would have preferred to have us at the opposite side of the globe, but are nevertheless bound to us by destiny. We know exactly what feelings they have harboured about us and what they have done to us. The spectacle is indeed one of very great variety!

And among these wandering forms move the Beings of the Third Hierarchy, figures radiant and shining like the Sun. The words I use, are, of course, comparative; one has after all no other possibility than to employ earthly language. But we are speaking here of absolute reality, when we tell how during this period after death man meets the other human beings who are bound to him by destiny.

“Strange to say, it is only those with whom he is connected by destiny that a man can perceive and understand. Human souls to whom he is not actually bound by destiny remain to all intents invisible to him. He has no means of reading their moral-spiritual physiognomy. He does not notice them, — nor can he, for it is precisely the link of destiny which gives one the power to see. If it were the fate of human beings here on Earth to see with their physical eyes as they see in this period after death, they would not see very much; for here on Earth men like to be passive in their seeing and let the objects rise up before them.

“In our present epoch of civilisation people are little inclined to bestir themselves, in order to be awake to their environment. Many of those who are devoured to-day by a passion for the cinema, many of those who crave for impressions to which they can passively surrender themselves, would, if they were equipped here on Earth with the same kind of sight as after death, not see their fellow men at all.

“For after death our sight of other human souls depends entirely upon our attentiveness, which has then, of course, been implanted in us by the way in which destiny binds us to them. The first period of the life after death is thus a time when we learn to know one another; and during this time we learn also to know how souls are received in the spiritual world by the Beings of the Third Hierarchy. We behold the joy with which the Angels, Archangels and Archai receive the spirit-forms of human beings, — or again, we perceive how little joy they experience in meeting them. We observe what impression human souls make upon those Beings of the Hierarchies who stand nearest to them in the invisible world.”


Our elasticity and the preparations required in our IMAGINATIONS, to approach the Science of the Stars and approach lofty, Higher Spiritual Beings, who have shaped both the Stars and our Humanity and placed Earth and each human soul who comes to Earth, at the Gateway to the Moon, meant; that in order for Kubrick to Imagine a journey of Initiation, that steps gingerly forth into the actual akashic secrets of the Moon, we had to have an adventure.

It is indeed and remains and always will be an Initiation Adventure where we encounter our own deformed Astral Body made from the substance of our Solar System, our deeds, our morality and our Higher Capacities. We are remade and re-calibrated within the Hierarchies that guide and design Time and the unfolding of our Humanity. Just below the Angel Kingdom, we are the Tenth Hierarchy in progress. We are, as Humanity, a Work in Progress.

In this Initiation Adventure as a fact, we are required to penetrate the substance, structure and REALITY hidden in our Solar System, in our actual Zodiac and in the structure and composition of each human Embryo and fetus. Our humanity has a location and a zip code of origin in the stars and an entirely designed cosmic field of work and endeavor which encompasses the entire germinal seed of humanity. But first all human beings arrive via the portal of the consistent orbiting Moon at our births and we reenter the stars, mathematically at our deaths, via that same Moon.

Behind the Moon and Behind the Stars in our Astral and Etheric bodies

Every child and every I AM has an Angel who takes us to the Stars

The Initiation Journey, Landing at the Gateway to the Moon, brings the Living and the Dead behind the visible Stars and Planets. Howard Pyle in “The Garden Behind the Moon: A Real Story of the Moon-Angel” (1895) reveals some of the actual Etheric and Astral clues that are greater by far and more accurate than “2001 A Space Odyssey”.

The narrator tells the “true” story of a boy called David (Bowman?) who is mocked and ostracized by the other children in his village for being a “moon-calf” simpleton. With help from the village idiot, the cobbler Hans Krout or most insightfully and profoundly the wisdom of the cobbler Jacob Boehme 1575–1624 and his overwhelming Sophia Star Doctrine (click Link).


Three types of God relatively to the Trinity—Sub­divisions
of divine intelligences—Harmony—The seven accords in each body—
The celestial world objective to the angels—Its products corresponding
to their terrestrial types—Realms of Lucifer—Michael and Uriel,
dominions, guardian angels, fidelity, freedom of will—Lucifer,
his pride and fall—Hell produced by the ignition of the lower principles—
Hell not yet complete—Evil spirits—Lucifer’s knowledge merely scientific,
but not divine—An end of hell inconceivable, unless creation
were destroyed.

David (Bowman?) walks the moon-path over the sea, (Etheric/Astral purity of Initiation) “stretching from the moon to the earth, and from the earth to the moon, as bright as silver and gold, and as straight and smooth as a turnpike road.” Then he encounters the House-in-the-moon (wherein much polishing of stars goes on), the Man-in-the-moon (a wise, pipe-smoking, silvery-wrinkle faced old man), the Moon-Angel (a sublime and scary being who likes to make old things new), and the Garden Behind the Moon (wherein happy—dead—children play free from care).

Or David the Artificial Intelligence copied from the Engineers and plagiarized from the statue of David by Michelangelo

David was a “Synthetic” commissioned and built by Sir Peter Weyland. He would serve as the basic template for the David 8 and Walter model lines, but was apparently himself unique, possessing creative and emotional capabilities in excess of commercial models. In 2091, he was assigned to the crew of the USCSS Prometheus for its mission to LV-223, and was one of the two survivors of the disastrous expedition, along with Dr. Elizabeth Shaw.

David would go on to discover Planet 4, where he would live alone for a decade after committing genocide against the species that inhabited the planet, carrying out genetic experiments involving the black liquid mutagen and seeking to create the “perfect organism“. He was later discovered by the crew of the colony ship USCSS Covenant, and ultimately hijacked the vessel for his own ends.

If we have been paying attention, we realize that David is directly linked to the great quest of the Star Exploration of the vessel known as Prometheus in the extended Ridley Scott, Kubrick, Spielberg and Michelangelo use of the name DAVID. David with his slingshot swung through the vast regions of planetary and dead space or David Bowman conquering the stars or David, using his Etheric and Astral body and entering the stars behind the Moons Door. David goes behind the Stars through a Doorway through the Moon in Howard Pyle’s “The Garden Behind the Moon: A Real Story of the Moon-Angel”.

What is important to take note of here? Firstly was it possible for such a lofty being, whom we prefer never to mention, was it possible for such a Lofty Being to be seen by the disciples walking over the waters? Was it possible that the Etheric levitation and out of body buoyancy as well as the Higher Initiation forces of the Astral Body and the Cosmic I AM of the Christ, could be seen by the disciples walking over the waters?

Of course Science refuses to address the mysteries of the Etheric Body or the cohesion and potency of an awakened Astral Body where the Logos dwelt in the body of the Luke Jesus Manhood, with all the unfallen potentials of our higher humanity ignited by the Cosmic I AM of the Christ. Why should Space Exploration, medical science or materialism raise themselves to the level of Reality? Could it be that Materialism has created such cowards and dug into their entrenched denials so firmly that Space Exploration would seal itself and forbid our humanity from exploring and establishing the Higher mystery of our Etheric, Astral, I AM, or ever, ever permit a study of the Physical Phantom Template that is operative with the lofty Spirits of Form? After all Michelangelo lived deeply into the science hidden behind the Spirits of Form.

We mentioned the innocent Etheric Body study of Peter Sellers in his film, “Being There”. In defining what a “moon-calf” was and still is, we can define the Etheric purity of “Chauncey Gardiner.” Here we have an Etheric Body study. Here we have a pure moon-calf study before us that we may all approach and study. Here is a study of a human being with no guile and no active astral personality. Kubrick recognized early on, in his friendship with Peter Sellers, a Higher Artistic spiritual seeker like himself. Kubrick and Peter Sellers with absolute certainty have met again beyond the threshold of death.

We may select another highly advanced moon-calf Etheric Body or Life-Spirit or Buddhi study in “The Green Mile” with John Coffey. We may advance our Etheric Body Initiation knowledge by studying THIS LINK.  We observed that “Chauncey Gardiner”, unconsciously, in a distinct absence of any Astral body instincts or desires, WALKS ON WATER at the end of the film, “Being There”. In the above link to John Coffey in “The Green Mile” we actually enter into the Higher Initiation Science of our Etheric Bodies. This immune system and etheric science is deliberately diverted, perverted and denied by the disciples of materialism.

But the Spirits of Form and the vast Hierarchies that invest human anatomy and the deep and penetrating science of our Etheric, Physical, Astral and I AM in the Science Behind the Stars were dragged into the disagreement of presenting aliens from systems light years away interfering and injecting the human gene code from some Alien War Mongering distant galaxy. All of these David’s are false positives that every university dissembles and poisons the well of the true origin of Humanity which must include, Physical, Etheric, Astral and I AM integrated Higher Systems as a reality.

Michelangelo’s very inspiration was from those Spirits of Form who have woven the very cohesion of the Temple we call our Human Forms. The female system of the division of the sexes was an added Portal, a Vesica Piscis systems entrance path from Behind the Moon and in the vast Creative Cathedral of the Stars, the Oval Star Gate for Birth through the mirrored biology and menstrual lunar 29 day cycle of a complimentary coded XX and XY division of the sexes. The new Androgyny of the Stars was made possible through the entrance of the Luke Jesus vessel. Through this portal the Christ Cosmic I AM could manifest the Higher revelation of the Spirits of Form into an Earthly Incarnation.

“The project that eventually became Steven Spielberg’s “A. I. Artificial Intelligence” (2001) was abandoned by Kubrick because he wasn’t satisfied with his approaches to its central character, David, an android who appears to be a real little boy. Believing special effects wouldn’t be adequate and a human actor would seem too human, he turned the project over to his friend Spielberg.”

Warning Will Robinson our Earth and our I AM is far more complicated

“The further we expand thence into space the thinner our ideas become, and we find ourselves at last before an empty and bottomless abyss. That is an ordeal which the soul has to face. The man thirsting for reality who seeks to solve the riddles of the world, the ‘wonders of the world’, along the lines of abstract science, finds himself at last standing before the cosmic void with his ideas entirely dissipated into spiritual vapour. Then his soul has to experience an infinity of terror in the presence of this void. The man who is unable to experience this fear in the presence of the void is simply not sufficiently advanced to feel the truth about present-day consciousness.

“Thus, when we try to expand our present-day consciousness into the far spaces of the world, we have to face this terrifying spectre, this fear of the cosmic void; nobody who takes seriously what normal modern consciousness is can be spared this experience. The soul has to undergo this ordeal if it wants to experience the meaning and the spirit of our time. It has at some time to face the abyss which opens out on all sides when we try to penetrate the widths of space with our ideas; it has to experience the unending fear of the void, the fear of losing oneself in cosmic distances.” (RS Click Link)

Warning Major Tom and Will Robinson, the Moral forces spread out in the TWELVE STAR CONSTELLATIONS the rhythms of the Moon and the Healing influence of our Sun, all include and encompass the sustaining forces of the hierarchies and the Spirits of Form. While we sleep, Hierarchies actually do intervene in our system, so that our Astral Body and I AM can place themselves outside our physical and etheric bodies, within the lofty family of the Stars.

The Difference Between Androids and the Higher development of Each I AM

When Spiritual Science and the School of Michael Intelligence must describe a CONSTANT STATE OF WOKE OR AWAKENESS that discounts, disavows and considers an Astral outbreathing we call Sleep, as a flaw in our human Consciousness, we fall down in worship before the idol of Synthetic, Anti-Cosmic, Moral Evolution.

To constantly worship what we dogmatically kneel before, the infallibility of the data of our flawed Intellectual Consciousness, without the benefit of our renewal and refreshment and passage of our Astral body and I AM into sleep and the Stars, places Artificial Intelligence above the lofty Hierarchies who have endowed Humanity with Freedom and Moral Imagination. These are part of the paths of the fatal flaws of Materialism and Space Exploration that are at the foundation of the Idols of Francis Bacon and inductive, dead science. “…for in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause.”

“When we look back in memory, seeing the things we experienced while awake and omitting the periods of sleep, the fact is that we see a void, a nothing, in the intervals of time when we were sleeping.

Sleep etheric green pillow Sleep Doorway every night release of Astral and I AM to the stars. Monolith 2001

“It is as though you were looking at a white wall where at one place the white paint was lacking; you see a black circle. Or there might be a hole with no light behind it; you see the empty hole inasmuch as you see darkness. So do you see the darkness when you look back on your own life. The times you spent asleep appear as darkness in the midst of life. And in reality it is to these darknesses of life that you say ‘I.’ If you did not see the darknesses you would have no consciousness of ‘I.’ You owe the ability to say ‘I’ to yourself, not to the fact that you were active every day from morning until night, but to the fact that you were also sleeping. The Ego as we know it in this earthly life is, to begin with, darkness of life, emptiness, even non-existence. If we consider our life truly, we shall not say that we owe our consciousness of self to the day but rather that we owe it to the night. (R.S. Click Link) This is the truth. It is the night which makes us real human being and no mere automata.”

“More heavenly than those glittering stars we hold the eternal eyes which the Night
hath opened within us. Farther they see than the palest of those countless hosts.
Needing no aid from the light, they penetrate the depths of a loving soul that fills a
loftier region with bliss ineffable. Glory to the queen of the world, to the great prophet
of the holier worlds, to the guardian of blissful love! she sends thee to me, thou
tenderly beloved, the gracious sun of the Night. Now am I awake, for now am I thine
and mine. Thou hast made me know the Night, and brought her to me to be my life;
thou hast made of me a man. Consume my body with the ardour of my soul, that I,
turned to finer air, may mingle more closely with thee, and then our bridal night endure
forever.” (Passing through the Door of Sleep, Novalis Does So in “Hymns to the Night” and Sophia and the Stars.) Click Link.

The Awakening of the Star Voyager Novalis and what Novalis and the rest of humanity will discover behind the gateway to the Stars, lifts the history and adventure of humanity and the Stars to its rightful place. A place by no means easy for the mental machinery we have set in motion against, the very realities that are hidden in the depths of our humanity.

Presently we are short changing and locking the doors of Space and trapping ourselves and our human future in the Dead Regions of Space and our Planetary System. In Chapter 1 we have tapped the fountain of the Great Mystery of uncovering the mission of Western Cosmogony and the Vesica Piscis that also runs through the office of POTUS and is the hidden mystery behind The Oval Office. There at the Oval Symmetry of the Feminine Mysteries we humbly approach the massive key that begins to answer all the riddles presented by the East, the Middle and the West.

We shall further examine the Star Voyager, Novalis, and compare the discoveries that await us in Chapter 2. We will discover how our Objective Moral Evolution and our Objective Imagination open the gateway to what stands behind the Objective Science of the Stars Themselves. (Preliminary Study Preparation HERE. Click Link.)

Bravely Meeting the Hierarchies in the Stars. Understanding the Foundations of the Cosmogony of the West

“Thus every time we go to sleep, with our astral body we forsake those inner organs which are the organs of respiration, and with our Ego we forsake the pulsating forces of our blood. What then becomes of them by night? The answer is that while the man lies asleep in bed, Beings of the adjoining Hierarchy enter into the pulsating forces of the blood from which his Ego has departed. AngelsArchangels and Archai are then indwelling the self-same organs in which the human Ego dwells in waking life by day. Moreover in the breathing organs which we have forsaken inasmuch as the astral body is outside by night, Beings of the next higher Hierarchy — ExusiaiDynamis and Kyriotetes — are living then.

“Thus when we go to sleep at night, setting forth with our Ego and astral body, leaving behind the body of our waking life, Angels, Archangels and higher spiritual Beings enter into us and animate our organs while we are outside — until we re-awaken. And what is more, as to our ether-body, even in our day-waking life we are not able to fulfill what is needed there. The Beings of the highest Hierarchy — SeraphimCherubim and Thrones — have to indwell this ether-body even while we are awake; they remain there always.

“Lastly the physical body; if we ourselves had to achieve all the great and wonderful processes taking place there, we should not merely do it very badly; we could not set about it at all. Here we are utterly helpless. What outer anatomy ascribes to the physical body could not even move a single atom of it. Powers of quite another order are required here, namely none other than those that have been known since primeval times as the supreme Trinity — the Powers of the FatherSon and Holy Spirit. They — the essential Trinity — indwell the physical body of man.

“Therefore in truth, throughout our earthly life our physical body is not our own. If it depended on us, it could not go on at all. It is, as was said of old, the true Temple of the Godhead — of the Divine threefold Being. Likewise our ether-body is the dwelling-place of the Hierarchy of Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. They have to help in caring for the organs which are assigned to the etheric body. As to those physical and etheric organs on the other hand which are deserted every night by the astral body, they are provided for by the second Hierarchy — Kyriotetes, Dynamis and Exusiai. Lastly, the organs forsaken during sleep by the human Ego have to be cared for in the night by Angeloi, Archangeloi and Archai. There is a constant activity within the human being, proceeding not only from man himself. Only in waking life he lives in this bodily nature, so to speak, as a subtenant. For at the same time it is the Temple and the dwelling-place of spiritual Beings — the Beings of the Hierarchies.

“Bearing all this in mind, we only see this outer form of man aright if we admit: It is a picture — a picture of the working-together of all the Hierarchies. They are within it. Look at this human head in all the detail of its form; look at the rest of the body in its human form. I do not look at it truly if I describe it as a reality — as a real being, thus or thus. I only look at it truly if I say: It is a picture of an invisible, super-sensible working of all the Hierarchies together. Only when things are seen in this way can one speak truly and in detail of what is commonly propounded in a rather abstract manner. (RS Click Link)

Diverging Paths to the Stars. External Materialism or Actual Initiation and Awakening our Higher Humanity.

A mysterious slab or MONOLITH, (meaning relying on ‘ safe ‘ monism or Doorway or as a story narrative of discovery, a designated Slab of resonating piercing Cosmic Life, buried in the Moon) was hidden below the crater Clavius as the first clue of our outward bound adventure in “2001 A Space Odyssey”. The first step over the threshold of Space, discovers and encounters

Monolith Angel Window through doorway to sleep

an imagined Monolith discovered under the soil of the Moon. Symbolic as the Monolith was, it represents for each human I AM, the nightly black doorway we each enter at Sleep. Each human I AM has this black, resonating, profound unwritten Monolith doorway to the world of Sleep and the Stars, through which and by which each I AM is anchored between the shores of Earth and the Shores of the Stars.

In a fumbling attempt to understand, and comprehend our Astral Body and our own I AM Initiation into the vast planetary and solar system a Monolith is conveniently discovered, buried under the Moon’s surface. Christopher Clavius, the crater where the MONOLITH was found was named after the most influential teacher of the Renaissance and numbered among his admirers Viete, Kepler and Galileo.

It was Clavius’ support for the heliocentric theory that was the predominant influence making it acceptable among the learned. Clavius encouraged a number of mathematical developments: the decimal point, parenthesis, use of logarithms and the vernier scale. It was Clavius who replaced the Julian calendar with the Gregorian calendar.

Of course there is no upright resonating slab buried in the Moon. It is rather the path chosen by our chief story tellers to track MONISM out to the ends of the planetary system. However when we take the first steps into Initiation Science and Cosmogony of the West, we notice the Archai and Time Spirit inspiring and awakening, awkwardly, behind the impulse of John F. Kennedy, (a National American victim, servant and sacrifice to the Archai mission of attempting to find a true Cosmogony, Journey into the Stars, from within the Oval Office of POTUS)

Arriving Through the Door of the Moon and Awakening to the Community and Kingdom of the Stars

“So altogether, only the cosmic forces thrown back or reflected by the Moon reach us upon Earth, never what lives within the Moon itself. That it reflects the Sun’s light to the Earth is but a part, nay, the smallest part of what pertains to the Moon. All physical and spiritual impulses that reach it from the great Universe, the Moon reflects to us like a mirror. And as we never see through to the other side of a mirror, so do we never see the interior of the Moon, where, in effect, there lives a spiritual population among whom are very high guiding Beings. These guiding Powers, with the rest of the Lunar population, were once upon a time on Earth, whence they withdrew to the Moon more than 15,000 years ago. Before that time the Moon looked even physically different. It did not merely reflects the sunlight to the Earth but mingled in the sunlight something of its own essence. This is however not the point which interests us now. What does concern us at this moment is the fact that in the present epoch the Moon is there like a fortress in the Universe — a cosmic fortress within which lives a population which fulfilled its human destinies more than 15,000 years ago, and, with the spiritual guides of humanity, withdrew thereafter to the Moon. For there were once upon a time on Earth very advanced Beings — Beings who did not put on physical human bodies as do the men of today. They lived rather in etheric bodies, yet for the men who lived on Earth at that time they were the great leaders and educators.

“It was these mighty teachers and educators who brought to mankind, long, long ago, the primeval wisdom — the original and sublime wisdom-teachings of mankind, whereof the Vedas, the Vendanta, are but a distant echo. They now are living in the Moon and only radiating spiritually to the Earth what issues from the Universe outside the Moon.” (RS Study Link)

The Zeitgeist and the holy mystery of forming a True Cosmogony of the West surfaced most keenly in John F. Kennedy in a Speech he made on September 12, 1962. There, from the office of POTUS, from the Oval Office an initiative into the Stars and catapulting and legitimizing a whole array of Space Mythologies, TV Series, and rehearsed Moon Landings, Moon Bases, Mars Bases and Space thrillers, distant galaxies and regions, wormholes, assorted Beings and places far outside our Home Zodiacal Embryo, vast and sweeping Imagination and of course vast Space Nightmares and Franchises nobly set to search the stars for the Origins of Humanity. Kubrick was a pioneer in presenting the feeble I AM and technology, Artificial Intelligence and the lone Human Spirit confronting the Hierarchies who made the very system and substance of the Stars.

The Science of Sophia and the Stars and discoveries in Cosmogony

“It is possible here in earthly existence to attain to perception of the world of the Hierarchies, by means of super-sensible knowledge. After death, every human being must necessarily experience such knowledge, and the better he has prepared himself — as he can prepare himself — during earthly existence, the easier it will be for him. On Earth, when a man wants to know what he is like in his form and figure, he can look at himself in a mirror, or he can have his photograph taken. After death no such means exist, — either for himself or in regard to his fellowmen. After death he has to look away to the formative working and weaving of the planets. In what the planets reveal, he beholds the building up of his form. There we recognise our own human form. And working and weaving through it all are the Beings of the Third Hierarchy, — the Angels, Archangels and Archai.

“We can now progress further on our upward path. When we have recognised that the weaving life of Angels, Archangels and Archai is connected with the form of the human skin and the sense-organs that belong to it, we can advance a step further in our knowledge of man’s relation with the world beyond the Earth. Only, let us first be quite clear how differently we have now to think of the human form or figure. “Here on Earth we describe a man’s figure, or perhaps his countenance. One man’s forehead, we say, is of such and such a shape; another has a nose of a particular shape; a third has mournful eyes; a fourth laughing eyes, — and so on. But there we stop. Cosmic knowledge on the other hand reveals to us in everything that goes to make up the human form the working and weaving of the Third Hierarchy. The human form is in truth no earthly creation, The Earth merely provides the substance for the embryo. The Archai, Archangels and Angels work in from the Cosmos, building up the human form.” (RS Studies behind the Stars Click Link)

The Arc of Civilization and Actual Star Initiation

JFK in 1962

“No man can fully grasp how far and how fast we have come, but condense, if you will, the 50,000 years of man’s recorded history in a time span of but a half-century. Stated in these terms, we know very little about the first 40 years, except at the end of them advanced man had learned to use the skins of animals to cover them. Then about 10 years ago, under this standard, man emerged from his caves to construct other kinds of shelter. Only five years ago man learned to write and use a cart with wheels. Christianity began less than two years ago. The printing press came this year, and then less than two months ago, during this whole 50-year span of human history, the steam engine provided a new source of power.

Newton explored the meaning of gravity.”

Rudolf Steiner November 14th 1923 GA0231

“Full and rich in content is the life between death and a new birth! The work upon which the souls of human beings are engaged is none other than an interworking between them and Beings of the higher worlds. But the whole nature of the life between death and a new birth is different altogether from the manner and character of life here on Earth. And if we would progress in our study and attain to an ever clearer and clearer comprehension of the super-sensible being of man, we must understand the following.

“We live in the physical world of Earth. We perceive the outer world through our senses. Of that which we perceive we must say: It is perceptible and it is physical, — for the physical is all we can perceive in this earthly life. Above this world lies another, to which our ether body belongs, that pervades and permeates the physical body. This second world is imperceptible to man’s physical faculty of perception. It is also not physical; it is superphysical. Bordering therefore on our perceptible, physical world there is another that is imperceptible and superphysical. It is the world next our own, and it is the dwelling-place of the Beings of the Third Hierarchy — the Angels, Archangels and Archai. To a man living in physical incarnation on Earth who does not develop spiritual sight, this world is imperceptible; it is also not physical. True, it manifests its working in the physical world, but it is not physical.

“Then there is a third world. This third world is also not physical; in this respect it is similar to the etheric world. It too is superphysical. But the strange thing is that this third world is perceptible. It is perceptible from our earthly world. Thus, we have come to a world which reaches into our world and is perceptible; but because it is superphysical, men are not able to explain it in its true nature. To this world that is superphysical but perceptible, belongs, for example, all that streams to us in the light of the Sun. The Spirit-Beings who people the Sun are superphysical, and yet perceptible to us on Earth. For it is nonsense to think that the light of the Sun is merely what the physicists believe it to be. The light of the Sun is the manifestation of the Sun-Beings. The Sun-Beings are perceptible, but they appear to man in a form which he cannot interpret. The light of the stars, the light of the Moon and other light beside that of the Sun and Moon and Stars is perceptible, but that which lies behind it as Being is not rightly understood by man. Here, then, we have a world that is perceptible, but superphysical, bordering on the world that is physically perceptible. It is very important to grasp the characteristics of the different worlds:

    1. Our own world — perceptible and physical.

    2. The second world, bordering on the first. In this world live the Angels, Archangels and Archai. It is imperceptible and superphysical — the dwelling place of the Third Hierarchy and also of human beings while they are living in community with the Third Hierarchy during the life between death and a new birth.

    3. The third world is perceptible and superphysical. It is the dwelling-place of the Second Hierarchy.

      And then there is still another:

    4. An imperceptible, physical world.

“We have then, when the fourth is added, a complete list of all possible worlds: perceptible and physical, imperceptible and superphysical, perceptible and superphysical, imperceptible and physical. For this fourth world is imperceptible and yet physical. How are we to envisage it? It is in our midst, it is present in a physical sense, but it is imperceptible. Think for a moment. If you lift your leg from the ground, it is heavy, the force of gravity is working upon it. The force of gravity works physically but is imperceptible to ordinary sense-perception. You have inner experience of this force of gravity, but it is physically imperceptible.”






The Time of the Ram, in terms of the Starry Clock of Reality, reveals that we are right this minute, all of us are under the Star supervision of Pisces the Fishes (Click Link for Study of the Ram and Pisces). However the Christ Event on Golgotha occurred during the Time of the Ram and the Golden Fleece. The Spirits of Form and the Hierarchies themselves flowed through the inspiration where Michelangelo grasped Moses under the vast historical star region of the Ram.

“The statue as we all know has two horns; but it is by no means sufficient just to say that these are the symbols of Moses’ power. If a lesser artist than Michelangelo were to do a sculpture of Moses and give it two horns like this and justify them as symbols of power, we should not admire them because we should not believe in them. (R.S. Click Link) Yet Michelangelo sets before us his Moses as representative of his age so completely penetrated with force of will that he can put upon him these extraordinary horns; and we are quite prepared to believe in them.”

Under the massive inspiration of the Ram and the Golden Fleece, Ulysses took up his Ram’s Horn Bow of Initiation that sets itself out from Genesis to Golgotha. And all the mysteries of the Twelvefold Stars and Planets were resolved in the Pieta of the body of the Luke Jesus held in the Lap of Mary/Sophia.

Sophia of the Stars and the Pieta






These Imaginations were set up and put on record by Angelic Beings as gifts for the Moral Evolutionary Science at the foundations of Western Humanity. It is with deepest humility, had we true humility, we would grasp the Angelic appeal, the humble request of Homer to his Muse. “Sing O’ my Higher Angelic Guide of the destiny of Ulysses. Sing O’ Higher Angelic Guides of the destiny of David Bowman in the Stars. Sing O’ Angels of Humanity of the Offering of the transformed Sun Wafer of This is My Body held in the arms of Sophia.

EL, Hannover, 9-24-’07

“Christ is a sun-spirit, a fire-spirit. It’s his spirit that reveals itself to us in sunlight. It’s his breath of life in the air that sweeps around the earth and presses into us with every breath. His body is the earth on which we live. He actually feeds us with his flesh and blood, for all the food we eat is taken from the earth, from his body. We breathe his breath of life that he streams to us through the earth’s plant-cover. We see in his light, for the sunlight is his spirit-radiation. We live in his love, even physically, for the sun’s warmth that we get is his spiritual force of love, that we perceive as warmth. And our spirit is drawn towards his spirit, as our body is fettered to his body. That’s why our body must be consecrated, because we walk on his body. The earth is his holy body that we touch with our feet. And the sun is the manifestation of his holy spirit to which we are allowed to look up. And the air is the manifestation of his holy life that we are allowed to take into us. So that we could become aware of our self, our spirit, so that we could become spirit-beings our self, this high sun-spirit sacrificed himself, left his royal abode, descended from the sun and took on physical raiment in the earth. Thus he is physically crucified in the earth. But he spiritually embraces the earth with his light and his love power, and everything that lives on it belongs to him.”

But we insist on maintaining only our depleted intellectual rationalism. We don’t wish, as Goethe and Novalis have done, along with Christian Rosenkreuz, to purify and objectify our Imaginations through disciplined observation and gain a Higher Objective Science that lifts our Astral body, our Etheric body, and our Physical body up to the Objective Science of the Spirits of Form.

When Ulysses finally returns from his Initiation adventure he finds his Kingdom and his wife surrounded by a mob. A mob of rude, unruly, and slovenly suitors were vying over the Queenly loyalty and devotion of Penelope, his beloved wife, and threatening to rob and eviscerate the holdings, kingdom and life of the presumed dead Ulysses.

Even today, and far into the future of Space exploration, our murky materialism will constantly enable slovenly suitors attempting to Lord it over the higher astral body of Penelope and to dismiss as idiotic the true Science of Sophia Herself. For a long time into the future the Kingdom of the Stars will be explored and filled with slovenly suitors whose thoughts and goals crave to treat the stars as their new private Space X wild west corporate rodeo frontier fun park.

Every one of our scientists are completely ignorant of the

Template of the Embryo and Template of Cosmogony

fact that each human frame, each human skeletal system is built on the Starry Template of the Zodiac. Each Human skeletal system is stretched on the Bony Template of the TWELVE CONSTELLATIONS. This misapprehension in the foundations of materialistic science are part of the consequential errors woven into materialism and the Cosmogony and Embryology of the Science of the Stars. Every fetus and every Embryo are strung and restrung by the Angelic Hierarchies on the Template of the TWELVE CONSTELLATIONS. (Click Link for Study)

Ulysses picked up his ancient bow, built on the power of the Ram, and shot his arrow through twelve set axe handles. Every Embryological form is woven precisely on the Template and strung together into a perfect unity on the Template of the TWELVE CONSTELLATIONS. This is the primary Science of the Stars. It is that in each human child and in each human form and in every embryological unfolding, each human being is strung on the Template of the TWELVE CONSTELLATIONS we call the Zodiac.

First and foremost Western Cosmogony and Embryology are sworn to honor the Template of the Gods that every human being is built on. If we wish to have a Cosmogony of the West and if we wish to allow some sense of the revelation and precision for the Odyssey and the Cosmogony we encountered in 2001 a Space Odyssey, we are required by Higher Science to tie embryology to the entire study of the TWELVEFOLD Zodiac, seasons, planetary movements and geometry hidden in the stars. Kubrick, against his own rational Imagination had to depict the Great Work of the Starry Hierarchies as the making of each radiant new born child as the highest endeavors of the Hierarchies in the Star and Planet system we stare at from Earth. There Kubrick presented the Mission of Love and the end result of Initiation Itself.

Angelic Hierarchies and the Foundations of the Skeleton

“When in our present age we try to understand man, we are accustomed to study first the bony system. We begin, do we not, with the skeleton, — although even from a superficial point of view there is not much sense in that, for the skeleton has been formed and built out of the fluids in the human organism. The skeleton was not there first! It is merely a residue from the fluids, and can only be understood in that sense. But what is the usual method of procedure? We have to learn the various parts of the skeleton — arms, hands, bones of the upper arm, bones of the lower arm, bones of the hands, bones of the fingers and so on. With most of us it is a question merely of learning it all by heart. We do the same with the muscles — although this is decidedly more difficult. Then we come to the various organs and learn about them too in the same way. And all these things we have learnt go round in our minds in a most confused way, — a fact, let me say, that is not without significance! There lurks, however, in all healthy minds a longing to know more, a longing to know what is behind it all, to know something of the mystery of the world.

“A real study of man should begin with the skin and the sense-organs. This would lead us to the Hierarchy of Angels, Archangels, Archai. We should then go on to the nerves and glandular system; this would lead us to the Second Hierarchy, to Exusiai, Kyriotetes, Dynamis. And we would find these same Beings at work when we came to consider the blood system and the organs directly connected with it. Then, passing on to what enables man to move — to his muscular and bony systems, we would reach the realm of the First Hierarchy, and see in the muscles and bones of the earthly human being the deeds of Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones.” (RS Click Link)

We may examine and compare our own materialistic and Darwinian science to the prenatal development and Imaginations related in the birth of Achilles. We may trace the Etheric Elemental Origins of the Mother of Achilles to the definition of Thetis and the definition of the amniotic fluid, also called a pregnant female’s water(s) is the fluid surrounding the developing fetus within the amniotic sac.

Humanity as Symphony of the Creative Word (RS Click Link), is an instrument designed by the Hierarchies and the Stars. While each of us goes through the door of the Moon and enters on the Inside of the Stars, we encounter vast Hierarchies, from which each human I AM has been configured and designed. So to learn anatomy from the opposite spectrum, we see that our Bones, the very instrument of our Spinal System, our Astral body, is a finely tuned Star Sitar. We are a musical instrument created by the Hierarchies.

However before we arrive at the blueprint and template of our skeletal system itself, which, to understand our bony framework, to be precise, our bony system is built on measurement, precise property fields, design specifications and forces operative from the containment system of our Zodiac and our intimate Solar System. Each human being is a profound assemblage and concentration of Music and Moral integration of Cosmic and Starry laws. (Click this link for study)

Each human being comes off the assembly line of the Divine Hierarchies, built and strung to be a kind of Instrument to be played by the tones of the Stars themselves. Each Human I AM is crafted and built on the Musical Composition of the WORD, by none other than Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. Only we we must learn to Hear, and see through Geometry, Life and Tone, the actual Music of the Spheres. These lofty Beings, the stunning Creative Beings, the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones offered us our solidity and sense of moral gravity, destiny and a place marker in Time in the midst of ongoing Earth Development.

Our smile, our gestures, the twinkle in our eye, the dimple in our chin, the color of our hair, the way our eyebrows join, the way our lips meet upper and lower, our features that we take into the physical world, were given the finishing touches of integration by – firstly each human being who shall strive to meet us on Earth – and what stands behind all those intimate arrangements of destiny, and biography and Star timing, lives the cooperation and profound artistry of our own intimate and guiding Angels. Sing O’ Muse.

We are meant to recognize each other on Earth. We arrive on Earth prepared to encounter a specific language and thought force through our Etheric and Physical parents. We find our place on Earth, in a specific region of the Earth with the cooperation of the various Archangels. We each arrive in a significant TIME, and we have been given and rejoiced with untold Moral Clarity and Goodness that each of us are given an entirely remade Time Organ, a New Heart. We arrive on Earth together under the vast influence of an Archai of Time. In the long centuries after death, each human I AM prepares to embark, together, on a New Journey to uplift our Earth.

We are called upon to understand the New Image of Cosmogony and Embryology given to the 21st century by Stanley Kubrick in the Age of Pisces. (These Precise Star Phases and the Science of the Star Phases are HERE at This Link) The West has the mission to find the connection to Embryology and Cosmogony and overcome Darwinism. By overcoming Darwinism we shall awaken the Objective Science of Sophia and the Stars. We are required to discover for ourselves, that Heaven and Earth are complementary halves of the Same Science.

In Chapter 1 we have placed before our consideration some key points of reference that Initiation Science, which are part of the Objective Science of the Stars themselves, offer to us as preliminary introductions to the vast Hierarchies that operate and have their Homes behind the Stars and planetary system Earth is embedded in. In Chapter 2 we will examine several of the ongoing Sc-Fi esoteric problems of reproductive technology of the future as well as practical problems of misrepresenting Space Exploration. In Chapter 2 we will examine the Objective Science of our Moral Evolution and the Higher plant like forces, elastic etheric Life forces that underpin Initiation and Objective Imagination as we enter and participate with the active Beings that exist behind the Stars.

Before we conclude I shall build a bridge to the New Star Wisdom of the Grail Sciences to carry us over to Chapter 2. In the very beginning of Chapter 1 we approached the stirring work of the Angels in our Astral Bodies and how Imagination starts to flow through the undercurrents of all of humanity and the deepest currents of history. At the beginning of Chapter 1, I placed three pictures of contemplation. One of those was the Pieta that appears in Kubrick’s “2001 A Space Odyssey”. We also included Michelangelo’s Pieta fashioned in form and position with the help of the Hierarchies and the Spirits of Form that inspired Michelangelo.

In the third picture we shall examine the Pieta and Parsifal who we can safely say, Parsifal was himself a divine Moon-Calf, which we have described in such a way that the purity of the Etheric body and the purity of the Astral body have been woven into the hidden destiny of certain souls, who appear simple or untainted by cunning forces erupting from the Intellectual Soul. We shall examine the Star tracking of Parsifal in Chapter 2.

The Mystery of the Pieta and the Gateway to the Moon

Sigune, Shionatulander and Parsifal in the Pieta

“And if we now ask how Parsifal gradually gains knowledge, what do we find? Who is he, this Parsifal? He is ignorant of certain things; he is held to be ignorant — but of what? Now we have heard that the Christ Impulse flows on as though through subterranean channels in the depths of the soul. Up above, the theological controversies go on, and from them traditional Christianity takes shape. Let us follow the personality of Parsifal, as the saga portrays him. He knows nothing about the surface course of events; he is kept in ignorance precisely of all that. He is protected from it. What he learns to know comes from sources active in the depths of the soul, as we heard yesterday. At first, riding away in ignorance from the Grail Castle, he learns it from the woman who mourns the dead bridegroom in her lap; then from the hermit, who is brought into connection with mystic powers; and from the power of the Grail, for it is on a Good Friday that he comes to the hermit; already the power of the Grail is working in him unconsciously. Thus he is one of those who know nothing of what has been going on externally; one of those who are led into relation with the influences flowing from unconscious sources to meet the new age. He is a man whose heart and soul were to receive in innocence, undisturbed by the effects of the external world on human life, the secret of the Grail. He is to receive the secret with the highest, purest, noblest forces of the soul.” (R.S. study of the Pieta)