“The Green Mile” Life-Spirit, Budhi and the Bread of Life by Bradford Riley

Paul Edgecomb: What do you want me to do John? You want me to let you run out of here, see how far you can get?
John Coffey: Why would you do such a foolish thing?
Paul Edgecomb: On the day of my judgment, when I stand before God, and He asks me why did I kill one of his true miracles, what am I gonna say? That it was my job? My job?

Rudolf Steiner

“When the Logos simply proclaimed His name, it could be understood and grasped with the intellect. But when the Logos became flesh and appeared among men, then it became a Force-Impulse which is not only a teaching and a concept, but exists in the world as a Force-Impulse in which humanity can participate. He then calls Himself no longer “Manna,” but the “Bread of Life,” which is the technical expression for Budhi or Life-Spirit.”

When the opportunity is presented to us, to humanity, to the future of our cultural and spiritual education and knowledge to examine a specific area of higher soul development, even if we prefer not to, our preferences are less important than how such an IMAGINATION of the Life-Spirit, Budhi  and the literal BREAD OF LIFE, that Christ offered in His Person, presents itself.

In the character of John Coffey , from the film THE GREEN MILE we were presented a window into a miracle of the higher metamorphosis of the human being. It is a rare opportunity for all of us to approach and study the deepest hidden mysteries that reside in the Etheric Body of humanity. What will humanity be capable of achieving through the development of our own Etheric Bodies? What were the stages of the intensification that Christ applied directly to His Etheric Body to produce the Signs, Wonders and Miracles that are known to us as THE BREAD OF LIFE?

This particular manifestation of a Christusträger, a Christophorus or Christ-Carrier, as John Coffey is designated in the film THE GREEN MILE, brings us directly into the higher forces of the Christ Being that were manifested for three years on Earth in the individuality of the Christ. Christ brought the FORCE of His Cosmic I AM deeply into the workings of His Etheric Body and raised the forces, resurrected the forces of the Etheric body to the level Life-Spirit or Budhi. In John Coffey we have a specific, special instance of one phase of human development known as Budhi or Life-Spirit. This phase is not easy to quantify, qualify or describe without having a specific example that we can all relate to.

THE GREEN MILE is about what happens to a prison guard working death row in Louisiana in 1935. It’s the height of the Great Depression and Paul Edgecomb (Hanks) is a man just trying to do his job, which is to keep the convicted criminals on his block quiet and alive until they’re executed in the electric chair. Paul is a good man who tries to make his wards final days as pleasant as possible under the circumstances. Most of his co-workers agree with his way of doing business, but there’s always one bad apple and in this case, it’s Percy Wetmore. A cruel coward, Percy makes life on the Green Mile – the cell block’s nickname – a difficult place to work for guards and prisoners alike.

“Things pretty much go along as normal – Paul (TOM HANKS) tries to keep things running smoothly, Percy tries to exert his authority – until an enormous African American prisoner named John Coffey (Michael Duncan) arrives on the mile. He’s been convicted of raping and murdering two little girls, but Paul believes he’s innocent of the crime. Though massive in size, there doesn’t seem to be a vicious bone in his body. Paul’s suspicions are soon confirmed when Coffey “cures” him of a horrible physical ailment. Paul can’t explain how this “miracle” happened, but it makes him more sure than ever that the system is going to execute the wrong man. He spends the rest of the film trying to keep this “child of God” from going to the chair. I’d like to get more into the plot, but there’s so much that happens, I’m hard pressed to come up with a succinct way of describing it. This is an incredibly intricate tale with many interwoven subplots. Needless to say, more miracles occur, true friendships are formed and justice is ultimately rendered.

“I’m sure there are many people who will not like this film, claiming it’s too long and convoluted, but I’m not one of them. This is a heartfelt film that tells it’s story quietly, without hitting you over the head with its message. It’s core is simple, yet intelligently told. It may not be a perfect film, but at least it’s striving to be.”

So we have a writer, STEPHEN KING, who has consistently taken us to perimeters and thresholds of consciousness that we have been unwilling to explore. In the instance of (CLICK THIS LINK)THE GREEN MILE we come to an area of a special study in the higher capacities of the human being that lead us directly to the three years of the Christ on Earth.

In this essay, we gratefully and humbly thank STEPHEN KING for raising up, much against our preferred behavior, a window into a portion of the human soul that can only be clearly defined by Spiritual Science and the Michael School. Of course this places the work of THE GREEN MILE within the study reference of how humanity may approach the higher vision of the Risen Etheric Christ event.

In the character of John Coffey (click this link) we are allowed to look into a future window of exactly what higher capacities of THE ETHERIC BODY and what changes in the etheric body of human beings will occur as the Risen Etheric Christ impulse continues to unfold. In John Coffey we are presented with an extremely highly developed, overly potent Etheric body that is isolated in such a way that no impurities of the intellect, of our falsified materialistic education, or our superficial egotism, that we all carry around with us, interferes with the higher virtues of the Etheric Body that have developed in the example of John Coffey.

Which is to say, and declare with humble awe and astonishment, we can say without a doubt that with John Coffey we are looking into an example of the Luke Jesus Incarnation. We are likely never to come as close to a study of the Nathan Jesus or Luke Gospel Jesus child as we are in the study of John Coffey. And this unique opportunity was drawn together and pulled to the surface of humanities hidden wisdom, through the special capacities that Stephen King has developed.

The Luke Gospel Jesus has been examined in some detail at THIS LINK. Here is a quote that applies to both our study of John Coffey and the Luke Jesus child. “His unique cosmic innocence was to be preserved by what appeared to everyone around him as a near dumb and slow witted child but with a capacity for Cosmic Love and Compassion never before seen on Earth.”

Now the direction, the cast, the production and the writing of THE GREEN MILE appeared in 1999. Part of my job is to follow and highlight those events that we let slip by us that reveal the constant workings of the Risen Etheric Christ (See Link). The years 1933 – 1966 – 1999 are laced with insights and messages from all quarters of humanity, we just have to know what to look for. However we have been educated to not know what we are looking for, nor how to recognize deeper mysteries even if we saw them.

Few people take the time to delve into the full impact of what is sometimes presented to us through various mediums just because we have nearly no idea how to connect what we saw to any kind of deeper revelation that we are all seeking. Without question, all of us, every human being must encounter the Etheric Body mysteries, The Risen Etheric Christ mysteries, the phase in human soul development known as the Life-Spirit phase or Budhi phase,  and we will all become painfully familiar with all the other phases of our soul development as we stumble through each one.

Now that allows us the most incredible window and opportunity, to be invited in to a sacred mystery that we are never allowed to view or study in the normal course of our education. Of course we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the details of the study of this particular example if we hadn’t had the opportunity to research the Christ Event ourselves with depth and intensity.

The secrets of THE GREEN MILE not only lead us to the Christ Event and the capacities Christ manifested on Earth but also how He achieved the enhancement of His Etheric Body into THE BREAD OF LIFE. In this study we are also led to a specific stage of our own higher human development the Life-Spirit, the transformation of the forces of our own human Etheric Bodies into Budhi or the immortal powers of our own Etheric Bodies which will make us each a Christ-Bearer, a Christ-Carrier, a Christophorous, so that we also become the BREAD OF LIFE.

We shall become the BREAD OF LIFE by following the path of Christ and the Living Etheric Christ that radiates from our own Etheric Bodies. But for most of us, we have never even heard of an Etheric Body nor ever even imagined that our Human structure and the Human structure and Forces that Christ carried are based on the Divine Blueprints and Design of every human being that we meet. That in every human being we meet the potential forces that manifested fully in Christ, are there before our eyes, as yet undeveloped and unexplored.

Rudolf Steiner

“At present man consists of four principles. The first is the so-called physical body; this is the principle man has in common with all the present creations of the mineral kingdom; this part of man one can see with the eyes and grasp with the hands; it is the lowest principle of human nature, which alone remains as the corpse at death. But this physical body would every moment have the same fate as the corpse at death, it would fall to pieces were it not permeated by what we call the etheric body or life body.

This etheric body man no longer has in common with the mineral kingdom, he has it in common with the beings of the earthly vegetable kingdom. In every man the etheric body is a combatant which between birth and death holds together the parts of the physical body which continually have the tendency to disintegrate. What is the physical body of man, in reality? It is that which, when death has destroyed the form, after a short time becomes ashes. It is a little heap of ashes, so wonderfully arranged in the life body that the whole man makes the impression he now does upon those who look at him. The second principle, then, is the ether or life body.

The third principle, which man has in common with the animals, is the so-called astral body, the vehicle of instincts, desires, passions, thoughts, ideas, etc., all that is usually called the soul in man. Finally we have the fourth principle in human nature, that which makes man the crown of earthly creation, which makes him stand out above all the other beings, and enables him to develop as “I,” as an individual self-conscious being in earthly existence. In the future the evolution of man will unfold in such manner that he will gradually work from his

“I” upon the lower principles, so that the “I” becomes their ruler. When the “I” has thoroughly worked upon the astral body and taken possession of it, so that in this astral body there are no more unconscious and unguarded impulses, instincts and passions, then the “I” will have developed what we call Spirit Self or Manas. Spirit-Self is none other than the astral body, only the astral body is the third principle before it is transformed by the “I.”

When the “I” transforms the etheric body also, Life-Spirit or Budhi is produced; and when in the remotest future the “I” transforms the physical body so that this is completely spiritualized by the “I” itself (this is the most difficult work, because the physical body is the densest), then the physical body develops into the highest principle of human nature, namely, Atma or Spirit-Man. Thus, if we conceive of man in his seven-fold nature, we have the physical body, the etheric body or life-body, the astral body and the “I.”

Further, we have that which man will develop in the future; Spirit-Self or Manas, Life-Spirit or Budhi and Spirit-Man or Atma. That is the sevenfold being of man. However, he will only develop these higher principles in the far-distant future. It is not yet in man’s power while on the earth to work so far upon himself as to bring all these higher spiritual parts to full development.”

The rise of the Etheric Christ into the 20th century and now into the 21st century was announced most consciously and clearly from the School of Spiritual Science as  concretely dawning from 1933 onwards through 1935 and on into the future. There is no argument and no error in spiritual insight when we explore the age of Christ at the crucifixion as being that of 33 years. There is no doubt that 1933 saw devastating calamities over the Earth as the moral forces of the Tenth Hierarchy were shaken to their core by the Rise of the Etheric Christ. In counter point to the Rise of the Etheric Christ in the moral strata of the Earth and the Etheric Life of the Earth and humanity, counter-forces arose from Nazi Germany as a moral shadow out to challenge the rise of the Etheric Christ awakening in the social sphere of humanity. (See Study Link Here)

There is no doubt from Spiritual Science and the Michael School that the Risen Etheric Christ now imprints in 33 year rhythm patterns through history, deep and profound windows into the work of Christ in the Etheric. In all my research and in all my works so far presented I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that 33 is a key number and that Harry Truman acted as Pilate (SEE LINK HERE) for humanity once again, as the 33rd President of the United States. Harry Truman crucified Christ again by initiating the nuclear age and creating the opportunity for Anti-Etheric and Anti-Genetic, fallen Devachan light and technology to dwarf struggling human moral impulses.

There is not a shadow of a doubt that Harry Truman acted and inaugurated a more horrific crucifixion of our higher human potential by opening the door to the deformity of our Etheric and Spirit of Form Chromosome foundations by infecting humanity with raw Anti-Light that attacks the very foundations of our Etheric lymphatic system.

We mention these facts because the film, THE GREEN MILE, came out in 1999 and reflects the powerful response from the Risen Etheric Christ to the massive ignorance of the Etheric Life of the Earth and what the Luke Jesus child carried and what awaits humanity in the future unfolding of the Life-Spirit or Budhi in our own etheric bodies.

While THE GREEN MILE story is said to have taken place in the early time frame of 1935 when the dawn of the Etheric Christ had just begun to stir the depths of the hidden moral forces of humanity, it’s film production and release conforms itself to 1933 and to 1999 as a pattern of Etheric Christ studies arising freely in the open schooling of The Tenth Hierarchy.

There are scant and scarce opportunities for anyone ever, aside from the Michael School of Spiritual Science to even approach the deeper mysteries of the Luke Jesus child (see link) or even come close to examining the specific forces of the advanced Etheric Body known as Life-Spirit, which humanity is destined to attain. Our common education and intelligence gets us nowhere near where the mystery of the Life-Spirit or Budhi that the Christ Carried and that humans will carry as Christophoros. Christophoros from the Late Greek name Χριστοφορος (Christophoros) meaning “bearing Christ”, derived from Χριστος (Christos) combined with φερω (phero) “to bear, to carry”.

Much to our shock and amazement we will discover exactly how THE GREEN MILE allows us to peek through a crack in the doorway to where the greatest mysteries of humanity are hidden. To be a Christ Carrier, a Christusträger, to be a Christ-Bearer, to be a Christophoros may be studied, anticipated and taken hold of by our intelligence. And as in all things, we are required to look and connect things that nowhere in the course of our common place human education or our common place human thinking, would we have before us such an opportunity for a sneak peek through the crack in the doorway into the workings of the LIFE-SPIRIT that the Risen Etheric Christ had at His command as a  fully conscious capacity when He lived on the Earth.

Nowhere in our common place human education would we ever follow the trail of the Etheric Mysteries into the plant kingdom, the lymphatic/etheric healing acts of the Christ Being as He lived on Earth. In the process we gain a concrete stage of grasping what Spiritual Science means when the Life-Spirit is openly discussed. It would remain beyond our comprehension if Stephen King (SEE LINK) had not presented us with the character of John Coffey in the (click link) THE GREEN MILE.

“There are, however, in the world great and mighty mysteries which mankind is not yet entitled to know. Human beings of the present day, even though they may be sufficiently developed, are not yet strong enough to go through the great Mysteries. They can know of them, they can understand them when they are able to experience them spiritually; but our present humanity, so deeply immersed in matter, is not yet capable of converting them into their physical expression.” Rudolf Steiner

In The Green Mile we are confronted with one of the greater mysteries of the Risen Etheric Christ event. Through our efforts in understanding the character and demonstration of the healings that John Coffey performs in the film, “The Green Mile” we are led directly into the deeper Mysteries of Christ and Christianity that are normally hidden from us.

Mainly these mysteries that are there for the eye to see and the ear to hear, remain hidden because our education, our prejudice and our clumsy arrogance prevents us from literally examining objectively what we are seeing. The Etheric Christ event and Christ having lived for three years on the Earth are objective events. However our education and our prejudice limit, confine and imprison our grasp of the objectivity of the Christ Life on Earth and the Risen Etheric Christ currently active in our environment. Subjectively we quote the Bible but we really prefer to keep Christ imprisoned in our subjective opinions so we can pretend we are Christian and love Jesus.

The objectivity of the Christ Event allows those who are willing to recognize the connection of the deeper mysteries and bring those deeper mysteries together with the healings presented in “The Green Mile” an awesome opportunity. Through the character of John Coffey we can get a front row seat to the very signs and wonders that appeared in the Gospels through Christ.

Rudolf Steiner

“Imagine for example that someone could receive the Christ Impulse fully into himself, that it could completely pass over upon him. The Christ Himself might stand directly in the presence of this person and the Christ Impulse be transmitted to him. What does that signify? If the person were blind, he would yet be able to see by means of the direct influence of this Christ Impulse, for the final goal of evolution is the conquest of the forces of sickness and death. When the writer of the Gospel of St. John speaks of the healing of the man born blind, he is then speaking out of the depths of the Mysteries, he is demonstrating, by means of an example, that the force of the Christ is a healing force when it appears in full power. It may be asked: Where is this force? It is in the body of the Christ, in the earth! But this earth must, in truth, be fully permeated by the being of the Christ Spirit or of the Logos. Let us see if the writer of the Gospel recounts the story with this meaning. How does he relate it?

“Standing there is the blind man. The Christ takes some earth, insalivates  (See Norse Gods all Spit in Jar, mix clay to Make Kvasir)  it and lays it upon the blind man’s eyes. He lays His body, the earth, permeated with His spirit upon the blind man. In this description, the writer of the Gospel indicates a mystery which he very well understands. Now laying aside all prejudice, let us talk a little more in detail of this sign — one of the greatest performed by the Christ — in order that we may learn to know more exactly the nature of such a thing and not be disturbed because our very clever contemporaries will consider what has just been said to be sheer madness or folly!”

Now the miracles and healings presented in the Gospels reveal the objective operation of higher forces that can be found in our human Etheric Bodies and in it’s highest manifestation revealed through the specific deeds of Christ. The forces that existed in the Christ for Three Years on the Earth had already achieved a level of development we know of as the Life-Spirit and Budhi.  Humanity will slowly unfold forces in our etheric bodies that Christ brought fully to bear on Earth during His brief Three Year Sojourn.

We are indebted to Stephen King for allowing us into a mystery that humanity will only attain to, consciously in the distant future. The Etheric Life of the Earth, our lymphatic system, the entire mystery of The Agricultural Course (see link) by Rudolf Steiner our study of the immense world of plants (see link) and the very potent secrets of Eurythmy and the Human Word will rise to the surface with our deepened understanding of the Risen Etheric Christ in our midst.

Since” The Green Mile” and the character of John Coffey is such an excellent schooling and study of the higher Etheric and Life-Spirit, Budhi, which the Christ gave to humanity consciously, we can consider ourselves privileged to examine also the unconscious and unusual manner of the appearance of the higher Etheric Life-Body, that bulged forth, and filled the simple soul and body of John Coffey. It is an absolute unique opportunity and manifestation of our higher intuitions reaching upwards into the realm of the Risen Etheric Christ.

Even in the casting of the film itself, we see the peculiar reality of the manifestation, in a natural form, not of an impregnated muscle bound steroid induced muscle (given the reality of what would an overly dominated Etheric Life Force look like in a human being if it appeared unconsciously and without higher esoteric training), we can recognize in John Coffey a human form in which the higher forces of the Etheric Body itself overwhelmed the physical and astral body.

In this very specific example of the dominating force of the higher Etheric and Life Body in John Coffey, we also see the amazing false path of doping and steroid use to build bulk and body muscle but without, without even a shred of insight into the Etheric forces that carry the moral Light of the Etheric worlds through the human being.

Building body bulk and abstract body muscle force, without insight into the Etheric Body, is the direct result of our desire to avoid a conscious understanding of the Risen Etheric Christ. Falsified Body Muscle and Bulk attempts to steal future karma forces that reside and are given in our muscles to face the tasks and realities of our destinies on Earth. Bulking and grabbing empty muscle from the future through doping and steroids and egotistic, selfish worship of seeing ourselves in mirrors as mighty humans, as superheros is an absolute lie and deception based on our failure to understand the relationship between our personal karma and our muscle fitness.

Super Hero fantasies and materialistic meddling with the Etheric body

  Why you should not Be a Juice Monkey

If you’re using steroids or thinking about it, here’s a pretty good list of reasons not to.

  1. Gives you zits.
  2. Gives you bad breath, which equals no kisses.
  3. Makes you go bald sooner, which equals looking like your Dad when your 16.
  4. For Girls: it makes you grow a mustache- totally gross!
  5. For Girls: it makes your boobies shrink.
  6. For Guys: it makes your nuts shrink – do you really need another reason?
  7. For Guys: it makes it hurt when you go to the bathroom- again, do you really need another reason?
  8. For Guys: it makes you grow breasts- once again, see above.
  9. Impotence: that means you can’t get an erection.
  10. Roid Rage: it makes you get all wacko and violent.

So in John Coffey and much to our amazement we have a specialized, isolated example of an Etheric body that is unconsciously filled with the forces of The Risen Etheric Christ in a peculiar and a natural way. Which allows us to witness, again with THE GREEN MILE, we are allowed to witness a series of miracles that we can directly bridge over to the Etheric Christ.

In other words through the miracles that Christ performed consciously on the Earth, we are now able to study objectively and see exactly how the dynamic of those miracles manifested and their deeper meaning. We are able to exactly understand how John Coffey could perform certain miracles because of the powerful forces of the Etheric Body – that in fact – The Christ for three years on Earth, through a series of miracles, brought HIS own living Etheric and Budhi and Life-Spirit forces to such a pitch that Christ transformed the very physical human form into Spirit-Man. ATMA or Spirit-Man was the revelation of the hardest transformation into the Resurrected Phantom and the Risen Etheric Christ Form ever accomplished in the history of humanity. This shattering event was given back to humanity as the gift of the objective reality of The Resurrection.

In John Coffey we have a specialized example of the higher Budhi and Life-Spirit forces, captured and isolated into a specific example that conforms itself to the deepest Mysteries of the Christ Event which are never studied in depth. So now, beyond a shadow of a doubt we will present the connections that our limited education (study this link that thwarts any semblance of higher education), with the exception of the Michael School and Spiritual Science, all our limited education can do is to appeal to our subjective and imprisoned opinions.

On the other hand, to grasp the Etheric Christ event consciously and objectively we are required to understand what the miracles in the Bible were truly about and what the miracles that are manifested in the character of John Coffey are. In doing so we gain an accurate vision into a specific stage of human development that is objectively known as Budhi or the Life-Spirit, an actual stage of every HUMAN BEINGS HIGHER DEVELOPMENT.

In the film presentation of “The Green Mile” we have the Miracle of the Mouse; the Miracle of the urinary tract and bladder infection (without the use of Cranberry Juice); the Miracle of the curing of  a tumor in the brain caused by Cancer; the Miracle of real karma transference and higher Fifth Chamber of the Human Heart akashic capacities ; the Miracle of a  living Etheric extension of human life.

The title of “The Green Mile” is really one of the first of the miracles we should recognize, applaud and celebrate as just how remarkable human ART, human thinking and human writing can be. We hardly appreciate what a title tells us and how it introduces us into a mystery which we absolutely do not encounter or connect to concrete facts just because of the simplistic education we settle for here on Earth.

The title of  “The Green Mile” is in reality based on our average life span which is given at 72 years and based on each of our individual incarnations that celebrate year after year our own Sun Precession. Each human Life-Span is generally designed on the Platonic Year and we are intimate to the Platonic Year both daily in our breathing and also to the fact that each of  us represent 1 click, 1 degree, 1 ray and 1 pulse and indeed 1 Green Mile of the Sun’s journey through the Platonic Year.

One of the intimate, missed and great secrets of “The Green Mile” is that it represents, brilliantly the journey of one mile or the length of each of our human destinies that culminates and brings us to the end of our own Green Mile here on Earth. Therefore “The Green Mile” that everyone is given as their road and their path of destiny is locked into one of the most powerful spiritual mysteries known. (See Link)

The human definition of The Green Mile

The Precession of the equinoxes =  25,920 yrs = (360° rotation)

If the sky is divided into 12 constellations:

(25,920 / 12 = 2,160)

(Note: 6 x 10 x 6 = 360 and 360 x 6 = 2,160)

A New sign appears on the horizon each 2,160 yrs (30°)

Note: (2 x 2,160 or 12 x 360 = 4,320 yrs)

 Therefore to move 1° on the horizon = 72 yrs. (approx).

Rudolf Steiner and THE GREEN MILE (see link)

“Something, therefore, breathes within us, yet it is another kind of breathing, it is something which rises and falls … it breathes within us in the course of one day, in the same way in which something breathes within us during the 18th part of a minute. Something breathes within us in the course of one day. Let us now see if that which breathes within us in the course of one day, if the rising and falling of our etheric body, which thus breathes within us, also sets forth something which resembles a circular movement, a return to a point of departure. In that case, we would have to investigate what 25,920 days really are. For 25,920 of these breaths, in which the etheric rises and falls, would have to correspond, in their rise and fall, to a reproduction of the platonic year. Just as one day corresponds to 25,920 respirations, so 25,920 days should also correspond to something in human life. How many years are 25, 920 days? Let us see.

Let us take the year with an average of 365¼ days, let us make a division and then we shall obtain as a result of the division

25,920 ÷ 365.25 = about 71

that is to say, about 71 years, which is the average duration of human life. Of course, the human being has his freedom and frequently he may grow much older. But you know that the patriarchal age is indicated as 70 years. Thus you have the duration of human life equal to 25,920 days, 25,920 of such great breaths! Once more, we obtain a cycle which reproduces microcosmically in a wonderful way the macrocosmic happenings. Thus we may say: If we live one day, we reproduce the platonic world-year with our 25,920 respirations; if we live 71 years, we again reproduce the platonic year with 25,920 great breaths, with the rising and falling pertaining to our waking up and our falling asleep.”


A mouse as a living life form can be defined and quantified clearly as a tiny creature that has an astral body, an etheric body and a physical body. If we ask ourselves what makes us incapable of understanding reality and understanding the structure of certain miracles we can start with our misunderstanding and failure to understand the tiniest of gods creatures. We are not trained in our most fundamental considerations of reality to grasp the difference between a plant and an animal. A plant has only an etheric and physical body. A well formed hexagonally constructed crystal has only a physical structure but no etheric body and no astral body.

A Mouse has a physical body, a lympthatic or etheric body and it’s limited specialized capacities, are it’s gifts, it’s astral body or nervous system. Of course our blunt education can hardly consider the structure of a mouse and rate the mouse as connected to the specialized etheric life of the earth or rate the mouse to the specialized capacities of the astral life of the earth. The mouse with it’s specialized information and genetic codes are isolated and locked into a specialized form, in one of gods littlest of creatures.

Mice   (CLICK LINK) and rats are mammals with nervous systems (astral body) similar to our own. It’s no secret that they feel pain, fear, loneliness, and joy just as we do. These highly social animals communicate with each other using high-frequency sounds that are inaudible to the human ear. They become emotionally attached to each other, love their families, and easily bond with human guardians(etheric body). Male mice woo mates with high-pitched love songs. Infant rats giggle when they are tickled. Not only do rats express empathy (etheric body) when another rat or a human they know is in distress, they also exhibit altruism, putting themselves in harm’s way rather than allowing another living being to suffer.

More than 100 million mice and rats are killed in U.S. laboratories every year. They are abused in everything from toxicology tests (in which they are slowly poisoned to death) to painful burn experiments to psychological experiments that induce terror, anxiety, depression, and helplessness.

They are deliberately electroshocked in pain studies, are mutilated in experimental surgeries, and have everything from cocaine to methamphetamine pumped into their bodies. They are given cancerous tumors and are injected with human cells in genetic-manipulation experiments.”

The Miracle of the Urinary tract infection(click link)

If I carefully examine the details of the miracles in the film The Green Mile it would be easy for the reader to become distracted. However when I bring these miracles into direct relation to the miracles performed consciously by the Christ while he was in incarnation on the Earth for 3 years, we are faced with a mighty flexing of the capacity of the moral Etheric Life-Spirit, Budhi of the Christ.

Christ gained in strength and FORCE as a human reality on earth by permeating and penetrating and raising the human etheric body forces up to the level of the Life-Spirit and Budhi capacity. Christ, in a fully conscious and step by step, stage by stage magnification, elevation and acceleration of His capacities opened the full operational codes and capacities of the higher Life-Spirit and Budhi phase for each and every human being on Earth. That is why it is important to study what it takes and what it will take and what it took to bring these Etheric Forces to the stage of development we can now study, called Budhi or THE BREAD OF LIFE or Life-Spirit.

When these facts are placed before our souls we cannot relax and make excuses that “The Green Mile” and miracles done by John Coffey are just silly special effects. For what we are tasked to study is how Christ consciously grew in stature and awakened Life-Spirit and Budhi capacities for humanity and how we can observe and study Life-Spirit and Budhi capacities as concrete schooling of our souls and spirits. In pursuing our higher schooling, “The Green Mile” and the character of John Coffey brings us not only to The Luke Jesus Child (see link) but also to the enhanced and accelerated magnification, step by step of the Etheric Forces that Christ developed for the future of humanity.

We cannot gain the objectivity of Christ on Earth or comprehend the status and structure of the human soul and spirit as realities and facts unless we re-awaken the FACTS of the Bible and observe clearly what the Christ was doing within the model of our Human Forms. Christ was slowly accelerating, enlarging, enhancing and elevating the soul level and spirit level phases and plateaus of human experience and planting these immense realities deep into the unfolding potential of every human I AM who has a physical, etheric, astral and I AM.

These phases and stages of the higher enhancement of the etheric body are called Signs and Wonders but these Signs and Wonders reveal the detailed enlargement of the Etheric Capacities that are now part of the Risen Etheric Christ capacities over the whole Earth. However the intensity, the immortal forces we are now faced with in The Risen Etheric Christ, had to be directed and intensified via the I AM of the Christ Being in a step by step, sign by sign, miracle by miracle strengthening which only NOW can we study with clarity and concrete insight.

Christ and the Gathering Immortal forces of Budhi- Life Spirit and the ongoing Living reality of the Risen Etheric Christ (SEE STUDY LINK)

“…let us glance at the Gospel of St. John itself, and describe that momentous document from the point of view of its own value. This Gospel, of which we said yesterday that modern theological criticism (in so far as it is infected by materialism) can come to no satisfactory conclusion concerning it, and is powerless to understand its historical truth, will reveal itself to us, when studied in the light of spiritual science, as one of the most marvelous documents in possession of the human race. It may be said that it is not only one of the greatest religious documents but that of all literary productions — if this profane expression be allowed — it may be accounted as one of the best. Let us now approach the contents of this document from the literary standpoint.

“When we understand it aright and know the true meaning underlying the words, we find it, from the very first chapter, to be one of the most finished productions, as regards style and composition, existing in the world. Of course, something more than a superficial examination is required to detect this. We find immediately, on a casual glance, that the writer — we now know his identity — reckons exactly seven miracles up to the Raising of Lazarus. (The significance of this number seven will be dealt with in the course of the next few days.) Which are the seven miracles or signs?

1. The sign at the marriage at Cana in Galilee.

2. The sign given in the healing of the nobleman’s son.

3. The sign given in the healing of the man 38 years in his infirmity, at the pool at Bethesda.

4. The sign given in the feeding of the five thousand.

5. The sign given in the vision of Christ walking on the water.

6. The sign given in the healing of the man born blind, and finally

7. The greatest of the signs, the initiation of Lazarus — the transformation of Lazarus into the writer of the Gospel of St. John.

“…What further increase in the Christ-power can still be possible? None other than that Christ should approach a human being and awaken in him the bearer of His own impulse, so that this human being becomes a new man, a man permeated by Christ. That is what takes place in the Raising of Lazarus. Here we have yet another increase in the Christ-power. The power of Christ rises from stage to stage!

“Where in the world could we find a lyrical document so magnificently composed? No other writer has produced such a work. Who could do otherwise than bend in reverence before this description of events, rising to a climax from step to step, in so marvelous a way! Considered alone from the standpoint of its artistic composition, the Gospel of St. John moves us to bow our head in reverence before it. Herein everything waxes great from stage to stage and reaches its climax.”

Χριστοφορος -Christophoros


“Christ should approach a human being and awaken in him the bearer of His own impulse, so that this human being becomes a new man, a man permeated by Christ.” Rudolf Steiner

We all wish to assume we are bearers of the Christ Impulse but we certainly don’t wish to study the phases and levels of development that being a Christ-Bearer entails. And that is a problem. Lazarus had earned through many powerful incarnations, the strength and humility to carry some of the highest aspects of the Christ Mystery on the Earth.

There Lazarus was, dead in a Temple Sleep, wrapped up like a Chrysalis, with all the literal realities that are attached to the chrysalis stage of the butterfly, Lazarus was about to become a Christ-Bearer. Not so fast! Not so easy to compare any of us, let alone John Coffey in “The Green Mile” to Lazarus. But in point of fact we do have a Christ-Bearer who was not only Lazarus, but was raised by Christ at the crucial point where the advanced and elevated forces of the Life-Spirit and Budhi– of the Christ, had grown to such an extent that Christ could TRANSFER directly this BREAD OF LIFE, into the higher system of a human being, historically known as Lazarus.

John Coffey is awarded a CHRISTOPHORUS, a St. Christopher medallion at the precise point where John Coffey performs one of the most difficult miracles in the film. John Coffey, under armed guard, cures a cancerous brain tumor in the wife of the warden of the prison. The event of this miracle identifies John Coffey accurately, as far as our studies are concerned, as a Χριστοφορος (Christophoros) meaning a person who has a strong enough Etheric body to bear the Life-Spirit and Budhi forces of the Risen Etheric Christ.

Melinda Moores: I dreamed of you. I dreamed you were wandering in the dark. And so was I. And we found each other. We found each other in the dark.
[reaches out her necklace to him]
Paul Edgecomb: Take it, John. It’s a present.
Melinda Moores: It’s St. Christopher. I want you to have it, Mr. Coffey. And wear it. He’ll keep you safe. Please… Wear it for me.
John Coffey: [leans forward so she can hang it around his neck] Thank you, ma’am.
Melinda Moores: Thank you, John.

First and foremost by accident we stumble into Steiner’s definition “Christ should approach a human being and awaken in him the bearer of His own impulse, so that this human being becomes a new man, a man permeated by Christ.” 

Let us get our meaning exactly. Here is the precise meaning. “When Christ Loves us, He Knows us! He does not just ‘Love’ a glob of faceless Humanity, He actually, perceptibly, wholly and solely, comprehendingly and delightedly Knows who we are every minute of us, being who we are individually.” (Clarification if needed, Click Link)

But this is no fable, no fiction. We have stepped right into the middle of a Christian Rosenkreuz mystery. We have stepped into the middle of the author of the John Gospel and further we have stepped into the middle of the author of Revelation, The Apocalypse of St. John. St. Christopher and the Christophorus is no fable. St. Christopher carried a staff and on his shoulders he is supposed to carry the tiny child, Jesus over the river into incarnation. But when St. Christopher gets to the other-side, he plants his staff, the long branch of a tree, his wooden pole to keep his balance, Christ asks St. Christopher to plant his staff in the ground. At this point the staff, the dead wood, bursts into Etheric Life and leaf and foliage spring from the dead wood.

Now let us be clear about this. Once Lazarus was imbued with the Life-Spirit and Bread of Life, the higher Budhi of the Christ impulse, we have a completely different force which has been bequeathed by Christ through a human being. That human being, Lazarus, cannot die, in the sense of having had the full force of the etheric Life-Spirit of Christ course through him. And we are left with a riddle as history, for good reason, history has kept the identity and the further development of Lazarus/St. John a veiled secret.

Peter asks Jesus about the final fate of the Beloved Disciple. The passage continues as follows:

Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.” Because of this, the rumor spread among the brothers that this disciple would not die. But Jesus did not say that he would not die; he only said, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you?”

Now the extended life span of Paul (Tom Hanks) and his little mouse “Mr. Jingles” are left with a problem that part of the Life-Spirit and Budhi directed forces that John Coffey had pulsing through him, DID in effect pass over into Paul the floor supervisor of Block E of the Green Mile, at the time of the dawning of the Etheric Christ Impulse in the World around 1935. The extended Life-Force of both the mouse and the man, which gives a whole new meaning to of Mice and Men.

Both John Steinbeck and Robert Burns who wrote the best laid plans of mice and men and Nobel Prize winning Steinbeck’s novella  “Of Mice and Men” dance together in “The Green Mile”.

But that immortal, budding to life of the dead wood that is part of the Christophorus and St. Christopher medal can only be concretely tracked and understood if we follow the mystery of Christian Rosenkreuz and the SEVEN ROSES that blossom from the Dead Wood of the Cross. (See Link)

Hamburg 3-14-1909

Rudolf Steiner: “The physical body doesn’t belong to us, it’s an optical illusion. It’s formed by streams that go out from Thrones. Imagine brooks that flow together; a whirlpool arises where they meet. Likewise the physical body arises where streams from Thrones come together. The black cross represents the lower animal part of man that must be overcome. The seven red roses must sprout and flower out of it. A beautiful story tells us that when Christ hung on the cross, bees came and drew honey from his bleeding wounds, as from red roses otherwise. The blood’s composition had changed through the sacrifice and had become like the sap of red roses.”

Why has history veiled this secret? Because indeed anyone who learns to carry the Life-Spirit, Budhi, Mana or Spirit-Self and the Atma or Spirit-Man mysteries that Christ succeeded in planting into Earth development, is responsible for carrying the higher mysteries of humanity, the Full Christ Impulse into incarnation, every time they incarnate. That Means that the full Christ impulses are born on the shoulders or in the karma and destiny, and woven into every human being who achieves Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man, they carry the full weight of the entire mission of the stars and the entire mission of humanity and they share the burden of Christ by being truly a CHRIST-BEARER a Christophorus.

John Coffey reveals the agony of facing the thoughts, the astral life and the crimes that humanity continues to produce that impact John Coffey with an intensity none of us who are on the path could claim to bear consciously.

John Coffey: You tell God the Father it was a kindness you done. I know you hurtin’ and worryin’, I can feel it on you, but you oughta quit on it now. Because I want it over and done. I do. I’m tired, boss. Tired of bein’ on the road, lonely as a sparrow in the rain. Tired of not ever having me a buddy to be with, or tell me where we’s coming from or going to, or why. Mostly I’m tired of people being ugly to each other. I’m tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world everyday. There’s too much of it. It’s like pieces of glass in my head all the time. Can you understand?

Christ and currently Christian Rosenkreuz are the only ones we can study and we know who have experienced the impacts of being a Christophorus. In other words John Coffey is overwhelmed by the forces that he was given to be a Christophorus. But this is merely the tiniest of distant windows compared to what Christ experienced on Earth surrounded by humanity and what anyone will experience who rises through the stages of Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man.

The Schooling of our own Christianity truly must be humbled if we think we know anything about Justice or karma. If we think we know what human suffering is or we plan to quickly ascend to all the gifts of Christ and the Resurrection, while remaining ignorant hypocrites who merely pay lip service to the realities of the Christ Event while here on Earth, we have much to learn.  Yet most of us refuse to lift a finger to study the actual concrete stages of the type of soul development that is required just to achieve carrying the Christ Impulse consciously. We apparently don’t wish to understand the shattering realities of THE FIFTH CHAMBER OF THE HUMAN HEART.

John Coffey is a prime example of what it would be like to carry such a force in our Etheric Body unconsciously. And that should help us understand in all humility the weight of the world that weighs on the shoulders of any individual who earns the right to share the burden and the humility of the full forces of the Christ Impulse and become a Christophorus, a Christusträger.

“The oldest picture of the saint, in the monastery on the Mount Sinai dates from the time of Justinian (527-65). From the Late Greek name Χριστοφορος (Christophoros) meaning “bearing Christ”, derived from Χριστος (Christos) combined with φερω (phero) “to bear, to carry”. Early Christians used it as a metaphorical name, expressing that they carried Christ in their hearts. In the Middle Ages, literal interpretations of the name’s etymology led to legends about a Saint Christopher who carried the young Jesus across a river.”

The Brain Tumor Miracle from “The Green Mile” (See Link)

John Coffey, being a Christ-Bearer, a Christusträger and owning a unique and specialized potent expression of THE BREAD OF LIFE, known as Life-Spirit and Budhi that arises in him as a unique manifestation of the potent forces of the Risen Etheric Christ, appears for our study in one individual example.

Once more it is important to remind ourselves that John Coffey had no interference from a normal precocious, devouring materialistic  intellect, to distract or limit the FULLNESS of his absorption of the Etheric Forces of the Risen Etheric Christ. The very unique simplicity, ignorance, gentleness and innocence of John Coffey allowed for the full blown RISEN ETHERIC CHRIST forces to flow through him without hindrance.

We are looking at a time frame that places John Coffey’s birth well before 1933 when the rise of the Etheric Christ takes place. He achieves his maturity and the full ripeness of his Etheric Forces by 1935 according to the film script.  So “The Green Mile”, as an after thought in history, gives us a window into a rural, unpublicized footnote in history that really brings us to the intimate region of the secrets of a human biography.

A limited set of human biographies experienced what was hidden, kept below the water line of history, which is exactly the problem and the reality of the Resurrection and entire event of Golgotha itself. It was an event that could be intensely denied and historically disputed because in all the Roman World, the most important event in the entire history of Earth and humanity, was isolated and confined to just a few souls who experienced it directly.Those few souls who were impacted by the Christ Event and received powerful immortal changes in their etheric, astral and I AM systems remain subjects of debate, doubt and incredulousness on the part of materialism to this day.

When Aristotle is called forth to testify on behalf of the Risen Etheric Christ and the stages of how the Etheric body develops into Life-Spirit, Budhi and THE BREAD OF LIFE, we are dumbfounded and cannot put the pieces of the puzzle together in our minds to see for ourselves how Aristotle reappears again through the natural science of reincarnation as Rudolf Steiner. Aristotle, the Christ and Michael the Archae had preserved the integrity and diligence that only Aristotle possessed.  We rediscover (SEE LINK)  Aristotle in the individuality of Rudolf Steiner and now, to our astonishment, he is carrying his own higher Spirit-Self development by tackling the most difficult and knotty problems of science and the human spirit. There was no one like Aristotle ever, except Rudolf Steiner (See Link).

The science of the I AM, is what Aristotle/Rudolf Steiner brought with him into incarnation. It is the mystery of every I AM to know and understand what Aristotle/Rudolf Steiner understood when he encountered the Christ in THE PHILOSOPHY OF FREEDOM. Aristotle/Rudolf Steiner could say of the Risen Etheric Christ, “Christ should approach a human being and awaken in him the bearer of His own impulse, so that this human being becomes a new man, a man permeated by Christ.”

AWAKEN IN HIM THE BEARER OF HIS OWN IMPULSE, the impulses and forces that are in secret in each I AM and each human being we encounter, there is the secret intimacy of what stage and what specific life lessons we are drawn to with the potency of our unique I AM.  Nobody knows those secrets but ourselves and the profound reality of the Risen Etheric Christ. A deep and profound intimacy that jolts the foundations of our I AM in such a way that people who are unaware would never notice the difference, but the person who experienced the Christ Event or the John Coffey events would remember and be changed by a FORCE, an actual LIVING FORCE OF ETHERIC LIFE AND NATURE. Such were the early Christians and such were the participants of the events surrounding John Coffey and “The Green Mile”.

The Miracle of Karma Transference and reading of the Etheric Akashic records (Click This Link).

“And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes?

By touch, exactly as the Christ experienced anyone who touched the Christ, embraced the Christ, kissed the Christ, as Judas did (click link), Christ experienced a vast picture of the karmic web of the person in question. John Coffey transfers from the Akashic records, the etheric living vision, to Paul Edgecomb the security supervisor on “The Green Mile”. This vision from the Akashic ethers of the true events of the murder of two innocent little girls, that John Coffey was not guilty of and had no sin imprinted into his etheric karmic record, yet he was tried in the Justice system and found guilty and sentenced to die by electrocution.

We find a precise mirrored problem in the crucifixion and sentencing of Christ, except for one enormous detail. Christ was fully conscious and required the crucifixion in order to be born into the deepest mysteries of Earth. Christ changed His place of residence from Heaven and required the crucifixion to conquer death down to the very physical bones.

The system, we call Justice here on Earth and a jury of TWELVE determined that such a big giant of a human being caught with two poor dead girls in his arms was the murderer. John Coffey was unable to manifest the forces that Christ manifested in the raising of Lazarus to restore the two girls to life. John Coffey was unable to bring the potency of the Life-Spirit and Budhi that he carried in his Etheric Body, strong enough to restore the lives of the two murdered little girls.

For the crime of simply being a Miracle of God, John Coffey was sent to death row, but there he actually touches the arm of the murderer, who has been sent to death row, not for the murder of the little girls, which he secretly did, but for the murder he committed during an armed robbery. No one knows that he also murdered and raped the two little girls that John Coffey is sentenced to die for.  No one but the inner I AM of the murderer and the Christ Being knew what was hidden below the surface of world events that we as humanity call Justice.  Karmic Justice and the transference of the Akashic etheric vision, by touch is one of the higher manifestations of THE FIFTH CHAMBER OF THE HUMAN HEART (see Link).

John Coffey: Take my hand, boss. You see for yourself.

John Coffey: You can’t hide what’s in your heart.

Christ has Akashic etheric vision, even today, in full operation. He saw Peter before the cock crows three times denying he ever knew the Christ. If someone even touched the Christ, because our limited education cannot even fathom it, the Christ was the manifestation of the Etheric Sun forces on Earth. When He walked through the world as a human being, the Karma of humanity and the individual karma amongst the throngs and crowds that clustered around Him were transparent for Him by mere contact.

Any contact brought streams of Karmic, Ahashic vision that allowed Christ to know exactly the ancient destiny of the TWELVE disciples He had chosen and why He had chosen them. The Disciples were  brought into incarnation in the vicinity of the most profound mystery the Earth has ever experienced. With such a higher etheric Akashic karma capacity Christ could identify and choose the Disciples that He, Himself, had tracked and observed through time. This is made clear through (THIS LINK).

John Coffey and the Christ bring to our attention the Akashic and Karmic etheric vision that passes through John Coffey as a capacity in the same manner as it passed through Christ as a capacity, because the reading of the Akashic script of humanity is one of the higher capacities all humanity will attain to. All we are required to do is to understand the higher scaffolding of the human structure and system with the meticulousness of Aristotle.

We are given an example of all that Aristotle had achieved and all that he brought with him as capacities in the recent incarnation of Aristotle in the individuality of Rudolf Steiner. Therefore when we can approach the dissected clarity of the miracles of the Bible and the miracles invested in the structure of the human being, because we are looking at how the scientist Aristotle was privileged to bring his new capacities to the service of the immense mysteries of the Christ Event. The personality and destiny of Rudolf Steiner resurrects the capacities of Aristotle but with marvelous new gifts that are the fruit of his own I AM.

Steiner was able to do what no other before him, save St. John could do, Rudolf Steiner and Christian Rosenkreuz are both Christ Carriers, Christ-Bearers, Christusträger, They are conscious Christophorus, Christ Riders on the Storm. With Rudolf Steiner we can look to the magnificent forces Aristotle cultivated which now gives all of us the opportunity to comprehend the distinctive scaffolding and structure of the human soul and spirit from our physical bodies to the higher systems that grows from the deep roots of our physical and etheric, astral and I AM towards the lofty goals of Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man that Christ achieved for the benefit of humanity.

This akashic transference that we see in the touch of John Coffey is the same transference that Christ experienced as potent Etheric Forces that passed through Him, that were a manifestation of Him, that were conscious capacities Christ distilled from our own Etheric structures. Christ accelerated and hyper-intensified the foundations of our Etheric Bodies and brought them to their most efficient and potent functioning.

Christ, the walking living miracle, looked, talked, walked like other human beings, but from within the foundational strata of our physical, etheric (lymphatic), astral (nervous system) and I Am (blood potency) Christ magnified and intensified and brought to fruition, flowering and potency, the higher SEEDS nested in our lower bodies. Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man were the GERMINAL SEEDS that were brought to fruition, magnified and hyper-intensified  by a God who walked in a human form.

Rudolf Steiner – THE LUKE JESUS BODY – and John Coffey (see Link)

“People do not generally notice the subtler implications concealed behind many narratives in the Gospels, nor realize that reference is often being made to illnesses of a quite different character when, for example, these are described in the passage in St. Luke’s Gospel telling of the healing of one sick of the palsy. (Luke V, 17–26). ‘The healing of one paralysed’ would be the correct rendering, for the Greek text here has the word ‘paralelymenos’, denoting one whose limbs are paralysed. It was still known in those times that these forms of illness are due to qualities of the etheric body. When it is said that Christ Jesus healed those who were paralysed, this shows that by the power of his Individuality, effects were produced not only in astral bodies but in etheric bodies too, so that it was possible for men with defects in the etheric body also to be healed. Precisely when Christ speaks of ‘deeper sin’ — sin which reaches into the etheric body — He uses a particular expression, clearly indicating that the spiritual factor causing the illness must first be removed. He does not immediately say to the paralysed man: “Stand up and walk!” but concerns Himself with the cause that is penetrating as illness into the etheric body, and says: “Thy sins are forgiven thee!” — meaning that the sin which had eaten its way right into the etheric body must first be expelled. Ordinary biblical research does not enter into these fine distinctions; it does not perceive that what is here being shown is that this Individuality had an influence upon the secrets of the astral body and the etheric body — even upon those of the physical body.

“Why in this connection do we speak of the secrets of the physical body as though they were the highest? In outer life itself the effect made by one astral body upon another is quite obvious. You can, for example, wound a man by a word charged with hatred. Something then takes place in his astral body; he hears the word and suffers pain in his astral body. That is an example of mutual action between one astral body and another. Mutual action between one etheric body and another is far more deeply hidden; this involves delicate influences which play from man to man but are never perceived to-day. The most deeply hidden of all are the influences which reach the physical body, because owing to its dense materiality it conceals the working of the spiritual most completely. In the Gospel of St. Luke, however, we are also to be shown that Christ Jesus has power over the physical body. Here we come to a passage that would be quite incomprehensible to materialistic thinkers. It is as well that these lectures are being attended only by people who have some knowledge of spiritual science, for if by chance someone were to come in from the street, what is being said to-day would seem to him pure lunacy, even if he considered the rest only half or quarter mad!

“Christ Jesus shows that He is able to see into the very depths of the physical corporeality and to work into it. This is revealed by the fact that His power is also able to have a healing effect upon illnesses rooted in the physical body. But for this to be possible there must be knowledge of the mysterious effects working from the physical body of one human being upon the physical body of another. When it is a matter of working spiritually, man cannot be regarded as a being enclosed in his skin. It has often been said that our finger is wiser than we are ourselves. Our finger knows that the blood can flow through it only if the blood is circulating normally through the whole body; our finger knows that it would wither away if it were severed from the rest of the organism. So too, if he would understand the conditions relating to the physical body, man must know that in respect of his physical organism he belongs to humanity as a whole, that influences are continually passing from one human being to another, and that he can in no way separate his physical health as an individual from the health of the whole of humanity. This principle will be admitted to-day in respect of the coarser influences but not in respect of the finer, because people cannot know the facts. In the following passage from the eighth chapter of St. Luke’s Gospel it is the finer, more delicate influences that are indicated.

“And it came to pass, that, when Jesus was returned, the people gladly received him: for they were all waiting for him. And behold, there came a man named Jairus, and he was a ruler of the synagogue: and he fell down at Jesus’ feet, and besought him that he would come into his house: For he had one only daughter, about twelve years of age, and she lay a-dying. But as he went the people thronged him. And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any, came behind him, and touched the border of his garment: and immediately her issue of blood stanched.“

“How can the twelve-year-old daughter of Jairus possibly be healed, for she is at the very point of death? This can only be understood if we know that the girl’s physical illness was connected with another phenomenon in another person, and that she cannot be healed independently of that other phenomenon. When this, child, now twelve years old, was born, a certain connection existed with another personality — a connection deeply grounded in Karma. Hence we are told that a woman who had suffered from a certain illness for twelve years, passed behind Christ and touched the border of His garment (CLICK LINK). Why is this woman mentioned here? It is because she was connected karmically with Jairus’ child! This twelve-year-old girl and the woman who had suffered for twelve years were deeply connected! And it is not without reason that a secret of number is indicated here: the woman with an illness suffered for twelve years approaches Jesus and is healed — and only now could He enter the house of Jairus (CLICK LINK) and heal the twelve-year-old girl who was believed to be already dead.

“Depths as great as these must be explored in order to understand the Karma that weaves between one human being and another! Then we can perceive the third way in which Christ worked — namely, upon the whole human organism. This must be especially borne in mind when we are considering the higher effects produced by Christ as presented in the Gospel of St. Luke.”

ATMA, the Breath of Life and the Inner Etheric Life-Spirit of the Word of Life and the Bread of Life

In the example of John Coffey, human imagination and creativity have chosen to visualize how John Coffey could inhale the poison in the human soul,  or cure it by touch or a gentle but firm grip. But when a healing requires even more strident force, John Coffey inhaled the tumor causing karma and internal parasites of disease and attempted, but failed in the attempt, to digest, and use his own Life-Spirit gift to digest and take on the burden himself. Now that is the peculiar problem of the karma we incur. It cannot so easily be lifted off our shoulders. It may be that two individuals are deeply connected and the tumor in the wife of the warden at the prison had something very vital to do with the karma of Percy Wetmore who was also karmically connected to the prison system. In other words the Lord of Karma (See Link) intervened.

Far, far into the distant future a Maitreya Buddha will consciously use the Word and the Breath for actually implanting and awakening the deeper seeds of humanities latent and potent spirituality. Our ability to be receptive to the Word and Breath, the ATMA forces of the Maitreya Buddha truly depends on what we do now as Biodynamic farmers. Our receptivity depends on what we do now in terms of grasping and infusing ourselves with Eurythmy. Our receptivity in the future depends on how we breathed life into our Lesson Plans as Waldorf Teachers. Our receptivity to the future Maitreya Buddha forces of ATMA, the breath and the Word will depend on our current social conscience our martyrdom’s, like John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi and countless others like Rachel Corrie and those who were guiltless in their innocence and guiltless and accused, murdered or tortured for lies or failures in the courts and Justice systems or those put to death under the lethal agenda of Ahriman.

Many of those shall surely hear the word of the coming Maitreya Buddha who shall reveal through the potent moral and Life-Spirit forces operating through her/him, a direct moral infusion via the WORD into the Etheric Life forces of the Soul and Spirit, into the very foundations of the conscience of the human etheric body. Our constant gnawing question is, will those Words and Breath of Life, reach with the Bread of Life, the Budhi and Life-Spirit we all carry in us and that are hinted at through John Coffey, but were achieved for all of humanity through the Destiny, Death and Resurrection of the Risen Etheric Christ? In other words, will human beings hear it?

Rudolf Steiner the Maitreya Buddha and the Life-Spirit of the Word

“The Bodhisattva who once lived as Jeshu ben Pandira comes down to the Earth again and again in a human body and will continue to do so in order to fulfil the rest of his task and particular mission which cannot, as yet, be completed. Although its consummation can already be foreseen by clairvoyance, there exists no larynx capable of producing the sounds of the speech that will be uttered when this Bodhisattva rises to the rank of Buddha. In agreement with oriental occultism, therefore, it can be said: 5,000 years after Gautama Buddha, that is to say, towards the end of the next 3,000 years, the Bodhisattva who is his successor will become Buddha. But as it is his mission to prepare human beings for the epoch connected paramountly with the development of true morality, when, in the future, he becomes Buddha, the words of his speech will contain the magic power of the Good. For thousands of years, therefore, oriental tradition has predicted: Maitreya Buddha, the Buddha who is to come, will be a Bringer of the Good by way of the word. He will then be able to teach men of the real nature of the Christ Impulse and in that age the Buddha stream and the Christ stream will flow into one. Only so can the Christ Mystery be truly understood. So mighty and all-pervading was the Impulse poured into the evolution of mankind that its waves surge onwards into future epochs. In the fourth epoch of post-Atlantean civilisation this Impulse was made manifest in the incarnation of Christ in a human, physical body. And we are now going forward to an epoch when the Impulse will manifest in such a way that human beings will behold the Christ on the astral plane as an Ether Form.”

Concluding Observations of the Super-Physical blood of Christ and the Weight of the World in the Logos of the Christ

“Simon of Cyrene, having done all he was needed to do, retreated slowly with faltering steps and swimming brain, conscious only of one thing, that the blood of the Victim had stained his breast, and that the stain seemed to burn his flesh like fire. He folded his garment over it to hide it, as though it were a magic talisman which must for safety’s sake be well concealed; it gave him pain as much as if he had himself been wounded, and yet it was a pang that thrilled and warmed his soul!”

It is a good thing that John Coffey and the blood of John Coffey disappeared, died and was lost to us. Science today would have taken John Coffey’s and Christ’s Blood and attempted to make genetic mutant Ahrimanic Super-Heros. Today in our 21st century it is all about Superheros and what can be combined in the lab, but not about the depth of moral development it requires, the incarnations of preparation, the suffering, tragedies and set backs of human spiritual development, that humbles the whole human soul. Nothing but lip service is offered to our sense of humility. We are perfect, clever, cunning and so what if we have a few urges, we’re only human aren’t we? We can achieve immortal powers without the Etheric Christ, we can bypass the higher evolution of our humanity and make our current arrogance eternal.

Today we look to a vial, the VIALS OF WRATH, perhaps a glowing, green phosphorescent vial that can be used as an injection that bypasses even a hint of any consideration of the moral, etheric and astral development of our I AM. Science sickens with perversion and shrivels like a spider to a flame when our education and thinking turns to the reality of the Risen Etheric Christ in our midst. And here is the unforseen and unwanted horror in not transforming our lower impulses and getting full mastery of our lower impulses before we go rushing into Ahrimanic genetic mutations.

Our lower instincts, that we have not transformed will become enhanced beasts, diseases and monsters that will grow into our own mutations because we brought outside doping into what should be part of higher inner development that slowly gains mastery over our instincts, impulses and pathological and psychopathic desires.

As long as people are kept in the dark of the path taken by the Risen Etheric Christ in our midst, we will continue to degenerate our Etheric and enhance our fallen astral cravings, until they become morbid and horrific beasts, plagues and complete corruption of the Sun Logos forces of the Etheric Christ.

Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV)

“…many of his test subjects were turning into giant brutes with the intelligence of a child, if they survived the mutational process at all. However, a rare few test subjects became the meta-humans known colloquially as Super Mutants. Immune to both disease and ionizing radiation and blessed with exceptional strength, intelligence, and endurance, Super Mutants were superior to pure-strain humans in every way. They also possessed the exceptionally long life common to those individuals infected with FEV, as well as (unbeknownst to Grey at the time) total sterility. Grey – who now called himself the Master – had long lamented the needless destruction of human civilization caused by the final nuclear holocaust of the Great War. In his warped state, he decided that he would have to force humanity to evolve beyond its own destructive impulses. If everyone could be as perfect as his Super Mutants, there would no longer be any reason for human conflict and the misery it wrought. Those who could not evolve along the lines the Master desired would have to die.”

There is no discussion of being a Christ Bearer, a Christophorus and a Christ-Carrier. It is a time rather for the vials of wrath and experimentation into the mystery of the Hulk or other black science genetic experiments that are not anywhere near fiction but are taking place today in secret military labs, where vials of wrath, of the perfect soldier, the perfect killing machine, the perfect plague, the perfect virus, are all being developed without even a hint, that we all have an Etheric Body, that we all have an astral body, that most of us have an I AM, but for certain we all have a physical body with a chromosome and genetic foundation that can be utterly destroyed and deformed for generations due to nuclear radiation, mutation and Ahriman’s Forced Evolutionary Virus goals.

Our military is funding massive secret projects to combine the DNA of spiders and goats and mixing nightmarish combinations of genetic material with our human genes. All in the service of the Vials of Wrath.  Monsanto has invaded nature and has begun altering the very Etheric structural foundations that the Christ used, as the Sun Logos, to bring to life the germinal seeds of Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man.

Christ brought these capacities to the highest pitch of moral perfection that nature and human nature could provide.  Atma, Spirit-Man, the Resurrected Etheric Christ can consciously assemble Himself into a semblance of solid matter or encompass and penetrate the intimate karma and destiny of all of humanity over the entire Earth.

Humanity doesn’t want a Super-Hero in the form of the Resurrected Etheric Christ that is operative as an actual Force of Life, Health, Goodness. Humanity wants an unstoppable military Super-Man who is unbeatable, unaffected by radioactivity, virus, death, or goodness. Something that can be programmed to take orders and be of service to the Ahrimanic Imagination of the Super Hero that appeals to the selfish foundations of human egotism.

When pondering the story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ which characters come to mind? Obviously we think of Jesus, Pontius Pilate, Peter, Mary, and Judas or possibly even Barabbas the criminal released to the crowd. However, the one man that is usually forgotten is Simon of Cyrene the man who carried the cross for Jesus. He is mentioned in all four Gospels yet his story is only a verse long in each. Mark 15:21 “A certain man from Cyrene, Simon… was passing by on his way in from the country and they forced him to carry the cross.”

“Barabbas. A dream of the world’s tragedy”  BY MARIE CORELLI

“Simon of Cyrene carrying the Cross looked up startled and pained by the discordant roar. For he had been lost in a dream. Unconscious of the weight he bore, he had seemed to himself to walk on air. He had spoken no word, though many around him had mocked him and striven to provoke him by insolent jests and jeers, — he was afraid to utter a sound lest he should disturb and dispel the strange and delicious emotion he experienced, — emotion which he could not explain, but which kept him in a state of bewildered wonderment and ecstasy.

“There was music everywhere about him, — high above the mutterings and murmurings of the populace, he heard mysterious throbs of melody as of harps struck by the air, — the hard stones of the road were soft as velvet to his sandalled feet, — the Cross he carried seemed scented with the myrtle and the rose, — and there was no more weight in it than in a gathered palm-leaf plucked as a symbol of victory.

“He remembered how in his youth he had once carried the baby son of a king on his shoulders down one of the Cyrenian hills to the edge of the sea, — and the child, pleased with the swiftness and contentment of its journey, had waved aloft, a branch of vine in sign of triumph and joy. The burden of the Cross was no heavier than that of the laughing child and tossing vine.”

“But now, — now the blissful journey must end, the rude cries of the savage multitude aroused him from his reverie, the harp-like melodies around him rippled away into minor echoes of deep sadness, and as his eyes beheld the hill of Calvary, he, for the first time since he began his march, felt weary unto death.

“He had never in all his years of life known such happiness as while carrying the Cross of Him who was soon to be nailed upon it; but now the time had come when he must lay it down, and take up the far more weighty burdens of the world and its low material claims. Why not die here, he thought vaguely, with the Man whose radiant head gleamed before him like the sun in heaven? Surely it would be well, since here, at Calvary, life seemed to have a sweet and fitting end !

“He was only a barbarian, uninstructed and ignorant of heavenly things, he could not analyze what he felt or reason out his unfamiliar sensations, but some singular change had been wrought in him, since he lifted up the Cross, thus much he knew, thus much he realized, the rest was mere wonder and worship.”

“The multitude had formed into a complete ring, circling unbroken round the crest of Calvary, while the soldiery had divided into two lines, one keeping to the right, the other to the left. At a signal from the centurion, Simon of Cyrene laid down with tender and lingering reluctance the great Cross he had so lightly carried, and as he did so, the Man of Nazareth, moving tranquilly to the spot indicated to Him by His guards, took up His position beside the intended instrument of His death, and there waited patiently for the accomplishment of His fate.

“Lend us thy brawny arms a minute’s space, thou art made in a giant’s shape, and should’st have a giant’s .force withal. An’ thou wilt not” he added in a lower tone” we must use greater roughness.”

“Simon hesitated, then, as if inwardly compelled, advanced submissively to the foot of the Cross. His eyes were cast down, and he bit his lips to hide their nervous trembling. “Lift ye all together the upper beams’ ‘he said softly to the executioners, hushing his voice like one who speaks in rapture or in reverence” I will support the end.”

“They stared amazedly, he was voluntarily choosing the greater weight which would inevitably be his to bear directly the Cross was raised. But they offered no opposition. Stronger than any lion he was known to be, let him test his strength now, for here was his opportunity. So they thought as they went in the direction he indicated, three men to the right and three to the left.

“The excitement of the people was now intense, so passionately absorbed indeed had it become that none seemed to be aware of a singular circumstance that with each moment grew more pronounced and evident, this was the solemn spreading of a semi darkness which, like advancing twilight, began gradually to blot out all the brilliant blue of the afternoon skies.

“It came on stealthily and almost imperceptibly, but the crowd saw nothing as yet, nothing but the huge bronzed figure of Simon stooping to lift the Crucified. Tenderly, and with a strange air of humiliation, the rough featured black browed Cyrenian laid hands upon the Cross once more, the Cross he had so lightly borne to Calvary, and grasping it firmly, drew it up, up by slow and sure degrees, till the pierced and bleeding feet of the Christ came close against his straining breast, inch by inch, with panting breath and an ardent force that was more like love than cruelty, he lifted it higher and higher from the ground, the executioners holding and guiding the transverse beams upward till these were beyond their reach, and Simon alone, with wildly beating heart and muscles stretched nigh to breaking, supported for one lightning instant the world’s Redeemer in his arms!

“He staggered and groaned, the blood rushed to his face and the veins in his forehead swelled, but he held his ground for that one terrible moment, then, a dozen men rushed excitedly to his assistance, and with their aid, the great Cross, with the greatest Love transfixed upon it, was thrust into the deep socket dug for its reception on the summit of the hill.

“It fell to with a thudding reverberation as though its end had struck the very center of the earth, and trembling to and fro for a few seconds like a tree shaken by a storm-wind, was soon perfectly still, fixed steadily upright between the two already crucified thieves, who though dying fast, were not yet dead.

“Salvation’s Symbol stood declared! and Simon of Cyrene, having done all he was needed to do, retreated slowly with faltering steps and swimming brain, conscious only of one thing, that the blood of the Victim had stained his breast, and that the stain seemed to burn his flesh like fire. He folded his garment over it to hide it, as though it were a magic talisman which must for safety’s sake be well concealed; it gave him pain as much as if he had himself been wounded, and yet it was a pang that thrilled and warmed his soul!

“He saw nothing, the earth appeared to eddy round him like a wave, but he stumbled on blindly, heedless of whither he went and forcing his way through the crowd that gaped at him in wonderment, the while he muttered from time to time under his breath the words of the inscription above the head of the Divine Martyr, ” Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews!”

St. John’s letter to the church of Philadelphia (Click Link)

“If you realize that justice should prevail, that justice should live, if you realize that humankind cannot live without the beautiful and the good, then you are on the way to develop budhi. If higher things have become your second nature, if your soul is fully permeated with enthusiasm for the beautiful and the true, then you are on the path to budhi. Budhi takes its substance from the realm of feelings; and atma from the realm of the will.”

SIXTH LETTER –  “The sixth letter must be addressed to a community where budhi is especially cultivated. What does that mean? If manas is especially cultivated, and if the human being has become a knower, then what we previously knew will pass over into our living feelings; it becomes for us a natural, given, feeling. It becomes a passion for us. If you realize that justice should prevail, that justice should live, if you realize that humankind cannot live without the beautiful and the good, then you are on the way to develop budhi. If higher things have become your second nature, if your soul is fully permeated with enthusiasm for the beautiful and the true, then you are on the path to budhi. Budhi takes its substance from the realm of feelings; and atma from the realm of the will. And when humankind finally reaches the point where it has made enthusiasm for the good into a reality, then what is called the Christian ideal of brotherhood will have appeared.

This sixth territory can receive its name only from the ideal of brotherhood, and “Philadelphia” is the city of brotherly love. If you read the relevant passage you will see the city described this way: “I know your works. Behold, I set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut; I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.” (Rev. 3:8) They did not deny the name that comes from fraternal duty.”

17 Replies to ““The Green Mile” Life-Spirit, Budhi and the Bread of Life by Bradford Riley”

  1. I submit that the prophecies of the end times in all religions and cultures are being fulfilled around us, and therefore we should be expecting the imminent coming of Maitreya, or the Prophet expected by all religions and cultures to come at the end times/ending of an age (Messiah, return of Christ, Mahdi, He Whom God Shall Make Manifest, Kalki Avatar, Blue Kachina, True White Brother from the East, Satrio Piningit, etc).

    In fact I submit to you that Maitreya is already here. He has fulfilled Prophecies from all world religions and cultures, and brought a teaching that unifies all the religions of the world and for the first time shows clearly how all are from the same, One God, each sent as part of an overall Plan which is now coming to fruition. Maitreya’s teaching also unifies the West and the East, science and spirit, and shows how the two are not contradictory but complementary.

    Do not take my word for it – I challenge you to study Maitreya’s literature, prophecies fulfilled, etc. and prove it to yourself that he is indeed the True Maitreya, the Prophet of God: http://www.maitreya.org

  2. Well Noor is Noor and Spiritual Science is Spiritual Science. In your comment I think you have correctly connected to a point where knowledge concerning the unfolding activities, sufferings and progress of the Maitreya Buddha intersects with SOME of the ancient prophecies. Let’s look at two problems. One is who we have our eyes on, who is destined to become the Maitreya Buddha and that is someone Spiritual Science is tracking. There is a great deal that this future Buddha must accomplish in his/her Spirit forces before fully appearing as the new Buddha under completely new circumstances that we are heading for into the future. Two In the character of John Coffey, we may even look at as the inspiration for “The Green Mile”.A life, like John Coffey’s may have been one of hidden milestones in the path, the enhanced healing Life-Spirit path of the Maitreya Buddha. These coming potent mysteries had to happen as part of the initiation of the Maitreya Buddha, quietly and hidden from the masses in the same way that it is hardly easy to locate on a day to day basis Christian Rosenkreuz. But Noor, we do share a vital interest in how the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and I wish to thank-you for your link. Between prophecies and actual Spiritual Science, together, we could all get on the same page.

  3. Aloha Bradford, I have Always been deeply connected to this movie, to the story and passion and magic therein. I never realized why until today. Thank you again my friend for your work. I did not finish it yet, but I shall, and more… Mahalo nui…

  4. Night School. Such a wonder. Night School. Novalis attended Night School and Hymns to the Night were part of his graduate program. We are in deep Night School territory. Spiritual Science gets us into the Sophia/Isis Night School of Novalis and Anthrosophia. One of the courses taught there, in the Night School of Novalis allows us to gain depth and insight into the structure of our Solar System and the peculiar mission of Humanity in the Stars. (CLICK LINK). https://rileybrad.wordpress.com/2015/07/31/grappling-with-the-monsters-of-the-american-psyche-part-3-by-bradford-riley

  5. See my comments below on NIGHT SCHOOL. Welcome to the Night School of Novalis/Anthrosophia. Welcome to Hymns to the Night. Welcome to Isis/Sophia school of the stars.

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