Poem Studies from my Speech School days by Bradford Riley

These pale efforts were cast when I was a student at the Goetheanum and were written before 1980. They are a bit dry and stilted but I was learning the Sonnet’s secrets which are wonderful to see. Iambics with TWELVE LINES and + TWO giving Fourteen lines with Twelve pointed living stars in the longs and shorts of each line. There is an Etheric Mystery and training here in penetrating formative forces. Making Twelve Stars with Twelve Lines a picture of the constellations of the TWELVEFOLDNESS and the tying together in the 13th and 14th lines. Sonnet systems work on creating the FIVE CHAMBERED HEART(SEE LINK). Shakespeare was the master of Sonnets Gerard Manley Hopkins worked with a kind of genius on the unsprung living sonnet form. The math of iambic pentameter in technical crafting of Word structures gives Shakespeare’s Dramas their brilliant symphonic force. Eternity is allowed to breath and take life in the Sonnet. I shall look through my early work and add some as I find them buried deep in the boxes where they have lain for years.


Arise O’ Easter Sun and bless this day,

And take our souls aloft with you to pray.

A God has mastered what men learn in clay,

Bestowed on men the rights of Heaven’s way.

And so we linger long in darkness not,

But rise with you from shadows of the grave.

Let not our souls be stultified and rot,

But rouse the Spirit’s strength to futures brave.

O’ give us light to guide through spirit-shoals,

And clarify our paths toward Spirit-goals.

The worst that men could ever do is done.

The God we slew, arose with Easter’s Sun.

And now to search and leave no stone unturned,

Plunge into love and let our dust be burned.

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