I have been incarnated since 1949. The world is a vast and interesting place filled with riddles and hidden meanings. When I track the immense world of ideas and bring my intuitions into the service of my intelligence I approach the region of universal understanding. I am a graduate of The Goetheanum since 1980. Age of America 3 Rose Cross Heart 1 bEveryone of us are profoundly rooted in the vast interconnected reality of the ideal world. True communion arises when we understand each other and share our ideas with each other. This effort sharpens our intuitions and sharpens our sense of the vast Logos. Everything from the furthest reaches of the stars to the most intimate aspects of the soul and spirit are part of the vast Logos of the Living Word.

“Now given that we all come from the same Spiritual World of the Stars and we all come from the same Devachan vastness of our Zodiac and planetary system, which makes what we strive for all curiously equal when we get right down to consider it. How can we accurately connect the dots? Everyone is striving to connect the dots. There is no doubt that this question occupies the cutting edge of Materialistic Science and the cutting edge of Spiritual Science. It is Biblical as well as Interstellar. It covers both birth and death and what comes after death and how we arrive again on Earth after disappearing. Where in fact did we disappear to and what method of transit do we use to come back? We are by design and construction ALL, are given a ROUND TRIP ticket if we carry an I AM.”  (Key essay on SOPHIA and a reassessment Space Exploration CLICK LINK)

If you’re interested in ‘ME’ and ABOUT ME, and how I started to crawl out from under MY rock, well it really jumped out and bit me, STARTING HERE (CLICK LINK). The person in the picture below was me at 19 years old. This life invitation and riddle enveloped me, sought me out and pricked me with a question. Below, at 19 years old, a first Michael School Question, a kind of Parsifal question, which should arise when we are in the vicinity of 19, arose for me in the most commonplace American idiom, parlance and jargon. (CLICK ON PICTURE BELOW follow procedure as indicated and watch this 1 MINUTE – ME, arriving at one of the first riddles of my own American destiny.) That’s ME!



A Study in the Transubstantiation of Matter.


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  1. Hi Brad,

    Still using my training in Speech Formation. Think of you once in a while, wondering what became of you. I struck out on my own path 25 yrs ago. Looks like you are still in working with the anthropops. I live in Costa Rica with my second husband, as we are co-founders of New Earth Center of Light. . The 4 kids (from husband #1) live in PA. my oldest is in massage school now. How are you, where are you?

    Deep blessings, Shondra (aka Rosalie Sadler) ~ Rose of Light, Lindsay

  2. Thanks for your paradoxical, individuating-generic velocities of Orpheusly strumming realities in the translated presentations of the highly attentive, and veraciously hyper-vocal narrative-art, of the future solutions for humanity and nature now!!! The Divine Sophia and The Madonna, and The Mother like it!!! (including all of them veteran rookie gods known as from Loves to Guardians).

    “A man’s conscience is only as good as his level of honesty to his hypocrisy.” —anonymous

  3. altruistic thinking-moral thinking: how to altruistically help another (hint: evil, that is, lack of health, is a sentient and life stunning machination in which vanity procreates stupidity (i.e. missing the mark, making the same mistake over and over again), and, thus, makes everyone the same.
    altruistic feeling-occult literality: to present a combination of actual moral intuitions and morally invented imaginations, that are metaphoric or analogous in nature, so that the neighbor you want to altruistically help can comprehend the “present”.

    altruistic willing-occult metaphor: to remain anonymous in your altruistic endeavor, by giving credit for the (invisible or spiritual) proto-creation to another: a fictional person, who, however, metaphorically exists.

    “a man’s conscience is only as good as his level of honesty to his hypocrisy””

  4. Respected, dear friend in Spirit, I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to read and to educated myself from your excellent reads, which are truly spiritual pearls. Since I have my own web site hramezoterije.com, I would like to introduce to Serbian people several of your articles, of course with your permission and copyrite and your links. I would also like with your permission put on my website link to your site. One of the pillars of my site and one of my greatest spiritual teachers is Rudolf Steiner. For start I woud like to translate your text: “Fukushima Dai-ichi and the Karma of Japan” by Bradford Riley. Please answer me in both options. God bless you, and your work!

  5. Friend Aleksandar Tomić Danke, thank-you and you have my permission. Yes. and Howdy from Texas.

  6. Hi Brad, my name is Rowena and I am from the UK. I came across your blog whilst searching for info on reincarnation research according to astrosophy. Can you recommend any online astrosophy teaching sites? Many Thanks. rowena@ecokidz.co.uk

  7. Dear Rileybrad,
    Regarding a question of yours in 2004: Akaneten, Judas Maccabee, Judas Eskariot, Augustine, Da Vinci, Wilheim Reich (Reich’s childhood, closely matches Oedipus’).
    “True friendship is an altruistic coincidence”, Leroy Jacobowski.
    Thanxs, AMEN.

  8. Dear Rileybrad,
    Here’s summating else that you might be interested in: Ignatious of Loyola, Emmanual Swedenberg, Carlos Castenata (Carlos demonstrates the current Raphael/Novalis Impulse that is supposed to be world-wide.
    …Leroy Jacobowski.

  9. Leroy Jacobowski “True friendship is an alturistic coincidence”. True friendship is part of the karma of “The Cloud Atlas”. Knowing souls prior to incarnation and birth and having past histories and connections we may be lucky enough to encounter each other and recognize each other in our life courses. Currently the Wachowski Siblings out of Chicago, where I had first incarnated, are connected to a vast field of curious true friendships that are placed on a TIME FIELD. To recognize the vast intuition of how karma and reincarnation operates from the spiritual world down into the Earthly Obstacle Courses we call our biographies, allows me to draw connections to various source points in the karma of my incarnating in Chicago in 1949. I followed down into Chicago Leo Strauss from his Weimar exodus at the time of Hitler. Leo Strauss taught a falsified and misunderstood Platonic doctrine to Neocons. So Chicago was where these Neocons who brought about 1998 PNAC, Project for a New American Century, called forth the nightmare of 9/11. This defining moment was carried from Weimar to Chicago.


    “Like Wolfowitz, Shulsky is a student of an obscure German Jewish political philosopher named Leo Strauss who arrived in the United States in 1938. Strauss taught at several major universities, including Wolfowitz and Shulsky’s alma mater, the University of Chicago, before his death in 1973.

    “Strauss is a popular figure among the neoconservatives. Adherents of his ideas include prominent figures both within and outside the administration. They include ‘Weekly Standard’ editor William Kristol; his father and indeed the godfather of the neoconservative movement, Irving Kristol; the new Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, Stephen Cambone, a number of senior fellows at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) (home to former Defense Policy Board chairman Richard Perle and Lynne Cheney), and Gary Schmitt, the director of the influential Project for the New American Century (PNAC)”

    The Platonic and Aristotle schools of souls all met in the spiritual world before their incarnation into the 20th century. I can certainly confirm that. I can also confirm that the Wachowski Siblings out of Chicago are also carrying the same impulse that I carried. Only difference being that I see the connections to their works, “Cloud Atlas” Matrix Series, ‘V for Vendetta” because I arrived earlier in time. Another member of our persons of interest out of Chicago in this context is Saul Bellow who won the Pulitzer Prize and Nobel prize for literature for his “HUMBOLDT’S GIFT”. Because I can review Time and Cultural events and connect the dots to events prior to incarnation, there are several powerful works, aside from “The Cloud Atlas” attempts by the Wachowski siblings to use a novel to show karmic fields of connections, which they intuit correctly, at my disposal I have much more intense texts that confirm that “True friendship is (NOT merely an) altruistic coincidence”

    Ideas and Ideals that connect people, that we may appear not to even know each other or we can say, we know them by their works or by their intentions or the undercurrent, deep impulses that connect us all to each other in vast incarnating groups of interconnected souls, that may be scattered over the wide, wide region of the Earth. Yet the more mature grasp of things sees, understands and partially reveals certain deeper connections that actually, practically and literally took place before we embarked on our current incarnations. And we may study some of that insight – below.


  10. Dear Rileybrad,
    I have no doubt what you have stated above, that is the Truth. I was having a little fun with you by saying, “True friendship is an altruistic gift, or coincidence, or accident!!!” I am very familiar with the Michael world-wide school, RS, VT, Marie Von Sivers, Eta Wegman, Elizabeth Vreede, Willi Sucher, The Solomonic Madonna, Isis Sophia, etc. and… the Wachowski Brothers (All at a distance via their “manifested fruits” and/or via “song” (clairaudience) or “dance” (telepathic union). I have sent “feelers” out to “others”, but they wanted so much materialistic proof, and chose not to be impeccably courageous in their objectivity to what I presented. As you know, clairaudient word play is an altruistic gift that resonates on a spiritual velocity gradient that includes just about all the former “humans” who now comprise the entire spiritual hierarchy of good. I have been tracking the WB since their early public “fruits”: Matrix 1 (featuring the reincarnated and disguised Polish Rider, this Rosicrucian work of art stands by ITSELF, that is, NOT as a trilogy, like Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled 1), Speed Racer (a much overlooked expose of all the ills of the evil “competitive” spectrum: in any competition, there is no “team” in team!), V for Vendetta (preview of the current Bolshie Takeover of what is happening here, now), Ninja Assassin (a metaphoric and literal inspiration to break through the ahrimanic/asuric spell: that is, true divine love is NOT human compassion, but is FELT as divine wrath). A companion movie to “Ninja” is the low budget, so-called B-Movie: Hitman, with Timothy Oliphant.

    Most of the good movies presented in the US since 1985 are inspired by CR: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Breakfast Club (all by that former young guy who wrote the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, and paralelling the young man’s former incarnation, his present works digressed toward a more unhealthy genetic, not epigenetic, retarding trait).

    Two of the post 1985 good movies that were inspired by JP/Raphael are: Brazil by T. Gilliam; and the Razor’s Edge, a screen adaption of the SM classic read.

    I know that RS, CR and JP (John the Purifier), Madonna, Magdalene, Manes, etc. , are in incarnation now. I have no doubt. The present INCARNATION of RS has nowhere near the tip-top, banging’, square, telepathic clairvoyance that he had as an occultist in the earlier part of the 20th century, He incarnated in the 1950’s. NO, he is not a bodhisattva.

    Thanx, Sir Rileybrad, Grail Knight Incognito, and much appreciated!

    “Would anyone today be able to “see” the Incarnated Cosmic-Ego of the Solar Word 2000 years ago in the Nathanic Interweaving of the corporeal body of Jesus?” Well, even if a great Occultist (Avatars, Adepts, Initiates, have been phased out by Manes in 1966, a residual spiritual velocity of the Council of Manes, 325 AD), were to stand in front of a deviated human creature today, no one would be able to recognize him/her — unless one had the impeccably courageous objective honesty to see their “fruits”, or “signatures” or “tone” of their writing, speech, gesture.”

    Our Father who complementarily art in heaven, And Our Mother who complementarily art simultaneously in earth, hallowed be God’s name of proto-creation, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven…

    Out of God we are born, In Christ death becomes life, Through the Divine Sophia, our souls resurrect.

    In Christos and Isis-Sophia is the Great Becoming Adventure; The Nathan-Jesus Grail Vessel is my all.

    The highest knowledge is to be conscious hypocrite not a serious asshole!!

    Nice Jousting With You, My Superior Artisan Rigorous Observer..


    PS- Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, microbiologist (supreme): His “Biology of Belief” book is a landmark that breaks all the blind angra-mainyu barriers of materialistic science AND genetics: the Solomonic Madonna and Lazurus inspired this guy, no doubt about it.

    PS2- Dr. Masaru Emoto, the miracles of the healing properties of WATER: the Sophia, the Maitreya bodlhisattve, and Lazarus were unknown helpers or collaborators with him, also.

    Thanks, again. Rileybrad, for your Moral Artistry!!

  11. Dear Rileybrad,

    I thought this comment can be potentially suitable for the “Fulfilling” of Dr. Rudolf Steiner’s (Now Defunct) Esoteric 2nd Class (which never had a chance to take free form in the first quarter of the 20th century, because of RS’s untimely death): SUBJECT: The Way of the Social Art of Christian Rosenkreutz, which co-creates with the, “in current”, Raphael-Novalis Impulse of 1993 (the RN Impulse occurs every 172 years), and the, “in current”, latest, Rosicrcrucian Impulse, which occurred in 1999 AD. I hope that what is in this “Comment” will be proto-creatively demonstrated with ever higher moral quality in the “Philosophic Art” of the present, and into the distant future, at least until 4450 AD!!!

    NOTE: CLOUD ATLAS 1: Incidentally, the poet maverick, Carlos Castenada, demonstrated the Rafael-Novalis Impulse of Moral Invention in contemporary literature most successfully (he called it “Moral Realism”). (Even though in his personal life he was beset with a demon or two. May he continue to evolve in the Cloud Atlas!)

    NOTE: CLOUD ATLAS 2: An outstanding example of a Serial Incarnation to take an objective, insightful, look at, with a great degree of humane compassion, and/or divine love within one’s soul, would be: Ignatious of Loyola, Emmanual Swedenborg, and Carlos Castenada. A Karmic Clairaudient Relationship HINT: One “take off point”, to be considered, here, among many others, would be: the outstanding, BALANCING radicalness of each of his succeeding incarnations, which can make it astonishing clear, how “exceptional”, creative destiny, (or karmic destiny), interweaves from one life to another, WITH OTHERS.

    NOTE: CLOUD ATLAS 3: Here is an example of a serial incarnation where both blatant and subtle nuances are objectively demonstrated, not so much in Balancing Opposing Radicalness from one life to another, to another, as is in the above lives of CC, but more so WITHIN “EACH” INCARNATION, BY ITSELF. Now, let us note the complementary karmic changes in the “string of beads” of a POWERFUL PERSONALITY, who is very well known today by way of his former, “famous”, and “infamous”, incarnations throughout history. Let us “look”, now, with Impeccable Objectiveness at : Ahkaneten (initiated the worship in ancient Egypt of the Solar God, Ra, negating the plurality of gods and goddesses of the time; he was eventually murdered for this so-called “blasphemy”, by the “status quo”, jealous, power-crazed egyptian priests); Judas (the most courageous freedom fighter of the 12 Maccabean brothers); Judas Iscariot (the Scorpian among the 12 Disciploes); St. Augustine (former Manichean, who becomes an early church father of Roman Catholicism); Leonardo Da Vinci, (world renowned artist and scientist); and Wilheim Reich (a pupil of mentor Sigmund Freud, Reich transcended Freud’s intellectuality derived “libido” theory in psychiatry, with his experiential knowledge of the “orgone” (or “life force), both observed, and experienced, by Reich directly). Note: There much good occult ore (moral spiritual nsights) to mined, here, in this Individual’s soul-spiritual progression throughout the Time Field of the Cloud Atlas! A Karmic Clairaudient Relationship HINT: One major “take-off” point, here, would be the complete innocence of his last incarnation, in which he was unjustly charged and prosecuted, and eventually expired whiled jailed in federal prison.).


    Here is a potentially priceless, testable, thumbnail guide, that can help to keep the employment of our friend, Rudolf Steiner’s book, “Philosophy of Freedom”, dynamically “centered” in “Alpha Intention” and “Omega Syntax”: (1) Moral Intuition: Altruistic Thinking: To present a Morally Imaginative parable (or story) to a fellow deviated human creature (that can help not only the deviated human creature, but, also, in potential, the animal creatures, the plant creatures, and the mineral creatures): this occurs after “wrestling” with the Moral Intuition (the Moral Clairaudient Mental Conscientious “Silent Hearing” of the “Perfect Pearl of Great Price”) first, so that IT can be appropriately “translated” into a Moral Imagination (i.e. into a moral mental “sound-picture”). Two inspiring “helpers” in the process of doing all of this are: (a) To know that e-v-i-l, that is, selfish desire or ego-mania, and, self-deceit or uncorrected stupidities, result in self-denial or sub-conscious possession by a false reality, and, thus, it is that evil moronically makes everyone the “same”, that is, without l-i-v-e (or life). And (b): To activate karmic clairvoyance (actually, karmic clairaudience), by asking yourself the question, “How did this fellow deviated human creature (his triune spirit, soul, and body) become such as it is?” (2) Moral Imagination: Altruistic Feeling: To appropriately “translate” the Moral Imagination into Moral Invention, SO THAT the one for whom it is presented can comprehend it. Also, it is extremely good to remember, here, that Polar Bears may know 27 different kinds of snow, but an American Shaman most know at least 789 kinds of Americanese, and be able to use Occult Literality: that is, a combination of metaphoric and literal, simple earth-words to present the “gift” with intensive Alpha Intention, Omega Syntax, Discriminate Attention, Reflective Attention, Manasic and/or Buddhic Awareness, and the Six Heart-Chakra Dynamic Priorities of Total Recall in the MOMENT, all the while looking appropriately natural and/or like an unnatural idiot, for the self-same specific moment. This epitome hint of Accrued Human Self-Knowledge may help also: “A man’s conscience is only as good as his level of honesty to his hypocrisy”. (3a) Moral Application: Moral Technique: Altruistic Willing: This has already been done in (1) and (2), however, to completely finish the altruistic giving of the parable “present”: (3b) Occult Metaphor must be used, that is: To give credit to the Moral Invention of the parable “present” to a “fictional” being who “literally” exists, for example, the bartender (Etheric Christ), the barmaid (Wisdom Sophia), the bouncer (Guardian Michael), or the anonymous lady (or gentleman) you met at the cleaners (Sybil, Dakini, Gnome, Undine, Sylph, Salamander, Group-Ego Of The Beautiful Bees, Group-Ego Of The Beautiful Roses, Group-Ego Of The Beautiful Pearls, …etc).

    May each of you have healthy, objective “Other” consciousness.

    May each of you keep your eyes and “Hears”, dynamically centered in altruistic anonymity.

    The Divine Love of the Sophia, is faithfully (and soulfully) immanent from the future, SO THAT we can ever meet those that we can be altruistically loving now, with ever higher altruistic and anonymous Moral Invention (i.e. Divine Self-Expression),

    The Etheric Christ is lovingly (and spirit I AM fully) immanent in the present, SO THAT each deviated human creature may experience Divine Love in its Conscience ever more abundantly (i.e. as Accrued Human Self-Knowledge),

    True Friendship is an altruistic gift,

    Thanxs, Leroy Jacobowski.


  12. Hi-Yo! Rick Distasi,

    I thank you for your initiatory reply to me, vis-a-vis:

    “To Leroy Jacobowski …are you Tom Mellet?”

    The following, simple, and original, co-proto-creative reply, is a potential, cognition-enhancing, reply, to the initiatory reply of yours:

    What is a Tom Mellet? How did the Tom Mellet become such as He is now?

    What is a Rick Distasi? How did the Rick Distasi become such as He is now?

    What is a clone? How did the clone become such as he/she is now?

    What is a Christ Jesus? How did The Etheric-Christ become such as He is now?

    What is a Isis-Sophia? How did The Pistis Sophia become such as She is now?

    What is a Solomonic Madonna? How did the Solomonic Madonna become such as She is now?

    What is a Mary Magdalene? How did the Mary Magdalene become such as She is now?

    What is an Eleazer/Lazarus? How did the Count of St. Germaine become such as He is now?

    What is a John the Baptist? How did the Novalis become such as He is now?

    What is a Youth of Nain? How did the Manes become such as He is now?

    What is a Solomonic Jesus? How did The Zoroaster become such as He is now?

    What is a Gotama Buddha? How did The Gotama Buddha become such as He is now?

    What is a Kamala? How did the Kamala Bodhisattva become such as
    She is now?

    What is a Maitreya Bodhisattva? How did the Maitreya Bodhisattva become such as He is now?

    What is a Paraclete/Comforter? How did the Paraclete/Comforter become such as He is now?

    What is an Arche Michael? How did the Arche Michael become such as He is now?

    What is a You, Yourself? How did the You, Yourself, become such as He/She is now?

    NOW, THE 4.3-BILLION-YEAR-OLD-QUESTION, IS, “HOW TO TELL ‘What is What’, ‘Who is Who’, and ‘Where is Where’???!!!







    May Divine Wisdom, and Divine Love, Be Unto To All Of Good-Will,

    SinLearningly, and DivineWrathingly,

    The Great Blemish In Who You Might Know Within The Status Quo,

    Thanxs, A Whole Cosmos, “Leapin’” Leroy Jacobowski.


  13. Just found your blog. I too have been pondering and studying these indications from the un-beclouded universe through the works of RS and my own fumbling faculties. 45 years now. I am interested in a sincere and enlightened dialogue with a fellow seeker, which you appear to be. Please let my own blog/web page introduce me better. We might have a few very important attributes to share. It is not often, outside of intensely in-bred anthroposophical social circles, that I come across such thorough discourse on the subjects you present. I would be happy to introduce myself more personally, if the feeling is mutual. This is after all, a rather limited interest group, who has a very great task to bring over into our next sojourns here. We need all the camaraderie we can muster. Thomas Fortier.

  14. Brad you continue to amaze me and your insights are profound. I wish you much strength to continue to speak the truth!

  15. Whoa. This is a simply amazing blog. How do I not know (know of) you? I’m an old-time long-time Anthropop who has never read the Bee lectures, even though I live only a few miles from the Pfeiffer Center in NY.
    I found you by googling eight-petalled chakra, if I remember right. You know, what Florin Lowndes writes about. Not sure about that book– seems to me Steiner may have been referencing the Hrit Padma Chakra, the spiritual heart.

    Anyway, to say I love your blog is an understatement.

    What a great planet.

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