“Practical Problems in Setting the Foundation Stone for a New Earth” by Bradford Riley


“Let us here and now lay in the ground of our hearts the dodecahedral Foundation Stone of love. Our own hearts are the proper soil in which to lay this Foundation Stone — our hearts, in good will, imbued with love, working together to carry the anthroposophical will and purpose through the world.” Rudolf Steiner

“What exactly is a New Earth? We say Novalis was tasked with finding and working with a NEW EARTH. Novalis is too old a soul, too wise a soul to mistake the meaning of a NEW EARTH.” (Click Link)

Taking hold of the heart of the Earth, grasping her, grasping us, finding the elemental forces and beings of our Earth is the powerful esoteric mission each and everyone of us are tasked to discover. [Getting Geographically Grounded in the Heart of the Earth Mysteries (Click Link).] Discovering the Language of the Heart of the Earth and its pulse and what it does in the resonating Solar System we inhabit, is what we are tasked to do. We are tasked to bring from the Earth and ourselves an entirely New Sun System, new Home for the next phase of our Human Metamorphosis.

We have very little, very, very little understanding of what this requires each and everyone of us to accomplish. Our Human Hearts are part of THE ACCOMPLISHED AND COMPLETED WORKS OF THE GODS THEMSELVES. We must think completely differently about our body, our hearts, and Design Potential latent within the Spirit of the Earth. Let us rethink how we relate and understand our Earth, with the Christ Sun In It.

“A New Earth is and must be born from the Moral Education and expansion of the Heart of Humanity. A New Earth can only solidly, legitimately, lawfully and morally be resurrected from the Heart, Soul and Spirit of Humanity. It will be what we infuse as LOVE back into the massive seed kernel that we call the Earth. That Love, that Science of the Soul and Spirit is the only thing that will lift a New Earth as an offering back to the Divine Beings who took a risk on us. And those same Divine Beings offer us the schooling of Sophia and the Stars and gave us the greatest Cosmic Teacher, the Risen Etheric Christ to tutor us…” (Click Link)

“…it changed from being an organ of Cosmic Divine Wisdom to being one of Human Divine Love.” (Patrick Dixon Click Link)

In part 3 of “Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche” our research took a deeper plunge into the formation of the Human Heart we own. Frank Chester is one of the discoverers of the magnificent Inner Geometric Composition of the Heart Organ.

The 1st and 2nd Goetheanum and the Structure of the Human Heart

  •  “…the geometry of the structure is based on the form of the Human Heart (see elsewhere on this site for more details on this connection). Two cupolas meet in the main part of the building, in a way reminiscent of Steiner’s ground-breaking design for the first Goetheanum.  However, in this case the cupolas interpenetrate vertically and are suspended by the chestahedron above.  The upper cupola is based on a geometry of the number 5, while the lower cupola is based on the number 7.  Together they meet in a plane that forms a perfect six-sided hexagon (see the last image in the gallery below for a drawing showing how 7 and 5 yield 6).
  • While the main dome(s) are suspended from and sit inside the chestahedron, the chestahedron itself is embedded in its dual form, the decatria (dek-a-TRIA: a form with 13 faces).  The chestahedron and decatria together embody the principle of reversal, and the principle of levels of self-embeddedness and self-unfolding that are key recurring patterns in anthroposophical work. Half of the supporting wires from the decatria are structural, while the other half are made of a thick nylon that will allow the strings to literally be played as a musical instrument with an appropriate bow.  The building itself thus embodies a musical principle as a part of its very structure, and will “sing” its geometry gently with the blowing of the wind, which will make the strings resonate at their fundamental frequency.
  • Unlike the capitals in the first Goetheanum, there are no capitals inside the building; the structure is not supported by columns from below, but is rather suspended from above, from the outside.  This allows for seven internal, non-weight-bearing columns which are capped by seven individually made bells.  The seven bells are based on the transformative sequence of Steiner’s seven planetary seals and the geometry of the chestahedron, and increase in size by a factor of 1/7th.  Where the capitals in the first Goetheanum formed a transformative sequence of sculptural form, the bells form a transformative sequence of audible tone.  The sequence of tones yields a transformation at a higher octave,

Frank Chester (Click Link Mystery Center of the Heart) quietly took attentive explorers of a New Earth into the 7-fold super system of the Heart as a Finished work of the Gods, a masterpiece of Redemption and the Fire Seed planted in Humanity for the future unfolding of Dying and Becoming. Our Hearts Hold for us the germinal Creative Fire Substance for our future as Creator Beings. The Seed Organ in our Human Hearts contain the Foundation Stone and generative unfolding forces of an entirely New Earth.

“One of the signatures of the Adversaries is that they interfere with the rhythmical time aspect of World development. And so, the heart was taken out prematurely in a material state not brought forth in due time as a redeemed power by individuals from within themselves, but cut out by an entity outside themselves. This was so that the sacrificers could grasp hold of the organ which had come to a completion as far as the Higher creative Beings were concerned. Because these latter had withdrawn, leaving the fruits of their Wisdom in its structure, the Lords of the Dark Face knew that now was the time to unseal it, to tear it out, before it was too late, before it changed from being an organ of Cosmic Divine Wisdom to being one of Human Divine Love.” (Patrick Dixon CLICK LINK)

In part 3 of “Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche” our research revealed very potently how with every I AM incarnation, the Organ of Our Human Hearts are linked directly with the tiny, tender developing buds of our arms, hands and fingers. As we develop embryonically, we literally take the Cosmic Gift of our Human Hearts into Incarnation with us.

In our Hearts we carry a piece of the Holy Burgeoning Life Force of a portion of the Divine Redemption and Resurrection of our Earth. We transform ourselves in the processes I outlined in Part 4, ” The Culmination ” (Click Link). With our intertwined Spinal Column and Nervous System, our Astral Body, we learn to focus the Self-Less forces of the Caduceus stored up in the super forces hidden in our Etheric and Physical Bodies. Not a funny joke.

The Higher Budhi and Life-Spirit forces, latent in the core of our being, transform us into potent Beings who subsist on the actual Fire Forces of Self-less Love and Freedom. In the vast System Integrations of our Solar System we know that each planet has given us a gift of a physical organ operative in our physical, etheric system. Our Hearts are a piece of the Sun Mystery of Rejuvenation and Resurrection.

Our Hearts are a gift, gift wrapped and folded into the center of our Being as the Seed of a new and vibrant Cosmos. This gift, as a mathematical TIME ORGAN is given to us by the Cosmic Love of the Hierarchies as we reach the Midnight hour in the Devachan that prepares us for our future Human Incarnations. We carry with us into Incarnation, in the Matrix of our Hearts, a part of the Foundations of the raw material for building a New Earth. The makings and Fire substance of a New Earth are contained in each Seed of each new Virgin Human Heart.


Each of our Hearts hold a secret greater than THE GOLDEN COMPASS. We literally have planted in us, with each journey into incarnation, we contain the most intimate of mysteries in our Hearts. It is our most intimate divine treasure. It is our potential for Freedom and Love that constantly seeks to burst from our hearts. Consider wisely the Life Deeds consciously planted on Earth and woven into the Karma of the Earth by the Heart of Rudolf Steiner.

Each of our parts, no matter how small the part we play appears, each of our Hearts contain within it the future potential of building a New Earth. This is what is woven into every tiny human heart. This is what we witnessed bulge forth from the 1st Goetheanum as the reality that Lives in Each Human Heart.

Seriously, that which our Freedom and our Love, as conscious Moral Phantasy, as the Higher Model of Love Itself, that 7 fold substance operating Objectively within the design of the inner organs of our physical bodies, contain the operative hum of our entire Solar System. The germinal forces in our Human Hearts appeared as a model, metamorphosed on Earth, as the 1st Goetheanum.

The 1st Goetheanum Raised the Underground Temple, anticipated from the Devachan telegram sent by Sophia, in her usual mysterious and intimate way, appeared in ” The Green Snake and Beautiful Lily” fairy tale. The 1st Goetheanum was raised to construction on the Earth, as a reflection of the entire Solar System and understood by Sophia, as MESSAGE RECEIVED. The Great Pillars and burgeoning Life Forces of our microcosmic Human Heart and the Macrocosmic Temple of Sophia and the Stars were gloriously fashioned into dynamic forms and planted on Dornach’s Hill. The 1st Goetheanum was a precise replication of the lawful Love of Sophia that exists in PhiloSophia.

Sophia Herself, found the Logos, Christ Himself as the most worthy Divine Consort, Amalgamate, Cohort, Companion, Date, Escort and Beloved to raise Her children. When we enter into a contract with the Love of Sophia, we find Earth’s nursery filled with shining examples of Logos Bearers. Which begs the story of how Christ and the cosmos we inhabit, among all the magnificent Divine Beings, Christ truly and humbly lived for the humble Sun Forces of Love to rise and represent His True Love for the bountiful Father and His adoration of Sophia.

The Logos created Humanity with wonder brimming with Love. Sophia Herself, the Cosmic Sophia witnessed the first Nursery fit for Her Daughter, since the time when the Queen of Sheba had honored Hiram and Solomon with Her exhilarating attention. This Nursery for the Daughter of Sophia was erected and consecrated on the humble hill of Dornach, Switzerland. The intent and meaning of Philo-Sophia and the joy of the Logos was celebrated in the exquisite intricacy of the HOUSE OF THE WORD.

He was given a Hammer, a Golden Triangle, and the Master’s Word…

“As Hiram confronted the fire in the great hall he was met by his ancestor Tubal Cain who spoke to him out of the fire encouraging him to enter the fire telling him that he would not be harmed. So Hiram followed Tubal Cain to a place in the center of the earth where he met Cain, the progenitor of his race, who was housed in pristine divinity there. Hiram received from Cain the secrets of the mysteries of fire and that of bronze casting. He was given a Hammer, a Golden Triangle, and the Master’s Word…”

“…the Golden Triangle represents the three higher members of the human being: manas, buddhi and atman, also called spirit-self, life-spirit and spirit-man.[5] The human being in our time, as he or she progresses spiritually from our present fifth cultural epoch towards the sixth and beyond will gradually transform her astral body, and much later her etheric body and physical body, in that order, to become manas, buddhi, and atman or spirit-self, life-spirit, and spirit-man. The astral body is the ground for thinking, the etheric body is the ground for feeling, and the physical body is the ground for the human will. In The Foundation Stone Meditation we find the first three sections devoted to the tripartite soul of the human being each in relation to their cosmic counterparts.

“The human will  lives in the limbs and is related to the first hierarchy: the Spirits of Love, Harmony, and Will also called Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones.

“Human feeling lives in the rhythms of the heart and lungs and is related to the second hierarchy: the Spirits of Wisdom, Movement, and Form, also called the Kyriotetes, Dynameis, and Exousiai.

“Human thought lives in the resting head and is related to the third hierarchy: the Time Spirits, the Folk Souls, and the Spirits of Twilight, also called Archai, Archangels, and Angels.” (Twilight, also called Archai, Archangels, and Angels)

Our deeds of Love, Life and Goethean Dying and Becoming, as a TIME ORGAN placed in our Human Hearts, holds the Foundations for extrapolating and unfolding, not only a New Earth, but the Seed of a New Cosmos. (In depth Esoteric Study is offered for more advanced students HERE)

The Nursery for the Etheric Life of Sustaining ANTHROPOSOPHIA

“Rudolf Steiner followed his first mention of Anthroposophia, the being responsible for the development of this consciousness, with his lectures on The Fifth Gospel, in which he revealed, the mystery of the Two Jesus Children, the Life of Jesus of Nazareth previously unknown to humanity and the important part played by Mary of the Matthew Gospel, whom Rudolf Steiner states, united her soul with the spirit of Mary of the Luke Gospel (Anthroposophia).

“Only after these preparations, in September of that same year, could Rudolf Steiner perform the cultus of the laying of the Double Dodecahedron Foundation Stone for the First Goetheanum, which he referred to as a living embodiment of the being of Anthroposophy on earth.

“In the words of W.Zeylmans van Emmihoven, it was ‘a complete representation of Anthroposophy, as it could be brought down to earth from the spiritual world…Anthroposophia lived in this building in visible form. In esoteric terms it was a Living Temple, created out of Etheric forces for the being of Anthroposophia, from which the Cosmic Intelligence could resound outwards to the physical world as a preparation for the advent of Christ.”

……”In esoteric terms this means that Anthroposophia is intimately connected with the Time Spirit Michael, not only because she had once been of ‘like substance’ to an Archangel and subject to Sun Laws, but also because she was responsible for preparing the human soul so that it could understand the Cosmic Intelligence that was pouring down towards humanity from the sphere of Michael (in the case of the Michael School in its purest form).

“By founding the Michael School, Rudolf Steiner made it possible for Anthroposophia to ascend, through its members, to Spirit Self, or rather, to experience a revelation of the Cosmic Intelligence/the Thoughts of the Gods/the Spirit, within herself, her ‘I’.” Adriana Koulias (Click Link)

Part 4 of This Work, (Click Link) paves the path we will take through the Core Forces of the Tree of Life. It is part of the Esoteric Schooling of how ANTHROSOPHIA approaches the Tree of Life Mysteries. The Culmination -of the American Psyche (CLICK LINK)  is not for everyone. It is rather larger in scope. It brings us to laying the Foundations for the Jupiter Evolution, the next Evolution of our Earth. (CLICK LINK)

When we are given, prior to our incarnations, the gift of our own participation, our own investment in the stock of the future of perfecting Humanity, it is placed by the Hierarchies Themselves into the very construction and design of our Human Hearts. Our tiny portion of the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth, the Rings of Saturn and our future ability to take up, in Freedom and Love, the Karma of OUR SOLAR SYSTEM, is literally woven into the Love and Math of our Human Hearts.

“If we think, therefore, of the blood-system with its central point, The Heart, as placed in the middle of the organism — and we shall see how truly justifiable this is — we have adjoining this system of blood and Heart, on the one side the spleen, liver, and gall-bladder systems, and connected with it on the other side the lung and kidney systems. We shall emphasise later on how extremely close this connection is between the lung-system and the kidney-system.
“If we sketch the systems side by side we have in them everything belonging to the inner organisation of man which is related in a special way, and which so presents itself to us in this relationship that we are obliged to look upon The Heart, together with the blood-system belonging to it, as by far the most important part. Now, I have already pointed out, and we shall see even more definitely to what an extent such a giving of names as we have described is justified, that in occultism the activity of the spleen is characterised as a Saturn-activity, that of the liver as a Jupiter-activity, and that of the gall-bladder as a Mars-activity.
“On the same basis on which these names were chosen for the activities here referred to, occult knowledge sees in The Heart and the blood-system belonging to it something in the human organism which merits the name Sun, just as the sun outside merits this name in the planetary system. In the lung-system, there is contained what the occultists, according to the same principle, characterise as Mercury, and in the kidney-system that which merits the name Venus.

“Thus, by means of these names, we have pointed out in these systems of the human organism, even if at the present moment we do not in the least undertake a justification of the names, something like an inner world system. We have, moreover, supplemented this inner world system in that we have placed ourselves in a position to observe the relationship which manifests itself in the very nature of man as holding good for the two other organ-systems having a certain special connection with the blood-system.

“Only when we observe these things in such a way do we present something complete in respect to what we may call the real inner human world. In the following lectures (CLICK LINK) I shall have occasion to show you that the occultists have actual reasons for conceiving the relationship of the Sun to Mercury and Venus as being similar to that which we must necessarily think of as existing between the heart and lungs and kidneys respectively, within the human organism.

“We see, therefore, that in the instrument of our ego, our blood-system, expressing its rhythm in The Heart, something is present that is determined to a certain extent in its entire formation, its inner nature and quality of being, by man’s inner world system; something that must first be embedded in the inner world system of the human being before it can live as it actually does live. We have in this human blood-system, as I have often stated, the physical instrument of our ego.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

It is easy to miss the point of the entire evolution of our Earth. Through the Golgotha and Christ Deed our Earth has the impetus to become Itself a Sun. In the Core of our Human Hearts a mighty seed of the Tree of Life is awaiting our awakening. (Click link for a more detailed Esoteric Study of the Tree of Life) The mission of the fledgling EGO or I AM, which has an independent foundation connected to the Sun forces embedded in our Human Hearts, is designed to gather up into Itself, the entire working template of our Solar System. The Gods have literally placed in our Newly Designed Virgin Hearts, germinal forces to create and command a New Solar System.

We are literally, physically, etherically, astrally and in our I AM designed Logos vessels, representations, given the organic potential to incorporate, assimilate and grow into and through the consequential laws of Time that hold Our Sun and our entire planetary system in place. The Gods planted in each and every Human Heart the overwhelming potential to contribute through our Love and our Freedom the raw materials needed to develop an entirely New Sun System.

“Just as the individual soul, when the human being passes through the portal of death, rises to a spiritual world and gives over the corpse to the forces of the earth, so too the forces of the cosmos will one day surrender the earth’s corpse, when it shall have given to us that burning warmth we needed for the compassion which was the foundation-stone of all our higher activities of soul. This corpse which will be given over to the cosmic system, just as the individual human corpse is given over to the earth-system, will be able to see rising above it the sum of all the individual human souls, now one important stage nearer perfection as a result of earth existence, and these will then press onward to new stages of existence, to new cosmic systems.” Rudolf Steiner

“So that we have before us the complete and regular control of the inner vital activities in this inner cosmic system of man. And in fact this entire relationship manifests itself in such a way that the best picture occultism can give us is to conceive the heart standing as the Sun, at the center, and caring for the three bodies of the inner cosmic system which signify the upward rising and upward bearing process. In the same way in which the sun is related to Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars in the planetary system, so is the inner sun, the heart, related to Saturn, spleen; Jupiter, liver; and gall-bladder, Mars, in the human organism. I should have to speak, not for weeks but for months, (CLICK LINK) if I were to explain all the reasons why the relationship of the Sun to the outer planets of our planetary system may really be declared to be parallel, for an exact and intimate occult observation, to the relationship which the heart sustains in the human organism to the inner cosmic system, i.e., to the liver, the gall-bladder, and the spleen.

“For it is an absolute fact that the relationship existing in the outer cosmos has been so adopted into the organism that what goes on in the great world or macrocosm, in our solar system, is mirrored in the reciprocal action among these organs. And those processes which go on between the sun and the inner planets, working inwards from the sun to our earth, are again reflected in the relationship of the heart-sun to the lungs as Mercury, and to the kidneys as Venus. Thus we have in this inner human cosmic system something which mirrors the external cosmic system.”

The Substance of Love and Freedom in each and every deed wrought from each and every Human Heart will be the literal Harvest we bring from the TIME CONTRACT the Gods wove into the whirling and vivid complex physics of the Time Organ of our Human Hearts. We incarnate with such an immense Love and a Holy sense of awe, that the Hierarchies, Sophia Herself and our Angels and the very future of the Stars and Planets have entrusted us with a potential of contributing not only to the future development of Our Own Human Hierarchy but as well to the Lofty Trinity of the entire Holy Heavenly Family.

The Foundation Stone, the FOURTH STANZA, the meaning of the FOURTH PANEL – First Hierarchy: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones; Second Hierarchy: Exusiai, Dynamis, Kyriotetes; Third Hierarchy: Angels, Archangels, Archai;

“Man ought really to come to being in his etheric body through the interworking of Sun and Earth, and only afterwards, going about the Earth as an etheric being, give himself earthly form. The seeds of Man should grow up out of the Earth with the purity of plant-life, appearing here and there as ethereal fruits of the Earth, darkly shining; these should then in a certain season of the year be overshone, as it were, by the light of the Sun, and thereby assume human form, but etheric still; then Man should draw to himself physical substance — not from the body of the mother, but from the Earth and all that is thereon, incorporating it into himself from the kingdoms of the Earth. Thus — they thought — should have been the manner of Man’s appearance on the Earth, in accordance with the purposes of the Spirit of the Worlds.

“And the development that came later was due to the fact that Man had allowed to awaken within him too deep an urge, too intense a desire for the earthly and material. Thereby he forfeited his connection with the Sun and the Cosmos, and could only find his existence on Earth in the form of the stream of inheritance. Thereby, however, the Demon of the Earth began his work; for the Demon of the Earth would not have been able to do anything with men who were Sun-born. When Sun-born man came to dwell on the Earth, he would have been in very truth the Fourth Hierarchy. And one would have had to speak of Man in the following manner. One would have had to say: First Hierarchy: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones; Second Hierarchy: Exusiai, Dynamis, Kyriotetes; Third Hierarchy: Angels, Archangels, Archai; Fourth Hierarchy: Man — three different shades or gradations of the human, but nonetheless making the Fourth Hierarchy.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

A tiny portion of the entire Hopes of Sophia, Christ, Michael and the Father Beings Themselves have worked with us on the dynamic timing and insertion of our New Destinies that arrive back into the stream of Earthly Time. We knew before we incarnated the Holy Awe of the working of the Heart of our Solar System. We saw before we incarnated, the deep layers of the Inner Earth and the Karmic Rings and knots tied to Saturn in our current Solar System. In the Moral Treasure, un-mined in our hearts, we can change the Lead of Saturn into the Gold of Human Love and Freedom.

If we examine The Foundation Stone as our FOURTH HIERARCHY we have understood in the Foundation Stone that there is a 1st Hierarchy which consists of a Trinity of Beings; a 2nd Hierarchy that consists of a Trinity of Beings; a 3rd Hierarchy that consists of a Trinity of Beings and our FOURTH HIERARCHY, that evolves the forces of a Trinity of Beings. Let us try to picture to ourselves that our FOURTH HIERARCHY has incorporated and encapsulated a Trinity within our Human Form. We can truly understand the Anthropomorphic absorption of Thinking – Feeling -Willing as the incorporation and humanization of THE LION – THE BULL – THE EAGLE, which as part of our Human Trinity we can find ourselves with our own emancipated SOUL FORCES as three mighty germinal Servants of the I AM, Philia, Luna and Astrid.

Fourth Hierarchy: Humanity — three different shades or gradations of the human –  “He matures his human nature more and more until he absorbs the Christ-principle. If we regard present-day man, we see that he was not always as he appears to-day. In order for him to become what he now is, he had to pass through four animal group-souls, he had to be incarnated in bodies corresponding to the present Lion form, the Bull form, the Eagle form and the Human form. He then pressed forward and became more and more human, and the form of the earlier group-soul disappeared.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Our Fourth Hierarchy should become the Hierarchy of the I AM, which, (having overcome, humanized, any tendencies for a Fallen Animal Group Soul re-emerging with 7 heads and 10 horns) Our Christ Imbued I AM should slowly emancipate the forces of Thinking – Feeling and Willing in us, to THREE EMANCIPATED BEINGS, Astrid – Philia and Luna. Christ Awakened Humanity should produce out of our FOURTH HIERARCHY, a Trinity of Beings.

Hardened Himself during Our Epoch against the Christ-principle

“Now suppose a person hardened himself during our epoch against the Christ-principle and were to come to the time of the great War of All against All without having had the Christ-experience, suppose he were to come to this time and had thrust the Christ away from him, then when the earth passes over into the astral, that which was there and which he ought to have changed, would spring forth, it would spring forth in its old form. The beast with the seven heads and ten horns would appear, whereas in those who have received the Christ-principle, sex will again be overcome. The hardened ones will keep the six-horned sexuality and will appear in their totality as the beast with the seven heads and ten horns of which the rudiments were laid down in the Atlantean epoch.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

In the Inner Work we are engaged in, in lifting Humanities participation with our Solar System Itself, I began my initial exploration of our relation to SATURN and the SATURN BEINGS HERE (Click Link). Through the magnificence of Anthrosophia I began to explore the new definitions of our Solar System, the position of Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and the outer planets HERE (Click Link). Through the magnificence and blessings of Anthrosophia Herself I explored the Culmination of our Earth and how we arrive together in laying the Foundations for our future Jupiter Metamorphosis, HERE (Click Link).

To achieve insights in the unfolding Deeds and Sufferings of Sacrifice and Love performed by Initiate Astronauts, we have to change our entire definition of the Solar System. We must deeply and logically remove the false path materialism has used to attempt to obstruct our admiration for our Cosmic Family. We are deeply tied, through reincarnation itself, to the inner destiny and construction of our Solar Family and our Solar System Community.

That is why we must stand in awe of those from our Humanity, namely Buddha, Christian Rosenkreuz, St. Francis of Assisi, Thoreau, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and thousands of martyrs of the Mars Devachan who sought to redeem and transform Mars Beings and Mars Aggression by the soul wrenching, uplifting deeds of Mercurial Healing of Karmic wounds, that have lamed and injured our Solar System.

Buddha’s ellipse goes back to the middle of the old Moon period and Socrates ellipse goes forward to the middle of the new Jupiter period:

“Thus there is one stream of human development that goes as far as the Buddha and ends with him; and there is another stream that begins with Socrates and goes on into the distant future. Socrates and the Buddha stand next to one another like the nuclei of two comets, if I may be allowed such an image. In the case of the Buddha, the light-filled comet’s tail encircles the nucleus and points far back into the indeterminate perspectives of the past; in the case of Socrates the comet’s tail of light encircles the nucleus in the same way but points far, afar into the indeterminate distances of the future. Two diverging comets going in succession in opposite directions whose nuclei shine at the same time . . . Half a millennium passes, and something like a uniting of these two streams comes into being through Christ Jesus.”

Steiner in Gospel of Mark: Lecture 4

What is a spiritual stream? Steiner talk about the Aristotelian and the Platonic streams, although the Platonic in reality is the Socratic stream.

Gautama was the stream, the prime bodhisattva that incarnated again and again all over the world, like the bodhisattva Sig, representing Odin, but in many many others, known down through history.

Zur Menge sprach Christus, man möchte sagen, wie ein populärer Buddha*; zu seinen intimen
Schülern sprach er wie ein höherer Sokrates*, wie ein spiritualisierter Sokrates. 139.84f

[Repeat] We have Injured our Solar System through addiction of the Liver Organ of Jupiter, the rage of Gall and the failure of our finding the Sophia Fire Nourishment of Cosmic Compassion that erupts from the Seed Forces that have been laid into the foundation of our Human Hearts. In the Seed Forces of our Human Hearts we literally discover how  “it changed from being an organ of Cosmic Divine Wisdom to being one of Human Divine Love.” (Patrick Dixon CLICK LINK)

This, generally misunderstood FOUNDATION STONE in our human hearts is the Divine Seed Force that reveals to us the literal transition our Humanity makes from the scattered interwoven brilliance of the Tree of Knowledge; to discovering for ourselves the fountain of Youth and Eternal Life. We literally learn to untap the forces latent in the Etheric Powers of Life, of Budhi, we awaken the germinal immortal immensity of the Tree of Life (absolutely click link and study very carefully – the film “The Fountain” exceptional)

I explored some of these Initiate Astronauts who are already deeply engaged in transforming the inner dynamics of our Solar System Family HERE (Click Link). We must radically change our protocols of conceiving OUTER SPACE and our infatuation with OUTER SPACE to that of digesting the entire Karma we hold in Saturn to breathing in our entire Solar System as our body. The Solar System is Our Own Body.

We are to conceive of the Solar System we inhabit currently as part of our own functioning Higher Body. We take upon ourselves The Rings of Saturn and the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth, as we take into ourselves our entire Solar System (EXTENSIVE STUDY MATERIAL HERE). Our Solar System becomes Our Body and the Body of a Sun Being we carry livingly within us. Our Hearts and the Christ Heart become ONE and carries with it into the future the germinal Seed forces of a New Sun, of an entirely New Solar System, with entirely New Cosmic tasks.

Through Raphael/Novalis and the research of the Upper Devachan Cathedral of the Stars offered by Spiritual Science, we shared the passage of Novalis moving through the Sun Sphere, through Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. By awakening the Devachan Mystery of the Stars we started to re-establish our legitimate claim to our residency in the Heavens. Think of what this implies.

We are meant to be THE FOURTH HIERARCHY of The Foundation Stone. We are significant, key members of the Solar Family because Christ formed Humanity to serve Love in the Solar System. Christ as a Sun Being pollinated and awakened Lazarus/John. Christ as a Sun Being moves through every aspect of Earth with an Etheric Body which can materialize or dematerialize. The Christ Etheric Body remains a permanent Etheric Life, where there is no death but all is rejuvenation, dying and ever becoming, guided by the Logos Cosmic I AM.

Humanity is destined to become, through The Foundation Stone, the FOURTH HIERARCHY of the FOURTH Stanza of The Foundation Stone. We are to recover the mission of the Rainbow, Vowels, our Solar Family and carry the Solar System upwards with us as Sun Beings. Not heirs of matter, not sons of the Demon of the Earth but rather we are literal Sun Logos Human Sun Servants of Living Love. We are assigned to impregnate, pollinate, heal and lift our Solar System and It’s Beings through the Love developing out of our Higher I AM.

Through Spiritual Science we began exploring some of the splendid wise Beings working in our Solar System. In all the splendor of the intimacies of the Constellations and the Cathedral of the Stars, all of us have shared shattering vast spiritual cosmic-events before we ventured forth into our new incarnations. Events in the making of each one of us were witnessed by us with vivid Holy Awe. All those events we witnessed before our births had been left out of the narrative we acquired on Earth. Those Events were left unaccounted, under reported, had remained clogged and wadded up in our Earthly System of “recommended” Education. Each and every magnificent Human Spiritual Being that forms the foundation of the destiny of our Earth has an untold history.

Science IN The Temple of the Gods and The Cathedral of the Stars (Click Link)

“About the middle of our life between death and a new birth we feel ourselves as spirit-soul beings, fully conscious — in fact with a much clearer and more intensive consciousness than we could possibly have anywhere upon the earth — surrounded by divine-spiritual Beings, by the divine-spiritual Hierarchies. And, just as we work with nature’s forces here on earth, just as we use external objects of nature as tools, so in the same way does work take place between us and the Beings of the higher spiritual Hierarchies.

“And what manner of work is this? This work consists in the fact that the spirit-soul human being, conjointly with an enormous number of sublime spiritual Beings of the cosmos, is weaving the cosmic spirit-germ of his physical human body in the spiritual realm. However peculiar this may seem to you — to weave the physical human body as spiritual germ out of the whole cosmos — it is the greatest, the most significant piece of work conceivable in the cosmos. And not only does the human soul in the state described work at this, but the human soul works at it conjointly with whole hosts of divine-spiritual Beings. For, if you visualize the most complicated thing that can be formed here on earth, you find it primitive and simple in contrast with that mighty fabric of cosmic vastness and grandeur which is woven there and which, compressed and condensed through conception and through birth, becomes permeated with physical earth matter and then becomes the human physical body.

“When we refer to a germ here on earth, we think of it as a small germ which afterwards becomes relatively large. But, when we refer to the cosmic spirit-germ in relation to the human body as a product of the spiritual, this germ is of gigantic size. And from that moment on, which I have pointed out to you, when the soul is coming towards its birth, the soul-spiritually magnificent human germ is gradually diminishing. The human being continues to work at it with the aim constantly in view that this will be woven together, pressed together, condensed into the physical human body.

“It was really not without reason that the older initiates — through a kind of clairvoyance which, to be sure, is no longer suitable to us, although the more recent science of initiation shows the same fact — that the older initiates called the human body the Temple of the Gods. It is the Temple of the Gods, for it is woven out of the cosmos by the human soul conjointly with divine Beings each time between death and a new birth. Later on — in a manner still to be described — the human being is given his physical form. While the human being is weaving the spirit-germ of his physical body at the stage indicated, he is, as regards his soul being, in a condition, in a mood, that can only be compared with what the modern initiates call intuition. The human being lives with his soul within the activity of Gods. He is wholly diffused in cosmic-divine existence. In this state halfway between death and a new birth he is participating in the life of the Gods.” Rudolf Steiner (CLICK LINK)

Our entire Foundation of Reverence, anything that we might refer to as Religion, as a religious experience is laced, woven and bound up to the Science we experienced and shared in The Cathedral of the Stars. The majesty and intimacy of Space and Time and our entire AWE and Wonder of the Stars and the Heavens has been hidden in the term Heaven and buried by materialism as our External Explorations of the Heavens.

Together in the Higher Devachan we shared the entire vast Intimacy of the Universe in The Temple of the Gods. In the Cathedral of the Stars, in the great assembly of fashioning each New Incarnation, we shared the planning of the future Karma of the Earth wrapt into the construction of our Human Hearts.

In the planning and integration of our Incarnations we lived with the Vast Makers of our Solar System. We worked together with Higher Beings out of the far, expanded reaches of the Zodiac, and we trusted the entire shrinking of that vast Love and Wisdom into our own tiny Embryonic blueprint. Our entire Cosmic Being was wrapt in pure Holy Music. Each Human Being we meet is a woven Physics Symphony of the Stars, fashioned from the same substance we were fashioned by. Stanley Kubrick got one thing very, very close to right. It was this meagre insight into the Heavens that shook culture to it’s foundations when “2001 A Space Odyssey” riveted humanity.

We experienced together, in the brilliant Awe and Majesty of the Immense Cathedral of the Cosmos, living Cosmic Beings, whose Deeds have wrought the entire Truth of the Heavens and through whom, were those who laid the Foundations of the Spirit in the Seed of Each of our Human Hearts. These were Creator Beings Themselves we met in the Higher Devachan. We all had reverently experienced when the Gods, at the high midnight-hour of our Devachan Journey, laid the Foundation of the Promise of a New Earth, directly into our tiny Human Hearts. We carry the treasure of the Karma of a whole New Earth woven directly into our Human Hearts. It is the Potential we brought with us from the Stars, of stage by stage and step by step recovering and discovering together a New Earth.

“The foundation stone will light up before the eye of our soul. Even that foundation stone which receives from universal and human love its substance, from universal and human Imagination its living picture quality and form, and from universal and human thoughts its radiating light.” Rudolf Steiner

“But the earth has in it some new forces. New forces are lying like seeds in this dead earth. They are the new living forces Christ gave to the earth, to the etheric forces of the earth, when at Golgotha his divine blood dropped into the earth. In this moment, in the dying and already dead earth, new germs of living into the future were put. They were taken into the etheric body of the earth.

“In the spring, nature comes out of the earth. Plants and seeds are sprouting. They live and sprout through the forces of Christ. Without these forces, plants and seeds would enter into death too. These radiating life forces are the seed forces of the new cosmos, of Jupiter to come. These sprouting plants have more etheric forces than they can use for building the leaves and the plants. With our eyes we see the plant sprouting and growing. But into the ether world there streams a surplus of etheric forces — out into the cosmos. These radiating etheric forces are the life forces which will be the seed for the Coming Earth incarnation known as Jupiter, and after.” Bernardus Cornelis Johannes Lievegoed 

We cannot even begin to find Words for what we generally smudge in our brains with the very loose term, Heaven. We found on Earth, instead of Sun Beings, we found lunatics and asylum rebels like Stephen Hawking declaring, there isn’t even the dimmest Hope, that a Being of the stature of Christ or Sophia of the Stars, or the Angelic Hierarchies exists in this Dead Empty Desecrated Cathedral of the Stars. We were trained by the Demon of the Earth, when we arrived, to forget the flowery non-sense of the Hierarchies. We came to Earth and found that the Cathedral of the Stars, our Solar System, the construction of Time and Space had been desecrated on the altars of our human hearts by the abstract teachings of the Demon of the Earth.

TOOL for the Demon of the Earth – Rudolf Steiner

” Thus a person referred to generally “as a tool” reflects their base impulses (such as an animal or inanimate object) and inability to understand higher level purposes. In a specific context such as being used “as a tool by (some party)”, reflects the individual’s lack of understanding of their role (much like a puppet) in a grander scheme.”

“It was, then, really so that Man was regarded as the bearer of the Intelligence of the Earth. But now, a person like Agrippa of Nettesheim ascribed to the Earth also a Demon. When we go back to the twelfth or thirteenth century, we find this Demon of the Earth to be a Being who could only become what he became on the Earth, because he found in Man the tool for his activity.

In Part 3 (Click Link) I treated the Longing for the Stars and a New Earth that we have encountered in some of our memorable Sci-Fi series. We vaguely remember that something was out there. We vaguely recall that there was sister and brotherhood and Love of the magnitude of Unconditional Creator Beings, so immense that we as tiny fledgling immortal Spirits, experienced the AWE of exactly how the Stars were tied to the very intimacies we call our Human Hearts. Time and Space itself were tied in the tiny knot of our Human Hearts.

Each Human I AM holds an intricate matrix piece and portion of this vast riddle of the unfolding, Redemption and Ascension of Humanity, into an entirely New Cosmos, wrapped and folded in the construction of our Human Hearts. Our Pulse and the individual gifts we bring, like the Kings and the Shepherds certainly appear humble and insignificant, but we all are literally, each a representative of TIME ITSELF. The transformation of the entire Karma of the Earth is placed in our Hearts and Hands.

“…this fourth stanza was actually not unveiled until the seventh day at the morning meeting of December 30th when Rudolf Steiner addressed those present with the words: “Today, my dear friends, let us bring together what can speak in man in three ways: [he writes on the blackboard] Practice Spirit-Recalling, Practice Spirit-Awareness, Practice Spirit-Beholding. This will Properly Be Brought Together In The Heart of man only by that which actually made its appearance at the turning point of time and in whose spirit we now work here and intend to work on in the future.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

The Heaven we have been compelled to forget hides the sheer magnitude of the Science of Love that the Hierarchies have planted deep within the construction of each of our Human Hearts. The Christ was the mid-point, central manifestation of of the full experience of Divine Unconditional Love that literally has been woven into the very intricate matrix of our I AM. We were meant to become ever renewing Etheric Human Spirits, Sun Beings like the Risen Etheric Christ that radiates a permanent Etheric Life Source.

We are all brought forth as a Virgin – Momentous Cosmic Riddle, that out of Freedom and Love we offer up to the pulse of Higher Metamorphosis the active shaping and design of the future structure of a new Cosmos. In our Hearts and Pulse we each carry a karmic piece and portion of the sacred star physics behind the mystery of the LITTLE DRUMMER BOY (click link).

The Michael School and the Organ of the Human Heart (Posted 12/11/2017 Facebook)

“Our Michael School Sciences are lovingly invited to bridge the loftiest Initiate wisdom to the humblest core of the beat of our Human Hearts. It is obvious to anyone that the appeal of the Little Drummer Boy smacks of sentimentality and cheapens the holiness of the event. But does it? No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t because in the Michael School we measure the beat of our hearts, the actual lofty design codes in our hearts, (and here is where the Michael School shines) – we measure the Living Structure of Ancient Saturn, where the Divine Beings created the masterful knot of Time and Space, out of the Constellation of Leo and tied that knot in the pulse of each of our Human Hearts.

“In the Michael School we know we are inserted back into Space via the transit system of Reincarnation, with entirely New Virgin Hearts, given to us at the loftiest and humblest moment of our journey’s through the Devachan Mysteries known as Heaven. The Michael School can accurately bridge the Foundation Stone laid into each Human pulse and each breath we take on Earth with the precise numerical code locked into 25,920 years of the Procession of the Equinoxes. (Our Hearts and Lungs study in Sports and Athletes CLICK LINK)

“The entire construction of the 1st Goetheanum reveals what FRANK CHESTER (Click Link) has miraculously discovered as the dynamic SEVENFOLD system planted as a Geometric, mobile, elastic force laid into our deep Human Heart System. Rudolf Steiner offered this great gift, the entire model and BAU of the 1st Goetheanum as a gift to Sophia. Sophia in Her recognition, (if She recognized it) would graciously allow her child ANTHROSOPHIA to come to birth in Human Hearts. That is, providing that from the very humblest IMAGINATION, such as The Little Drummer Boy, of the pulse of the Heart we each have within us, to the lofty reverence to the true Philo-Sophia, our Michael School could be directly linked to the deepest wisdom of Love that the Hierarchies place in each Human Heart.

“The very humblest nugget of pure gold is planted in each of us at the very height of the revelation of our journey through the Spiritual World after our Deaths. We then prepare to come into incarnation and meet, love and see one another again in the wondrous pulse and heart of Time Itself.

“At the very height of this transformation of ourselves into a new virgin vessel prepared for incarnation, the entire Solar System and the Constellations, the very Lords of Heaven design for each of us, each single I AM a place, a code, in the vast Time Sphere of the Hierarchies. We witness all of this immensity and holiness with such awe, Love, Wonder that we actually are grateful to all our brothers and sisters and any humble role that any of us play in the potential of carrying our Earth, in the pulse of our Hearts, in Freedom and Love of the deed, to carry a piece of the New Earth.

“So if we think that the Little Drummer Boy is sentimental silliness, unworthy of Initiates we are able to SEE exactly what the Shepherds Play and the King’s Play meant. We are able to hold, how the magnificent complexity of the virtues of the design and manifestation of the 1st Goetheanum was offered through Karl Julius Schröer an Austrian linguist and literary critic. Karl was the son of the educator and writer Tobias Gottfried Schröer (1791-1850). We are stunned witnesses to an opportunity that presented itself to humanity through the young Rudolf Steiner meeting in the organ of his heart an ancient friend on Earth. Together they revealed the humblest forces laid into the foundations of our Human Hearts. Together they tied these forces to the most loving offering of PHILO-SOPHIA ever offered since the Queen of Sheba wandered from Africa over to Solomon’s and Hiram’s Temple.

“Humility and Magnificence may they ever be wed in our human spiritual journey’s together.” Bradford Riley Dec 2017

Our Hearts were a woven gift from the Stars mighty Loom. And with awe, majesty, saturated with unconditional, deathless Love, with certainty in the seed germ planted in our human hearts we left the region of the lofty Devachan Home we call Heaven. We left the secrets of the Sun Sphere, the secrets of the planets and headed with all the innocence, joy and courage Offered by our Lofty Brothers and Sisters, Christ, Sophia, Michael and the Hierarchies, we descended with our plans for a New Earth.

We held tight to that gift with our tiny arms, which disappeared as we descended into matter and flesh. Our Phantom Design, which was entirely real to us in the spiritual world, would develop as a copy of us to incorporate and use in our Life on Earth. The miracle of our vehicle, our instrument was designed, form fitted for us to play our part in the pulse of TIME, in the Drama of our contributing to the Foundations of Making of a New Earth.

“I have already told you that ancient Saturn was, fundamentally speaking, as large as the whole of our solar system….. It is the densest part of the fire substance, and that which in a narrower sense is now called Saturn, (for it stands on the spot where the Saturn of to-day is).” Rudolf Steiner

“On ancient Saturn the first foundation of the human physical body was formed. That first foundation was really formed of warmth, but in that body of warmth were already contained the germs of all the future organs. At the point where the first movements which had been produced were brought to a stop, was formed the germ of that organ of the human body which, when its movements were adjusted, later changed the whole mechanism of the human body from rest to movement — this is the heart. Here, from the first stimulation to movement, arose the beginning of the heart; but this could only originate because at that same point the movement was brought to a standstill. Through this, the heart is that organ by which, when it ceases to beat, the whole physical body and its functions are brought to rest.

“Each member of the human body was given a distinct name in ancient speech. The heart was called the Lion within the body. Primeval wisdom said: to which direction of the Zodiac must one point, if one wishes to indicate the region out of which were laid the first foundations of the human heart? They pointed upwards, and named The Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim who acted from the region of Leo (Lion). Man received the first outline of his physical body projected from out [of] universal space, and the region of his body, which he was accustomed to call inwardly, Leo, was also called the region of Leo out in the Zodiac Thus are these things connected.

“Thus also have all the other foundations or germs of the human organs been formed by the Animal Circle or Zodiac. The heart was formed by Leo the Lion.

“This was a permanent etheric body, remaining intact in the ether spheres thereafter.” Rudolf Steiner

We are faced with the daunting task of establishing and comprehending where and from what sources make up the unique 12 streams and cohesive living currents that lay at THE FOUNDATION STONE of our Human Hearts. We are offered the shattering substance out of which Humble Reverence as a substance makes Religion Itself a Reality. Out of Spiritual Science and Spiritual Science alone we are given the opportunity that no other anatomical or medical research has yet been able to conceive. (Click Link)

We are faced with an impossible task. We are faced with the pulsing core of a New Living Cosmos pressed into the Living Ethers that shall never die. An Etheric Body, our Etheric body at death dissolves and the entire condensation of our Life Experience and Human Biographies are experienced in Review at our Deaths.

This dissolution and absorption back into the Foundation of the Cosmos, the Solar System, all that our physical senses see as the Physical Universe, just as our physical bodies and our physical organs are all sustained by an operative, Living Etheric World, our droplet of divinity is literally summed up and imprinted into our ongoing I AM when our Heart Stops at our deaths. But the enormous future and current mystery of our Humanity and the future Jupiter Evolution of our Earth depends on attaining a PERMANENT ETHERIC BODY.

The task we are faced with is that we bring our Etheric Bodily forces into such substantiality that the Core, Cornerstone and Foundation Stone of the Etheric Body we develop does not disperse into the Ether Worlds at our deaths but continues and forms an immense New Unified Field. The TWELVE STREAMS, lattices, vectors and Higher Devachan Moral seams and cohesion of a Living, Pulsing Foundation Stone, that contains the moral mobility, elasticity and exactitude of the legitimate Cosmic Geometry of the substance of Sophia and the Higher Christ I AM was shatteringly established in a Human Heart.

The Foundation Stone of the Permanent Etheric Body and The Jupiter Evolution

“As soon as we speak of such a being as an etheric body we must take our lead from significant disclosures and from direct experience. As soon as we know that the physical body is interpenetrated by an etheric body we will readily understand the occultist describing in his way that paralysis is an abnormal occurrence of what otherwise happens through normal training. It can happen that a man’s etheric body withdraws from his physical body. Then the physical body becomes independent. Paralysis could possibly result, for the physical body has been deprived of its enlivening etheric body. But we do not need to go as far as the appearance of paralysis, for we can understand its appearance in everyday life even better. For example, what is a lazy person? He is someone who has a weak etheric body from birth or who has let it grow weak through neglect. We try to correct it by relieving the physical body of its leaden heaviness and by some means making it lighter. A thorough cure, however, can only arise by way of the astral body, for it can stimulate the etheric body to fresh life. But you have to realise something else. The etheric body is actually the bearer of our whole intellect. When we go to sleep at night all our thought pictures and memories actually remain in the etheric body. The human being leaves his thoughts behind in the etheric body and does not return to them until morning. By laying aside the etheric body we lay aside the whole web of our experiences”. Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Imagine, which we can’t, the awe and reverberations into the Foundations of the World, when an actual Human Being was able to seal the TWELVE STREAMS into a fully operative Immortal Human Heart and become the 13th. Certainly someone would venture forth and inform us of when and at what location such a process of Eternal Etheric Initiation and Birth took place. Certainly we would have to marvel, no, inhale the true meaning hidden in the Dark Ages, when every Initiate and all Higher Forces of the Cosmos were shut down.

The power and gateways to the Spiritual Worlds were all shut down, No Internet Service, No Initiate Access, ( DoS) the Dark Ages. We might think in a mundane sense what it feels like in our Techno Human Soul when there is absolutely no access to the Internet. The Dark Ages. The Highest Seraphim and Higher Beings were working in the deep hidden foundations of our being. They were establishing a New Organ for humanity.

When we came out of the Dark Ages, the full focus of the entire Love and Light of the Cosmos could be magnified and given a test run, operating and powered up from a single Human Heart. Something happened that would transform forever the design systems we had, had in our Etheric Bodies into the potential of a Permanent Human Etheric Foundation Stone.

The Dark Ages the Awakening of the Permanent Human Foundation Stone

” – when the Rosicrucians were going forth, when all manner of remarkable events were happening of which you can read in external history, — in that age the earth appeared, to the spirits in the super-sensible worlds, surrounded by mighty lightnings and thunderclaps. The Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones were carrying over the Cosmic Intelligence into that member of man’s organisation which we call the system of nerves and senses, the head-organization. Once again a great event had taken place, It does not show itself distinctly as yet, it will only do so in the course of hundreds or thousands of years; but it means, my dear friends, that man is being utterly transformed. Formerly he was a heart-man; then he became a head-man. The Intelligence becomes his own. Seen from the super-sensible, all this is of immense significance. All the power and strength that lies in the domain of the first Hierarchy, in the domain of the Seraphim and Cherubim who reveal their strength and power through the fact that they not only administer the Spiritual within the Spiritual, like the Dynamis, Exusiai and Kyriotetes, but carry the Spiritual into the Physical, making it a creator of the Physical, — all this their power the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones now had to apply in accomplishing a deed such as takes place, as I said, only after many aeons.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link).

Immediately and momentously at the completion of the Dark Ages, there occured a trigger event of Light, a One Time Experiment, whereby The First Foundation Stone of a Permanent Ether Core was planted in a Human Being. Light from the TWELVE STREAMS rushed into the Virgin Substance of a Human Being. From this fusion of Light and The Twelve Streams an entirely First Born Foundation Stone of a Human Archai was born. This New Human Archai with an immortal New Etheric Heart, was fashioned out of the fusion of the full TWELVE STREAMS THAT LIVED IN THE COSMOS.

If you had stood beneath the Cross at Golgotha and Christ commanded, THIS IS YOUR MOTHER and it was the New Sophia Mysteries that were Bestowed upon you to establish, you were assigned to develop a new stream for the Tree of Life Mysteries, an entirely New Conception and Birth Model was given to YOU, to introduce to Humanity.

This is what Lazarus/John was given to inaugurate. In understanding the New Umbilical and Nutritional Science of the Sophia Mysteries, indeed TWELVE CURRENTS, Twelve Streams could be brought together to form an entirely New Human Prototype, an entirely New Method of Birth, designed from the Sophia Mysteries to sustain the Higher Sophia Fires as a Nutritional supplement to Earthly Nutrition. (This was explored HERE – Click Link – as an esoteric study of Budhi and developing a Permanent Etheric Body in the 7th Age, the Age of Capricorn).

In the above link, I brought forward that an entirely New Umbilical Feeding Organ and Nutritional Stream would arise in order to nourish the child growing in us, ANTHROSOPHIA. Dr. Paul Scharff, Frank Chester, Rudolf Steiner and hundreds of researchers have ventured into the hidden Sophia and ANTHROSOPHIA mysteries of the New Foundation Stone. In these powerful esoteric, medical and Cosmic Scientific studies we literally cross paths with Christian Rosenkreuz and the establishment of a Permanent Etheric Body brought forth from entirely New Cosmic Currents, Streams and New Nutritional Milk from the Fires of Sophia and the uncultivated Compassion in our Hearts.

I was a pupil of Paul Scharff for many years at The Fellowship Community. Paul had a brother. Paul’s father had already been a pupil of Rudolf Steiner. In the Gemini Mysteries of the Twins we find this peculiar aspect of Paul Scharff achieving a kind of Will Initiation which seemed to anticipate the Persian 6th Age of the mystery of the Twins, or the mystery of one brother who was challenged while the other brother, Dr. Scharff fired up new forces out of the future Will Stream of America.

Dr. Paul Scharff

“A view would be to consider that the ether forces from the original pineal-appendix of Polaria, and the ether forces from the pineal organ from Hyperborea, became the basis for forming an etheric organ, the heart organ. This is a wonderfully mysterious organ which seems to have come from nowhere. With these considerations, the organ is brought into the present for the future by the Christ at the time of the Raising. This deed, which brought the past, to be placed in the hands of the Mother, for the sake of the future given to mankind in Evangel revelation by John is always tended by the Christ.

The past of this etheric organ we can think was not given to John until the time of the Crucifixion, at which time both John and the Mother stood at the foot of the Cross. The Christ then gave the Mother to John. Soon thereafter both the Mother and John went to Ephesus, where the Mother had birthed philosophy centuries earlier. However, the forces of the future, which lie with the shriveled pineal and appendix, can be thought of as structured by the Christ at the time of the Raising. The past given to mankind through philosophy by the Mother was given to John, who could take up this past into his new heart, structured out of the freed ether forces from the pineal-appendix. The wisdom of the past was given to John, the “Apostle whom the Lord Loved,” at the foot of the Cross with the Mother at hand. By this means the past could come into the present for the future.” Dr. Paul Scharff – (CLICK LINK)

This hidden event, shook the very foundations of Earth because it wasn’t alone that the Christ, a lofty Divine Spiritual Being, sheltering, teaching and supervising humanity, as a vivid Sun Being and member of the Hierarchies stood by our sides. Rather, the Risen Etheric Christ, Sophia, Her New Son, a Human Being, and her daughter, ANTHROSOPHIA, was awakened, fashioned, formed and kneaded out of the Bread of Life from the TWELVE STREAMS of our very own Humanity. A New Human Being with the ability to THINK in the 12 streams; FEEL in the 12 streams; WILL in the 12 streams became one of the First Members of the Permanent Foundation Stone of the so called FOURTH HIERARCHY, which in cosmic numerical and evolutionary order, humanity is signified as the Tenth Hierarchy.

Suppose we look directly into the 13th, where Christ Himself set the Tone both before and after His Resurrection of how TWELVE STREAMS flow into and Form a 13th. Christ enacts, as the New Logos Etheric Core of our Earth, the Living Dodecahedron of the Macrocosmic Heart of the Earth. The Risen Etheric Christ SETS the Foundation Stone in the Earth for the future Jupiter Evolution. As we absorb into ourselves the 12 streams, we fashion in each of our Hearts a Microcosmic Initiation Model of the TWELVE STREAMS that initially formed the foundations that built Humanity Itself. Humanity was formed and fashioned from the Ancient Fire Substance of the Thrones and the Archai of ancient Saturn Evolution. Through the Christ Resolution and Deed on Golgotha, Humanity, each Human Heart can become a pure Pulsing Piece of the Christ Heart. Each Human Being can become a 13th. Each I AM may develop a Permanent Foundation Stone as we metamorphose our Hearts and gain the Higher THINKING forces that the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones have re-designed in our brains.

How would anyone have guessed? How would anyone have known, that during the Dark Ages, at the very end, an Entirely New Permanent Human Foundation Stone for the Microcosmic Activity of laying the Foundation Stones in the Hearts of Humanity, for the future Jupiter Evolution of the Earth, would arise from the 12 Earthly streams? How, where and when would we be mature enough to be stirred to our depths by the Foundations of a New Earth? How can our individual I AM begin fashioning and and creating in ourselves, our own Integrations into awakening, in the consecration of our Hearts, our own Immortal 13th?

An entirely new Model of a Human Being was fashioned from 12 Human Currents of the TWELVE HUMAN REPRESENTATIVES, from the 12 Ages of Humanity, that caught and consciously focused the first intense beams of Light from the highest Hierarchies, the Seraphim and The Risen Etheric Christ Sun Himself, into the first Dynamic Prototype of a Human Foundation Stone. Our individual Karma must also awaken and discover in each other how we each are our own players in our own historical Mystery Drama. How as a part of the TWELVE, we serve each other so that each member of our TWELVE KARMIC STREAMS, can give birth in themselves to a 13th. At the first dawn immediately after the completion of the Dark Ages something extraordinary occured.

“It is therefore not surprising that staging these works of art again and again in a whole variety of ways, in order to secure the depth of our working and being together, is one of the most magical and memorable traditions found in anthroposophy. The more we rely on each other in today‘s differentiated world, experiencing how our confusion often distorts this depth, the more relevant it seems to me today to both perform and to see these plays.”


The Mystery Dramas present us, along with the Karma Lectures and the entire School of Spiritual Science, the first conscious strides forwards into the Unlocking of the Solar System Itself. Through the INTIMATE sharing and awakening to the Knots of our own Human Karmic Circles we begin finding our own 12 streams.

With Saturn we have tangled All of Humanity in the initial Karma Lock of our Solar Family. We re-discover and learn to Love and Know each other, with entirely new meaning and depth, that we also learn to offer ourselves and our Love of Each Other in restoring and re-building our Karmic Circles. Each Human I AM is a precious piece of the puzzle of part of The 13th that each Human I AM will need to achieve. We learn to offer ourselves for the benefit of each other and the Solar System. It is vitally important that each Human I AM become a Permanent Piece of the New Foundation Stones of the future Jupiter Evolution.

These extraordinary events concerns the Birth of Anthrosophia from out of the purified THINKING APPARATUS in our New capacity for deeds filled with the new tools of Conscious Moral Imagination. We can rightly chuckle at the cultural Imagination of “The Wizard of OZ”. We can look with New Eyes on the Sitar and refashioning the Nervous System and our Brains in just what the Beatles and the Love Generation were discovering for themselves (Some of these details are dealt with HERE).

Our New Human Brains, and the Permanent Etheric Workings of Christian Rosenkreuz in the Evolution of Humanity literally inspired every current of Earth and lifted the Love Generation into Universal Accessibility. Slowly Christian Rosenkreuz, in the office of Guardian of the Threshold, has gathered human destinies that had come to an end, and extended them in specific instances.

We hardly have the proper reverence required to understand how New Branches begin to grow from the New Tree Of Life Seed, from the Permanent Etheric Body of Christian Rosenkreuz. A HUMAN BEING, bearing an entirely New Etheric Body that humanity shall acquire, an Etheric Body that supports Life after Death Memory, 12 Streams of the Etheric Heart and builds upon the work of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones deed in the Dark Ages that brought the Light of Thinking to an entirely new integrated Systems Upgrade, becomes in us our own ANTHROSOPHIA. We nurse in our own Spiritual Nursery the child ANTHROSOPHIA and gradually, and we mean very gradually ANTHROSOPHIA arises and teaches us.

I am describing a Path of Initiation that has arisen before our eyes in the 20th century. This Path of Initiation opened, unlocked the doors to the Higher Worlds so that the Will of the Thrones; Feeling for the rhythms of the Christ Heart pulsing in the Earth; and our Thinking inspired by the Daughter of Sophia, develops in humanity the hunger for the Light experienced by Archai, Archangels and Angels. Now that would certainly be called THE HUNGER.

Because we are in The Michael School we can look at how the perversion of THE HUNGER arises as another blasphemous distortion against the higher striving of our Human I AM. When in The Michael School we understand that a Permanent Etheric Body fashioned from the Holy 12 streams was described with utter clarity, we also glimpse for a moment and Steiner allows us to glimpse for the briefest moment, that such a New Etheric Servant, such as Christian Rosenkreuz is known to be, must remain hidden for 100 years. Otherwise every HUNGRY SHADOW of Astral and Etheric Perniciousness would leap from their dark, desolate holes and swarm, swamp and mutilate the meaning of Humanity’s true Hunger for the Light.

“The temptation is too great that people would idealise fanatically a person bearing such authority, which is the worst thing that can happen. It would be too near to idolatry. This silence, however, is not only essential in order to avoid the outer temptations of ambition and pride, which could probably be overcome, but above all to avoid occult astral attacks which would be constantly directed at an individuality of that calibre. That is why it is an essential condition that a fact like this can only be spoken of after a hundred years.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Christian Rosenkreuz offered entirely new forces from The Tree of Life, from his position of attaining Budhi and Life-Spirit Itself. Christian Rosenkreuz chooses his pupils. What that means in the transaction and digestion of Gold Coins of the Green Snake and the Will-O-Wisps and the Gold Coins required by the Ferryman is an Etheric Life Mystery.

The Beautiful Lily, Sophia Herself, also chooses those she deems ready to begin to nurse her daughter, ANTHROSOPHIA, into life within themselves. We learn to integrate many streams of Cosmic Nourishment. Christ Himself directed Lazarus/John, from the most critical hour of BIRTH from Golgotha, to adopt Sophia as his new Mother and OUR new Mother. To rise to Sophia we must develop an entirely new hunger for the Spiritual World. Through ANTHROSOPHIA we develop entirely new organs to receive the nourishment offered from Sophia Herself.

Slowly by way of Anthrosophia and Christian Rosenkreuz entirely new Human Hearts are arising, stretching, yawning and awakening to life. Humanity receives in our Microcosmic Communal Structure, the Macrocosmic Super-Structure of the Christ Logos Heart of a New Earth. ANTHROSOPHIA awakens us to the I AM nutrition that Archai, Archangel and Angels crave and must have to Live with Sophia and the lofty Creator Beings.

The Cosmic Event and Signal was sent and the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones, the highest Father Forces of the Zodiac, the Makers brought a transition so that Human Brains and Human Thought could stand firmly on an entirely New Permanent Etheric Foundation. The Foundations of the World Itself, the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones who had formed out of the Constellation of the Lion, of LEO our Human Hearts, literally dove down into and infused Human Brains with an Etheric THINKING Permanency.

Through the Moral Forces that accompany the I Am, we would be able to grasp, with I AM potency, and conceive and Hold in our Hearts and Brains the New Lightning power given by the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones for conscious Free Deeds done with and through acts of Human Moral Imagination. Michael the Archai and the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones authorized the forces of Cosmic Thought needed to build a New Cosmos on the Permanent Etheric Foundation Stone Humanity could build into it’s System. (Click Link)

“We have had from the 20th through the 21st centuries souls pouring in who have shifted from rigid dogmatic traditions, to the new Spirit-Self and Fiery transformed Astral in-pouring of the Holy Spirit. They bring with them the revitalized, and resurrected thinking capacities arising from new mysteries of the Karmic Heart and tandem thinking clarity of an entirely New Brain.” (This was part of our research in Part 3 CLICK LINK – of the Brains of a Braying Ass ‘Bottom’ and A Midsummer Night’s Dream and John the Baptist’s Beheading)

Observe carefully the Mystery of the 13th. You will notice 11, but we must picture ourselves as the 12th from the perspective of the bottom of the picture. We each depend on the fulfillment of our Own Mystery Drama, that 12 karmic connections will each help in each of us to achieve the 13th. This is the key to understanding the Mystery Dramas. From the painting we are the 12th Person pouring love into the 13th. We help each other achieve the 13th.

A Permanent Human Macrocosmic I AM was activated in a Human Being. It was a momentous event, which had to remain under wraps and hidden from view until this Permanent Etheric Concentration of the full TWELVE STREAMS became flexible and resilient enough to become The Guardian of the Threshold. Thus from the Communal Karma of each other that we each have carried through TIME, we each offer ourselves, so that each part of our circle of Karma may arise whole and become a 13th.

In this event, Humanity had begun to build from it’s own ancient Saturn Heart intentions and through the Deed of Christ at Golgotha, the first Macrocosmic Human Foundation Stone. A cooperation between the Father, the Son and the awakening Human Hierarchy had been achieved. The accomplishment could create a Permanent Human Foundation Stone for the future Jupiter Evolution of the Earth.

It had to happen somewhere on the Earth not in a galaxy far, far away. Humanity had to cooperate together to bring this Higher Devachan Mystery to birth in one Human Being. A confluence of all the Streams of Heaven and Earth, were focused with Cosmic Magnification of the I AM into the fashioning of a Dodechedronal Majestic, elastic Immortal First Born cohesive Cosmic I AM Bearer.

Look carefully if you cannot fathom the Logos of the Earth. Not in a galaxy far, far away, but out of the very Location, Geography, Embryology of the Reality of our Earth Situation were we formed. Only out of the Core of Humanities Home did this and could this Transformation Arise and take place.

We are not growing Immortal Creator Beings in galaxies far, far away, we are growing them right out of the substance developed out of our Real Earth Evolution. We are growing Immortal Beings out of the Logos Laws implanted in the Foundations of Earth Itself. Christ the Logos penetrated to the very Core of the Earth. He began the Permanent Revelation of the Etheric Christ Sun that radiated from the Core of OUR Earth. Christ the Logos did not use Forms Designed in a galaxy far, far away. Christ developed Humanity from the Deeds and Sufferings of our Solar System and from within the lawful Cooperative of the Constellations themselves.

“Frater Achad arranged his fractal model of the Tree of Life according to the 6-based Hexagonal pattern which Snowflakes themselves follow. In The Anatomy of the Body of God he says that “The Tree of Life is embedded in the Snowflake, its branches are as Crystals, its flowers as the Rose, and its perfect fruit is the Dodecahedron.”

From the very Core of the 12 streams of humanity, from the very core of our Earth, the new Foundation Stone for the Jupiter Evolution was developed and is being developed now from our Human Community. From each of our actual beating, elastic, mobile, Human Hearts the Moral Imagination of the flexibility of Human Deeds operating out of a 12-Fold Dynamic Dodecahedron system absorbs the Living Wonder of the Logos. A Permanent Etheric Foundation Stone Design and Potential has been planted in All Human Hearts. It’s awakening and its implementation and function can only be comprehended through The Permanent Elastic Etheric Sun Body of the Christ having entered our Earth. Christ Holds the Macrocosmic I AM Logos Heart of the Living Word as implemented, active Moral Imagination. Christ brought this strength by laying of The Foundation Stone of Love, the future Metamorphosis of our Earth Herself into the Jupiter Evolution, and planting IT firmly in our Human Hearts.

No AI or Artificial Intelligence, or Ahrimanic robotic SIMULACRUM humanity can devise can grasp the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth by the Umbilical Knot that was tied in Ancient Saturn out of Leo. No Artificial Intelligence can Lift the Riddles of Saturn and grasp the Higher Forces embedded in our Solar System. Nothing but a Human I AM, with a Permanent Etheric Heart can participate in the laying of the Foundation Stones for the Metamorphosis of our Humanity and our Solar System into the Coming Jupiter Evolution. Humanity was designed by the Living Logos and we are the Microcosmic Golden Stones of the future Jupiter Evolution of the Earth.

The Building Codes for an entirely New Cosmic System, a New Sun System that is filtered through our Human I AM can, may and will attain a Harmony with the lofty Devachan Foundations of the original Cosmic Design of the I AM. That is that through Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science we may approach the entire Core Mystery of the Logos of our Earth with the Cognitive intimacy of knowing with certainty that a Permanent Etheric Model of the Cosmic Human Heart can be attained by Each Human I AM.

Digesting the entire Synthesis of the vast TWELVE STREAMS, that lay at the Foundation of Saturn Itself, the Makers, so that each Human Heart becomes in Itself a Representative of the THIRTEENTH is an impossible, inexplicable Wonder required from us if we are to understand The Foundation Stone Mystery. This is much, much more than a mere Masonic mandate of becoming a 33rd degree abstract personality. We literally have a Cosmic Process in place where Each Human Heart can Metamorphose via our Humanity, our Karmic Groups, through TWELVE DIFFERENT STREAMS, each of us may perfect the Birth of each other into bearers of the Cosmic I AM. An entirely New Birth in the Community of the Christ I AM pulls in the currents of all TWELVE STREAMS to fashion from Sophia and the Logos an entirely new Dying and Becoming Immortal Spark lit from within each Human Heart.

It is the very CORE MYSTERY of Earth Evolution that the Great Builder, the LOGOS, the Sun Elohim, the Macrocosmic Christ I AM has revealed the Dodecahedron Foundation Stone Revelation. There are Mysteries in our Human Hearts that we are likely to never comprehend, EVER. That certainly would have been the case if ANTHROSOPHIA Herself had not the integrity and clarity to find the Source Point where the FOUNDATION STONE of an entirely New Sun System, A PERMANENT ETHERIC SYNTHESIS OF THE 12 STREAMS, could be located, designated, investigated and placed before us as part of The Practical Problems In Setting the Foundation Stone for a New Earth  (Click Link).

A new Sun System and the unfolding of the Metamorphosis of the original seed of Ancient Saturn requires us to comprehend how LOVE integrates into Itself the raw building materials of the TWELVE STREAMS that had originally brought the Mystery of Humanity and the Tenth Hierarchy to birth. The Logos, logical outcome of the Metamorphosis of an entirely New Hierarchy formed by the Christ Logos is the Holy Synthesis of all TWELVE STREAMS into The 13th.

The Demon of the Earth, that has become enthroned in Earthly Intelligence is certainly not going to dig through the deepest mysteries of Cain, Saturn, Sun and Moon evolutions and unlock the shattering secrets of the Dodecahedronal Heart. The Demon of the Earth doesn’t want any human soul to intuit, Hold Fast, and Think Through the actual Origins and Potential of Humanity. The Demon of the Earth is the one who deliberately pulled out the wiring of the Heart of humanity in an Aztec Cosmic Craven Corruption of the Human Spirit.

The integrity of Anthrosophia Herself demands, for our Freedom, that we and the nourishment we gain through Spiritual Science Herself, that we come to understand where and how the Foundation Stone of a New Sun System, built by and through our own Humanity, originated.

“All the forces of the wonderful etheric body of the individuality of the thirteenth century had remained intact, none of them dispersed after death into the general world ether. This was a permanent etheric body, remaining intact in the ether spheres thereafter. This same highly spiritual etheric body again radiated from the spiritual world into the new incarnation, the individuality in the fourteenth century. Therefore he was led to experience the event of Damascus again. This is the individuality of Christian Rosenkreutz. He was the thirteenth in the circle of the twelve. He was named thus from this incarnation onwards.”

“…Christ is a macrocosmic being who became connected with the earth for the first time through the baptism by John. That was the physical manifestation. Now the etheric manifestation is coming, then will come the astral one and a higher one still after that. Human beings will first have to be far advanced before they experience this higher stage. What human beings can experience belongs to the general laws of the earth. The Being whom we call by the name of Christ or by other names will also bring about what we can describe as the saving of all the souls on earth for the Jupiter existence, whilst everything else will fall away with the earth. Anthroposophy is not something arbitrary, but something of importance that had to come into the world. The world must learn to understand the Christ Being who lived for three years on the earth.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Four Worlds

Participation of the Human Being

Upper Devachan

Will: moral impulses

Lower Devachan

Feelings: aesthetic ideals

Astral world

Thought: etheric, nature

Physical world

Corporeality: physical-material nature

“…the human being is in such a close relationship through his threefold soul nature and also through his physical nature — from these realms proceed those forces which can lead man through the world. That is, we cannot observe an object belonging to the physical world, without eyes to see it with: this is the human being’s relationship with the physical world. Through his life of thought, he is in relationship with the astral world; through his life of feeling, he is connected with the World of Devachan; and through his moral life with the world of Upper Devachan.”

“America was to be the place where human beings would be able to bring harmony and equilibrium between the pole of Thinking and that of Will and this made possible through the development of the Heart center of Feeling. The longitudinal alignment indicates that no longer journeying toward the Promised Land of reconciling these extremes into a new conscious balance, the American will have arrived. This is the real American dream, where each either attains mastery over and harmony between the opposing tendencies of human nature, or is torn to pieces by the conflict between them.”  Patrick Dixon (Click Link)

Our Human Hearts, to state the obvious, play a key role in the transformation of our Earth, whether our Hearts are from the East, the Middle or the West. The entire transformation of the material forces, of Human Beings in our hidden Karma forces, the Rings of Saturn and meeting the Saturn Beings, meeting the Venus, Mercury, Sun Beings, Mars, Jupiter Beings, Sophia, Michael and the Risen Etheric Christ Being, our Angels, our geographic, ethnic Archangelic Beings and Time Spirits, Archai Beings – meeting the Elemental Beings of the Earth, it is OUR HUMANITY, that is assigned and designed to Lift the Earth.

No ifs, ands or buts. It was and is indeed offered, as a potential and the literal goal of the Discovery of The American West and the Founding of the United States, was meant to be part of THE CULMINATION – of the American Psyche (Click Link). When and How each Human I Am comes to their own 5th Age, Consciousness Soul; Arrives at their own 6th Age, Spirit-Self standpoint; OR comes to an inward realization of the 7th Age, CULMINATION of The American Psyche is a pace and timing determined by our own Individual Initiation fulfillments. We each arrive at these Thresholds, when we arrive.

So the DEMON OF THE EARTH is also merged and mingled with the entire Individual as well as the entire Cultural Evolution of the Earth which we are the bearers of. The Reverse Mirror, the opposite of Truth, Beauty and Goodness, the opposite of the Cosmic I AM of the Risen Etheric Christ and the Lofty Hierarchies who have invested so much into Earth and our Human Hearts is also hidden in the Core of the Earth and in the Foundation of our I AM. For our Human Moral Will, our Love and Determination encounters as we penetrate deeper and deeper into the foundations of the Earth, the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth, contain and magnify also corrupted, deceptive agendas deliberately projected into human minds by The Demon of the Earth.

The New Foundation Stone of the Human Heart  “… when it has again become etheric, no longer bound by a physical form…” The Dodecahedron Heart lifted into the Permanent Ethers of the Sun 

“In Central America at the time when the Solar Logos was incarnated in the Middle East there arose as a Counter Mystery of the heart, the practice of human sacrifice expressed in the ritual of cutting out the heart and sometimes the stomach, and there was also widespread ritualized decapitation; these practices vanished and reappeared from then on in Central America right up to the time of the landing of the Spaniards. (Click this Link -Study this Link with Cognitive Clarity)  However they were initially inspired and for a very specific purpose at the turning point of Time (c.1-33 AD).

“The being that instigated these dark mysteries knew full well that anti-spiritual and materializing forces flowed most powerfully from West to East; an attempt was made to sacrifice, remove the hearts, and shed the blood of as many human beings as had been involved in the lines of descent of the Hebrew people up to the Incarnation; and this quantity of murders had to be performed within a limited amount of time if they were to have the desired effect, for the initiator of this was diabolically attuned to the Divine Mystery that was unfolding itself in the Middle East, and through this was holding, as it were, a shadowy mirror up to those events that would bring forth a reversed image of all that was purposed in the deed of Christ. If this Adept of the dark path had been able to work unhindered and deflect all the light streaming from the acts of Christ into the reversing mirror, the humanity of the future would more and more have become a shadow, a benighted reflection, an inverted image of itself, where all good intentions would be twisted, polarised outwards and manifest as actions of evil effect.

“However this being was hindered and caught in his own mirror and all the intended effects were reflected back upon their initiator, for another, a forerunner of those humans of the future who will balance all the sides of their nature and solve the equation of the Poles came with the Great Dream and with that fought the American Nightmare so that the Dream could be realised in the prophesied American Awakening.

“Advancement on the sinistral path means the decision to avoid self sacrifice, and the evasion of this, inevitably leads to the sacrifice of others, for the giving out of what has been developed inwardly is a process essential for the evolution and movement forward of all systems. The primal aim of these rituals was to prepare, through deliberate desecration, a climate, location and milieu in which the Ahrimanic entity could work its purposes most powerfully; this Being destined to incarnate and by this we mean, to bring together in embodiment on the surface of the Earth, members of its being that had previously been separated and formerly worked out of different spheres; this incarnation would act as a lens that would bring into focus the unified beam of its Will and its Intellect.

“But there was one great obstacle to this, and that was the phenomenon of human Feeling which at the time of the Incarnation of the Solar Logos was to receive an irresistible strengthening. So the realm of Feeling had to be cut out, removed from the inner Sanctum from where it was ordained to bring about the transformation of the external world from the Soul outwards. The heart is destined to ‘come out’ of the body when it has evolved from its present physical objective noun state, in which it is subjected to all the pressures and oscillations that work upon it from the terrestrial and sub-natural planes, when it has again become etheric, no longer bound by a physical form, but then become a spiritual force, a verb, as it were, able to subject the world of dead objects to its own ensouling powers that will raise the Physical condition of Form and Mineral condition of life into higher states of conscious communion.” Patrick Dixon (Click Link)

What we have understood is that a momentous event that engaged the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones called into play, out of the depths of the evolution of humanity, the refashioning of our Earthly Thinking Capacity that could be as precise as the Logos Itself. The I AM in our Humanity along with the Cosmic Organ of our Hearts were to arrive at a tandem working generative systems upgrade.

Preparations were made by the lofty Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones to raise the Daughter of Sophia, ANTHROSOPHIA, from the Cosmic Nursery we developed here on Earth. The educational foundations had to be laid for a Nursery that would support both the Thinking of little ANTHROSOPHIA and through awakening little ANTHROSOPHIA, the buried seed in the Heart of Humanity could ignite itself and come into possession of the Cosmic Fire and Love required to feed a Cosmic Being of Anthrosophia’s stature.

Awakening our ANTHROSOPHIA in the Triple, Trinity of the  ‘ I ‘

“… the threefold “It is I” streams from the Heart, where it may stream from the Heart; when it streams from the Heart in such a way that it is the echo of what resounds in these Hearts from the Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones:

Who speaks in the Spirit-Word
With the voice
Which blazes in the cosmic fire?

The flame of the stars speaks,
Seraphic fire-forces flaming;
They flame also in my heart.
In the primal being’s fount of love
The human heart finds
Creative spirit-speech aflame:
It is I.

What thinks in the Spirit-Word
With thoughts
Which are formed from cosmic souls?

The glow of the stars thinks,
The formative forces of the Cherubim glow;
They also glow in my head.
In the primal beings’ source of light
The human head finds
Thinking soul-forming at work:

            It is I.

What impels in the Spirit-Word
With forces
Which live in the cosmic body?

The cosmic body of the stars impels,
The Thrones’ bearing powers embody;
They also embody in my limbs.
In the primal being’s source of life
Human limbs find
Forceful Cosmic-bearer-powers.
It is I.

Just for the sake of looking through the Job Applications that the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones as well as Initiates and Bodhisattvas reviewed, we come upon the validation and Logos comprehensive OBJECTIVE development of the historical trajectory of Aristotle’s Brain. If the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones were to Super Infuse and Ignite the forces needed to offer Humanity a qualified thinking apparatus for little ANTHROSOPHIA, they needed one of the Greatest Thinkers to uncover the immense new dynamic treasures buried in the I AM itself. Thinking and the I AM had to awaken to Christ and the Cosmic Heart.

ANTHROSOPHIA required for her growth, strength and development both a Cosmic Heart and Cosmic Thought Foundation to sustain the new fiery pulse of the Tree of Life that would awaken and boost the forces of all of Humanity towards Sophia Herself. Therefore the Cosmic and Earthly History of Aristotle was to be exposed to the success or humiliation and failure of being the one to introduce and uncover the awakening of ANTHROSOPHIA Herself in the I AM of Humanity.

Therefore Aristotle and Alexander the Great had to be made aware of the deepest currents coming into action from the Spiritual Beings of the Spiritual World. Aristotle had to be made aware of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones intentions while he sojourned through the lofty Devachan Regions after the death of each of his I AM encounters with the gnarly knot hidden in Human Thinking Itself. This Thinker was Humanities Thinker and through him even the Seraphim, Sophia and Anthrosophia as well as the Logos of Christ and His Servant the Archai Michael Himself placed a task, A Grail Task, fraught with enormous responsibility, Love and Freedom.

Awakening the Devachan Memory of our Karma with the Earth – the New Thinking Organ of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones – Consciously connecting and RE-MEMBERING, re-connecting, Re-Visioning Moral Imagination with the New tools of Freedom in the I AM

“From our habitations here on Earth — especially in those moments when as we look upwards to the firmament of heaven the stars send down their shimmering radiance — we feel the sublimity of the heavens above us. But something of far greater splendour is experienced as we gaze downwards now — from the realms of spirit. For then we behold the deeds of the Beings of the First Hierarchy, of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones working in mutual interrelationship. Mighty pictures of spiritual happenings are revealed to us as we gaze downwards — for our heaven now lies below. Just as in physical existence on Earth we gaze at the starry script above us, so when we look downwards from the realm of spirit we behold the deeds of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones.

“And in this spiritual existence we are aware that what is proceeding among these Beings, revealed in sublime, majestic pictures, has something to do with what we ourselves are and shall become. For now we feel that what is taking place there among the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones reveals the consequences which our deeds of the previous earthly life will have in the earthly life to come. We perceive how in earthly life we behaved in this way to one individual, in that way to another individual, how we were compassionate or pitiless, whether our deeds were good or evil. Our attitude and disposition are the concern of the Third Hierarchy, our deeds of the First Hierarchy, the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. Then, in the cosmic memory now alive in us, there arises a shattering, awe inspiring realisation of our deeds and actions between birth and death in the last earthly life.

“Down below we behold the deeds of spiritual Beings, of Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones. What are they doing? They show us, in pictures, what our experiences with individuals with whom we had some relationship in the previous incarnation will have to become in the new relationship that will be established in order that mutual compensation may be made for what happened between us in the previous life. And from the way in which the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones work in cooperation, we realise that the great problem is there being solved.

“When I have dealings with an individual in some earthly life, I myself prepare the compensatory adjustment; the work performed by the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones merely ensures that the compensation will be made, that it will become reality. And it is these Beings who also ensure that the other individual with whom I shall again make contact is led to me in the same way as I am led to him.

“It is the majestic experiences arising from the pictures of the deeds of the higher Hierarchies which are recorded by the Moon Beings and subsequently inscribed by them in our astral body when the time comes for the descent to another earthly existence. Together with us in the life between death and a new birth, these Moon Beings witness what is happening in order that the adjustment of the previous earthly life may take place in a subsequent life.

“This, my dear friends, will give you an inkling of the majesty and grandeur of what is here revealed, as compared with the sense world. But you will realise, too, that the things of the sense world conceal far, far more than they actually make manifest. Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

To be the experimental, trial run, of an entirely new THINKING CAPACITY, which includes all Life after Death, Heaven and Devachan actions and connections that the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones certified, stamped with the seal of Cosmic/Earthly destiny force, into the Karma of the Earth Itself, into each human heart as they pass each other by, without knowing or inquiring the mystery of each other, was the raw New Organ of Cognition Rudolf Steiner pioneered. He brought the Organ of Cognitive Light needed by Anthrosophia Herself and engineered by the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones into activity on the Earth.

In my previous examinations I discussed how Christ stood in the Whirling Immediacy of TIME, with every step He took on Earth. The entire Time Sphere of the Karma of every individual who touched Him or whom He touched, breathed upon, or spoke a silent prayer over or written with His finger in the Dust of the Earth, was recorded by the entire Solar System. (Examined HERE (Click Link)

Through the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones an entirely new capacity was delivered into the hands of humanity. Humanity was given the Conscious Organ of Freedom of Adjustment and Moral Imagination to unravel and change Saturn’s immutable karmic decrees. Humanity was given the organ of conscious Karmic awareness to alter and change the current of the Earth and Human Destiny through Freedom, Love and Moral Imagination. Humanity could awaken to the Cosmic and Moral goals of Sophia through the New Organ of Anthrosophia and in each individual hearts core, change the course of Earth Evolution towards the Good.

In point of fact, we all were aware that something Big was going on and it was headed into the most extreme turbulence of Earth Evolution and the 20th Century. Considering that an entirely New Archangel might come to life in our Thinking – Feeling and Willing.  Our THREE  ‘ I’s ‘ could grow to be attached to the umbilical Fire, offered as MIlk, by Sophia Herself as New Nutrition for our I AM. We are becoming aware of the sacrifice and offering it takes from each of us, to be scrutinized, weighed and sifted in the flames of failure. If through Courage we learn to feed ourselves on the Holy Fires of Compassion running through the tiniest Elemental Component of Creation, we learn to drink from the Cup of Sophia and Christ.

The Seraphim, Michael and “The Philo-Sophia of Freedom” of building and sustaining entirely New Lightning in the Permanent Brain and Nervous System organization of the I AM.

“At the turning point of time Michael began sacrificing this ruler-ship to humanity and since the beginning of the Consciousness Soul epoch the Intelligence has fully descended to the earth and to humanity and Michael has lost all control over it. A question arose at that time – what would humanity do with this intelligence? Would it be tempted by Ahriman and the forces contrary to the wise guidance of world evolution to materialize it? It was the task of the Being of Anthroposophia to lead humanity towards a new spiritual or Sophian consciousness in anticipation of this event, until such time as Michael could rise to Archai or Time Spirit in 1879. At this time Michael was able to descend to the immediate spiritual surroundings of the earth and it was then through the combined activity of Michael and the being of Anthroposophia that it was made possible for a chosen human being to become the earthly bearer of Anthroposophy or Spiritual Science. This human being was Rudolf Steiner.

“Because Anthroposophia has reached the evolutionary stage of Spirit Self she has begun in our time, to work directly with the forces proceeding from the Holy
Spirit that inspires the sphere of Bodhisattvas (Archangels), and the lower triad of the Cosmic Sophia – the realm of moon and planets, the Angelic realm, to foster wisdom acquired through thought. Michael on the other hand works directly with those forces proceeding from the higher triad and the sphere of the Son or Sun as a star – Cosmic Intelligence.”  Adriana Koulias (Click Link)

Thank God Anthroposophia is alive. Her birth pangs shattered History on so many levels we can’t ever enumerate them all. Her gifts so overwhelming that the Demon of the Earth cringes at the mere Reality of Our Invoking The Foundation Stone. What the Foundation Stone meant in passing the Torch of Human Awakening to ignite the hidden spark in the Hearts of our Humanity must bring Cosmic Thought together with Earthly thought. The Risen Etheric Christ Heart is brought slowly together with the dynamics of our own Earthly Human Hearts. With these forces we can Alter the entire current of the future of the Earth.

The Foundation Stone and the treasure seed planted in our Hearts is a Valentine Mystery beyond anything we have ever imagined. What we build on the Foundation Stone of Love, what we build from our Intimate Hearts, gradually nourishes the germinal seed of The Tree of Life Itself. Together with All Our Human Hearts, opening our gift wrapped secret seed and learning to awaken its hidden substance, Light, Love and life and nourishing what these can become in the service of our Higher Humanity brings us to the clarification and perfection of the Logos Heart of the Christ Being.


Verification, solidification of understanding the Geographical and Geological location and activity of the HEART OF OUR EARTH can now be clearly and substantially linked to the Inner Hidden and secret design codes set in the deep structure of our Individual Human Hearts.  (CLICK THIS LINK FOR SOLID CONFIRMATION)


The Seven I AM’s of the John Gospel and the outline of how to attain the Community of the I AM, where Younger and Older forces of our Soul and Spirit, compliment each other, harvest their forces and offer those forces to a younger generation can be studied in THIS LINK. And further study of the vast structure of the kernel and building powers of the I AM can also be studied and scrutinized at THIS LINK.


“Can we now say, because Christ lived in a human body, that Christ was human?

“I was able to ask a Christian Community priest about all this, and he agreed: The higher we go we find that Christ is of the Trinity and then condescends through the Seraphim, Cherubim and so on to become an Archangel and then man.

“Now, my reading of Rudolf Steiner says that Michael is that Archangel.

“From The Pre Earthly Deeds of Christ:

“He who was later the Nathan-Jesus had been present in the three earlier events, but not incarnated as physical man; he lived in the spiritual worlds as a spiritual Being of the nature of the Archangels; and in the spiritual worlds, in the preparatory stages of the Mystery of Golgotha, in the Lemurian age and twice in Atlantis, he was permeated by the Christ-Being.”

“Notice he lived as one who had “the nature of the Archangels”, but he was of an Angelic nature:

“It may be said, therefore, that there were three Archangel-lives in the spiritual world, and that the Being who lived those lives was the same as he who was later incarnated as man and is described in the Gospel of St. Luke as the Jesus-child. Three times had this Angelic being, who later sacrificed himself as Man, offered himself for permeation by the Christ-Impulse. As in Christ Jesus we have a Man permeated with the Christ-Impulse, so it may be said that three times previously we have an Angel permeated with that Impulse. “​

“Dr. Steiner’s teaching is that the Nathan child was a pure soul who was not involved in the Fall. He had also been Krishna. I hadn’t consider him as an Archangel though. This is a new thought- and quite convoluted too.

“The fact that the “Christ Impulse” incarnated in an Angelic being as stated above, is contradicted by Steiner here:

“I admit that it may seem strange when I say that this great Being was ensouled three times in an archangelic form, and then incarnated in a human being. It would seem a more orderly progression if between His ensoulment as an archangel and His human incarnation He had taken an angelic form. So it may seem to us. Yet, even though it is claimed that the statements of spiritual science are fictitious, truly it is not so. You may gather this from corroborative evidence. If you ask me how it happens that Christ did not descend from hierarchy to hierarchy and only afterward to man – if you were to ask me that, I could only answer that I do not know, for I never make theoretical combinations. The facts adduced by spiritual research are that Christ chose three times an archangelic form, leaving out the angelic form, and then made use of a human body. I leave it to future research to determine the reason, which I do not yet know, though I do know that it is true. ”

“Was he making a correction, because the Pre Earthly Deeds of Christ lecture was given in March and the Four Sacrifices in June 1914?

From the Four Sacrifices of Christ:

“This danger to humanity was averted in the Lemurian age by a Being Who later, through the Mystery of Golgotha, incarnated in the body of Jesus of Nazareth. In this earlier age, however, He ensouled Himself – I cannot say incarnated – in one of the archangels.

“While the earth was working through the Lemurian age, a Being living in spiritual heights became manifest – one might say, as a sort of prophecy of John’s baptism – in an archangel who offered up his soul powers, and was thus permeated by the Christ.”

So in this lecture we are again talking about the Nathan Jesus (though he is not mentioned by name).

“Then we find the Nathan Jesus being talked about as though he had been ensouled with the Archangel Michael:

“Once more the Christ Being ensouled Himself in an archangel, and the power thus generated in the spiritual world made possible the harmonization of thinking, feeling and willing……..

“Mankind has preserved some memory of how human passion and human thinking were harmonized at this period by forces that descended from supramundane worlds, but the sign of this memory is not rightly understood. St. George who conquers the dragon, or Michael who conquers the dragon, are symbols of the third Christ event, when Christ ensouled Himself in an archangel. It is the dragon, trodden under foot, that has brought thinking, feeling and willing into disorder. All who turn their gaze upon St. George or Michael with the dragon, or some similar episode, perceive, in reality, the third Christ event. The Greeks who in their wonderful mythology made copies of what happened in the spiritual world at the end of the Atlantean age, revered the Sun Spirit as the harmonizer of man’s thinking, feeling and willing. ”

“Now the Nathan Jesus is forgotten:

“Then came the fourth, the earthly mystery, that of Golgotha. The same Christ Being Who had ensouled Himself three times in archangelic form incarnated through what we call the Baptism by John in the Jordan in the body of Jesus of Nazareth.”

“I’m not too clear on all this. Just what is the connection of the Archangel Michael to the Nathan Jesus?” Some of the stunning research of my dear colleague – Bruce Michael Esoteric Lodge B.Hive (click Link)


Saturn, The Thrones, and making of the Human Heart, What is LEO

Eighth Holy night 31 December-1 January
Constellation of the lion
– Sergei. O. Prokofieff

The Lion region is linked with the chain of thrones or spirits of will. Before arriving at the review of this mutual bond, it is necessary to point out that starting with the zodiacal region of the balance, we have a certain lag in its relationship to the corresponding hierarchies.
This is related to the fact that forces, which in a cycle of evolution appear rather outside, act in the following cycle as the inner forces of some beings. So the spirits of the movement are by their essence the regents of the old moon. However, at this time, they are already actively preparing for the development of the current earth as a planet, on which the wisdom of the ancient moon must become “mobile”, creative within human beings in the earth. That is why their symbol (the balance) belongs to the earth, not the moon. For among all the signs of the zodiac, only the balance is an “inanimate object”, created by the creative wisdom of man. Thus it returns us to the fact that under the direction of the minds of the movement, the ” wisdom of the outside world “, from the ancient moon, ” becomes inner wisdom in man [that is a mobile, creative wisdom]” (GA * 13), in order to change little by little, by having infused his self whose spirit of form donated to him on earth, in the forces of love under the leadership of these spirits. – such a move, we also find it in connection with the sign of the virgin. The spirits of wisdom linked with the region of the virgin are the regents of the old sun. However, what they do in the spiritual sense at this time, finds its external expression only on the moon, which at that time, under the influence of the spirits of the movement, becomes the planet of wisdom (unlike the earth on which Must be born love) (GA * 102, 24.3.1908).
This is why their symbol turns out to be lunar by excellence, the virgin, who carries the solar forces only in a secret way in her interior. In the end, the spirits of the will, Thrones, are first and first the regents of the ancient Saturn, which appeared thanks to a superior cosmic sacrifice, brought to this time by THRONES TO THE CHERUBIM. These forces of sacrifice then became on the old sun the inner forces of awakening for all the solar evolution. For this reason, to thrones, in the zodiac circle, is particularly linked to the solar sign of the lion. A higher expression of this position of sacrifice, from the inner element, was on the old sun the sacrifice act of Christ’s being, described by Rudolf Steiner in the last conference of the cycle ” man in the light of the occultism, Theosophy and philosophy ” (GA * 137). However, in the image of the lion, it also contains the reference to perfectly precise inner qualities, clean in the macrocosm precisely to the minds of the will. Borrowed from antiquity, the image of the lion was always taken as an image of superior royal dignity.
It is not for nothing that the throne of King Solomon was still adorned with two and twelve Golden Lions (Kings I, 10/18-20). For we have in the lion’s figure the passage of the will to the cordial forces of courage , towards the layout to achieve outside the requirements of the superior will, starting from the forces of its interior. This Union of sacrifice (will) and courage, we find it precisely in these words, by which Rudolf Steiner Characterizes the imagination of the sacrifice of thrones to the cherubim on the ancient Saturn: ” Thrones in this provision to sacrifice, Whose base is the strength, courage, as if they were kneel before the cherubim by sending to them the offering… ” (GA * 132,31.10.1911). **) we showed up above, in connection With The description of the balance region in its report to the minds of the movement, their action balancing in relation to the radiation of the minds of the will from the center of the earth; these radiation that Rudolf Steiner defines as “effects of thrones” (GA * 121, 11.6.1910), they can be seen by the image of the powerful lion coming out of a mountain den, armed with his active strength and royal dignity. The forces of inner courage, flowing from the zodiacal region of the lion, can in particular help man to find a correct relationship to all the tests that his destiny sends him, that is to place himself in a correct report to his Own Karma, to learn how to wear it and develop it consciously. (***) such a work in turn can lead man towards a more conscious relationship to the chain of Thrones. For what this chain has once accomplished on the ancient Saturn, these “laws of the ancient saturn”, they continue in a fully transformed form to live even in our time, expressed in the thesmonité of individual human destiny (GA * 161). , 10.1.1915). In the cycle of the year, the time under the sign of the lion goes from the end of June to the beginning of August. In August, the strength of solar light gradually begins to decrease, in return its calorie action becomes greater. This warmest time of the year keeps in it as a last and weak resonance of the natural memory of the state of the ancient Saturn, the pleural effusion of the substance heat by the spirits of the will (by Thrones).
**. by describing the most remote times of Saturn and the minds of the will that were acting there, Rudolf Steiner characterizes them as follows: ” these minds of will, we learn to know them in the following way, when This becomes for us a true nature of objects, one could say: a stormy sea of courage… it is not just a kind of sea indifferent, but all the possibilities and differences of what can be designated by the Feeling of courage come to meet us. It is quite strange when we say meeting beings that are just as real as man made of flesh, and who are not flesh but courage… it is as such bodies that we meet Spirits of will; and at first, we only define as the ‘ existence of Saturn ‘ only what the spirits of the will that consists of courage, nothing d’autre…de all sides we always find the spirits of Courage or will.” (GA * 132,31.10.1911) therefore the ancient Saturn appeared from a kind of sea of courage (courage is the main attributes of the lion). Then in the course of its development from the igneous sacrifice of Thrones, formed oval forms. – the first form of the physical body of man -, whose appearance was linked, according to the words of Rudolf Steiner, to the activity of Thrones, from the sign of the lion. In the end, the fusion of all the the forms in one at the end of the development of the old Saturn also comes under the influence of the forces of the lion (GA * 110, 17.4.1909). Thus, during saturn It is three times that thrones act from the constellation of the ‘ Lion: at the beginning in the middle and the end, embracing and decisive in this way all its existence.
***. Cf. K.L. Althoff, “the father’s prayer”, ch. “the twelve in the twelve”, lot 7. (Urachhaus, 1978).


” enter your sensitive glory
The essence of the world realized,
Materials becoming sensitive,
Making the decision to exist.
In the brilliant of life,
In the pain of birth ruling,
In your sensitive greatness, show yourself! ”

Twelve zodiacal harmonies, Steiner

Research Work from The Michael School by Michèle Lenoir

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