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7th Cultural Era = Budhi or Life Spirit

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"In the course of evolution humanit…

American Age Sea-Goat, Capricorn 5733 – 7893 AD

7th Cultural Era = Budhi or Life Spirit

“We know that some day the Moon will re-unite with the Earth. This is known by abstract astronomy and other sciences, but they push the time far into the future — it is however really not very far off.

“In the course of evolution humanity is becoming younger and younger and retains the power of evolving in body and soul to a definite age. In ancient India man retained plasticity up to the age of 56. At the time of Golgotha to the age of 33; now, to the age of 27. In the 6th post-Atlantean epoch it will be to the age of 21-14 in the 7th epoch, 14-7.

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