The Culmination – of the American Psyche (part 4) by Bradford Riley

American Age Sea-Goat, Capricorn 5733 – 7893 AD

7th Cultural Era = Budhi or Life Spirit

“We know that some day the Moon will re-unite with the Earth. This is known by abstract astronomy and other sciences, but they push the time far into the future — it is however really not very far off.

“In the course of evolution humanity is becoming younger and younger and retains the power of evolving in body and soul to a definite age. In ancient India man retained plasticity up to the age of 56. At the time of Golgotha to the age of 33; now, to the age of 27. In the 6th post-Atlantean epoch it will be to the age of 21-14 in the 7th epoch, 14-7.

“Woman will cease to be fertile, another mode of entering earthly life will take place when the Moon re-unites with the Earth, in 8,000 A.D. The re-uniting of the Moon with the Earth will be of great significance; we shall be connected with the Earth differently.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

part 4 Capricorn


“The Christ-Impulse, which will have saturated the whole etheric body: the human etheric body will have become one with the Christ-Impulse.”Rudolf Steiner (CLICK LINK)

Part 1 (Click Link) lays the foundation for the entire 4 part over view of THE AMERICAN AGE.
Part 2 (Click Link) awakens the slumbering CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL hidden in the American Spirit.

Part 3 (Click Link) advances to Spirit-Self and the Manas hidden in the American Spirit.

Part 4 is being offered in a slightly different format. Part 4 is being offered in this way for those who have already built a firm foundation in the previous essays on America, as offered, and have a strong interest in the Eighth Sphere and the final stages of The Culmination of the Age of America. What were the goals, intents, and Trials of Body, Soul and Spirit that were laid into the Foundations of America?

We may look forward, into the 7th Age, with enhanced vision, and discover the True Hopes for The American Spirit. Part 4 completes the outline of “Grappling with Monsters of the American Psyche” by getting us into the goals, the hopes and the challenges that lay ahead if we are to achieve and arrive at the lofty intentions of the Founding Fathers for The Future American Age and the Culmination of the 7th Age. To arrive at the American Age is to come to a stage of Higher Consciousness where Humanity carries the fruit, deeds, Karma and seeds of the meaning and intent of the entire evolution of our Earth.

Our goal has been to arrive at a distant view of The Culmination of the 7th Age of Capricorn.part 4 capricorn and the snail The Age of Brotherhood, of Manas, was carried through the 6th Age even while future forces of Budhi began appearing in the 5th Age (Click Link). The Culmination of the 7th Age, lifts Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, all that remains of the strivers and the stragglers of our humanity are lifted upwards.

The Ascension Mysteries of Christ have a much deeper significance for the entire Earth and all it’s component elements. In this final study, Part 4 of Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche we gain a working knowledge of the goals that were planted in the West as the hopes and potentials of the mission of The Future American Age. Sophia of the Stars opens Her Heart to embrace Humanity, even as the enormous Elohim of the Moon Portal draws itself closer to the Earth and pulls the Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man forces we have developed, into Her Cosmic embrace.

“It spins in exact accordance with the beam of light and at night when there is no light it rolls up the thread. It spins it out in the sunlight and rolls it up again at night.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

The Great Unraveling of all our astral, etheric, physical knots, unresolved Karma and the travail of separating and sacrificing for the great goal is magnified ten thousand times in every striving human soul. A Capricorn, Goat-like clinging to the precipices and cliffs and hardened psychic horns where our Pineal and Pituitaries, each had trod such strange and perilous pathways, comes to a Culmination in THE AGE OF CAPRICORN.

Part 4 spiral of the goat of capricorn advent spiral of the whole earth karmaBut more importantly in penetrating the Goat and Capricorn mysteries of the coming 7th Age, we vitally connect to how in the 1st Post Atlantean Age of Ancient India we were spiraling IN with our Advent Mysteries as the Sun Rose in Spring, in the sign of Cancer. In the 7th Age when the Sun rises in Spring from the Sea Goat, we find in our Advent Mysteries spiraling OUT.

In the 7th Age we unravel the mysteries of matter, love and light with Holy and profound Gratitude to ALL the lower kingdoms that gave us so much. In the 7th Age the entire core of the Earth, the karma of the planet Earth in the Nine Layers of the Earth, the beasts, the plants, the stones and above all our fellow human companions are gathered by each of us in order to lift Earth Herself through the trials of LOVE that await us. Through our grasp of the mysteries of Budhi and Life-Spirit we learn how to Build our new Home. The future Metamorphosis of the Earth into the PLANET OF LOVE.

Capricorn and the Culmination of the Fourth Sequence of our current Earth Evolution celebrated as an ADVENT MYSTERY

The first Light of Advent It is the Light of stones:
The Light that shines in seashells In crystals and our bones.

The second Light of Advent It is the Light of plants:
Plants that reach up to the sun And in the breezes dance.

The third Light of Advent, It is the light of beasts:
The Light of faith that we may see In greatest and in least.

The fourth Light of Advent It is the Light of humankind:
The Light of hope, of thoughts and deeds,
The Light of hand, heart and mind.

The Imagination of Penelope as she unravels Her Tapestry (Click Link) to prevent the suitors from ravenously robbing her of her fidelity to Odysseus, was an example of our Astral nightly Ruckshau and how we learned to unravel our Star Memories and our Karma together, back through to the beginnings of Earth Herself. Tatiana-Blass-Penelope-12 The Great Unraveling the higher forces of human bloodJust as the Mystery Dramas themselves taught us to pierce and retrieve our Karmic connections, hinderers and helpers alike. Penelope’s suitors were the same taunters and seducers who taught us our Ahrimanic, Luciferic and Asuric lessons in bondage and slavery to matter.

The awful and daunting Culmination of the Science of Love, in the 7th Age, reveals how some of our most malignant and fearsome shadows, that we clung to, have solidified themselves into grotesque Black Magic Monsters. The Super-Power of Love that penetrates to the very core of Evil, finds our own reflections, our own cosmic opponents, our own shadows that were formed by us, now reflecting back to us the greatest of LOVE’S HIGHEST MYSTERIES. We Unlock the Seals of the Great Book of Matter-Spirit and our Humanity.

Graduating from Spirit-Selfhood; Awakening to the Karma of Humanity and finding the forces of Budhi in our Souls

Laying in the Grave

“just as man is dependent physically on the Earth, so is he dependent spiritually on the spiritual world. When man comes to feel his unity with the whole planet — then is he “laid in the earth,” then does he undergo the “burial.”

“Hereon follows the seventh stage, the “Resurrection” and the “Ascension.” Man experiences here the Eternal.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

by Edna St. Vincent Millay

“The definition on my mind,
Held up before my eyes a glass
Through which my shrinking sight did pass
Until it seemed I must behold
Immensity made manifold;
Whispered to me a word whose sound
Deafened the air for worlds around,
And brought unmuffled to my ears
The gossiping of friendly spheres,
The creaking of the tented sky,
The ticking of Eternity.
I saw and heard, and knew at last
The How and Why of all things, past,
And present, and forevermore.
The universe, cleft to the core,
Lay open to my probing sense
That, sick’ning, I would fain pluck thence
But could not,—nay! But needs must suck
At the great wound, and could not pluck
My lips away till I had drawn
All venom out.—Ah, fearful pawn!
For my omniscience paid I toll
In infinite remorse of soul.
All sin was of my sinning, all
Atoning mine, and mine the gall
Of all regret. Mine was the weight
Of every brooded wrong, the hate
That stood behind each envious thrust,
Mine every greed, mine every lust.
And all the while for every grief,
Each suffering, I craved relief
With individual desire,—
Craved all in vain! And felt fierce fire
About a thousand people crawl;
Perished with each,—then mourned for all!
A man was starving in Capri;
He moved his eyes and looked at me;
I felt his gaze, I heard his moan,
And knew his hunger as my own.
I saw at sea a great fog-bank
Between two ships that struck and sank;
A thousand screams the heavens smote:
And every scream tore through my throat.
No hurt I did not feel, no death
That was not mine; mine each last breath
That, crying, met an answering cry
From the compassion that was I.
All suffering mine, and mine its rod;
Mine, pity like the pity of God.
Ah, awful weight! Infinity
Pressed down upon the finite Me!
My anguished spirit, like a bird,
Beating against my lips I heard
Yet lay the weight so close about
There was no room for it without.
And so beneath the Weight lay I
And suffered death, but could not die.

“Long had I lain thus, craving death,
When quietly the earth beneath
Gave way, and inch by inch, so great
At last had grown the crushing weight,
Into the earth I sank till I
Full six feet under ground did lie,
And sank no more,—there is no weight
Can follow here, however great.
From off my breast I felt it roll,
And as it went my tortured soul
Burst forth and fled in such a gust
That all about me swirled the dust.

“Deep in the earth I rested now;
Cool is its hand upon the brow
And soft its breast beneath the head
Of one who is so gladly dead.
And all at once, and over all,
The pitying rain began to fall;
I lay and heard each pattering hoof
Upon my lowly, thatchèd roof,
And seemed to love the sound far more
Than ever I had done before.
For rain it hath a friendly sound
To one who’s six feet underground;
And scarce the friendly voice or face:
A grave is such a quiet place.

“The rain, I said, is kind to come
And speak to me in my new home.
I would I were alive again
To kiss the fingers of the rain,
To drink into my eyes the shine
Of every slanting silver line,
To catch the freshened, fragrant breeze
From drenched and dripping apple-trees.
For soon the shower will be done,
And then the broad face of the sun
Will laugh above the rain-soaked earth
Until the world with answering mirth
Shakes joyously, and each round drop
Rolls, twinkling, from its grass-blade top.
How can I bear it; buried here,
While overhead the sky grows clear
And blue again after the storm?
O, multi-colored, multiform,
Beloved beauty over me,
That I shall never, never see
Again! Spring-silver, autumn-gold,
That I shall never more behold!
Sleeping your myriad magics through,
Close-sepulchred away from you!
O God, I cried, give me new birth,
And put me back upon the earth!
Upset each cloud’s gigantic gourd
And let the heavy rain, down-poured
In one big torrent, set me free,
Washing my grave away from me!

“I ceased; and, through the breathless hush
That answered me, the far-off rush
Of herald wings came whispering
Like music down the vibrant string
Of my ascending prayer, and—crash!
Before the wild wind’s whistling lash
The startled storm-clouds reared on high
And plunged in terror down the sky,
And the big rain in one black wave
Fell from the sky and struck my grave.

“I know not how such things can be
I only know there came to me
A fragrance such as never clings
To aught save happy living things;
A sound as of some joyous elf
Singing sweet songs to please himself,
And, through and over everything,
A sense of glad awakening.
The grass, a-tiptoe at my ear,
Whispering to me I could hear;
I felt the rain’s cool finger-tips
Brushed tenderly across my lips,
Laid gently on my sealèd sight,
And all at once the heavy night
Fell from my eyes and I could see,—
A drenched and dripping apple-tree,
A last long line of silver rain,
A sky grown clear and blue again.
And as I looked a quickening gust
Of wind blew up to me and thrust
Into my face a miracle
Of orchard-breath, and with the smell,—
I know not how such things can be!—
I breathed my soul back into me.
Ah! Up then from the ground sprang I
And hailed the earth with such a cry
As is not heard save from a man
Who has been dead, and lives again.
About the trees my arms I wound;
Like one gone mad I hugged the ground;
I raised my quivering arms on high;
I laughed and laughed into the sky,
Till at my throat a strangling sob
Caught fiercely, and a great heart-throb
Sent instant tears into my eyes;
O God, I cried, no dark disguise
Can e’er hereafter hide from me
Thy radiant identity!
Thou canst not move across the grasspart 4 the risen etheric christ in the elements
But my quick eyes will see Thee pass,
Nor speak, however silently,
But my hushed voice will answer Thee.
I know the path that tells Thy way
Through the cool eve of every day;
God, I can push the grass apart
And lay my finger on Thy heart!

“The world stands out on either side
No wider than the heart is wide;
Above the world is stretched the sky,—
No higher than the soul is high.
The heart can push the sea and land
Farther away on either hand;
The soul can split the sky in two,
And let the face of God shine through.
But East and West will pinch the heart
That cannot keep them pushed apart;
And he whose soul is flat—the sky
Will cave in on him by and by.”

Arriving at the Culmination and Flowering of Earth Evolution is part of the vast picture of the coming 7th Age. The full Goethean Flowering of the Seeds planted deeply in our human spiritual structure are Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man. Generally, by the end of Earth Evolution all of humanity will have reached a stage where Love and the full Grape of the Earth Herself will yield it’s elixir of Life. Love itself will be the Harvest we take with us from Earth Evolution.

part 4 the american age

The densest and deepest, most condensed and compact point of Earth Evolution, as measured by TIME ITSELF, measured by the Logos and conquered by the Christ Being, was at Golgotha. Christ entered at the central point of Earth Evolution and the deepest, densest region of the Part 4 deep heart placenta and umbilical cord inner earthPhysical Time Plan of the World and Humanity and drew out of the Earth Herself, the umbilical CORE and roots of Spirit-Man. We shall show this deep umbilical cord tied to the Core of Earth, in no uncertain terms.

“Buddhi, or Life Spirit, has an occult connection with the larynx, with the larynx and the gullet. And Atma, or Spirit Man, has an occult connection with something which extends through man’s whole being, namely the Akasha, or immortal part of man’s being.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Ancient Saturn, Ancient Sun, Ancient Moon and at the FOURTH STAGE our own Earth Evolution hits down into the deepest curve of the density of matter and spirit. An enormous momentum into the depths was checked momentarily at Golgotha. The solidification and skeletal condensation brought Earth Evolution into a pivotal transitional TIME crisis. Ascension.


“…there is a counter-dimension to every dimension of space, so that in all we have six counter-rays. These counter-rays represent the primal beginnings of the highest human members. The physical body, crystallized from out of space, is the lowest. The spiritual, the highest, is the opposite counter-dimension.

Necklace of Freyja Steiners 7th seal“In their development, these counter-dimensions first form themselves in a being that is best described when we let them flow together into the world of passions, sensual appetites, and instincts. This it is at first. Later, it becomes something else. It becomes ever more purified — we have seen to what height — but it issued from the lower impulses, which are here symbolized by the snake. The process of purification is symbolized by the counter-dimensions converging in two snakes standing opposite each other. As mankind purifies itself, it rises through what is called the world spiral. The purified body of the snake, this world spiral, has deep significance. The following example will give you an idea of it.

“Modern astronomy is supported by two postulates of Copernicus, but a third has not been taken into account. Copernicus said that the Sun also moves. It advances in a spiral so that the Earth, following the Sun, moves in a complicated curve. The same is true for the Moon that revolves around the Earth. These movements are far more complicated than is assumed in elementary astronomy (CLICK LINK). You see here how the spiral has significance for celestial bodies, and these describe a form with which men will one day identify themselves.

“At that time, a man’s generative power will be cleansed and purified, and his larynx will become his generative organ. What the human being will have developed as purified snake body will no longer work upwards, but from above downwards.Speech and Logos forces of the Word higher reproductive region

“The transformed larynx will become the chalice known as the Holy Grail. Even as one is purified, so also the other, which unites with this generative organ. It will be an essence of world force and of great cosmic essence.

“This world spirit in its essence is represented by the dove facing the Holy Grail. Here it symbolizes the spiritualized fructification that will be active out of the cosmos when men will have identified themselves with the cosmos. The complete creativity of this process is represented by the rainbow. This is the all-embracing seal of the Holy Grail. The whole gives the sense of the connection between world and men in a wonderful way, as a summation of the meaning of the other seals.”  (Click Link) Rudolf Steiner

A massive condensed conglomeration, like a tumor or colony of cancerous cells could collect and sink further and further into the density of slag, black magic, corrupted matter, and failed unresolved karmic catastrophe. These germinal seed-deeds that we have explored in the previous three essays, (starting here click link) grow downwards in dynamic opposition to Earth or upwards into the future AMERICAN AGE and the Ascension Mysteries.Part 4 descending into the Eighth Sphere at deep Earth Evolution

“As the residue of the Moon-evolution we have our present moon which circles around the Earth. Similarly there will be a residue of the Earth which will circle around Jupiter. Then these residues will gradually dissolve into the universal ether. On Venus there will no longer be any residue. Venus will manifest, to begin with, as pure Warmth, then it will become Light, and then pass over into the spiritual world. The residue left behind by the Earth will be like a corpse. This is a path along which man must not accompany the Earth, for he would thereby be exposed to dreadful torments. But there are Beings who accompany this corpse, since they themselves will by that means develop to a higher stage.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

In this essay on the Culmination of the American Age and the Culmination of the 7 Metamorphosis’ of the unfolding kernel and seed of our Human Evolution we will also examine the carapace, the remains, the residue and the severed forces of the EIGHTH SPHERE.part 4 densest sinking of infected eighth sphere away from upward Earth

The Culmination of Earth actually brings us, our humanity to the brink of the Divine Forces of Love and Metamorphosis that Christ Himself carried during the 4th Age. The goal of the American Age, from the founding of America in the West, was to generate a new path to the illumination of the Christ Event and how humanity achieves in itself, by the 7th Age, the literal Risen Etheric Budhi forces that were revealed in the THREE YEARS Christ shared as a Human Being. By the 7th Age, THE AMERICAN AGE, many human beings will begin to manifest what the Christ revealed through His Resurrection.

From Jesus to Christ

“…in our time the office of Karmic Judge passes over to Christ Jesus in the higher world next to our own. This event works into the physical world, on the physical plane, in such a way that men will develop towards it the feeling that by all their actions they will be causing something for which they will be accountable to the judgment of Christ. This feeling, now appearing quite naturally in the course of human development, will be transformed so that it permeates the soul with a light which little by little will shine out from the individual himself, and will illuminate the form of Christ in the etheric world. And the more this feeling is developed — a feeling that will have stronger significance than the abstract conscience — the more will the etheric Form of Christ be visible in the coming centuries.”

The TIME EQUATION of the School of Sophia that offered us and all higher beings SEVEN seeds, and taught us how to cultivate those SEVEN SEEDS also bequeathed to our humanity the SEVEN DAYS OF THE WEEK, and monumentally, the SEVEN enormous Evolution’s from Saturn to the distant future Vulcan evolution. These were all placed for convenience as part of the Architecture and design codes locked into the Science of the FIRST GOETHEANUM (Click Link).

Age of America charting the churches human evolution

The School of Sophia and the Stars and the School of the Lamb of God have given the TENTH HIERARCHY the same opportunities it gave the Ninth Hierarchy and the Eighth Hierarchy and the Seventh Hierarchy. The Archai, the Archangels, the Angels and Humanity were all required to move along in the School of the Hierarchies. The above curriculum is based on how we are guided, by our own human history, our own human will and our own human deeds to eventually become Cosmic Creator Beings.

Prayer to the Angel by Rudolf Steiner

You, my heavenly friend, my angel,
You who have led me to the earth
And will lead me through the gate of death
Into the spiritual home of the human soul;before our Angel
You, who have known the path for thousands of years;
Never cease to enlighten me, to strengthen me, to advise me,
That I may emerge from the consuming fire of destiny
a stronger vessel
and learn ever more to fill myself
with a sense for the goals of the spiritual world.

Humanity has been given one supremely hard task, differing from our lofty Hierarchy upper class members and our cosmic ancestors. Humanity was given the unique task to become the bearers of Freedom and Love. As discussed in PART 3, a literal Higher Dimensional Being entered at the Mid-Point of the lowest and densest region of Our Evolution. He set our path through the dense SKELETON.

Christ gave His Cosmic Manas to both Lazarus and John the Baptist. These two pillars help support the Christ and Sophia mysteries. Christ began the transubstantiation process of matter and Earth. We shall examine how Christ laid the foundation for the Jupiter Evolution through the events of Golgotha.

This 4 part series, of which this is the 4th, are part of the unfolding and advancing stages of how humanity enters into THE ASCENSION MYSTERIES. Christ, in great detail, left the schooling of Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man in His wake. And we are to follow in His Wake and Awaken.

Part 4 following in the wake to awakenIn this the 4th part of Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche we chart a path through Budhi and our Life-Spirit and penetrate to the Etheric-Sun Body hidden within us. In the 7th Age of Capricorn, as unbelievable as it may seem, we start to finally catch up to what Christ was able to do in the 4th Age of the Ram.

Christ, Ahura-Mazdao, the LOGOS of Creation revealed the miracle of what Humanity shall Become and was designed to Represent as children of the Gods. A manifest incarnate Higher Dimensional Being, planted into the core of Earth Herself, the Seed of How we were to become new Creator Beings. As New Creator Beings we are called upon to represent an entirely new integration of FREEDOM and LOVE. We join the ranks of our sisters and brothers of the higher Hierarchies. We create the Metamorphosis of the Earth into the Planet of Love.

The mission of Central Europe was FREEDOM. Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, and Rudolf Steiner brought forward the germinal work known in Central Europe as THE PHILOSOPHY OF FREEDOM. The hardest step for humanity has been the recognition of the deepest roots of our Conscience, evolving into a moral, free tool, that surprises the entire Cosmos. This stupendous new capacity woven into our I AM, becomes a new Living force in a New Cosmic Capacity, filled with the originality of unpredictable acts of Love. As unique Cosmic Beings we were nursed, here on Earth, with the rich substance of Freedom and Love.

The hardest step for humanity has been to move from Dead Laws, a Dead Universe to the Free Deeds and Love that allow us to step forward and become Moral Creator Beings. Novalis, Fichte, Rudolf Steiner, Goethe and in particular little FABLE (Click Link) from the Novalis’ novel “Heinrich von Ofterdingen” revealed for us a germinal Spirit-Self bud and a pathway to our future Budhi, Life-Spirit forces of ever renewing Etheric Life. As we discover further on, through Novalis, we have been Wet-Nursed by both Sensual Earth experience and Devachan, Star Milk through the Wisdom of Sophia.

This new germinal organ, a literal emancipated Being, little ANTHROSOPHIA, appeared as an entirely new capacity arising in the healthy unfolding and recovery of our Divine Intelligence. Part 4 the Culmination The Blue Flower Henry von Ofterdingen NovalisOnce the I AM enters this Virgin-Moral-Creative Intelligence, that is inherent, unconscious and Virgin in the plasticity of the plants, it becomes our very own guided creative force of New Conscious Goodness through the unfolding higher capacities latent in deep roots of our I AM.

Human beings will taste the higher Budhi Forces of the I AM and Goodness will be part of the lawful formative forces of pure magic, pure conscience, liberated as a Life-Force, Life-Spirit. That is a prime reason we practice NOW, the ROSE CROSS meditation. Little FABLE (Click Link) is the child of the I AM born from Spiritual Science lawfulness, and nursed at the breast of Anthrosophia. Moral Phantasy, Moral Freedom, Wisdom as the Intuition of Love, that serves the Balancing powers between Good and Evil awaken with Virgin Plasticity that allows the germinal Budhi forces to transubstantiate and shape the future of cosmic reality itself.

Novalis:  “The spirit world is indeed already unlocked for us; it is always revealed. If we suddenly became as elastic as we should be, we should see ourselves in the midst of it.”

“The spirit world is not closed; Your eyes are closed, your heart is dead!”
Faust – Goethe
William Blake:  “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.”
“Not “Revelation” — ’tis — that waits, But our unfurnished eyes —”
Emily Dickinson

Novalis arrived at this germinal stage of the functional, future of vivid I AM elasticity. Novalis was not the only one who arrived at this stage of the Initial Inspiration of the Etheric and astral shaping forces of the future Budhi and Life-Spirit working within the I AM. So imagine the ripples of this new Budhi force as it was shared and sought by Goethe. Imagine how this unfathomable, resurrecting, regenerating force in the seed kernel of the I AM, was experienced by Lazarus/John.

“All death in nature is birth, and at the moment of death appears visibly the rising of life. There is no dying principle in nature, for nature throughout is unmixed life, which, concealed behind the old, begins again and develops itself.”

~ Johann Gottlieb Fichte.

What we are looking for in the germinal seed kernel of Budhi and Life-Spirit as we examine the tasks of the 6th and 7th ages, is that we place our human insights, our frontier courage in exploring the New Continents of Higher Consciousness, precisely in the STRIKE ZONE, the cross-hairs. Planetary forces in Vowels and plant etheric vegetationWe want a front row seat to share in the recovery and discovery of where the germinal source point of how our Budhi and our Life-Spirit were revealed.

That which has brought us this long distance from [PART 1] from Elijah and “Moby Dick” to John the Baptist, through to Novalis and “LITTLE FABLE” has been part of our tracking of Sophia and Christ’s Best Man. Our tracking re-discovers the Karmic Star Physics, the Devachan Science used by Sophia to bring together on Earth our Karmic Groups. Together we discover the Logos, Ascension Sciences used for the cultivation of the Garden of our Human Spiritual Development, given by the Master Gardener Himself, The WORD, our Christ.

We stand in the criss/cross patterns of the furrows of TIME. These patterns connect, intersect and encompass the great spiritual treasures shared by Novalis, Goethe and whole vast clusters of incarnating and developing Human Beings. These germinal Groups, cultivating each other in the blood, heredity and soil of the Earth, include all of us and all the hidden Sophia Star Physics we were allotted in TIME. These helped stir to life and awaken the kernel of our I AM. Christ, the Word, the Logos of Creation has been the Master Gardner and Harvester for the Initiation and blossoming forth of our Higher I AM.

We witness Goethe’s plunge into Plant Plasticity and mobility in his Art and his Sciences. We stand before the resonating TIME portraits of Elijah, John the Baptist, Raphael, Novalis. The schooling and cultivation of our Higher Developing faculties places each of us in the lap of Lazarus. We are offered a gardening manual of how to prepare and cultivate our Etheric Life-Spirit, our future Budhi. We are taught by Christ and Sophia how each of us incorporate, absorb and develop Unconditional, I AM directed, Living LOVE as the FIRE Core of immortal Creator Beings.

The stumbling beauty of the whole discovery are our own higher abilities to discover the immense secrets hidden in each other. Our burning Interest in Each Other is exactly what makes the John Gospel so remarkable. It is literally not about Lazarus. Literally the culmination of a Karma Science and a highly developed selfless skill in differentiating states of consciousness fueled by intense interest in each, unique, individual I AM’s ground of being and motive, had to have come to a culmination through Love’s Objective Fire. We develop a hunger for objective, disciplined, selfless Interest in Others.

We are exploring the frontiers of evolving human consciousness. Everyone claims to be explorers of the frontiers of human consciousness. When we stand before St. John and his Revelation or the illusive Christian Rosenkreuz, we stand before an entirely new type of frontier explorer. There on the frontier of human consciousness, Christ Initiated a human being to forge ahead to a lonely outpost, away, ahead, in the distant future of developing human consciousness.

The issue from the 4th to the 7th Age has been, when will the general development of humanity arrive where Lazarus/John was sent? Precisely when will humanity start manifesting from within ourselves, in a healthy manner, what St. John was given to hold for us, as an eternal flame of our future Manas of Sophia? How did Lazarus/John become the bearer of the germinal force of Dying and Becoming, of Budhi and Life-Spirit in the I AM?

It was mentioned in Part 3 of Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche, that there is actually a curriculum that allows all humanity to approach a certifiable advancement towards Higher Consciousness. These certifiable stages in the curriculum are Spirit-Self – Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man.

“When the Spirit of the Age of India had fulfilled his mission, he was promoted to the guidance of the entire evolution of post-Atlantean humanity.” (SEE Part 1)

Atlantis = Physical body
Indian = Etheric body
Persian = Sentient or Astral body
Chaldo-Egyptian = Sentient Soul
Greco-Roman = Intellectual or Mind Soul
Present = Spiritual or Consciousness Soul
6th Cultural Era = Manas or Spirit Self
7th Cultural Era = Buddhi or Life Spirit
After Catastrophe = Atma or Spirit Man

Here we study the giant ARC in human terms, the Arc from Ancient India to the 7th Age. The 1st Age connects to the 7th Age because in the 1st Age the advancement and sustaining of the Etheric Body was cultivated. In the 7th Age our I AM returns to the elaboration and conscious awakening of how to operate as Etheric Christ’s ourselves. In the 1st Age it was the Yogi of the breath, our heart-beats and our lungs regulating our Etheric bodies. In the 7th Age of Capricorn it becomes the Yogi of Light and Love.

Even with Novalis and the dawning of ANTHROSOPHIA and “LITTLE FABLE” the Soul Substance of our future breathing hinged, literally on the Sun Logos of the Risen Etheric Christ. Both Lazarus and Novalis were sustained by the Living Light of the Christ Being. For all of striving Humanity, the 7th Age of Budhi and Life-Spirit arises as the new Photosynthesis Process of the new Yogi of digesting and incorporating Light and Love and activating the Divine force of Dying and Becoming in our I AM.

human spirit butterfly of the godsIn the 7th Age our mastering of dying and becoming, is what the Rose Cross Meditation has revealed as a secret process we witnessed in the Butterfly as she sacrificed and dissolved her Life. But through an Inner Sun Spark, arose anew, and inflated her wings after her apparent death. The butterfly breathed in the Gold of the Transubstantiation of Light substance as an active Revelation of nature.

In the 7th Age we learn the Yogi of Light, Death and Resurrection. In the 7th Age we learn to transform our Etheric Body into Life-Spirit and fathom the forces of the dynamic science of Budhi. We slowly arrive at the stage of activating and becoming Risen Etheric Christ’s in the service of others.

Our offering and sharing of our higher divine Manas, Budhi forces as dying and becoming gifts to struggling and arising Beings are our gifts. Humanity becomes what the Religious Offering always represented, the Science of the Higher Etheric Metamorphosis of Giving through Love. We offer ourselves, our own purified, Holy and objective Higher Substance into the process of Free I AM – Dying and Resurrecting. We follow the path of transformed Christus Chrysalis Beings  –  Awakening, Dying and Renewing ourselves again and again in Christ is at the very foundation of the Rose Cross Meditation and the new Budhi forces of the 7th Age.

“When the entire astral body has been purified and strengthened by the special forces of the ego, it becomes Manas or Spirit-Self. When the ether or life-body has been thoroughly worked over and strengthened by the force of the ego, it becomes Budhi, or Life-Spirit. When the physical body has been fully overcome and conquered by the ego, it becomes Atman or Spirit-Man.” (Part 3 Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche – CLICK LINK)

7 ROSES OF OUR HIGHER SPIRITUAL BODIES that in the distant future we are describing, gradually come under the conscious jurisdiction of the I AM and the Christ Sun.Rose Cross We learn to breath and control our own powerful Etheric Life Bodies. Higher Sun Elohim and Christ Yogi absorption and digestion of Love and Light substance awakens in us the mystery of the 7th Age.

Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit; and our Atma are nourished by a new Sun source, the actual Logos radiating as Love and Light from the ever strengthening, nourishing substance of Christ and Sophia. Like first born children we literally learn how to breath as Spiritual Beings in an entirely new Atmosphere.

As we had once relied on the external Sun and plant, animal and humanity all relied on the Sun and Moon to sustain the nutrition and the etheric life of our Earth, in the 6th and 7th age we turn to the nourishment offered by the Christ Sun and the Starry Wisdom of Sophia Herself. What was little understood is that we literally will be required to Metamorphose Ourselves and find the path of Initiation by which we are slowly sustained by Christ’s Light and Christ’s Love, and by Sophia, His Bride.

“He must increase, but I must decrease”

So, dear friends, when we profoundly look at Lazarus, recently restored from death, as he literally leans, in a weakened condition, Lazarus leans on the Breast of Christ near the Last Supper, we are witnessing this vulnerable new child of Budhi and Spirit-Self, exactly like we shall be in the 6th and 7th Ages. Our very existence will depend on discovering the Photosynthesis of a stream of literal nourishment of Light and Love, which radiates off the Great Elohim of the Risen Etheric Christ.

part-4-etheric-digestion-of-light-dr-ben-aharonWe must enter a new breathing of Light a new Yogi and breathing of Love, as literal Etheric Sustaining forces that we will need to circulate through our new virginal systems. We will now and on into the future learn how to sustain ourselves with literal Light and Love, literal dying and becoming that pulses through the Etheric Christ Worlds.

We will make this transition, and feel like fish (Pisces) who have only breathed concepts and percepts through our brain and sense perception. Light begins to illuminate us so strongly that it fills our hearts, floods our thoughts and we will have to learn, like Lazarus to breath Light and the Higher Fire of Love as an absolutely new source of cosmic nutrition.

This transition in THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL of the 5th Age of Pisces reveals the hidden meaning of a FISH OUT OF WATER. It is a Yogi preparation we must make to slowly arrive at a dangerous divine transition from Water and Earth Beings to Light and Love Beings.

We see this new vulnerability in Lazarus as he leans on the Breast of Christ, gasping for Light and Love for his literal cosmic nourishment. A New stream of Cosmic Nutrition streams from the Christ Himself. It flows more and more, and begins coursing through the Holy Fire of the Etherization of the Blood that runs through the Heart of our Humanity.

“In the future humans will be able to breathe cosmic life and light in this way as a natural spiritual breathing, as physical breathing of air is common today.” (CLICK LINK)

“But the spirit of the sun, the Christ Being, has now become the Spirit of the Earth. Therefore, in reality the practice of cognitive yoga produces intensive new sun forces of light, life and warmth through creative cognitive activity. Life becomes self-conscious cognitive creative activity.” Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon(Author)

In Part 3 of our work on the Star School of Sophia, we looked at several Sci-Fi examples. There are always problems with Sci-Fi samplers. What we do when we enter the Imagination of Writers and Scripts, stories involving the jump to a metamorphosis of higher conscious development, sometimes allows us to look into what aspects are missing in deepening our human understanding. Here is an example of an episode and written story, (aside from how it accords with cast changes within the Voyager series) of the script of Kes’ Ascension. (Click Link).

The problem with our understanding of matter and Time must always extend to the limitations of how we have learned to materialize spirituality. Lazarus/John takes  “one giant leap for mankind”. Lazarus is Initiated into the Holy Fire of the transformation and transubstantiation of matter into the New Photosynthesis of Unconditional Love. Lazarus/John begins devouring the immediate World opened to him by drinking, absorbing and reporting all the hidden and invisible sources of Light and Love that were hidden under the surface of so called Events.

Here is a Script example of when the character Kes, transcends,ascends and heads for a CULMINATION EVENT, which extends beyond materialism. We must be thankful that Lazarus/John was patient zero. Lazarus/John stepped into the frontiers as the first explorer. The Logic that is missing in every example of Sci-Fi is the science of the Metamorphosis of the TRINITY of Spirit-Self – Life Spirit and Atma or Spirit-Human that must grow beyond the confines of the pre-set limitations of our materialistic spirituality.

Budhi and Beyond the limitations of Materialism

TUVOK: The flame of the lamp is fire disciplined, tamed and under control. It is the appropriate focus for the task ahead of us.
KES: How do we begin?
TUVOK: I will attempt to guide you in manipulating the flame at the subatomic level. Concentrate on the flame. Try to see past the surface, past the light, to the patterns of energy and matter.
KES: I can see the essence of the fire.
TUVOK: Good. Now reach out with your mind and intensify the flame.
KES: I’m making it hotter, brighter.
TUVOK: Now, with your thoughts, reduce the flame. Excellent. You never demonstrated this level of control before.
KES: It’s as though I knew what had to be done.
TUVOK: What’s wrong?
KES: Something’s happening. I can see further, beyond the subatomic.
TUVOK: Kes, there is nothing beyond the subatomic.
KES: But I can see it, Tuvok. It’s a new level of reality. It’s beautiful.
TUVOK: Perhaps we should stop for now.
KES: Wait a few seconds. I want to try to control it.
(The lamp wibbles.)
KES: Don’t worry, Tuvok.

Writers stuck away in such a creative T.V. series, like “Voyager” literally sometimes, like all creative striving, manages sometimes to place a series of pictures ahead of humanities general understanding. ” I AM GROOT ” was such an advanced Imagination of Budhi developing in humanity. I shall look more carefully at I AM GROOT later. Lazarus/John was one of the First Explorers.

However the shattering foundational reality of a New Science of the Higher Schooling of Humanity, in an actual School of the Stars, that includes Sophia must include the Science of the transformation of the astral body; the transformation of the etheric body; and the transformation of the physical body. In the 5th Age these advanced Imaginations were popping up where writers were challenged with frontiers of both Space and Spirit paradigms. But lacking a firm Spiritual Science Foundation, their intuitive insights sometimes hit the mark.

We as humanity, in the jumble of events, are hardly ever aware of when and if humanity has hit the mark or missed it by a long shot or were led away from recognizing any True Higher Development leading to our inner Metamorphosis. Training our own Spiritual Core to recognize the actual, REAL, germinating forces awakening in our Human Spirit, has required a Logic that exceeds Vulcan Logic of Tuvok. It requires our human spirits to taste New Cognitive Fire and to understand the lofty Logos Being, Christ, as a Literal vital substance of Reality, and no mere abstract theory.

Aristotle re-surfaces again in history, having gone through a complete metamorphosis, and discovers a direct confirmation of the Goethean Science of Metamorphosis confirmed by the actual unerring Science of the LOGOS Himself. The LOGOS, of the Science of the WORD, Christ literally stood on Earth in the whirling Center of the ticking of, the second to second thunder of TIME.

The immediate Cosmic Thunder and Whirling vortexes of Cosmic, Planetary and Karmic intersections of TIME entered and passed through the Heart of Christ on Earth. Christ strode, for 3 years on Earth, in a Human Form, as the literal Central PULSE OF THE HEART OF COMSIC, PLANETARY AND EARTHLY TIME.

TIME ITSELF, everything we discussed about TIME and OUR HUMAN HEARTS in Part 3, everything to do with the movement of the Sun, stars, the planets, every single breath, every single step Christ took on Earth, placed Him in the center of The Cosmic Pulse of Time. The Entity of Love and the Logos of the Higher Science paradigms, beyond Physics, walked, sorted out and reorganized immense cosmic patterns spontaneously, as they intersected and passed through Him on Earth. The entire Starry World, the Devachan Karmic threads of each Human Being, passed through the Heart of the Christ Being. The Living Feather of Maat, walked the Earth as the consequential Logos.

Through this new Science, literal Higher Devachan tracking, we can now begin to understand clearly how Raphael learned to breath the new substance of the Christ Light, Color and, Christ’s Love, deep into the 5th chamber of his human Heart. This New Cosmic Nutrition Stream, this New breathing system was shared by Lazarus and John the Baptist together.

To witness the burgeoning, unfolding of LIGHT and Color that filled Raphael the Painter, as his spirit passed through the planetary regions with the intimacy of all that he had once experienced from boyhood to manhood, through to his beheading as John the Baptist, allowed us to witness the immense Devachan Metamorphosis Process he underwent in the Spiritual World. You see in Earthly Human Metamorphosis we celebrate the awakening of a Painter, the individuality of Raphael. Raphael and Painters, by definition reveal, in the Human Kingdom, a Cosmic Moral Butterfly Transformed in the Deeds and Sufferings and Resurrection of Light, Love and Color.

In Novalis the Devachan Butterfly of Light and Color that was Raphael, Metamorphoses into the Eternal Creative Kernel Novalis describes as “Little Fable” or Anthrosophia. Sophia, of the Physics of the Stars, places both Novalis and Goethe on Earth where they can meet again and re-awaken what was a dynamic Revelation of humanities future hopes when we were all in the Devachan together.

In the Devachan we were thrilled and celebrating the potential of a cascading Revelation of a New Race of Human Beings that had been developing since Christ’s Deed on Golgotha. Novalis and Goethe were lovingly born in a Powerful Archangelic Michael/Sophia Cultural Impulse. Their affinities and our affinities brought the two of them together on Earth. These two bore in their potential the awakening manifestations of precisely what Lazarus/John was assigned to promote and protect by Christ under the Cross at Golgotha.

We have witnessed how Lazarus, that Christ awakens out of the highest Father Forces of the Cosmos, becomes a kind of New Atlas. Lazarus/John is Initiated and becomes the Selfless pivot and self-regenerating co-worker with Earth and the Risen Etheric Christ. We find in John and Lazarus two streams, the Heavenly and Earthly tied together. We witnessed the Revelation of two Jesus Children. We understood the association of occultist and mystic in Hiram and Solomon.

We learned through the Christ Event that the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life could be recovered. We understood that Christ led Lazarus to the Tree of Life. In the Devachan we celebrated together that Goethe and Novalis were on the way to becoming new children of the Tree of Life. Through this immense riddle of Lazarus/John humanity might develop the opportunity to recognize and awaken in Itself, the New Mysteries of the Tree of Life.

We are led to follow the new awakening capacity of “Little Fable” Novalis depicts in his Heinrich von Ofterdingen”. We start to glimpse faint flashes of Heavenly and Earthly metamorphosis that Christ anchored for humanity in the transformations arising through both Lazarus and John the Baptist. In the Spiritual World there arises a Surging Rush of a Wave of Love and Hope that washes over all of us.


Novalis “…transforms for his spirituality the power that had been his to create what is so infinitely whole and healthy in color and line. All that he has painted, whether on canvas or as a fresco on the wall, for the help and comfort as well as for the unending inspiration of such as can understand — all his work that was so radiant with light, showed itself now to him in the great cosmic connection in which it is able to stand when it passes through the Beings of the Mercury sphere.

“And thus was he, who on Earth had unfolded so great a love for art, whose soul had been aflame with love for color and for line, transplanted now into the sphere of Venus, which in turn lovingly bore him across to the Sun, to that Sun existence which lived in all his incarnations so far as they are yet known to us. For it was from the Sun that he, as the prophet Elijah, brought to mankind through the medium of his own people the truths that belong to the goals of existence.

“We see how in the Sun sphere he is able to live through over again in a deep and intimate sense — in another way now than when he was on Earth as a companion of Christ Jesus — he is able to live over again what he underwent when, through the Initiation of Christ Jesus, he, Lazarus, became John.

“And all that he has painted in shining light for the followers of Christ Jesus, — he now beholds all this pour its rays into the cosmic transformation of the human heart.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Lazarus takes in the Sophia and Manas of the Christ and is also given a hungry sip of the Budhi and nectar of the Living Life-Spirit of the Christ. This new altered state of affairs, of the Yogi forces of Thought, of Light, of Manas, of Etheric Life and the nectar of the Budhi forces of the Risen Etheric Christ will become, for all of humanity, an entirely new Cosmic Stream of Nutrition. We have to discover how the Placenta and Umbilical Cord of Sophia awakens humanity to entire new streams of nourishment and Life.

John, in His Apocalypse, reports directly to us on the function and attributes of the Nutritional Milk that now connects Him and our Higher Developments to the Macrocosm where Sophia and Christ literally Nourish creation and Higher Beings with the new sustenance of Love and Living Light. The uncanny, unfathomable digestion, nutrition, the HUNGER and THIRST Lazarus/John awakens to, places Him and us in the Living Waters and and Flowing saps of the Tree of Life.

We receive an absolute ‘ I ‘ witness account, a first person report to humanity, of what it’s like to experience the full nourishment and circulation of Love, matter, and Life through the New System of the conduit and umbilical conscious connection to the future of our own Higher Nourishment. The writer of the Apocalypse gives a 1st person, ‘ I ‘ witness account of what it is like to stand inside the cosmic system as a Living Moral Creative Spirit. The Apocalypse writer gives us an anatomical sketch of the Living Processes that tie TIME, Earth and Stars together. In a brief glimpse, we are allowed to experience the Living Pulse of the New Tree of Life mysteries.

He drove them out; and at the east of the garden of Eden he placed the Cherubim, and a sword flaming and turning every way to guard the way to the Tree of Life (Genesis 3:24).

Lazarus/John reports to us directly on his entirely changed perception. He is living in the perception and FIRE of the first trickle of the future Budhi forces. Lazarus/John awakens and sees events through the altered perception from THE TREE OF LIFE Itself. Christ guides and allows Lazarus/John to pass through the Cherubim Gate of the Tree of Life. ‘One Small Step for Humanity, one giant Leap for Mankind’. A New Selfless Fire of Living Life from the TREE OF LIFE has awakened Lazarus to one of the deepest riddles of our transition to Higher Cosmic Nutrition.

“If we understand the Apocalypticer rightly, he’s saying that wherever he gives the content of the Apocalypse through the letters he was inspired to write, it refers to the physical world. The moment he goes over to the seals and treats them seriously, what he has to say with these seals refers to the astral, Imaginative world or to what one can call the soul world. When he passes over to the trumpet sounds we get into spirit land, and when we experience divine love and divine wrath in accordance with their content we really get into the interior regions of spirit land.” Rudolf Steiner (CLICK LINK)

The entire Apocalypse Itself is a full report that reveals the channels of nourishment running from Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones in our immediate Sense World up to the servants and ranks of beings who serve the Hierarchies, behind the stars. We understand and participate as the new child of the Gods with the ranks of the Archai, Archangels and Angels. John reports on how cosmic nutrition transforms the entire Macrocosm into Love and how excrement, excretion and degradation, evil itself, is literally transformed by each of us in our humble position as divine servants of the Microcosm.

Humanity will arrive, slowly, like the Bees and Butterflies, the humming-birds and dragon-flies, the six legged clans and the SIX ELOHIM hexagon light streams. We will seek out the new Nectar of the Tree of Life streaming out from the Risen Etheric Christ Sun forces. An entirely new Etheric Body Photosynthesis process of nourishment will redesign us for breathing Cosmic Love and Light.

We are literally venturing back into our Cosmic Origin in the Garden of the true Tree of Life Mysteries. We awaken ANTHROSOPHIA, through “Little Fable” our own androgynous child, born from “Big Fable”. Like Lazarus we awake with fresh, rejuvenated wisdom we have gained from our reclaimed Grandmother, Sophia.

“…there is a counter-dimension to every dimension of space, so that in all we have six counter-rays. These counter-rays represent the primal beginnings of the highest human members. The physical body, crystallized from out of space, is the lowest. The spiritual, the highest, is the opposite counter-dimension.” Rudolf Steiner

This remodeling by the SIX SUN ELOHIM by Him who we have noted was Light, was Love, IS Love and IS Light, places the King of Metamorphosis, the literal Science of the Word, the Science of the Butterfly, the Bee, the crystal as the embodied WORD, Who literally walked the Earth for 3 years in Christ. The torrent of the TIME FIELDS of the roaring and rushing planets, The Sun Itself and the whirlwinds of the streams of Karma, birth, death, illness were pivotally and centrally deciphered, calmed and reorganized by Christ, for the 3 years He walked and shared the Earth with us.

“And the Logos became flesh and dwelt among us!”

“He Who was there in the visible world is an actual incarnation of the SIX SUN Elohim, of the Logos! With the incarnation of the Logos, the earthly mission — or in other words, what the earth was to become through the Event of Palestine — first really began.”

“Spirits of Love, were able to evolve upon this sun. Only SIX of them, however, made the sun their dwelling-place and what streams down to us in the physical light of the sun contains within it the spiritual force of love from these SIX Spirits of Light or, as they are called in the Bible, the SIX Elohim.”

“You will ask what was that Being Who appears at the beginning of our era as Christ-Jesus? It was the incarnation of the Logos, of the SIX other Elohim, whose advent had been prepared by Jahve-God who preceded them. This figure of Jesus of Nazareth, in whom the Christ or the Logos was incarnated, brought into human life, into human history itself, what previously streamed down upon the earth from the sun, what was present only in the sunlight. “The Logos became flesh.” Rudolf Steiner

All of the foundational Science of the Word, what we swim in, walk in, breath in and teach in our universities and schools, the gateway out to the stars at our deaths and the portal back into incarnation at our births are Literal Logos Laws. Christ was the pivotal portal of the movement of TIME ITSELF for 3 years. Our Goethean Sciences, where we delve into all the Mysteries of Nature and it’s Mother the Spirit, has all the Lawfulness, character, beauty, and Imagination that awakens in us, the dawning Science of Budhi, Life-Spirit and the Living Word. It was described in PART 3 as the WORD.

“Behind everything living stands the Spirit of Imagination. It is the same Spirit who is also working in our speech; this is why the Christian religion calls Him the Word. Here something quite exact and actual is meant. This Spirit who stands behind everything living is still working today in our speech, in each of our words, and is therefore rightly called ‘the Word’; another designation is: The Son, or Christ. He is the Spirit who lives as Imagination in everything that has life.” Rudolf Steiner (click link)

Laid deep into the Foundation of the World are the Six Elohim Sciences. We encounter this very same science in the Six Legs of the Insects. In Art and the highest revelations of the Spiritual World we encounter the Six Wings of so called Cherubim. We encounter the Logos Sciences already brimming with wisdom, Imagination, and Life in every crevice, molecule and atom of Earth. Earth is brimming with the Sun Forces of the Logos.

All of this, all of what we learn and understand that reaches deep into Karma, brotherhood and matter will be utterly, literally and totally transmuted through the selfless fire of our human will. The Earth will be literally lifted into and Metamorphosed from the phase we are in, of the planet of Wisdom, into the next higher Metamorphosis of the Earth Itself, the planet of Love.

By the 7th Age, most of humanity will have begun weighing anchor by transmuting the deepest mysteries of Love and Matter. Most of humanity will have literally sucked all the wisdom and juices from the great blue grape of our Earth and transformed Her into Love. This is what the esoteric schooling pertains to that we study in the Goethean Science of Metamorphosis of our Earth. This Goethean Science is part of the foundation that leads us to the portal of our higher St. John schooling.

The King of Metamorphosis, the Christ, our virtual, actual and REAL LOGOS, has been Metamorphosed. The Risen Etheric Christ, The King of Metamorphosis and our Lord of Karma, had lifted up the entire Web of the Dynamic Karma invested in the inception and unfolding of our Earth. Christ is a cosmic Sun Atlas who carries the Moral Creative Forces of TIME and FREEDOM, and is literally the wisdom and the laws of LOVE ITSELF. Love is the Logos vortex of the wondrous web of matter, life and Earth, and is the Cosmic I AM.

 It is the entire mission of the Earth and Humanity to unfold Love and Freedom and carry Earth upwards, in all our future tasks. We are destined to transform ourselves and unlock all the Elemental Kingdoms of the Earth in the process. Bio-Dynamics, “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream” and the NINE layers of the Inner Earth will all come under the jurisdiction of the Moral Fire of the Higher I AM we each carry.

Down to the very roots of Creation we will have penetrated with immense wisdom, gratitude and sacrifice and Higher Beings will once more flow through the circulation of our Hearts. The Dove Milk of the Living Word will become our new nourishment. We are all involved RIGHT NOW in the Etherization and transubstantiation of the Earth that flows like New Wine through our human blood.

Dove Milk of the Word and Love as the nectar of the Etheric

“But one thing is certain; among all the birds, the various kinds of pigeon have a characteristic belonging to them alone. They feed their young with a milky juice, prepared within their own body, like most of the mammals, and man in particular, which feed their new born with their own substance, milk, to begin with. Among the pigeons it is not only the mother which forms this substance, but both parents.  No other bird has this characteristic.  Many indeed have the organ, the so-called crop, in which dove-milk is developed – but only pigeons produce it.”

Christ ties Lazarus and John the Baptist together in order to breast feed the NEW TWINS with the new stream of Cosmic Nutrition out of Manas and Budhi. It is strange to consider how the Archangel of the Hebrew people, with his Head, feet and Heart full of the history of the Hebrew people, was beheaded. The Hebrew people were unaware that they had just blossomed forth. What we find in the death and beheading of John the Baptist is the resurrection of John through the amazing expansion of Lazarus into the selfless flowering, arising and seeing with an entirely new, awakened Higher Vision. How, in the future I AM do we become the eyes, ears, hearts of seeing each other through selfless cognition?

Just as Romulus and Remus were fed by the milk of the She Wolf and together founded Rome, so the Great Dove of Heaven, of the Holy Spirit, of the Christ Manas, THE WORD nourishes the two, both John and Lazarus from the new nectar from the Tree of Life. Yet it is a living fact of the LOGOS in nature that male doves on Earth have the special capacity of being able to feed their young, nutritional milk. It is a milky soup in the larynx and throat of female and male doves, called the Crop. From Noah to the Holy Grail, literal Dove Milk of the Word (CLICK LINK) replenishes all those who seek a spiritual path home.

FABLE, the Novalis mini Apocalypse

“Once in a while the Mother [SOPHIA] took little Fable to her breast, but soon she would be called away once again and Ginnistan take back the child, who seemed to prefer to suck at the nurse’s breast.”

Such a stunning insight into the incarnations of Novalis and John the Baptist reveal how the swirling summations of all our lessons that we learned from the accumulation of all our Earthly incarnations, is part of the milk of the wet-nurse Ginnistan. Sophia of the Stars had also nursed and helped shape the bones of Little Fable into the elastic, mobile ANTHROSOPHIA that Novalis portrays in the mischievous goodness of Little Fable. Star Intelligence of the Higher Sophia Devachan stream of nourishment is blended and balanced out by the milk and Love of Sensual Earth Herself.

“John received the Apocalypse from regions where Anthroposophy was before it came to human beings.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

We witness the blending of the milk of the Heavenly Sophia with the milk of our Earthly wet-nurse in Ginnistan. This captured fragment from “Heinrich von Ofterdingen” is literally a prophetic Mini-Apocalypse. Ginnistan has been, for John the Baptist/Novalis the humbling, complicated intermediary and wet-nurse to all of our heredity and bloodline commingling and blending of our soul-spirit incarnations through all our sojourns on Earth.

All of humanity have called the Moon forces and the heredity streams of all our family ties, tribes, clans, all our most intimate life on Earth, fell under the designation Yahweh or Jehovah, the Moon. In Greece and into the time of the New Testament with Lazarus/John under the Cross on Golgotha, John adopts the Mother of Jesus, Mary/Sophia. In Greece the Mothering forces were cosmically embodied in the statue of Diana of Ephesus.

Think of the Life Journeys of how the two Mary’s play out with the two Jesus boys. Two families, two cousins, two boys. One boy, the Matthew Jesus, excels in capacities of Earth Wisdom. The other Jesus boy, the Luke Jesus, excels in the unfallen Sun Mysteries of the Heavenly Heart.

We are dealing with advanced Star Physics, Cosmic Intent, of placing the Cognition of Two Jesus children in precise proximity to each other. How do they merge? These are Masters studies in Earthly Star Physics and, placed in proximity, Freedom and Inspiration by the Love of Sophia. Goethe meeting and befriending Novalis; Karl Julius Schröer placed cognitively as Teacher to young Rudolf Steiner are part of the immense riddles of all of our Star Physics. These Star, Devachan Star Physics are woven in each of our lives if we knew where to look.

Providence and the future Destiny of America

Our “firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence.” – Declaration of Independence, 1776

In Part 2 we examined our fallen DOUBLE, our Twin and how Ahriman’s control over Earthly incarnations would call for the use of our own fallen double, our own magnetic shadow, to imitate and bind our Higher Self to the arbitrary framework of our Earthly Double. Creating in the process A Double Realm of arbitrary Fallen Earth Karma severed from the Hierarchies. By the end of the 5th Age of Pisces and the dawning of the 6th Age, Ahriman energetically remade the world in his image. The Image of the Fallen Logos.

This amounted to a preemptive attack on Sophia by instituting on Earth an Anti-Sophia distortion of the natural gifts of our Freedom and Love to see and understand the foundations of Karmic Star Wisdom. By dismantling the Heavenly Sophia Star Physics of Synchronicity, Cosmic and Karmic coincidence and the Founding Fathers term, Divine Providence, Ahriman supplied a Fallen Logos, an Arachne Logos, to create a new alternate brand name and branch for Fallen Humanity. Ahriman’s intent replaces former Star Intuition with arbitrary immoral, emancipated genetic splicing.

At the time of the incarnation of the Two Jesus boys, the THREE KINGS, accidentally revealed a deep and dangerous Esoteric Secret to Herod. Herod, with latent Sorathian cunning and intent, desires to murder all the children, that might have the potential to become the long awaited Risen Etheric Christ. The Incarnation of Divine Providence Itself. The Three Kings alert Herod to a hidden conflict arising between Angels and Demons. This conflict widens out into the future Incarnation of Ahriman and his intents arising out of the West.

Both Mary’s are forced to flee, hide out and be counted. Death and Taxes in the 4th Age attempted to murder the Two Jesus children. In the 5th Age every incarnating child must be vaccinated and have the cohesion of their Spirit’s murdered. Monsters, sent out by the Demonic forces lurking in Herod, attempted to hunt down every child born near the time of the Two Jesus children and have them murdered. Lofty Spiritual Capacities arising in children incarnating in the 5th and 6th Age, would be diverted by the Anti-Logos genetics of Ahriman.

Mary and Joseph had to flee and make a detour to Egypt. Christ at His Crucifixion gave St.John the command to protect Mary, His Mother, the New Sophia Mysteries. Together, John and Mary were guided to the sanctuary of the Mother of all Mothers, to the Greek Sanctuary of Diana at EPHESUS.

Lazarus/John was given the task to protect and serve the Higher Sophia, Manas and Spiritual Fires of the sacred Cauldron of the WORD. Christ sends the Tongues of Flame over Mary/Sophia and all those gathered together in one room. Lazarus/John and Mary/Sophia journey to Ephesus and the Mother of All Beings. Diana of Ephesus transforms in Mary/Sophia to the Starry Fire nutrition sent forth by the New Pentecost flames.

“The Declaration contains several other references to a higher power. The introduction states that the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” entitle The American People to a separate and equal station among the powers of the earth. In the conclusion, Congress appeals to “the Supreme Judge of the world” for the rectitude of its intentions and professes its “firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence.” (Click Link)

It was the Many Breasted “Diana of Ephesus” that had once nourished all Earth’s Moon and Lunar ETHERIC codes and LIFE designs. Ginnistan suckles Little Fable and Eros as the wet-nurse of all Earthy, Earthiness and reveals and represents the full transformation of the Sensual forces we experience from all our encounters with Eros on Earth.

Ginnistan/Hindustan of ancient India and the blending of the Sensual Milk of Earth with the strong Flames from the Immortal Fire that is the Life Substance of the Spiritual World and Higher Spiritual Beings of the Hierarchies, were richly blended in what Novalis, Raphael, John the Baptist, Elijah, and we are nourished by. The future goal of The American Age places all Humanity in the Ascension Mysteries. Our task in the Ascension Mysteries will be to literally unravel, un-knot and take hold of the deep Inner Forces of OUR SOLAR SYSTEM. We’re coming to that.

The subtle and powerful connection Novalis draws between Hindustan and Ginnistan the wet-nurse, connects our shared 1st post Atlantean Age of India with our 7th Age unfolding of Budhi and Life-Spirit. We shall examine how the Beatles and the Love Generation, for a brief time, tied together the 1st Age of Ancient India and the Rishis to the future 7th Age of America. Novalis’ and the German Romantics had already understood the connection of the Blue Hindu Gods and Goddesses which Novalis used as the Blue Flowering of the rare pollination and blossoming of the entire future revelation of the Earth Herself.

Novalis,  “…reference to India in his plans for “Die Erwartung” support the contention that Novalis Blue Flower is indeed linked to the mythical image of INDIA as a paradisaical Homeland…. ” (Click Link). There is a powerful Esoteric Foundation between our having breathed in oxygen, which had enriched our Iron red blood and the Budhi and Life-Spirit transformation, which plants achieve, by inhaling our exhaled carbon dioxide. The Blue, turning blue with Immortal asphyxiation arising from breathing Immortal Fire, Love and Light as contrasted against our mortal Red Oxygen and Iron rich blood marked an ancient difference between the Life of the Hierarchies and the life of humanity in the flesh.

“Full of joy, his heart beating with new love and hope, the singer bent his way to Hindustan, pouring out under its cloudless sky such burning songs” Novalis

This deep esoteric nutritional stream of cosmic nourishment, built into our carbon based life forms , is contrasted to our ripening and maturing into pure unsullied, light filled Virgin Life-Spirit Plant blood. This transition to Heavenly Nourishment, against our rich, red and mortal I AM human red blood, will be the cause of immense changes in the Core forces of our Earth and potent New Nature Forces that we will absorb with the Approach of the Moon.

As the Moon approaches, the 7th Elohim supplies powerful hidden forces of Nature into the slowly Awakening I AM. With the Moon’s approach, accelerating Inner Budhi and Life-Spirit forces come rushing in like the Tides. Humanities emptiness and depletion calls forth the in-pouring of Spirit-Self, Budhi and Etheric Life forces. These awaken deep in the core of our awakening I AM. This crescendo and cresting of New Cosmic forces, ready or not, comes toward us from the future and leads up to the CULMINATION.

We, as well as Earth Herself and the transformation of our astral passions into Manas or Holy Spirit, will be precisely the shattering changes that announce our transition to Life-Spirit, the Virgin Sophia, Cosmic Nutrition and a New Cosmic Homeopathy. In the Cauldron of our transformed Larynx a New Milk of the Human Word, and an entirely new form of reproduction is slowly simmering and brewing.

Budhi, in CHRIST as a precise Higher Dimensional Gardner. Uniting the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. Uniting as a Cosmic Earthly Deed, literally the Moon and the Sun

part 4 uniting tree of life and tree of knowledge

“You have two trees within you: the tree of the red blood, and the tree of the blue blood. Man, as the bearer of an Ego, could not exist without these two trees. He had to take in the blood in order to have an Ego, and that is how our modern knowledge arises; this forms its foundation. But death was connected with this development, for you constantly transform the red blood into blue blood filled with carbonic acid! The occult teacher of the Old Testament therefore said: “Look upon your own being: you have within you the red tree of blood; without this tree you would never have become a cognitive human being. You have eaten of the Tree of Knowledge; but this gave you at the same time the possibility to give life.”

“That which was once a Tree of Life became a death-bringing tree; the blue blood-tree within-us is therefore the Tree of Death. This is the present state of things. But the initiate sees a future state, when the human being shall have the plant-nature within him, when the heart-organ shall transform the blue blood into red blood in a direct way, within the human being. Then the Tree of Death shall have become the Tree of Life and man shall have become an immortal being. What man once was upon a lower stage, he shall once more become upon a higher stage, and he will have within him the apparatus which now exists in the plant.”

“Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and that they may enter the city by the gates.” (Revelation 22:14)

When we enter the realm of Sophia, the Higher Devachan and the Stars we are given the Higher Breast Milk of Light and Love from Sophia of the Stars. We see that the transmutation and transformation of our Sensual Earthy experiences into our Higher Devachan Love and Light experiences, prior to birth, are different methods of digesting Wisdom from our Earthly Nourishment in the Senses to the vast Cosmic Nourishment we encounter after death in the Higher Devachan realms . In the realm of Sophia we are introduced to the new Fire Mysteries of the Pentecost.

This over simplification between the milk of the wet-nurse Ginnistan and the nourishment we receive from Sophia, has revealed a constant blending and mixing through our many incarnations of Earthly and Starry infusions. We may also recognize the deep seated myth of Persephone who is captive in Hades for 1/2 of her Time Sphere and that of Persephone restored to the Higher Realms for 1/2 of her Time Sphere. How do we learn to breath in Hades as well as in Heaven? How do we adapt ourselves and learn the Life-Spirit and Budhi secrets of Dying and Becoming?

We have witnessed that Sophia in the Higher Devachan, after the beheading of John the Baptist, Sophia of the Stars restores Raphael and illuminates His lofty Devachan service as the Best Man to the events of Christ on Earth. Novalis becomes aware of a dynamic force, similar to Goethe’s plant metamorphosis, active in his soul. Novalis recognizes the squirming live wire of “Little Fable” as a child of his I AM nursed from Ginnistan and Sophia as little ANTHROSOPHIA.

The founding of the New Dimension and New Cosmic Stream of Nutrition that feeds a whole new combined branch of humanity from the saps of both the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge arises out of the Risen Etheric Christ. At first we recognize that this rejuvenation literally lives in the essence of the Dove Milk of the Living Word (click link).

“We have learned that the human being consists of physical body, etheric body, astral body, and Ego, and we have seen that when the Ego works upon the astral body it produces the first higher member; when it works upon the etheric body, the second higher member; and when it works upon the physical body, the third one. The future human being will therefore consist of seven parts, for he will also have the Spirit-Self, the Life-Spirit, and the Spirit-Man.

“When the human being thus transforms his lower nature, he will have the Tree of Life within him. At the beginning of his development man has therefore been predisposed through his Ego for the unfolding of his THREE HIGHER MEMBERS.Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

A new stream of Cosmic Nutrition starts flowing like a trickle from two different sources. We are drawn back to Eden, the TWO STREAMS, the TWO TREES, that of the Tree of Life and that of the Tree of Wisdom.Through the Risen Etheric Christ, John and the Devachan Milk of Sophia, through the 5th, 6th and 7th Ages a trickle from the Tree of Life and the Cherubim, Seraphim and Thrones changes the very foundations of our blood and the unconscious currents of LIFE we once borrowed from the Moon for our Reproduction. It has been a long process of metamorphosis to change us from unconscious sensual beings into conscious Sun illuminated Freedom and Love Bearing Beings.

Romulus and Remus founded Rome from the aggressive instincts that flowed through the Milk of the She-Wolf. The Tree of Life, of Budhi and the Tree of Knowledge, filled with Manas, begins to trickle into the Word and Heart as Dove Milk of the Word. Lazarus and John the Baptist, Goethe, Novalis, the Disciples, and millions awakening in humanity are being offered entirely new streams of Cosmic, Cognitive Nutition. The New Dove Milk (click link) is the nectar from an entirely new stream of cosmic nutrition.

“You yourselves bear me witness that I said, ‘I am not the Christ,’ but have been sent before him. The one who has the bride is the bridegroom. The friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly at the bridegroom’s voice. Therefore this joy of mine is now complete. He must increase, but I must decrease.

In the 7th Age, Resurrection, penetration into the depths of matter, Parthenogenesis and a New Yogi of Living Etheric Light and Love, a new Photosynthesis, becomes a literal stream of Life necessity. It is a New Dove Milk Sustenance. Just as the SIX ELOHIM OF THE SUN, the great RA, rayed forth Light that sustained Life in the past, so too the Risen Etheric Christ and Sophia Love will ray forth and sustain the conscious striving of all Human Spirits out of the future. An entirely new moral, light filled nutrition stream, Dove Milk of the Holy Spirit, begins trickling in with the Etherization of our Blood.

Our ability to restore damaged life as Christ did when he performed his many miracles, will be a Life-Task and a lofty Ethical Code of Goodness that arises from humanity in the 7th Age. Our I AM must open itself deeply into the Budhi and Life-Spirit forces of the Six Elohim.

Isaiah 6:1-9

  In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the LORD sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.
Above it stood the Seraphims: each one had SIX WINGS; WITH TWAIN he covered his face, and WITH TWAIN he covered his feet, and WITH TWAIN he did fly.
And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.
And the posts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke.
Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts.
Then flew one of the Seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar:
And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged.
Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

The Light of Sophia and the Risen Etheric Christ, joining and ascending with our Earth gives entirely new nutritional fortitude that arises in us as part of the Tree of Life, Budhi and Life-Spirit mysteries of Dying and Becoming. This restoring, renewing, science of literal Etheric Rejuvenation in Giving and Growing and restoring others in need, will be a celebration of the rising Christ Life-Substance in the new mysteries of dying and becoming. The New Tree of Life Mysteries, the John Mysteries, invigorate our awakening Budhi and Life-Spirit.

Thus from Ancient India to the 7th Age a powerful unfolding and fulfilling force fuels the emancipation, control, elevation and revelation of our own Renewable Sun Elohim generated Etheric Life-Spirits. We are able to literally give, grow, and offer in substance pieces of ourselves to restore others. We examined this only briefly in PART 3 (Click Link).

“Who touched me?” Jesus asked.

When they all denied it, Peter said, “Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you.”

But Jesus said, “Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.”

We examined how these unfolding forces of Budhi and Life-Spirit were arising in the 5th Age in at least four different examples. The 1st example we shared was THE GREEN MILE, where the specific, and hidden development, of an initiate, a Bodhisattva, might have tracked un-noticed under the surface of history. The 2nd example pertained to THE ROSE CROSS and ” I AM GROOT”. The 3rd example is part of the mysteries behind the Birth of Eurythmy. The 4th example is the unfolding of Goethean Bio-Dynamic Moral Earth Sciences. part 4 budhi and life spirit I AM GrootWe are exploring further the richness of the future arising Budhi forces that Culminate in each of us towards the end of the 7th Age.

When initiates are hidden, they gain experiences in deep layers of life and incarnation that have specific attributes and capacities that reveal specialized physical/etheric dispensations which pass by un-noticed under the surface of history. And that is how some initiates have gained the strength of sacrifice, depth and higher capacities developed well ahead of the general trend of humanity. In The Green Mile (Click Link) a 5th Age study of Budhi and Life-Spirit Initiation of an evolving, hidden Bodhisattva, unfolded without history taking any notice of the event.

Goethean Studies in the Metamorphosis of Consciousness (Click Link)

“In the blossoms the law of vegetation comes into its highest manifestation, and the rose would again be but the pinnacle of the manifestation.” part 4 rosicrucianWhat Goethe calls enhancement consists of the bringing forth of the spiritual out of the material by creative nature. That nature is engaged “in an ever-striving ascent” means that it seeks to create forms which, in ascending order, increasingly represent the ideas of things even in outer manifestation.

“Goethe is of the view that “nature has no secret that it does not somewhere place naked before the eyes of the attentive observer.” Nature can bring forth phenomena from which there can be read directly the ideas applicable to a large area of related processes. It is those phenomena in which enhancement has reached its goal, in which the idea becomes immediate truth. The creative spirit of nature comes to the surface of things here; that which, in coarsely material phenomena, can only be grasped by thinking, that which can only be seen with spiritual eyes, becomes, in enhanced phenomena, visible to the physical eye. Everything sense-perceptible is here also spiritual, and everything spiritual is sense-perceptible.

“Goethe thinks of the whole of nature as permeated by spirit. Its forms are different through the fact that the spirit in them becomes also more or less outwardly visible. Goethe knows no dead, spiritless matter. Those things appear to be so in which the spirit of nature gives an outer form which is not similar to its ideal being. Because one spirit works both in nature and in man’s inner life, man can lift himself to participation in the productions of nature. “… from the tile that falls from the roof, to the radiant lightning of the spirit which arises in you and which you communicate,” everything in the universe is for Goethe an effect, a manifestation of one creative spirit.” Steiner discovers Goethe’s Secret (click link)

From Ancient India to Anthrosophia the Goethean Science studies of our human Metamorphosis into higher enhancements of Consciousness can be strictly studied. The terms, through different Language Archangels that designate and describe these changes of consciousness, may vary, but never the results we encounter. We can define very clearly, Goethean stages of our unfolding and developing consciousness, that were launched from out of the guiding Spirit of Ancient India. From our initial POST ATLANTEAN DEVELOPMENT to our present studies of the CULMINATION of the 7th Age, we are aware of our unfolding stages of development. We each encounter, through our individual incarnations, deeper and deeper regions, capacities and skills that we have gradually un-tangled by exploring the roots, systems and Goethean Structure hidden in each I AM.

There in the distant future, the fulfillment of the aims of Ancient India finally meet the lofty goals attributed to The Age of America. In the ROSE CROSS meditation we must conceive that Thinking and Goethean Science itself will be considered a revolutionary act. Without a doubt the Thought Police and Ahrimanic Monitors, including our own Group Soul Shadows, appearing more and more at the end of the 5th Age and beginning of the 6th Age, would consider “Little Fable” and Anthrosophia Herself as revolutionary terrorists under the strict techno/medical prohibitions of a tightly contained and controlled Ahrimanic Group Soul.

The first faint Green Shoots of Budhi and Life-Spirit had arisen ORGANICALLY through Goethe, Novalis, The Rose Cross and the birth of Anthroposphia. We had to discover very consciously what New Budding Life meant for Humanity. Someone had to understand the Cosmic Gardner and exactly what was developing in the Part 4 Budhi and Goethe studiesCosmic Garden of Human Spirits. The Holy Moment of Goethean Science itself, the thrilling moment when the Gardner Himself rejoiced, was the moment HE could give a NUDGE to awaken Lazarus. The COSMIC GARDNER OF HUMAN SPIRITS, the King of Metamorphosis Himself shone His Elohim, Living Etheric Light, on an entirely new plant He had waited for, cultivated and longed for. Christ rejoiced in one of the first awakenings from His Garden of splendid Humanity.

Christ gave Budhi and HIS OWN germinal Sophia seed force unto Lazarus. What Lazarus would need to burst the shell of the Chrysalis was a NUDGE from The Sun Being Himself while walking through His Garden of developing human spirits.

Lazarus takes an unsprung Astral flight backwards to “In the Beginning was the Word”. Lazarus zips at Light Speed into the vivid Ruckshau of TIME ITSELF. What Lazarus witnesses, and what is deeply imprinted into his Etheric Life -Spirit and Budhi was the Review of the Massive Logos in an Alpha – Omega arc. Lazarus TIME BODY was reset to be in sync with Christ’s Time Body. Lazarus lives in the active TIME Tableau of Future-Past, the Arc of The Beginning and the End. Now that is a powerful Nudge.

The Sun King Bee Himself, the Great Pollinator of the Higher I AM hovered over his Garden of developing human Spirits. In Lazarus, the Living Christ, walking in our human kingdom, rejoiced in the first delicate stirrings of Humanities Higher I AM mysteries. Lazarus was a pivotal, anchor whose Etheric Life-Spirit and Astral Manas would resonate with the Will of Christ and the Father as an Atlas, Axis and Anchor point. The Logos Lightening would be grounded in Lazarus, until such time where the whole of Humanity could sustain such a Force.

Completing the Circle. Devachan Experiences with each other in the Spirit, meetings on Earth with our Earthly Karma. Heaven and Earth Wisdom and Love. (Click Link)

“Contemplating the souls who labor in the world — and in the last resort this applies to all men — we no longer have to begin at the point where they enter earthly existence, or cease at the point where they die; for in effect they neither then begin to work, nor do they cease. And in all that takes place spiritually, not only the souls that are incarnated on the earth to-day are working, but other souls, who are now between death and a new birth, and who send their rays of influence in upon the earth. In our own actions their impulses are contained. For all these things work together, even as the deeds on earth penetrate into the heavenly regions, and continue working there, as I indicated pictorially, for instance, in the characters of Capesius and Strader in the first Mystery Play.”

Christ rejoiced and took the opportunity He recognized in the germination and pollination that presented itself in the death of Lazarus. Christ recognized the signature of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones in Lazarus. A Cosmic Window had opened. Lazarus could be the starting point of reversal by bringing the wisdom of Heaven as Human Experience into the Earth and transforming Earthly experience into Divine Revelation. Christ recognized the pivot and turning of World Destiny and World Karma that opened a window into the foundation of the Father Mysteries. Lazarus would be the Priest of Dying and Becoming and remain as The Constant Gardner. The Key to Per Spiritum Sanctum reviviscimus could be given to Lazarus .

From Part 3

“This Spirit who stands behind everything living is still working today in our speech, in each of our words, and is therefore rightly called ‘the Word’; another designation is: The Son, or Christ. He is the Spirit who lives as Imagination in everything that has life.” Rudolf Steiner (click link)

“HE is the Spirit who lives as IMAGINATION in everything that has life.” So unprepared as we are to take seriously The Christ as the Living Force of Imagination that literally molded and shaped nature, the grape, the butterfly, the bee, the Rose, The Sunflower, the wheat, the lion, the wolf, the fishes, the goats, the eagles, the bulls, the cows, the scorpions, the sheep, the rams and the horses; The King of Metamorphosis and the literal IMAGINATION that flows through every Form, Life and Being on Earth has His signature and imprint.

It has been asked what do robots dream of OR what might be the Dreams of AI or Artificial Intelligence? It most certainly wouldn’t be the LIVING ROSE CROSS meditation that develops our Budhi and Life-Spirit. Imagination linked to creating new Etheric Life Streams, just as Plants Dream, would be detrimental and destructive to an Android.

We might ask what do the Gods Dream? Have the dreams of the Gods, our Hierarchies, revealed what could happen to the Son of Man or the son of humanity? Indeed they have. We have already understood that training the accuracy of our Phantasy or our fantasy into a force of Nature called “Little Fable” will arise as a new capacity in humanity. “Little Fable” is a true child of Anthrosophia and the Logos that arose very clearly and organically in the soul and psyche of both Novalis and Goethe.

Atreyu, Novalis, “Little Fable”,  the Eighth Sphere, “The Never Ending Story” and the Being of Sophia and Anthrosophia

“…it feels like a force (even though it’s a non-force) that deprives one’s life of its meaning, its substance, and its point. It is the oncoming wave of emptiness, the empty pit of despair. (Don’t even think about trying to escape.) I dare say that most people on earth simply cannot bear the thought that their accomplishments are without meaning, their plans without hope of permanent success, their lives ultimately “about”, well, Nothing.

[Michael] “Ende’s books say that The Nothing is in some way controlled by mysterious beings called The Manipulators (who have an agent in Fantasia: the werewolf G’mork). [Fenrir Wolf and G’Mork Norse Mythology CLICK LINK] He also says that things which fall into the Nothing get transformed into “lies and delusions” in the world of ordinary mortals. And if that isn’t frightening enough, Ende also recognizes a political implication: those who have succumbed to the Nothing are easier to control. Here’s the dialogue from the film, which explains it:

G’mork: Don’t you know anything about Fantasia? It’s the world of human fantasies. Every part, every creature of it, is a piece of the dreams and hopes of mankind. Therefore, it has not boundaries.

Atreyu: But why is Fantasia dying, then?

G’mork: Because people have begun to lose their hopes and forget their dreams. So The Nothing grows stronger!

Atreyu: What Is The Nothing?

G’mork: It’s the emptiness that’s left. It is like a despair, destroying this world … People who have no hopes are easy to control, and whoever has the control has the power.

“Still, what I think makes The Nothing so effective and so terrifying is that it invites you to think of whatever is most important to you, especially your ability to imagine something that could be most important to you: and then to imagine that thing, and with it your capacity to imagine that thing, falling into a bottomless abyss, never to emerge again. And, more ultimately, The Nothing invites you to imagine yourself falling into that abyss– a loss of meaning so complete it culminates with the loss of existence itself.”

“How, then, can The Nothing be a counter-factual ‘thing’ with an effect on the world? Maybe, as Heidegger would say, it ‘nothings’. (Using the noun as a verb– reading Heidegger requires you ram your head against the walls of language.)” (CLICK LINK)

The training of the precision of fantasy into the science of Goethean Metamorphosis and training the power of Budhi and Imagination, to flow through Etheric, Astral and Physical forms, reveals the Dreams of the active, living Logos that flows through the foundations of the heart of Humanity. What happened when Christ dreamt of His Life on Earth? Did he foresee His Death? Christ has the full formative power of a Cosmic Shape-Shifter.

We can’t afford in our understanding to misunderstand what it means to be the Shape-Shifter of the Living Logos of Creation. When a Crucified Dead Body, on the Cross metamorphoses into Pentecost Flames, as a cognitive FIRE SALAMANDER over any given individual human being over the face of the Earth, Christ can find you anywhere and at any Time. A Being who can manifest Himself by diving into FIRE, Air, Water, Earth, and who can reproduce Himself as a Human Form, as a Spirit of Form, as a female or a male, or a Dove or a Whale, the entire Book of Creation is His diary.

Later we will examine how the Gnomes carried over and laid the framework and foundation stones from the Ancient Moon Evolution that they brought over to our present Earth Evolution. We shall intuit the ancient powers of the North/South Rockies and East/West frame of the Cross that sends the deep currents that run under the Foundations of the Earth. However both Stone and Plant can be studied from their transition from the Ancient Moon Evolution to their present conditions in Earth Evolution.

“Have you not read this Scripture: “‘The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; this was the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes’?”

We shall see how the Earth Spirits are preparing now for the foundations to be laid for the future Jupiter Evolution. But just as readily, in the Plant Kingdom, can we understand the Mistletoe as a plant force left-over and carried forward from the Ancient Moon Evolution. Mistletoe is a potent force active in our current Earth Evolution. Did the Pure Imagination of the Logos Being of the Christ understand the metamorphosis of the mystery of the mistletoe and also the metamorphosis of the deepest secrets of the dwarfs and Gnomes?

If humanity refused to be nourished by Truth, Wisdom and the Word on Earth, could this Child of the Gods, humanity, become subject to an extraneous cellular clustering of cancer cells? Could Humanity be thrust into the Nothingness? Could Balder be killed? Could Ahriman, Fallen Asuras and Sorath devour the Light of Truth, Goodness and Beauty? All of the kingdoms of Nature had vowed to protect Balder from any harm. Yet Balder was killed by a Spear formed from Mistletoe.

Balder was the result of the full Sun Evolution that implanted the laws of the Etheric immune system in us and all through Nature. Balder was a vivid Imagination of the full Earthly and Cosmic Homeopathy that was the result of the entire, mighty Sun Evolution. However the Ancient Moon Evolution has carried a Sting hidden in mistletoe. Humanity got entangled with the Fall when our Angels went through their Human phase.

We may only truly understand the riddles of Cosmic Homeopathy in the Immune System of Humanity if we understand how we were woven with Love and Wisdom before the turmoil and conflict occurred that was injected into the Ancient Moon Evolution. This is part of the secret of deep Goethean Sciences and our connection to the intimacies of the Christ Event. These are part of the secrets of how the Logos and the WORD are part of the full CHRIST Being, as the Designer and Crafter of all the details that have been woven into the Book of Life, Nature and the deeply hidden mysteries of the Earth Herself. These are the core mysteries of Life/Death, Etheric Resurrection, Restoration and how with cognitive LOVE, Budhi and Life-Spirit arises to become a living power in the 7th Age.

“They feel thee not in the golden flood of the grapes — in the magic oil of the almond tree — and the brown juice of the poppy. They know not that it is thou who hauntest the bosom of the tender maiden, and makest a heaven of her lap — never suspect it is thou, opening the doors to Heaven, that steppest to meet them out of ancient stories, bearing the key to the dwellings of the blessed, silent messenger of secrets infinite.” Novalis Part 3 (Click Link)

Just as there is a study of the Macrocosmic as well as the Microcosmic I AM systems, so there is a vast LOGOS Being who has woven the mysteries of the Entire Earth into Living Facts of Nature. Now may we discuss Novalis depiction of “Little Fable” and Goethe’s leap into the plasticity of tracing the signature and footprints of Christ in Nature as true Goethean Science.

Novalis Mini-Apocalypse descent to the EIGHTH SPHERE

“During this time a sad transformation had come about at home. The Scribe had enlisted the servants in a dangerous conspiracy. His hostile mind had long sought the opportunity to take control of the household management and to relieve himself of his burdens. He had discovered it. Firstly his underlings seized the Mother and put her in chains of iron. The Father was held likewise, kept on bread and water. Little Fable heard the uproar in the room. She crept behind the altar and, discovering a secret door in its rear side, managed with great skill to open it and find a stairway leading down inside. She pulled the door closed behind her and climbed down the steps in darkness. The Scribe burst violently into the chamber to revenge himself on little Fable and to take Sophia captive. Neither was to be found. The bowl was also missing. In his fury he shattered the altar in a thousand pieces without, however, remarking the secret stairway.

Little Fable descended for quite some time. Finally she emerged into an open courtyard enclosed by a majestic colonnade and shut off by a huge gate. Everything was dark here. The air was like a monstrous shadow: Black rays beamed from a body in the sky. All the forms were clearly distinguishable, since each object presented a different shade of black and cast a faint radiance behind. It seemed that light and shade had reversed their roles here. Fable was delighted to be in this novel world. She examined everything with childlike curiosity. At last she came to the gate before which, on a massy pedestal, there lay a beautiful Sphinx.

“What is it you seek?” said the Sphinx.

“My own inheritance,” replied Fable.

“Where do you come from?”

“From ancient times.”

“You are still a child.”

“And shall stay a child forever.”

“Who will stand by you?”

“I stand alone. Where are the Sisters?” asked Fable.

“Everywhere and nowhere,” answered the Sphinx.

“Do you know me?”

“Not yet.”

“Where is Love?”

“In the imagination.”

“And Sophia?”

The Sphinx muttered inaudibly to herself and rustled her wings.

“Sophia and Love!” cried Fable triumphantly, and passed through the gate.

In Christ, as the Living Logos, we have an enormous, ELOHIM, planet and Sun Being working with us, along side us, as “Big Fable.” Sophia Cosmic Wonder and Imagination! Christ works as the King of Metamorphosis beside our own microcosmic Anthrosophia, our own developing higher moral Intelligence, depicted by Novalis as “Little Fable.”

The above MINI-APOCALYPSE captures the SCRIBE’S/Ahrmanic betrayals on the Altar of the Sacramental Sciences of our Earth. Ahriman in a rage, as the Scribe, was convinced that Intellectual Soul dictation of Logic alone, Sense and a Dead Cosmos alone, was sufficient for understanding Heavenly Sophia and her child Anthrosophia.

In his rage Ahriman shatters the Altar of the Sacramental Sciences of the Earth in thousands of Lab pieces like Humpty-Dumpty. Ahriman puts Nature under false Iron mandates, including chaining Dame Nature to anti-sun GM modified infusions and failed food stuffs devoid of Sun lit Logos Laws of Divine Photosynthesis. Lab made vaccinations and atrocities, weaponry and armory reverse the use of Courage and Michael Iron, our human blood and Michael Intelligence. This Ahrimanic destruction, the Scribe does in his malicious desecration of the multitude of Holy Secrets that were hidden in the rich folds of Dame Nature’s embroidery.

Ahriman further invades the altars of THE FATHER, where the Bread and Wine had once opened the mystery of the consecration of matter and the Budhi-forces as Holy Sacrament. Once Anthrosophia arises in millions of human souls, as LITTLE FABLE, Ahriman, the Scribe, goes ballistic and shatters the Genetic Structure of nature and the Genome, and maliciously shatters the Divine Image of Humanity into fragmented, robbed genetic nature forces. Novalis takes us, down the back stairway, behind the Altar, deep into an underworld region where reversed Manichean Light and Shade change their values. Here Little Anthrosophia learns the deep roots of Light and Darkness Itself.

The left over residue that it took to create, design and construct Humanity was entirely part of every aspect of the woven garment of Dame Nature Herself. The LOGOS dove into and was active through and through, from way back in the Ancient Sun Evolution, and will be, all the way through to the distant Vulcan Evolution, where we complete our Higher Education as Moral Creator Beings. Christ is the Living Force of Lawful Cosmic Imagination, what we call Science, that flows through all of nature and the Human I AM.

“Balder began to have dark dreams about something bad happening to himself, he went to the Gods in the council and told them about these dreams. The Gods began to worry that Balder was in danger and that something might happen to him. Odin, Balder’s father and Frigg, his mother, also began to worry and they tried to come up with ideas to try and protect Balder from any danger. Frigg said that she would go into all nine worlds and have all of nature promise never to hurt Balder. Wood, stones, iron, metal, earth, snakes, disease, beasts and birds all promised to never harm Balder. The only thing that did not promise not to harm Balder was the mistletoe because Frigg did not think that she would need to ask it because it was too young and weak to ever harm her son. All of the Gods tested everything out by throwing their weapons, sticks and stones at Balder, time after time each item being thrown would drop to the ground.”

The geometry in the Plants, their Star virtues which brought Sun enriched Etheric Immune system healing into our blood, in our lymphatic system, was a divine gift of the Sun Evolution. With Budhi and Life-Spirit so deeply integrated into Nature, one can no longer twist the Literal Imagination of EVE AND THE APPLE into subjective astral trivia. Rather it was the objective Logos Imprint of the Divine Design Code of the Human Star Form that was hidden in the Apple.

The Etheric Life of humanity, The Tree of Knowledge, and in the 7th Age, through the Window into the Lazarus Awakening and the Deed of Golgotha, the New Tree of Life, the Cosmic Homeopathy of the Stars, the secret design codes in Nature, stream renewing forces from the Tree of Life into our Sun Awakened Etheric Life-Spirit and Budhi development. The secrets flowing through Nature had once calmed our nervous systems, soothed our wounds, healed our ailments, and offered us the Sun bounty of Earthly and Cosmic nourishment through all our many lives. This is deep Goethean Science that has led the way to our Budhi and Life-Spirit mysteries.

“The six compost preparations are made from specific herbs: yarrow flowers, chamomile blossoms, the whole areal portion of the stinging nettle while in flower, oak bark,dandelion blossoms and valerian flowers. Four of these six preparations are enveloped in sheaths of animal organs. All are made with a sensitivity to the rhythms of the sun and zodiac. All but one are buried in the ground for a specified period of time.”

Nature, woven with Etheric Life has replenished us, nurtured by the Sun forces, the honey and the nectar of the Bees had served the Sun forces in our blood stream that were part of the Logos Religious and Moral Sciences. Their left over essence, from the Ancient Sun Evolution, allowed the awakening and release of the Tree of Life Mysteries hidden in our Budhi and Life-Spirit.

Christ, the LIVING FORCE OF IMAGINATION, has been the servant, healer and Resurrector that has circulated through all of nature and humanity, always pointing the way toward Budhi and Life Spirit. From the sculptural etheric forces hidden in Goethe, arose the organic and spiritual bridge to the loftiest secrets of St.John, the awakening of Lazarus and the future potentials latent in the roots and core of all of Humanity.

“Thus you will see how intimately united the earthly life is with the super-sensible. We cannot speak at all of a super-sensible world separated from the earthly world of sense. For everything that is of the senses is permeated at the same time supersensibly, and everything that is super-sensible is revealed somewhere and somehow in the world of sense. Moreover we can only truly receive and understand the earthly life if we recognize that these things are behind it.

“This, my dear friends, is to be the future of the Anthroposophical Movement since the Christmas Foundation Meeting. We must treat of the super-sensible facts openly and without reserve, confessing them in fullness of knowledge. This should be the esoteric trait permeating the Anthroposophical Movement. Thus alone will it be possible to give it its real spiritual content. (Click Link)

ANTHROSOPHIA, (“Little Fable”) knows that it was the warm and weary, weathered Plato (Capesius) who handed the key to the discovery of the KING OF METAMORPHOSIS, over to his hungering, striving ancient colleague, Egyptian and Greek companion, Aristotle. Yes it was Hroswita von Gandersheim (click link) alias Capesius who handed the hidden mystery of Goethe to Rudolf Steiner.

“In the second of the dramas, ‘The Soul’s Probation’, Capesius, a rather melancholic professor, is able to observe his former medieval incarnation, after a journey into spirit regions (in the Sun Sphere). He has to come to terms with the misdeed of having secretly abandoned his children, allowing them to be adopted; so that he himself could retreat and devote himself to life in the Templar Order. He meets these ‘children’ again, reincarnated as his friends Johannes and Theodora, in the present life.” (Click Link).

Great historical personalities and their works and identities disappear in space but remain Living Realities in TIME. The moment in Time of a specific I AM seems to disappear and fade away from TIME’S bright glare. The SCRIBE from Novalis mini-apocalypse always rejoiced when human striving and efforts faded into oblivion. Ahriman found it easy to eliminate, assassinate, remove troublesome I AM’s from Space. Asuras burrowed into the I AM and used the hidden forces of the I Am as sources of fallen cosmic nourishment, scraps from the Masters Table. However, the secret Novalis presented, revealed that ANTHROSOPHIA or the magnificent contributions of “Little Fable” will never disappear from TIME. The I AM will stand the test of time and is a revelation and miracle of the very substance of TIME.

Thomas Aquinas, at the very conclusion of his life was left awe-struck and overwhelmed by the REVELATION of his inadequacy to describe, comprehend and communicate the immense mysteries of the LOGOS. Anthrosophia, “(Little Fable”) had not fully developed in the magnificent and accomplished intellect of Thomas Aquinas. The germinal seed of Alpha – Omega science lay in Goetheanism and Goethean Science.

Aquinas had a potent riddle stored up and waiting for him to discover in his next incarnation. Sophia had prepared the startling Star Physics that placed, Goethe, Novalis, Fichte, Schiller onto the playing field of our human history.

Athens and the New Mystery Centers for the Risen Logos

“Great, mighty teachings, a mighty outlook into the space of the Cosmos; all this we find in the old Egyptian and Chaldean-Babylonian times, but only in Greece do we begin to look to separate personalities, to a Socrates or Pericles, a Phidias, a Plato, an Aristotle. Personality, as such, begins to be marked. That is the peculiarity of the spiritual life of the last three thousand years; and I do not only mean the remarkable personalities themselves, but rather the impression made by the spiritual life upon each separate individuality, upon each personality.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Sophia had prepared, in the German Language and Folk Impulse an Imagination and Metamorphosis of the entire Greek Spirit. If Aristotle knew what to look for he might be able to uncover the Underground Temple and raise the Imagination of the Living Etheric Christ, in an entirely New School of Athens. Time ripens the gifts germinating in our I AM. Aquinas reached the end of his life with an unreachable CULMINATION that appeared as a shimmering seed of the future.

Rudolf Steiner

“Brunetto Latini, the teacher of Dante, returning from his post as an Ambassador in Spain suffered at the same time a slight sunstroke and a great shock as he came near to Florence, the city of his fathers. At that moment he was really touched by the occult radiations of the School of Chartres and underwent an experience which he himself describes as follows. — He said that as he came near the city of Florence he entered a deep forest. There he first met three animals and then he met the Goddess Natura who built up the kingdoms of Nature in the very way in which this had been taught for centuries as I have indicated. He, however, beheld it directly. In the semi-pathological condition which soon passed, what had been taught in the School became immediate vision to him. Then, having seen the Goddess Natura, the successor of Proserpina, in her creative work, he beheld how man is built up out of the Elements and how the soul lives and moves in the forces of the planets. Then with his thought he was uplifted even into the heaven of the fixed stars. Thus in his own person he experienced the whole of this majestic, medieval science. And he was the teacher of Dante. Had he not been so, had he not given to his pupil Dante what he had received in this majestic vision, we should not have the Divina Commedia, for the Divina Commedia is the reflection of Brunetto Latini’s teaching in the soul of Dante.”

The schooling and the path that brings to birth the new child ANTHROSOPHIA, was the greatest, Devachan, Incarnation, Star Physics, Sophia discovery of the 20th and 21st century. It was Novalis that had organically evolved the germinal force of Anthrosophia in his “Little Fable”. For Rudolf Steiner to locate the TIME KEEPER, John the Baptist, the Best Man of the ever evolving Christ Mysteries, facilitated, awakened and recovered the upward thrust of Humanities own Time Mysteries.

Both Novalis and Goethe had the germinal future Budhi and higher Consciousness Soul organ of Metamorphosis within them. Prior to their incarnations, prior to their discovering each other on Earth, the future Novalis and Goethe shared the most lively and animated Devachan experiences together. All that was needed was a place and a time on Earth where they could meet and unfold innocently for the world and the future, their intimate higher world treasures.

Sophia of the Stars helped facilitate the targeted physics of how to catch the ripening forces that might awaken in the next phase of the development of Thomas Aquinas. Sophia of the Stars strategically brought Goethe and Novalis together in TIME, with absolutely similar complimentary capacities and gifts. Sophia and Michael prepared the Archangelic forces of the Germanic Language for a Surge of tremendous Light that might be ignited between Plato and Aristotle.

Cosmic Intelligence knew of a potential Extinction Level Event arriving for humanity in a stupendous flash of global darkness and destruction. Sophia of the Stars and Michael the Archai of Time and Time’s Mysteries intercepted an Extinction Level Event slated by the return of a Comet arriving in 1933 that would have crippled humanity.

We will discuss the event of this 1933 Comet Impact later. What is of startling and shattering importance in our study of the Moral Physics of TIME’S Mysteries is how Michael and Sophia intercepted an Earth Level Extinction Event and transformed massive catastrophic destruction, into New Astonishing and Potential Revelations.

Humanity never knew what transpired behind the Veil of Isis and the Higher Veils of Cosmic Intelligence. Sophia, Michael, Christ, and little Anthrosophia, developing as a potential in each human soul, was gathering from the Stars, a massive wave of incarnations. Sophia and Michael timed their preparations with the unfolding capacities developing in the incarnations of Goethe and Novalis. Pay attention, we will examine this ‘E.L.E.’ later.

The great navigator and explorer of worlds, a mighty Initiate Teacher and Grail Knight, was timed to incarnate just as the dawn of the Michael Age illuminated the shores of Time. Just after the Great Goethe and just after the young Novalis had formed, fashioned and completed their Work Together on Earth, Plato and Aristotle were dropped in together, just as Novalis and Goethe had been before. Would either Plato or Aristotle, discover in freedom, the secret that Novalis and Goethe had brought with them into incarnation?

We know now that the King of Metamorphosis had penetrated into a Human Spiritual Form and literally, not theoretically, revealed the Path Creative Human Spirits would need to unfold if they were to comprehend the Science of how to conquer death. Christ dove through the blood and bone marrow and beyond the skeleton all the way to the Dancing delightful Poetry of the Eternal ATMA. (Dove exists in some British dialects and has become the standard past tense especially in speech in some parts of Canada. In the United States dived and dove are both widespread in speech as past tense and past participle…)

It was the Will of Christ Himself, Sophia of the Stars, Michael the Archai of Time, that Humanity, as full Creator Beings, might also become the working manifestations of the IMAGINATION OF LOVE and FREEDOM in the Cosmos as they were designed by the Logos to become. It will be through Christ’s Will, His Deed, Michael’s Intelligence and Sophia’s advanced Star Physics of Love and Karma Science that we shall be given the opportunity to evolve, and transform ourselves into I AM Creator Beings.

Our Higher I AM will become an entirely New Force of Nature. The Conscious Creative Force of the I AM in us will become a renewing and resurrecting force of Nature. The Literal Spirit, swirling through Nature Herself, the Higher Nature of Nature Herself will come alive in our I AM. Nearing the CULMINATION of the 7th Age the Secret of Earth Evolution will be a New Force of Nature arising from the awakening of our Higher I AM.

We, in the coming 6th and 7th Age will also, with all humility extend portions of our transformed selves down through animal, plants, stones and most incredibly offer up our own Budhi and Life-Spirit forces to our fellow striving human companions. Giving, offering and growing new renewable Life-Forces in ourselves will be part of the joy we share in the Christ Sciences and Sacramental Service of Dying and Becoming that are part of the Higher Gifts fostered by Earth Herself.

When the deepened I AM chooses to answer a deep stimulus and Free Deed, out of Love, to offer itself for others, an entirely new pregnancy, out of complete I AM freedom, will consciously be set into motion. That which was unconscious in how females had given birth in the past, processes that were set within the rhythm of the Moon and Stars, unconsciously, will grow into a conscious Virgin deed out of the Higher mysteries of Budhi and Life-Spirit in us.

The Shaping of a Spirit-Germ, the pre-designing of human Etheric Bodies and the shaping of Earthly Karma into a destiny that would have been nearly unbearable, will be willingly taken up by others out of Freedom, Love and Selfless Joy in helping to relinquish and carry the burdens and failures of the heavy weight of Earth Evolution. (Click Link)

Which means the Midnight Hour of Devachan Star Physics and the forming of the complex structure of the Etheric Body, in assisting others in their incarnation process, will be part of the Conscious Revelation of Goethean Dying and Becoming, down to the deepest core of the foundation of our Human Etheric Cohesion. (Click Link)

Parthenogenesis and forces hidden in our Speech and our Larynx, our future Reproductive Word center will gradually develop as the new Cauldron of Life. The WORD and literally learning through Love and Freedom how to Process NEW LIFE out of our I AM, in the distant future, beyond the 7th Age, will be the very essence of the profound star schooling of our awakening to LIFE in School of the Virgin Sophia.

Sexual Reproduction that once stirred to life with our Change of Voice will have shifted upwards to the new Parthenogenesis in the cradle, in the crèche of our future Larynx. The future reproductive center of our Larynx will send formative forces out into the womb of worlds. The WORD in us will resound as a Creative Force of Life itself.

From the magnetic and astral potency of SPEECH that expressed itself in the Initiation of the “Ancient Mariner” discussed briefly in PART 1, wholly new forces of Truth, Science of the Living Word, will incubate themselves with forces of Compassion, Heart and Love that arise from the new Cauldron-fires of the Larynx. Like the Dove, Humanity will have a milky crop of rich living life substance brewing as the LIVING WORD in the cauldron of the larynx. (Freya the endocrine system and the New Uterus) (Click Link)

“Since then, at an uncertain hour,
That agony returns:
And till my ghastly tale is told,
This heart within me burns.”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

This power of SPEECH and the WORD recovers magnificent new Life in the unfolding of our Spirit-Self and in the transformation of our Astral bodies through the 6th Age. Already we are introduced to the planetary laws of the Consonants and Vowels. Their intimate potency to the planetary worlds is gradually restored. By the 7th Age New Etheric Life mysteries, Budhi and Life-Spirit forces slowly, slowly seep through and begin to reveal a new reproductive center flushed with the pure Laws of the Logos, as the Fire of the restored and resurrected Word.

Our rhythmic etheric seasonal revelations of Whitsun and Pentecost (CLICK LINK) celebrated in nature through our Earthly seasons, had always been tinged and suffused with flowering, budding, pollination, nectar, bees and butterfly’s that revealed the lofty revelations of the future unfolding, of the deep Budhi and Life-Spirit forces, hidden in our I AM. When we have researched the Bee and have found a FIVE CHAMBERED HEART IN THE BEE, we also found that there was developing a Fifth Chamber in our own Human Heart. Who crafted the Bee as a SUN ELOHIM tool that replenishes and restores our human blood?

Rudolf Steiner

“If you are too weak to develop this hexagonal force in yourself which has to pass from the head into the whole body, if you no longer have the power to give the blood so much firmness that this force is always present in it, then honey must intervene — or milk in the case of the child. The child has not yet got this hexagonal force; therefore, it must receive it from what is prepared in the human being as milk.”

“I imagine that you are not all of you good geometricians. Geometry is not exactly familiar to you all; you could perhaps not straight away, draw a quartz crystal, or model one in clay. But your body is a very good geometrician, and wants always to be forming such crystals. We are prevented from doing this. All life consists in the holding back of death, and when we can no longer hold death back, we die.

“Now let us look at the bees. The bee flies out and gathers nectar. This it works upon in its own body, and in so doing provides its own life-forces. Further the bee prepares the wax. What does it do with the wax? It makes hexagonal cells. You see, the earth makes hexagonal silicic-acid crystals. The bee makes hexagonal cells, and this is extremely interesting. If I could draw the bees’ cells for you — or if you remember Herr Müller showing them to you — then they look just like quartz crystals, only they are hollow. But in their form they are the same.”

“You see, these cells are hollow (Diagram 12), but what is put in them? The bees’ eggs are laid there. Where there is silicic acid in the quartz, here in the cell is a hollow, and there the bee places its eggs. The bee is shaped by the same force that is within the earth and forms the quartz. Here the finely dissolved silicic acid (Diagram 13) is at work. A force is at work there, though this cannot be physically proved. The nectar works in the body of the bee so that it can shape the wax in a form which man really needs, for man must have those six-cornered spaces within him. Man needs the same thing. Inasmuch as the bee is the creature best able to give form to this hexagonal force, the bee is the creature that everywhere collects that particular food which can best be transformed in the body into this hexagonal force.”

Deep, deep into the Mineral Kingdom of our Earth, through matter and the vivid forming forces that live in the Light, our Christ as pure Logos Imagination, penetrated deeply through the Hexagonal forces of the crystals in our Earth. Christ as the formative forces of the deep Crystals, metamorphoses Himself into the Sun Shaper of the waxen cell of the Bee.

Descent of the God

“At another time it was shown to the mystic how the God himself descended into nature, how he evolved upwards through the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, and animal kingdom to the human kingdom and was then born anew out of the human heart. That was called the Descent of the God, his Resurrection, and his Ascension.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Christ whirls and swirls upwards from the crystal and vast mineral kingdoms into the etheric and formative forces in the plant kingdom. The Living Word appears in the Sun rich Wheat and the Bread. The Christ Blood appears in the circulation and CULMINATION of the different shades and Elemental Regions of the Earth, the Wine and the Grape. Earth has been literally filled with the shaping powers of the Sun Drenched, Living Word.

From the plant kingdom Christ levels off into the horizontal region of the spines of the Animals. All the specialized attributes of all the astral and Animal qualities, capacities, sounds, songs, grunts, calls from turtles, sea horses, dolphins to Eagles and Doves, all the different splayed paw and hoof prints, claws, fingers and stunted hands of the whale, the toes of the elephant – mount and move through the rhythmic, metabolic, and hyper nerve sense systems like that of the exquisite hypoglycemic humming bird.

What form forces change in living beings as miracle adaptations to Raw Light, Raw nectar, higher love, burst forth and break through visible Nature Herself? What happens to our own Human Forms as we mature, ripen and grow into new Cosmic Homeopathy and pure Cosmic Nutrition wrought from undiluted Love and Light?

The deep, deep dimensions of the Earth are filled with Sun Gold, Warmth, Love and Light that are laced in every secret nook and cranny locked in the depths of matter. Immense reservoirs of Warmth Ether, Light Ether, Life Ethers, Chemical and Sound Ethers are lurking in the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth, waiting to be tapped and incorporated. These discoveries skills and revelations are Holy. By the 7th Age they will be incorporated in the Holy Science School of the Sacraments of Love.

The unraveling of the Core of the Earth’s Mysteries, not only through the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth but also the false corruption of so called atoms and kernels of matter will be revealed as revelations from the Higher Devachan Sciences. Already in the 5th Age (Click Link), false paradigms of physics and the Fall of decayed Devachan Light into magnetism, electricity and nuclear nuggets of annihilation had awakened Initiation Science to the secret depths of what matter truly is.

By the 6th and 7th Ages Priests and Scientists will have discovered the deep source of what True Light and True Love were all along. In the New Science of the Sacrament of Love, Humanity will have discovered what Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones, of the loftiest Hierarchies, had hidden in the recesses of matter’s Holy Matrix. These Hierarchies are not the false constructs used by quantum physics to describe the blunt collision of dumb Light and dumb Love attempting to split atoms open.

The false paradigms of quantum mechanics that attempted to unlock matter’s deepest mysteries served as the sand-box play-pen for Fallen Black Magicians. Black Magicians like bats and rodents continued to gnaw their way down through the Fallen Devachan decay of Light Itself. In the 5th Age, the Nuclear Age, Assassins of the Sun (Click Link) – attempted to force their Will upon the Gods. The Black Magicians of the Nuclear Age used blunt, brute force to release more toxic incinerating decayed light. Black Magicians opened a food source for Fallen Devachan Beings.

Light Devouring Entities began gnawing away, infecting and distorting the Chromosome cellular Microcosmic Mirror of our Physical Human Forms. Festering Depleted Uranium began eating away at the Form the Gods had designed. Pharma corruption began shattering the cohesion of vaccinated Astral bodies. Sleep disorders and betrayals of Sun Nutritional Mysteries weakened and addicted our Etheric Bodies.

De-sensitizing, com-passionless, abstract numbing torture, silenced Moral Conscience in the 5th Age. Orwell’s tattered explorer’s flag lay buried in the drifts of the icy regions of an Ahrimanic, sub-sensible glacier of the Soul and Spirit. It wasn’t Global Warming it was a Spiritual Ice-Age brought on by the crushing glaciers of advancing materialism.

Ahriman offered an empty shell, a hollowed, icy, cavernous carapace of soul atrophy, spun from the marvels of materialism and fallen Devachan Light. Ahriman hid his true intent in Techno-Occult Identity Theft of the true I AM and entombed humanity in a delicious web, a spider’s snack, a feeding pouch filled with a numbed and dissolving prisoner.

Preparations for the Package, preparing the dissolution of Humanity as food for the Fallen Horde, sinking slowly into the EIGHTH SPHERE, Ahriman proved he was a Master Chef, Master Thief, an ancient icy cold-cosmic seducer and corrupter of potential Human-Moral Cosmic Intelligence. Humanity, the Microcosmic sweet-meat of the Divine Hierarchies, was savored by the psychic sucking Asuras of the fallen Devachan. Potent parasitical entities slowly sucked out the slumbering powers buried deep in our dormant I AM.

Our Doubles and Shadows thrived while the Divine Potential of our I AM deteriorated and atrophied. The forces of the EIGHTH SPHERE enhanced their attacks. Their Siege, Encirclement, Starvation and Blockade of the ripening and awakening potency of the budding, blossoming Forces of Love hidden in each I AM, only served to ignite stronger and stronger Resurrection Impulses to ignite the I AM. Christ and Sophia supplied an inexhaustible stream of focused unconditional Love.

Matter and the Mirror of the Logos in matter and the chromosome designs created by the Constellations, Ancient Saturn and the restoration of our Holy Indestructible Phantom Body, were viciously attacked by Fallen Devachan Materialism. Thus began our own psychotic distortion of the horrific nightmare that Nietzsche had succumbed to. Thus began the the distorted projections of X-Women and X-Men, the false THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA paradigms of the Marvel Comic Empire and Franchise of Super Humans, X-Designs, distortions and disasters that projected outwards and upwards from the cold, cruel depths of Ahriman’s Kingdom.

Ahriman has been viciously trying to break the Mirror of the Macrocosm, that designed the Microcosmic Miracle of Humanity. Ahriman has been attempting to shatter the Imagination that was designed by the Gods and recovered by Christ through the Golgotha Event. Through this distorted lens, Ahriman and Humanity opened the gates for the assaults from the Asuras and the darkest schools of Sorath and the corruption of matter.

Shaping the Trinity in the Animal Kingdom – Man and Mammals : Toward a Biology of Form by Wolfgang Schad

“Wolfgang Schad has taken the insights of Goethe, Steiner, Portmann and others to new heights. He has looked at the form of mammals and suggested a new idea relating the entire form of the animal to its three main processes: nerve-sense, metabolic-limb and rhythmic systems.

“Here the nerve-sense system refers to the brain and the nervous system, metabolic to the digestive and the limbs, and rhythmic to the heart and lungs. The idea originated through the insight that an animal’s form must be a product of its entirety all of its structures must be related to all others ie an idea of wholeness.
“From this simple three-fold idea Schad builds the form through the influence of these 3 systems, not strictly separate, but through an interaction of all 3 in the animal.

“The ungulates are thus most influenced by the metabolic-limb system, the rodents by the nerve-sense system and the carnivores by the rhythmic system. He explains how structures such as horns and antlers form in the ungulates as well as dealing with quirky aspects such as the large canines of the musk deer and the reason for the spiraling of sheep horns and the oval/spherical shaping of deer antlers. He explains the coloring of each of these such as the spots of the carnivores eg jaguar, cheetah etc, the striping of the zebra and the overall coloration of the larger animals such as the bear and moose.

“Through this system he allocates places for the various mammals within their families which make sense by being based on the influence of the three-fold processes.”

Christ the King of Metamorphosis, designs, tests and wends His way through the Animal Kingdom until He reaches the pinnacle embodied in our human form. Here the design of the WORD in our Larynx finally bursts forth and interior thought illuminates and reflects all of the entire intricate and interlocked mysteries. Christ’s path through crystal, bee, lion-bull-eagle and human – the metabolic will forces of the bull; the rhythmic powers of the Sun that moves through the heart of the lion’s breathing and pulse; and the strength and vision of the Eagle, of St. John and the Apocalypse, all coalesce and concentrate themselves in our Human Form.

But Christ does not stop there. He lifts the forces of the Astral body to Manas, or rather allows our Individual I AM to go further and shape itself into a lofty, Free Word Being. In the Cauldron of our Larynx lay the condensed forces of the New Zodiac and the Planets hidden in the mystery of our consonants and vowels. What we learn of an entirely New Creation System arises from how Star Knowledge becomes WORD OF LIFE through the I AM arising in the Cauldron of our Larynx.

Even the FOUR parathyroid glands reveal the Fire forces, the Air forces, the Water forces and the Earth forces that stand above us in the Cosmic Zodiac ‘Mixer or Cauldron’ of life. These same powerful forces arising in our Larynx appear as well in Bio-Dynamic Preparations that we had stirred into Life in our Gardens and Fields. We called and re-invigorated whole families of Elemental Beings who were imprisoned and suffering under GMO, Monsanto materialistic delusions. Early in the 5th Age we had already learned to release the burgeoning Budhi and Life-Spirit forces that were hidden and enchanted in nature.

“Men did not look so much to our present day chemical elements which have since commanded so much admiration, but they looked all the more deeply at what were called the Elements in the ancient sense: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. It was not a question of knowing them in words by mere tradition. The tradition was impregnated still with the most ancient of the Mysteries. And when this is so, we see in the Elements what is indeed not present in our seventy to eighty chemical elements, the world of elemental spirituality the world of certain elemental beings into which we penetrate when we enter livingly into the four Elements.

“Then we see how man himself in his outer bodily nature partakes in the life and movement of the Earth, Water, Air, Fire which become in him the organic form and figure. They who thus looked into the life and movement of the Elements, of Earth, Water, Air and Fire did not see mere natural laws, but behind all this life and movement they saw a great and living Being, the Goddess Natura. And from their vision they had an immediate feeling that this Goddess Natura shows only one side of her being to man to begin with, while the other side remains hidden in the world in which man spends the time of sleep between falling asleep and reawakening. For then the ego and astral body are in a spiritual environment which lies at the foundation of Nature. The ego and astral body are with the elemental beings who underlie the Elements. Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

These shaping forces, latent in the Larynx, as new reproductive forces of the Virgin Sophia, also recover our deep, hidden Etheric Life, by emancipating the Life-Forces of the SEVEN ROSES. The exercise of precise, elasticity and recovery of the Rosy Cross from the dead wood, transforms our hidden Etheric Sun forces into Budhi and Life-Spirit. We learn how Death becomes Life.

“However, an initiate looks upon all of this as the outer I manifestation of what is behind it. He tells himself: You should really see — and he does see it, as his soul becomes increasingly active — you should really see the red in a rose begin to spray out above and below as tiny flashes of lightning, and whereas the front part becomes dulled, the red in the rear interacts with the sphere of the Seraphim, and all sounds are linked with the sphere of the Cherubim, and everything that we touch is connected with the sphere of the Thrones. When one sees nature around one in the physical world it is really all an illusion, for in reality it is the toned down work of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones.” Rudolf Steiner (CLICK LINK)

We learn to penetrate the deepest wisdom of the mineral and crystal worlds of the stone, until the mighty construction of our Skeleton sings its Cosmic Wisdom all the way back to the memory of Ancient Saturn. Slowly, near the end, we begin to understand the Phantom Body and the future Atma or Spirit-Man buried deep in our I AM foundations.


Our Bones, the stones, the minerals and crystal of the Earth rejoice as the most ancient Cosmic Song of the Six Hexagonal, geometrical Music of the Spheres, reverberates through us and celebrates it’s release.

We have absorbed, gathered, breathed in all the WISDOM from Animal, from Plant and finally from Stone and Skeleton and are able to recreate in ourselves the Living Path of the WORD, the Logos through Creation. The Symphony of the Creative Powers of the Stars and the Music of the Spheres becomes our own pulse, breath and Life-Offering gift of Love. Humanity as Symphony of the Creative Word (Click Link). All of this Memory and tracing, following and tracking the Cosmic Symphony of the active Logos of the Christ as the Creative Word rests upon our advanced schooling in the Goethean Sciences.

From St.John and Anthrosophia in the 5th Age all the way through to the majestic I AM development at the end of the 7th Age, THE AMERICAN AGE, through to the future Jupiter Evolution and the future Venus Evolution, we shall be unfolding the path of the Creative Word in us to become Creator Beings of the Cosmos.

“The bee is shaped by the same force that is within the earth and forms the quartz. Here the finely dissolved silicic acid (Diagram 13) is at work. A force is at work there, though this cannot be physically proved.”

This cannot be physically proved. What does that mean? What does that tell us? It tell us that the Hollow Hexagonal Cell of the Honeycomb where tiny Elohim Sun servants incubate, holds the secret of the invisible forming forces of the trinity. Workers, A Queen and Drones, each keyed on different rhythms of our actual Sun become SIX LEGGED servants for the higher development of our Human Blood. Here we witness the secrets of the Sun Logos Himself. Here we observe the Invisible Power of the Logos wending it’s way through Creation.

What the solid crystals of the Earth have as visible shaping forces, the Christ and Logos formative forces, are literally active in the hollowed out forms of the waxen cells of the Bee. T.S. Eliot called our attention to Hollow Men, but now we know that what works in the Hollowed out Hexagonal cells that the Bees create are literally the invisible etheric workshop of the spiritual reality of the shaping forces of the Logos of the Sun. In the Hexagonal designing forces, formative forces, invisible to the eye were resurrected and lifted from the Mineral kingdom and Crystal world to the etheric forces of the plant kingdom and the insect.

My God! Steiner must assure us that such a power of the Logos we see working in the Bee Honeycomb, cannot be proved. The Living, invisible, Resurrected Powers of the Word become the super spiritualized Logos forces that allow the Bee to supply the support and nutrition that humanity needs to build our Atma and Spirit-Human. What? What? From the re-vitalized human blood stream, circulating through our I AM, the literal sap of Budhi, of the Plant Kingdom, delivers the nectar and honey. The Bee delivers the highest spiritual forces of Nature in order to lend support to the Higher I AM in us.

The flip side of the derogatory and detrimental “Hollow Men” that T.S. Elliot observed and we studied in PART 1 are new Christ Humans filled with the Literal, Lawful Logos of Creation. The literal vivid, active, creative summation of all the Love and Joy in the restoration, resurrection and RE-MEMBERING of the full summation of Creation, Baptizes the Creative Core of our human I AM.

The Logos Science, The King of Metamorphosis, that was IN THE BEGINNING, THE WORD, is Re-Membered by the I AM. Our job is to develop the full elasticity, plasticity, strength latent in the I AM, that is able to give birth to “Little Fable” in us. “Little Fable”, Human-Cosmic Intelligence is the unquenchable microcosmic dynamo that results from humanities journey to become Creator Beings. Out of St. John and the Word the solid ground of the Science of the Spirit and the Soul of ANTHROSOPHIA was born.

“These are the things which we can foresee today if we place future stages of human and earth evolution before our soul. This is what we see again when the Apocalypticer speaks to us. You should try to feel your way into this coincidence’• with what can really be gained from Anthroposophy or can gradually be disclosed through Anthroposophy.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

A child needs milk for these Bone strengthening Hexagonal forces, when it first incarnates. In our Mother’s milk, our Mother Tongue, and the forces in us that give us the strength to form the outlines we need to create our first Teeth, also prepares our I AM to find the path of the Logos through Insect, Plant, Animal and Stone.

We acquire as well the forces needed to solidify the Logos Structures of Thought that comes vividly alive in our I AM. It is not merely an abstract I Think, therefore I AM. Rather Living I AM plasticity in Thought becomes as solid in us as that which once was given to us as our skeletal system. Thought as the living flow of our Emancipated Spirits becomes Cosmic Certainty of bountiful Life-Spirit formative forces.

“Through us, life becomes self-conscious as a free rhythmic and creative cognitive activity working through the whole human being, in which all of the soul forces mutually intensify one another. It flows with the currents and streams of life as they ascend and descend, etherize themselves in us and in the cosmos and embody themselves back on earth. It is life’s cyclic breathing, becoming self-conscious in us, that unites our creative cognitive process with the life cycle of planet earth and all vibrant life streams and cycles in the universe. This conscious life cycle of etherization and recondensastion, out breathing and in-breathing, incarnation and excarnation, becomes a source of new life- and light-breathing that humanity and the earth contribute to the whole universe.” (CLICK LINK) Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon

In other words we have laid the foundations to become lofty spiritual beings and free ourselves from our physical bodies. But it was the germinal forces of “The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity” in the I AM that led us to the discovery of how we gradually learned to live in, through and from Logos of the Cosmic I AM, our Christ. While we ripen our Spirit-Self we also turn our Higher Spiritual Schooling towards the great nutritional stream of Sophia/Isis of the Stars.

Christ the Logos of the Cosmic Word, a Sun Being, has moved through crystal, plant, animal and human as the constructive foundational building power of the lofty Imagination of the Human Being. Our Larynx gradually emancipates the strength to become the future cosmic Reproductive Organ able to produce Life from out of Spirit Procreation and the Power of the Living Word as lofty Parthenogenesis arising out of Human Creator Beings. Our Virgin Purity arising out of the purification of our Astral bodies into Manas; the purification of our Etheric bodies into Budhi; and way, way into the future our strengthened power of Atma arises through the Transformation of the core forces that had shaped our physical bodies.

How did you become a Buddha? The training out of Anthrosophia reveals the formative forces that not only do we remember, recall, review and reassess all our karmic relationships, our lives joined together with others, our deaths and our passages through the starry worlds after death, but we come upon Anthrosophia as the Foundation Stone for developing us into full Creator Beings.

We are able to recall and RE-MEMBER, in a higher Goethean/St.John schooling not only the origin of Humanity, but all those who gave us our gifts and all the forces of gratitude we owe to all creation and our specific starry karmic Groups. We humbly celebrate our gratitude for the salt of the sea and all the stones we ever stumbled over, the plants, insects and animals that gave us nourishment, and the Individuals who sacrificed themselves so that we might become.

What we mean is that from Ancient Saturn, through remembering Ancient Sun, Ancient Moon, OUR CURRENT EARTH, and the future unfolding forces of the Jupiter Evolution, the Venus Evolution and the Vulcan Evolution, we literally have within our Cosmic I AM a Creator Being Power that can accurately unfold exactly like Goethe unfolds his EXACT SENSORIAL PHANTASY. We can do this for the entire Evolution of our System.

We learn like St. John to go to the very Beginning. What was in the Beginning? Ancient Saturn Evolution. In fact Anthrosophia applies this Re-Membering process and discipline and takes us back to the UR-Beginning. Which is not the Big Bang. And as future Creator Beings we literally learn to unfold, unscroll, and Re-Member all the lost fragments where Love, gratitude, births, deaths, and our many, many lives gave us the strength and precision, the Compassion, Reason and Love to become full, Logos Schooled, Sophia Awakened Creator Beings.

Together we follow Christ through the Imagination, Intuition and Inspiration forces that resurrect and emancipate the forces of the stone, the plant, the animal and our Human Divine Image. All of sleeping Nature lives in the Resurrection and consolidation of our awakened ‘ I ‘ . From this awakening in our ‘ I ‘ we directly participate in the Transformation and Resurrection of our Earth. Special Cells called IMAGO CELLS, reveal, contain and literally produce the IMAGE, exactly the way Christ Resurrected and reproduced Himself again and again before His Disciples.

IMAGO CELLS – The Risen Etheric Christ created copies of Etheric, Astral and Spirit-Man

“…the caterpillar doesn’t just change like a tadpole becomes a frog – reabsorbing its tail and growing its legs. No. The caterpillar must undergo a complete meltdown. The entire caterpillar literally dissolves into a mass of cells – a liquid goop. Once the meltdown is complete, certain specific cells, called imago cells, which contain the “image” of the future butterfly, begin to differentiate and organize the goop into an entirely new life form, a new structure – the butterfly!”

Some I AM’s began unfolding the Metamorphosis of their Higher Being’s earlier, in the 4th Age, the 5th Age, the 6th Age and the 7th Age. And here we are arriving at the unfolding forces of the internal core of all I AM development. We reincarnate, we once more set to work again, but at what stage are we? Can we and do we, in the law of I AM development pick up again, where we left off?

“We will cite one of these facts, established by the naturalist, Huber, through the observation of caterpillars spinning a cocoon. There is a caterpillar that builds its web in successive phases or stages, so that one can describe the process as spinning in the first stage, second stage, and so forth, up to seven. Now, Huber took a caterpillar working on the third stage and set it on another web of which six stages were finished, and a strange thing happened. At first the caterpillar felt shocked, as one might interpret its behavior, but then it continued to spin, not the seventh stage, but the fourth, fifth, etc. It obeyed a sure inner life, following only its own dictates. When Huber took one of the caterpillars away from its own cocoon and put it in another that had also arrived at the third stage, it continued the work in the regular way. It was not reacting to an outer impression at all. It did not say to itself, “Now I must spin the fourth stage.” It was following an inner urge, and this it did even when the outer impression emanated from another stage.”

Remodeling, guiding and preparing to unfold our Higher I AM to meet the criteria of Objective Cosmic Evolution resides in the mature and ripening development of our individual I AM. That which we as I AM’s will become in the future, the I AM realizes in itself, that it must give birth and produce higher organs that at present are only faint germinal buds. In the future the I AM will unfold completely different forces and powers and will arise from what is considered inconceivable, currently, in our present educational models.

Comprehension of the unfolding forces in each of our developments, as an example of Literal Metamorphosis, we followed Elijah through John the Baptist, Raphael and Novalis phases. We could pause at Raphael and comprehend the Light Infusion that would change Raphael into the immortal dynamo of “Little Fable” or ANTHROSOPHIA. Raphael bursts into Color and Light.

Literal Human Spirit Metamorphosis phases, higher metamorphosis forces that are continued and picked up again by us and through us, progress with us into our future incarnations. Goethe did this and we can follow his Metamorphosis and how he stood side by side with young Novalis where each shared a stunning new Organ of Metamorphosis, born from the germinal seed of unfolding germinal incarnation capacities and transformations.

We can follow Plato through to his Metamorphosis as Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim (Click Link). We can follow Aristotle through his Metamorphosis. We can follow his path through Courage and the Intellect, his work as part of the Grail Family Knighthood. We can follow his path as a literal cocoon and pupa stage of inwardly digesting Aristotle into Thomas Aquinas.

We can vividly experience the involution of the higher capacities of Thomas Aquinas near the end of his life Culmination. For Thomas Aquinas had served the Logos, but what phase of utter light transformation arises in him and through him when ANTHROSOPHIA awakens at the Culmination of his life? Aquinas sees it for an instant at the end of his life and it shatters him.

The Higher Organ for tracking the Metamorphosis of the Ego “this organ, as it grew in Rudolf Steiner…” Poppelbaum: Man’s Eternal Biography: III

“What was needed, as we said above, for the study of an animal metamorphosis, in the way of an ability to “hold the breath” in crossing an abyss separating two forms, is needed to a vastly higher degree for tracing the individuality of man through successive “incarnations”. The sprigs of the spiritual ladder, so visibly close in the realm of plants and already partially interrupted in the realm of the animals, are widely separated in man’s metamorphosis. Centuries pass between two embodiments and there is no resemblance left between two sprigs, or stages, which could be grasped by a mere sense for the similarity of shapes.

The Ego-Tracking Sense (also called spiritual intuition) must work independently of any outer resemblances in order to follow a spiritual ladder flung far through the ages of history with long intermittent abodes of the ego in a purely spiritual existence. There is one thread, however, which connects the various incarnations in spite of all the differences in the shape of the bare appearance. This thread is of a moral character and can therefore be understood long before the student can hope to find for himself concrete examples of actual reembodiment of one individuality through the ages. The leap from one incarnation to the other keeps the moral continuity between deeds and omissions in the one, and consequent circumstances in the next embodiment. But every new incarnation is also a fresh start as a guarantee that freedom becomes attainable. [Seenote 1]

“The image of the butterfly hatching from its chrysalis can be retained as a picture of the connection of one incarnation with the other under the one condition that we grasp and apply it in the sense of a moral development. Yet this very transfer of the metamorphosis into the sphere of the continuity of deed and educating environment makes us stand in awe before the ability of Rudolf Steiner to bridge the gaps of centuries in his ego-beholding vision and to show how actual cases of human metamorphosis, as he described them, bear witness to the super-human morality which pervades the spiritual cosmos.” [See note 2]

Rudolf Steiner encounters the same Metamorphosis in Novalis, Goethe, Plants, Earth Evolution, and the Inner structures of our Human I AM. He witnessed, through his Logos Stamped capacities, the objective dynamic, immortal forces Metamorphose themselves into literal, intense incarnation and Karma research into the core of how every I AM develops. ANTHROSOPHIA is the objective Science of how the I AM unfolds in phases and Metamorphosis into Angelhood, Archangelhood and Archai.

So the power to keep pace with the Higher Unfolding of our Human Spiritual Development, attain the future higher organs and capacities needed and required and already latent in the germinal seed of our Etheric, Astral and Physical bodies, requires a New Force to develop from our I AM. Moses encountered the germinal power of the I AM in The Flaming Roses, of the Burning Bush.

My dear brother and friend in the spirit Bobby M.

“In other words, once the “I am” arrives on the scene, it becomes our burning bush in which the fire of God burns, it opens the channel of the Spirit of God to fill the otherwise isolated and desolated three bodies.

“Smith points out that Kyrios from the Greek cannot simply be translated as “the Lord” because it referred to man’s soul life and its mysteries, i. e., his “I.” If we apply this insight as Smith suggests to Mk 1,3: “the voice crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight — ” we get “the voice crying in the desolation of the soul: Prepare the way for the powerful ‘I’ within you, clear the way for it to manifest itself within you.” And when that way is opened, one reaches the soul of man liberated from all the group-soulness. (page 278) Those who do not heed the message to prepare the way will have no “I” and become what T. S. Eliot called the “hollow men.”

[page 278] With the others, in that place where the I-being is, which remains there — which is now there in the body, and which remains after death — there is a hollow space, a nothingness.

“Note how beautifully this idea of a hollow place in men who, “I-less,” must lean together in a group soul, is expressed by Eliot in the first stanza of his 1925 poem written the year Rudolf Steiner died:

“We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats’ feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar”

“We bring together the black cross, symbol of what must be caused to die, and the red roses, symbol of the life that must arise from it. In inner meditation we visualize the rose cross, a visualization that can only be called unreal, yet did not come into being like an external error but was born of the noblest impulses of our soul.” Rudolf Steiner

We found that the poison in the Bee Sting [CLICK LINK] was part of the circulating essence of the Heart and the stimulating power of the I AM that humanity and the Sun Beings of the Bee Kingdom share. Part of the stimulus brought to Lazarus was the pollination by the Great Sun Bee Himself. Part of the mystery of Budhi-Itself was in the Elohim stimulation generated by the Stinger and Pollinating Power of the Great Sun-Word Being Himself, the Christ. The celebration of the I AM has been reflected ever and again in the season of Whitsun, Pentecost, Pfingsten  and the Grail.

The Book of Revelation, the Gospel of the I AM

“The one who wrote John’s Book of Revelation felt his fully conscious ‘I’ to be at one with the content he wrote down in that Book. From the long-since extinguished consecration service of Ephesus came the inspiring stimulus for that priest, the author of the Book of Revelation, who felt himself to have been anointed by none other than Christ Jesus. He felt himself to be within a continuous celebration of the ancient, holy act of consecration. In feeling his ‘I’ to be entirely filled with the meaning of the act of consecration he now also felt entirely filled with the apocalyptic content.

“The Book of Revelation is spoken out of John as, in ordinary consciousness, only the little word ‘I’ can be spoken out of the human being. When we say ‘I’ we express the whole of our inner being with this sequence of sounds. This cannot denote anything other than the single, individual human being, who is, however, richly filled with content. The content of the Book of Revelation is a rich content.”  Rudolf Steiner ”  The Apocalypse” for Priests of the I AM.

In our Human Ascension Mysteries we each become, through stages, through reversing the path of our descent, we rise through Manas, Budhi and finally we Re-Call, Resurrect the full incorporation and Memory of Ancient Saturn, Ancient Sun and Ancient Moon. In doing so each I AM becomes a Living, Awakening portion, an actor in the Streaming reality of the laws of unfolding Time Itself. We not only become gifted Ancient Mariner’s whose Word rivets and resounds with unfathomed reality, but we become Poets, Painters, Sculptures, and Physicians of the Word.

The Church of Sardis and transforming the Planet of Wisdom into the Planet of Love. Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

“There is only one thing to be said, which is that we must prepare ourselves to become the new, transformed congregation of Sardis. This new, transformed congregation of Sardis will have to understand that there is little value in knowing plants, animals, and minerals unless one can find the stars working in every one of them. In the spiritual sense the stars must fall down from the heavens, and this can already be perceived.”

“You know perhaps that when I am in Dornach I set aside one or two hours each week for the men working on the building here when I talk to them about science and spiritual science during their working hours. The men like it very much if I get them to suggest the subject. They like choosing the subject themselves and among other things they want to know about today’s spiritual life and culture. This is also something that you as priests will surely have to understand. (Click Link)

“Before I set off for England I had one of these sessions with the workmen, and one of them had prepared the question: What is the reason for some plants having fragrance and others not? Where does the fragrance of flowers come from? Well, these lectures have been going on for years and the workmen are by now sufficiently well primed not to put up with the usual chemical explanation about some substance or other being what spreads this or that perfume—you know what scientific explanations usually amount to: poverty comes from la pauvreté. No, these workmen are after real explanations.

“So here in brief is what I told them over the next hour or so. Something that has fragrance first of all draws our attention to our sense organs; we perceive the fragrance through our organ of smell. We should then ask ourselves whether our sense of smell is subtle enough to allow us to work as a sniffer dog for the police. Of course you will agree that it is not. On the contrary, you will have to admit that we human beings have rather a blunt sense of smell, not a subtle one, and that as you go down the scale in nature you come to more sensitive organs of smell.

“Take the dog with an organ of smell so delicate that it can be trained as a sniffer dog. Look at the way its forehead slopes backwards following along the continuation of the olfactory nerves which carry the scent into the very being of the dog. We human beings have a forehead that is puffed up. Our intelligence apparatus is a transformed organ of smell, especially in its capacity for perception. This alone makes it obvious that as we go down the scale to lower animals we come to more sensitive organs of smell.

“Spiritual science teaches us that in their flowers and in the way they develop fragrance very many plants are nothing other than organs of smell, real vegetable organs of smell of immense sensitivity. What do they smell? They smell the cosmic fragrance that is always present. And the cosmic fragrance that emanates from Venus is different from that emanating from Mars or from Saturn. For example the fragrance of the violet is an echo-in-fragrance of what the violet perceives of the cosmic fragrance. Plants that smell nice perceive the cosmic fragrances that come from Venus, Mercury, or Mars. Ferula fetida perceives the smell of Saturn and passes it on in the asafetida derived from it.

“This is something these people want to know, for in a sense they want to know how the stars fall down to Earth. What, after all, are the beings in the world but what the stars send down? If you want to speak realistically about these things, you have to say: The stars really are falling down, for they are in the plants. It is not only the fragrance that is in them, but the plants themselves are actual organs of smell.

“My first talk today was once again to the workmen, and I asked them to state the questions they wanted answered. One question was as follows: If what you said last time about fragrances is right, so that plants are sensitive organs of smell, where then do the plants’ colors come from?

“So I had to explain that the fragrances of the plants come from the planets, while the colors come from the power of the Sun. I expanded on this, giving examples that show this to be the case. One member of the audience was not satisfied, asking why I had not mentioned the minerals, and why were they also colored. I can understand why the plants have colors, he said, and that a plant growing in the cellar without sunlight might have the right shape and fragrance but no color—why it would remain pale or even colorless from lack of sunlight. But what about minerals?

“So I had to explain further. The Sun has a daily course arising from one revolution of the Earth in 24 hours. It also has an annual course that brings about the seasons, during which it reaches the zenith and then falls back again. But there is another cycle as well, and I went on to explain the Platonic cosmic year. I explained how the Sun now rises in Pisces at the vernal equinox, but that in former times it rose in Aries, and before that in Taurus, and then Gemini, and so on, taking 25,920 years to complete one cycle round the Zodiac. In this way the Sun has a course that takes one day, another course that takes one year, and a further one lasting a whole cosmic year. Whereas it gives the plants their colors during the course that takes one year, the minerals need a cosmic year of the Sun to gain their colors. In the colors of the minerals, in the green of the emerald, the wine-yellow of the topaz, the red of corundum, there lives a force that develops during the Sun’s cycle through the Platonic cosmic year.

“So you see: If you take from the spirit what you have to say about the world, people begin to ask questions about earthly things in a way that shows they are no longer satisfied with attempts to explain the Earth by means of the trivia emanating from our laboratories and dissecting rooms. They want to understand in the proper way, and are well satisfied to be shown things in the ‘Sardian’ way that involves including the stars and their effects as well. In doing this one is doing what the apocalyptist does; one is bringing Sardis into our present time.

“What I have been telling you is merely one example. We must begin to bring this sense for the stars, this sense for the beings of the stars, into our present time. We must begin to help people understand anew that the Christ is a Sun Being. This is the fact that meets with the greatest opposition of all”.Rudolf Steiner (click link).

In other words Lazarus/John is the first Priest ordained by the Cosmic I AM, the Christ to stream, represent and stand for the Gospel of the I AM. The Book of Revelation is the Gospel of the I AM. In every moment our I AM may become a conscious and active agent in the Sacramental Reality of Time Itself. The Book of Revelation is the literal sustenance and flowing Life of the Christ Being. Lazarus/John literally eats the book as sustenance, nourishment and nutritional forces that sustains the Higher I AM in us.

The Sword in the Stone, the Sitar and our Human Spine. Unsheathing the Astral and Spinal forces – Arthur and the Sword in the Stone.

“The joints refer to the points of pressure that yield to the impulses of will to produce motion in the physical human being. The marrow refers to the innermost bone substance that was understood to be the origin of the will forces. Today we know that the blood is manufactured in the marrow of the bones, that the bones, which are a symbol of death, have a living core, a core that is crucial to sustaining the life of the body, as well as its soul and spirit life in which the human “I being” dwells—for the blood is the vehicle for our “I.” We see here how our ancient predecessors intuited this “livingness” in the bones, of which Rudolf Steiner said: “You will in fact not understand what is said in the book about thinking [The Philosophy of Freedom], unless you know that man experiences thought by means of an inner experience of his skeleton.”[4] To supplement this perhaps surprising thought, we have Steiner’s re-phrasing of an ancient dictum from the mysteries:

Behold the man of bone,

And thou beholdest Death.

Look within the bones,

And thou beholdest the Awakener—  (CLICK THIS LINK)

Just as the interior secrets of our pineal and pituitary are really and truly a transformation of our deepest thinking into Grail and Holy Spirit paradigms, the Etherization of our Blood, so also, was the revelation of our ancient Mithras Will Initiation part of our Astral and Manas ability to consciously lift all the forces of our Astral body out of the skeletal system. The fine tuning of our Nervous System and our astral bodies are situated in the direct sheath of our human upright Spines. Initiation and Higher Living Imagination itself, of such grandeur, was captured in the King Arthur Excalibur mysteries of Mithras.

This lightening rod, as our depth of penetration into the interior of the Earth Mysteries grows and develops, calls upon each and everyone of us, as Human Spinal Beings, to Lift, transform and transmute Earth Wisdom into LOVE. We are the Lightening Rod of the New CADUCEUS of our uniting of the Tree of Life with the Tree of Wisdom. Each of our Spines, over the entire Earth, porcupine down to the very center of the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth. We shall learn the techniques of our Higher CADUCEUS transformations in the 6th and 7th Age.

How the instrument of the Spine is strung and tuned to the Music of the Spheres and the planets was part of the immense ancient mysteries of the Sitar. The Astral and Starry Worlds of Sophia and the tuning of the instrument of the spine, even the deep and ancient science of the Sitar, was part of the vast Pythagoras Schooling of how composers and musicians become Magicians of the Word.

Part of the Eastern Science of the Sitar and the Astral body and how to free the Astral body itself, or to study the forces of the Astral that may be clumped together in how the West understands THE RELEASE OF THE SWORD IN THE STONE, also has developed the singing astral strings and sensitive points, spread through the nervous system and the Astral Starry body in Acupuncture. In other words conscious entering and conscious freeing of our True Astral Being, so we are Conscious in our Astral Body or Manas can also be approached through Acupuncture.

Freeing up of the Chi and the flow of our Astral and Etheric bodies allows us to Consciously Separate Ourselves in the Night as Novalis learned to do. We learn how to consciously (Click Link) EXIT and RE-ENTER our spinal, astral nervous system. Time becomes an entirely new dimension of human exploration when we become conscious in our Astral Body.

This great tuning and configuration study of our astral system allows us to consciously work with our Angels, the Stars and the Planets. We learn to use the Star Systems themselves as a new I AM generative Parthenogenesis.We learn the intimacy of our human Karma, retrograde planets and direct, trines, squares and the secrets of THE TEMPEST offered by Shakespeare help illuminate our future karmic work together. We learn the Holy Science of Regeneration, reintegration, invigoration and selfless Life-Spirit.

We become aware of all the nuances of our human destinies together from the past, present and future Time Dimensions. We learn consequences of actions past and moral equations that balance the birth of our future. We learn to do free human deeds of sacrifice for the very devotion and love of being allowed to be workers in a Living Universe. We learn how and when we may transform and transmute Karmic log jams, clusters and catastrophes. We learn to work consciously with the Stars to unlock the secrets of Love hidden in the Earth Herself.

The Higher Mystery of the work of our I AM is part of the all encompassing reality of Goethean Science. But more than that, The King of Metamorphosis in a specific TIME and PLACE was walking through HIS CREATION, HIS Garden. The Cosmic Caretaker, the Cosmic Gardner was tending His Greenhouse. This was no fable, this was the Logos Himself present at a specific point in time and human history.

Under the Mysteries of Time itself, the Logos stepped into His Garden. He had been watching, nurturing, caring and waiting for certain higher seedlings of the beloved Spirit of Humanity to arise. It was literally the Mid-Point of Earth Evolution and the Great Bee of the Sun came to witness and assist the opening of the Lazarus Rose in each of us.

The Morning Dawning of the New Logos Sun in the Garden of Humanity had arisen over Lazarus. The Living Christ Being saw the first Rose of the Human Spirit stir to life under His immediate nurturing care. The King of Metamorphosis, the SUN WORD Himself, stood before the first budding life of a new humanity. Christ thanked aloud the lofty Creator Spirit who guides all Creator Beings for this opportunity.

Jesus answered, “Are there not twelve hours of daylight? Anyone who walks in the daytime will not stumble, for they see by this world’s light. 10 It is when a person walks at night that they stumble, for they have no light.”

11 After he had said this, he went on to tell them, “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I am going there to wake him up.

The goal of the entire Evolution of the Earth from the 1st to the 7th Age, from ancient India to the American Age was in the New Sprig, New Shoot that Christ awakened in Lazarus. From Ancient India in the 1st Post Atlantean Age to the Culmination in the 7th Age, the Word Designations and Terms differ from West to East and from East to West. But the visible plant and metamorphosis of the Human Spirit and Soul forces, like Botany, designate consistently the science of the unfolding phases of All Human Spirits. This is the developmental cycle of all Human Spirits. These are the Logos Laws that unfold in the Garden of the Risen Etheric Christ.

part 4 unfolding higher realms of consciousness as new worlds

It is a particular and peculiar discovery that along with Goethe’s Faust and his study of the Human Double in Mephistopheles, the most important and potent clue in future objective human development arose with the scientific work of Goethe. And along with Goethe’s challenge to Newton and his studies on color, the literal stimulus from the future higher faculties developing in Goethe brought him to the inner elasticity of his plant studies.

“It seems that our Christianity is increasingly replaced by Faustianity: the relentless pursuit of our selfish goals without regard to ethics or spiritual values.” (Click Link)

This higher Manas, Holy Spirit-Sophia capacity was given unto Lazarus through the Christ lofty Budhi development. With it, Lazarus was also given a powerful boost of Life-Ethers or Budhi forces that was generally misunderstood at the time. The rumor was that Lazarus was now a disciple that could renew himself out of the Christ Ethers. This caused a bit of jealousy between Peter and Lazarus that literally the Etheric Christ, after He had been crucified, after He had retrieved the Phantom Body for the Earth, The Risen Etheric Christ had to dispel the rumors and tell Peter to do his job.

In order for Lazarus to rest with his head on the breast of Christ the Logos, Lazarus had arrived at a place where we shall certainly be in the 7th Age. We, in like manner to Lazarus will be learning to breath Yogi Light and Love as babies learned on Earth to drink Milk from their Mothers. We, like Lazarus, will be learning to wean ourselves of Earthly Food and learn how to breath and drink in the atmosphere of our metamorphosis into higher spiritual beings.

All things are not equal. Peter was not Lazarus. Christ knew who Lazarus was and how much Lazarus could carry. We need to remind ourselves again and again through our Budhi and Life-Spirit study that the LOGOS of the Christ knew in potent divine mastery what seed lurked in the depths of Lazarus. Christ knew the stage of development of the higher germinal organs of the I that was ripening in Peter. Christ knew what germinal stage of development was budding to Life in St. Paul. Christ knew what depths of Love stirred in the breast of Mary Magdalene.

In other words the startling, shattering implications that the Literal Logos, what we have built all our Sciences and Logic upon, the Apollonian, literal WORD had actually clocked in and was on the Clock. The Logos – Christ was the Clock and Pulse of the entire Earth Evolution. Christ knew exactly who Pilate, Judas and John the Baptist were and HE WAS RIGHT ON TIME. He was and IS the startling LOGOS OF CREATION and acted with all humility and regality as a lawful Creator Spirit.

Christ was a Sun Being Master of what we are only beginning to understand about Goethean Plant metamorphosis of bringing seeds through flowering, fruit and fire in the core. Christ projected the entire scope of renewal and the heavenly world of reincarnation of the seeds of human destiny into the testimony and Being of Lazarus on Earth.

The laws of the Mighty Sun Spirit, the Lord of Karma, plucked Lazarus, chose Lazarus to become a TIME CITIZEN a TIME BEARER and share the Earth, the New Adventure of the Earth with Him. Christ, the Sun Logos, was, in the 4th Age, active within the Earth Sphere of Humanity, with all His lofty capacities. Starry Lord of Karma was just one of those capacities. Christ placed Lazarus, with the Earth and with the unfolding of the entire scope of Humanity in a specialized rhythm pattern directly connected with the Mission of Christ on Earth.

We as humanity pass through the gate of death and enter the starry worlds, where vast rhythms and patterns can be calculated by the vast movement of the Stars and Planets. Immense Starry Moral Wisdom flowed through any and every incarnation that any I AM Bearer has carried. The wisdom, which we shall acquire through the 6th and 7th age is not about, ME or my little I, but the wisdom and patterns, of all the human souls who have been connected to our destinies through time, were all prepared with the most exquisite inter-related Astral and Devachan wisdom.

For THREE YEARS, Christ walked as the Living Sun Logos, in the central pivot of the Earth, between the far West and the far East. But His actual Kingdom extends out to the Starry Laws that literally govern the unfolding destiny of the Earth Herself. Sun Wisdom, literally walking on Earth, starry wisdom, which we shall, like Prospero of the “Tempest” or Benedictus in “THE MYSTERY DRAMAS,” we shall consciously grow into. We shall acquire a fully conscious understanding of the Stars and the Logos laws of the Moral Revelation invested in Reincarnation and Karma.

Christ carefully prepares Lazarus to become an I AM that literally breathes and lives by the constant wisdom reverberating in the depths of the Earth and the literal revelations of the Moral Wisdom of Karma and the Starry worlds. Lazarus was to be the selfless, Constant Witness, student and evolving Creator Being in the service of the Living Etheric Christ. Lazarus would be the selfless witness of His Vast Kingdom, and a vital participant with humanity, in the eternity of our human unfolding through Time. With Reincarnation and Karma, entire Groups of connected human beings can be re-set and prepared for incarnation and dynamic interaction.

Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you?

To learn to act out of the Moral Laws of Karma, the Stars and Earthly intuition and use our new opportunities and new potentials, out of a New Cosmic Wisdom born of Freedom and Love, is the very schooling that we will hunger to attain to. Our goal is to become moral Creator Beings in the mobile Plasticity of Etheric, Living Life streams. Because during the 5th, 6th and 7th Ages we will be filled with such gratitude and humbled by the immense wisdom we have been surrounded with that the laws of Life, of dying and becoming will be as Love to us.

In order to produce Budhi- and Life-Spirit sacrifices of pure Love, we will hunger for the wisdom that Lazarus/John, Christ and Sophia have awakened in us. But, of course the difference here is, that the Living Sun Logos has literally committed Himself to the entire unfolding of Earth, from ancient Saturn to the full CULMINATION OF THE VULCAN evolution. And the sacred humble Freedom in the Core of every I AM is exactly why it will never be easy to locate the ever present Lazarus active in the sphere of our Earth.

Lazarus was the first Goethean point human being, point person, that prematurely would represent the higher immortality we find in the fire core of the Seed. Before Goethe even stumbled upon the Metamorphosis of plants and the Urplant/Urpflanze, Lazarus had already been given a pure droplet of the higher Budhi forces of the Christ Logos Himself. The King of Metamorphosis walked through His Creation and prepared Lazarus to be the selfless reporter and revealer of objective I AM’s.

That is in part why such astonishment and practice of transparency and, depth of description and the Art of the I AM, any human I AM, as the unfolding of an objective lofty I AM Botanical specimen, can be approached through a study of Steiner’s Karma Lectures. The Karma lectures represent a beginning capacity that is without a doubt connected with the transparency and selflessness of the interior of the I AM that is part of our comprehension of the stupendous Lazarus Initiation.

Peter’s dogma of being “Politically Correct” and asking why was Lazarus being treated special, once more failed to comprehend what Christ, the Logos of the Sun, knew about specific human beings against what Peter questioned or thought was fair. Peter, like us, had a hard time looking at a physical human being and truly ascertaining differences.

We have needed Peter because he gave us example after example, from first recognizing Christ Himself for an instant, in a blink of inspiration, only to step in and assume Christ didn’t understand metamorphosis or death. Peter tried to rein in the King of Metamorphosis Himself and lecture Christ on the painful changes of death, dying and becoming.

Peter taught us all the lesson of short-sightedness, underestimation of a Higher Dimensional Being. Peter comes up short on exactly what the Higher Capacities of the I AM are. Christ did a complete 180 on Peter. From out of Peter’s mouth and mind Satanic forces tried to stain and clutch at the magnificent dynamo of the I AM as a force of Love and Cognition.

Peter, with over inflated bombastic boasting claimed, he’d never betray Christ and would behave most heroically of all the disciples. Christ responded with, ‘ before this night’s over, you’ll betray me THREE TIMES ‘.

As Christ rises through the Higher Devachan Realms, we as humanity, like Peter, will be required to penetrate into ever deeper and deeper mysteries of the Earth. Later we shall look at the stages of Christ rising through the Etheric and Higher Devachan Regions as a comparison and counter-point of our own Three Betrayals and our own Three Stages of Ascension. Earth and all of Humanity shall experience the Rise of Becoming and the catastrophic falling away and decay. Love Itself will ever be our guide.

Peter is a terrific example of the error of politically correct superficiality and all human beings are created equal. Let alone that next to Love Itself, we can forgive Peter, for borrowing limitless love and courage and stuffing it into his tiny sock. For we are all Peter, upon This Rock of the Higher I AM of Love we shall see and recognize the courage of the limitless strength of LOVE and step by step come to terms with our own weaknesses and limitations.

The real juice of Love, in order to produce the appropriate blossom of the higher astral organs of Manas, in Lazarus, is based on the Holy Vulnerability of who gave us LIFE. Who gave us LIFE? The ancient FATHERS IN HEAVEN, and the Christ designed the nurturing juices that must come alive within the Etheric Life of Humanity. When it is REAL, it doesn’t boast because such a boast is completely antithetical to The LOVE in the LIVING WORD that flows through Creation.

“the Word was in the beginning and all things came into being through It.”

“The Logos became flesh and dwelt among us.” This simply means: “You have seen Him who dwelt among us, but you will only be able to understand Him if you recognize the same Principle dwelling within Him through which everything that is about you in the plant, animal and human kingdoms has come into being.”

“In order that this may be quite clear, let us make the following analogy. I have here a flower before me. This corolla, these petals, what were they a short time ago? A little seed. And in the seed, this white flower existed in potentiality. Were it not there potentially, this flower could not have come into existence. And whence comes the seed? It springs again from just such a flower. The blossom precedes the seed or fruit and again in like manner, the seed, from which this blossom has sprung, has been evolved out of a similar plant.

“Thus these followers of the Logos-doctrine observed the human being and said: If we go back in evolution, we find him in earlier conditions still mute, still incapable of speech. But just as the seed came from the blossom, so likewise the mute human-seed in the beginning had its origin in a God endowed with the power of uttering the “Word.” The lily-of-the-valley produces the seed and the seed again the lily-of-the-valley; in like manner the divine creative Word created the mute human seed — and when this primeval creative Word had glided into the human seed, in order to spring up again within it, it sounded forth in words. When we go back in human evolution we meet an imperfect human being and the significance of evolution is, that finally the Logos or Word which discloses the depths of the human soul may appear as its flower. In the beginning this mute human being appears as seed of the Logos-endowed human being, but, on the other hand, has sprung from the Logos-endowed God. The human being has sprung from a mute human creature, not gifted with speech, but: In the beginning was the Logos, the Word.”

Let us recall what we discovered in PART 3 of the Sun Evolution, where our Etheric Bodies were first formed, shaped, endowed and given the foundation of an objective Sun Immune System. Plants, Animals and Stones, including the entire Earth and the Body of the Earth has an entire functioning Budhi kernel and Life-Body. This immense LOGOS DEED of the Sun Evolution, planted the objective kernel of the seed of Budhi and Life-Spirit into US as WORD BEARERS and down into the depths where ALL THINGS WERE MADE BY HIM.

Achilles – Balder and the Ancient Science of Metamorphosis

“Some say that Peleus and Thetis loved each other. Yet because Thetis is immortal and Peleus mortal, the marriage ends in separation, symbolizing the ongoing dissonance between divine and mortal. Thetis is an interesting creature defined in part by her archetypal characteristics. She is a shape-shifter, a chameleon, a goddess of the waves. In Ovid’s epic poem Metamorphoses, Peleus catches Thetis asleep in a sea-cave and binds her with every kind of noose and snare. Held fast, she changes into a hundred different forms and tells a hundred different stories. She represents the opacity of dreams. She eventually gives way. Peleus takes her and she conceives their son, the great Achilles.”

If the mobile and elastic forces of the Etheric body are studied with Goethean and Christic Sciences, we shed new light on etheric secrets of both Balder and Achilles. Our Budhi and Sun drenched Immune Systems come to living, elastic power in “Little Fable” and in Goethe’s plant Metamorphosis Sciences. That said we may glance at what Ovid tried to unfold in his understanding of “METAMORPHOSES.”

Thetis, the daughter of Poseidon reveals, like the Daughter of Sophia and Michael’s sister, Anthrosophia, Thetis represents an active force of Etheric Life Waters, active as vivid Logos Imagination that runs through Matter and Water. Thetis can shape-shift literal biological Life-Forms. We then turn and look upon the destiny of Achilles, who was dipped into the Waters-of-Life, and held by Thetis, his Mother, by one foot.

Memory and Etheric life at the threshold, where the river STYX was the crossing point, where the Soul passes into the Spiritual World, our after death experience hands over to the starry intelligences our Etheric Tableau and Life Memories. We enter the Kamaloca and Devachan planning of the Stars so that we may become literal Astral fruit and new star seeds. Our new incarnations are explicitly re-designed from the soil provided by our new Etheric Parents on Earth and our New Etheric bodies. We come to Earth and grow through our destinies and cognition, our Love Revelations and once more die and offer the fruit of our incarnations back to the Starry Worlds.

Frigg of the Northern Mysteries and Balder and Thetis of the Greek Mysteries of Metamorphosis give us vast insights into the Logos King of Metamorphosis, The Risen Etheric Christ Being. These left out pieces of Etheric Sciences that have passed through the souls and higher developments of Goethe, Steiner, Novalis and Bio-Dynamic Gardner’s are literal parts and portions of our higher Budhi and Life-Spirit educations.

What made the Sun Immune system of Achilles so robust? Achilles Etheric Body, up to the point of his ankle had remained in a constant loop of recapitulation that mirrored the Virgin forces of his original, Thetis bestowed, Etheric Body. Thetis gave Achilles access to an ever renewable mirrored model of his own original Etheric Body, except for his heel.

You see Goethe, Novalis, ANTHROSOPHIA HERSELF, must be attained by us. Our Budhi and Life-Spirit is not given to us without our efforts. It is part of our Conscious Schooling. What gave Balder the potential of being integrated with every mineral, plant, animal system in Earthly creation? These are all part of the research into our own Etheric, Immune System, Sun Evolution, Risen Etheric Christ, and Life-Spirit, Budhi mysteries.

Left over from Old Moon Evolution and the Fall of Humanity, CANCER CURE

Mistletoe just happened to not grow on Earth, as a soil striver, growing out of earth’s rich soil. No, Mistletoe that killed Balder, was a left over remnant from the Old Moon Evolution, a parasite and cancer force left over and attached itself to plants that lived and were rooted to the Earth. The Etheric structure and system sciences of Balder and Achilles were once part of the Water-Sun and Etheric life science mysteries.

When we dive into the history of the pre-fallen forces of the Lofty Sun Etheric Body we look back to Balder and Achilles. Something was made robust, resilient and dominated by richly renewable Etheric Life Forces. And we have very vivid descriptions, including Balder who goes back to the Sun Evolution and the old Moon Evolution. These vivid descriptions of Balder and Achilles and the Ancient Sun Evolution, come to fulfillment in the exceptional Luke Jesus Child.

The same resilient Etheric Life of a Sun Being, of Budhi and recovering each year New Etheric Forces after the Holy Nights, lives in the tale of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”. That Green, Goethean, and lofty Budhi and Plant force lives, hidden in the Seed. We see it in the season of the Mistletoe.

The germinal Life Force hidden in the Seed is captured in the Green Knight’s head, severed by Gawain just after the season of the Holy Nights. The renewal and resurrection of the Etheric Life of the Earth, literally flows through and renews the Life of the Green Knight. There was something left over from the Ancient Sun Evolution that was embodied in Balder, Achilles and the Green Knight, that is not fable but fact. The riddle of the Ancient Sun Evolution resided in the hidden forces latent in the Luke Jesus Child (CLICK LINK).

This Life Bearing Etheric Sun Evolution, Goethean and King of Metamorphosis LOGOS BEING, planted and developed our Etheric Life Forces deeply into the foundations of the World and in the Being of Humanity, long before Chaos, Freedom, Good or Evil disrupted the Astral Body of Humanity.

Elasticity, mobility of Etheric Life forces, of Budhi and Life-Spirit development consistently awakens in the depths of humanity. TREE ENTS and I AM GROOT, the Green Knight, Achilles, Balder, Goethe’s Urplant and his inner pineal elasticity, taps into, kindles and awakens in us the deep hidden powers of Life-Spirit itself. Life-Spirit and Manas begins consolidating itself into Novalis as “Little Fable” an entirely new Force of Nature, Higher Nature, higher spirit mobility and life that emancipates itself as part of the potent fruit of Earth Evolution.

I Am Groot emancipates itself as a Budhi force. It is where the I AM in the Roots and depths of our Higher Etheric Life-Body resiliently resurrects and restores and replenishes Life Itself. We learn to offer our Life-Spirit as bountiful sacrifice to serve the ever renewable Sun Forces. Only in the 7th Age and into the distant future they become part of the Life Powers of our I AM. In  “I AM GROOT”, both the root and core of Budhi and Life-Spirit, Resurrection and the ever renewing Sun Forces has, like Tolkien’s Tree Ents, carried upwards through our Human Imaginations a picture of how our I AM arrives at Budhi through the transformation of our Etheric Bodies.

After the immense Sun Evolution of the Earth, where the Phantom Body was secured and the Etheric Life-Spirit or Budhi germinal seed had been secured, the disrupting MOON EVOLUTION introduced Freedom and the potential for human error into our newly minted Astral System. But the secret of Budhi Life and profound Etheric Life were laid in much deeper foundations that were anchored in us all the way back to the ANCIENT SUN EVOLUTION.

In Part 3 (Click Link) we discussed the Asteroid Belt and the War in Heaven having had everything to do with the creation of our human Astral Body. But here we understand some of the fundamental principles of cosmic history and our human construction. Our physical bodies, etheric bodies and the highly potent forces that created our foundational ASTRAL BODIES all fall under the heading of Divine Design code Systems.

Both the Planetary System and our own construction and integration of THREE SYSTEMS, our physical bodies, etheric bodies and astral bodies are all built to serve the I AM. Our Nervous System and the specific Construction of our Astral Bodies reveal that we as humanity have suffered the Fall into the chaos of self-determination and Freedom. The law of the stars and human error have been woven into our Fallen Astral desire based, human thinking.

We find ourselves orphaned in Space and Shattered in our Nervous Systems with a propensity towards what is called abuse, parental, teacher, church abuse, sports abuse, war abuse, vast fallen HUMAN DESIRE and most certainly, Astral abuse. The Astral world of the Old Moon Evolution, before our Humanity could even defend itself against abuse and addiction, our Angels were already compromised. We were torn in the turbulence of the Cosmic System and suffered a divorce and separation from our Divine Family.

The Abuse and Astral deficiencies, divorced from the Upper Divine Beings Themselves have forced US, through Earth Evolution, to discover for ourselves what gift or disaster gave us our predisposition towards Freedom in the first place? To that end we are directed to the previous Evolution of the Earth, where the Angel Kingdom fought for the construction and coordination of our Astral bodies. Our predispositions towards Freedom and Evil were already programmed into our Astral Construction as a consequence of the Old Moon Evolution.

We never take into account, when we look at the Planetary System we inhabit, that it shows the after effects of ABUSE that has planted in us and given us the dispensation towards BLIND FREEDOM. This insertion of disturbance in the early formation of our Astral deep core, rooted and formative Human Instincts, suffered in the skirmishes of the Old Moon Evolution, as war torn orphans, without our agreement or consent, we were given belligerent FREEDOM and the predilection and potential we require to overcome Evil with Love and Courage. Now here is where it gets very, very serious.

The Luke Jesus Child (Click Link) carried into it’s incarnation the preserved and reserved forces of that strength and innocence that had never FALLEN, nor had it ever been compromised in the Astral Turbulence of the ANCIENT MOON EVOLUTION. What do we literally mean?

We literally look up to the War in Heaven, the Asteroid Belt, the Ancient Moon Evolution, where humanity was first impacted with Evil from the Battle the Angelic Kingdoms suffered. But we had before us the Luke Jesus Child as the preserved INTENTION and pre-fallen DESIGN CODES, that were formed just after the Sun Evolution, which had no scars, stains or abuse in it.

The Pre-Fallen Adam, the Luke Jesus was without stain. The Luke Jesus manhood, the body the Christ took on Earth, had not been compromised by the War in Heaven. It still carried the Sun Forces from the Sun Evolution in it. An un-compromised, undeveloped Astral Body.

The Luke Jesus child carried something unique, never seen before. We stand before a riddle of Two Extremes. The most innocent un-fallen compassion filled first incarnation – AND – the most advanced, complex Human Initiate, Bodhisattva, capable, Kingly, commanding I AM, graduate of Earth. The most highly developed Astral Body and I AM merges with the Unfallen Ancient Pre-Adam Luke Jesus child.

The Cosmic Gift and Secret that the Luke Jesus brought to Earth was the very substance of Life-Spirit, Budhi and the potential that Christ offers for our achieving the future ATMA or Spirit-Man. Angels? Literally the shattering reality of THE TWO JESUS CHILDREN not being murdered, allowed Jesus/Zarathustra, the Holy Historical Moment to offer to Christ the Unfallen Forces Native to the Sun-Spirit, Logos. Christ Entered at the Baptism and spent the THREE YEARS of His life on Earth repairing the broken bridge to Budhi, Spirit-Man and the future Venus and Vulcan Evolution for the future Humanity.

Magnificent secrets of Humanity and Earth Evolution come to light when it is considered that Mistletoe is fashioned into a spear and is the only thing that was able to kill Balder. Mistletoe was a left over from the Old Moon Evolution. The Luke Jesus child was literally the awkward innocent, Inconvenient Truth, that had been literally held back on reserve from before THE FALL.

The Luke Jesus held within His Being the primal Un-Fallen, hidden, reserve forces that had never been used. The Luke Jesus Child was not the clever and Mature Matthew Jesus child. The Luke Jesus Child had on Reserve the Cosmic Forces of the Primal Language of Humanity. We can begin to see how the Mystery of Golgotha could only be a ONE – TIME, risky event, that literally required Humanity to break through to the accomplished Manas capacity.

The Luke Jesus held the holy sacrament of the Sun for Humanity before the Fall. The Luke Jesus was the awkward innocence latent in the depths of all Humanity that had never experienced an Earth Incarnation. The Luke Jesus was the perfect fruit of the primal Sun Evolution before the War in Heaven. The Luke Jesus was absolutely without guile.

Because the mother of Achilles, Thetis, was an active Etheric Formative Force that flowed through all of Life and particularly favored the Etheric Waters which constitutes the major mass substance in every human being, Achilles form was always replenished, renewed and reinvigorated. Achilles was a perfect renewable, ever-present, mobile etheric force,like his mother. He represented in a type of etheric manhood, perfect athlete, unique specimen, with the exception of his heel. His heel did not contain the resilient immortality the rest of his Form and Frame had.

A lofty Elemental Being, Thetis Herself, from her womb she had produced the Formative Forces, the primal Etheric blue-prints and model that had shaped the Etheric Body of Achilles. When Thetis dips Achilles by the Heal, what we see in spiritual imagination, is a lemniscate where the primal, immortal Elemental Etheric forces, womb and star forces of Thetis, Loop back IN to Achilles Etheric Body. This primal Etheric Bridge is not only in the Luke Jesus child, but Christ becomes the Primal Cosmic Bridge to our Budhi and Life-Spirit Resurrection.

We began our Research of The Culmination with: CHRIST – “drew out of the Earth Herself, the umbilical CORE and roots of Spirit-Man. We shall show this deep umbilical cord tied to the Core of Earth, in no uncertain terms.”

We witness how a baby is usually born from the womb, head first, in Thetis and in the Risen Etheric Christ we witness a Lemniscate of Cosmic Renewable life forces flowing into Earth and Humanity. Christ is the Bridge point that feeds the Renewing Budhi and Etheric Life-Spirit forces which allow Humanity to give birth to The Jupiter Evolution. The Elemental Model of the Achilles Etheric body constantly leaps the gap where the joined arm of Thetis met the ankle of Achilles. The Risen Etheric Christ, flowing into Conscious Humanity, awakens the Living Powers of Cosmic Evolution down to the Core forces of the I AM.

Thetis, as a primal Etheric Womb Modeling, Renewable Nature force, makes an eternal feed-loop that renews the Etheric Model of Achilles. The Risen Etheric Chirst renews the Cosmic Model of Humanity, via a bridge to Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Atma. Achilles was constantly renewed by the Etheric Elemental Model that linked his Etheric Body to the Higher Elemental and primal Etheric Renewal forces latent in his Mother, Thetis. Christ has done more than this for the entire Etheric Body of the Earth.

Going back in time, Achilles was an exceptional Earth example of Etheric/Physical integration. Balder was brought down by a left over force from the Old Moon Evolution. And the Luke/Jesus child brought into literal Earth Evolution the hidden forces left over from Ancient Saturn and Ancient Sun evolution before the turbulent and disruptive Moon Evolution rocked the world of our Angels. The Luke/Jesus Manhood with the Christ Sun Power was able to re-connect to the Ancient un-fallen Phantom Body that was the hidden gift left over from Ancient Saturn Evolution.

The Luke Jesus Body contained the pre-fallen Divine Design and Intentions of the First Adam, before Humanity was swept into the conflicts of the War in Heaven. Christ restored the integration of the bridge from the Ancient Sun Evolution to Ancient Saturn Evolution. Christ reconstructed the recovery and integration of Saturn – Sun – Moon – Earth – Jupiter – Venus and Vulcan Evolution. Christ restored and recovered the Primal Divine Adam design which held the mystery of Spirit-Man.

Christ Restores the Original Cosmic Development of Humanity

“Let us picture with the greatest possible clarity how the Earth evolves, descending from divine-spiritual heights to a certain nadir. The impulse of the Mystery of Golgotha then made an ascent possible in the evolutionary process. The ascent is at present only beginning, but it will continue if human souls receive the impulse of this Mystery and so, later on, rise again to the stage they had reached before the temptation of Lucifer.” (Click Link)

Now we can look at Astronomy and the Planetary system and the events surrounding the Birth of the Two Jesus Children and observe the Primal forces of the Logos, that the Christ restored. Christ took the Abuse of the entire imprint of the Fall of Humanity and Restored the Pre-Fallen design codes which were built into the unique attributes of the Luke Jesus. Christ/Jesus, like both Balder and Achilles, was also pierced by a spear. But that Spear gave the Impetus that launched the Flood Gates for the In-pouring of the full Risen Etheric Christ Sun Power.

We may always, always find our way back, no matter what deconstruction of our soul we inflict on ourselves, we may find our way back through Reincarnation and Restoration to the SEED FORCES PLANTED DEEPLY IN OUR I AM. Now all of us may find our way back to Health and Living Sun forces of the Sun Evolution and rebuild the bridge back to the Father Gods, The Divine Trinity, and the ongoing work of the Hierarchies, through the recovery of the boon accomplishment of LOVE and FREEDOM accomplished through the DEED of Golgotha.

These Sun Forces of renewal and Resurrection from the old Sun Evolution were displayed in all their glory at the time of Christ’s Resurrection. Etheric Life and the Sun Evolution, Life-Spirit and Budhi unlocked the seed of the Higher Metamorphosis of the Earth and Humanity Itself. The Sun Evolution literally restored and Resurrected itself in the Earth Evolution of Humanity before our Eyes.

The Golgotha Event literally marks the deepest mid-point descent and the literal course correction of Time Itself into the Ascent and correct anticipation of the unfolding course of our humanity from Ancient Saturn evolution to the future Vulcan evolution. Christ offered humanity the tools to recover it’s lofty rank in the Sophia Star School of Higher Beings. Golgotha was the literal Mid-Point between Alpha and Omega, between ancient Saturn to the future Vulcan achievement where Humanity attains the rank of Creator Beings, Atma and Spirit-Man. Christ offered, in a Cosmic Offering, the tools we need to recover our Cosmic Destiny.

Etheric Life, Sun Life of the Ancient Sun Evolution was formed, our Etheric bodies were formed, as was our Phantom Body, both were stable and formed, prior to the incision, where our Angels were impacted with the first titanic storms of injected evil. Before the shattering impact of Evil hit the Angel community, our own Etheric bodies were already established, formed and lawfully imbued with Sun woven, Etheric Richness provided by the wisdom and precision of the LOGOS itself. (From Part 3 – CLICK LINK)

The American Age is not Freedom and All Beings are equal, but Freedom in the I AM to understand the difference of any and all of our fellow human beings and understand the attributes of Higher Beings. Anyone who has truly understood the root impulses of the Founding of America in the West realizes, with a shock, that a Nation in the West was set-forth to provide the future I AM with new quickening forces arising from the Consciousness Soul to Spirit-Self, Budhi and Spirit-Man. The achievement of THE AMERICAN AGE was the deepening and widening of the full capacities of our I AM to lift Creation Itself from Slavery.

Differences abound. There are a ranks of Seraphim, ranks of Elohim, ranks of Archangels, Angels and all that each human being may aspire to, and what actually each I AM may attain. What we know of the new FAR COUNTRY of Sophia is literally our living through and understanding regions and Beings who live and manifest in ever higher states of Consciousness. The Human Power of Love reaches down to the lowest and humblest beings of creation and knows, that without their sacrifices we could never, ever have understood LOVE.

Our Freedom is the humility to ascertain and comprehend the unique attributes, karma histories and unfolding capacities that our fellow sisters and brothers are struggling with. We are filled with gratitude for all Beings. For in point of fact, All Beings will struggle with some of the same arising issues that every Higher Being has. We are all on the path to becoming fuller CREATOR BEINGS.

When we fast forward to the future from Lazarus and Peter to CR, we find Christian Rosenkreuz carrying a heavier and heavier load. The Chrysalis Event of the TWELVE BODHISATTVAS that awaken the Seed of an Archai in Christian Rosenkreuz already allows him to intervene in the Life Course of certain individuals.

This Budhi and Life-Spirit intervention is something we researched and understood as a literal Alteration in the Space/Time Continuum. We examined this particular capacity as part of the Ancient Mariner higher powers invested in the WORD and with George Bailey and his Angel in PART 3. Zuzu’s Petals were Roses from George‘s daughter, (St. George and the Dragon) carried as an identity signature of a Rosicrucian Insight attached to the threshold initiation of George Bailey.

George Bailey: Look, who are you? Who are you really?

Clarence: I told you, George. I’m your guardian angel.

George Bailey: Yeah, well what else are you? Are you a hypnotist?

Clarence: No, of course not.

George Bailey: Then why am I seeing all these strange things?

Clarence: Don’t you understand, George? It’s because you were never born.

George Bailey: Well, if I was never born… who am I?part 4 rose cross

Clarence: You’re nobody. You have no identity.

George Bailey: What do you mean no identity? My name is George Bailey!

Clarence: There is no George Bailey.

[George searches his pockets for identification, finds none]

Clarence: You have no papers, no cards, no driver’s license, no 4F card, no insurance policy.

[George finally searches his watch pocket for the ROSE PETALS from Zuzu]

Clarence: They’re not there either.

George Bailey: What?

Clarence: Zuzu’s petals… You’ve been given a great gift, George: A chance to see what the world would be like without you.

In Lazarus/John we see that indeed the Holy Spirit and potent Manas forces of Spirit-Self begin to unfold the germinal seed of the next phase of higher development, Budhi or Life-Spirit in Christian Rosenkreuz. The trick in the difficulty of observing when we were approaching these new capacities was isolating Goethe’s plant Metamorphosis and his Freedom to Research in an absolutely new way called Goetheanism and the Moral Freedom of the development of ANTHROSOPHIA in Novalis.

Bio-Dynamic Agriculture, (Click Link Etheric Christ and Eurythmy), Architecture, Speech and Music discovered the culture that actually cultivated and prepared for our arising comprehension of the coming future Budhi and Life-Spirit forces. THE BREAD OF LIFE (click link) was another way of catching glimpses of the transformation of our human Etheric Body. Novalis arrived at those future forces where our I AM germinates into Moral Goodness almost naturally.

part 4 7th age capricorn life-spiritNovalis awakens naturally to Sophia and Anthrosophia. A new moral force, that had been carried under the surface of human history, arises naturally in Novals from deep within him. Spirit-Self, Exact Sensorial Fantasy and nursing higher Imagination arises as the dynamic force and moral intelligence that stirs in “LITTLE FABLE”.

Out of this inborn, latent and potent capacity that started to appear, way back in the 5th Age of Pisces, a ground zero cultural event appeared literally in the psychic structures of Goethe and Novalis. Now the riveting, world shattering reality of a long awaited new HIGHER I AM CAPACITY, arising in two human beings, who stood next to each other,freely in life, and knew each other, is this.

Someone had to recognize this new germinal force arising in Goethe and Novalis and from this germinal, developing scientific organ of perception, an entirely new upward direction in the Schooling of Humanity could be identified. Or NOT!

The Science of Finding Creation’s Intentions

“For Goethe there is only one source of knowledge, the world of experience, in which the world of ideas is included. For him it is impossible to say, “experience and idea,” because to him the idea lies, through spiritual experience, before the spiritual eye in the same way that the sense world lies before the physical eye.

Out of this new Brain to precise plasticity SEEING EYE, literally a new child of the GODS will eventually grow. Out of this I AM and conscious power Humanity would unfold from itself it’s own objective capacity to in future become Angels, Archangels and Archai CREATOR BEINGS. Conscious, Moral, I AM, plasticity of Soul and Spirit born from the I AM, were clearly awakened as humanity approached and attained the gifts of Anthrosophia.

The 1st Age meets the 7th Age. India, the Rishis and the East meet America and the West

part 4 beatles fab 4 and meeting of east and west 1st to 7thIndeed the unfolding of the Sentient Soul, Intellectual Soul, Consciousness Soul, Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man are all precise entries, journey’s and goals that all of humanity will unfold. The unveiling of the curriculum and higher faculties humanity is tasked to unfold to become Creator Beings, was not only written large in St. John and the Letters to the Churches; not only in the Beatitudes and Sermon on the Mount (Clink link), but the Evolution of Consciousness is precisely how humanity has been called upon to explore NEW WORLDS.

A TURNING POINT, a cultural historical ground zero, clear cut phenomena was, as far as the 5th Age of Pisces and the Consciousness Soul was concerned – There was indeed the dawning of a new Continent, a new Frontier, an entirely new educational revelation was in our midst, and the Karma of the World rejoiced. And way down in the echo of the depths of the world, someone, correctly sang that IT WAS THE DAWNING OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS.

A justifiable global celebration echoed down into the depths of the world that had momentarily felt the ripple of the world that the Rishis had outlined from the 1st great Age of Ancient India – Extended far, far into the future, all the way out beyond the CULMINATION of the 7th Age, the Age of America.

Les Visible – The Dog Poet

“So it is that often there are people who are used to bring about the conditions that are sought after by the ruler of all things and that often these designs and desires are unknown to the ones being employed to bring them about. Let me use the Beatles as an example. I fully believe that the members of that group were overshadowed by angels for the period of their collective creativity and when that work was done the angels withdrew or moved on to other vehicles for following stages in the history of our kind. I do not think they withdrew entirely but remained as occasional influences in the lives of these artists for portions of their solo efforts.

“I think there are always those of us who are shadowed by powerful archetypal forces…”

We recognized it in how the BEATLES came out of the West. The Beatles and an entire generation born from the far West reconnected our past to our future. We all directly shared and experienced together globally and culturally the MOMENTARY joining of West and East and East to West.

It Was Hands Joining Across the Waters of Time. It was a Celebration of Global Enormity From Ancient India, for a moment, West embraced East.

“Hands across the water, heads across the sky,
Hands across the water, heads across the sky.”

The BEATLES and George Harrison –  (Pisces born February 25, 1943 following in the Star Deeds and Star wake of the Spirit of the Age, Rudolf Steiner, born on the same Age of Pisces date). George Harrison did not merely go East to sit before gurus and dress in garish Eastern style transcendental garb, but rather to incorporate, absorb and acknowledge the guiding forces of Ancient India that arose from the 1st Post Atlantean Age.part 4 George Harrison

These emissaries of the Consciousness Soul, born from the cultural forces of Great Britain and the Consciousness Soul, were a magnificent, cohesive consolidation and flowering of the elemental powers of the Consciousness Soul as a new dynamic force of intuition.

As FOUR, as a consolidation of four active components, like four chambers of the human heart and four directions in space, a quickened, mercurial INTUITION vibrantly moved from East to West and from West to East, circling the globe. Together they were a manifestation of “LITTLE FABLE” in the English Language.

“He had to have a berth or he couldn’t get to sea.
I had another look and I had a cup of tea and a butter pie.

“Butter pie?”
“The butter wouldn’t melt, so I put it in the pie, alright!”

“Hands across the water, heads across the sky,
Hands across the water, heads across the sky.

“Live a little, be a gypsy, get around,
Get your feet up off the ground,
Live a little, get around.

“Live a little, be a gypsy, get around,
Get your feet up off the ground,
Live a little, get around.

“Hands across the water, heads across the sky,
Hands across the water, heads across the sky.”

It was a certifiable Love Fest inspired by Christian Rosenkreuz as an active Global Archai gesture. It sent a SHOCK WAVE of Love around the world.

“…it was Sir William Jones who first demonstrated deep structural similarities between the historical Indo-Aryan language Sanskrit (and its archaic form Vedic Sanskrit2 ) and European languages including German (Germana 137). Early Romanticist Karl Wilhelm Friedrich von Schlegel expanded on Herder‘s and Jones‘s thoughts and made far reaching claims that it was possible to differentiate between single nations and peoples based on their language which he understood as a characteristic trait of a common origin. Ethnic homogeneity as well as national unity are therefore intertwined with and dependent on linguistic usage.

“Schlegel‘s work was one of the most significant pieces to theorize the link between Germany and the Orient. In his Vorlesungen über Universalgeschichte (Lectures on Universal History, 1805-1806) and the monography Über die Sprache und Weisheit der Indier (On the Language and Wisdom of the Indians, 1808), Schlegel took an anthropological viewpoint and emphasized the actual familial relationship between the speakers of Sanskrit and German.

“According to Schlegel, who was the first German Indologist to study Sanskrit and Indian religion and philosophy in depth, ―everything‖ originated from India. In a letter from Paris dated September 15, 1803 to his friend Ludwig Tieck, Schlegel stated ―Hier ist eigentlich die Quelle aller Sprachen, aller Gedanken und Gedichte des menschlichen Geistes; alles, alles, stammt aus Indien ohne Ausnahme‖ (Briefe an Ludwig Tieck 329) (Here is actually the source of all languages, all thoughts and poems of the human spirit; everything, everything without exception comes from India).

“Schlegel traced the commonalities he had identified among ancient Indian and European languages, mythologies, literature’s, and philosophies, back to migration and to the existence of an original tribe of people located in India, the Urvolk (indigenous people). He suggested that people from India migrated through Persia, the Caucasus, the region of the Caspian Sea, and finally settled in north-central Europe, in Scandinavia, and in northern Germany. Schlegel‘s migration theory was a groundbreaking novelty as it implied a kinship and not just a relationship between Indians and Germans.

“The works of Friedrich Schlegel paved the way for a new image of India, which no longer presented ancient Indians as Herder‘s child-like, primitive Wilde of the Orient but rather as the noble ancestors of the German people. Schlegel‘s connection between the two human groups not only anchored the Germans historically but also tied their identity to India and thus, in his estimation, to the oldest and most advanced culture in the world. In other words, the German Volk was the heir to a culture that epitomized the foundation of the civilized world with its modern political, philosophical, and theological ideas.”  ROMANTICISM, ORIENTALISM, AND NATIONAL IDENTITY: by CLAUDIA MAREIKE KATRIN SCHWABE

The Beatles were part of all of us. They carried us all to the impulses of the dawning of the 1st Age, the ancient guiding Spirits of India, whose task it was to guide and lead the entire Post Atlantean education of Humanity into the future. It was a brief and potent celebration of something everyone felt reverberate through an entire generation.

The hopes and failures of liberté, égalité, fraternité sought for by the French Revolution, connected and anchored itself in the striving of an entire generation. The incarnation of an entire wave of renewed souls from the Spiritual World sought a TIME EVENT and an opportunity on Earth, for a brief and shining moment. For a Brief and Shining Moment Human Culture on Earth was tied together by the hopes and aspirations of the Love Generation. Although the answering shock wave of the thunder of the pulse of Spiritual Lightening that lived in the Love Generation has faded, still it continues to reverberate down to the depths of the world. It was but for a Brief and Shining Moment.

part 4 snake biting its tailIt cannot be denied that the Snake Biting its tail, West-Middle and East joined in human celebration, was briefly glimpsed and celebrated. The celebration, globally, during the 1960’s had partially to do with the germinal Threefold Seed that was planted in the failed efforts of the French Revolution.

The window of opportunity presented by the Love Generation stood in opposition to the Apocalyptic Nightmares of nuclear annihilation and Ahriman’s gloating war mongering after WW I, II and the insidious corruption that began undermining America. Much of the Guardian of the Threshold’s efforts of creating a Window of Opportunity for the Love Generation also had to do with the dynamic efforts made by a mysterious Count St. Germain (CLICK LINK).

It is a potent and curious phenomena to consider the Cultural Failure of an entire generation in attempting to introduce the cosmic foundational forces of the Trinity into the roaring river of TIME. Liberté, égalité, fraternité was needed for the future Foundations of America Herself. Liberté, égalité, fraternité and a ThreeFold Cultural Globe over the Earth was a seed planted from India into the intellectual substance of the French Revolution. Again with cognitive eyes we may see the actions of a Gardener holding the lofty office of Guardian of the Threshold sowing future harvests. Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu the TRIMURTHIS was at the Foundation of the 1st Age, the Age of India Herself.

Apparent individual, generational and cultural failures cross the threshold with burning unanswered aspirations and questions. During our time spent in the Spiritual World our generational failures on Earth seek to recover the Great Good we left un-achieved. Souls incarnate with an ever more renewed and invigorated impulse to metamorphose failure into a generational burst of humanities future potential. The volatility of these Aspirations are part of the Cosmic Gardening Manual of those Human Beings who serve the Ascension Mysteries of the Risen Etheric Christ.

The Prime Example of apparent failure and Resurrection more powerful than Death was laid into the foundations of the world, in the Middle Kingdom, in our so called Middle Earth. It was the cosmic signature of the Logos and Living Potency of the Christ that manifested in The un-failing fulfillment of the Golgotha Events. Our seeming failures conjure forth from the mysteries of the World entirely New Forces. Christ was the full force of the laws of the Spiritual World manifested directly on Earth through the THREE YEARS that the Heart of Christ Himself moved and worked as the Living Incarnate Sun Spirit. The roaring Vortex of TIME ITSELF PULSED, for Three Years in the very Center of the Threefold Earth.

The future laws we are discussing, that followed death and apparent failure out into the spiritual world and across the threshold, back into the Stars and up to the Spiritual Devachan, were the laws of Dying and Becoming or Resurrecting. Christ as a precise Sun Being, Elohim fulfilled on Earth, in a specific Time frame of 3 years, the immediate TIME DEED of the law of Dying and Becoming and literal Resurrecting or Replanting the literal upward Hopes, Love and Faith rooted in the core of our Humanity.

Through the Heart of Christ the roaring STREAM OF TIME ITSELF re-looped into the Living forces of Dying and Becoming directly back into our immediate Earth System. Christ replenished and revealed the laws of Dying and Becoming as the actual foundation of resurrecting human TIME experience and full Reincarnation, Devachan educational principles. The Laws of Heaven were literally Walking and Speaking on Earth in Real Time for Three Years.

The failure of Liberté, égalité and fraternité were very much laid into the karma foundations of the World. We see it in America and France and in the foundations of our human blueprints. Mechanistic, Eugenic and Hygienic occultism (Click Link) AND/OR Cosmogony of the West; literal FREEDOM in the Middle and Altruism out of the East are all laid into the foundations of our Threefold World.

Branches of Government

To ensure a separation of powers, the U.S. Federal Government is made up of three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. To ensure the government is effective and citizens’ rights are protected, each branch has its own powers and responsibilities, including working with the other branches.


An entirely New Nation with a new Archai Being was launched, was set forth with the intent of lifting and transforming the hidden karma failures of achieving and setting forth the mystery of a THREEFOLD HUMAN BEING; A Threefold Global Being; and a Threefold Humanity. A platform, location, language and Consciousness Soul potentials were laid down in the foundations of the United States.

Streams of the highest ideals, that went all the way back to Greek and Egyptian civilizations, where Truth, Beauty and Goodness were deeply woven into the Threefold Structure of the Human I AM, were returned as incarnation protocols for the New Westward Christ Impulse. These new potentials were refreshed, rejuvenated, re-invigorated lofty Devachan goals and ideals.

From Ancient India to America, from the 1st Post Atlantean period to the 7th, a new place on Earth was offered in a startling resemblance of the reflection of what was once Ancient Egypt. A new Geographic Location, named The United States of America dislodged the many Native American tribes through brutal butchery and enslaved millions. [“Little Big Man” with Dustin Hoffman]

Now, for a moment we are going to open a window into the projection and trajectory from the Stars, down to a specific generational WINDOW offered by the arrival on Earth of the LOVE GENERATION. Something so remarkable that it is beyond anything we have ever considered, can now be studied, reviewed and placed in our comprehension of Sorathian Events in a study of TIME and CONSCIOUSNESS.

The arising of the LOVE GENERATION was part of the Science of the Apocalypse and the Lazarus/John Initiation given to Lazarus by Christ. Because Lazarus exhausts his greatness by being literally a Rich Man in the summation and CULMINATION of his many incarnations on Earth, his destiny crosses paths with the Sun Being Christ along with his two sisters Mary Magdalene and Martha.

John 11:1-44

The Death of Lazarus

11 Now a man named Lazarus was sick. He was from Bethany, the village of Mary and her sister Martha. (This Mary, whose brother Lazarus now lay sick, was the same one who poured perfume on the Lord and wiped his feet with her hair.) So the sisters sent word to Jesus, “Lord, the one you love is sick.”

When he heard this, Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.” Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus.

Lazarus literally arrives at the point where he requires in his development an ENTIRELY NEW METAMORPHOSIS. Christ offers and awakens this entirely New Metamorphosis by giving Lazarus, Christ gives Lazarus His Sophia and Manas and just a touch of the future Budhi that we have been outlining.

One of the prerequisites of the Ascension into Manas is the overwhelmingly brilliant Selflessness which reveals our human ability to literally describe and embrace another Spiritual Being, instead of ourselves. Lazarus becomes Lazarus/John and literally walks in the impulses, instincts and Karmic Life Sketch from John’s Higher POV in the Karma of Humanity. From this advanced Spirit-Self Schooling Living in St. John, the Eagle, arises our future capacity for what we understand as our initial awakening to the Revelation of THE OTHER in the Manas and Spirit-Self schooling of THE KARMA LECTURES.

We are looking now, directly into the New Birth of a Macrocosmic, Sophia/Christ human I AM in St. John. These immense new Eagle capacities pertain to what I am now going to offer that has never been consolidated as part of the intimate Karma that gave such potent impact and emphasis to the Love Generation. What caused the flood gates and the powerful window of the Love Generation to open for a brief and shining moment, to unite East – West – and Middle and give all of Humanity a brief glimpse and a brief taste of humanities Path to our Higher stages of Consciousness?

Well fasten your seat belts! The Earth was mathematically set to be obliterated by a potent Sorathian Renegade in the year 1933. Now this renegade was part of the arsenal of cosmic Sorathian Beings that oppose the Christ Event. That is, the full power to knock Earth and the Solar System off it’s hinges. Literally a Sorathian Apocalyptic punch known as an E.L.I. And E.L.I. is an “Extinction Level Impact”. It could also be called an E.L.E. and EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT. It might also be called an EEE, [EARTH EXTINCTION EVENT].

The Rise of the Beast predicted on September 20, 1924

“Now an astronomer by the name of Littrow wrote a very interesting paper back then; you should really read it, it is very interesting. He made very nice calculations, and taking everything into consideration he said that nothing too serious could happen through the near miss in 1872, but that if the comet stayed together his calculations showed that a real catastrophe would occur in 1933. That’s right: 1933. That’s right.

“That is, if the comet had remained the way it was, there would have been a real catastrophe in 1933, for all the oceans would have flooded the earth in such a way that all creatures on earth would have perished. But it broke up into particles before then and was absorbed by the earth; the earth feeds on this world substance. So there will be no collision in 1933 — it’s not too far away; but what the earth has absorbed will come up from the earth then as a spiritual reflection. What the earth has absorbed becomes spiritualized by other substances, and the spiritual elements rise up. The earth digests the comets and the spiritual elements rise up. That is why spiritualized, cometary things in the earth rise up from time to time.”

These immense Solar System and Planet metamorphosis forces will be rumbling through our Earth in the far distant future of the 6th and 7th Ages. The Moon Itself, our current Moon will be drawn closer to the the Earth, which will cause immense chromosome and genetic distortions, the likes of which, when I get to describing that later will scream horror with everything that we are literally sleeping through, now in the 5th Age. We are dreaming right now into a future where enormous portions of human spirituality will be ripped from Earth evolution and sucked down into the EIGHTH SPHERE. More on that later.

But for now what caused, what literally caused the LOVE GENERATION to ring a clarion call from West to East and from East to West and for a brief moment unite the 1st Post Atlantean Age of ancient India to the goals of the future 7th Age, the AMERICAN AGE? Well through this entire study, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and this our final summary, The Culmination, we have often returned to the name Christian Rosenkreuz.

This E.L.I. event was set to knock Earth off it’s course by 1933. And in this particular Global Destruction two scenarios could arise in 1933. We could witness a Comet coming closer and closer to the Earth, which could cause utter destruction and devastation to human life on Earth;  OR the full Sorathian attack could be modified by dispersion and the power of the force of the destruction of the Earth, spread out and thrust down, absorbed into the soil, plants, nutrition, substance. This destruction and E.L.I. event could be dispersed, modified, absorbed and spread through human WILL, EMOTION and Nuclear Heisenberg/Oppenheimer annihilation, as the literal choking death scream of a deflected Sorathian Seed Mushrooming up out of the Soil of the United States of America.

What I am about to refer to is the Secret force of the Arising of the LOVE GENERATION, where the Cosmos, a Macrocosmic Human Guardian of the Threshold and All the Hierarchies interceded on humanities behalf. All of this can only be deeply understood by the trajectory of a Sorathian E.L.I. event that was dispersed, and deflected, but in fact entered down deep into the horrific subterranean instincts of humanity and arose as the powerful IMPACT – ORIGIN – and Reason behind the Global Insanity of the events of WW II itself.


“Just consider that a comet that one sees at a particular time becomes atomized in the way that I described and comes down from the heavens as a rain of fire; later it is in the ground, still later it goes from the soil into the roots, stems, leaves and flowers of plants. We eat the cometary bolts and the ferments that are given to the earth by the cosmos in our daily bread.

“The Apocalypticer looks at the phenomena and he sees that favorable spiritual effects arise from one comet and unfavorable ones from another. A beast, or a comet in a cosmic sense, frees itself from its imprisonment in the earth. The beast gets out this means something for human evolution. And so one will point to very intense realities if one wants to indicate large, important points in the evolution of the earth and mankind.

“The earth and everything that exists on it might have perished in 1933 if another wise arrangement weren’t there that can’t be calculated, so that the calculations may not always be correct if the comets have taken on the other form. From the Apocalypticer’s viewpoint one would say: Before men can grasp the Etheric Christ in the right way, mankind must first meet and deal with the beast who will rise up in 1933.

“That is spoken from an Apocalyptic viewpoint. Here a spiritual view is united with an observation of nature. The basic spiritual character of what is present in the universe becomes clear here. If you consider the farmers in 1872 who stood outdoors and observed this rain of light and you add the spiritual knowledge that is available about this, which I have outlined here, and if you compare this with some of the descriptions in the Apocalypse you will see that it agrees word for word and that the Apocalypse refers to real events in nature.

“This justifies one in saying that the Apocalypse is a book with seven seals. One has to unseal it in this way so that one finds out what is meant. It doesn’t seem much wiser to me to ask why the Apocalypticer wrote something that has seals than to ask why we seal our letters when we mail them. We seal them so that people for whom they weren’t intended will not read them. The same goes for the Apocalypticer. He wanted the Apocalypse to be read by people who are qualified to do so and who know how to open the seals. No one knows how to open them if he isn’t competent in a certain sense, that is, if he doesn’t, as it were, get a knife from the spiritual powers to cut the scroll open.

“So this shower of light was there in the 1870s. The comet’s activity was much more spiritual in 1872 when it was supposed to come back, than in its previous appearance’s; it was almost entirely a Spiritual activity. The comet has poured down upon the earth as a shower of luminous meteors ever since, and the earth absorbs them. And Michael approached the earth and began to rule it in a shower of golden light at the end of the seventies. Here you have events in nature that are really spiritual events, or spiritual events that are strong enough to be nature events.

“You will only arrive at a real insight into the way that the world is designed if you see that all natural events become spiritual events, and that all spiritual occurrences have the intensity of natural occurrences. Then you will connect moral things with natural things in evolution and you will no longer say that faith should be the only content of religious life and you will be more inclined to make knowledge the content of religious life. That is something you can gain through a more intensive study of the Apocalypse.”

To summarize A MICHAEL TIME EVENT, a Guardian of the Threshold event intervened on humanities behalf. But how did it intervene? Instead of an actual, physical Earth, EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT, the first Sorathian, Earth Annihilation forces of the Beast were dispersed, spread and absorbed by the Earth and rose up in the will forces and the antagonistic War Forces left over in human aggression. We can look at such fermenting IMAGINATIONS in the wonderfully done film, “DEEP IMPACT” , in “ARMAGEDDON”  and the Comet birth marks from the book and film of “CLOUD ATLAS” (Click Link).

Here is where it gets utterly astonishing. The Comet, before it dispersed and entered the soil around 1872, was supposed to come round again by 1933 and cause Earth shattering destruction on a global scale. Well MICHAEL, and the Beast with his Sorath Comet sling-shot, confronted one another.

MICHAEL had to put humanity into a position of literally absorbing the impact of the Beast and literally taking the blow into the etheric, astral and physical Earth, down into the sub -sensible kingdoms of Fallen Light Ethers. Sorath struck deep into The Light Ethers, The Chemical, Warmth and Sound Ethers and deeply into the Life Ethers (CLICK LINK).

A blow was struck, a wound, a deep thrust into Lower and Lower Fallen Devachan Ethers rocked the Earth. Humanity and the Earth had to absorb the dagger thrust into the Earth in the horrific TIME SEQUENCE of the full WW II, land, sea, air and the intermittent courage and Love in so many human soul sacrifices, served to modify the full impact of a Sorathian Dagger Thrust from the Beast.

Oppenheimer released a cry that arose from the 1st Age of Ancient India, at TRINITY NEW MEXICO, Oppenheimer mentally collapsed into “I AM BECOME THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS” from The Bhagavad Gita. From India. East once more met West in a scream of mental and spiritual anguish striking deep into the Mexican, Toltec, TAOTL mysteries of the South West Region of America. We examined this in PART 1, (click link).

We can vividly see the Goethean phenomena of how to comprehend George Harrison’s turning to the East, the revelation of The Woodstock and Love Generation and Oppenheimer’s strangled cry of anguish in the West (Click Link). It was time for Humanity to face one of the Seals, the meeting of the Beast.

Awakening the Underworld Forces and opening the locks and keys to the depths of our Planetary System, from the Rings of Saturn down to the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth opens the Seal for each Human Conscience to meet the Beast. Again the 1st Age meets the future goals of 7th Age. The Age of America and America and the world continues to shudder and shake itself in the depths of our Moral Courage awakening in the deep foundations of the I AM of humanity.

The Occult Fallen Light Ether knife blade, the thrust deep into the Earth has been modified and continues reverberating in every nuclear blast and test, and depleted uranium event that not only took the lives of humanity in Hiroshima and Nagasaki but continued on display, and continued with the Fallen Light Ether Dagger all the way through to Chernobyl, to Fukushima and the poisoning of the Pacific ocean. What would have happened if the comet set for impact in 1933 had not been dispersed?

For a brief and shining moment in history The Guardians of Humanity gave us the tools of Michael and the Christ, ahead of the 1933 confrontation with the Beast. It would be one of the greatest dawning moments of entering Earth Incarnation armed with newly baptized Michael Forces. A streaming line of vast Incarnations came down to Earth with a tremendous potency and strength to attempt to continue to thwart the Beast that had sunk into the soil and will of humanity since 1872. Michael also rode into the depths of human will, cognition and spiritual courage.

The only difference is that instead of an immediate EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT and an immediate defeat of humanity, humanity was given the tools to recognize and fight the Beast with New Moral and Spiritual insights out of the I AM of the Higher School of Humanity. The New School of the Risen Etheric Christ and Michael are those very sharpened and awakened tools. And they aren’t easy to discover. It was not easy for Parsifal to find his way to the Grail Castle either.

THE LOVE GENERATION sounded the alarm that sent shock waves heard Round the World. The Time was at Hand. And so we have remained in the Battle and have immense Time ripples and disturbances that continue to arise and rip through our human instincts and through the Core of the Earth with a continuing destructive and disturbing force. Humanity is required to think historically in entirely new ways about what happened for a brief moment through the impact of the LOVE GENERATION.

We are required to be vigilant and bring to birth in ourselves forces that consciously recover Moral Light, Moral Love, plasticity of soul and spirit. It is no joke each I AM is called up from the ranks to awaken the depths of true moral courage to assist Michael and the Guardian of the Threshold. We are called upon to uncover and preserve the Good Forces of humanity through the Tempests of the 5th, 6th and the Culmination beyond the 7th Age. Through Spirit-Self and our unfolding Budhi and Life-Spirit Revelations we shall all discover the secret depths hidden in our I AM.

In awakening the unfathomed layers and depths of our I AM we may survive the continuing impacts, assaults and attacks that arise from Ahriman, the Asuras and Sorath. The Cosmos, the Hierarchies, St. John and the School of Spiritual Science have placed Lightening in our hands. Will our Moral Courage, Compassion and Cognitive clarity be ready when each New Seal is opened?

Impulses that we carry through and in our incarnations from out of the Spiritual Worlds, with each of us, are woven deeply into the vast patterns of potentials of the Karma we have accrued as we lived and died in history. We carry in our I AM the foundations of THE COSMIC TRINITY.

The Trinity was announced at the dawn of the 1st Age in India with Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. It reverberated through the 4th age where Golgotha out of the Eastern Hemisphere confronted the Black Magicians of The Mexican Mysteries in the Western Hemisphere (Click Link). From TRINITY NEW MEXICO and Oppenheimer’s strangled cry, the devastation continued through the 5th age.

Through our lack of Moral Vision, Conscience, Consciousness Soul awakening, our nuclear nightmare continued. We continued to stab ourselves and the Earth with a Devachan Knife Blade supplied by the Beast. With each nuclear blast and fuel rod we stabbed the Etheric Forces of the Good Earth. The reverberations and occult damage we refused to face continue on through more and more disturbing confrontations coming towards us from the 6th and 7th Ages. At the far end of TIME we continue to journey forth in order to strengthen and bring to birth our higher Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit; and Atma.

We are the potent seeds sent down from the spiritual worlds. We are spread over the whole circle of the globe and another circle rises or Ascends into the Spiritual World and brings back down to Earth again renewed life. In other words our TIME in the Spiritual World and our return to incarnation on Earth brings to manifestation the school of Dying and Becoming, Renewing and Resurrecting. We fail and succeed in vast rhythms of TIME together.

The French Revolution sent millions of souls with hopes for a unified Trinity of Freedom and Kinship of the Spirit,Brotherhood, over the threshold of death. But cultural failures, sweeping waves of souls back to the spiritual world, are literally answered by powerful thrusts of surging Life, returning with new invigoration to achieve what appeared to be horrifically failed aspirations. Ideals, Sacrifices and future potentials of Love and Freedom were fully experienced and carried upwards into the Spiritual World.

To view the deflected impact of the tremendous historical confrontation with ‘THE BEAST ‘, which was on schedule for impact with the Earth in 1933, requires us to awaken deeper forces of vision. The Love Generation was Spiritually Armed to confront the Beast.

Decadent and dumbed down history has fallen into the shadow of imagining Hitler as the Beast. But we are fully aware of the FALL OF THE SPIRITS OF DARKNESS, and the effect of J. Edgar Hoover and the fall of numerous servants, serving THE BEAST, that were absorbed under the skin, soul, and substance of humanity through the Michael Events from 1840 to 1933. These St. John and Michael Events were in opposition to the new Schools on Earth that have promoted and rewarded the training and impregnation of THE BEAST in the belly of Humanity.

Christ’s ongoing ripening of our Humanity and how we learn to stand up for Love and the I AM and gain the strength from the cognitive tools of Manas, Budhi and Life-Spirit encompasses the entire evolution of our Earth Experience. We were ignorant moral mules to confine our condemnation of the Beast to Hitler. We brainwashed and deluded ourselves assuming the Beast wasn’t inside us.

THE BEAST has seeped into every aspect of our Soul and Spiritual cowardice and immoral criminal and I AM corruption and continues to grow. THE BEAST continues to assault us and challenge our Humanity. THE BEAST did not cease but has continued to lurk and rise up through all our MAD, MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION and constant beastly drives and impelling demonic instincts.

The actual BEAST awoke as a global ENTITY in the Will forces of Humanity. Our confrontation with THE BEAST didn’t begin and end with WW II. Oh no, it was just getting started. The Apocalyptic Gate was opened. We had Annihilating, Earth Destroying, Extinction Level Power in our immoral, dirty minds. This was the poisoning pornography of the voice of THE BEAST.

We had all that Nietzsche, Truman and Oppenheimer had released but more importantly we had all that George Orwell, St. John, Goethe, Novalis, THE LOVE GENERATION and the magnificent Michael School of Spiritual Science recognized as our awakening and ongoing confrontation with THE BEAST. The Love Generation, for a brief and Shining Moment set the tone of how to confront and defeat THE BEAST.

Another of the great Sacrifices was the conscious stupendous gift given to humanity from the Great School of Metamorphosis and Goethean Science. The 1st Goetheanum lay in ashes as a cosmic deed of sacrifice and Love on the Holy Altar of the World. Grief, death, failure and Wars attempted to snuff out one of humanities highest achievements.

But it didn’t snuff it out. Although global conflagration surrounded the Great Seed planted in Dornach, Switzerland, waves, upon waves of incarnations returned with renewed invigoration. TIME ITSELF and the system of the Stars Themselves, in whole waves of souls that belong together and seek to find each other again, arise from sacrifice, love and our apparent, seeming failures.

Instead of drowning in our failures, the germinal Seed of the Highest Accomplishments of Humanity took root. The Metamorphosis of objective Cosmic Evolution was turned into the clearest foundation for unparalleled cognition. The germinal force of the Risen Etheric Christ Schooling of Humanity burst forth. The Evolution of Consciousness took root in the world as Goethean Science.

Humanities Journey through the unfolding of TIME and the Christ Event centered at the mid-point of Earth Evolution, had been secured and raised upward to a full School on Earth of the mystery of Cosmic and Human Earthly Metamorphosis. The tools were given for humanity to enter and participate consciously in the objective unfolding of the Gospel of the I AM.

George Harrison literally tied and inwardly plunged the BEATLES and the West into a future part 4 george harrison 1transcendentalism linked to the Guiding Spirit of ancient India. Christian Rosenkreuz and the Seven Holy Rishis, for a blessed MOMENT had once more tied together the world. All those shattered hopes and dreams, for a MOMENT, were infused with Love from East to West and from West to East. For a MOMENT we all shared in the evolution of consciousness that the BEATLES literally went through for all of us.

“There is a beautiful legend that tells how when St. John was about 109 years old, he lived in Ephesus, with groups of the first Christians. In the little church there was an open grave for him already prepared. One day he asked the people to bring him into the church. Sitting in his chair before his open grave, he gave a last word to the community: he said, “Children, love each other.” Then he stepped into his grave and died.”

“These words are repeated very often. In reality, they contain the whole mystery of the development of the earth — from a cosmos of wisdom into a cosmos of love. (Click Link)

Not much is known of John’s life after the early beginnings of the Church; however, tradition holds that, toward the end of his life, he summed up the entire message of Christ in one sentence and repeated it over and over: “Little children, love one another.”

There was and IS, as anyone can see, tremendous joy in the discovery of the revelation of The Evolution and Metamorphosis of Human Consciousness. The voyage of humanity to discover the Evolution of Consciousness from ancient India to the future Age of America requires a different type of explorer and a different type of exploration.

The ancient Sitar and the base of the Spine and the notches and nodes of the instrument of the Sitar reveal an esoteric system of astral and etheric currents connected to the 33 system of the Spinal Cord. The West meeting the East and the unfurling spiritual acceleration of the metamorphosis of the Beatles Journey toward Higher Consciousness was a raw, open, unimpeded, shedding of skins.

Layer after layer of the novel, stiff Ed Sullivan Gateway Keeper of the West, introduction of the Beatles dropped away. In just a few years a tremendous metamorphosis, a turning inside out would reveal itself to an entire generation. Veil after veil of our human elasticity, mobility and the pure creativity of “Little Fable”, unfolding our hidden potentials, shot through album after album of the Beatles. Veil after veil of the raw forces of the Consciousness Soul were stripped away to the essential core. “Within you and Without You”.

STUDY EXAMPLE  1 Exhibit A (Click Link)

part 4 sitar astral and nerve 33 years cosmic instrument spine

Part 4 sitar and chakra spina cord 33 notches of astral etheric music of the sphere
part 4 spine chakras and sitar astral and etheric tuning


“…a time that lived with these 32 elements in a very active way and which felt how wonderful it was to be able to shape a world out of this experience of 32 speech sounds. One really felt that something spiritual was weaving in speech formation and in the pictorial shaping of words when one spoke; one experienced that gods were living in the speech sounds.

“If you take our 32 speech sounds, it will be easy for you to see that about 24 of them are consonants and that about 7 of them are vowels. Of course these things are always approximate, but you can now let some light from the beginning of John’s gospel “In the beginning was the word” fall on that Apocalyptic Imagination of an Alpha and Omega surrounded by seven angels or vowels, and by 24 elders or consonants. One felt that the secret of the universe weaved and lived in what one intoned in holy cultic language in the way that I already explained to you.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Vertebrae are the 33 individual bones that interlock with each other to form the spinal column. The vertebrae are numbered and divided into regions: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx (Fig. 2). Only the top 24 bones are moveable; the vertebrae of the sacrum and coccyx are fused. The vertebrae in each region have unique features that help them perform their main functions.

Cervical (neck) – the main function of the cervical spine is to support the weight of the head (about 10 pounds). The seven cervical vertebrae are numbered C1 to C7. The neck has the greatest range of motion because of two specialized vertebrae that connect to the skull. The first vertebra (C1) is the ring-shaped atlas that connects directly to the skull. This joint allows for the nodding or “yes” motion of the head. The second vertebra (C2) is the peg-shaped axis, which has a projection called the odontoid, that the atlas pivots around. This joint allows for the side-to-side or “no” motion of the head.

Thoracic (mid back) – the main function of the thoracic spine is to hold the rib cage and protect the heart and lungs. The twelve thoracic vertebrae are numbered T1 to T12. The range of motion in the thoracic spine is limited.

Lumbar (low back) – the main function of the lumbar spine is to bear the weight of the body. The five lumbar vertebrae are numbered L1 to L5. These vertebrae are much larger in size to absorb the stress of lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Sacrum – the main function of the sacrum is to connect the spine to the hip bones (iliac). There are five sacral vertebrae, which are fused together. Together with the iliac bones, they form a ring called the pelvic girdle.

Coccyx region – the four fused bones of the coccyx or tailbone provide attachment for ligaments and muscles of the pelvic floor.

While vertebrae have unique regional features, every vertebra has three functional parts

In just a few short years, riding the wave, an entire generation had an opportunity to ride the wave of expanding human consciousness. From West to East in one of the most astonishing creative momentum’s ever openly revealed and publicized, engaged all the world. Everyone from West to East participated in the full free expression of an open FOUR FOLD HUMAN EXPERIMENT. Multitudes of bands, groups, Word Bearers and Poet musicians were swept along the tide of higher four chambered heart exploration and experimentation that tied the Holy Rishis of ancient India to the future fulfillment of the Age of America.

“In Nature, when the caterpillar spins its cocoon, the formative forces withdraw to the extent that the form caterpillar disappears, and in its place arises a homogeneous cell mass, no form, no differentiated cells, a kind of barely alive, barely functional organic chaos. Only after this stage has been reached do the formative forces again become active and create the butterfly. This process of metamorphosis is the organic mirror of the Archetypal Deed, the Death and the Resurrection of Christ Jesus, what Goethe observed in the developmental life of plants, as the process of dying and becoming. There is every reason to expect that the generation of social chaos, observable everywhere in human society in these days of the turn of the millennium, is another mirror image of this archetypal process, a social dying and becoming.

“This fact leads naturally to many questions. A few of which are: What new social forms will arise? From what sources will they come? What role can those who are awake to these facts play, so that the new civilization will be more amenable to human freedom?” The Mission of Anthroposophy in America

The Beatles and an entire generation metamorphosed from materialistic caterpillars to the first rudiments of higher Butterflies. The King of Metamorphosis set His seal in vinyl, in music, in ART and digital elastic potential. In a mere 7 years of quick stages of literal, observable metamorphosis the Beatles, along with the Consciousness Soul and all of humanity, got a taste of the future changes awaiting our adventure into higher human consciousness.

Part 4 emerging from chrysalis

STUDY EXAMPLE 2 Exhibit B (Click Link)

Facilitating a vivid human experience of the exploration of higher states of consciousness was the adventure that an entire generation shared with each other. The new explorers, the dawning of entire new expeditions into the frontiers of human metamorphosis proved to be exhilarating, warm, human, creative, joyful and gentle. The entire wave of an entire generation were overshadowed by THE DOVE.

The urge to Rediscover India, find a trade route to India had called forth star initiates, navigators and explorers of new and exciting continents. What the Beatles and the Peace Generations proved was that we certainly need new Star Initiates of Sophia and explorers of humanities Higher states of consciousness. These fall into a different category of meaning than “Space the Final Frontier”.

Columbus brought humanity West to try to discover a shorter route to India. History gives him too much credit for discovering America. America was the New Continent of the Consciousness Soul. It’s discovery was preserved for the future, for overcoming slavery, for reckoning with the Anti-Christ, for rejoicing in the revelation of the Dove Mysteries, the mystery of Freedom and the mystery of Ahriman and Christ and the Manas Science of Sophia and the Stars.

Vasco da Gama went East to find a route to India. The Suez Canal in the Middle finally allowed great trade ships to shorten their journey’s to India. George Harrison and the Beatles helped turn humanity East again by peacefully awakening new frontiers and treasures of the soul and spirit.

In PART 1 (Click Link) we included Lewis and Clark Expedition as part of our early American Explorers. We have to include the entire Woodstock and Beatles generation as stumbling explorers in the new frontiers of higher consciousness. Explorers seeking higher gifts and higher Consciousness that were preserved by the vast guiding Spirit of the entire Post-Atlantean Age, the Guiding Archai of ancient India, for a brief moment we were all tied together. It was a foreshadowing of the beginning and ending of our Post Atlantean adventure into the unfolding Ages.


There were horizontal explorations on the CROSS OF TIME. There are and continue to be, horizontal explorations that included uncharted regions of the Earth, uncharted regions of space but then New Explorers go VERTICAL. St. John is a vertical Explorer. Christian Rosenkreuz, Novalis, Goethe, thousands upon thousands begin and extend Explorations that expand Upwards and Extend downwards into the deeper regions of our human psyche. We learn to Grapple with the Monsters of our Psyche and explore the Creator Beings that uphold the Vertical Ascension of the unexplored regions of our ascending psychic developments.

Exploring higher vertical dimensions of Consciousness and moving in entirely new cultural directions at one point were matched. The so called Race to the Moon and our attempts to leap into Outer Space at one point matched our attempt to explore Inner Space.

The Love Generation and Humanity from East to West, from Horizontal to Vertical spiritual dimensions, everyone on Earth had experienced the opening on the CROSS OF SPACE AND TIME. Christian Rosenkreuz and the mighty Rose Cross Meditation carried one of the first buds of the seed of higher consciousness that spanned ancient Atlantis, the Rishis, the goal of ancient India to the Revelations ahead at very end of the 7th Age and Culmination of the Age of America.

Entirely new thresholds of BEHOLDING are unfolding everywhere. We are, every single human being, understanding entirely new applications of the Heart, new capacities of Time Perception, new forces of Etheric clarity, strength and treasures. These germinal seeds are hidden in each power we explore and conquer.

The Vertical Line that extends upwards and downwards reveals the power of Spirit-Self hidden in our astral body; the power of Life-Spirit hidden in our Etheric Body and the power of Atma or Spirit-Man buried deep in our physical body. The actual invigorating challenge of courage and exploration was in the mapping of the higher and lower regions of Consciousness. These new territories are I AM, vast, unexplored regions that now lay open before us as new frontiers.

Our incarnations from the 1st Post-Atlantean Age of the Rishis, our experience gleaned from the Initiation of Christian Rosenkreuz, the celebration that echoed for all of us in the depths of the world, the celebration of Novalis Himself and the birth of Anthrosophia as an objective Goethean phenomena, lifted all of us, whether we knew it or not, upwards towards the Higher Education of our Humanity. We could now grasp and Hold in our Consciousness the entire goal of Earth Evolution.

Lofty Initiates and the immense deeds that all of humanity are inspired by are more than curious in their dynamic polarities. The failure of all those incarnated in the hopes of The French Revolution, suffered a kind of failure and force that got carried back into the Spiritual World. That initial Seed that was planted really rested on St. Germain’s efforts (CLICK LINK).

The accomplishment of Spiritual Science and the attainment of the unfolding higher forces of Anthrosophia and Goethean Science were sacrificed in the flames of the 1st Goetheanum. Those deeds were the conscious co-operation of the Resurrected Lazarus, Plato, Goethe, Aristotle, John the Baptist, Novalis, Fichte, Christian Rosenkreuz and Rudolf Steiner.Part 4 of the Beatles bridge from 1st to 7th Age bridge over troubled water

And in one fell swoop, the global phenomena of The BEATLES and the Woodstock Generation released the pent up Spiritual Forces that the Living and the Dead had craved to GIVE HUMANITY. Part 4 snake biting its tail 1The celebration of the Snake Biting It’s Tail, the 1st Post-Atlantean Age literally meeting and uniting the 7th Age and The Age of America, exploded into the joys and hopes of an entire generation.

We have uncovered an indisputable Link between Ancient India, the Great Archai in charge of building the bridge from the 1st Age to the 7th Age. The powerful echo of building this bridge for the awakening of humanity rolled with heart rending power from BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS (that resonated deep in the Heart and Soul of Humanity). This was the secret Bridge that was built around the world and in the hearts of humanity. For a holy moment of Generations the glimmering potentials in our human spirits were tied together as one human family.

What we saw and Experienced was the Christ Will in the Encircling Round of the Earth. A generation experiencing Heart Resonation of the Risen Etheric Christ.

Soul of man!
You live in the heart-lung-beat
That guides you through the rhythm of times
To the sensing of your own soul’s being:
Practice spirit contemplation
In equanimity of soul,
Where the surging
Cosmic creative deeds
Your own I
To the cosmic I;
And you will truly feel
In deeds of the human soul.

For the will of Christ reigns in the earthly sphere
Granting grace to souls in cosmic rhythms:
Kyriotetes, Dynamis, Exusiai
Let from the east inflame
What through the west takes form;
This speaks:
In Christo morimur.

The momentary celebration of the tasks of the entire 7 stages of the unfolding and development of all the Post-Atlantean CULMINATION flowed directly out of the Chrysalis that formed the higher development hidden in Christian Rosenkreuz. Humanity felt for a period of Earth Time the sympathetic joy that flowed from West to East “Children Love One Another”. For a brief and shining moment it resonated everywhere.

part 4 culmination and process of humanity and Earth

Christian Rosenkreuz was initiated by the 12 STREAMS of the Living Earthly world, (CLICK LINK) the 12 STREAMS of earthly intelligence that met the 12 POWERS of Cosmic Intelligence in THE 12 BODHISATTVAS of the world, that fused these forces on the firm foundation of THE CHRIST, into an entirely NEW COSMIC BEING. And how did Goethe get wind of this in his “Mysteries” (Click Link)?

Rudolf Steiner – “…twelve different streams of wisdom worked together to make a whole. A remarkable reference to this can be found in Goethe’s poem “The Mysteries.” (CLICK LINK)

part 4 the dove and the roseWe may call it the Dove. How does the Dove or the common HOMING PIGEON find it’s way home? What navigation does it use? Why would Goethe’s pure, new germinal higher capacity direct him to the deepest secret of Christian Rosenkreuz? How was it that Goethe was led to uncover Mephistopheles as part of the intimate shadow bound to every human being? How was Goethe led to the new germinal pineal capacity of an Eye, that with consciously directed will forces, unfolds the Science of Plant or Etheric Life Design systems before his inner eye?

Higher Beholding

“These ideas can be seen in an esoteric practice that Goethe called higher beholding. As a first step higher beholding involves the formation of an inner picture of a phenomenon in nature (morphe).  The next step is to move the picture inwardly like a little movie such as imagining a sequence of leaves on a plant. This practice allows the contemplative mind to enter the “becoming” of the phenomenon. At this level the image is still connected to the manifest phenomenon. The inner state of transcendence is not present but the potential for transcendence (hyle) is in the mind. To reach the transcendent step involves dissolving the hyle image into silence. This pregnant silence is the equivalent of Plato’s Phainomen in that the revelation of the transcendent being is active in the mind but the contemplative is unable to bring the experience to cognition without returning again to the phenomenon. Through repetition a researcher can eventually come into contact inwardly with an insight into the wholeness that exists transcendentally to the Phainomen. At this stage the Being that is active behind the revelation of the phenomenon endows the contemplative with insights into how the archetype links to other archetypes in nature. This is Plato’s Eidos.

Part 4 snake biting it's tail dennisklocek

“The conscious repetition of such a practice eventually develops an organ of perception for the laws of the imaginal world. With this organ of perception it is possible to bring to consciousness the simultaneous experience of the sense experience of the finished form and how the form of the sense object is influencing the soul of the observer. This union is the enantiadromia state where the equating of the archetype and the mind results in an experience of “proof”. This is the equating of the archetype and the mind of the researcher, the Platonic phase of the work.

“To guard against inflation or projection it is useful for the contemporary researcher to then substantiate that inner proof by referencing cognitive analysis available in general science as well as recording more outer sense observations. This is the Aristotelian phase of the work.  All of these levels of meaning are present in human perception of a phenomenon. With a more complete phenomenology spanning from the manifest to the ideal there is a greater potential for monitoring the inner soul experience that arises when perceiving a phenomenon in nature. Control of the inner picture forming process has been part of mystery training since the most ancient times.”

Goethe was under no constraints to be moral, religious or dogmatically scientific. The dove forces inherent in higher pineal and pituitary development, once attained, in any of us, allow the flight of human intuition to scan vast worlds with new precision. New Dove Intelligence, Holy Spirit INTEL and Grail Science becomes part of how we think. Spirit-Self Intuitions and insights arise with greater instantcy, potency and clarity.

part 4 sea horse 2Anyone who develops these new Spirit-Self and Holy Spirit/Dove capacities begins using absolutely new and lawful higher spiritual navigation and intuitive intelligence. There arise inverse and reverse patterns in the sexes, cosmic polarities reveal a unity between female and male roles. Male Doves are able to produce literal milk to feed their young doves and Male Sea Horses give birth to their offspring. Lazarus under the Cross on Golgotha becomes pregnant with the germinal seed of Sophia – Spirit-Self; Budhi; and Atma.


Christian Rosenkreuz (Click Link
) became the first born son of Sophia and Christ. The child of the marriage of Sophia and Christ was an entirely New Human Stream of Evolution. A literal child of the Logos. No, back that up. The literal Seed of the Logos was wrought, that Logos, THE WORD, Cosmic Intelligence now germinated in a human vessel.

part 4 sea horse 1Lazarus/John might be likened unto the male Sea Horse. The Male Sea Horse has the task of the pregnancy. The roles of the sexes are utterly reversed. The future capacities of Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man transcends the division of the sexes. Lazarus/John was pregnant with the new unfolding of the Divine Seed germinating in humanity.

Parthenogenesis is the very essence of the Virgin Sophia, Life-Spirit, Budhi and the literal Logos that appeared before us for THREE YEARS ON THE EARTH. The Christ Being and the Risen Etheric Christ Being carries the lofty Logos Seed which transcends the sexes. Christ awakened this germinal seed in Lazarus/John and gave him, His own Manas, to bring the gift of His own Sophia to fruition. Our Higher stages of Consciousness are literal stages in our pregnancy of bringing ourselves to birth as CREATOR BEINGS.


  • Parthenogenesis is not to be confused with hermaphroditic species which can also reproduce by themselves. Hermaphroditic species reproduce by themselves because an organism can produce both the male and female gamete. Parthenogenesis solely involves the production and stimulation of a female egg.
  • The name itself comes from the Greek words parthenos or “virgin” and genesis or “creation”

Impregnation through the WORD is what the mysteries of Speech and the Larynx that we started this Part 4 Culmination with reveals, that Lazarus/John was impregnated with the Sophia Seed by the Christ Being. The Logos Himself picked Lazarus/John to carry the impregnation of the objective Cosmic Blueprints of the Mighty Seed force and germinal unfolding of the entire Evolution of the Earth that arises in our Human Spirits. Lazarus/John was chosen to allow the new forces of the Sophia Higher Virgin Births of the lofty phases of the pregnancy of humanity with the germinal potency of Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Atma.

This insures objectivity. Each of us from Goethe and from Novalis or Fichte, each and everyone of us will each, as we unfold our Karma, individualize through Art, through our Science, through Budhi, through Spirit-Self and Atma, through the Cosmic OBJECTIVITY of the end of Earth and the dawning of the Jupiter Evolution, the Venus and the Vulcan evolution we will each of us go through our own unique process of giving birth to our future Creator Beings. The stages we go through will be individual in us but the tone and Objectivity of the Best of Humanity was set by Christ through the Pregnancy of Lazarus/John.

This potent transformation of the entire Wisdom of Earth integrated into the unfolding faculties of our three higher Metamorphosis brings all of humanity beyond the 7th Age of Budhi all the way to the Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan evolution’s of the Earth. Which means that Christ cultivated the germinal Seeds, let them stir to life in Lazarus/John so that Lazarus/John could run ahead of the massive unfolding of Humanity into what our pregnancy will be like as each gradually give birth from the Core of the Earth to arise as fully adapted Free Cosmic Creator Beings.

“But this must inevitably be a gradual process. Just as a plant cannot unfold its blossom immediately the SEED has been sown but leaf after leaf must develop according to definite laws, so too the spiritual development of humanity must progress stage by stage and the right knowledge be brought to light at the right time.” Click Link (Steiner mentions the SEED over 26 times in this significant lecture of the germinal Seed-Force we are looking at in this essay)

Rudolf Steiner and Parthenogenesis

“There is in every human being something that does not arise from the seed but is, so to speak, a ‘virgin birth’, something that flows into the process of germination from a quite different source. Something unites with the seed of the human being that is not derived from father and mother, yet belongs to and is destined for him — something that is poured into his ego and can be ennobled through the Christ-principle. That in the human being which unites with the Christ principle in the course of evolution is ‘virgin-born’ and — as natural science will one day come to recognize through its own methods — this is connected with the momentous transition accomplished at the time of Christ Jesus. Before the Christ Event there could be nothing that did not enter into man’s inner being by way of the seed. Something has actually happened in the course of the ages to bring about a change in the development of the ego. Humanity has not been the same since the Christ Event; but the element that has been added since then to what is produced by the seeds must be gradually developed and ennobled by assimilating the Christ principle.”

There lived the first germinal forces of Anthrosophia in Christian Rosenkreuz from the Sophia Mothering forces of the Stars. Lazarus/John walking the path ahead of humanity became an explorer in entirely new capacities evolving from the germinal forces in our Spirit THINKING – FEELING – WILLING.

The Virgin Sophia are a cohesive group of Higher Star Entities, who, through their Higher Creation faculties, bestowed genesis, life and authored literal Symphonic Movements of the Stars until such time that humanity could begin awakening to our higher birth. We launched this insight at the very beginning of Part 2 of this series.

“You know also that at that time the universe was inhabited, as it is also now. But these other beings occupied the position within the universe which man holds today. We know that those spirits which we call the Archai or Primeval Powers stood during the old Saturn epoch on the plane of humanity; they were not like the human beings of today, but they were on a corresponding footing;” (Click Link)

Virgin Star Gifts and Star Colonies were gathered by Sophia. Saturn Beings, in their Human Phase, literally THOUGHT US into existence, in the same way we thought forth computer colonies in the 5th Age. Saturn Beings designed integrated Star Modules in order to inaugurate the Creation of the beginnings of our Humanity. There was no arbitrary big bang, but rather the evolution of Saturn Beings in their Human Phase who have since advanced to the capacities of Archai.

There are seven degrees in the holy sphere
That girdles the outer skies;
There seven hues in the atmosphere
Of the Spirit Paradise;
And the seven lamps burn bright and clear
In the mind, the heart and the eyes
Of the Angel-spirits from every world
That ever and ever arise.

There are seven ages the Angels know
In the courts of Spirit Heaven;
And seven joys through the spirit flow
From the morn of the heart till even;
Seven curtains of light wave to and fro
Where the seven great trumpets the Angels blow,
And the throne of God hath a seven-fold glow,
And the Angel hosts are seven.

And a spiral winds from the worlds to the suns,
And every star that shines
In the path of degrees for ever runs,
And the spirit octave climbs;
And a sevenfold heaven round every one
In the spiral order twines.

There are seven links from God to man,
There are seven links and a threefold span,
And seven spheres in the great degree
Of one created immensity.

There are seven octaves of spirit love
In the heart, the mind, and the heavens above,
And seven degrees in the frailest thing,
Though it hath but a day for its blossoming.

– Thomas Lake Harris

Goethe and Novalis were blessed with the first trickle from the fountain, virgin spring, of these New I AM capacities arising from the Being of Anthrosophia. Lazarus/John was given the earliest insemination of an Elohim super infusion that bore the strength of THE SONS OF FIRE into the Core of the Earth. Lazarus was sent on ahead of the rest of us in order to build, explore and secure entirely New Higher Faculties (note FIRE INITIATION end of Part 1 CLICK LINK) Lazarus/John became pregnant with the New Sophia and Goethe and Novalis felt the early stirrings of the rise of ANTHROSOPHIA in humanity.

Lazarus/John was no Frankenstein nightmare stitched from scraps of flesh from different human beings and fused by the lightening sizzling through electricity into a Monster. That tale that has haunted science was decidedly a Cain Nightmare in the Archai womb of the depths of our subconscious. The hidden secret behind this haunting tale, was the creation of an absolutely New Human Prototype, an infused ARCHAI, who was the first born son of the Logos Himself. Cain was a germinal seed from the Elohim planted deeply in the stream of humanity with the lofty potential of guiding humanity to become Creator Beings.

“According to legend we have two different currents when humanity came to the Earth: the children of Cain, whom one of the Elohim begat through Eve, the children of the Earth, in whom we find the great arts and external sciences. That is one of the currents; it was banished, but is however to be sanctified by Christianity, when the fifth principle comes into the world. The other current is that of the children of God, who have led man towards an understanding of the fifth principle. They are the ones that Adam created. Now the sons of Cain were called upon to create an outer sheath, to contain what the sons of God, the Abel-Seth children, created.”Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Christ bestowed, transformed and recovered the Archai lightning in a human being. In as much as from the very Core of the Earth, Cain (CLICK LINK) could recover the Divine Love and Divine wisdom as Lightning, Lazarus was restored to the Cosmic Science, Love and the Heart of Sophia. Lazarus/John was given the first Lightning and renewed Promethean Flame forces of The Son of Sophia and the Christ. TAU sounded once more and reverberated like thunder through the depths of the Earth and echoed off the lofty Golden Aura of the Six Sun Elohim.

The New Heart Organ developing in Humanity

“It is not so much the question of looking at what the finished organ is, since it simply is an organ that is always floating away and getting pushed back again. In this going away and pushing back there is something inwardly mobile. If I lay hold of it[OUR HUMAN HEART], it is essentially as if I were to lay hold of lightning — it is constantly in movement, Therefore if I want to comprehend man, I have to grasp him in his liveliness. This liveliness I understand and find today only if I understand the whole world, and man out of the world and cosmos. This is what we are confronted with: every thing has to pass over into knowledge that is flexible.”

Christian Rosenkreuz (CLICK LINK) not only had wrought, written and lived through the first Revelation of Sophia but was given the Manas of Christ Himself. Through his Initiation by TWELVE Bodhisattva level Initiates in the 13th century (Click Link), he stood as the forerunner of the Human Archai Prototype with a Christ Imprinted I AM. Christian Rosenkreuz, Novalis and Goethe were some of the first children of the 7th AGE. This would never, ever have come to light at all without the Educational Mastery, discoveries and daring of Rudolf Steiner.

The School of Sophia and the Umbilical Spiral Tied to the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth and the Nine Hierarchies of Creator Beings.

The future resurrection of the Sun forces of our Etheric bodies becoming Budhi or Life-Spirit lawfully unfold within our higher Logos, TRUTH body, an entirely new evolution spun from the gathered threads of TRUTH and Anthropos that we have gleaned from Earth. This SUBSTANCE OF TRUTH, Spun golden, living light and love from the cosmic kernel of our living Earth shall lift us towards the Culmination, Ascending from the core of the Earth Itself.

It is we ourselves, HUMANITY, that shall unravel the Light threads of matter Herself. We started the exploration of this final essay with how Penelope, wife of Odysseus unraveled her astral tapestry every night. It was an occult exercise that each of us performs nightly with our own Angels as we review our day, our life, our births, our many incarnations and in fact the incarnation of the Earth from Ancient Saturn to the distant future Vulcan Evolution.

part-4-capricorn-spiral-7th-age-advent-spiralFrom the start of this essay we saw that the unraveling and spiraling IN and spiraling OUT reveals something in the CAPRICORN mystery of the Goat. The 7th Age of Budhi and Life-Spirit literally are our own intimate ADVENT MYSTERY. Each of us penetrate to the core of our Karma and all those who taught us our most intimate lessons. We each learn to recover all those that gave our Lives Meaning.

It is Holy Service in a new Dante Mystery of Our Human Time Body. We learn to know how we chose in each life-time etheric forces that we borrowed to give us a destiny on Earth. We harvest Etheric and Astral wisdom from all that Time and the vast system of the Stars gave us and all that nature and the Earth offered us.

In Budhi and Life-Spirit forces we learn to consciously embrace the supreme gift of METAMORPHOSIS, the supreme gift of Etheric Life, of dying and becoming of having received so much and consciously awakening through giving and lifting the kingdoms of the Earth that had given us all LIFE. Who was the mysterious Gardner who helped cultivate our Spirits? Who gave us our consolidating I AM so we might gather such Starry Wisdom in the Great Halls of Time?

Stubborn forces of Matter and Earth were worn by us, breathed by us. Animals were nurtured by us and fed us their lives. Plants gave us Etheric replenishment and life giving air. Stones gave us the ground of Wisdom beneath our feet. Slowly Love, Courage and the Fire of the Human Word and the transmuted Fire of the Earth, became for each I AM Love’s transmuted GOLD. We are tasked to transmute the Wisdom of Earth into Love’s Priceless Immortal Gold. We are tasked with making Earth into a Sun fit for generating Light and Love, breathing Freedom, Light and Love into future Creations.

Lazarus penetrates and we all learn to penetrate to the deepest core of the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth, to the deep knots that tie our physical bodies with woven spiritual LIGHT to the core of the Karma of the Earth Herself. We shall learn to recognize the Science used by Christ as the science of the butterfly, implemented in the Lazarus Event. To unravel, release and unlock the Earth Herself, each of us are required to re-define the Umbilical Knot that ties our cosmic and human karma to the core of the Earth.

Unraveling the Core of the Earth through the Karma of Saturn

“…the right knowledge of the etheric structure of Saturn is of
decisive importance for a knowledge of the genesis of our entire cosmic
system. The etheric structure of the Earth is a complete reversal, a turning
upside down, of the etheric structure of Saturn. That which is “without”
for the heavenly body oldest in its nature is for the Earth it’s “within,” and that which is ” within” for Saturn is ” without” to the Earth.
But the inversion which puts the inside OUT and the outside IN is a
fundamental law of all evolution, which we can discover again and again
at decisive evolutionary turning points in the process of development
of organisms in all the natural kingdoms.”

“The inversion of the etheric structure of Saturn as compared with
the etheric structure of the Earth is, therefore, one of the most sublime
prototypes that we can behold in the macrocosm, enabling us to part-4-budhi-life-spirit-capricornunderstand the nature of the evolution of the world of living organisms. The etheric structure of Saturn is a first model of the whole world, a model whose metamorphosis we are able to follow in the case of the other planets. The formative force which was first in phylogenetic evolution, the Warmth Ether, forms the body of Saturn, while the genetically more highly evolved formative forces, Light Ether, Chemical Ether, and Life Ether are radiated down upon the planet from its environment, the ring.

“In the case of the Earth, the formative force which is genetically most highly evolved, Life Ether, forms, in absolute contrast with this, the inner part of the planet; while the least evolved, Warmth Ether, forms the outer part, and enters the inner part of the Earth in a form modified by the Life
Ether. The Sun, between Saturn and the Earth, is filled exclusively by
the formative force genetically most highly evolved, the Life Ether.
Thus the macrocosm brings before our eyes in a vast picture the
metamorphosis of “inner” and “outer” as a symbol of all evolution.

“But we can view this process of inversion, not only in the relation
between Saturn and Earth, but also again in the organism of the Earth
itself, the most complex of all planets. If we recall The Etheric Structure of the Inner Earth as previously given and as confirmed by the phenomena, we observe that what is shut up in the interior within the solid crust of the Earth (life ether), represents an inversion, a turning upside down, of the structure which the Earth Organism shows outside the solid crust.”  Dr. GUENTHER WACHSMUTH (Click Link)

To penetrate to the Budhi and Life-Spirit forces, the renewing forces locked in the Mystery of the Earth Herself we shall spiral down and IN and spiral Out in a deep and renewing Advent Mystery of the Age of Capricorn and the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth. We harvest the Astral, Etheric and Physical body mysteries of the Earth. We each harvest Faith, Love and Hope that were buried in the foundations of matter and Life. In so penetrating the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth we also bring Earth’s hidden treasures back to the Nine Hierarchies and to the Creator Beings themselves. Like Buddha, we release and exchange unconsciousness for consciousness.

We learn to take up what our Angels, the Archangels and the Archai had carried for us. We stand before a SATURN MYSTERY and the Karma Core Mystery of our Earth. The unrelenting record of our deeds, and karma are recorded by Saturn. Saturn Beings and Saturn Itself marks the peripheral dynamic kernel of Our Creation which had it’s origins through the Immortal Warmth of the Archai, in the Ancient Saturn Evolution of the Earth.

In traversing IN, to the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth we learn through LOVE and FREEDOM to unfasten, unlock and open The Saturn Mysteries and the Saturn Beings themselves (Click Link). The lock and key code of the Saturn Rings and the Saturn Mystery is dynamically tied and knotted to the Nine Layers of our Inner Earth.

Through the Harrowing of Hell Christ penetrated the Inner Earth Mysteries to release and unlock the full force of Spirit-Man and Atma mysteries that await Humanities future. The Saturn Beings and the Rings of Saturn hold the key to unraveling the deep knots tied in the core of our Earth Mysteries. The deep and delicate unraveling and immense compensations required in freeing up the Karma of Humanity is what Christ penetrated in The Harrowing of Hell.

The John Gospel reveals what immense forces are available to us, that allow the future of the I AM to celebrate the Selfless Enormity of the Cosmic I AM as the Mighty WORD of Cosmic Unconditional Love. The Karma Lectures begin a process and awaken a faculty in developing humanity that gradually inaugurates the unlocking of the deep Saturn Mysteries, locked in the knots of every detail of our Earthly Karma. Spiritual Science, the Logos Science of the Word, Little Anthrosophia, joins John in the selfless awakening to the accuracy of Living Life Spirit. Gradually Humanity unlocks the knots of our Planetary Schooling and unlocks and releases Our Solar System. (Click Link)

The Science of Cain and the Lazarus Mystery

The occult science of all epochs says the following about the interior of the Earth. We must think of the Earth as consisting of a series of layers, not completely separated from one another like the skins of an onion, but merging into one another gradually.

1. The topmost layer, the mineral mass, is related to the interior as an eggshell is to the egg. This topmost layer is called the Mineral Earth.

2. Under it is a second layer, called the Fluid Earth; it consists of a substance to which there is nothing comparable on Earth. It is not really like any of the fluids we know, for these all have a mineral quality. This layer has specific characteristics: its substance begins to display certain spiritual qualities, which consist in the fact that as soon as it is brought into contact with something living, it strives to expel and destroy this life. The occultist is able to investigate this layer by pure concentration.

3. The “Air-Earth”. This is a substance which annuls feelings: for instance, if it is brought into contact with any pain, the pain is converted into pleasure, and vice versa. The original form of a feeling is, so to speak extinguished, rather as the second layer extinguishes life.

4. The “Water-Earth”, or the “Form-Earth”. It produces in the material realm the effects that occur spiritually in Devachan. There, we have the negative pictures of physical things. In the “Form-Earth” a cube of salt, for example, would be destroyed, but its negative would arise. The form is as it were changed into its opposite; all its qualities pass out into its surroundings. The actual space occupied by the object is left empty.

5. The “Fruit-Earth”. This substance is full of exuberant energy. Every little part of it grows out at once like sponge; it gets larger and larger and is held in place only by the upper layers. It is the underlying life which serves the forms of the layers above it.

6. The “Fire-Earth”. Its substance is essentially feeling and will. It is sensitive to pain and would cry out if it were trodden on. It consists, as it were, entirely of passions.

7. The “Earth-mirror” or “Earth-reflector”. This layer gets its name from the fact that its substance, if one concentrates on it, changes all the characteristics of the Earth into their opposites. If the seer disregards everything lying above it and gazes down directly into this layer, and if then, for example, he places something green before him, the green appears as red; every color appears as its complementary opposite. A polaric reflection arises, a reversal of the original. Sorrow would be changed by this substance into joy.

8. The “Divisive” layer. If with developed power one concentrates on it, something very remarkable appears. For example, a plant held in the midst of this layer appears to be multiplied, and so with everything else. But the essential thing is that this layer disrupts the moral qualities also. Through the power it radiates to the Earth’s surface, it is responsible for the fact that strife and disharmony exist there. In order to overcome this disruptive force, men must work together in harmony.

“…when we take our Earth upon which we are still evolving, and about which we cannot speak of as something completed, and when we look from this Earth to Saturn, Sun, and Moon, there we find the ‘Mothers’ that figure in another form in the Greek Mysteries under the names Proserpina, Demeter, and Rhea. For all the Forces that are in Saturn, Sun, and Moon are still working – working on into our own time.

part-4-capricorn-7-for-7th-age-kris-larsen“Consider this: If you do not take simply the outward, gross physical body, but its forces, its impulses, the Moon with its forces is at the same time in the Earth…. If we concentrate on this one thing, on these forces that are connected with the Moon, then we have one of the Mothers.

“What is there under the earth ruling as the being of electricity as Moon-impulse, that has been left behind. It definitely does not belong to the earth. It is impulse remaining over from the Moon…. And there is this relation with the forces of growth and increase. This was one of the ‘Mothers.’

“Knowledge of this force was first of all given to those being initiated into the Greek Mysteries, this force together with the other two Mothers. The Greeks held all that was connected with electricity in secret in the Mysteries. And herein is where lies the decadence of the future of the Earth…that these forces will no longer be held sacred, no longer be held as mysteries, but will be made public. One of these forces has already become so during the fifth post-Atlantean epoch – electricity. The others will be known about in the decadence of the sixth and seventh epochs.

That is precisely why this layer was laid down in the Earth — so that men should be enabled to develop harmony for themselves. The substance of everything evil is prepared and organised there. Quarrelsome people are so constituted that this layer has a particular influence on them. This has been known to everyone who has written out of a true knowledge of occultism. Dante in his Divine Comedy calls this layer the Cain-layer. It was here that the strife between the brothers Cain and Abel had its source. The substance of this layer is responsible for evil having come into the world.part-4-cain-and-the-nine-layers-of-the-inner-earth

9. The “Earth-core”. This is the substance through whose influence black magic arises in the world. The power of spiritual evil comes from this source.

You will see that man is related to all the layers, for they are continually radiating out their forces. Humanity lives under the influence of these layers and has to overcome their powers. When human beings have learnt to radiate life on Earth and have trained their breathing so that it promotes life, they will overcome the “Fire-Earth”. When spiritually they overcome pain through serenity, they overcome the “Air-Earth”. When concord reigns, the “Divisive” layer is conquered. When white magic triumphs, no evil remains on Earth. Human evolution thus implies a transformation of the Earth’s interior.

We must ask, how did the deep framework of the Ancient Moon Evolution, become for US, for humanity on Earth, the solid framework of Matter, gravity, density that has served the solid foundations of our Human Ego experience on the Earth? And how is the Earth dismantled? Does Humanity have the task to unravel our Solar System?

The Mantle of the Earth Herself, acts as a covering, or a Mantle, a horizontal shelf for supporting objects over a fireplace or fire pit or the Core of the Earth. The Earth has locked in it’s Core the coiled forces left over from Ancient Moon, Ancient Sun and Ancient Saturn Evolution.

We can consider the Cain Fire Core Mantle of the inverse Earth – the drapery that covers the front of an Altar; Chlamys; Mantilla; Pallium; Epidermis or covering or carrying the Pall as Pallbearers, we carry the heavy mantle that covers a coffin. Saturn Beings hold the binding knot of the Karma Cohesion of our Solar System.

Humanity walks on the Surface of the Earth. The unbinding, un-knotting of the deep Cain Core of the Earth will release enormous potent forces of Love as redeemed Cosmic Powers. Reserved Cosmic forces that were buried, knotted and bound between Saturn and the Core of the Earth are waiting our Higher Humanity. These discoveries and integration of these super-Ether forces will continue through the 5th, 6th and 7th Ages. Tesla was a true son of Cain. This Earth Core and Mantle is a Cain/Lazarus mystery where we learn, each of us, how to lift, awaken, digest and transform ever deeper layers of the depths of our Earth.


“A time will come when Christians will have to ask themselves seriously when they meet this or that human being: Is that really a human being or is it a very loose MANTLE for Ahrimanic spirits? In the future one will have to make this distinction in addition to the other ones one has to make today. This will be the second fall, and the beast and his herald will take possession of human bodies. Thereby these demons will have fallen. So first we have the fall of corrupt human beings and then the fall of certain corrupt spirits, who are close to men. These spirits take a tumble in the second fall.

Then we have the third fall, which is the fall of Satan in the Apocalypse. Here we have a very high being who does a different kind of work than the one which can be done on earth. The beast and the false prophet are powers who lead mankind astray; they want to steer men in the wrong direction in a moral and intellectual respect. However, the power which is meant in the fall of Satan wants something quite different. It wants to throw the whole earth off its course, and not just mankind. Seen from a human, earthly standpoint, this power is a terrible adversary of the Godhead.”

As our human adventure, crisis and awakening journeys toward THE CULMINATION of the 7th Age, we are brought face to face with the unfathomable potency locked in the Higher Spiritual Forces of our true I AM. Our Solar System has been and IS our own Spiritual Classroom, given by the Hierarchies for our own intimate evolution. The moral forces we need to become full Creator Beings and release and unlock the Solar System Itself are tied to the roots and core of our Earth and awakening the hidden powers in our I AM.

Through these immense, shattering revelations we begin the transformation of the entire unraveling of the elemental cohesion of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. We loosen the chains and bonds of Matter by becoming the conscious and awakened magicians of the GOOD. This EMPEDOCLES (Click Link) mystery was accomplished by The Christ in His deep penetration and unlocking the Mysteries of the Earth, in His “Harrowing of Hell”. Humanity has been offered the task and cognitive opportunity, to unlock our Planetary System and open the ancient creaking doors of Saturn.

We have discussed BEDFORD FALLS and the transformation of George Bailey. George Bailey witnesses the Fall of Bedford Falls. Through the 6th and 7th Ages we begin witnessing the Fall of the Whore of Babylon. The bottomless trap door, the Fallen Eighth Sphere, Sorath and the shells of human beings, unable to recover their upward strength and momentum, start to cluster together in a conglomeration and consolidation of a mass of FALLEN, un-redeemable, irrevocable opposition to their own Higher Selves. We will examine this in more detail later.

Matter-Earth and the unbinding and unraveling of the Elemental Forces, Freeing the Matrix of the Earth

“When the man, (HUMAN BEING) passes through death a differentiation takes place between those elemental beings which have simply passed into him and which he had not led back to their higher element, and those whom he has through his own spiritualisation led back to their former condition. Those whom the man has not changed have not gained anything from their passage from the outer world into him, but others have gained the possibility of returning to their own original world with the man’s death.

“During his life man, (The Human Being) is a place of transition for these elemental beings. When he has passed through the spiritual world and returns to earth in his next incarnation, all the elemental beings which he has not released during his former life flock into him again when he passes through the portals of his new birth, they return with him into the physical world; but those he has released he does not bring back with him for they have returned into their original element.

“Thus we see how man has it in his power, by the way he acts and feels towards outer nature, either to release those elemental spirits which have been necessarily bewitched through the coming into existence of our earth, or to bind them to the earth still more strongly than they were before.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

In each of us there are colonies of elemental beings. Manas, Spirit-Fire, Life-Ethers awakened in the I AM of each of us have the power to release, guide or catastrophically condemn the condensed Elemental Beings of the Earth to further imprisonment. (Click Link as to the depth of “Lord of the Rings) The Nine Layers of the Inner Earth and our penetration into freeing up locked forces in the Earth, freeing up the Geometric future Beings in the Gemstones, Metals, the plants, undines, sylphs of the air, fire spirits all depend on the Sacramental central Alchemical awakening of our I AM foundations.

The deep bones of the Earth, the affinity to the weaving of the mighty planets in the veins and core of the various strata of the Earth, are truly allotted to the great colonies and Kingdoms of the Gnomes, Dwarfs, Kobolds, Titans, Archai and incomplete and chained Entities that are tied to the entire unfolding of Saturn, Sun, Moon, Earth and our future Jupiter Evolution.

Oppenheimer and President Harry Truman, the West and the unfolding of the future karma and destiny of America had arrived at the point in the Evolution of Earth that these hidden powers in the Core of the Earth sought their own release. 1933 was the clarion call, the unsealing of The Beast that will haunt and hound humanity to the end of Earth Evolution. That release and unlocking becomes either the conscious Sacramental Alchemy in each of our Human Souls and Spirits OR; The destructive contamination and confinement of humanity through the unconscious consolidation of The Beast.

In George MacDonald, Tolkien, Rudolf Steiner and thousands of others we have been introduced to Anthromorphic tales of the integration of Earth Spirits with our Human Kingdom. We have been given IMAGINATIONS, just as Novalis actually and literally worked as mining inspector, down in the deep bones of the Earth. So have our Artists and researchers, like Tolkien, introduced us to the courage, fortitude, tasks and flaws of the Dwarf Kingdom.

The Shadows by George MacDonald

“… after he was crowned, it was no wonder, considering the state of his health, that he should not be able to sit quite upright on the throne of Fairyland; or that, in consequence, all the gnomes and goblins, and ugly, cruel things that live in the holes and corners of the kingdom, should take advantage of his condition, and run quite wild, playing him, king as he was, all sorts of tricks; crowding about his throne, climbing up the steps, and actually scrambling and quarreling like mice about his ears and eyes, so that he could see and think of nothing else.”

There are vast Kingdoms and Colonies of Elemental Beings connected to the Moral Forces we own,develop and make conscious in ourselves. Good and Bad colonies of Beings that serve us and our selfishness; OR these hidden Kingdoms learn through us how to serve the genesis of the future unfolding of our Higher I AM.

As our consciousness extends into Higher and Higher regions of the Devachan, karma and Life after Death and the deepest Mysteries of Incarnation and our journey through the planetary worlds after death, we bring back new forces with us into Earth. As evolving Creator Spirits arising from Earth Evolution we learn to command and engage deeds of Freedom and Love that will penetrate to the depths of LIFE and uplift and transform the entire Earth Herself into it’s next metamorphosis, The Jupiter Evolution.

“The foundation stone of the text was the one created by Sophia on the old Moon as the foundation for the Earth, and it was the collective work of the Angels who manufactured our Earth around this ‘stone’.”

“At Golgotha the same happened when “CHRIST/JESUS” was crucified, he laid down the foundation for the new Jupiter, which is an Etheric planet, and it’s the Collective Work of Mankind building New Jupiter through purifying our ether-body, around the starting point laid down by Jesus. What we create of negative karma, contaminated etheric stuff lays the foundation for the so called Eighth Sphere.” Kim Graae Munch

Etheric, and Life forces, physical forms and our use of the Temperaments we carry, are not only woven with Star Beings from the lofty Zodiac but also from the deep, deep Core of the interior of the Earth. It is part of Earth Wisdom to know and understand how the unraveling of the Earth, the lifting of the Anchor of Earth lays the Foundation for our future Jupiter Evolution.

7th Age Culmination and the Return of the Moon

“Because they hold this task in view these kobolds or gnomes feel themselves to be of quite special importance, for they gather together the most varied experiences from the whole of earth-existence, and they hold themselves in readiness, when all earthly substance will have been dispersed into the universe, — after the transition to the Jupiter-evolution — to preserve what is good in the structure of the earth in order to incorporate this in Jupiter as a kind of bony support.

“You see, when one looks at this process from the aspect of the gnomes, one gains a first stimulus, a first capacity, to picture how our earth would appear if all the water were taken away from it. Just consider how, in the western hemisphere, everything is orientated from north to south, and how, in the eastern hemisphere, everything is orientated from east to west. Thus, if you were to do away with all the water, you would get in America, with its mountains and what lies under the sea, something which proceeds from north to south; and looking at Europe you would correspondingly find that, in the eastern hemisphere, the chain of the Alps, the Carpathians and so on, runs in the east-west direction. You would get something like the structure of the cross in the earth.

Diagram 1

“When one gains insight into this, one receives the impression that this is really the united gnome-world of the old Moon. The predecessors of our Earth-gnomes, the Moon-gnomes, gathered together their Moon-experiences and from them fashioned this structure, this firm structure of the solid fabric of the Earth, so that our solid Earth-structure actually arose from the experiences of the gnomes of the old Moon.

“These are the things which reveal themselves in regard to the gnome-world. Through them the gnomes acquire an interesting, an extraordinarily interesting relationship to the whole evolution of the universe. They always carry over the firm element of a preceding stage into the stage which follows. They are the preservers in evolution of the continuity of the firm structure, and thus they preserve the firm structure from one world-body to another. It belongs to the most interesting of studies to approach the super-sensible world from the aspect of these spiritual beings and to observe their special task, for it is through this that one first gains an impression of how every kind of being existing in the world shares in the task of working upon the whole formation of the world.”  Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

And this is the reason that deep down in the core of our Being and the Earth Herself the re-approach of the Moon towards the Earth from the 6th and especially towards the CULMINATION of the 7th Age, Earth is shaken to it’s CORE. When the Moon rejoins the Earth, the very Core forces of the Earth Herself and the pressure and tension of our Higher Developments will experience the tidal pull of the Moon in the deepest roots of our being.

Life-Spirit and Budhi forces will ignite in us titanic moral and biological changes. As the Moon is drawn slowly back towards the Earth, gradually the Reproductive Capacities in Female Lunar cycles and rhythms will be incrementally and culturally modified. We will be drawn into a Titanic shift where the decrease in the capacities for physical reproduction of Life on Earth, shifts and begins to pivot to Higher Reproductive and Etheric Budhi and Life-Spirit.

I MUST DECREASE AND HE MUST INCREASE, the St. John’s Tide and the John the Baptist tipping point mandate comes crushingly towards us out of the Future. The Jahveh, Yahweh, Jehovah and all the old hereditary, instinctive and unconscious forces of reproduction in every cell and atom of Nature will Titanically shift to Parthenogenesis, conscious VIRGIN SOPHIA and Life-Spirit forces. New Sun forces of nutrition, that we have tried to describe, will begin streaming into humanity from the future.

Delicate biological and moral changes have been underway during our current 5th Age. Changes in the fundamental structure of Nature will continue through the 6th age. Biology and Spirituality will undergo radical changes and Culminate towards the end of the 7th age when the Moon and all Her forces have been reabsorbed by the Earth and transformed by Human Spiritual awakening.

Entirely new methods of Birth and Reproduction will be undergoing subtle and radical metamorphosis all through this process. New Birth and Reproductive substitutes and alternatives will herald and anticipate grave changes in our biology and our spirituality. The Moon will incrementally approach closer and closer to the Earth and titanic disturbances as well as moral and spiritual revelations will rock the foundations and alter irrevocably all our former fixed patterns of how Nature and the Human Spirit collaborated.

Human Moral Fire Forces, Agnishvatta Moral Fire Beings will have begun to shape themselves from Sun Powers of Love, instead of imprisoning humanity in old genetic, Ahrimanic rigidified codes of birth and falsified immortality. Clinging to degenerated cloning designs created by Ahriman, for super-human designer children, will be countered by unfettered Human Moral Fire Beings that mingle and intermingle with Lofty Living Hierarchies.

Along with the constant approach of the Moon will be the ever deeper awakening of the Moral Fire forces of the I AM. By the end of the 7th Age, much of humanity will have arrived, via our Higher I AM, into the CORE of Love as Holy Fire sacrifice. The CORE of our I AM will be able to take over what had once upon a time been locked into our heredity and reproduction through Jehovah and the Moon. Left overs from the 6th Age, from a Hostile Take Over of hereditary forces offered by Ahriman, had rigidified, stolen, locked and patented Genetic Designed Systems into an Ahrimanic Group Soul, a fallen Devachan prison. (Hostile Take Over Part 1)

“…the spirit of the sun, the Christ being, has now become the spirit of the earth. Therefore, in reality the practice of cognitive yoga produces intensive new sun forces of light, life and warmth through creative cognitive activity. Life becomes self-conscious cognitive creative activity.” Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon

The secret of accelerating incarnations in Bodhisattva’s, by the 7th Age, will reveal to all and everyone of us what once appeared incomprehensible. Transmuting and training in each of our incarnations to transform evil into good, to bring ever higher and higher refinement into our incarnations, reveals why Bodhisattva’s or Christian Rosenkreuz or Initiates crave the hunger of Love’s strength by incarnating repeatedly every 100 years.

Once the task of Love has ignited in the I AM, it begins growing at an ever more encompassing pace. And it was only the Earth Herself that could offer us such potent opportunities to set our Higher I AM into Love’s conscious Fire Potential. To breath the New Yogi of Fire and Cosmic Love and learn to become Agnishvatta’s clothed in Moral Fire garments, consumes the striding Soul and Spirit with a hunger for Moral-Cosmic Goodness. We may now comprehend the incomprehensible. We each learn by the 7th Age the hunger and craving Bodhisattvas have, for more Moral, Super-Spiritual challenges presented to us with THIS LINK – (Click it.)

In lives spanning Time we learn how Light and Love circulated and breathed through every I AM. We begin to exercise RE-MEMBERING, each I AM, and pulling our disjointed memory of karma, flesh, etheric, astral and ‘ I ‘ experiences, that together, gave us the schooling and certainty of the trust in Love’s True Fire Mysteries. But of highest importance in our I AM are the Free Deeds of Love offered in the Fire sacrifice of the immortal I AM. LOVE BECOMES THE FOUNDATION OF THE FUTURE EVOLUTION OF THE EARTH.

“In the future humans will be able to breathe cosmic life and light in this way as a natural spiritual breathing, as physical breathing of air is common today.” Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon

We finally attain in the 7th Age glimpses of our Lofty Phantom Spirit-Man arising out of the strengthening and deepening of our own LIFE-SPIRIT forces. In review, Spirit-Man or Atma recovered in the deepest foundations of the Resurrection that rocked the History of Earth in our 4th Age, can be studied Here. (CLICK LINK) It was the Study of the transformation of our Skeletal and Bone System. In my own personal destiny, in 2015/16, through my explorations of The Phantom Body, powerfully shattering events rocked the foundations of my world.

“The thoughts to which I have given expression in my Philosophy of Spiritual Activity” and The Phantom Body

“The unfree person follows his impulses and instincts; the free person directs himself in accordance with the demands and exigencies of the world which he must first love. He must acquire a relationship to the world. This expresses itself in the imagination of the BONY SYSTEM. Inwardly, it is the BONY SYSTEM that experiences the thoughts when they are truly experienced. They are experienced with the whole being, with the whole of the earthy man.

“Thoughts, then, that are truly experienced, are experienced with the BONY SYSTEM. There have been people who wanted to paint pictures after reading my books and they have shown me all kinds of things. They have wanted to bring the thoughts in The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity into the form of pictures. If one really wants to paint what it contains, one would have to produce dramatic scenes, performed by Human Skeletons. Free spiritual activity is something in which we must get rid of everything that is purely instinctive; similarly, what a person experiences when he has the thoughts of free spiritual activity is something in which he must unburden himself of his flesh and blood; he must become a SKELETON, he must become of the earth. The thoughts must become earthy in the true sense. This means that one must free oneself by dint of hard work.” Rudolf Steiner

The Elohim – Phantom Body – Feel your human bones suffused with heavenly glory in the presiding yoga of the worlds.

“Down there he feels the material foundation of active spiritual being. The Heights become Mysteries, the Depths become Mysteries, and man himself becomes a Mystery within the Mysteries of the Cosmos. Right into his BONY SYSTEM he feels the crystal-forming power. But he feels also how this same power is in cosmic union with the living power of light in the heavens above. He feels how all that comes about through mankind as morality in these Mysteries of the Heights lives and weaves in these Mysteries of the Depths, and in the conjunction between the two. He feels himself no longer sundered from the world around him, but placed within it, united above with the shining Intelligence, in which he experiences, as in the womb of worlds, his own best thoughts. He feels himself united below, right into his BONY SYSTEM, with the cosmic crystallizing force — and again the two united with one another. He feels his death united with the spirit-life of the universe; and he feels how this spirit-life craves to awaken the crystal forces and the silver-gleaming life in the midst of earthly death.  (CLICK LINK)

When our Microcosmic skeletal, bone marrow and rejuvenated blood breathes in LIVING TRUTH, we slowly arrive at the germinal seed of Atma in us. Love becomes the Law of the future Jupiter Evolution. Little Fable in us becomes fully aligned with Big Fable. Love becomes the Living Law of Life-Spirit and Budhi in us. Death cannot hold such skeletal precision, Logos Divinity and consequential Moral Cosmic/Human Plasticity.

Thinking, as Living Truth and Certainty become Living Moral Necessities of Cosmic Nutritional vitality from The Tree of Life. Our plasticity, mobility and Freedom finds it’s New Phantom Skeletal system, that was laid into the foundations of Ancient Saturn, as a released prisoner, of Earth’s Skeletal Lock-Down. Love and Truth does set us Free.

The germ of Atma comes to life through Anthrosophia and Little Fable. Christ set the Law of Love into the Foundations of the Earth. The Logos, the Law, the forgiveness and our Alignment with Cosmic Metamorphosis becomes the foundation seed of our mobile, free, and emancipated Phantom Body. Christ delivered the Emancipation Proclamation of Ancient Saturn down to the most intimate Bones of the Earth. Our Human skeleton held tight a sealed, hidden, frozen framework, the dense hard kernel husk of Ancient Saturn’s seed of the plasticity and mobility of Atma or Spirit-Man.

Matthew 21:42

Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes?

Ephesians 2:20

And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;

We become, LOVE itself and our Higher I AM becomes the FOUNDATION STONE, the cornerstone of the next metamorphosis of the Earth, The Jupiter Evolution (Click Link). Little Fable that grew out of Novalis was the forerunner for the Heart path of Humanity. Lazarus/John received the Manas and Sophia of Christ.

Lazarus/John gradually forged, under the literal tutorship of the Risen Etheric Christ, Lazarus/John integrated the highest Bodhisattva Interiorization, like the Sea-Horse. Lazarus/John worked consequentially with Buddha. Lazarus/John is actively working with Humanity at the transformation of the Solar System. The intensive inner transformation of Mars was a Buddha/Christian Rosenkreuz collaboration and Free Deed.

How do we re-learn what was called by Lessing, “The Education of the Human Race”? Born in Saxony in 1729, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (Click Link) was a German philosopher, poet, dramatist and art critic whose works were important in the development of German literature. How do we recognize the Education of Humanity and the freeing up of the Solar System in the deeds of Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi,Leo Tolstoy Martin Luther King Jr? How do we recognize thousands of martyrs, saints, scientists who have actively shifted the Force of Mars into the inward Power of Mercury and transformation of the interior forces of our Solar System?

It was called “Civil Disobedience” and Non-Violent Resistance that reversed the Mars forces we all brought back to Earth from our time together in the Devachan Region of Mars. We could for the sport of it, look at the word THOR in Thoreau and we could look at David and Goliath in Henry David. We could look at the songs of David. We could review the problems encountered in the curriculum of precise Human Education.

It is ridiculously hard to fathom that Manas and Spirit-Self evaluations of Karma and Compassion are required as an intense amplification of Manas in our humanity in the 6th Age. Of course we stumble around trying to imagine what Steiner’s Karma Lectures mean in the unfolding of the Education of Humanity? We cannot even fathom that the transformation of the Solar System and Saturn, Mars and Mercury are profoundly connected to the impulse of Buddha, Lazarus, Christian Rosenkreuz, Thoreau, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. (Part 3 Click Link)

The unfolding of the 7th Age of Capricorn brings us to the Return of the Moon and how The Education of Humanity must absorb consciously the entire Matrix and Reproductive forces of the Moon into a new and Higher form of Nutrition and Procreation. Our actual, precise and active Education vs our delusions reveals part of the immense direction of the Curriculum of Humanity that unlocks, redeems, takes hold of the being and forces that were once hidden in Nature and absorbs them CONSCIOUSLY.

How do we lift the Weight of our Solar System and recover all the forces locked in the Core of the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth, out to the Rings of Saturn? How do we transform Mars poisons in our blood to Healing and Mercury forces that eventually awaken, Budhi and Life-Spirit forces in the transformation of our Etheric bodies?

It requires our fathoming and consciously comprehending the goals of our entire Earth Evolution and the role that Christ plays as the Central Mystery of Earth. His deed appeared at the deepest point in the entire unfolding of Humanity from Ancient Saturn to the unfathomable CULMINATION of the future Vulcan Evolution. Christ’s unfolding is the expansion of the curriculum of the LOGOS. The Ascension of Humanity and our tracking and training in the expansion of the Sun Logos of the I AM active in the Astral, Etheric and Physical body of Humanity is the literal LOGOS curriculum designed for the Education of our TENTH HIERARCHY.

Like the male Sea Horse who mothers and births thousands of baby Sea Horses, the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz seems to set forth the primitive lab and design codes required for future Human Beings. Christian Rosenkreuz has been actively engaged with Christ, in producing developmental systems integration for the unfolding of the future Human Angel, Human Archangel and Human Archai Composition.

Lazarus/John and Christian Rosenkreuz are following the upward, guided Ascension of Humanity with the Rise and Ascension of the Macro-cosmic Christ I AM into the realms of The Higher Devachan. The aim has been that our Humanity shall become co-workers with Christ. Humanity shall mid-wife with Christ the future Jupiter Evolution even as we free up, redeem and unravel our entire Solar System.

By the 7th Age our I AM starts to experience an active liberation and activation of the Sun Forces, through the nutritional stream of cosmic nourishment that flows from THE TREE OF LIFE (Click Link) itself. We start awakening to become Star Children nursed from the nectar of Sophia Herself.

So Jesus said to them again, “Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.”

Deep into the roots of the Earth, that is, as the Christ, literally out of His Highest Resurrection Body, Breathed Into The Room, Christ inseminates, pollinates and purifies Speech and the Word in the Disciples. The Disciples had literally inhaled Manas and Life-Spirit from our own True Higher I AM.

Now from this let it be placed strongly before our human hearts that Consonants and Vowels and the Living Powers of the Super Larynx of the Risen Christ, from the Life in the Lungs of The Living Etheric Christ, into The Room Itself, the Highest Forces of Eurythmy, Speech and Atma stirred themselves into generative Life. What lives in the developing cauldron of our Human Larynx? What lives in the fertility and pollination of the Cosmic Powers of the Word?

The Disciples in THAT ROOM went from a rag-tag group of martyrs from the Old Testament, which they were, to literally receiving a fragment of their HIGHER SELVES, their Living Higher Being, was ignited, activated and stirred into Life. In other words the Destiny of the Karma of the Earth Herself, the ability to erase karmic errors, evils and forgive, will be duly, willfully, and lawfully recognized not only by the Father and the Higher Trinity, but by Christ The Lord of Karma.

You would have to go back to the beginning of where these rag-tag Disciples had been chosen by Christ Himself, (CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE). In this moment of authorization, of having the Higher Self, the Manas and Higher Sophia and a fragment of the Higher Ego inhaled and incorporated into the very Light and Air and Life of the unfolding destiny of the Apostles, a small portion of our humanity had been given the Life Substance and pivotal power to expunge sins and karmic consequences through the law of the I AM. And just as powerfully, given the potent eternal mandate to leave unforgivable the Sins against the Holy Spirit.

This is the Moral Air that now permeates the Higher Fire Mysteries of the I AM. It literally shows us the upward stages of acquiring the ability to breath Manas and Spirit-Self and by the 7th Age to arrive near the very transformation of our Etheric Bodies into Life-Spirit.

The marrow in the core of the bones of the Disciples was changed. THE LAW of TRUTH was imprinted into the interior skeletal framework of the Disciples. In other words the Macrocosmic Word and the Microcosmic Word aligned themselves as a NEW FORCE.

The seed of Atma and Spirit-Man, the Law, non-arbitrary Cosmic Love ,Cosmic Law and Cosmic Freedom were bound with the Plasticity, flexibility and potency of LITTLE FABLE. Big Fable and Little Fable were Lovingly brought into Sync. The Logos of the Risen Etheric Christ entered the rejuvenation of the blood in the marrow of the bones of humanity. The seeds of Atma, Spirit-Man and the binding force of the Living Word was planted in the deep marrow of the blood and bone of humanity.

We have to soberly realize that the Risen Christ, out of the future Phantom or Atma or Spirit-Man, entered a room where the Disciples were gathered. From the Future, that we as humanity will attain, where Spirit-Man, Atma and the Phantom Body have been secured by Christ’s Sun Power, Christ breathes this FUTURE right into the very room where the Disciples were gathered. They literally inhaled entirely new Cosmic Moral Fire Forces from the Future.

Normally we look at how year after year we are presented with Birthday candles, and with our breath, we blow those candles out, indicating the years we have been on Earth. Including the new candle for the new year that is added to the mounting number of years we attain. But we have to soberly realize that from the FUTURE ITSELF, Christ Breathes something INTO the Disciples from the freshly won Phantom and Atma of the future of our Earth Evolution. Something the majority of humanity has not yet attained.

Something was offered to the Disciples that would begin generating Moral Fire Forces far into the future. Instead of blowing out candles, Humanity will imbue Fire Forces and Life Ethers of restoration, rejuvenation and resurrection. Through these events we bear witness to some of the stages that allow all of us in the future to become Creator Beings and lift LIFE-SPIRIT, Budhi, up to the Higher Word forces latent in the Larynx.

We gradually make CONTACT, ABSORB ourselves into the unfolding forces of our true Higher I AM. We slowly acquire forces that the Disciples and Lazarus/John received from the very first Bestowing Breath of the Future Atma of Humanity. The Moral Foundations of the future Jupiter Evolution began trickling into humanity through the CHRIST EVENT.

But how we consciously penetrate the Sun forces of our Etheric Bodies has to do with how our literal bones, body, DNA and Chromosome system were made out of spun Light, of woven Light, spun from our own Higher Beings. We have to examine the core forces of how matter itself is the spun Sun Gold of the Literal Truth of our Higher Beings. Nuclear Depleted Uranium and Nuclear Nightmare never accepted that matter was literally Spun Light and Love woven by the Highest Hierarchies.

Understanding the Higher Fire Forces of I AM

“Truth is, we never bring our real and inmost Ego with us from the spiritual world into the physical and earthly; we leave it in the spiritual world. Before we came down into earthly life it was in the spiritual world, and it is there again between our falling asleep and our awakening. It stays there always, and if by day — in the present form of human consciousness — we call ourselves an ‘I,’ this word is but an indication of something which is not here in the physical world at all; it only has its picture in this world.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Woven into our literal incarnations and our cellular and etheric systems we brought from the Stars, are germinal cosmic formative forces. Woven into every crevice and corner of the Earth, Her Holy Tapestry, Her beings, crystal, vegetable kingdoms, animal varieties and species and heightened in the golden spirit light each human being carries with it, are formative powers that can lift creation.

Formative Forces hidden in every nook and cranny of the Earth can be re-ignited, resurrected and reawakened from their slumbers. To Lift Earth, Time and Karma we awaken hidden formative powers that Creator Beings had stored in the Core of the Earth. Humanity is in a lofty School of Work and accomplishment for the Deed, Transformation and Culmination of the matter and Destiny of the Earth Herself.

Earth is our own Cosmic Seed we are developing. Even in the 5th Age we began preparing for the lifting and transformation of the Earth and a deeper and deeper understanding of the Alchemical Wedding.( CLICK LINK we each learn to become Christic Alchemists) We outgrow our need for physical light and learn to absorb the cosmic nutrition of the Spiritual Light of Creator Beings.

In Part 2 and Part 3 we examined the Scales of Balance between Outer Space and the content of our Human Hearts. Through the 5th, 6th and 7th Ages we had to find our Balance in the Scales between our WILL FORCES, where the future becomes awakened, through us, to awakening consciously elastic powers of Love and Light.

In Part 2 we noted that it was the Feather of Maat in the Egyptian Mysteries that weighed our Human Hearts. That which in each Human Heart awakens and becomes filled with conscious future, Love and Light, instead of leaving the future to the ravages of darkness, we consciously choose The Good. In Part 2 we examined Christian Rosenkreuz meeting with the Virgin Sophia and how each striving and accomplished Human Soul has been weighed in the Scales.

When ANTHROSOPHIA tackles the problems of Love, Manas and Budhi and the future unfolding of the depths of our Human WILL, through the 5th, 6th and 7th Ages, ANTHROSOPHIA in us encounters the Scales of Balance once more. Humanity will bring forth and author a Cosmos and become Creator Beings because we penetrated every corner of unconscious darkness with Love’s Illuminated Splendor. In Point of Fact we shall become the Archai and give birth to a new Cosmos just as the Ancient Saturn Archai in their Human Phase laid the foundations for our Humanity.

Moral Weight reveals the Alchemical transubstantiation of the Darkness of our Will into Love and Light. (CLICK LINK)

“So that in that interval also between death and a new birth, at the midnight hour of existence, there arises a kind of hunger for weight. This is man’s longing to return to a new Earth life.”

“…if we look back into the far distant past, man was not the same as we know him today; there was only a sort of sense-machine during the Saturn epoch, for instance. You know also that at that time the universe was inhabited, as it is also now. But these other beings occupied the position within the universe which man holds today. We know that those spirits which we call the Archai or Primeval Powers stood during the old Saturn epoch on the plane of humanity; they were not like the human beings of today, but they were on a corresponding footing; during the old Sun epoch, Archangels stood on the human plane, and so on.

“We look back therefore into the past and say: as we now go through the world as thinking men, these also went as thinking beings with human character through that world. That which lived then in them has become external world-thought; and that which lived then in them as thought, so that it would be visible from outside as their light-aura, that appears in the realities of light. So that in the realities of light we have to see dying thought-worlds. Now darkness interplays with these light-realities, and opposite to the light there lives in the darkness what psychically and spiritually can be called the WILL, or with a more Oriental application, LOVE.” (Click Link)

We are the investment dynamo of the transforming power of the I AM. Through each of us the Matter woven into Forms on Earth, into Thoughts as animals, plants and crystals and through our human Divine family of Earthly Metamorphosis, each I AM is called to become an Alchemist and Miner for a Heart of Gold (Neil Young).

Lepidopterology – Life-Spirit – Lolita – Our Larynx and Love

“Just imagine that here is the beam of light and here the caterpillar (drawing). As the caterpillar crawls along, it spins a thread in the pattern of the beam of light. It spins in exact accordance with the beam of light and at night when there is no light it rolls up the thread.part 4 silk to curl the leaves spinning light It spins it out in the sunlight and rolls it up again at night. In this way it forms its sheath. The caterpillar completely surrenders to the light, it dies in the light. Just as the insect surrenders to the flame, so the caterpillar dies into the light, but being unable to reach the sun it does not enter the sunbeam.

“However, it spins its own body into these threads and so forms the cocoon — as threads spun in this way are called. The silkworm spins the silk according to the light, so when you take its silk you can certainly say: This is spun light! Earthly matter is spun in the pattern of light rays, and when you come across a chrysalis you are really seeing pure sunlight spun around this earthly matter in the pattern of the sunbeam.

“We have now reached the point where spun light surrounds the chrysalis, and naturally something different occurs from what does in the case of the insect which burns by plunging into the flame and so can accomplish nothing further. In the short time the insect takes to hurl itself into the flame, could it but spin such a cocoon modeled on light, a new animal would arise from the fire. This is only hindered by the burning.

“By reason of this it is interesting to learn the real impulse of the insect which flutters around the room at night and plunges into the flame. Its urge is indeed to propagate itself and perish in order to re-emerge as a new being. Only it deceives itself because it cannot create a cocoon so rapidly. part 4 etheric life etheric death etheric resurrectionThe caterpillar, however, has the time to create this sheath, to hang it up, so the sun forces, imprisoned inside, can now create the butterfly which is then able to fly out and enjoy the activity of a sun-being.”Rudolf Steiner (CLICK LINK)

Our history of the Event of Golgotha and Christ sealed in the Tomb and Lazarus wrapped in his winding sheet and Humanity LOCKED into the skeleton and death, places Matter and Earth Evolution, current 5th, 6th and 7th Age, Earth Evolution Itself, at the lowest point in the curve. We are in the PUPA phase. Jupiter Evolution, Venus Evolution and Vulcan evolution are part of the future Ascending forces where we wiggle free of Death Forces, the sheath of our skeletons and attain Angelhood, Archangelhood and Archai TIME BEINGS/ Cosmic Creator Beings ourselves.

Humanity unfolds and attains forces by the 7th Age of Budhi and Life-Spirit which begin manifesting what a Higher Dimensional Being, Our Christ, the model of all the latent forces in our I AM, manifested in the 4th Age.

The Holy Longing

“Now, arriving in magic, flying
And finally insane for the light,
You are the butterfly, and you are gone.
And so long as you haven’t experienced this:
To die, and so to grow,
You are only a troubled guest
On the dark earth.”

~ Goethe.

In the 5th Age Goethe had just begun to sense the forces of the Metamorphosis of the Plant as part of the Life-Sciences of the Elohim and the mystery of the Butterfly. The circle of Life, the SNAKE BITING IT’S TAIL is continuous when considered as a model of the Tree of Life. Start with a Seed, stem, root, flower, fruit and death. The same cycle manifests itself as a model of Archangel Spirituality in the living Metamorphosis Science of the Butterfly.

Transubstantiation of Matter – Dust on the Wings of Butterfly’s – All we are is Dust in the Wind

“Because earth-substance is heavy and must be overcome, the butterflies contract into miniature the gigantic form which is in reality theirs. If you could separate from a butterfly everything of the nature of earth-substance, it would be able, as spirit-being, as a being of light, to expand to ARCHANGELIC FORM. In those creatures which inhabit the air we have the earthly images of what exists in higher regions in a spiritual way.”

Lazarus/John with the germinating gift of the Manas of the Sophia of the Logos Himself, given to him by the Christ at Golgotha, acts under his Higher Development within the Tree of Life, as a Human Archai. In other words the humble, heavy and living human model for the higher Metamorphosis of our Human Spirits, has been part of the budding life of Christian Rosenkreuz. Lazarus was given the gift and burden of an Archai in training and Guardian of the Threshold.

Goethe was no Angel. His friend Novalis had already been an historically grounded Human Archangel inspiring the Hebrew people (CLICK STUDY LINK). That young sensitive lad Novalis and weathered Goethe had admired each other in the Higher Devachan before they incarnated. These Higher Devachan Mysteries are part of the Ascension Mysteries of the Risen Etheric Christ.

Parthenogenesis – Butterflies- Nabokov – Procreation and the Whore of Babylon


“Images of and references to butterflies and lepidopterology, the study of butterflies and moths, appear throughout the novel, emphasizing not only the physical similarities between the fragile insect and young Lolita but also the distant and clinical way in which Humbert views his lovely prey. He effectively studies, captures, and pins them down, destroying the very delicate, living quality he so adores. Virtually every time Humbert describes a nymphet, he uses such terms as frail, fragile, supple, silky, or fairy-like, all of which could just as easily describe butterflies. Like butterflies, nymphets are elusive, becoming ordinary teenagers in the blink of an eye. Lolita, in particular, undergoes a significant metamorphosis, changing from innocent girl-child to exhausted wife and mother-to-be. Next to such delicate and mercurial creatures, Humbert becomes aware of his own monstrosity, often referring to himself as a lumbering brute.

“Quilty is Humbert’s Double in the novel and represents Humbert’s darker side. Humbert is evil in many ways, but Quilty is more evil, and his presence suggests that the line between good and evil is blurred rather than distinct. Humbert and Quilty seem near opposites for much of the novel. Humbert adores and worships Lolita, while Quilty uses and ultimately abandons her. Humbert presents his own feelings for Lolita as tender and Quilty’s as depraved. However, the men are more similar than different. Both are educated and literary. Both, of course, are pedophiles. Humbert sees himself as the force of good, avenging Lolita’s corruption, yet he himself originally robbed Lolita of her innocence.

“By the end of the novel, Humbert and Quilty become even more closely identified with one another. When Humbert and Lolita play tennis one day, Humbert leaves to take a phone call, and Quilty sneaks in on the game to briefly become Lolita’s partner. Lolita eventually leaves Humbert for Quilty, but her new life is hardly an improvement. When Humbert finally confronts Quilty, the men become one and the same as they struggle with each other. Humbert, describing their fight, says, “We rolled over me. They rolled over him. We rolled over us.” His jumbled use of the first-person and third-person plurals indicates that he and Quilty are no longer distinct from one another. The already blurred line between the two men has now disappeared entirely.”

The difference, and it is an enormous difference, the difference between awakening to our Higher Virgin Sophia Devachan Mysteries and how stage by stage, and step by step Asuric, Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces seek to rob, replace, refute, swallow and suffocate our Higher Devachan forces, is the difference between LIFE and a fate worst than death. Depravity.

The difference between how our humanity attains the Starry Nourishment of The Virgin Sophia; Parthenogenesis ; OR how we are forced to feed our devouring, metastasizing, fallen devachan depraved, Whore of Babylon Doppleganger, is critical to the outcome of Human Evolution. The Corporate depravity of earthly abominations produced by The Whore of Babylon Enterprises rests on how we choose to nourish and maintain our lower selves with ever more noxious and twisted forms of depravity. This demands ever more intense scientific cellular and genetic fornication, corruption and the rape of the last drop of human innocence.

The precise difference between our Christ Ascension Mysteries and the full Fall of the Whore of Babylon and Earth Herself into the snares and clutches of the grip of the Eighth Sphere, is the difference between Awakening to our Higher Selves, embracing our Virgin Innocence; Parthenogenesis; OR rejecting it. Reproduction on Earth becomes ever more desperate and diabolical while Metamorphosis and our Higher Beings shifts slowly upwards to where our Speech and Word powers awaken to Grail Like Manas and Budhi-Plasticity verging on Angelic Purity.

All of us will learn to record, portray, restore and resurrect others through Selflessly Seeing and Experiencing the Devachan they experienced and their and our own human biographies. We will learn to lift Each Other, as Lazarus lifted the hidden mysteries of John. These and our own experiences are part of the Ascension and Higher Devachan Mysteries we will, with Holy Wonder, gladly embrace.

With Selfless Interest, joy in each other, knowing each other in a Higher Reproductive Purity (Parthenogenesis), with this growing Purity we learn to study the hidden holiness, not only in THE OTHER, but also in our own Selfless Comprehension of the Karma Mysteries, Karma lectures and Spirit-Self studies given in the final year of Rudolf Steiner’s Life.

With the Karma Lectures we study how to look through our Human Angel and penetrate behind the Mysteries of St.John to a preliminary Schooling of Knowing the Other as our self. It is also without a doubt how we learn to ignite the compassion that is required, the LOVE, that is required, as Schooling, in order for each of us to start to unravel the dense Karma Mysteries of Saturn and release and unlock the deep intimacies of our unique Planetary system. Mystery Dramas 201.

In the Devachan Raphael’s I AM radiated forth, with splendid color and line, as a vast Metamorphosed Inward Human, Liberating, Awakening Butterfly. The actual Sun Forces, Sun Powers coming from the Christ Event Itself, once absorbed, filled Raphael with the germinal potency of Light, Life, Color as literal transforming powers.

Raphael brought the gift of his enormous Earthly destiny to his ART. Through his higher Devachan Metamorphosis he further carried the Soul Life of Humanity. Raphael was illuminated by the tremendous Sun Powers that we see arise out of the caterpillar, enclosed in the Pupa, that through the Sun’s secret germinating power , Morphs LIGHT ITSELF into a Butterfly. We have to get deeply real when studying the events surrounding the Ascension Mysteries of Humanity and the Lord of Karma and the King of Metamorphosis.

Raphael arose with billowing new life from Christ’s powerful streaming of His hallowed Light, and His consequential Sun Deed that literally rejuvenated the Earth. Raphael drank in, captured and held the inward splendor of the streaming Love and Light of the Golgotha Event, past death and deep, deep into the revelation and rejoicing of his journey through the higher Devachan Spheres and worlds.

~I make my changes in secret
Like an insect in its chrysalis
Like a lead mountain into gold
The mummy molding into ripeness
Sanity staring into madness…
My transformation is
Mind, will, purpose & desire directed by love…
I die to let the visible become invisible…
~hag  Hazel Archer-Ginsberg (Click Link)

Raphael’s Human Soul itself gathered the glittering, golden, suffused beauty of Humanity into his soul. Raphael was bursting with the new Christic Light, Color, Love, History and Karma of living, resilient Humanity. It filled his heart and soul. Raphael blossomed Himself into a Living, Human, Initiated ARTIST. Raphael, through his many profound, historical incarnations has vividly experienced the seed, the fruit and the fire process, the dying and becoming again and again, that we all experience in each of our many LIFE-TIME’S.

After his John the Baptist CULMINATION, his beheading, his passage through the Higher Devachan of the Planets after the death of this Archangel of the Hebrew Folk, Raphael lights and kindles the Sun Sphere and the Planets with John the Baptist’s uncensored restoration and reflection of the Higher Devachan mysteries that Christ unveiled. The unveiling of Lazarus/John and the Mysteries of both Earth and Heaven were carried upwards through John the Baptist and the Disciples and downwards through the Revelation of John.

John the Baptist is received as a glorious Son of Sophia and the Earth and the enthusiastic Best Man and Forerunner of the Christ Being. Raphael returns to Earth, lit inwardly with a flame with the Devachan Colors and Light he experienced as a celebration of Christ in the Higher Worlds. Raphael, through his skill and Metamorphosis from the rough and rugged Baptist, Raphael returns to the Earth as a painter that makes the revelation and beauty of the invisible, visible.

It is different this dying and becoming, this making in ourselves what has been invisible, visible. That which was invisible on Earth, the invisible events in the Higher Devachan Community of the New Christ Love, Light and Brotherhood, Raphael brought down to Earth and made visible. And Lazarus/John captured the events that pivoted the New Forces of the Ascension Schooling that awoke in the great Forerunner of the Christ.

So the transformation from Raphael’s absorption of the full Love and glory of the Christ Being arriving on Earth, reveals to us, if we have been attentive, a new cosmic child. “Little Fable”. A new potent manifestation is incubating in our own Higher Spiritual Bodies. It is being nursed by the Dove Milk of Sophia and the Dove Milk of Christ. We are nursed by both the potent sensual experiences we have had on Earth, and experiences coming from the lofty, pre-birth Sophia Devachan revelations, we shared together in our Star and planet Mysteries. Through “Little Fable” the child of Sophia and the Christ makes it’s first rambunctious appearance in the Nursery of the Gods. Novalis, in his short life, reveals some of the first stirrings of a new divine child, ANTHROSOPHIA.

In the Spiritual Higher Devachan Worlds, with his vast Higher Being, Raphael condensed this woven silken, glittering and bursting Light into a kernel of condensed Life and Love for his preparation into a New Incarnation. Novalis awakens with the condensed vitality of ANTHROSOPHIA. “LITTLE FABLE” appears as the new bustling, bursting, baffling, and unpredictable Organ of Freedom and Love that Novalis experienced as his own new Budhi capacity, potent with the new developing organ of cosmic freedom and Love.

“On May 13th, 1797 Novalis had an experience that changed his life. The death of his young bride to be, Sophie von Kuhn opened up the gateways to the spiritual worlds. From then on Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg (2 May 1772 – 25 March 1801) changes his name to “Novalis” or new man. Rudolf Steiner states that Novalis had an initiatory experience on May 13 and united with his higher-ego.” (CLICK LINK)

It appeared in his Soul as a mighty dynamo of wisdom compressed into the Imagination of the dawning and awakening of a new child of Sophia. Novalis faithfully meets once more on Earth, in the depths of his soul and spirit, the Sophia forces that long ago he had met on Earth with his friend and companion Jesus and for a brief moment, through both Novalis and Goethe we glimpse the first stirrings of ANTHROSOPHIA.

“John 14:12: “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do;”

“I consider the anthroposophically oriented spiritual science which I have been presenting in my books for sixteen years to be a way of knowing the spiritual world content accessible to man; and a person who has enlivened within himself Goethe’s ideas on nature as something right for him and, starting there, strives for experiences of knowledge about the spirit realm, must come to this way of knowing.

“I am of the view that this spiritual science presupposes a natural science which corresponds to the Goethean one. I not only mean by this that the spiritual science presented by me does not contradict this natural science. For I know how little it signifies for there to be only no logical contradiction between different assertions. In spite of this they could in reality be utterly incompatible. But rather I believe: I have insight into the fact that Goethe’s ideas about the realm of nature, if really experienced, must necessarily lead to the anthroposophical knowledge presented by me, if a person does something which Goethe did not yet do, which is to lead experiences in the realm of nature over into experiences in the realm of spirit. The nature of these latter experiences is described in my spiritual scientific works.”  (CLICK LINK) Rudolf Steiner

Our future Jupiter Evolution, following the unraveling and Culmination of our Earth Evolution will reveal precise Karmic, Moral-Science and Logos Laws spun directly from the core force of our I AM. Love as a new force of Nature and the Science of the Human Spirit would be woven into the next phase of our higher human development. Goethe, Novalis and Lazarus/John were already appearing with these new capacities through the 5th Age.

The Secrets of Our Individual Phantom Body and the Science of the Butterfly

“In pre-earthly existence a delicate spiritual wool is spun, and this is concentrated into an after-copy: the physical body. Many threads connect this physical body with pre-earthly existence, and they are severed by untruthfulness. The purely intellectual consciousness that is a characteristic quality in the early stages of the epoch of the Consciousness Soul does not realize that such a severance takes place. And that is why man is subject to so many illusions as to his connection with cosmic existence.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Through out these essays we have thrown hints from George MacDonald. Novalis and George MacDonald had an intimate Devachan friendship which MacDonald carried richly into his incarnation. We know that Goethe also met and loved Novalis. When Raphael exquisitely painted the School of Athens one could see the deep Devachan enchantment of the Greek times of Goethe’s previous lifetime collaborating with Raphael in his painting of the gathered Devachan community.

The School of Athens painting was a Renaissance study forecasting vast spiritual friendships and attachments of those who had met together again in the Spiritual World. Raphael attempted to make visible for our Earthly eyes and Intelligence, what we participated in, in the spiritual world of the Higher Devachan. In the Devachan we all longed for and with each other, to carry forward the hopes of the future Christ Impulse radiating vibrantly through the Earth. This vision becomes obscured as we incarnate and immerse ourselves into our earthly sense system. Our higher senses remember but our five senses tend to obscure what was so vivid to us before we incarnated.

We may place the karmic threads, the Golden threads of time and the Devachan mysteries of our higher beings in following the patterns woven in TIME by Plato and Aristotle. We may catch a glimpse of the astonishing weaving of the higher patterns woven from Devachan strands, and threads in the tandem meeting of Goethe and Novalis in TIME. We may recognize glints and glimmerings of strands that wove from Devachan events in George MacDonald’s admiration for Novalis.

Within the light whose birth from spirit-deeps
and fruitful weaving through space
reveals the gods’ creating loom
soul’s true existence is made manifest;
the Being of the World becomes her room,
from cramping selfhood’s narrow tyranny
risen as from a tomb.
(Translation by Owen Barfield)

Im Lichte, das aus Geistestiefen,
In Raume fruchtbar webend
Der Götter Schaffen offenbart:
In ihm erscheint der Seele Wesen
Geweitet zu dem Weltensein
Und auferstanden
Aus enger Selbstheit Innenmacht.
(Rudolf Steiner)

We understand and recognize ourselves, that we were also spun from these threads and strands in TIME spun from the Star forces of Sophia. Woven together on the loom out of Devachan Spun threads along with George MacDonald and Novalis, woven together on the Loom of Sophia with Goethe and Novalis and woven together on the Loom of Sophia with Devachan Divine connections with Aristotle and Plato. We were woven together with profound pre-birth mysteries that formed the threads of our lives in the Devachan. The mysteries of the Rose, the Dove and the lofty Sophia Mysteries were part of what George MacDonald captured and remembered for us in many of his stories.

“Shall I not one day, ‘somewhere, somehow,’ clasp the large hand of Novalis, and, gazing on his face, compare his features with those of Saint John?”

Devachan friendships and how we Re-discover them on Earth (CLICK LINK)

“Essays on Some of the Forms of Literature”: Next to possessing a true, wise and victorious friend seated by your fireside, it is blessed to have the spirit of such a friend embodied—for spirit can assume any embodiment—on your bookshelves. . . . Surely these biographies are not merely spiritual links connecting us in the truest manner with past times and vanished minds, and thus producing strong friendships. Are they not likewise . . . letters of introduction, forwarded, but not yet followed by him whom they introduce, for whose step we listen, and whose voice we long to hear; and whom we shall yet meet somewhere in the Infinite? Shall I not one day, ‘somewhere, somehow,’ clasp the large hand of Novalis, and, gazing on his face, compare his features with those of Saint John? (Dish 229-30) MacDonald would like to meet Novalis, in Heaven, as a friend. MacDonald forces us to meet Novalis by quoting him many times. Novalis is, therefore, the literary and personal mentor MacDonald wanted us to know he had, although of course they never met—Novalis dying twenty-three years before MacDonald was born.”

In the Science of our Phantom and Manas and Budhi are living some of the Fairy Tales that were laid down in the foundations of our childhood. The Spun Gold of our Spiritual Pupa and Cocoon, our physical – etheric  – astral and earthly I is likened unto a Life-Bud, part of the Golden Threads spun on the Loom of the Great Sophia of the Stars.

This Higher Living Devachan Immortal Life substance is woven into our physical incarnations and the potentials we develop and uncover that are part of the hidden treasures and seed kernels of our Free Moral Unfolding of our Higher I AM. These Higher Moral Discoveries are exactly how we Harvest and Create a New Earth together for the future of Humanity.

By way of Goethe and Novalis, through Aristotle and Plato, and the brilliant intuitions of George MacDonald we may easily recognize some of the Golden Threads that tie each of us to Sophia. These threads that weave between us have been woven together in the lofty Devachan region of the Stars that MacDonald, inwardly and intimately felt, through his spiritual kinship with Novalis.

The Princess and The Goblin by George MacDonald – 

Chapter 15

Woven and then Spun

“Oh! I do feel it!” exclaimed the princess. “But I can’t see it,” she added, looking close to her outstretched hand.

“No. The thread is too fine for you to see it. You can only feel it. Now you can fancy how much spinning that took, although it does seem such a little ball.”

“In a moment more, the clouds themselves parted, or rather vanished like the wall, and she looked straight into the starry herds, flashing gloriously in the dark blue. It was but for a moment. The clouds gathered again and shut out the stars; the wall gathered again and shut out the clouds; and there stood the lady beside her with the loveliest smile on her face, and a shimmering ball in her hand, about the size of a pigeon’s egg.

“There, Irene; there is my work for you!” she said, holding out the ball to the princess.

She took it in her hand, and looked at it all over. It sparkled a little, and shone here and shone there, but not much. It was of a sort of gray whiteness, something like spun glass.

“Is this all your spinning, grandmother?” she asked.

“All since you came to the house. There is more there than you think.”

“How pretty it is! What am I to do with it?”


What are we to do with it? When we imagine Spirit-Self and coming to the Wedding in new, purified Astral garments, we haven’t imagined that each of our life times has been a woven, and spun mystery authored by our Higher Beings. A Dove’s egg, a Pigeons egg and what the substance of TRUTH – BEAUTY and GOODNESS really are, is not fable but the Science of Holy Metamorphosis and a window into the enormous Mystery of the Trinity.

“Let us try to understand how Truth, Beauty and Goodness are related, as concrete realities, to the being of man.” (Click Link)

“As the human being stands before us we see, in the first place, his physical body — nowadays the object of purely external observation. How the single organs, the form and functions of the body have been built up in pre-earthly existence — of this people are wholly unaware. In his pre-earthly existence man lives in a world of pure Spirit, where, in communion with higher Beings, he is engaged in building up the spiritual prototype, the spirit-form of his physical body. The physical body here on earth is but an after-copy of the spirit-germ that is elaborated, in a certain sense, by man himself in pre-earthly existence. (On the Science of Embryology and the Powerful thread of ACTUAL TRUTH (click link)

Through the 6th and 7th ages we begin receiving direct knowledge and direct nourishment and literal Etheric Life forces from the Tree of Life. No longer can we stroll around the Earth with no understanding of how we are woven revelations of our Higher Selves. We literally learn to Remember each other, Recognize each other and consciously bring the Higher Devachan with us back onto Earth.

“Philadelphia, which means “brotherly love,” was situated in Lydia along the Hermus River valley about 38 miles southeast of Sardis. It was backed by volcanic cliffs and though the land was rich and fertile from the volcanic residue, Philadelphia was a dangerous place to live due the many earthquakes experienced by the region. Because of its location, the city was in constant danger of earthquakes and experienced shocks as an everyday occurrence according to Strabo.”

Through the approach of the Moon rejoining the Earth, the 6th and 7th Ages will literally tug at the very roots of the Earth Herself. Shocks, massive displacements will be part of the refashioning, and transmuting the literal substances and foundations of the Earth. The Moral forces in our being will expand and grow making what was dark/ Light. And that which resists and is locked up by un-redeemed karma, by refusal, rejection, and conscious clinging to evil and willing, conscious pursuit of evil will shake the stars, comets, karma and the Core of the Earth Herself. Our Higher Moral Developments will loosen the unconscious bonds that had held Earth in place.

We attempt to bring Spiritual Community and Brotherhood, Philadelphia was the name of a city in Asia Minor mentioned in Revelation in the New Testament. The name of the city meant “brotherly love” from Greek φιλεω (phileo) “to love” and αδελφος (adelphos) “brother”. It is also the name of a city in the United States. No longer can we see ourselves severed from the actual Spiritual Worlds that wove Life into us. We consciously bring a piece and a portion of the Higher Devachan Worlds with us back into incarnation. No longer in the future community of Christ and Sophia do we glibly and willingly sever ourselves from the Trinity of Truth – Beauty and Goodness.

Our life line, our silken thread that we see manifest in the Pupa and butterfly will no longer be some quaint fairy tale. Truth, Beauty and Goodness are our literal Lazarus Life-lines that sustain a new stream of cosmic nourishment into the rebuilding and re-structuring of how we must grow into Spiritual Beings. In literal Truth, Beauty and Goodness we have before us the unfolding emancipation of our THREE SOUL FORCES – Astrid; Philia and Luna from the Mystery Dramas of Rudolf Steiner. (Click Link)

Sophia and the Immortal threads of the Galaxy and their connection to the deep Core of our Earth

” A long, long time ago, the virgin Mary was preparing for Christmas. And it was time to start knitting a garment for her child would be born very soon. Sophia was walking between the stars and she gave them bright threads of glass for the blanket for the garment of her child. The Moon gave him her beautiful silver thread. The Sun Beings gave him the bright threads of Living Gold. The virgin Mary gathered all the beautiful threads from the planets, stars and Sun. But! Ah! The strings got separated all the time and she couldn’t spin them together.

“! Ah, dear stones!”, said the virgin Mary, ” you who are so strong and firm, can you help me to knit all the threads and turn them into a garment for the baby Jesus?”
“No, mother Mary, we will be your way to the barn and we will make the ground firm and strong for your steps, but we can’t help you to weave the threads”.
“! Ah, dear plants!”, said the virgin Mary, ” you are so beautiful and green, and one of you remains green throughout the winter, can you help me to knit all the threads and turn them into a garment for the Baby Jesus?”
“No, mother Mary, we’re going to grow a garden where the flower of Christmas Eve, the lilies and the roses of Christmas grow, but we can’t help you weave the threads”.
“! Ah, dear animals!”, said the virgin Mary, ” you who are so quick and cheerful, can you help me to knit all the threads and turn them into a garment for the baby Jesus?”
“No, mother Mary, our brother the donkey, will help you and we will carry you during your long journey, but we can’t help you weave the threads”.
The Virgin didn’t know where to go for help, but then came a magnificent angel before her and very softly said to her:

“Mother Mary, you have to ask all the children of the Earth, all Earth Herself is woven with love. The deepest love is woven in the deep center of the I AM. When all the children of the earth send out their love, then they will be able to knit a sheath suitable for what is growing in the heart of humanity”.

“And since then, every year at the time of ADVENT, there comes our Higher Being, our own future ANGEL and brings the light of the I AM, deep into the center of the spiral that finds it’s way deep into the hidden heart of Earth’s Great Mystery.”

“Now, all the way through the 7th Age every human being can learn to weave a garment of light by the spiral path to the center of the heart of our Higher Being. By blessing the stones and crystals, the plants, all the astral and animal kingdoms, and the deep, deep core of the Earth and our I Am rooted in the Earth, we learn to spiral into the core of the Earth and spiral out again into the lofty Higher Worlds. And with Sophia and her love we shall learn to take part in the fashioning and knitting of a new garment for our Higher I AM.”

We must, each of us, transubstantiate matter, open the flood gates of the higher stream of nutrition from Sophia and the Risen Etheric Christ, so that we may implement the reconstruction of ourselves AND offering the Etheric and Budhi forces of ourselves to Loved Ones, animals, plants and stones. We are engaged in the process of transforming and Lifting the entire Earth into the realm of Spirit.

“When this true morality develops into momentous impulses of will which then pass to reality in moral acts, it begins to be a quickening, all-pervading impulse in the soul, inasmuch as a man can then be moved to real sympathy at the sight of care on the face of another — his own astral body feels pain at the sight of suffering in others. For just as the sense of Truth manifests in man’s right relation to the physical body; just as a warm enthusiasm for Beauty expresses itself in the etheric body — so does Goodness live in the astral body. And the astral body cannot be healthy, or maintain its true position in the world, if man is not able to pour through it the forces proceeding from Goodness.

“Truth, then, is related to the physical body, Beauty to the etheric body, Goodness to the astral body. Here we have the concrete reality of the three abstractions of Truth, Beauty, Goodness. In short, we can relate to the actual being of man all that is expressed instinctively in these three ideals.” Rudolf Steiner

Steiner literally speaks of how we, along with Sophia in the Devachan, along with the Stars and our Higher Beings, we spin a gossamer thread that is entirely woven, invisibly, in the Form Bearing substance of the strands of our very own cellular substance. We can see these chromosome and DNA strands under a microscope.part-4-the-threads-of-truth

“A chromosome could best be compared to a bookshelf. It is a single continuous ladder of DNA that includes anywhere from dozens to thousands of genes. Some creatures keep all of their DNA on a single chromosome, while others use many. People have 23 pairs of chromosomes, each with millions of base pairs.

“Finally, we have the genome. That’s equivalent to the entire library. It’s the complete set of instructions for a given creature. For a human, that would include all 23 pairs of chromosomes, a total size of over 4 billion base pairs! And nearly every cell in our bodies contains one full copy of the genome.”

Our Higher Being and the unedited version of ourselves VS the Earthly splicing, editing and selective snipping of various cellular, genetic and chromosome copies, sets the stage for the interference and meddling of Ahrimanic arbitrary, demonic and Earthly decisions as to the foundations of our human cellular and spiritual potentials. These potentials when not determined by our Higher Beings but determined by arbitrarily radicalized Earthly and Ahrimanic GENOME splicing and shopping for specialized super-human capacities force the sequencing of appearances into Specialized Demonic Darwinism.

To create a Divergent Ahrimanic Race on Earth, severed from our HIGHER SELVES, Fallen Cosmic Intelligence enhances and densifies the forces operating in the flesh and cellular composition of our HUMAN DOUBLE. Survival and Adaptation to future Earthly conditions using the arbitrary fallen earthly intellect, severs the deep THREAD OF THE FORMATIVE FORCES OF OUR HIGHER BEINGS. Trans mixed X – Women and X -Men are re-edited and crossed off  “X’ed out” and severed from the true goals of their Higher Beings.

Sheep and Goats are the result. Those pliable to their Higher Selves and those hardened and rigidified into Ahrimanic Earthly Darwinsim have spun off into Sophia School of the Lamb; Or spun off into the Shadow of the Fallen Intellect in the Market Place of Earthly products and policies of The Corporation of the Earthly Whore of Babylon. Humanity becomes divided. Divergent Branches and Birth Merchants, rigidified into an Ahrimanic race, trade in arbitrary demonic cuts and splices of cellular chromosome matter, and are severed from the Tree of Life (CLICK LINK).

John 15:1 – 16:3
I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.
Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.
Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.
Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.
I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.
If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.
If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.
Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.
As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.
If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love.
These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.
This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

We do not wish to enter into the Eighth Sphere as some sort of demonic Borg appendage of our own failed human condition. We do not wish to fall out of Earth Evolution and fall into an Eighth Sphere Collective construed by Ahriman, the Asuras and Sorath. If we understand Goethean and Anthro Spiritual Science and learn the techniques of our Higher Organic Metamorphosis that we find in the Sacrifice of the Christ Being, we learn to organically and spiritually metamorphose our true higher developments.

The descent to the Eighth Sphere is a complete denial of the Wisdom of the Cosmos that is transparent in the metamorphosis of the butterfly, Lazarus, Christ’s securing the Higher Phantom Body and the lofty Sophia physics of identifying our Karmic Groups. The Horror – The Horror of the coming and already arrived during the 5th Age of Pisces, Corporate Whore of Babylon Enterprises, was the Divisive War between the Higher Logos of Athena and the Imitation of the Divine Logos of immortality skillfully prepared by Arachne.

Athena, however, is our pure Logos Science of the Spirit that sprang out of the head of Zeus. Athena was a Warrior Class who kept Cosmic Thinking alive, defended the Laws of the Logos as a Michael Intel Warrior.

“So when Medusa betrayed that purity of cosmic thinking, or when humanity distorts and lies about the Logos and Cosmic thinking, Athena can get pretty downright vicious.We shall look at just how vicious and protective of the Logos Athena can be, when we enter the EIGHTH SPHERE.” (from Part 2 Medusa)

Three Regions of Ascending Devachan and Three Regions of Fallen Devachan

Betraying our Humanity, THREE TIMES, literally and cosmically represent the Three Ascensions of the Lofty Christ Being and THREE corruptions and venting of waste material, poison, vials of wrath into the degenerating EIGHTH SPHERE. Christ tells Peter that he will betray Him three times before the cock crows.

When does the cock crow? The cock crows with the Ascension of the Sun Mysteries of the Risen Etheric Christ. From the stage of development of our Consciousness Soul, we prepared for our Ascensions into the potentials of the unfolding capacities of our future Manas – Budhi and Atma developments.

We are preparing ourselves in our I AM to unfold the germinal organs of Spirit-Self – Life-Spirit and Spirit Human. And we must also prepare for that which we must jettison, release as toxic substance what we as humanity have violated, poisoned, used up and corrupted beyond any immediate Earth Evolution potential of transformation. We come to the region of the potential condensation and isolation of The Eighth Sphere.

“The first stage is the fall of Babylon; we will call it this to begin with. The second stage is the fall of the beast and his companion the false prophet who spreads the teaching of the beast. The third stage is the fall of the divine counter powers which are usually called Satan. These three stages become quite objective and real in connection with the spiritual perception of future human evolution.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

Going deeper than ever plummeted sound, we have Saturn Rings, Saturn Karmic Conscious release of the Rings of Saturn and the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth. Christ and our Human Striving, Ascends to Etheric, Astral and I AM Higher Devachan Education, Revelation, and Redemption. In this immense process we have Three Regions of Ascending Devachan and Three Regions of Fallen Devachan forces. Can we not Lift and Redeem every nook and cranny of Earth Evolution and lift it to the transformation of Matter into Spirit?

As we Rise Consciously and penetrate ever deeper into the Nine Layers of the Inner Earth, we unravel the knots, karma and threads of elemental worlds, mineral, plants, animals, human brotherhood and spiritual systems that awaken our Higher Devachan capacities. We crave to lift and carry every scrap and scar of Earth Evolution into the Celebration of the Higher Schooling of the Lamb of God.

In the unfolding process, in the 7th Age we literally unravel Saturn and our Solar System along with the interior cohesion and knots that tied us to the center of the Earth. We each take, and all of us must make our Journey to the Center of the Earth as part of our Spiritual Catharsis. We become willing, Dying and Becoming, Time Enduring, Freedom Bearing, Love Imbuing, outpouring and giving Moral, Cosmic Creator Beings in the School of Christ and Sophia.

The future

“The etheric revelation of the Christ will unfold over some three thousand years, starting from the 20th century. It is, however, part of a still greater context. This includes two future and still higher revelations of the Christ:

“His appearance in the astral body in lower Devachan,
  and still later a great revelation of His I being in the higher spiritual world.

“Consider that, according to the above-mentioned book, the environment of the “other self” (higher I) is the spiritual world, and the environment of the true I is the higher spiritual world; elsewhere Rudolf Steiner spoke of them as lower and higher Devachan. From this we can see a direct relationship between the two future revelations of the Christ and the higher I and true I of the human being, just as the Christ’s present appearance is connected with the spiritualization of the earthly I.

“From the foregoing it is clear how the evolution of the human I—as the purpose of the Earth—and the ever-higher revelations of the Christ are inextricably linked. To take this into our I consciousness and to further cultivate it in our soul—this is already the beginning of the path which can lead the human being of today to the Christ.” |Sergei O. Prokofiev

Otherwise we become Ahriman’s homogenization, a crippled Borg Imagination that extends in vision all the way to Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” with robbed life-force and limbs grown or stitched together with efficient techno transplantation as a mockery of Cosmic Metamorphosis. At the juncture of Earth in it’s lowest and densest material field, there is a trap door below the Earth that leads to a densified, fallen cluster of snatched, robbed and stolen pieces and portions of the Logos of our Earth.

Snatched, ripped away Etheric, Astral and I AM forces, derived from Ancient Saturn, Ancient Sun, Ancient Moon and the shattered and corrupted substance from Earth Herself will be dragged along with Creation until such Human Spiritual Forces are strong enough to transform IT. Substance torn from Creation and the human I, devoid of Moral Light, Love, Hope, Beauty or Truth will be dragged along with us into our future.

The counter density of the moral Good accomplished with Freedom and Love is the accumulation of the poisoned, jettisoned VIALS OF WRATH. False flesh, false Nature, riddled with tumors and poisoned with unredeemed Soul, Spirit and Technical abortions, of humanities immoral corruption, collects as the excrement.

Matter and Elemental Beings torn from the highest deeds of the Seraphim of Love, the Holy foundations of creation itself, were deliberately chained, locked up and condemned by arrogant humanity to burn. Our highest revelation of incarnating into matter was to redeem the Elemental Beings who we met and encountered in our long sojourn through Earth Evolution. Turning these Elemental Beings and locking them in demonic materialism drags the Karma of all of Humanity towards an Eighth Sphere of fathomless desecration in bottomless lakes of tormenting fire.

Vile and Evil, is a WORD TRANSPOSITION that the Apocalypse presents as Vial’s of Wrath. Earth Evolution’s untransformed and rejected, Evil condensation, the excrement and waste of our failed Higher Developments will orbit the future Jupiter Evolution as the failed corrupted residue of the left over slag, hell and Elemental crematorium of the Eighth Sphere.

“But there will be another hall on Nastrond, the shore of corpses. That place in the underworld will be as vile as it is vast; all its doors will face north. Its walls and roof will be made of wattled snakes, their heads facing inward, blowing so much poison that it runs in rivers through the hall. Oath breakers and murderers and philanderers will wade through those rivers. Nidhogg, too, will outlive the fire and the flood and under Yggdrasill he will suck blood from the bodies of the dead.” Norse Mythology (Click Link)

Let’s give some examples arising exactly NOW, in the 5th Age of the Consciousness Soul, that reveal the scientific fornication, entanglements and grotesque complications that ensnare us into the Webs and clutches of the Whore of Babylon. We need to observe right now what our immoral, arbitrary tendencies lead to in the 7th Age.

If we have not grown in Spirit to release the Elemental and unconscious Nature Beings enchanted in matter, by the 7th Age, whatever fallen Arachnid Intelligence we still cling to, as materialistic cannibalism, will come to Life and devour us. Efficient spidery evil, releases a thousand cannibalistic spider eggs, hatched from the Mother Spider Womb of our earthly materialistic brain mass. Ready or Not the Moon re-approaches and re-absorbs our Fallen Consequential ahrimanized, asuric Intellects with all that we had left undone or had poisoned.

“Orb weavers make SEVEN TYPES OF SILK PROTEINS, which are stored in a spider’s glands until the spider is ready to spin thread.”

“They produced high-quality spider-silk protein by inserting spider-silk genes into the cells of cow mammary glands and hamster kidneys. Then military scientists purified the proteins and squeezed them into tiny tubes, where they form super-strong silk threads with a strength approaching that of natural spider silk.

“After years of research, they discovered that a group of spiders called orb weavers make the highest-quality silk. Orb weavers make seven types of silk proteins, which are stored in a spider’s glands until the spider is ready to spin thread. Researchers determined that the best silk was “dragline” or “frame” silk, which spiders use to hang from ceilings and weave the spokes of their webs.

“In 1990, Lewis, with funding from an Army research grant, identified the two genes needed to make dragline spider silk. With that genetic information, scientists at the U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command in Natick, Mass., the University of Wyoming and chemical maker DuPont Co. tried to use genetic engineering to produce large amounts of spider-silk protein.”

The tiny footnote, really, one should hardly even elaborate on “Orb weavers make SEVEN TYPES OF SILK PROTEINS, which are stored in a spider’s glands” but we come into the occult area of Arachne and Athena. We come to the primary difference between the Kingdom of Sophia and the kingdom of The Whore of Babylon. What is it that we come towards when we reckon with “SEVEN TYPES OF SILK PROTEINS WHICH ARE STORED IN A SPIDER’S GLANDS”?

There is no IF that we are dealing with 7 Sun Ages in the Math and evolution of the School of Sophia and the Lamb. There is no IF that we are dealing with Ancient Saturn, Ancient Sun, Ancient Moon, Earth, Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan evolution.

These SEVEN stages, in the curriculum of our humanity arising as humans that carry an I AM, are unfolding towards Angelic development, Archangel development and Archai development which is the potent and serious part of our participation in the curriculum of the School of Sophia and the Stars.

There is no IF when we consider what we carry as our physical bodies, etheric bodies, astral bodies, I AM, Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man. There is no IF when we look down into the Eight Legged Creature and find SEVEN PROTEINS STORED IN A SPIDER’S GLANDS.

We have looked deeply into the difference between six legged ants, bees, butterflies, beetles, wasps, dragon flies, insects that carry the Hexagonal imprint of the Sun Elohim, the Six legged insects. Those are by definition, the externalized astral bodies of the Etheric Plant Community. Animal-Plants, insects, equipped with astral key codes, integrated with the Life-Stream, unlock the plant for it’s next higher stage of development. The Plant-Animals are coming.

There is no IF that Six Elohim removed themselves to the Sun and the 7th Elohim took on the sacrifice of pacing and placing the law of genetic and starry reproductive science into the flow, and laws of matter, through Jahve, Diana and the Moon forces. The six leggeds serve the mighty Sun Elohim under the magnificent mystery of the Hexagon. But the Spiders serve the magnificent moral imagination of the octagon. The Eighth Sphere.

“Transgenic goats are bred using the same technology, but scientists believe their udders may fulfill the promise of genetic engineering by directly improving and saving lives, making everything from cancer drugs to materials for joint replacements.

“The animals look and act just like regular goats: Workers milk them like they would at any dairy, and the goats raid their handlers’ pockets for stuff to chew on—a risk you face around any kid, doe, or billy goat. But scientists have added an extra protein or two to their already nutrient-rich milk.

“One of those proteins is from the golden orb-weaver spider. Its silk, tougher than Kevlar, is a hundred times stronger than human ligaments. The potential for a light, incredibly resilient fiber is immense: The future might hold anything from spider knee replacements to spider parachutes. But aside from being viscerally disgusting, a spider farm just won’t work. Golden orb weavers are cannibalistic. In 2000, Nexia Biotechnology figured out a solution to that problem that reads like science fiction—it bred goats that can produce the silk instead.

“To make the goats, scientists ferreted out the chunk of the golden orb weaver’s genetic code that’s responsible for directing the production of the single protein that makes up its dragline silk, a kind of safety line that connects the spider to its web. Next they tucked that gene into the DNA of goat embryos, alongside the natural milk production genes, to take advantage of the ready-made machinery. The embryos were then implanted into female goats, which gave birth to kids with a little something extra. Now, keeping the line going is easy—just breed a spider-goat with a normal one; half of the babies will carry the spider gene.”

In the 5th Age, currently, we introduced the Eight Legged Spider, the immoral efficiency of the Spider into Goats. Oh and if it goes completely bad, which it has at times, we suddenly find ourselves with 8 legged goats.

The aim is to make body armor and body repair and have indestructible flesh, impervious to weapons. A universal soldier funded initially by the military (everything we pride ourselves with, as far as advances in technology and nightmare arose from black budget military slush funds) and when these nightmare experiments of The Whore of Babylon are perfected through countless botched Sigourney Weaver, “Alien-Resurrection” genetic mistakes, we arrive in the Etheric Life of the 7th Age. (click link)

What didn’t we notice in the 5th Age? That we mingled human DNA, Spider DNA, Goat DNA as we lit a trail that severed ourselves from the Divine forces of Nature through Monsanto, vaccines and cloning? We started to rip portions of nature away into arbitrary elemental worlds of black magic, medical and conscious scientific fornication intended for materialistic power and evil.

Before the Eighth Sphere and the market place of the Whore of Babylon gets that future “Blade Runner” texturing, we dropped a bomb into the Nature forces of the 5th Age. Our Now. That Bomb eventually explodes and overwhelms humanity as the Great Moon forces are drawn back towards the Earth in the 7th Age. By then we have buried countless devastating deeds into the man-made Matrix of Nature Herself. And these man-made Whore of Babylon monstrosities take on a life of their own as we progress through the 6th and 7th Ages ahead.

Spliced Genetic Life and the Return of the Moon (Click Link)

“…the crudely material nature in the minerals, plants and animals, nay even in the human kingdom itself — all these thoughts which have no reality will in a trice become substantial realities when the moon unites again with the earth. And from the earth there will spring forth a terrible brood of beings, a brood of automata of an order of existence lying between the mineral and the plant kingdoms, and possessed of an overwhelming power of intellect.

“This swarm will seize upon the earth, will spread over the earth like a network of ghastly, spider-like creatures, of an order lower than that of plant-existence, but possessed of overpowering wisdom. These spidery creatures will be all interlocked with one another, and in their outward movements they will imitate the thoughts that men have spun out of the shadowy intellect that has not allowed itself to be quickened by the new form of Imaginative Knowledge by Spiritual Science. All the thoughts that lack substance and reality will then be endowed with being.

“The earth will be surrounded — as it is now with air and as it sometimes is with swarms of locusts — with a brood of terrible spider-like creatures, half-mineral, half-plant, interweaving with masterly intelligence, it is true, but with intensely evil intent. And in so far as man has not allowed his shadowy intellectual concepts to be quickened to life, his existence will be united not with the Beings who have been trying to descend since the last third of the nineteenth century, but with this ghastly brood of half-mineral, half-plantlike creatures. He will have to live together with these spider-like creatures and to continue his cosmic existence within the order of evolution into which this brood will then enter.

“This is a destiny that is very emphatically part of human evolution upon the earth, and it is quite well known today by many of those who try to hold humanity back from the knowledge of Spiritual Science. For there are men who are actually conscious allies of this process of the entanglement of earth-existence. We must no longer allow ourselves to be shocked by descriptions of this kind. Such facts are the background of what is often said today by people who out of old traditions still have some consciousness of these things and who then see fit to surround them with a veil of mystery. But it is not right any longer for the process of the earthly evolution of humanity to be veiled in mystery. However great the resistance, these things must be said, for, as I constantly repeat, the acceptance or rejection of spiritual-scientific knowledge is a grave matter for all mankind.

“I have been speaking today of a matter upon which we cannot form a lukewarm judgment, for it is part and parcel of the very texture of cosmic existence. The issue at stake is whether human beings will resolve in the present epoch to make themselves worthy to receive what the good Spirits who want to unite with men are bringing down from the cosmos, or whether men intend to seek their future cosmic existence within the tangled, spider-brood of their own shadowy thoughts.

“It is not enough today to speak in abstract terms of the need for Spiritual Science. The only thing to do is actually to show how thoughts become realities. Dreadfully abstract theories are hurled at men today, such, for example, as “Thoughts become things,” or similar phrases. Abstract statements of this kind altogether fail to convey the full and concrete reality. And the concrete reality is that the intellectual thoughts evolved inwardly by men today will in time to come creep over the earth like a spider’s web wherein human beings will be enmeshed, if they will not reach out to a world lying beyond and above their shadowy thoughts and concepts.” Rudolf Steiner (Click Link)

As the Moon rejoins the Earth all that was secreted into every detail of Nature and her Reproductive, Gestation, biological and specialized skills, fertilization, pollination, oxygen LIFE contributions to Earth, will be inhaled into the awakening Spirit of Humanity. All the newly Developing Capacities of Manas and Budhi and future ATMA and Spirit-Man forces will awaken through Humanities, Goethean and Higher Human embrace of the Moon.

Humanity will awaken itself within the formative forces that were once hidden in the matrix of Nature. Humanity will have grasped the Resurrection forces of Life-Spirit, where the Christ dwells as the King of Metamorphosis. Humanity will awaken as the conscious Moral Guardian of the new embryonic Nature Forces of a New Earth. Humanity, in the Higher School of Creator Beings, will author from Itself, from the Love revealed as Life-Itself, Humanity will give birth to the future Jupiter Evolution of the Earth.