Dick Cheney, Judas and The Etheric Christ (part I) by Bradford Riley

Rudolf Steiner

“Who betrayed the Christ? He who had the 30 pieces of silver, he who is the representative of material possessions. At the beginning of the Christian era, the Divine Spirit descended. The Christ came to heal this vale of Earth and those who do not think that they themselves are called upon to assist in bringing a different age to birth, violate their deepest responsibility.

For 2000 years man had to be educated. Judas of Kariot was destined to bring the sacrifice, to deliver up the Christ to the material forces of existence, Because humanity followed the 30 pieces of silver, Christ vanished — passed away to the astral plane. The task of Christianity through 2000 years is pictured in the betrayal by Judas. But a different task stands before Christianity to-day.”

We wish to examine two specific betrayals that lead to two different yet specific results. With the Christ Event we have a very specific individual who effectively insured the Death and Resurrection of Christ through his act of betrayal (30 pieces of Silver). In a radically different form of betrayal, we have specific individuals whose aim is to prepare for the arrival of the incarnation of Ahriman.

The betrayals involved with the coming incarnation of Ahriman, reveal cutting edge prophets that range all the way back to Caiaphas and all the way up to the very singular efforts of Dick Cheney and his active free deeds that betray the entire mission of the Tenth Hierarchy.

Yet on the other hand, without Dick Cheney’s aggressive betrayal of The Tenth Hierarchy and humanity the incarnation of Ahriman as a savior and fabricator of counterfeit etheric bodies, counterfeit nature and a vast counterfeit forgery of spiritual life, slowly developed in order to eclipse the deeds of the Etheric Christ, would hardly have been possible.

With Judas and his relation to the entire Mystery of Golgotha we shall fill in gaps in our understanding of just how Judas himself was prepared and given the task to experience the full weight, the astonishing impact of the force of world historical shock of betraying a Divine Being. It is a hard, hard destiny to be the most despised (The Who -Behind Blue Eyes), tormented, rejected, hated and ridiculed human spirit in history. And here in lies where our psychological and pathological limitations encounters the shattering foundations of REAL WORLD events.

Rudolf Steiner

“It is extremely interesting to follow the soul-development of those whom Christ Jesus gathered around Him; the Twelve whom He particularly called to be His own, who, in all their simplicity, as we might say, passed in the grandest way through the development which, as I tried to show you yesterday, is gained by human souls in widely varied incarnations.

“A man must first become accustomed to being a specific individuality. This he cannot easily do when he is transferred from the element of the nation in which his soul had taken root into a condition of being dependent upon himself alone. The Twelve were deeply rooted in a nationality which had constituted itself in the grandest form. They stood there as if they were naked souls, simple souls, when Christ found them again. There had been a quite abnormal interval between their incarnations.

“The gaze of Christ Jesus could rest upon the Twelve, the reincarnated souls of those who had been the seven sons of the Maccabean and the five sons of Mattathias, Judas and his brothers; it was of these that the apostolate was formed. They were thrown into the element of fishermen and simple folk. But at a time when the Jewish element had reached its culminating point they had been permeated by the consciousness that this element was then at the peak of its strength, but strength only — whereas, when the group formed itself around Christ, this element appeared in individualized form.

“We might conceive that someone who was a complete unbeliever might look upon the appearance of the seven and the five at the end of the Old Testament, and their reappearance at the beginning of the New Testament, as nothing but an artistic progression. If we take it as a purely artistic composition, we may be moved by its simplicity and the artistic greatness of the Bible, quite apart from the fact that the Twelve are the five sons of Mattathias and the seven sons of the Maccabean mother. And we must learn to take the Bible also as a work of art. Then only shall we develop a feeling for the artistic element in it, and acquire a feeling for the realities from which it springs.

“Now perhaps your attention may be called to something else. Among the five sons of Mattathias is one who is already called Judas in the Old Testament. He was the one who at that time fought more bravely than all the others for his own people. In his whole soul he was dedicated to his people, and it was he who was successful in forming an alliance with the Romans against King Antiochus of Syria (I Maccabees, Chap. 8).

“This Judas is the same who later had to undergo the test of the betrayal, because he who was most intimately bound up with the old specifically Hebrew element, could not at once find the transition into the Christian element, needing the severe testing of the betrayal.

“Again, if we look at the purely artistic aspect, how wonderfully do the two figures stand out: the grand figure of the Judas in the last chapters of the Old Testament and the Judas of the New Testament. It is remarkable that in this symptomatic process, the Judas of the Old Testament concluded an alliance with the Romans, prefiguring all that happened later, namely the path that Christianity took through the Roman Empire, so that it could enter into the world.

“If I could add to this something that can also be known but that cannot be given in a lecture to an audience as large as this, you would see that it was precisely through a later reincarnation of Judas that the fusion of the Roman with the Christian element occurred.”

Every single human I AM is a specific and potent study in human evolution and behavior. Our usual limping, stumbling and superficial diagnosis of political as well as spiritual events in human history, remain simplistic and weaken the entire basis of human insight. Maturity only begins when we consider the I AM of each human individuality and place their destiny in depth and on a solid framework. Both Judas and Dick Cheney make for unique studies and comparisons.

Our chief dilemma in drawing such a comparison is that we have hardly ever reviewed the roots of the I AM of Judas and discovered cohesively some of the potent and shattering components of  both his deed at the Christ Event and what he endured after death, in the spiritual world from that deed and further what became of such an individual when he was once more called into incarnation.

Then saith one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot

“An early Gnostic sect argued that Judas was actually an enlightened soul, who realized that the betrayal was part of God’s master plan to save humanity by having his son crucified. So Judas, being the big man that he was, decided he could live with his soiled place in posterity if it meant everyone got to go to heaven.”

How had Judas changed? What was his death like? What had he endured after death? What were the fruits of his deed that guaranteed the Resurrection and the full events of The Mystery of Golgotha? Was he written out of Earth Evolution? Did his role in the Christ Event change Judas? But my approach is not going to be the usual well trodden, comfortable paths, but rather an expanded update from the Michael School itself.

My approach including Dick Cheney and Judas is not to condemn Judas or Dick Cheney. I shall make a comparison between the Christ Event and the coming incarnation of Ahriman. Both events had to be prepared and some very, very important work had to be done by humanity in order to prepare for these events.

“The astral body works as the enemy of the physical body and sinfulness, wrong-doing, are thereby evoked in the physical body. It was necessary for the astral body to descend and adapt itself to the physical body during the course of the last 2000 years. The Christ, too, had to descend and to be betrayed. He had to use the means whereby He could best render service to the physical body. The passions had to pour over physical life. Judas with the money-bag had to fulfill his function in order that harmony with the physical world might eventually be established.

“But the astral body has not united itself with the material world without being punished; it has sunk in the physical world. Just as human beings with their astral bodies live in the physical body, so do higher beings live with their higher spirit-bodies, in an astral body, and they can put this astral body to perverted use, just as man is able to do in the physical body. Diabolus — the Demons — took possession of Judas. This is a real fact. Judas fulfilled the function whereby the astral body was led downwards, but now we must liberate ourselves from Judas.” Rudolf Steiner

So now let us penetrate deeper into the character and life of Judas.  We know that Judas experienced the impact of having done a deed that brought the entire dark brotherhood, the black lodge that has been set into the karma of the Earth, that the Tenth Hierarchy, to have freedom must meet the full impact of the organized intent that opposes the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.  Christ came to fully penetrate behind enemy lines down into the very core of darkness. To get there Christ as the light certainly couldn’t betray Himself.

Through Judas, one of the key disciples, the Christ Sun radiated, transformed and penetrated deep into the etheric bodies and astral bodies of the disciples. Christ came to penetrate behind Ahriman’s wall of death. All that the coming Ahrimanic incarnation will bring had to be checked by Christ through the deed of Judas. Judas was key to the Hebrew people and the Ahrimanic core of  the priesthood in Caiaphas. Judas had the karma of penetrating with the Christ impulse down to the core of a super-power, Rome. Without Judas the entire political and historical events of Golgotha would not have reverberated down into the foundations of Rome.

When we follow the later incarnation of Judas, which we shall, we see how the Roman church, how the entire foundations of the Church itself arises out of Rome, out of the catacombs and bursts forth crashes the Roman Empire in favor of Christianity. All because of Judas. Penetrating behind enemy lines, to death, to betrayal into the very dark chamber of Ahrimanic thought and Black Lodge brotherhoods where humanities, each and every single human beings double and shadows are attached to the most vile corruptions of truth, brings the Etheric Christ ever deeper and deeper under the skin of the dragon.

It is through understanding the path of Judas that we can comprehend the preparations for the Incarnation of Ahriman that reveal the karmic chain of events from THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER and Caiaphas and the immense Economic Global enslavement and collapse that links hundreds of thousands of Judas deeds to corporate and military betrayals, Monsanto, Pharmaceuticals, CDC, vaccinations and Ahriman’s full intent on creating a counterfeit Etheric Body for humanity and manufacturing a counterfeit and severed nature to stand against the Etheric Christ.

Christ needed the chain of events and the karma of Caiaphas to Judas and Christ also needed the relationship of Lazarus-John to Caiaphas in order to have the White Lodge Brotherhood of Grail Initiates face in freedom and clarity the Black Lodge forces of Caiaphas. These potent karmic and destiny keys are the answer to the riddle of the battle between the Etheric Christ and Ahriman.

Both the White Lodge of humanity and the Black Lodge of the Caiaphas school are fixed in the laws of the Logos. That means that the Tenth Hierarchy is placed in the world with a Physical body, Etheric body, Astral body and I AM. The Black Lodge uses coercion, deception, torture, propaganda and lies to corrupt the etheric bodies, astral bodies and the I AM of humanity.

The Caiaphas Dilemma

A long while back some of us in Spiritual Science had a lengthy discussion over the Caiaphas dilemma. If you check out the link and scroll down to the posts marked The Caiaphas dilemma, it was back in this time frame that certain connections started to take shape in my mind’s eye.

“In John’s Gospel, Chapter 11, we read:

So the chief priests and the Pharisees gathered the council, and said, “What are we to do? For this man performs many signs. If we let him go on thus, every one will believe in him, and the Romans will come and destroy both our holy place and our nation.” But one of them, Caiaphas, who was high priest that year, said to them, “You know nothing at all; you do not understand that it is expedient for you that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation should not perish.”

The Caiaphas Principle — “do whatever it takes” — is the classic expression of consequentialism, the wicked idea that the end justifies the means.”

The White Lodge, via Judas, Lazarus/John, Christian Rosenkreutz, the Arche Michael and the Etheric Christ preserve and protect human freedom and pave the way for our higher spirit bodies, SPIRIT-SELF – LIFE-SPIRIT  – and SPIRIT-MAN, humanities future. Ahrimanic Black Lodge brotherhoods are opposed to the unfolding of any higher capacities of The Tenth Hierarchy and are intent on a MATRIX subversion of all potentials latent in the Tenth Hierarchy.

Ahrimanic forces wish to freeze the development of humanity and contain it, suffocate it and lock it into the parasitical region of the Intellectual Soul. The sleepers and comatose world of the Matrix is the IMAGINATION Ahriman is working from. The time frame of the Matrix series around 1999 and the time frame of Dick Cheney introducing the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) along with the other designers and signers within the time frame of 1998 and Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book published in 1997 were all part of the grand plan of scooping up together in a mighty thrust, the formulations and intentions, the battle plans for the incarnation of the Ahrimanic Savior.

The date of the surge of those historical waves of intense black lodge servants, who were given their marching orders to prepare the way for the coming of the Ahrimanic Savior, were sent in to get humanity and the globe into a position of enslavement, lies and deceptions of the grandest dimensions (Click Link Here).

The entire THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER financial world and all the different Archangel nationalities and currencies were to be dragged into a rigged global catastrophe. Finances, Wars, plagues and whole hosts of Genetically Modified nature and a new improved Ahrimanically controlled etheric body were in the works. Humanity was to be brought to their knees so that the Tenth Hierarchy would forfeit willingly their higher potentials and willingly offer their children and the future of humanity into the arms of the coming benefactor to human health, cloning, vaccines, PEACE and Universal Spirituality for everyone.

But humanity and the globe had to be rocked to it’s knees and all avenues of hope decimated so that the Ahrimanic Savior could present it’s revitalized Monsanto New improved Nature and it’s healthy, manufactured and distributed NEW IMPROVED ETHERIC body, laboratory tested and approved, globally patented, distributed at birth and pre-birth and guaranteed, and insured with universal health care from cradle to grave.

All of these amazing plans required first a global collapse of old worn out ideas. It had to be done slowly and it had to appear as if there were no real solutions to any of our most common vexing human problems. How to peacefully, medicinally eradicate violent or pathological tendencies and have humanity willingly embrace a form of Ahrimanic Possession on a global scale, that the Tenth Hierarchy would willingly choose over against the struggle, conflicts and violence of worn out Christianity was all part of THE GRAND CHESSBOARD.

All these surging and magnificent plans had to be implemented stage by stage and appear as necessary results of human errors that draw humanity toward a certain specific goals. And most of humanity, by the time these progressed designs unfolded, would seem to clamor and embrace the final solution. Perfect health from cradle to grave. Jobs and places to live and work for everyone and all wild economic surges, bubbles and collapses finally contained through vaccinations that curb selfish, pathological instincts.

All of these great gifts would be controlled by simple record keeping so that all humanity could enjoy the same equal benefits of a benign system by simply having one chip implanted with every child. After all the step by step and stage by stage collapse and hardships and the horrific history and catastrophes of humanity, Science and Sociology would finally meet a leader who recognized that human impulses, insanity, sociopaths and psychopaths could never be self-policed by our I AM. So finally humanity would accept an over all plan that would finally end the self-inflicted suffering but without all the dogmatic religious bull shit!

In the wave of Sorathian Surges that had occurred in history, a giant rhythm pattern burst forth around 1997/98/99 which had been clearly understood and predicted by St. John and had traveled on a Tsunami of Time Waves, based on highly infected schools of Ahrimanic human beings, Black Lodge’s and the Caiaphas School that had followed a pattern based on the powerful impact of the Christ Event.  St. John and every other school of insight understood that every 666 years, this giant karmic Tsunami would roll through the human Tenth Hierarchy shattering everything in it’s path.

Now these events were irrefutable through history that recorded these major events through 1998 – 1332 – 666, every 666 years a giant reverberating Tsunami would shatter the foundations of humanities failed, stale and corrupted ideals and institutes. Leaving the Tenth Hierarchy with a deadly choice. Pursue the schooling of the I AM and the Etheric Christ or assist in preparing the way for the incarnation of what Judas, Caiaphas and impotent human Christianity have longed for. A physical Savior, a return of a great leader, who won’t require humanity to suffer any more but will freely give humanity all the toys, perks and goodies but keep everything pretty much the same. That was the full layout, intent and plan of THE MATRIX SERIES, where Fallen Ahrimanic Angels would rise up from their exile and overcome the failed Tenth Hierarchy.

Rudolf Steiner

“…ahrimanic powers of a special kind descended from the heights of the spirit into the realm of human evolution, and specifically into the evolution of the human intellect and soul. These powers are here, they are living among us. They seek above all to take possession of our heads, of anything we think and inwardly feel. They are angelic Spirits, I said, who cannot continue their development in the spiritual world and want to use human heads to continue to develop in the immediate future.”

Mr. Smith of the Matrix Series (CLICK LINK)   was an advanced prototype model of one of the Ahrimanic fallen Angelic Beings who were exiled to the region of the Intellectual Soul of humanity. Ahriman intends to keep the Tenth Hierarchy in impotent captivity and unable to develop it’s higher spiritual capacities.

Dick Cheney has had a specific relation to the Caiaphas School of the Black Lodge brotherhoods. Judas descended and carried the Christ Impulse deep into Ahrimanic territory. The karma of the the entire world can be traced through the TWELVE DISCIPLES, Judas, Lazarus/John and the White Brotherhoods and from the other side of the spectrum all those who have prepared for the incarnation of Ahriman via the Black Brotherhoods of the Caiaphas school. The etheric body of Dick Cheney and the etheric body of Judas are on opposing sides but joined at the hip.

The Black Lodge brotherhood of the Caiaphas school and the Disciples were all subject to the same super sun Logos imprint that rocked Time off it’s hinges. When the Christ Being with the I AM of the entire cosmic system took a powerful dynamic x-ray snapshot of every player involved from Pilate to Judas, to Lazarus and the Sanhedrin, Pharisees and in particular Caiaphas himself, the entire Morphogenetic Matrix was cradled in the I AM of the Cosmic Christ.

When CHRIST Rose from the Grave with the full dynamic political and spiritual MORPHOGENETIC/KARMIC FIELD of freedom and the Tenth Hierarchy at HIS command, the unfolding forces of freedom and the destiny of The Tenth Hierarchy appeared very much like a giant CHESS BOARD (here is where we meet the most stunning picture of the White Lodge school vs the Black Lodge school with Ingmar Bergman’s most brilliant film THE SEVENTH SEAL). However playing the Devil of the Black Lodge, the chief preparer for the 1998 massive surge of the sub-Sorathian forces that lead to Dick Cheney and his symphonic conductors baton that orchestrated the global 9/11  Symphony for the Damned, was Zbigniew Brzezinski. 

Brezinski brought the dark priestly image of The Black Lodge into focus. The players of the Black Lodge got their marching orders from Zbigniew Brzezinski’s  1997  “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives” (SEE CLIP HERE).  Once again when we consider the transposition of Imaginations between the White Lodge and the Black Lodge, the vivid surge of Sorathian forces that were scheduled to appear nearing the time frame of 1998, brought some of the exterior players of the Caiaphas School of Black Lodge brothers into serious political and dynamic focus.

In following Bergman’s profound Imagination further we are led directly to Brzezinski (his entire name done in Eurythmy gets you a free pass into the Black Lodge). But the cultural Imaginations that mask the reality behind the true Sorathian Surge of 1998 also reveal the transposition of the Imagination from Bergman to THE SITH and STAR WARS (SEE CLIP) From the picture and imagination of the clip from Sith and the naming we get the nick name of Dick Cheney himself who was chosen to conduct the SYMPHONY FOR THE DAMNED on 9/11. Cheney offers his entire heart to the dark Sorathian Surge and the offer was accepted and Cheney was given the magnificent role in conducting the brilliant SYMPHONY FOR THE DAMNED on 9/11.  And like Judas, Cheney renounces his Tenth Hierarchy Heart and the black Sorathian School devours it.

Christ, out of the foundations of the Hebrew People had recognized the karmic signature and potential of a TWELVEFOLD cosmic seed model, made up of the individual unfolding intents of TWELVE Old testament  fighters for the spirit. Christ SEES the intent of Judas and sees how it will deeply force the black hand of Ahriman to the surface. Judas shall stand in a difficult position. But Christ will follow his destiny and the destiny of others like Judas down to the depths of their own spiritual betrayals.

There comes to light a curious problem that places humanity STRETCHED between various potent dimensions, which are, on the other hand all under the initial Divine Deed.


“If Thou be the son of God, cast Thyself down, for it is written, He shall give His angels charge concerning Thee: and in their hands they shall bear Thee up, lest at any time Thou dash Thy foot against a stone!”–for thus Thy faith in Thy father should have been made evident, Thou didst refuse to accept his suggestion and didst not follow it.”

The possibility of doing evil and the recapitulation of how the Christ entered into the flow of human karma and Earth History mesh together in a recapitulation of the crossing and connected fields of what we as humanity must gasp at, balk at, endure terrible and necessary failures of goodness and encounter unrepentant, absolute evil in counterpoint to goodness forces, step by step, through horrific trials to come and horrific trials planted from the past, still must encounter the intents and victories of the preparations for the incarnation of Ahriman.  We are not spared this dilemma. In fact it is written distinctly into the karma of humanity and those that Christ gathered around Him. Which brings us to some of the most disturbing problems of being a member of The Tenth Hierarchy.

Rudolf Steiner (Inner Realities of Evolution)

“While trying to penetrate the whole meaning of the picture, let us recollect those words, which are to be found in the Gospel: “Am I not able to call forth a whole multitude of angels if I wish to avoid the death of sacrifice?” That which Christ might have accepted at that moment, which would of course have been quite easy for Him to do, He rejected in resignation and renunciation. And the greatest renunciation made by Christ Jesus confronts us when, by having made it, He allows the opponent himself — Judas — to enter His sphere. If we are able to see in Christ Jesus all that is to be seen, we must see in Him an image of those Beings with whom, at a certain stage of evolution, we have just become acquainted, those who must renounce the proffered sacrifice, those whose very nature was resignation. Christ renounced that which would have occurred if He had not allowed Judas to appear as His opponent just as once upon a time, during the Sun-age, the gods themselves called forth their opponents by the renunciation they made. So we see a repetition of this event in a picture here on earth: that of the Christ seated among the twelve, and Judas, the betrayer, in the center. In order that that which makes mankind of such immeasurable value might enter into evolution, Christ Himself had to place His opponent in opposition to Him. This picture makes such a profound impression on us because when we contemplate it, it reminds us of such a great cosmic moment; and when we recall the words: “He who dips his bread into the bowl with me, he it is who shall betray me,” we see an earthly reflection of the opponent of the gods, placed in opposition to them by the gods themselves.”

In terms of Ahrimanic reality and history the offering of the Tenth Hierarchy Heart and Cheney’s willingness to step up to the plate and offer his human heart is an occult initiation that hearkens back to the Aztec altars and connects the schools of Ahriman to the dark truths hidden behind Mel Gibson’s  “Apocalypto”  (slide forward in film to 1hr 13min and 31 seconds CLICK LINK (most youtube clips disappear) So while tracing the karma and destiny of Judas we also have a profound window into the ancient school of Ahriman’s early initiation rites which are hidden under the Caiaphas School of which Cheney is given the role because of his karmic position, his willingness to offer his total devotion to the cause of paving the way for the incarnation of the Ahrimanic Savior.

Key pieces of the puzzle and human freedom itself were vitally focused on how Etheric bodies, Astral bodies and the higher forces of the I AM unfold in the lawfulness of the Spiritual World which had given birth to The Tenth Hierarchy.

The unseen and unacknowledged aspects of the jolt and new forces that entered the Etheric, Astral and I AM systems of humanity because a Divine Being took part in human events for THREE YEARS on the Earth, brought both the Disciples, the White Lodge brotherhood and the antagonistic forces of the etheric bodies, astral bodies and I AM’s of the Black Lodge brotherhood into two vast, behind the scenes systems.

One drawing on the Risen Etheric Christ Initiation methods and the other drawing upon Ahrimanic and Luciferic Initiation methods. To be a fully conscious member of The Tenth Hierarchy, all three forces must become conscious,  those are in detail the Etheric Christ Schooling, Ahrimanic Schooling and Luciferic Schooling, all must be part of our internal curriculum, otherwise we are just a victim of circumstances.

Those gathered around the Christ were witness to such astonishing acts of intimate spiritual potency, that to doubt that Christ was the REAL DEAL would be impossible. So here we arrive at where our understanding meets the motives and intent of Judas.

Judas, not unlike Peter, wanted everyone to recognize the irrefutable reality that walking amongst humanity was a Sun Being, a Divine Being in a human form and with any amount of common sense humanity should embrace and share that which the Disciples knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, Judas knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Christ was the REAL DEAL.

Through Judas act of deception directly linked to Caiaphas, Christ the Divine Being would be brought face to face with the Roman world. The same wishful thinking of betrayal and whole armies of deluded Judases today actively  betray the Etheric Christ for Ahriman in hopes that the political Super Powers in the world and in particular the still Ahrimanic forces of Caiaphas, Israel and Dick Cheney’s mighty acts in preparation of the physical incarnation of a potent Ahrimanic entity, will physically appear as the NEW SAVIOR.

Christians in droves long and hunger, not for the magnificent Etheric Christ or the shattering acts that brought the sweeping changes of the Resurrection, or what the Resurrection of the Christ into the Etheric means, NO, Christians want and crave for exactly what Judas wanted.

Christians today in droves crave for the Super Powers of the World to have a magical physical, political King who can show everyone, without any effort on our parts, the splendor and power of Magic, Politics, and Universal Spirituality. Only like Judas and like Peter, they want it televised, headlines, not arising from the intimacy of the human soul itself, from the intimacy of the I AM, but rather, outwardly, universal Peace and Brotherhood shown and revealed physically for everyone to see.

Our ripening insights into  Christ and Judas reveals our clear cut maturity required for our comprehension into the roots of Caiaphas and the the Black Lodge Brotherhoods and their preparation now and back at the time of Christ, for the coming incarnation of Ahriman. How to prepare the globe for the incarnation of the Ahrimanic Savior to eclipse the Etheric Christ is the aim of every Judas, Ahrimanic accomplice and Dick Cheney fan.

“Judas Iscariot had to betray Christ. One can however say: had there been no Judas there would also have been no Christianity. Judas is the first to attach prime importance to money, that is to say, to materialism. In Judas was incarnated the entire materialistic age.” Rudolf Steiner (if you wish to gain some insight and maturity this link paves the way)

Humanity must be led by humanity to willingly betray it’s own higher being and willingly embrace a cheap substitute for the Etheric Christ Being. Meaning that for over 2100 years through wisdom in medicine, pesticides, genetic manipulation of nature and Monsanto products, an unfolding plethora of entertaining media distractions and useful products, wonderfully based on the solid system of greed and avarice in the human soul, would all prepare the way for THE MOMENT.

The moment we are all waiting for where Peace and Contentment, after horrific global collapse will arise from the ashes that we frail humans caused, and a Savior appears, who offers universal spirituality and a healthy counterfeit etheric body given and developed and offered to every human being from cradle to grave is THE MOMENT of the counterfeit Christ. And it has been Dick Cheney working diligently and tirelessly as the poor front man for the Ahrimanic black lodge brotherhoods that has given us the greatest opportunity to rush to embrace this Ahrimanic Savior when he arrives.

So our comprehension of the dramatic forces surrounding Judas, why he hung himself (Led Zeppelin – Gallows Pole Click Link).  What happened after death as his soul moved through the Spiritual World after such shattering events on Earth and who he was in his further incarnation, will astonish us. Because our lack of maturity to penetrate and  understand the current turmoil of our moral dilemmas, truly hinge on our growing some insight through seeing Judas in a much deeper light so we are able to see ourselves and where we stand today with a deeper Tenth Hierarchy moral comprehension.


(Some hold that Judas Iscarioth came from Khirbet Qouretein (or Queriyot), commonly identified with Carioth Hesbon, about 15 Kms south of Hebron. Another locality, Carioth (Qaryut) about 4 Kms north of Shiloh, alongside the frontier with Samaria, is indicated as the village of Judas Iscarioth. -A third opinion places the native village of Judas in Galilee, southwest of the Lake of Galilee.)

Rudolf Steiner

“There was once a couple who for a long time had no son. It was revealed to the mother in a dream (note this well) that she would have a son, that this son would kill his father and wed his mother, and bring terrible misfortune upon his whole tribe.

“In this legend we have a dream, as with Oedipus there is an oracle — that is, a remnant of the old inherited clairvoyance. The events to come were revealed to the mother in the old way. Does this suffice to give her an insight into the affairs of the world, so as to prevent the evil which had been foretold? Let us consult the legend, it tells us further:

“Under the influence of this wisdom coming to her through her dream, the mother brought the child, to which she had given birth, to the island of Kariot and deserted it there. It was found, however, by the queen of that country who adopted it and brought it up herself, she and her husband being childless. After a time a child was born to this couple. The foundling son felt himself displaced and, being of passionate temperament, slew the son of the royal couple. Thereupon, being unable to remain, he fled and reached the court of the Governor Pilate in whose household he soon rose to the rank of overseer. Here he became involved in dispute with his neighbour and, not knowing that his neighbour was his own father, slew him. Thereupon he wedded his neighbour’s wife — his mother.

“This foundling was Judas of Kariot. Then, having become aware of his terrible situation, he fled once more and found compassion in Him alone who had compassion on all who approached Him; who not only sat at table with publicans and sinners but who, in spite of His universal insight, received this great sinner also into His company; for it was His mission to work, not alone for the good, but for all men, and to lead them away from sin to salvation.

“Thus Judas of Kariot came into the environment of Christ Jesus. And now he brought the curse which had been foretold and which now necessarily came into effect in the circle round Christ Jesus; as Schiller says: ‘Therein lies the curse of the evil deed, that, continuing to generate, it must ever bring forth evil.’ He betrayed Christ Jesus.

“Fundamentally the fate which was to be fulfilled in him had already been fulfilled in the murder of his father and the union with his mother. But he remained as an instrument, we may say, the evil instrument which was to be the cause of good, in order, so to speak, that he should accomplish yet anther deed beyond the fulfilment.

“The Oedipus legend presents us one who, having become aware of the evil he has wrought, immediately loses the sight of his eyes. But the other, who has the same fate through his connection with the old inherited wisdom, does not lose his sight; in fulfilment of fate he is destined to accomplish the deed which leads to the Mystery of Golgotha and causes the physical death of Him who is the Light of the World, and who brings about the light of the world in the healing of the man born blind. But He dies through one who, like Oedipus, was to exemplify the gradual extinction of the ancient wisdom in mankind and its inadequacy henceforth to bring peace, blessing, and love to men. That these might come, the impulse of Christ and His death on Golgotha were necessary.”

The pivotal deed that Judas has been destined to fulfill crashes in on him with the full moral crushing avalanche coming down on his soul and spirit. Judas hangs himself before the drama of the Crucifixion and Death on Golgotha takes place. Never was a soul so all alone, so powerfully self cursed and self accused so dismally condemned by all the powers of mercy that run through heaven and earth, to have to be the ONE, to be THAT GUY.

It is a phrase today, I don’t wanna be THAT GUY or That Girl. I don’t want to be that woman or that man who betrays the goodness of the I AM and the Tenth Hierarchy.From the message of thirty pieces of silver to the singer Madonna and the message of the Material Girl, the message of the AGE OF JUDAS overshadows us and our humanity. Betrayed by Wall Street and the Caiaphas/Cheney military industrial complex, brings in it’s wake our global economic and moral collapse.

“In Judas was incarnated the entire materialistic age.” Rudolf Steiner

Our enslavement has been assured, insured, and outsourced to Ahrimanic Beings. But guess what? Our Luciferic nature calls forth and evokes our Ahrimanic betrayal of the Etheric Christ. From the female singers Madonna and Lady GaGA (JUDAS) comes the same message. We are that guy and we are that girl and we are those women and we are those men whom the Christ knew, KNEW we would go down to the betrayal of our own I AM, our own Light, our own Love, our own sense of Truth, we would betray our children, loved ones, and the Earth. Christ Knew it, Oedipus announced it and Judas lived it through to it’s bitter end. The Etheric Christ shattered the contract of Death and Taxes and introduced the Ascension and the laws of Grace and Karmic compensation.

” ’twas Caiaphas who first did scheme this murder of the Christ ?”

Aside from Spiritual Science, the greatest novel ever written concerning the Christ Event on Earth  “Barabbas : a dream of the world’s tragedy (1896, c1893). Author: Corelli, Marie, 1855-1924.”

” Yea, in all things, Judas was faithful. When he came first to confide in me, he told me that the chief priests and elders of the city were full of wrath and fear at the sway our Master had obtained over the minds of the people, and that they sought some excuse to kill Him. ‘ Then let us away,’ said I. ‘ Let us return unto the mountains, and the shores of Galilee, where our beloved Lord can teach His followers, un- molested, and at liberty.’ ‘ Nay !’ returned Judas in a voice of triumph ‘ Knowest thou not that if His words be true, our Lord can never die? Wherefore, why should we be driven from the city as though we were affrighted concerning His safety ?

“Resign Him to the law, betray Him to the priests ! Then will He avow His godhead with all the majesty of Heaven! We shall acclaim Him as the true Messiah, and not we alone, but every nation of the earth must worship Him!…And, at the time, it seemed both wise and just. For why should our great Lord suffer poverty and pain when empires could be His ? Why should He wander homeless through the world, when all the palaces of earth should open to His coming?

“So Judas thought, and I thought with him (PETER), for the Master being in all things glorious, we saw no wrong in striving to make His glory manifest.” The world would be a paradise, all men would be united in love and brotherhood if once the God on earth were openly revealed. Yet out of fear I hesitated to pronounce a judgment; and seeing this, Judas persuaded me to go with him…”

“Nevertheless as the rulers of the city believe Him naught but human perjurer and traitor, ye who love Him should compel Him to declare His glory. For if He be not, as He saith, Divine, ye do wrong to follow a deceiver. Surely this thing is plain ? If He be God, we all will worship Him ; if He be man only, why then ye are but blindly led astray and made as fools by trickery….

“Thou dost merely enter into a legal form of contract, which concerns thee little. ‘Tis the Pharisaical rule of honour not to accept unpaid service from one who doth openly reject the faith. Take what they offer thee, can’st thou not use it for the sick and poor? Remember thou art serving thy Master, thou dost not ‘sell’ or otherwise betray Him. Thy work prepares Him to avow His glory ! Think what a marvel thou wilt thus reveal to all the world ! Hesitate not therefore for a mere scribe’s formula.’ Then Judas, thus persuaded, went again to Caiaphas saying ‘ Truly ye have your laws with which I have naught in common, yet if it must be so, what will ye give me if I betray Him unto you? And straightway they counted from the treasury thirty pieces of silver, which Judas took unwillingly.

(Peter exclaims) “Alas, alas If he had only known ! Surely this very money was as a blind for Caiaphas, a seeming legal proof that he was innocent of treachery, but that in custom of the law, he paid the voluntary, self’-convicted traitor. Who could accuse Caiaphas of cruelty? of malice? of intent to murder ? Caiaphas was not paid! All things conspired to fix the blame on Judas, to make him bear alone that awful weight of crime, which heavier than all burdens of despair hath sunk him now within the depths of hell.”

“…he raved and beat his breast, crying aloud ‘ I have sinned ! I have sinned ! The weight of heaven and earth crushes my soul! The innocent blood is red upon my hands ! I have sinned ! I have sinned !’ Then with a sudden violence he flung us from him, and rushed furiously from our dwelling out into the night. I followed him fast, hoping to stay him ere he could have left our garden, but his was a crazed speed, I found him not. The moon was shining and the air was still, but he had gone, and since then I have not seen him.”….A gathering trouble darkened the high- priest’s countenance (referring to Caiaphas) .  ‘Tis strange,” he muttered ” ‘Tis very strange ! He hath fulfilled a duty to the laws of his people, and now, when all is done, he should rejoice and not lament.

“every deed, good or evil, that is done in this world, works out its own inexorable result. Nevertheless thou hast not erred so wickedly as thy fellow, Judas.” ” Nay, but he could die !” cried Peter, turning his wild white face to the dark heavens ” Judas could die ! but I, coward . as I am, live on I” Barabbas started violently. ” Die ?” he exclaimed, ” What sayest thou ? Judas? Judas Iscariot ? He is not dead ?”

“Peter threw up his arms with a frenzied gesture of despair. ” Not dead ? not dead ?” he echoed shrilly ” If ye do not believe me, come and see  Come ! Down by Gethsemane ye will find him, outside the garden, in a dark hollow sloping downward like a grave, under the thickest shadows of the olive-trees and close to the spot where he betrayed the Master. There ye shall behold him !” and his agonized voice sank to a shuddering whisper ; ” His body hangs from a gnarled leafless branch like some untimely fruit of hell, some monstrous birth of devils ! the very air seems poisoned by his livid corpse !

“Horrible ! . . . horrible ! … ye know not how he looks, . . . dead, . . . and swinging from the leafless bough ! He slew himself thus last night rather than face this day, would to God I had done likewise so should I have been even as he, cold, stiff” and free from torturing memory these many hours !”

In the circle of the disciples Judas has become a tabloid victim. He commits suicide. Nothing like a suicide to make the press hunger for all the dirt. A disgruntled employee shoots himself, a rock singer overdoses, soldiers putting guns to their mouths after 3 to 4 tours of duty. It goes on and on and that is the extent of what tabloid media feeds the shallow sensationalism we crave to justify our failure to follow the soul and spirit of any human being into the deeper dimensions of life after death.

“Margarita Voloschin’s husband, Max, visited her in Hamburg during that time and attended some of Steiner’s lectures on the Gospel of St. John. He asked a question about Judas, asking if whether Judas by taking on the guilt of the betrayal made possible Christ’s sacrifice and was thus the actual redeemer.
“Rudolf Steiner rejected this idea; he regarded it as unsound, unhealthy. Judas did not understand the essence of that which Christ brought the world, and expected that Christ would gain the victory over his enemies by magical powers. By his betrayal, Judas wanted to bring about the earthly triumph of Christ. Our materialistic civilization, Rudolf Steiner said, stands under the sign of Judas. Just as Judas went and hanged himself, so will our civilization destroy itself.”

To follow Judas after death is to be introduced to one of the most powerful IMAGINATIONS of the actual stages of our kamaloca and after death adaptations we endure when we find ourselves in the spiritual world, vividly alive, but without our friend and companion, our physical bodies. (KAMALOCA and After Death and suicide studies, CLINK LINK).

Luckily for us there are numerous studies now in film that we can turn to that give us substantial pictures of events on the other-side of the threshold. We mostly wish to stay with the tabloid drama, gossip and superficial trailer park tales of the flesh. However we are very, very lucky that artists have fought hard to overcome the dull stupidity of our superficial cravings to present vivid, brief and extended imaginations of what are in fact some of the experiences of life after death.

Here are a few samples.  “Hereafter” by Clint Eastwood;  “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams;  “The Lovely Bones” from Peter Jackson LORD OF THE RINGS fame;  “Made in Heaven” with Timothy Hutton and Kelley McGillis;  “Truly, Madly, Deeply” Alan Rickman and Juliet Stevenson; “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze;   “Always” Richard Dreyfuss, Audrey Hepburn, Holly Hunter.

The following brilliant and ancient depiction of the journey after death and the stages gone through by the human soul, after death, allows us to follow Judas through the horrific guilt and denial and suicide he experienced, which gives a little flavor of the horrific and terrible effects that suicide and murder have on the passage of the human soul after death.

Robert W. Buchanan (1841-1901)
The Ballad of Judas Iscariot

‘Twas the body of Judas Iscariot
Lay in the Field of Blood;
‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Beside the body stood.

Black was the earth by night,
And black was the sky;
Black, black were the broken clouds,
Tho’ the red Moon went by.
‘Twas the body of Judas Iscariot
Strangled and dead lay there;
‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Look’d on it in despair.

The breath of the World came and went
Like a sick man’s in rest;
Drop by drop on the World’s eyes
The dews fell cool and blest.

Then the soul of Judas Iscariot
Did make a gentle moan —
‘I will bury underneath the ground
My flesh and blood and bone.

‘I will bury deep beneath the soil,
Lest mortals look thereon,
And when the wolf and raven come
The body will be gone!

‘The stones of the field are sharp as steel,
And hard and cold, God wot;
And I must bear my body hence
Until I find a spot!’

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot,
So grim, and gaunt, and gray,
Raised the body of Judas Iscariot,
And carried it away.

And as he bare it from the field
Its touch was cold as ice,
And the ivory teeth within the jaw
Rattled aloud, like dice.

As the soul of Judas Iscariot
Carried its load with pain,
The Eye of Heaven, like a lanthorn’s eye,
Open’d and shut again.

Half he walk’d, and half he seemed
Lifted on the cold wind;
He did not turn, for chilly hands
Were pushing from behind.

The first place that he came unto
It was the open wold,
And underneath were prickly whins,
And a wind that blew so cold.

The next place that he came unto
It was a stagnant pool,
And when he threw the body in
It floated light as wool.

He drew the body on his back,
And it was dripping chill,
And the next place be came unto
Was a Cross upon a hill.

A Cross upon the windy hill,
And a Cross on either side,
Three skeletons that swing thereon,
Who had been crucified.

And on the middle cross-bar sat
A white Dove slumbering;
Dim it sat in the dim light,
With its head beneath its wing.

And underneath the middle Cross
A grave yawn’d wide and vast,
But the soul of Judas Iscariot
Shiver’d, and glided past.

The fourth place that he came unto
It was the Brig of Dread,
And the great torrents rushing down
Were deep, and swift, and red.

He dared not fling the body in
For fear of faces dim
And arms were waved in the wild water
To thrust it back to him.

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Turned from the Brig of Dread,
And the dreadful foam of the wild water
Had splashed the body red.

For days and nights he wandered on
Upon an open plain,
And the days went by like blinding mist,
And the nights like rushing rain.

For days and nights he wandered on,
All thro’ the Wood of Woe;
And the nights went by like moaning wind,
And the days like drifting snow.

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Came with a weary face —
Alone, alone, and all alone,
Alone in a lonely place!

He wandered east, he wandered west,
And heard no human sound;
For months and years, in grief and tears,
He wandered round and round,

For months and years, in grief and tears,
He walked the silent night;
Then the soul of Judas Iscariot
Perceived a far-off light.

A far-off light across the waste,
As dim as dim might be,
That came and went like the lighthouse gleam
On a black night at sea.

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Crawl’d to the distant gleam;
And the rain came down, and the rain was blown
Against him with a scream.

For days and nights he wandered on,
Push’d on by hands behind;
And the days went by like black, black rain,
And the nights like rushing wind.

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot,
Strange, and sad, and tall,
Stood all alone at dead of night
Before a lighted hall.

And the wold was white with snow,
And his foot-marks black and damp,
And the ghost of the silvern Moon arose,
Holding her yellow lamp.

And the icicles were on the eaves,
And the walls were deep with white,
And the shadows of the guests within
Pass’d on the window light.

The shadows of the wedding guests
Did strangely come and go,
And the body of Judas Iscariot
Lay stretch’d along the snow.

The body of Judas Iscariot
Lay stretched along the snow;
‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Ran swiftly to and fro.

To and fro, and up and down,
He ran so swiftly there,
As round and round the frozen Pole
Glideth the lean white bear.

‘Twas the Bridegroom sat at the table-head,
And the lights burnt bright and clear —
‘Oh, who is that,’ the Bridegroom said,
‘Whose weary feet I hear?’

‘Twas one look’d from the lighted hall,
And answered soft and slow,
‘It is a wolf runs up and down
With a black track in the snow.’

The Bridegroom in his robe of white
Sat at the table-head —
‘Oh, who is that who moans without?’
The blessed Bridegroom said.

‘Twas one looked from the lighted hall,
And answered fierce and low,
”Tis the soul of Judas Iscariot
Gliding to and fro.’

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Did hush itself and stand,
And saw the Bridegroom at the door
With a light in his hand.

The Bridegroom stood in the open door,
And he was clad in white,
And far within the Lord’s Supper
Was spread so broad and bright.

The Bridegroom shaded his eyes and look’d,
And his face was bright to see —
‘What dost thou here at the Lord’s Supper
With thy body’s sins?’ said he.

‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Stood black, and sad, and bare —
‘I have wandered many nights and days;
There is no light elsewhere.’

‘Twas the wedding guests cried out within,
And their eyes were fierce and bright —
‘Scourge the soul of Judas Iscariot
Away into the night!’

The Bridegroom stood in the open door,
And he waved hands still and slow,
And the third time that he waved his hands
The air was thick with snow.

And of every flake of falling snow,
Before it touched the ground,
There came a dove, and a thousand doves
Made sweet sound.

‘Twas the body of Judas Iscariot
Floated away full fleet,
And the wings of the doves that bare it off
Were like its winding-sheet.

‘Twas the Bridegroom stood at the open door,
And beckon’d, smiling sweet;
‘Twas the soul of Judas Iscariot
Stole in, and fell at his feet.

‘The Holy Supper is spread within,
And the many candles shine,
And I have waited long for thee
Before I poured the wine!’

The supper wine is poured at last,
The lights burn bright and fair,
Iscariot washes the Bridegroom’s feet,
And dries them with his hair.”

The IMAGINATION above, is based on the initial facts of how it appears, how we experience our disconnection from 0ur physical bodies after death. The initial disconnection literally means that our former vehicle and our appetites, desires, habits, relationships with others, daily experiences are torn away from the physical world we inhabited and we enter the Astral world, the vague and general watered down term known as HEAVEN where we are De-conditioned and debriefed via our biographical memories.

Our etheric life tableau and the time of our deaths, in terms of the Stars and the harvest of our astral bodies special talents, are consolidated and we enter a spiritual world, astral-devachan harvesting process (See clip “Always” Audrey Hepburn’s final film with Richard Dreyfuss) that eventually leads to a wholly NEW, VIRGIN, star stamped etheric body.

But this process, this transition out of our physical bodies into the spiritual world,  immediately for approximately THREE DAYS after the death of a person, the peasant ETHERIC BODY traditions of the funeral process included a chanting around the dead person for THREE DAYS.  Using the most powerful and compassionate grandmothers of the villages, those who carried the memory of the entire village or town, births, deaths, tragedies, hidden secrets, all that lived in the local and individual etheric life and memories were woven into these peasant women, whose ETHERIC BODIES radiated a powerful warmth.

These women, in shifts, usually SEVEN at a time would sit around the corpse and chant the following dirge. It was chanted for THREE DAYS around the corpse as part of the deconditioning and preparation so the dead soul could more easily disconnect from their attachments to their physical bodies.

The following is what this Dirge or Chant contained and it has the same stages that are contained in the journey and IMAGINATION that Judas Iscariot takes in freeing himself from his highly densified materialistic deed that anchored the Christ Resurrection deep into the realm of Earth.

Judas passes through a densified KAMALOCA after death experience where the deadly weight of the materialism which he must carry as the dead weight of his physical body and our fatal, flawed and fearful clinging to our own physical bodies, has prevented us, as well, from understanding the process that occurs as we enter an Astral relationship from our Astral bodies and an Etheric relationship from our Etheric bodies. We have rather clung to our physical experiences and in clinging to them we have far more difficulty in freeing ourselves after death.

Lyke Wake Dirge – The Young Tradition (1965)

THIS ae nighte, this ae nighte,
Refrain: Every nighte and alle,
Fire and fleet and candle-lighte,
—Refrain: And Christe receive thy saule.
When thou from hence away art past
To Whinny-muir thou com’st at last
If ever thou gavest hosen and shoon,
Sit thee down and put them on;
If hosen and shoon thou ne’er gav’st nane
The whinnes sall prick thee to the bare bane.
From Whinny-muir when thou may’st pass,
To Brig o’ Dread thou com’st at last;
From Brig o’ Dread when thou may’st pass,
To Purgatory fire thou com’st at last;
If ever thou gavest meat or drink,
The fire sall never make thee shrink;
If meat or drink thou ne’er gav’st nane,
The fire will burn thee to the bare bane;
This ae nighte, this ae nighte,
—Every nighte and alle,
Fire and sleet and candle-lighte,
—And Christe receive thy saule.


The Etheric Christ treats every human I AM with a magnificent karmic  ‘I’  research and vision enhancement. This enhancement dives down into the threads, stories, compassion, intents, motivations and over all destinies of how WE humans fully experience ourselves as spiritual biographical beings.

From cradle to grave and from beyond the grave to the Midnight Hour where a new incarnation is sought in the highest regions of the Spiritual World to the Mid-day hour where we are once more dead center in the middle of our incarnations on Earth, the Macrocosmic Christ Being tracks with potent loving intimacy every detail of the symphony of  the journey of our I AM’s through the waves of TIME and back into the regions of Space and physical life.

It is a vast Macrocosmic I AM shepherding process of keeping track of the individual, unique and striking events that shape, school and impact every detail of human life.  For the Etheric Christ, as Lord of Human Karma, this intimate vista, karmic biography of each and every human life is filled with potent and heart wrenching human spiritual and karmic compassionate tales that the LOVE that the Etheric Christ carries, remains inexhaustible, and bottomless for serving the vast complexities that encompass the immense tapestry of individual incarnations over the entire Earth. Love, as the content of the Macrocosmic risen Etheric Christ I AM, from which our own microcosmic I Am is modeled, has within it the inexhaustible and bottomless wellspring of Living Compassion and Interest needed to fathom every intimate thread of the Morphogenetic field of unique and individual karma that presents itself to our higher sensitive cognition and Love.

This potent research into the field of individual human karmic history dawned with the advent of the Michael School and the beginning of the highest Christian Psychology of the I AM, the tracking and understanding of the path of each individual I AM as the greatest inauguration of sharing the karma of humanity with the Macrocosmic I AM of the Etheric Christ Being.

In other words through our higher warmth and human interest, our I AM is able to school itself in tracing, tracking, sharing and uplifting to the intimacy of I AM cognition, the delicate and profoundly stirring intimacy of what each human being, sister and brother of humanity has experienced through Time, Space and Earth evolution as their I Am experiences as both incarnated females or males on Earth or their journey’s deep into the Spiritual Worlds as I Am beings. In other words the Etheric Christ Macrocosmic I AM has opened a vast research potential into the fathomless biographical, historical, and potent Initiation Journey of every human sister and brother I AM on the planet (linked here).

When we understand the Christ Event at the mid-point of Earth evolution, we are meeting the attributes of the Cosmic I AM faculty condensed into the individual Jesus Destiny that was injected into the immense billions of karmic threads, that enables the I AM of the Christ Being, the risen Etheric Christ, to hold together the ripple of the Eye of the Core of the Event of Golgotha and the individual human spirits who were in direct and indirect association with the epi-center of the events of Golgotha.

From that super-implosion of the Cosmic I AM birth into the destiny of humanity the vast karmic rings, and the individual destinies of those who had directly participated with the Christ Event on Earth, carried a powerful ripple effect which like a slow, living shock wave of human catharsis and initiation, ripples out to every Being in the vast compendium of beings that exist on Earth. From Stones to Human Beings to Angels the resonation and rippling event horizon of the Etheric Christ Event continues to send out a shock wave that lifts wave upon wave of cognition, and conscious awakening of the I AM’s of all of humanity with the certainty of Love.

Love, Truth and I AM awakening is the food, nourishment and Living Light of the Etheric Christ that radiates out from the karma and history of the events of Golgotha. Those souls that participated with the Christ and the vast circle of souls and spirits who were impacted and played significant roles in the first dawn of the shock wave of the Risen Etheric Christ as well as the Trial, destiny and Crucifixion of a Divine Spiritual Being on the hill of skulls, including Caiaphas, Herod, Pilate, Israel, Sanhedrin, Scribes, Pharisees were all absorbed into the sweeping Macrocosmic Eye of the Christ Being Himself.

We not only follow Judas, the Caiaphas School of the Black Lodge and how Lazarus/John and Caiaphas were karmically bound together and how Judas was bound to materialism but we also follow those souls out to the conclusion of their biographies. How did some of these participants conclude their lives on Earth and what has become of Judas, John and the Caiaphas School for the preparation of the counterfeit Ahrimanic Savior expected to arrive very shortly?  Inquiring hearts and minds desire to know how to put the pieces of the great Morphogentic Karmic dynamic in play and in motion around the swirling EYE of the Lord of Karma, the risen Etheric Christ Being.

This isn’t just a game of geometry, it is the delicate and living experiences absorbed by human beings with I Am’s, histories, lives, deaths, births and martyrdom’s who were impacted directly or indirectly by the shock-wave of the events of Golgotha. We are looking at Judas but out of spiritual interest we may also find how some of the other disciples and those directly or indirectly impacted by the Christ Event, concluded their earthly incarnations.  Below we find the stunning research insights into how some of the other disciples and I am participants in the Mystery of Golgotha concluded their lives after the physical events of the Christ Drama.

Research in Development from ADRIANA KOULIAS’ BLOG

“John the Baptist continued to overshine the Apostle, Lazarus-John, who traveled with the Mother of God to Ephesus. After settling her there, Lazarus-John became Simon-Peter’s silent companion and traveled with him up and down the coasts of Asia minor to sow the seed of the message of Christ. The Mother of God and all the other disciples were long dead when Lazarus-John was persecuted by the Roman Caesar, Domitian, and sentenced to boil in oil. Today the round church of San Giuovanni in Oleo, constructed by Bramante, exists nearby that place where Lazarus-John triumphed over his enemies – for the oil did not hurt him. Domitian, afraid of John, exiled him to Patmos. He died at Ephesus at the ripe old age of 99. His last words to his followers were:  ‘Little children, love one another!’

“Simon-Peter, or Peter as he became known, although strengthened and full of enthusiasm after his Pentecostal awakening, only ventured out into the world ten years after the Mystery of Golgotha. He worked with Lazarus-John and together they confronted Simon the Magus in Samaria and passed a time in the jails of the Romans. In Rome, the passionate little fisherman, now full of wisdom and courage, carried the message of Christ into the very heart of Caesarean madness. Here he found a small congregation of Christians already established through the work of Simon of Cyrene, who had helped Christ Jesus to his execution. Now, the eighty-year-old Peter became the first Father (Papa) of the church for he was the rock upon which the exoteric church of Christ was later built. Finally, he was made to drink from the cup of his Lord when he was crucified on a hill now called San Pietro, in Montorio. He asked to be crucified upside down – to distinguish his poor sacrifice from the sacrifice of his Lord.

“Andrew, his brother, carried the message of Christ to those regions around the Black sea and to the islands of Greece. In northeast Cyprus, where Andrew first stepped onto land from his boat, a monastery was founded at Rizokarpasso, a small coastal township on the Karpass Peninsula. This monastery exists even today and is called Apostolos Andreas. It was at Patros in Achaea, a province of Greece, that Andrew eventually drank from the cup of his master and was crucified on an x shaped cross called a crux decussata, for like his brother, he did not wish to die the same way as his Lord. This cross is known as St Andrew’s Cross.

“Of the other disciples, Matthew Levi, the tax collector, journeyed to Egypt to proclaim the Word to the southern peoples. James of Zebedee, also known as James the Great, travelled to Spain and preached among the people of Iberia. He is said to have been martyred at the hands of Herod Agrippa I. His remains are allegedly buried at Santiago de Compostella, a city in Spain. Some centuries after Christ, a pilgrim route to his grave known as the ‘way of St James’ ran through Europe. Each year thousands of pilgrims followed this route, known to esotericists as the Alchemical Route of Inner Change.

“Bartholomew, whom Christ Jesus had seen sitting beneath the fig tree, travelled to India with Thomas the Twin, the one who doubted, and together they spread the word of Christ farther East than even Alexander the Great. Little John of Zebedee did not remain one of the twelve for he had been supplanted by Lazarus John, however he became one of the apostles living in Jerusalem and preaching the word of Christ until he was persecuted by the Sanhedrists and like his brother James was martyred in 44AD. Phillip the fisherman, took the Good News to Egypt and was martyred in the city of Heliopolis, where Yeshua was sequestered by the Therapeutae after Herod’s infanticide.

“James the Just, the step-brother of Jesus of Nazareth, became the leader of the Hebrew Christians in Jerusalem and all saw him as the reflection of Christ Jesus himself. As a stern Nazarite he saw to it that those who entered into the Christian congregation were pledged to observe the rules of the Jewish law. James met his death some time in 62 AD at the hand of the Sanhedrin who condemned him to death by stoning, ironically for breaking the law.

“James, son of Cleophas (Clopas/Alpheus) was Jesus’ cousin on his father’s side. He became known as James the Less, and has often been confused with James the Just. Not much is known of his life after Whitsun.

“Jude or ‘Thaddeus’, meaning ‘tadda’ or younger brother, and Simon Zelotes, the other step-brothers of Jesus, suffered martyrdom in Persia after taking the Good News as far as Mesopotamia.

“Joseph of Arimathea travelled to England, where he took the Mysteries of the Grail with him to Glastonbury, thus inspiring Celtic Christianity and that impulse which would later lead to the legends of the Grail. His friend Nicodemus remained a member of the Sanhedrin outwardly, though he was scorned for his support of the Christians and was eventually martyred some time in the first century. Gamaliel the teacher of Jesus of Nazareth also remained in Jerusalem and was the teacher of Saul, who became Paul.

“The Young Man of Nain followed in the outer circles of disciples and was present throughout until his death.

“Mariam, or Mary of the Matthew Gospel, the Mother of God, traveled with Lazarus-John to Ephesus, accompanied by her faithful servant, Salome. Here, on the site of the ancient sanctuary of Artemis/Diana, a small Christian congregation gathered around her. When she was of advanced age she requested to return to Jerusalem and there she lived in the upper room, the Cenacle, the scene of the last supper. Here she sat many an hour recalling her life: her temple initiation and her marriage and the birth of Yeshua; her journey to Egypt with her family and their return to Nazareth; her befriending of Mary and the pain of her son’s death; her widowhood; her marriage to Joseph of Nazareth and her mothering of Jesus; her second widowhood and her recognition of Yeshua in Jesus during her conversation with him before he journeyed to Engaddi; and lastly, she looked back on those three years, on his passion and his death, his resurrection and ascension. When she had reviewed her life in all its details, with its triumphs and failings, with its joys and sorrows, the Archangel Gabriel came to her to warn her of her imminent death. The disciples and the women were called to her bedside and were with her once more, those who were in heavenly form and those who still possessed an earthly form. She was the central force of all their souls, the living image of the twelve becoming seven – the body becoming like the soul; and the seven becoming twelve – the earthly becoming spiritual. When she breathed out her last breath her body was carried to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, which means the same as the Indian word, Bodhisattva (those who sit beneath the Bodhi tree). Here the archangel of brilliance appeared once again and gathered to him that aspect of her body which had been transfigured into spirit light and ascended with it upwards in sun-like radiation to meet its source, the sun itself; and thus does she still dwell among the great teachers of humanity, the twelve Bodhisattvas.

“The Mater Dolorosa had become the Mater Gloriosa! Eve had become Ave Maria!

“Magdalena and her sister Martha are said to have travelled with servants to France. Martha is said to have founded a cloister for Christian women. Magdalena is said to have settled in the city of Vezelay, where she lived a quiet reverence-filled life and died peacefully at an advanced age. Her image painted by a young artist in an old Romanesque church now in ruins, was the inspiration for many Renaissance artists. Here in seclusion she was preparing for her great future task when she would become the carrier of the Grail as an esoteric wisdom, the wisdom of the Bridal Chamber, the mystery of the marriage of the pure soul with God. This wisdom was eventually taken up and understood and guarded by the Templars, who revered it and lived by its unifying principal of community. This wisdom led to that initiation of Lazarus-John many centuries later, depicted in the poem, The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz.

“Claudia Procula became a Christian and a disciple of Paul.

“In 36 AD, Pontius Pilate was recalled by Tiberias to Rome for reported cruelties. Tiberias, having heard of the execution of Christ Jesus was angered, for he had hoped the holy man would heal his illness. Pilate was then banished to the Lake of Geneva where it is said he committed suicide. His body was dropped into the Lake Lucerne, near a mountain which today is still called Pilatus.

“Gaius Cassius was converted, along with Abenader the second Centurion, at Golgotha. They preached the word of Christ together and years later, were martyred in Gaul. The spear used by Gaius Cassius Longinus is said to have fallen into the hands of Mauritius, the Manichean commander of the Theban legion. The story tells how the Roman leader, Maximian, massacred Mauritius and his whole legion because they would not sacrifice to the Roman gods and this is how the lance came into Maximian’s hands and then through him into the hands of Constantine, the Roman Emperor, who carried it into the battle on the Milvian Bridge, outside of Rome. Constantine’s victory led to the proclamation of Christianity as Rome’s official religion. In time the spear fell into the hands of Charlemagne and was depicted in Wolfram Von Eschenbach’s poem, Parzifal, as the bleeding spear that is carried before the Grail.

“In 39 AD Herod Antipas was charged by his brother-in-law Agrippa, with conspiracy against the Emperor Caligula. All his money and his territories were seized and he was exiled to Lyon in Gaul. Agrippa would have allowed his sister, Herodias, to retain her titles and her lands but she refused them, preferring instead to be exiled with her husband. The sword that Herodias much admired, the instrument of the beheading of John the Baptist, fell into the hands of the Romans after the conquest of Jerusalem and found its way to England and the court of Arthur, where it became the symbol of pure thought, or the imagination that is drawn out of the substance of matter, a stone, or the head, the bony skull. It is depicted in both Arthurian Myths as Excalibur and the Grail Myths as the Grail Sword.

“In 37 AD Caiaphas was removed from office and replaced by his sister’s husband Jonathan.  Ananias continued to have influence in the Sanhedrin through five sons, who all became high priests.

“Salome, daughter of Herodias, went on to marry Philip, son of her stepfather, Herod, but he died leaving her childless. She then married Aristobulus, her uncle, and they had three sons, Herod, Agrippa, and Aristobulus. Legend has it that she fell into an icy stream and was decapitated by an ice drift.

“Saul pupil of Gamaliel observed the events of the Paschal week and had not sympathised with Jesus and his followers and became a persecutor of the Christians. On his way to Damascus he was struck by a vision of Christ manifesting in the encircling round of the earth. Immediately converted by it he called himself by his Greek name, Paul. In time he became a great Christian leader and was responsible for introducing Christianity to the Gentiles.

“Jerusalem fell to the Romans, Vespacian and Titan, in 70 AD. Thus was ended the reign of the Sadducees and Pharisees, disbanding the Sanhedrin forever.

“Those events at the turning point in time, that is the times of Jesus Christ, did not go unrecorded. Simon-Peter’s pupil Mark, followed Peter to Rome. A spark of that Pentecostal fire which Simon-Peter had possessed so forcefully entered into his soul to inspire Mark. After Peter’s death, Mark travelled to Alexandria in Egypt where once had lived the Jewish philosopher Philo, whose pupil Photismos, had taught the young Lazarus at the Migdal tower. Here, Mark met a man called Ormuz, a high priest of Isis, whom Mark converted to Christianity. Ormuz taught him the secrets of Egyptian initiation and together they reformed the Isis cult into an esoteric Christian cultus. Mark rose upwards through this cultus to a vision of those events experienced by Peter in the Akasha. He saw Christ in his Cosmic significance and set out to describe His deeds as cosmic activities. Years after his death his gospel was altered and some aspects of it were removed due to their esoteric nature. The full gospel was only known in small circles as The Secret Gospel According to Mark. This Gospel has never been found but a letter attesting to its existence written by Clement of Alexandria was discovered by a man called Morton Smith in 1958 at the Mar Saba monastery. The cultus established by Mark and Ormuz would later become the basis of all Grail and Templar cults.

“Luke, the author of the Luke Gospel, was a doctor with a Buddhist soul. He had not belonged to the twelve apostles but like Mark had been one of the group of seventy followers. He became a disciple of Paul and followed him on his apostolic journeys and was with him in Rome. Paul’s Damascus experience, in which he had seen the resurrected Christ, became a part of Luke’s experience as his pupil and he grew to have an understanding of what could be found in the Akasha concerning the priestly Jesus of the Nathan line. Luke portrayed Jesus Christ as the healer imbued with soul and love and compassion.

“The Gospel writer Matthew or Matthias, should not to be confused with Matthew Levi, the tax collector. Matthias was an Essene and his mother was Mary Mark was caretaker at the Cenacle. He was elected one of the twelve apostles, replacing Judas. Through his Essene initiation, he was able to have a particular understanding for the kingly Yeshua of the Solomon line. For this reason the Matthew Gospel is the most human of the four gospels in that it does not so much direct us to the cosmic aspect of Christ but to His workings in the body Jesus of Nazareth.

“Many years after the crucifixion of Christ Jesus, Lazarus-John, now called Presbyter John, returned from exile to Ephesus where he found again the teaching of his old master Photismos in the Ephesian mysteries of Artemis. Here the mystery formula – In the beginning was the word and the word was with God – came alive again in his soul. Being the only evangelist to have experienced the full reality of Christ Jesus, both physically and spiritually, he was able through his Mother of God, that is, through Divine wisdom (for this reason he is called John the Divine) to write the most profound and accurate of the four Gospels and to place it within the context of the Mysteries of the Logos or the Word. Even today, the above formula of the Word can be used by those who have a desire to rise up to an experience in the Akasha, of what John himself had experienced.”

Appropriating  and Confiscating Etheric Entelechy Codes and Copies

Our culture today thrives on copies. We can burn a DVD, we can have instant downloads of copies. Data can be transferred in seconds. We can have gigabytes of data. I grew into this age and I began as many of my ancient artist friends had, with mimeograph and carbon copies of our plays that we wrote in the late 70’s off B’way.

Ancient scores for music were written out by hand. The preserved originals were, precious, priceless, exquisite. We merely have to remember Beethoven and Mozart, Gutenberg and all the illustrated beautiful calligraphic copies of Bibles.  They were priceless, rare and many monasteries were devoted to the task of writing and having the living flame of the WORD flow directly through the hands and hearts of human beings. Many monasteries were quietly tucked away and hidden from the sight and publicity of everyone save the Angels.

We have entered into reproducing genetic copies or interfering with the copies of seeds produced in nature and locking up certain genetic potentials so that actual nature forces, Sun Mysteries of the Etheric Life on our Earth, are being currently tampered with and edited. The Etheric Sun Life of the logos was in every stone, plant, animal, insect and human being. But now new edited and revised versions of nature and the human being are being coded before our eyes.

The ability of the Christ to enter into and raise Lazarus/John reveals the potent seed force of protecting the higher unfolding forces of Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man through the initiation of Christian Rosenkreutz in the 13th century (see link). The magnificent Etheric Sun Gardener of the human species intervened with Lazarus/John and preserved the highest Etheric Sun intentions in the initiation of Lazarus/Christian Rosenkreutz.

Understanding the Etheric foundational Sun Mysteries of the interconnected structural design codes of The Sun Evolution and how our Earth has a spread of structural design, ‘intelligent designs’ that sweep through crystal, plant, insect, animal and human, requires the actual education of the observer to see at least five interconnected links in the Etheric sweep of Nature to the higher etheric, astral and I AM codes that are part of every human being. There is a battle going on right under our noses to rob and hijack the etheric foundational codes of LIFE itself.

Five interconnected codes of etheric LIFE transit through Mineral, Plant, Insect, Animal, Human. All of these five may be clearly observed in nature and all of these five are LIFE and LIVING codes of physical, etheric, astral and I AM magnifications and enhancements. Not understanding this, science can willy-nilly fabricate, Ahrimanically corrupt and interfere with the Etheric Sun Life and Logos processes and begin to insert an Ahrimanic deception and fabrication in place of Nature’s Sun laws.

The Christ anticipated the intense attack on the Etheric foundations of nature and the human system, so He initiated Lazarus/Christian Rosenkreuz (most hidden moment in human history) and as well, preserved the Zarathustra/Jesus copies that successfully allowed the Christ, like a dove of lightening, to shiver down to the physical bones of a human being, enter and re-boot the higher etheric systems of nature and LIFE, open the astral gateways to TRUTH and become the harvester and gardener of the crop of human I AM’s who strive to blossom into Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man. Ahriman intends to divert, thwart and rob humanity of our higher spiritual potentials.

We can travel down those five stages or up those five stages and we can see in nature a marvelous design system which is not taught anywhere save the Michael School.  (1) Physical alone and light bearing codes exist in THE MINERAL AND CRYSTAL. (2)  Etheric codes exist in the lymphatic and the vegetation, flora, crop and plant basis of life, blooming and decay systems using physical and etheric design codes. (3) Insects are the external nervous system or astral representations of the plant Etheric system. The Insects and Plants are lock and key designed to match each other because the insects are the externalized ASTRAL or the nervous system of the plant world. (4)  Animals have gained independent locomotion, unique specialized skill sets and they exist as Group Beings, not individual beings. However in their Group Being skill sets they have components concentrated in their unique forms that reveal full functioning physical-etheric-astral unique and specialized skill sets and gifts. Which translates into physical-lymphatic-nervous system, SYSTEMS that we observe concentrated in a specialized animal forms with their unique specialized animal traits.

(5) Human Beings are the concentrated Tenth Hierarchy divine beings who represent a consolidation on Earth of a complete DIVINE INDIVIDUALITY, who bring their unique and individual skill sets into incarnation from the Starry regions into the Embryological and Etheric Sun systems of an Entelechy, in Greek Entelécheia, as coined by Aristotle. Humans have an I AM system that continuously reincarnates and bring our unique skill sets into the ongoing stream of time. A human being has a physical body-etheric (lymphatic) body- Astral body or nervous system body – And a core I AM system that is part of the I AM system of the Risen Etheric Christ community.

Naive Ahrimanic COPIES of Fabricated Life Forms

“A patented gene differs from its intracellular counterpart in that it is no longer part of a chromosome. Also, a patent typically claims only the protein-encoding part of a gene, not the regions without apparent function. “When you isolate something as it appears in its natural state you change it, even if the only change is the isolation. You have left behind the natural product and created something artificial. No isolated gene sequence occurs in nature,” says Harold Edgar, professor of law at Columbia University. In 1990, the PTO changed its regulations to include rules for filing claims on DNA sequences.

Since that time, some groups have objected to patenting DNA, focusing on its special role in carrying the information to construct a human. Dr. Mark Hanson, project director of religion and biotechnology policy at the Hastings Center, a bioethics think tank in Garrison, N.Y., explains the religious challenge to patenting genes. “DNA is considered to be so intimately related to species identity that no parts of it should be controlled by corporate interests. In the case of human beings, human DNA is unique because it is human, and therefore possessing intrinsic value of a sacred kind. As one critic puts it, DNA bears the image of God.”

A second objection to patenting genes is that DNA is a product of nature, not human ingenuity. The Council for Responsible Genetics, a Cambridge, Mass.-based organization of scientists, public health advocates, and consumers, takes this view. They have an online petition that states: “The plants, animals, and microorganisms comprising life on Earth are part of the natural world into which we are all born. The conversion of these species, their molecules, or parts into corporate property through patent monopolies is counter to the interests of the peoples of this country and of the world. No individual, institution, or corporation … should be able to hold patents on organs, cells, genes, or proteins, whether naturally occurring, genetically altered, or otherwise modified.”

Nature can now be edited, already we are at the point where we can edit certain traits in the genetic and genome structure, make copies of these and produce clones. Just like auto assembly lines of Henry Ford, who brought his gifts for mass production directly out of an Egyptian incarnation which he was very aware of. We can buy and sell replicated, duplicated and personal instruments which become our extended memories and extended, deepened lives, our private interests our astral interests in higher ideals and hopes and feed our lower passions.

Now the moral and immoral aspects and privacy issues means that everything can be hacked and we are constantly under surveillance. Our tracks, trails and intimate private thoughts, if they were recorded on cameras, phone cameras, computers or written down, all can be salvaged and witnessed and reviewed with either moral or immoral intents. The reading of our entire intimate lives and our biographies are harvested upwards as we exit through the PORTAL of death.

“The period immediately following death is of great importance for the human being. It lasts for many hours, even days, during which the whole of the incarnation that is just over comes before the soul of the dead as in a great tableau of memories. This happens to every human being after death.”
Here, through other works out of Spiritual Science we can fathom how our entire intimate LIFE TABLEAU (see link) is received when we die. This harvesting is done by Angelic servants and the entire system of the heavens applies to absolutely everyone equally. We die, our astral bodies are harvested, the stars and their imprint at our exits are recorded and our higher I AM is entrusted to a vast Moral System of digestion and rebirth that includes the vast complex of the stars and constellations.

Our current petty comparisons to INFORMATION and the harvesting of INFORMATION in an Orwellian sense, a full blown Black Lodge, Caiaphas School of Ahrimanic data on Earth is directly related to the intent of achieving  through devious and occult means information that Ahrimanic beings can no longer attain from souls crossing the threshold of death. In other words THE FALL OF THE SPIRITS OF DARKNESS and the Michael Battle that was won in 1879 has thrust and exiled the entire misinformation and backdoor data systems management of Ahriman down into the immoral system of the human intellect. Here SPIN, propaganda, lies and misinformation are the current daily bread of the human psyche.

It roughly depends on the morality of the human soul and spirit, in how information is confiscated or tampered with or is spun in the Orwellian sense and the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY sense. Data and Information are priceless commodities. If the Ahrimanic beings who have been thrust out of the Heavens and out of the Spiritual World interfere, and that is currently an absolute given, we cannot remain naive.

We arrive on Earth, as souls and spirits, with our Astral bodies goals, drives and talents and our Etheric precise biographical and moral potentials. Currently the RISE of THE FALLEN SPIRITS OF DARKNESS are aiming at maximum interference in human striving of the most malignant kind.

Already the incarnation of children who bring spiritual capacities from the spiritual world into human society are willfully attacked through regiment, after regiment of militarized, weaponized vaccines (see link) and injections, which shoots round after round into the foundations of the etheric and astral systems of a child which shatters the child’s delicate higher capacities through mercury and other toxic  ingredients.

These are attacks, because like Judas, we don’t study, believe or desire to know about the spiritual world where our children have come from nor what Beings exist around us nor that we are the last line of defense for the Tenth Hierarchy and what our children bring into incarnation.

Christ anticipated that Ahriman would sweep in and attempt to take over LIFE, known as the challenge that Ahriman threw at Christ, to turn stones into bread. Ahriman is intent on grabbing the Etheric codes of LIFE while burying the Etheric Christ with lie after lie so that we as humanity would willingly become our own Judases.

Either from vaccines, torture, genetic tampering, editing out sequences in the code, deleting; OR using torture to block and psychologically damage, through unmitigated cruelty, through sadism, through addictions to potent incremental toxins; OR by making the whole earthly population dependent and obedient to an Earthly Pharma preventive plan (CLICK ON VITAL LINK FOR OPERATIONS ALREADY UNDERWAY); OR Government laws and decisions that determine the definition of LIFE, we can be and will be cut off from the Divine Spiritual worlds. These Ahrimanic intentions are working directly through human agents. Determining exactly the type of gender and physical, etheric and astral body that is safe for government tyranny tailored to V for Vendetta and Ahrimanic/Orwellian requirements (link is part of the ancient John Patmos Rosicrucian mystery) is coming up after the collapse of global economies and the consolidation of a far more disguised and virulent global tyranny.

Without ever admitting that our astral and star bodies are harvested and our talents forwarded by the Beings of the Stars themselves and that our capacities and talents are transformed into an entirely new, VIRGIN etheric body that transfers those capacities towards a new incarnation, is the medical SPIN that serves the Ahrimanic intent. And without acknowledging, understanding and worse, denying that the I AM of the human being is indestructible and sacred to the heavens and that this core of our rebirth into a physical, etheric, astral and I AM system, was safeguarded, that is, until now, the Tenth Hierarchy will fall into enslavement.

The wonderful market place of the Whore of Babylon is on it’s way, after the global collapse. This market place of Ahriman includes the insertion of Monsanto (see link) divorced etheric and GM locked and patented seeds stolen from Earth’s bounty and Ahriman’s gift of a fully fabricated etheric health system form fitted, Entelechy, fitted prior to birth and fixed with certain qualities that Ahriman will attach to every single human being from cradle to grave are all almost in place. Not quite but almost fully in place.

The Grand Inquisitor Translated by H.P. Blavatsky

“…for never was there anything more unbearable to the human race than personal freedom! Dost Thou see these stones in the desolate and glaring wilderness? Command that these stones be made bread–and mankind will run after Thee, obedient and grateful like a herd of cattle. But even then it will be ever diffident and trembling, lest Thou should take away Thy hand, and they lose thereby their bread! Thou didst refuse to accept the offer for fear of depriving men of their free choice; for where is there freedom of choice where men are bribed with bread? Man shall not live by bread alone– was Thine answer. Thou knewest not, it seems, that it was precisely in the name of that earthly bread that the terrestrial spirit would one day rise against, struggle with, and finally conquer Thee, followed by the hungry multitudes shouting: “Who is like unto that Beast, who maketh fire come down from heaven upon the earth!” Knowest Thou not that, but a few centuries hence, and the whole of mankind will have proclaimed in its wisdom and through its mouthpiece, Science, that there is no more crime, hence no more sin on earth, but only hungry people? “Feed us first and then command us to be virtuous!” will be the words written upon the banner lifted against Thee…”
“They will have no secrets from us. It will rest with us to permit them to live with their wives and concubines, or to forbid them, to have children or remain childless, either way depending on the degree of their obedience to us; and they will submit most joyfully to us the most agonizing secrets of their souls–all, all will they lay down at our feet, and we will authorize and remit them all in Thy name, and they will believe us and accept our mediation with rapture, as it will deliver them from their greatest anxiety and torture–that of having to decide freely for themselves. And all will be happy, all except the one or two hundred thousands of their rulers.
“For it is but we, we the keepers of the great Mystery who will be miserable. There will be thousands of millions of happy infants, and one hundred thousand martyrs who have taken upon themselves the curse of knowledge of good and evil. Peaceable will be their end, and peacefully will they die, in Thy name, to find behind the portals of the grave–but death.
“But we will keep the secret inviolate, and deceive them for their own good with the mirage of life eternal in Thy kingdom. For, were there really anything like life beyond the grave, surely it would never fall to the lot of such as they! People tell us and prophesy of Thy coming and triumphing once more on earth; of Thy appearing with the army of Thy elect, with Thy proud and mighty ones; but we will answer Thee that they have saved but themselves while we have saved all.
“We are also threatened with the great disgrace which awaits the whore, “Babylon the great, the mother of harlots”–who sits upon the Beast, holding in her hands the Mystery, the word written upon her forehead; and we are told that the weak ones, the lambs shall rebel against her and shall make her desolate and naked. But then will I arise, and point out to Thee the thousands of millions of happy infants free from any sin. And we who have taken their sins upon us, for their own good, shall stand before Thee and say: “Judge us if Thou canst and darest!” Know then that I fear Thee not.”

Now our exiled Ahrimanic companions that thrive in our shadows and doubles through our intellects have proceeded on a pace to have Earthly and immoral black brotherhoods, who understand how the system of the heavens works, who understand how the etheric, astral and I AM systems work, but who have been seduced to form their earthly and spiritual allegiances, who through their addictions and shadows are conscripted and compromised are literally blackmailed by Ahrimanic agents and accomplices who betray and oppose every thing to do with the higher freedom, purpose and progress of The Tenth Hierarchy.

Copies of etheric, astral and I AM systems can be made by immoral corporations on the Earth or they can be given as a result of higher human striving. The key to these copies is the nature of the Sun Being and the Sun Evolution of the Earth. With the Sun Logos of the Etheric Christ where Etheric life, human life and every system of plant, animal and human life, are woven full with natures laws of living Etheric Life, rhythms and cycles we are protected. These very foundational laws were made as the Logos was made in the early development of creation known as the Sun Evolution.

The Christ Being who walked the Earth and lived at the time of Golgotha was this Sun Logos Etheric King of Life. All that we see in nature, all that we thought we had secured of nature and life around us was made by HIM.  In HIM was life and all that St. John declared goes back to the ancient Sun Evolution that mineral, plants, insects, animals and humanity were grounded in. Therefore when this Christ lived on Earth in a human form with an Etheric, Astral and I AM of the human Jesus, transmuted and  defined by Zarathustra and enhanced and magnified by the Christ Being Himself, as HE lived as a human being for THREE YEARS on the Earth, something very strange was the result.

The result was that neither the Etheric body that did the miracles nor the Astral body that knew the Angels and knew the hearts of human beings nor the Macrocosmic I AM Sun Being who knew that He had made nature, had authored, was THE WORD ITSELF, none of these higher functioning and perfected systems disintegrated, decayed or vanished because of His crucifixion.

Our systems, codes, structures, what Aristotle would call the Entelechy had been worn and perfected by the code maker HIMSELF. HE  had perfected and transmuted the codes of the Fall and through the seed force, the literal SEED FORCE of having been the Sun Being Himself, these models, these copies were made permanent and safeguarded for our future developments.

Permanent as the Rose or endangered as the Bee, the great warehouse of minerals, plants, insects, animals and humans all function with a magnificent complex higher system and the author of that system walked the Earth for THREE YEARS and Resurrected with the full open source, free access perfected systems which could be intimately integrated into any human I AM, any human astral body and any human Etheric body.

A Sun explosion, a plethora of magnificent copies of the perfected human blueprints that re-programmed the entire complex codes of the Fall and of the limitations of  death, through the Christ Event, humanity might also re-integrate these perfected systems, learn from them and incorporate them into our present and future unfolding reincarnation, destiny and biographies.

Humanity could gradually learn to become I AM’s who could graduate, earn degrees and gain the rights to become Initiates of The Tenth Hierarchy. Gradually each human being grows into Angelhood, Archangelhood, Archehood and up to the highest levels, to the Christ Himself. Christ offered to anyone who would tread the path of the LIFE – the WAY and the TRUTH or remain true to the Etheric goodness, the path of the astral and the truth of the I AM as reincarnating immortal beings, the opportunity of gaining Spirit-Self; Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man capabilities.

Ahrimanic forces are intent on perfecting copies on Earth, through cloning sciences and Monsanto that are counting on the fact that when they finish creating the counterfeit etheric bodies and counterfeit nature to feed (see link) the counterfeit etheric bodies and create a counterfeit entertainment heaven, for fun addictive entertainment stuff , humanity will be ready to cave in and willing abnegate our Tenth Hierarchy status to Ahriman’s stones for bread bargain against The Christ Being.

By the time Ahriman brings all our little spoiled, failed, and fouled human decisions through all those Ahrimanic accomplices who betrayed themselves, murdered, tortured and greedily gobbled up the resources of the soul, the spirit and the world, then – then – then we can introduce the master of deception, fraud and good intentions himself, the earthly king, who will give us all these goodies for free. The price of admission will be our over all Judas betrayal of our Divine position within the Hierarchies. A fabricated etheric body from cradle to grave perfected and patented by earthly Ahrimanic corporations, health, entertainment, earthly instant gratification, no guilt and all you can eat buffets will seem irresistible.


Just as Monsanto has done to nature and seed products, the human etheric body will be patented and locked so that the spiritual world, the individual karma and model of the etheric body needed for the evolution of the individual I AM, will be locked, patented and secured against the full potential of spiritual capacities arising on their own.

In this way, for the benefit of humanity, Ahriman will have rid the Etheric body of illnesses and flaws that were too perplexing for materialism to solve and with all the tampered and destructive forces of bioweaponized vaccines, plagues and radioactive deformities flowing through soil, water and DNA, Ahriman will lock-in an Earthly Etheric body model that suppresses and disrupts the individual astral and I AM spiritual gifts from arising.

In other words as Rudolf Steiner indicated, thoughts about the spiritual world will be considered an illness and the cause of illnesses and Ahriman will have inoculated and frozen Earth Etheric copies and Astral systems and models at our current Intellectual levels, all for the clear cut materialistic benefit of humanity and the preservation human corporate Ahrimanic deception.

“In Greek mythology, Procrustes was the son of Poseidon, God of the deep blue seas. He built an iron bed of a size that suited him, and then forced everybody who passed by his abode to lie on it. If the passerby was shorter than his bed, then Procrustes would stretch him, breaking bones, tendons and sinews until the victim fitted; if he was taller, then Procrustes would chop off feet and limbs until the victim was the “right” size. This ancient story of “one size fits all” seems to have made its 21st Century comeback.”

But first, before Ahriman gives us these copies and we celebrate our global collapse with a new Santa as Savior who offers our spoiled souls, souls that Ahriman and our lazy refusal to measure the universe in the Image of Christ have brought us to, our future parents will solemnly repeat the tale of our full global collapse, the constant wars, the psychopaths and sociopaths, they will repeat to us as a grand, justified, materialistic fable. Then history will tell us, Revised Orwellian style history will tell us, how this nice person came and saved us all and solved all our conflicts and now we are so happy because we can have, excuse me, the whole world can have everything the same. All humans created and given Equal STUFF.

So now instead of the unfairness of the Individual I AM, and striving to become a Conscious Co-worker with Christ in the Kingdom of the I AM,  we applaud the famous distortion, ALL HUMANS ARE CREATED EQUAL (SEE LINK). This will have become Ahriman’s glorious fulfilling motto. He will implement an Ahrimanically designed counterfeit etheric body where all humans are equal, by law.

Ahriman will have stolen the Sun Logos, Etheric Christ identity, the greatest example of IDENTITY THEFT in human history. Ahriman, through our abnegation of moral I AM responsibilities becomes for us the King of Earthly Life processes, by law. The gamble the Christ made on Judas will have paid off, for all of humanity will have taken the Judas path and we will have betrayed the Risen Etheric Christ for someone who could deliver bread, health, fun and a sense of common equality for a mere THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER.

Rudolf Steiner

“Just as the seed of a plant, once buried in the ground, reappears in many copies according to the mystery of number, so the copies of Jesus of Nazareth’s etheric and astral bodies were present in the spiritual world.”

“When Christ descended to the earth, He enveloped Himself with the threefold physical, etheric, and astral bodies of Jesus of Nazareth and lived three years in this sheath as Christ, the Sun-Spirit. With the event of the Mystery of Golgotha, Christ descended to the earth; but aside from what is known to all of you, something else special happened by virtue of the fact that Christ indwelled the three bodies of Jesus of Nazareth, particularly the astral and etheric bodies. After Christ cast off the bodies of Jesus of Nazareth, they were still present as spiritual substance in the spiritual world, but multiplied in a great many copies. They did not perish in the world ether or in the astral world, but continued to live as identical images. Just as the seed of a plant, once buried in the ground, reappears in many copies according to the mystery of number, so the copies of Jesus of Nazareth’s etheric and astral bodies were present in the spiritual world. And for what purpose were they present, considering the large framework of spiritual economy? They were there to be preserved and to serve the overall progress of the human race.

“One of the first individuals to benefit from the blessed fact of these countless copies of Jesus’s etheric body being present in the spiritual world was St. Augustine. When he again descended to earth after an earlier incarnation, not just any etheric body was woven into his own, but rather the copy of the etheric body of Jesus of Nazareth. Augustine had his own astral body and ego, but his etheric body was interwoven with the image of the etheric body of Jesus. He had to work through the culture of his ego and astral body, but when he had made his way to the etheric body, he realized the great truths that we find in his mystical writings.”

Copies of the vibrant Etheric body of Jesus Himself, the pristine mirror of the memory of Judas having touched, spoken, even KISSED the Christ in his betrayal and having been karmically connected to all of the disciples in the past would carry Judas forward into his incarnation as St. Augustine. We do not merely work on ourselves, we work for the whole of humanity by working on ourselves.

St. Augustine Of Hippo

Christ does not wish us to remain unconsciously unaware of our Karmic legacies. On the contrary the Christ works with our individual I AM and our karma as a great Artist and Gardener, but it is we who must become surprised and astonished by the hidden clues of our Spirits. St. Augustine carried as an Etheric Mirror in himself the perfected and powerful gift of the copy of the Etheric body of Jesus overlaid with his own former Judas etheric body.

St. Augustine, the great theological pillar of the Roman Catholic Church whose work flows right into the theology of St. Thomas Aquinas, the direct previous life of Rudolf Steiner himself and flows deeply into modern psychology and the Anima and Animus studies of Carl Jung. Jung and Steiner both agree that the powerful problems of how our etheric bodies mirror our physical sex also influences our astral insights and the directions we pursue in our sexual orientations .

Our etheric bodies carry the opposite mirror of the sex we carry as physical human beings. Jung called it the Anima and Animus. But now we are observing and encountering that these vast inspirations sometimes light and sometimes dark that arise out of our Etheric bodies need to be examined against the mere trivia of personal sexual orientations and rather aimed at the reservoirs of vast complex wisdom that may be folded inside the kernel of our normal etheric, astral, or I AM system. In other words the Christ doesn’t care what your physical sexual orientation is as long as your orientation is towards your higher soul and spirit. Christ will be there for us as He was there for Judas and St. Augustine as an awakener.

“…with the princely generosity of a noted inhabitant of Tagasta, named Romanian, he was sent to the better equipped schools of the neighboring Madaura and later to Carthage. The schools of Carthage, though not so renowned and exceptional as those of Alexandria and Antioch, were yet among the most prominent of the Roman World. He was sixteen years of age when he was taken to this city, and after four years he had risen to the first place in the schools of rhetoric and had mastered all the branches of the liberal arts then taught. None could equal his penetration, none surpass him in the readiness of his answers or in the clearness of his expositions. The subtle distinctions and divisions of Aristotle were plain to him.

“The scholars of Carthage were anything but sober, industrious, modest, and orderly youths. They were indocile and turbulent; not only disturbing by their wild pranks the peace of the city, but interrupting by their noisy behavior and inattention the master’s discourses and lectures. It was next to impossible to preserve any semblance of discipline in the classes. So Augustine left in disgust and set out for Rome, the ancient mistress of the world. He had been enamoured by her imperishable traditions and magnificent monuments of grandeur and art, by her memories of numerous great men, their genius and their works, by her history ever rich in majesty and glory.

Induced by the consideration that he would find there the absence of unfavorable circumstances and the presence of stronger incentives to enthusiasm and high inspiration, he left his country and his mother, and in 383, with Alypius, his friend and pupil, he departed for this metropolis. But again he was doomed to disappointment. Though disciples were not wanting, and his chair was surrounded by a throng of earnest and strong students, he did not find the all-absorbing passion for wisdom and truth, for the sublime and beautiful, that he had fondly anticipated. There was not, indeed, the same degree of turbulence and disorder as at Carthage, but the magnificence and ostentation of the Roman family and life, their splendid palaces and festive orgies, could not but prove very injurious to habits of study. The youth had imbibed the venal corruption everywhere prevalent. Hence it not seldom happened that Roman scholars conspired to rob their master of his salary and desert his class in a body. Roman vileness and baseness disgusted Augustine even more than Punic insubordination. He therefore took advantage of a request made by the citizens of Milan of Symmachus who was then Prefect of Rome, that he would procure for them a professor of rhetoric. He accepted the proposal; and toward the close of the year 384 he was teaching at Milan. “

Judas had passed through kamaloca and the spiritual worlds and had been given a ‘virgin etheric body’ for his new incarnation with all the latent Judas issues still livingly working in him as part of his potent personal riddles. We all have such riddles and we all have to have help in order to solve those riddles.

St. Augustine plowed into his inner doubts and humanities issues, which St. Augustine carried in himself and broke through to the clarified etheric mirror of his own spirit having known and witnessed the actual Christ Event first hand.

Yet with all that Judas baggage, St. Augustine carried all of the most difficult questions of the soul and spirit ahead of us and through his step by step awakening and discovery of the foundations of his soul, St. Augustine caught glimpses and snatches of the cohesive Etheric light of the Jesus Etheric body awakening in him and sending new surges of life, strength and courage where only his own failures had appeared before.

If you think Judas got a free ride by being St. Augustine, you have not studied St. Augustine. The Christ wants us to discover the TRUTH in ourselves and is willing to walk with us on our long and individual roads. There is no one size fits all. We are required to EARN our individual insights through our own individual trials so that we may appreciate the journey of every individual I AM and show compassion and understanding for every Child who embarks, ever and again, on the journey of discovering their own higher being.

Part I is followed by PART II where we follow Dick Cheney into THE SYMPHONY FOR THE DAMNED. But as we close Part I it would be amiss if we didn’t celebrate the Golden Etheric coat of St. Augustine and Bob Dylan’s song of St. Augustine. And sometimes when I think of how St. Augustine might have appeared today, I sometimes listen to the voice and look to the rugged face of  Bob Dylan and wonder. (Youtube keeps removing Bob Dylan clips on St. Augustine so here is another one, even Joan Baez does St. Augustine her clip here)Dylan truly had captured the Golden Etheric coat of St. Augustine in his highly original Song. See ya in PART II.



“Saint Augustine” a poem in 8 books by Henry Warwick Cole Q.C. travels richly through Augustine’s struggles in a wonderful poetic style. (SEE LINK).  Judas is of course discussed but Augustine dealt with suicide and hundreds of other Etheric/Astral and I AM issues, as the New Etheric forces of the Etheric Body of Jesus rose up and penetrated his own inwardness of soul as a living nourishing MARRIAGE between his Etheric body and the Jesus Etheric body.


Music  video on The Redemption of Judas.  In a completely different visual style a second video of THE REDEMPTION OF JUDAS can be viewed HERE.


The Bob Dylan Masterpiece of Poetry, the slam dunk of exactly how the human community must recognize and stand firm against an Ahrimanic assault that was perpetuated by immense gloating military toys and the Military Industrial Complex as early as WWI to the attempts to pull off WW III. PEARL JAM lifts the Bob Dylan song, and the lyrics in the song, if you listen tell of JUDAS OF OLD. This Judas of old and the profits off death and destruction unable to buy back the soul are a JUDAS/ST. AUGUSTINE REVELATION in the very lyrics and power that Bob Dylan offered. And in fact we have to be as FIRM in our resolve as the End of the Song designates. AHRIMAN will not disappear without this firm RESOLVE.  (CLICK LINK)


This just came through – inspired by reading Bradford Riley‘s blog post on Judas!

But I Thought

I knew in my heart that He was the Son of God
But I thought that he was our military leader
I knew in my heart that He was the cure for our pain
But I thought that he had come to feed the poor

I knew in my heart that He was the Body of Love
But I thought that he came to punish our sins
I knew in my heart that He would forgive me
But I thought that he would never be caught

I knew in my heart that He needed my help
But I thought my betrayal would never be death
I knew in my heart that someone was chosen
But I thought I was furthering the good of our cause

I loved Him far more than I loved my own life
But I thought

Christine Natale

April 29, 2012


A little something to remember Judas by. CLICK LINK.