Nourishing the Star Seed of the Child

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Palabra de Rudolf Steiner on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Age of America 3 lift carry place eurythmy rodsThe Curriculum of a Waldorf School integrates cohesively, what only the rarest of the rare educators have ever come close to fathoming. Understanding Education as an ART and a Science required the cosmic Jupiterian comprehension of just what can be achieved in TWELVE YEARS. For instance it took Tolkien TWELVE YEARS to write “Lord of the Rings”. Of course there was at one time a model of the Divine Human Being from babyhood to Higher Initiation depicted in the so called TWELVE LABORS OF HERCULES. It was a step by step and year by year, life cycle representation of the human being descending from the divine family of the Gods.

Hercules was a child of Zeus/Jupiter and Hera and he was part of the Divine family. Just as each of our children are part of the divine families and Beings of the Spiritual World. The gifts of heredity and our Earthly family must be integrated with the new divine forces the spirit of a child is bringing to Earth. Education is an Art because the child will organically, spiritually and individually integrate and blossom forth or wither and dry up.

Addiction and re-rehabilitation is subject to a very interesting TWELVE STEP PROGRAM of recovery. When our human destinies are driven away from our divine roots, we may fall into a variety of addictions on Earth. Nutrition, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, education and global location can wither or warp the Star cohesion and blossom of any human child. The Star seed and Star potential dries up, withers and never finds it’s own conscious spiritual compass.

In Waldorf Education we have TWELVE YEARS to plant the seed of what we see above and the curriculum of what meets us here below, as the immense Etheric participation and collaboration that each STAR SEED comes to Earth seeking. The above circle of Eurythmy forms each classroom into a future embryonic constellation of magnificent, unique TEMPERAMENTS.

Consolidation of pure Spirit in a classroom of individual students, each wearing the garb and physical, etheric and astral forces that allowed them to fashion from heredity a unique “Blend” of Temperament, personalities, eyes, laughter, speech, ridiculousness, proficiency and ineptitude, are all visibly jumbled together in the Etheric Star temperaments of their classmates. Welcome back to the spiritual, cellular and molecular manifestation of individual human beings. These, individual friendships, antagonists, and competitors were sought by our children. All came fresh out of the Spiritual World and sought each other, sought their parents and their teachers in order to return once more to TIME and SPACE. These lofty Angelic initial forces sought in the classroom sets the tone of each of their new journey’s on Earth.

The scaffolding and unfolding of the curriculum below, of TWELVE YEARS, reflects one work cycle of the planet Jupiter which takes TWELVE YEARS to orbit around the Sun. Education and family life provides a way to reintegrate our new incarnations and Star Forces back into Service and back down to the roots of our humanity. The curriculum illustrated below is one work day in the cycle of Jupiter.

As the picture of the Eurythmy and the rod circle above reveals, this is no abstract formula or curriculum. We vividly see, touch, experience how everyone is different yet everyone is also part of my own humanity. We are and must be Karma Participants of the full destiny of the Earth. And in this LINK (CLICK THIS LINK) we may study exactly how each of us must become an Atlas and a Hercules and Lift the Karma of each other and Lift – Carry – and Place the entire Karma of the Earth.


Considering Waldorf: Changing Perspectives in Education from Eugene Schwartz on Vimeo.

Waldorf is one of the only curriculum’s in the world that restores the compass, navigation and reorientation of the human soul, back to Earth, as it returns from it’s holy sojourn in the stars. Therefore to study the details of the Waldorf Curriculum we allow ourselves to see once more what each child brings back to Earth with them. The Waldorf curriculum reconnects our humanity back to the roots of the Earth, in all it’s great and encompassing detail.

waldorf 12 year jupiter 1st through 12th

Is there humor, Freedom and Joy in awakening back to Earth and re-entering from an entirely new vantage point of TIME and HISTORY? Do Waldorf students carry a wholeness, a richness, a freedom of confident human perspective into life? Well you tell me. Click on the Video below.