Nourishing the Star Seed of the Child

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Palabra de Rudolf Steiner on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Age of America 3 lift carry place eurythmy rodsThe Curriculum of a Waldorf School integrates cohesively, what only the rarest of the rare educators have ever come close to fathoming. Understanding Education as an ART and a Science required the cosmic Jupiterian comprehension of just what can be achieved in TWELVE YEARS. For instance it took Tolkien TWELVE YEARS to write “Lord of the Rings”. Of course there was at one time a model of the Divine Human Being from babyhood to Higher Initiation depicted in the so called TWELVE LABORS OF HERCULES. It was a step by step and year by year, life cycle representation of the human being descending from the divine family of the Gods.

Hercules was a child of Zeus/Jupiter and Hera and he was part of the Divine family. Just as each of our children are part of the divine families and Beings of the Spiritual World. The gifts of heredity and our Earthly family must be integrated with the new divine forces the spirit of a child is bringing to Earth. Education is an Art because the child will organically, spiritually and individually integrate and blossom forth or wither and dry up.

Addiction and re-rehabilitation is subject to a very interesting TWELVE STEP PROGRAM of recovery. When our human destinies are driven away from our divine roots, we may fall into a variety of addictions on Earth. Nutrition, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, education and global location can wither or warp the Star cohesion and blossom of any human child. The Star seed and Star potential dries up, withers and never finds it’s own conscious spiritual compass.

In Waldorf Education we have TWELVE YEARS to plant the seed of what we see above and the curriculum of what meets us here below, as the immense Etheric participation and collaboration that each STAR SEED comes to Earth seeking. The above circle of Eurythmy forms each classroom into a future embryonic constellation of magnificent, unique TEMPERAMENTS.

Consolidation of pure Spirit in a classroom of individual students, each wearing the garb and physical, etheric and astral forces that allowed them to fashion from heredity a unique “Blend” of Temperament, personalities, eyes, laughter, speech, ridiculousness, proficiency and ineptitude, are all visibly jumbled together in the Etheric Star temperaments of their classmates. Welcome back to the spiritual, cellular and molecular manifestation of individual human beings. These, individual friendships, antagonists, and competitors were sought by our children. All came fresh out of the Spiritual World and sought each other, sought their parents and their teachers in order to return once more to TIME and SPACE. These lofty Angelic initial forces sought in the classroom sets the tone of each of their new journey’s on Earth.

The scaffolding and unfolding of the curriculum below, of TWELVE YEARS, reflects one work cycle of the planet Jupiter which takes TWELVE YEARS to orbit around the Sun. Education and family life provides a way to reintegrate our new incarnations and Star Forces back into Service and back down to the roots of our humanity. The curriculum illustrated below is one work day in the cycle of Jupiter.

As the picture of the Eurythmy and the rod circle above reveals, this is no abstract formula or curriculum. We vividly see, touch, experience how everyone is different yet everyone is also part of my own humanity. We are and must be Karma Participants of the full destiny of the Earth. And in this LINK (CLICK THIS LINK) we may study exactly how each of us must become an Atlas and a Hercules and Lift the Karma of each other and Lift – Carry – and Place the entire Karma of the Earth.


Considering Waldorf: Changing Perspectives in Education from Eugene Schwartz on Vimeo.

Waldorf is one of the only curriculum’s in the world that restores the compass, navigation and reorientation of the human soul, back to Earth, as it returns from it’s holy sojourn in the stars. Therefore to study the details of the Waldorf Curriculum we allow ourselves to see once more what each child brings back to Earth with them. The Waldorf curriculum reconnects our humanity back to the roots of the Earth, in all it’s great and encompassing detail.

waldorf 12 year jupiter 1st through 12th

The Extraordinary Reality of Objective Science and Objective Imagination how it works in Education

To become aware and fix our understanding into the reality of approaching the objective Science of Imagination and Goethean Science, we are looking at an Etheric System design that Angels, the Angel community create with certain Etheric Symphonic prayers. We should call them prayers, because in these vast plant geometric design codes in every Etheric Plant structure system, we find that the lowest body of the Angelic Kingdom are their Etheric bodies, which are in advance of humanity. We don’t visibly see Angels because they do not have physical bodies. Every child and every adult have an Angelic companion.

So the mental hurdle and the trick here is understanding clearly and concisely that one stage above us are the objective Angel community which do not have physical bodies at all, but are working on advanced Etheric bodies. This Angel Community just above our humanity reveal the Cosmos of Wisdom and we in humanity, due to our clarity and understanding are supposed to bridge the Etheric Treasures of our Angels by transforming what we SEE, clearly understanding that Wisdom is woven intelligently into the very foundations of matter.

We first must understand this wisdom then we take this wisdom that is seen and understood as the reverence of an Etheric Prayer, into our Human Kingdom and transform Wisdom into the next phase, where we as humanity create the next phase of human development which would be LOVE. Which is to say we come to Earth to learn the Love of the wisdom that is written in the world. We recognize the Higher Etheric World just neighboring and literally living as our very own lymphatic plant system in our own physical bodies. The Angels have literally made precise Goethean Science Etheric symphonic prayers in matter, in pure plants lymph systems, which we are supposed to learn to hear, as well as see. By hearing and seeing the rhythms and pauses and grasping creative forms as math and composition we learn to lift Objective Science through our creative forces into Objective Love.

Otherwise, mostly, we stare blankly into nature without using these intimate forms, alive and working in us, to rehearse the music and prayers that Angelic Beings have projected into our Main Lesson Books. We learn and become familiar with the objective Symphonies of the Cosmos and the planets themselves. We Learn to See and we learn to Hear the hidden music under Nature. (The Music, Math, Magic and Science of Matter CLICK LINK)

Right now 98% of humanity, only stare blankly into nature and have stumbled and fumbled to define exactly what type of literal music and feelings and forces are written directly into Nature from the Higher Worlds. It is without a doubt Pythagorean and Eurythmic. These magnificent and majestic geometric forms are practiced in Waldorf Education as pure geometry. Of course we don’t notice and public education is completely out of any comprehension of the magnificent mystery that is woven all through the curriculum studies weaving through Waldorf Education.

We could say, we don’t expect cows and animals to lift up the imaginations and precision of the math consciously, while they are grazing and eating nature. They don’t make the next step. Our step as human beings is lifting our Objective Science into the Objective forces of the Higher Planetary community and movements of the stars that are part of the very geometry we are looking at through the Looking Glass of our purified Imaginations when we behold the plant kingdom.

This is partly how we purify our Thoughts, Imaginations and awaken the Higher Science of the Angels in us. A Garden isn’t just a Garden it is a Fountain and plethora of silent musical systems and forms that are also edible and nourish our physical and etheric systems. We generally refuse to see the Etheric system, the Astral system, the I AM are all blocked by failed, blunt and false grasp of why perfecting Science and Thinking allows composition, math and music to become Objective vision in the planetary worlds where our Angels dwell.

We have not even wondered or woven into our intelligence how color and blossom and scent and astral body and insect arise and teach us further mysteries. In fact 98% of our entire teaching of nature as a Science for humanity is missing the entire point of what is written in the script of the world before our eyes.

A pineapple is very healthy and tasty, but magnificent as the Sun Flower in a certain sense. Just imagine the geometry of the contracted Pineapple what it is like also to let the contracted pineapple open and unfold in another geometric form in the Sunflower blossom. We can see the music and math unfold in the form of the Sunflower blossom with its spirals and we can see the dense contraction of geometry imprinted in the pineapple. What do the bees know in the SunFlower geometry of the actual Sun Forces and Sun Forms? It is a music of contraction and expansion which Education, vividly valid in Waldorf Education uses consciously through out it’s entire curriculum.

Objective Imagination and Objective Science allows us to grow into the Higher Angelic Community where LIFE DWELLS ABUNDANTLY. Otherwise we might as well continue our dull grazing like the kingdom one stage below humanity. The Animal Kingdom doesn’t give a darn about music or imagination as a higher perfecting of the Human I AM. Neither does most Education. The Animal Kingdom is one stage above the plant kingdom and one stage below human beings. The Angelic Kingdom is one stage above human beings.

There should be a complimentary connection between Art, symphonies, music, math and mighty plant studies and patterns that are pure Objective Music and Etheric Life when studied. Art and Science, yes it isn’t a theory, it isn’t a wish, it is a systematic reality of actual Education. Which hardly can be found, the cohesion cannot be rigorously found in any of the Educational platforms we slap, like paint, on our children. Rather that Creative Imagination is actually Living as a force of Higher Human Nature in Every Child. It only appears consciously in Art and Science and in Waldorf Education and there we see the amazing value of Knitting, Eurythmy, Geometry and musical instruments. These aspects allow each child to awaken the weaving of Objective Imagination that literally blossoms on it’s own into the creative forces of Ripening Human Goodness.

We need to understand, gain certainty and confidence that there is a profound foundation and meaning to Education which we have only scratched at like chickens in the gravel and dust of the farmyard. It is in fact and reality of Education that we, in our Human Community, learn to become comfortable with Etheric life, Astral life and the weaving of our I AM together with our Angels. In Anatomy and biology and biography we learn to see the entire system of our human bodies, and how our souls and spirits unfold and include the higher development of Imagination and Science as a fact of Higher Nature in every human being. These have always been the objective goals of Education.


(Click Link to study Sacred Geometry)  Just so everyone in Waldorf and Spiritual Science schooling understand exactly what Novalis and Goethe are to our humanity, we should understand the precision and the amazing goal of Schooling that every human being is required to approach in this the 5th Age. This standing order presents the most beautiful and objective free forces of fantasy and Imagination to unfold in every educated human being, so that we enter the True Schooling of the Earth and the Stars.

We naturally have an entire system operating in every human Star Being that naturally in a Goethean and Novalis manner, is designed to naturally produce the Objective forces of Imagination and the Objective forces of Goethean and Sophia Sciences which arise and work deeply in the depths of each human I AM. Our humanity shares together an Education which is the standard structural system that can awaken our interest and enthusiasm for learning that lifts our Intelligence to where our Angels dwell.

Is there humor, Freedom and Joy in awakening back to Earth and re-entering from an entirely new vantage point of TIME and HISTORY? Do Waldorf students carry a wholeness, a richness, a freedom of confident human perspective into life? Well you tell me. Click on the Video below.