“Grappling with the monsters of the American Psyche” (part 2) by Bradford Riley


"The single stars composing the Zodiacal constellations around that ancient Saturn were scarcely to be distinguished from each other. They glittered only very faintly, like beams of light streaming out from Saturn. The best way to picture this is to think of ancient Saturn encircled by beams of light, just as our earth is encircled b…


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Age of America sophia of the stars Ludger Philips leo

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(Part 4) evaluates Life-Spirit, Budhi, the Eighth Sphere and the …

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"Grappling with the monsters of the American Psyche" (part 2) by Bradford Riley
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5 Replies to ““Grappling with the monsters of the American Psyche” (part 2) by Bradford Riley”

  1. Dear Brad,
    You have embarked on a great quest to help us understand all this individual and universal wisdom!
    I am visiting England and Dornach this month -May 2015. OLD TIMES AND NEW TIMES…
    Katherine Rudolph

  2. Some of us incarnated in the East and carry instinctive ALTRUISM in their soul/bodily constitution. Some of us incarnated in Middle Europe and carry the I AM, FREEDOM quest, unconsciously in their Spirit/Soul constitution. Some in Europe carry it consciously. Some incarnated in the WEST to translate Cosmogony, Embryology and THE WORD, against the onslaught of Ahrimanic forces in the Shadow of the West. All three, if they are lucky, if they have found their Spiritual navigational compass, which is not the least bit easy, may serve, as those before us have served to light a path to the Risen Etheric Christ Mysteries of the I AM that was accomplished in Dornach, Switzerland. There is where the I AM school was anchored. Now it reverberates all over the world, but someone had to do the ground work and it certainly wasn’t us. We are just lucky to have met the challenge presented us. We are lucky because others in even harder times did the work ahead of us. Thanks dear Katherine.

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