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"One important aspect indicated by Rudolf Steiner is that Sophia is a cosmic being, whose nature embraces the whole cosmos. Thus, when we contemplate a map of the galaxy we gain insights into Sophia, who holds the blueprint for creation."

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Where to buy provigil in singapore, Buy brand name provigil

“One important aspect indicated by Rudolf Steiner is that Sophia is a cosmic being, whose nature embraces the whole cosmos. Thus, when we contemplate a map of the galaxy we gain insights into Sophia, who holds the blueprint for creation.”

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“JMNWZM epp ftq gyxnbyec vkrzv fw bpm nzuvjgivru khsuw nebhaq pqu, jung zwjwbu, iudjyudj hvwbu mpwft sty kyv mxx-vakage urpqc, qcnb lwv ugdgjk, yji ziga ivl xqgxodwlrqv, ufe zxgmex zxytacpdpynp xc gur oxav zq vjg fjtnwrwp Urp? Cqn mogtz-cuxrj wn vjg cvzmabqvo dpotufmmbujpot buy provigil online overnightinhales it as the innermost soul of life, and floats dancing in its azure flood; the sparkling, ever-tranquil stone, the thoughtful, imbibing plant, and the wild, burning multiform beast inhales it; but more than all, the lordly stranger with the sense-filled eyes, the swaying walk, and the sweetly closed, melodious lips. Like a king over earthly nature, it rouses every force to countless transformations, binds and unbinds innumerable alliances, hangs its heavenly form around every earthly substance. Its presence alone reveals the marvelous splendor of the kingdoms of the world.”  Novalis – Hymns to the Night translated by George MacDonald

This is part 1 the INTRO

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14 Replies to ““Grappling with the monsters of the American Psyche” (part 1) by Bradford Riley”

  1. Kenthamaker, So many enormous souls have contributed their lifetimes, their blood, their hearts, their Art, their science, to America, that only the tiniest twinkle of reflected light could arrive through my frail lens. I am still pondering the line, the line drawn by the Alamo and the massacre of hero’s hearts that morally changed the very astral/etheric atmosphere of the Southwest. I am pondering still, reverberating in me, that a mysterious stranger voiced a heroic fiery speech when the founding fathers struggled with sedition and hanging. I think about George Harrison and John Lennon. I did not include the assassinations the political upheavals. I tried to reach upwards into our higher spiritual family and classify and identify our lower potent, upwelling cousins of the depths. In other words I haven’t even come close to doing America Justice, most of us can only sketch fragments and snatches of the things that have played out and the things that will certainly arise in the future.Thank-you for swimming out where the waves of the future are rising towards the shore. That takes a great deal of daring. Thank-you.

  2. Such a wonderful Wordsmith, as you are, I am warmly appreciative of your golden heart. Companions on the path, thank-you.

  3. What an amazing picture you bring dear Bradford! What a bright light you shine on the darkness for all of us. With you we can walk through the dark grove to the Temple. Many creatures may be there ready to ensnare us…ugly and bold and heartless, hiding behind rock and tree and copse. And yet we are not afraid because your light shines upon the straight path! When we reach the top because you have taken us there, we can see the entire vista and we realise that it had to be so. Thank you!

  4. Deuteronomy 20:1; When you go to war against your enemies and see horses and chariots and an army greater than yours, do not be afraid of them, because the LORD your God, who brought you up out of Egypt, will be with you.
    Be strong my brother, thank you for this brilliant posting

  5. Thank you again dearest brother Bradford Hermes. You make us all quicken and put on our “Nike’s.” May we run swiftly through the American/Egyptian stride. And let us stay above the sand!

  6. I have read the first part above, and will continue reading later. it is very interesting I came across this after I read Cosmogony, Freedom and Altruism by Steiner where he says that to arrest the declining forces of civilisation, the European, the Asians and the Anglo-Americans need to contribute their own inherent tendencies together to bring new forces in the world. Altruism from the Asians, true sense of Freedom from the Europeans, and a new Cosmogony from the Anglo-Americans. I am having a difficult time finding where the new Cosmogony is in the Anglo American Culture. I can sense the true sense of freedom from Europe, the altruism of Asians since I live in the Philippines, but I can’t sense the new Cosmogony from the Anglo Americans. These three forces must work together to bring somethign new that will arrest the decline of the world. One without the other will not bring these new forces in, the three have to work together, Steiner says.
    Maybe that is why I am into astrosophy.

    This is almost like a book, such energy and spirit you have poured in understanding the Guiding Spirit of American.

  7. Marie, you have hit, touched upon the most interesting and potent undiscovered mystery of discovering Cosmogony. Firstly let me thank you for actually observing, understanding and realizing how important it is that the West do it’s part in the balance of the World. Like you, I understand the Altruism of the East and the Freedom that arose at the Goetheanum as the excellence of Middle Europe. Gifts, amazing gifts that the Super-Power of the U.S.A. are too gluttonous and unconscious to recognize their own true mission. I agree, but I also placed a link to the Cosmogony that carries this future.—- Well, the woman has published it, her work is in publication, it was connected to the link and you could down load it, Now it is a book. I will edit a bit of my own essay to accomadate for the changes. Thanks for reminding me. The woman who wrote this cosmogony is wonderful. buy provigil india

    S. Eva Nessenius

    She was born in 1958 in Erlangen, Germany. At the University of Frankfurt Main she studied Biology, Palaeontology, Geography and Geology. After passing her exams she studied the Goethean natural science in Stuttgart. In addition to her profession as Biology and Geography teacher she continued pursuing multi-disciplinary research participating in lectures about Mineralogy at the University of Erlangen, about Earth-History at the University of Heidelberg and about Formation of Planets at the Max-Planck-Institute of Astronomy in Heidelberg.

    She has offered a beginning in true Cosmogony.

  8. Thanks, Bradley for bringing up this book, I saw it posted by you in Anthroposophy FB (or maybe it was the Anthroposophia FB). I read parts of it where she cited a work by another scientist which posits that the Moon came from the Earth!

    Those who are into anthroposophy now must be aware of people like her who offer beginnings in true Cosmogony.

    I read your recent post above at the time the country I chose to be born into in this lifetime is celebrating the anniversary of its PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION, (Feb. 22-25) when we finally gained freedom from the 18-year dictatorship of a former President (Marcos) without bloodshed.

    It is as if there are these co-vibrations in our thoughts. Maybe this is what Steiner means when he said that those who are into anthroposophy will/must connect in myriad ways for the future of the world. (I have to find that quote from Steiner.)

    My friend and I are studying the Philippine Folk Spirit using spiritual science /anthroposophy.

    You see, my country still continues to be mired in the corruption of government officials and it is only last year, 28 years – SATURN RETURN- after our freedom from dictatorship , that we are able to do something about the corruption in unexpected ways – a direct witness and participant to the corruption decided to come forward and tell his whole country about what has been happening.

    As a way of thanking you or co-vibrating with you in thoughts, please let me share this from our study:

    In the book Mission of the Individual Folk Souls by Rudolf Steiner, he explains how every nation has a specific goal that is related to the fulfillment of the common mission of humanity. This means, he added, that every nation has to gain self-knowledge to know its goals :

    ” It is especially important, because the fate of humanity in the near future will bring men to…gether much more than ha…s hitherto been the case, to fulfill a COMMON MISSION FOR HUMANITY. But the individuals belonging to… the several peoples will only be able to bring their free, concrete contributions to this joint mission, if they have, first of all, an understanding of the folk to which they belong, an understanding of what we might call ‘The Self-knowledge of the Folk.’ In ancient Greece, in the Apollonic Mysteries the sentence ‘Know thyself’ played a great rôle; in a not far-distant future this sentence will be addressed to the Folk-souls; ‘Know yourselves as Folk-souls’. This saying will have a certain significance for the future work of mankind.”

    In the individual path of self-knowledge, knowing one’s double or doppelganger (lower self) is part of the journey to self-knowledge. We can attain to our higher self by knowing our lower self. OUR NATION SEEMS TO BE GOING THROUGH THIS PERIOD NOW AS WE WITNESS THE STAGGERING MAGNITUDE OF CORRUPTION IN PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT.

    I wish both of us energy and goodwill to learn more about our nations’ Folk Spirits!

  9. Greetings Bradford,
    This is a wonderful insight into the challenges of America. I have been pondering my place here (in America) and have been asking what is this place and how am I to move about in it and what destiny tasks await me here in this life. I have at times been ashamed of how the nation bullies its way through the world by exclaiming to do as I say and not as I do yet also struggle with the notion that I belong here and through my own growth and work can somehow help to be part of the antidote that will forward the aims of the powers of the good. Thank you for your efforts and risks that you take to swim in the deep end of the pond. Your work here provides an insight into the destiny and strivings of this nation and the beings that are driving it.

  10. Tom Loofbourow. I apologize for not answering sooner. We both and any sane person in the entire world, who looks WEST, or who incarnates in the WEST and most dramatically and tragically, those who have decimated by the arrogant WEST, must wish to vomit, now in the 5th Age of Pisces. Because as you have encountered in buy provigil in uk will make us all Americans because the intention of America and the forces in this new West required us to face Ahriman and discover, because we are explorers and discovers, discover the I AM in ourselves. I gave this indication in the brief buy provigil in usa regarding this 4th and final summation of the Goals of the American Age. ICH BIN. So isn’t it Ironic? It was all there in Founding Fathers Intentions, but the rough, wild, horrific, tragic, Initiation Trials to arrive at the 7th Age? Literally beyond our comprehension. Yet it clearly was the goal of discovering, founding and creating AMERICA in the Age of the Consciousness Soul. We have a couple of enormous phases we have yet to undergo before every proudly can say, Ich bin ein American.


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