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The Culmination – of the American Psyche (part 4) by Bradford Riley

Is number ONE, of the first NEW WORKS additions. (Click Here for Brief Summary statement). This NEW WORK is suggested as the Culmination of an intense study of the Destiny of America and part of the Christ Ascension Mysteries. This New Work is available NOW as the final 4th study in the suggested study sequence of the following series.  Forming Horns and Roses vortexes of higher organs

PART 1 of Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche GO

PART 2 of Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche GO

PART 3 of Grappling with the Monsters of the American Psyche GO

NEW WORK ALERT –  (CLICK HERE for a brief summary statement)

The Culmination – of the American Psyche (part 4) by Bradford Riley GO


New Work #2

The Foundation Stone and The Cosmic Construction of our Human Hearts


Research 2 – The Etheric Heart (Click Link)

Research 3 – Time Organ of the Human Heart “Grappling with the Monsters of The American Psyche” (part 3) CLICK LINK

Research 4 – lectures on the heart by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer  Heart Lectures December 17, 1950 (Very Rare CLICK LINK)

Research 5 – Verification of the Geographical, Interior Heart of the Earth, Geological and Weather realities and Spiritual Scientific confirmations of the solid location of the HEART OF THE EARTH  and the mysteries of the Southern and Northern poles- (Click this Link)

Research 6 – The Heartless Giant (Important Imagination Click Link)

Research 7 – *******  NEW WORK ALERT ******* CLICK LINK



New Work #3 brings each and everyone of us to the Boundaries and Borderlands of the Threshold of the Spiritual Worlds, alive currently and rushing through us, now in the 21st century. I believe it is beneficial to first study the Introduction (Click Link Here) I have offered for this New Work.

In New Work #3 we penetrate into the deeper Mysteries of the Rise of the Etheric Christ as a full Sun Power of the Logos, coming forth like the Dawn of a New Golgotha, bursting forth in the Spiritual Worlds, for all incarnating Souls, around the year 1933.

In New Work #3 the stirring magnitude of the Sun forces that now fuel generation after generation, we track with the love Generation, as one of the first Sun Logos Global Revelations to come forth from Rise of the Etheric Christ in 1933.

In the bursting forth of the Love Generation and all the following generations, we have witnessed a global revelation of Humanity, bursting upwards from the waves of Incarnation like swimmers coming to the surface of culture around the world. This inhalation of Life Itself and filling our lungs with Life Giving Spiritual Inspiration, directly from the Breast of the Risen Etheric Christ Logos, burst forth globally, 33 years after the stupendous Spiritual Events of 1933.

Everything changed, leapt forward and has subsequently, from the immense Light that has awakened, also created in its wake, in the 21st Century, the powerful challenges we face with intense Darkness, Deception and Initiation.  Therefore the Title of New Work #3  “THRESHOLD ENTITIES AND PROBLEMS OF INITIATION” allows us to penetrate deeper and deeper into the Ascension Mysteries of the Risen Etheric Christ, the deeper mysteries of the Androgyny of our actual I AM, and how Not I but Christ in my individual I AM is the active ingredient we are seeking in all our present and future incarnations together.

And we are required to come to a healthy understanding, not a distorted understanding, of the actual Androgyny of our I AM. These insights and explorations are all part of New Work #3.




Our own I AM Knighthood of the 21st Century reveals for us,

the solid ground of the Akashic and Karmic history ALL of us, on our journey’s are involved in. As Knights of Sophia we are tasked to enter culture and awaken the future of Moral Imagination, Freedom and embrace the Objective Sciences of Sophia and the Logos. We are all Knights of Sophia in this quest. Let us share together the New Code, that we may live by.

“You, who are on the road,
Must have a CODE
That you can live by.
And so become yourself
Because the past is just a goodbye.” (link here)

In our Knighthood, I AM awakening CODE, for the 21st Century, especially in the West, we are tasked to become Knights of Sophia in Agriculture, Embryology, Cosmogony and True Star Knowledge of our origins and the origins of our Angels.

“There is a knighthood of the 21st century
Whose riders do not ride through the darkness of physical forests, as of old, but through the forest of darkened minds.
They are armed with a spiritual armor,
And an inner sun makes them radiant.
Out of them shines healing,
Healing that flows from the knowledge of the human being as a spiritual being.
They must create inner order, inner justice,
Peace, and conviction in the darkness of our time.
They must learn to work side by side with angels.”
-Karl Konig

In this NEW WORK #4 (Click Link) we explore the destiny of Dr. Ita Wegman and in particular we explore The Tree of Life Mysteries that extend to the Higher Regions of the Stars by reviewing “The Fountain” by Darren Aronofsky (born February 12, 1969) an American filmmaker and screenwriter.

In NEW WORK #4 we examine the Starry Sophia Science of The Threefold Sun of the Risen Etheric Christ. We examine some Artists currently in our 21st Century and some of those from our 20th Century who have stood before the New Revelations of Initiation Science and The Michael School.

This NEW WORK #4 is an extension and deepening of our studies in The Michael School. We are attempting to follow some of The Wonders of Christian Rosenkreuz, the 1st Knight of Sophia. The Michael School Arts and Sciences walk heart to heart and hand to hand with every explorer of our 20th and 21st culture. There is absolutely nothing that humanity can produce in the Arts and Sciences that isn’t rooted in the seed of the Akasha Foundations of Our Earth and the unfolding future of our Sun and Planetary system.

NEW WORK #4 examines the PhiloSOPHIA Knighthood of Aristotle’s journey to the Grail center of Michael studies in the 20th Century. The 1st Goetheanum revealed the 1st Schooling and Training for the Objective Science of the Knights of Sophia in the 20th century. What do the Stars that once spoke to Humanity say to us now? What can Tycho De Brahe reveal to us about Sophia’s Star Wisdom? In NEW WORK #4 we also briefly sketch Aristotle’s journey of Initiation to the lofty Starry Sophia Sciences. All of humanity are tasked to turn our attention to the awakening of The Tree of Life Mysteries. It is built of TIME Itself and tied to the hidden mystery of each Human I AM.




One of the most striking explorations and discoveries of “Tracking the Wonders of Christian Rosenkreuz” in NEW WORK #5 is that we penetrate into the Family of Lazarus/John. In that significant family we encounter, a brother and two sisters. Lazarus, Martha and Mary. This is remarkable enough. But hardly so easy to comprehend. Christ, in all Objectivity remembers knows and has clearly grasped the significance of this peculiar family cluster. We discover a concentrated pivotal Karmically Significant world shattering Karma in this family cluster.

If we were to consider that the Great Logos Christ had witnessed and lived behind and deeply into and through the impulses and inspirations of Hiram, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and the free deed of attempting to bring the Exoteric and the Esoteric together in a magnificent Imagination on Earth by erecting Solomon’s temple, we would encounter together the possibility of one of the greatest Initiation Answers the History of Humanity has ever entertained. Deep students of Time, do understand Hiram and Solomon while most of us don’t.

If we were to consider that Christ lived deeply into the events of the building of the Temple of Solomon, technically on one side with that of High Science of matter and Spirit behind Hiram; and on the other side, that which lived powerfully in the Feeling Life and Poetic idealism and the Sensual Heart of the Solomon Spirit; we would find ourselves stunned by the Objective Initiation Realities of The Raising of Lazarus and Mary, the sister of Lazarus becoming the 1st Eye Witness to the Risen Etheric Christ.

What possible Logos fulfillment and Sun Word, shattering Objective hidden historical realities were we witnessing in this Karma of Brother and Sisters tied together in the Lazarus family? In other words Christ Knew something that matched like bookends, Scales of deep Karmic and Cosmic Balance. An Initiation fulfillment concretely manifested on one side in Mary, the sister of Lazarus, Martha in the middle, and on the other side was Lazarus the brother to both Mary and her neutral sister Martha. Something struck like deep resonating akashic lightening bolts, warmly and clearly setting the stage for the Objective Path of Wonder ahead. Every I AM shall grow inwardly in ourselves as we progress together into the future based on solid Cosmic and Karmic laws.

Could such Objective and Intimate Initiation rites, performed on the Open Panorama of Earth Evolution, have actually happened in two concentrated bolts of Lightning and Love  from the powerful precision of the Great Solar Word? Could Solomon’s Temple as a deep Spiritual and occult fact have manifested itself by Christ Himself answering and Initiating Lazarus/John to step up and supervise the Sophia Laws of the Higher Construction of the Objective I AM far into the future? Could the first full Eye Witness of the shimmering warmth of the Etheric Heart of the Newly Risen Etheric Christ be also part of the Future gifts arising from this, our new family values, that we attain, rising together to meet Sophia Herself and the Risen Word?

The Feeling life of a transformed Solomon and the Will forces of a Higher Science of Sophia combine and transform into the higher integration of part of the background and future unfolding of “Tracking the Wonders of Christian Rosenkreuz.” Our conscious I AM encounters a before and after image, a Before Christ and an After Golgotha map, outline of Occult Science and how we meet in Anthroposophy the Child of Sophia herself(Click Link). In other words in “Tracking the Wonders of Christian Rosenkreuz” I place as my starting point the Alpha and Omega of the Risen Etheric Christ mystery that came together in a consolidated Mystery Event directly from within the Lazarus Household.

From here we learn to follow out the path to the Higher Sophia Sciences developed and wrought by Christian Rosenkreuz, as He and Spiritual Science itself, paves the way to Sophia Herself. Anthroposophy supplies the both Objective Science and Objective Imagination (Click Link) which awakens for humanity the missing Sophia Sciences of the Stars and Time perfected by the Higher Evolution of Christian Rosenkreuz. Come along if you like. Never in the history of the world could all the mysteries of Lazarus/John be documented.




Chapter 1 “Star Embryo and the Vesica Piscis of the Oval Office”(Click Link)

“For the Western world, the way of initiation into the super-sensible world is through Imagination. But Imagination must be integrated organically with our spiritual life as a whole. This can come about in the most varied ways: as it did, after all, in the East. There, too, the way was not determined unequivocally in advance. To-day I should like to describe a way of initiation that conforms to the needs of Western civilization and is particularly well suited to anyone who is immersed in the scientific life of the West.” (RS Link)

Western Cosmogony, the true mission of the West is an answering call from the East. In the above quote by Rudolf Steiner,  ” But Imagination must be integrated organically with our spiritual life as a whole. This can come about in the most varied ways: as it did, after all, in the East. There, too, the way was not determined unequivocally in advance.” What an astonishing statement this is.

Thousands of different tales and Imaginations arose from the East that penetrated with Vision deeply, into the Foundations of the Cosmos, Earth, Incarnation, Karma and Humanity.  Encounters so vast and so intimate, arose out of the East and as Spiritual Science reiterates, so VARIED and so deeply intimate, that these explorations and vast sweeping visions, could only be compared to St. John, and his Revelation that boomed out of the West.

Trimūrti (/trɪˈmʊərti/; Sanskrit: त्रिमूर्ति trimūrti, “three forms”) is the triple deity of supreme divinity in Hinduism in which the cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction are personified as a triad of deities, typically Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer.

Exploration of Time, Space and the Stars are the vast Variety, insights, inspirations that flood the Imaginations of the West. The West is challenged to answer and determine concretely, out of the I AM, wrought from Western Civilization and the Logos of Spiritual Science, the complete Foundation that the East had once brought forward.

In the West many, many Imaginations, scripts, Sci-Fi studies in Cosmogony have arrived under the quests and the achievements of the journey  each I AM has taken, in our attempts to integrate the objective Science of the Logos with the objective occult mission of the West. Each and every unique and many facetted, VARIED individual contributions towards our Human Cognitive attempts to  carry the Mission of Cosmogony in the West, reveals the efforts of the I AM in the West to shine a light on the great journey of Human Evolution we have all taken thus far.

The Objective Science of the Stars must bridge the Incarnation and Embryonic portal of Birth from the stars and hierarchies, who have crafted both the Stars and Human metamorphosis, and track the Spirit of our Human, Animal, Plant and Stone communities out through the portal of Death, where we return once more to the Higher Initiation laws of our Solar System and Zodiac. Cosmogony of the West must satisfy both the passage through the Portal of Death to the stars and the Embryonic portal of Birth into physical matter, with all the tools of precise moral and cosmic logic at our disposal. That is the mission of the West.

In the West the journey of Western Culture had arrived at the Fallen Archai shadow of the President of the United States. From out of the Oval Office, in 1962, John F. Kennedy declared Western Culture capable of answering the call of the East and answering the call of tying the knot once more from our Earth to the  wisdom and Logos hidden behind the Moon and the Stars.

The West, although unconsciously aware that the office of POTUS, designed by the Founding Fathers, under Rosicrucian Inspirations, created the highest Initiation criteria available for an I AM, tutorship in understanding Archai Intelligence in the nerve center of the office of POTUS. The West, by 1968 created an Imagination of the I AM, returning to the Stars and preparing for Higher Initiation. Like St. John, the Imagination of the Initiation of David Bowman in Stanley Kubrick’s unique offering of the Individual Western I AM, chiseled from Science, History and Time, appeared ready to meet the criteria of the Gods in “2001 A Space Odyssey.”

The flood gates of Science were unleashed out of the West to Go to the Moon, Go to the Stars, Go to the Planets in our Solar System and bravely go where both St. John and David Bowman had gone before. Logic, morality, the Trinity, the humanity embodied in the Trinity of Spock, Kirk and Bones represented the Triple attributes of the ancient Hindu mythology of Brahma , Vishnu, and Shiva. The underpinnings of the vast Science of the West, are our attempts to understand the Trinity out of the West. St. John’s, The Son, The Father and the Holy Ghost; Naming of Trinity New Mexico, the Science of the Three Crosses on Golgotha and the Western Initiation of Lazarus/John under the Cross at the mid-point of Earth Evolution, turned a decisive page of Human Evolution .

David Bowman out of the Time stream of 1968, after the Oval Office, under the Archai Shadow of the darkened intuition of John F. Kennedy, posited and posed a Higher Zeitgeist, Time Spirit question. John F. Kennedy in 1962 posed the arrogant question that Humanity was now capable of understanding and penetrating the Mystery Behind  the Stars.

The I AM of the West, had absorbed the faculty of Science and Logic enough to tackle the hidden mysteries of St. John and Sophia of the Stars. The Imagination of David Bowman, at the portal of the Moon, as the representative of the culmination of logic and humanity, initiated and challenged our human intellects to brave the Objective Initiation path that was placed before Lazarus/John when he was admonished to follow and protect the Revelation of the path to Sophia and the Stars.

Chapter 1 “Star Embryo and the Vesica Piscis of the Oval Office”(Click Link)  turns our attention and shines the light of Spiritual Science on the Objective insights of Western Cosmogony and Initiation at the Threshold of the Spiritual World of the Stars. We can find our way through both the Imagination of the character David Bowman and the Reality behind the Spiritual Revelation of St. John.

Sophia and Star Initiation and Incarnation and Human Destiny can slowly join hands. Even while Humanity digs into the hidden instincts layered in the Akasha of the history of the Cosmos, our path to the return and completion of the circle of the Stars and the unfolding destiny of our Earth are variously and vividly objective because ALL Humanity are rooted in the Akasha of the Stars.

Every one brings substance, inspirations, imaginations and insights, which may appear chaotic, yet each part and piece of the puzzle have Objective Foundations. These Vast Akashic Roots that all of us share as Humanity with the destiny and mission of our Earth surface up with new challenges that reveal the germinal seed of an I AM that was prepared in the deepest regions of Ancient Saturn Evolution.

We can in retrospect, deeply appreciate and deeply associate the clarion call of the Stars that echoed through Western culture, not only by witnessing George Harrison and the entire Beatles creativity turning their attention and integrating the ancient forces of India and the Vedas and joining it to the magic of the Sitar; Not least of which was the Zeitgeist, Time Spirit that boomed from the Oval Office of the POTUS, voiced through the unique personality of JFK; But equally through the creativity and voice of Joni Mitchell, with her lyrics laced with brilliance,

We are stardust
Billion year old carbon
We are golden
Caught in the devil’s bargain
And we’ve got to get ourselves…

Back to our heavenly Home, where we came from, the Hierarchies of the Stars.

We were called upon from every aspect of culture, East and West to find and complete the vivid circle of experience that we share while living through the portal of Birth on Earth and our shared Spiritual Family, when we return to the Stars at our deaths.

At Birth we bring into Earth our portion of Time, the Solar System and each Human Destiny, as an operating force in each of our individual Etheric Bodies. At the Portal of Death, we carry back to the Stars the individual fruits of our Earth journey. These fruits of our Earth Life are harvested in our Astral body. These seeds of our Higher Astral Body are replanted in our Hearts to serve the progress and furthering All Humanity toward the goal of Earth Evolution, which is the realization and crystallization of the cognitive Science of LOVE and Freedom.

Following Chapter 1 there there will be a Chapter 2 of “Star Embryo and the Vesica Piscis of the Oval Office”  (This will be New Work # 7.