Eurythmy, Speech, The Word and the study of Etheric Phytology (one) by Bradford Riley

100 Years of Eurythmy

Part ONE takes up the Introduction with an emphasis on the CONSONANTS. (completed)

Part TWO will take up the VOWELS (Part TWO –  A Completed click this link)

Part TWO – B of the Vowels (not completed)

Part THREE will address aspects of the Dramatic Arts. (COMPLETED CLICK LINK)

Eurythmy was born in the year 1912. This essay honors the one hundred-year ongoing revelation of the birth of Eurythmy. Here in 2012,  where we are in the 21st Century,we are still growing toward the future Etheric Revelation of the Word. It fills and informs our Etheric Bodies and enlivens our Speech forces in every language.We are slowly recovering the Living Powers in each Word and in each Sound. Far, far into the distant future a Maitreya Buddha is on the way, on the path to consciously strengthening her/his Etheric Body to Life Spirit. The Maitreya Buddha will use the Resurrection of the Word and the Life Giving Power of the Breath to re-charge and re-awaken the deeper slumbering forces of humanities latent and potent spirituality. Our task is to bring these forces of the Word back to Life so that Language is not entombed by Ahriman.

“In Eurythmy we see this inner process manifested outwardly. In Eurythmy the entire body becomes a larynx of the Gods. Eurythmy is the visible manifestation of the art of listening to heart-speak. In Eurythmy we walk the words of the gods – that we found in our hearts and direct with our heads – into the world.” By Adriana Koulias

Rudolf Steiner (Link to following quote)

In our Embryology Studies “….we have also learned how on his way down he first gathers to him the influences of the firmament of the fixed stars, represented in the signs of the Zodiac; then, as he descends further, he takes with him the influence of the moving planets.

“Now just picture to yourselves the Zodiac, the representation of the fixed stars. Man is exposed to their influence on descending from the life of soul and spirit into earthly life. If their effects are to be designated in accordance with their actual being we must say that they are cosmic music, they are consonants. And the forming of consonants in the physical body is the echo of what resounds from the single formations of the Zodiac, whereas the formation of vowels within the music of the spheres occurs through the movements of the planets in the cosmos.This is imprinted into the etheric body.

“Thus, in our physical body we unconsciously bear a reflection of the cosmic consonants, whereas in our etheric body we bear a reflection of the cosmic vowels.This remains, one might say, in the silence of the subconscious.

“But as the child develops, forces press upwards within the body and strengthen the speech organs; these are forces that, as reflections of the formative forces of the cosmos, build up the speech organs. The more interior speech organs are so formed out of Man’s essential being that they can produce vowels, and the organs nearer to the periphery, the palate, the tongue, the lips and everything that contributes to the form of the physical body, are built up in such a way that consonants can be produced.

“While the child is learning to speak, something takes place in the upper part of his being, as a result of the activity of his lower part, which is a consequence of the formative forces taken up into the physical body, and also into the etheric body. (This is naturally not a material process but has to do with formative activity.) Thus when we speak, we bring to Manifestation what we might call an echo of the experience Man goes through with the cosmos in the life between death and a new birth during his descent out of the divine spiritual world.

“All the single letters of the alphabet are actually formed as images of what lives in the cosmos.We can get an approximate idea of the signs of the Zodiac if we relate them to modern speech by setting up B, C, D, F, and so forth, as constellations of the Zodiac. You can follow them by feeling the revolution of the planets in H (ed.: ‘H’ like in him, her) — H is not actually a letter like the others, H imitates the rotational movement, the circling around. And the single planets in their revolutions are always the individual vowels which are placed in various ways in front of the consonants.

“If you imagine the vowel A to be placed in here (see diagram) you have the A in harmony with B and C, but in each vowel there is the H. You can trace it in speaking — AH, IH, EH. H is in each vowel. What does it signify that H is in each vowel? It signifies that the vowel is revolving in the cosmos. The vowel is not at rest, it circles around in the cosmos. And the circling, the moving, is expressed in the H hidden in each of the vowels.

“Consider, therefore, a vowel harmony expressed somewhere in speech: let us say I, O, U, A. (ed.: IH, OH, UH, AH in German) What is expressed by this? Something is expressed that is the cosmic working of four planets. Let us add one of the consonants to something like this — IOSUA — let us add this S in the middle of it, and this would mean that not only the forming of vowels within the planetary spheres is expressed, but also the effect that the planets connected with I, O, U, A, experience in their movement through the connection with the star sign S.

“Thus if a Man in the days of ancient civilization uttered the name of a God in vowels, a planetary mystery was expressed. The deed of a divine being within the planetary world was expressed in the name. Were a divine name expressed with a consonant in it, the deed of the divine being concerned reached in thought to the representative of the fixed star firmament — the Zodiac.”

The Karma of Specific Instances

When we look at the trail of destiny that brought us to The Word, to Eurythmy and the investigations into Speech, and the individual sounds, we each have our specific journeys. On my journey to discover the secrets of the Word, I had no cohesive understanding of the magnitude of insight I would encounter or how it all interconnected.

I was headed for Dornach when I was twenty and twenty-one years old. I had my two children and my wife with me but I was unable to enter immediately into Dornach, Switzerland. I had met Anthroposophy in London. Became a member of the society in London, had two children in London and having appealed to Francis Edmunds and Emerson College in England, I was bumped or detoured by Francis Edmunds and an amazing International Group of actors, writers and directors, to go directly to the Goetheanum (Click Link near end of Drama study) instead of attending Emerson College. What did I know?

Francis Edmunds was a character right out of Tolkien. My wife and I loved him. I think he was an Aries. We wept thinking we couldn’t stay with this wonderful human being. A.C. Harwood was my sponsor at Steiner House and signed my pink card. But my very, very, first profound Rosicrucian connection to all of this was the Eurythmist who introduced us to the stars and came to our London flat and discussed things with us, my wife and I, amidst the two babies – was the beloved Jeane Lynch.

I cannot tell you how astonished I was, a hippie with long hair, and this adventurous Eurythmist would show up on her little Scooter and take us outside and show how by stretching her one arm out, say at a full moon, than the exact math of the sun and the sign the sun was in, was on the opposite side when she stretched her other arm out, so she could directly locate each star and the position of the Zodiac of the Sun, Moon and planets, name them, and showed us some of the Sounds of Eurythmy. My wife and I were struck dumb that people talked, knew, said the deepest mysteries that we had thirsted to hear out of anyone’s lips. Yet it all had to wait until we got to England from the U.S. Bless your Spirit Jean Lynch, I never saw her again.

I was unprepared for this detour that took me away from Emerson College towards a path that led to the Goetheanum. I knew nothing of the German Language. But here is what I now consider most astonishing. I had to wait for housing, student housing and had to bide my time on my journey to Switzerland from England, through Briançon, France ( See Link).  I had to stay for six months in a place called Dormillouse in the French Alps (See Link we bathed in this Waterfall) under very, very primitive but astonishingly pristine conditions.

We had no real money or income and coming from England we had to reduce our burdens to back-packs and suitcases. I had one book that I had fallen in love with and that book is what has allowed me to, although I did not know it, allowed me to build my first foundation to Etheric studies from the foundation of intimate perception.

The Etheric studies of the Word that I would encounter through my training in Speech and Drama in Dornach, Switzerland and the Goetheanum became integrated in me, over the long run of my lifetime, from the book I used for six months, and carried with me to Dormillouse (SEE LINK), where I explored every herb, flower, berry, bush, and scrub that grew with pristine elemental glory, high above traffic, cities and life below. The book I carried with me was Nicholas Culpeper‘s illustrated Herbal Guide 1616-1654 (see Link).

It was illustrated with color drawings of every flower and herb in Europe, their planetary and zodiacal origins and virtues. I could find nearly all of these plants in the wild and learned to dry them and make tea and other beverages from them. The Earth and nature around me was an open book with the letters and words appearing in the flowers and herbs, the colors, and scents, (how we learn to squeeze Rosemary or Lavender between our fingers and hold it up to our noses, the sweet smell of chamomile – smell, sight, taste, touch, identification of knowing – activating my etheric senses to the mystery of the Earth)  and the stars were clear nearly every night high up in Dormillouse (See Link) . They were medicinal herbs and Culpeper showed the parts of the body and inner organs that they affected, doses, and remedies that could be found teaming with life all around us. It was a script that for some unknown reason I understood.

It was a language that I could see printed before me, by the native waterfalls, in sheep dung, on the edge of cliffs. Edible berries, elixirs for headaches and quiet and restful sleep were out in the library living with Etheric innocence and splendor. For some reason this book and the text of nature and all her etheric splendor, long before I got to know the Sounds of the Consonants and Vowels of Speech that also bore the same virtues of the Stars, the same curative forces that are used in Curative Eurythmy, different planetary virtues in the Vowel sounds and different forces of the Zodiac in each Consonant – long before I was enriched beyond measure at the Goetheanum, there were the elemental beings, virtues, planet and star forces written in the colorful script of nature herself.

Oh this process of learning did not occur over night. Later I would understand how the Angels, the regions, the various countries and their Archangelic Language forces wove into the Etheric tone and coloring of different peoples. I could enter into each accent and gesture of the different Languages over the whole of the Earth and it was part of my most intimate training in  drama, it was part of Eurythmy and most importantly it was part of the Etheric wisdom that we are swimming in and that comes up to the surface and flows through our being when we do Eurythmy or practice Speech. (My Seed Thoughts in forming this document SEE LINK)

The lowest body of the Angelic Kingdom, one stage above humanity, is the Etheric World. The Angelic Kingdom have as their lowest body, the Etheric Kingdom of nature. The purest expression of the Angelic Kingdom appears before our human gaze as the Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs, orchards, gardens and fields of the Earth.

Rudolf Steiner, (see link)

“There could be no such thing as speech were it not for the fact that, during the natural course of his early development, the child has inherent within him the instinct to move his arms and hands. These movements are held back and become concentrated in the organs of speech; and these organs of speech are in themselves an image of that which seeks outlet in movements of the arms and hands, and in the accompanying movements of the other limbs.

“The etheric body — I can, after what you have heard in the morning lectures, (published as The Evolution of Consciousness.) speak to you quite freely about the etheric body — the etheric body never uses the mouth as the vehicle of speech, but invariably makes use of the limb-system. And it is those movements made by the etheric body during speech which are transferred into the physical body. Of course you can, if you choose, speak quite without gesture, even going so far as to stand rigidly still with your hands in your pockets; but in that case your etheric body will gesticulate all the more vigorously, sheerly out of protest!

“Thus you can see how, in very truth, Eurythmy is drawn out of the human organisation in just as natural a way as speech itself.”

The Angelic Kingdom takes the pure watery life and the pure blood or green flowing lymphatic structure of the plants Chlorophyll, and lives as a song, as an Angelic prayer of pure math in the woven beauty of the tapestry we barely understand as nature. This plant blood has the same structural composition as our human blood, save that the Etheric Plant has no I AM and no astral desires. Yet the photosynthesis of light, the digestion of light itself is not only built into the etheric realities of the plant, their leafy hands crave the light, gesture to the light and follow the path of light through the day, but our own Etheric bodies and our Speech forces carry this germinal, Etheric and Word Forming power that exists in the plant world.

Albert Steffen’s school of Schöne Wissenschaften author Isabel Wyatt (1901-1992)

The Moon-Drawn juices mount; the leaves distil
The Sun’s gold heart-beats into chlorophyll.
Out of the Plant’s green blood man’s red is wrought,
While stars rain down to gild his brow with thought.

Some plants literally fold themselves up at night and go to sleep and wake again when they sense the light that floods through their etheric floral systems. Here we literally behold in nature the same Eurythmy that exists in human speech when the flower petals open in the ‘Ah’ gesture of Venus and well being of the lymphatic system; Or close in the ‘Uh’ gesture of inwardness and Saturn as darkness approaches.

Albert Steffen ‘Aphorisms”

“Before you begin to write poetry you should say to yourself that the vowels are the soul experiences of an Angel who feels reverence in ‘AH’, marvel in ‘O’, fear in ‘UH’, and consonants are his gestures.

“Languages still require a great amount of work until they become a suitable instrument for the Word. The vowels must be purified, so that perfect feelings may live in them. What can purify them? The Angel beings who dwell upon the planets through which we pass after death – the sound and light emanating from these beings. And every consonant must acquire a contour through the fact that we learn to master our physical body.

“Speech is all the more pure, perfect, beautiful and young, the more the will emancipates it from the bodily processes and rules over them. The voice itself never grows old; it transmits something that lives beyond old age; it is the means of expression of the eternal ENTELECHY.”

It is within our human blood system that our I AM responds not only with vitamin D and outer sunlight through our skin, but an entirely pure and  transmuted Sun Light now appears from the raying in of the Risen Etheric Christ light which is the very substance and nourishment of our own I AM and carries Light like the purest plant/Etheric Chlorophyll blood.

Exquisite hidden floral ensembles arise, that if we had ears to hear, each flower, plant, blossom, stem and leaf arrangement would sound forth the wisdom of the planetary and zodiacal geometry that surrounds us in nature. Each Consonant and each Vowel and each Eurythmy form reveals an impressive human Etheric body, boldly dynamic flitting, fleeting, butterfly –  imprinted with a Zodiacal virtue and color and Planetary Vowel Soul force, yet as quick as Speech and as mobile as the watery/lymphatic fluidity of motion in the breath of the Word or singular sounds we utter for an instant, frozen in tone. And the human lymphatic and etheric system is mobile, mercurial and designed to capture the lawful quickening pulse of the Zodiac, Tone, Consonants and emotionally rich Vowels that sound forth from our souls and the very soul of Words themselves.  Each vowel contains the soul of a Word and each Consonant in a word carries the zodiacal message of that word.

The Key to the Phytology and Science of the Word (study link here)

‘Look at the plant. It grows from the seed, develops leaves and blossom. But the plant is pervaded by a mysterious force which arises in the heart of the blossom as the new seed. What surrounds the seed will fall away; but the innermost force that can be perceived in the heart of the blossom enables you to feel that a new plant will arise from the old. If you ponder on the power and the force of the Sun’s light, Feeling that in it you are beholding merely the physical expression of a spiritual reality and letting yourselves be inspired by the spiritual power of the Sun, then you will begin to understand the prophetic announcement of the Divine Fruit that is to be born from the Earth!’

The Sounds, the vowels themselves, when anyone we know and love utters one of the Vowels our hearts can become wounded, our souls may be lifted to rejoice in elation. An etheric smile radiates out from our faces or a literal frown, a color, a mood overwhelms us and we are brought to tears and troughs of intimate sadness. The Vowels themselves are OUR intimate expressions of the Planets. We are the WORD BEARING creations of the Logos Itself.

We carry in our living expression, in our tone, in our waking moods of heart and soul, in our commands and in our kindness and compassion the entire Planetary and Zodiacal Living force that centers itself in our Larynx and ripples with life through out our entire Etheric and Lymphatic system.  Our fantastic and colorful array of astral emotions, passions, tenderness, our Etheric Life in the MMMM sound when delicious food calls forth a kind of MMMM – MMMOOO that we associate with the cow, but for a moment we hum ‘MMMM’s’ as a direct revelation of our Etheric and Astral bodies immune system.

It isn’t enough to merely cruise by a word like IMMUNE system. This is exactly what Speech and the Science of the Word, the Word as Hieroglyphs raised to restored Etheric Life means. It means looking with new eyes at the ‘MM’s’ in IMMUNE system and realize just how much the Waters of Life, Aquarius and the sign of the Water Bearer means. Our Immune systems are flooded with Life. In the simple word IMMUNE there is an initial effect of Light then two ‘MM’s stir the waters into motion and resolve themselves in a Saturn like UH that goes right down to our feet in Pisces and, Pisces is the ‘N’ sound.

John Gospel 5:4 For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.

All the Consonants were once Pictographs, full fledged living Imaginations that were also actual streaming living forces. I for one, hardly think we can live, if we are students of the Word, if we haven’t digested Cuneiform writing, invented by the ancient Sumerians around 3500 B.C. and Hieroglyphic writing, invented by the ancient Egyptians around 3200 B.C. and trace those Pictographs out to Chinese characters and Japanese Picto signs. We cannot grasp, haven’t been taught or interested enough to track down Arnold Wadler and immerse ourselves in Chapter Six, “The Origin of Writing in Picture – Consciousness”. The entire book paves the way for our journey through language, living pictures, etheric imaginations and the elastic forces of the Word used in ancient Atlantis, down through words printed in stone, to dead languages, where the pictures became merely dead letters -LATIN – to the magnificent Ascension of Language and the Word through Speech and Eurythmy, that resurrects the magic life that exists in Consonants and Vowels. Pictographs of these living streaming forces were the origins of how Language began. When we study Language, Real Language, we really must refer to Arnold Wadler’s amazing text, “ONE LANGUAGE SOURCE OF ALL TONGUES”  (SEE LINK).

We are in the AGE of the Fishes, of Pisces at this moment. However when we do enter the AGE of Aquarius, the false and true confrontation with the Human Immune system and the beneficent Etheric Waters of Life against the Ahrimanic mass manufactured Immune System will reach cultural and tragic crescendos, instead of dancing and singing ‘This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” (See Clip) we might be plunged into the realm of a manufactured and counterfeit, Ahrimanic and Sunless Etheric replacement to our Immune Systems. Don’t be fooled, we are still in the age of Pisces the Fishes, but the Sixth Cultural Epoch is approaching and that age will be under the mandate of the Immune system, the Water Bearer.

John the Baptist is referred to as an Aquarius Initiation. We have waters or dipping our heads under the waters to be able to momentarily SEE into the Spirit. We also have the Washing of the Feet, of our Pisces forces, our feet, being immersed in new Etheric Waters, with the Washing of the Feet. However this coming Sixth Epoch, the Aquarius cultural epoch, is not under the Consciousness-Soul, which is where we are currently struggling.  The Sixth cultural epoch will be, and is preparing even now, for Spirit-Self or Manas. Due to Ahrimanic interference it will likely mean that our Immune systems will have been toxically interfered with and a whole new spirit force will be required to renew our Immune systems.

We are witnessing in this our Fifth cultural Epoch, the end of the Pisces Age, the invasive collapse of our Immune system directly due to Ahrimanic interference and intentionality. There is a great deal of understanding about the invasiveness of vaccines, weaponized bio-plagues, but we stand rather foolishly and ignorantly as we blindly vaccinate ourselves seasonally for flu or trustingly submit our children to between 20 to 60 vaccinations before the age of two.

I submit a link to one of the first hurdles in language you have to overcome is understanding a New York Brooklyn accent in an absolutely magnificent Doctor, who has taken a stand to inform us of the toxicity and attacks from Ahriman that have invasively overwhelmed society. (CLICK LINK)  The LINK reveals, aside from the Brooklyn visible study of  a literal etheric regional accent, the litany of attacks that Ahriman is making to control the Aquarian Mystery of our heavenly IMMUNE system. What the Doctor discusses are global attacks against the Etheric Body, just as Eurythmy awakens and stimulates our Etheric bodies. These attacks are part of the Fifth Epoch Age of Pisces by Ahriman against the very rising of the Fifth Age of Pisces that brings the awakening of the Etheric forces through Eurythmy and the Science of the Word and the great Agricultural Course by Rudolf Steiner.

So the Science of the Word sees visibly, a strong ‘I’ or sublimated   ‘  ‘i  ‘  standing in the hieroglyphic impression of the English word, immune system. Through this very Aquarian single word we can rise into the Time Sphere of the Zodiac, fast forward into the future, and see, literally through the Word what lies ahead.

In Mary, in Mother, in Mammary glands as the organs that, in the female mammal, produce milk for the sustenance of the young, we find ourselves loaded with the Speech Science of the MMM, three M’s. Which means that the flowing Life Forces from the cosmos, out of Aquarius and the Elemental Hieroglyph of the Eurythmy figure ‘M’ and the Cosmic force of the Stirring of the Waters, from the Cosmic Aquarius gesture used in Eurythmy acts as a restoring force in our human Etheric bodies.

How each Eurythmy figure was captured and tamed and brought from the wilds of Language and Speech into a Freeze Frame study, of what normally was never beheld, is a tale that goes all the way back to Origins of Language. Specifically the heavy finger of destiny pointed all the way back to the ancient Egyptian Mysteries. There in the depths of the Egyptian Mysteries, certain powerful WORDS were uttered by Hierophants and Initiates. Those WORDS had Elemental forces in them. Those Words were just a series of Consonants and Vowels, but with Living Elemental Beings, Spirit Beings that Lived in the trained breath-stream of Hierophants.

A Person of Interest “The Soul’s Awakening” (see Link)

“Inside the temple. The hall of initiation. The ceremony is performed on a broad flight of steps descending from the back to the front of the stage. The characters stand in groups below one another and on different steps. The drop-curtain goes up, disclosing everything in readiness for the initiation of the Neophyte, who is to be thought of as an earlier in-carnation of Maria; behind the altar and to the left of it stands the Chief Hierophant who is to be thought of as an earlier incarnation of Benedictus; on the other side the Recorder, an earlier incarnation of Hilary True-to-God; a little in front of the altar the Keeper of the Seals, an earlier incarnation of Theodora; in front, on the right side of the altar, the Impersonator of the Earth Element, an earlier in-carnation of Romanus, and with him the Impersonator of the Air Element, an earlier incarnation of Magnus Bellicosus; quite close to the Chief Hierophant, stands the Hierophant, an earlier incarnation of Capesius; on the left side of the altar the Impersonator of the Fire Element, an earlier incarnation of Doctor Strader, with the Impersonator of the Water Element, an earlier incarnation of Torquatus. In front of them Philia, Astrid, Luna and ‘the Other Philia.’ Four other priests stand in front of them. In front of all Lucifer to the left of altar and Ahriman to the right in the guise of sphinxes, with the cherubim emphasized in the case of Lucifer and the bull in the case of Ahriman. Dead silence for a while after the interior of the temple with its grouped mystics has become visible. The Keeper of the Temple, an earlier incarnation of Felix Balde, and the Mystic, an earlier incarnation of Dame Betide, lead the Neophyte in through a doorway on the right of stage. They place him in the inner circle near the altar, and remain standing near him.”

The Chief Hierophant:
The sphinxes speak — who were but images
Since e’er this rite by sages was performed.
Upon dead form the spirit now hath seized.
O Fate, thou dost sound forth as cosmic word!

I do not judge the man, I judge the deed
That will be wrought here in this holy place.
This holy mystic rite, which we perform
Hath not importance for ourselves alone.
Fate’s stream of cosmic evolution pours
Through word and deed of sacred priestly rites.
What happens here in pictures comes to pass
In everlasting life in spirit-worlds….

….The guides and leaders are themselves to blame.
Have they not learned to know the mystic force
Which penetrates in some mysterious way
With spirit, every word and sign of ours;
And ceases not from action even when
The contents of a soul are poured therein
Which hinders cosmic evolution’s course?

Initiation brought Candidates or Neophytes, prior to the Raising of Lazarus, to special schools and special training’s that brought the ripest candidates into a higher schooling and The Temple Sleep (see link). We follow this Temple Sleep and the Veil of Isis all the way to the powerful reality behind the Son of the Widow in the New Testament.  We are allowed to follow a failed stream of Egyptian Isis Initiation that included THE YOUTH OF NAIN, whom Christ personally recovered. The Youth of Nain remained through his many incarnations as the Son of the Widow, based on the failed and hazardous Initiation event experienced in a previous life through an Egyptian Isis Initiation Event.

To release the imprisoned elemental powers, to capture the flitting and fleeting elemental beings and hold them and observe them so that the forces of Consonants and Vowels, each Individual Elemental and en-souled force could be studied was a task greater than all of Shakespeare’s entire works. Shakespeare was able to identify and free Ariel, which we shall discuss later on. Shakespeare was able to free up one Elemental Sylph Spirit that had accompanied him through many incarnations. As Shakespeare evolved he was able to emancipate from his lower bodies, his astral body, the magnificent forces that each one of us has embedded in us.

What Fire – Air – Water – Earth elemental beings are embedded in us? Let’s clear up this issue so that we may grasp the magnitude of diagnosing and taming each slippery, shape shifting Consonant and Vowel and learning it’s pedigree and where it’s origin, originated from, aside from our lightening thoughts and our Speech system and our Etheric bodies. The order of magnitude of defining each sound, each dead letter, revealed in their pristine unfallen garments, their gestures and personalities stands above the magnificence, swirling through all of Shakespeare’s works.

In order for Buddha to free his Angel, to become a Buddha literally, literally entails freeing our Angel from his/her responsibilities. The Angel is then allowed to graduate to a higher level.  Before Buddha could free his Angel he had to transform all his elemental forces that held him into incarnation. Buddha had to liberate, and emancipate the entire colony of elemental beings that had served with Buddha as our Angel serves with us, until we unlock the cohesion and mysteries of our souls and Spirits and unlock Matter as the magnificent cohesion of Love and Light.

In “The Tempest” we witness, in all humility, the final play that through Shakespeare’s magnificent Symphonies of the Word, by way of the magical language forces Shakespeare used, he was able to demonstrate the freeing up of a mercurial Air Spirit, a Sylph that had served him as our mercurial Air Spirits serve our own intuitions.

Marie Steiner

“I once saw in Germany a large-scale production of Shakespeare’s Tempest. But of the elemental world and its spiritual nature, there was nothing to be perceived. There was certainly a lot of noise, temperamental outbursts and screaming. The Caliban scenes were exorbitantly overdone, and protracted in the realist manner far beyond anything Shakespeare apportioned them. And Ariel? There was nothing in him of aerial lightness and strength: a heavy, booming voice, hard as bone; the figure thick-set. There was much bouncing up and down and shrieking. But the bouncing did nothing to dispel the heaviness of that little, earth-bound, dumpy figure with its anti-halo of tousled, disheveled hair. An Ariel! Is not the word itself pure lightness and radiance – a soaring, sounding, hovering delight in the air?”

In all humility and in all objectivity of Initiation Science and Humanity, Spiritual Science has restored the entire body of language, and an entire Speech Treasure Box filled with animated mercurial Word Spirits. Eurythmy and the Science of the Word is a transcendent Portal of Initiation that lights our pathway, through the Word living in our Etheric bodies, back to the Gods.

We are now in the Age of the Fishes, in Pisces. The Egyptian Age was the Third Age and our Fifth Age, the age of the Fish has much to do with the Third Age, the Egyptian Age. Our age has everything to do with the resurrection of the Word Spirits. In Egypt the Tone and Mantric Words that called back the Astral Body of someone who lay in a TEMPLE SLEEP is the precise redemption of the Word that connects the Third cultural Epoch of Egypt to the deed of the recovery of each Sound and restoring each Sound to it’s rightful place, which is part of the karma of our Fifth cultural Epoch.

In ancient Egypt this Tone and Word power was part of the potent forces of Pictographic Language studies that we see written in hieroglyphs of stone in ancient Egypt and the magnificent research of R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz (Click Link). True research and resurrection of the Word Beings is a hard job, but somebody had to take up the burden.

The Burden fell on the Karmic Intuition, and knowledge of one of the Chief Hierophants of ancient Egypt. This ancient Hierophant, was not commanded to do this or that, but the shadow of the great wings of the Archae Michael and the Etheric Christ tipped towards the deep karma of Rudolf Steiner. This time the Free Deed of Rudolf Steiner was prepared to see what the Divine Beings required and do a Free Deed which otherwise, as Freedom reveals to all of us, we look back on a debris field of SINS OF OMISSION.

We step into revelations of the most intimate karma and the most intimate free deeds that could only be intuited in the depths of the soul, that knew where it stood and when it stood there and who were the other players that stood there beside him. But for the sake of external spiritual riddles, The Souls Awakening and the Egyptian Scene Steiner wrote, can only be grasped externally by such research that R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz attempted (see link). However, when penetrating to a deeper level of Initiation Science and the revelation of the Human Word, we are required to actually penetrate the Karma of Humanity and see how our Best Human forces turned Sins of Omission from the past into Revelations for the future, drawing from deep well springs of Life Giving Spiritual Truths.

The Seven Post-Atlantean epochs

1. Indian/Hindu (7227-5067 BC) ————————————————- 7. American

2. Persian (5067-2907 BC) ——————————– 6. Russian/Slavonic

3. Egyptian (2907-747 BC) ———– 5. Anglo-Germanic (1413-3573 AD)

4. Graeco-Roman (747 B.C.-1413 AD)

Those Words and Tones that once called back the Individual Soul and Spirit from their out of body experiences, that lasted for Three Days, were once uttered with fully conscious magical Word Powers. There, back then, Elemental Beings embodied in the Power of the Word went forth into the astral worlds, the Devachan worlds, and retrieved the Travelers, the Neophytes for Initiation, and through the power of Speech and the Word, the Science of the Word, these candidates were led, escorted, back to their bodies. It was called a Temple Sleep.

This is exactly what Prospero, of “The Tempest,” commanded Ariel, to do. Ariel was sent through the Devachan and astral worlds to retrieve, ‘dead men’ which was nearly the condition of those in the old Temple Sleep. Ariel was charged with creating the conditions for catharsis and Initiation and bringing those participants and candidates for initiation back to their senses.

This was part of the precise hidden Mysteries of every ancient culture that Christ reversed, He turned the hidden Word of the Mysteries inside out. Christ performed The Temple Sleep, openly using the Word to Call Lazarus back to life, in public, before all of humanity.  For Speech it meant that Words were Intoned with fully conscious Power and Words were Spoken externally with condensed Spiritual Strength and The Time Was At Hand. Well my friends, there is World Karma in the Sounds of Speech.

So a panorama of the karma of one Chief Hierophant who arrived in the latter part of the 19th century and gets fully drenched in the storm of the Revelation of Michael bursting forth in thunderous lightening claps in 1879, opens the flood gates of magnificent New Insights into the Spiritual World. What will this Chief Hierophant discover about his incarnation gifts and his karmic path? This Person of Interest, this Chief Hierophant is brought before Goethean Science, plant and etheric metamorphosis. What ancient torch buried in our intuition and cognition will illuminate some of the riddles of this Chief Hierophant?

The torch we are discussing must illuminate the potential of the new powers of the Etheric World. If we use the analogy of the the Olympic Torch carried as the Spirit of Michael in investigating and laying the ground work for the Science of the Spirit of Humanity, then Goethe, his scientific work, his cutting edge revelation of Mephistopheles/Ahriman in our human psyche, lit a path from Greece to Germany. Someone had to see the torch that was carried and left burning. Hadn’t that same torch burned to the ground the Temple of Ephesus? Someone had to identify the torch, the light, or The Man with the Lamp, that had lit a trail from the ancient mysteries to the 20th century. Someone had to lift, raise and bring to the surface the Underground Temple that consolidated all the Mysteries of Humanity into a Christic-Michael Revelation.

In choosing to be a Scientist, in being drawn towards Goethe and finding the entire world of The Agricultural Course, Etheric Sciences, Plant Metamorphosis, Speech, and Eurythmy arising from the human etheric body to fulfill a shattering Karmic Event that goes all the way back to Egypt, well that puts a lot on someones plate.

What are the manifold and intimate reasons that the Resurrection of the Word and the awakening to Etheric Perception, the intimate forces hidden in each Consonant and in each Vowel, fell to Rudolf Steiner, is a riddle few Eurythmist concern themselves with.  Yet the Angelic forces written in the script of the plant world and Eurythmy as an answer to the awakening of humanity to the Etheric Word, points directly through Goethe, through ancient Greece, through Plato and Aristotle, from Ephesus to the 1st Goetheanum.

I look at the New Elemental forces of the Phytology and Botany of the Word, of the New Nature Forces arising from Eurythmy and Speech as an answer to the riddle of a shattering world karmic question. Millions, literally millions have been shocked by the Raising of Lazarus, but not nearly as shocked as one who felt the full impact of Saturn Karma shattering any illusions that Saul who became Paul felt or the riddles that Rudolf Steiner unraveled for the Fifth Cultural Epoch felt, in relation to all the pent up and locked up forces that sprang  at him like a lion when he recognized his Egyptian karma.

The talent to see with the ‘ I AM ‘ and bring public Initiation out of the closet into the glaring reality of the 20th and 21st century, from the ancient depths that had reverberated in the riddles hidden from public view in Egyptian Initiation, gives just a hint to us of the emotional grandeur, tragedy and complexity involved with the Destiny of Human Speech and the Resurrection of the Word through Eurythmy.

The seven post-Atlantean Cultural Ages:
Indian Age – Crab, Cancer
7227 – 5067 BC
Persian Age – Twins, Gemini
5067 – 2907 BC
Egypto-Chaldean-Babylonian Age – Bull, Taurus
2907 – 747 BC
Greco-Latin Age – Ram, Aries
747 BC – 1413 AD
Anglo-Saxon and Germanic Age – Fish, Pisces
1413 – 3573 AD
Russian, Slavic Age – Water, Aquarius
3573 – 5733 AD
American Age – Sea-Goat, Capricorn
5733 – 7893 AD

Education and Public Initiation and giving humanity the forces that strengthen and set into motion the new Etheric nature forces in Agriculture, in Speech, in each Consonant and Vowel and setting the laws of humanity that were lost, towards the good again, with the Science of Reincarnation and Karma, restoring the Greek and Human model of Truth – Beauty – Goodness through Art – Science – Religion, required a Human Being to go out beyond the shattering reefs and debris fields of the SINS OF OMISSION that are part of the Saturn Beings.

Part of the debris field that surrounds any individual who attempts, unconsciously, to scale the Walls where Saturn stands ominously reflecting the consequences of each of us, well, put it this way, most of us cannot even glimpse the magnitude of the I AM once it passes through the karmic necessities of Saturn.

Most people have no idea that we are not Science Fiction Space Voyagers in the stars, we are literally building the stages to become conscious participants in the work of the Heavens. In our real journey out beyond Saturn we will have a moment later in PART TWO – A of the Vowels (Click Link), to consider the Mystery of Saturn and the real Saturn Beings.

The Vowel sound UH carries weight, centricity, gravity, consolidation and the forces that contract the Spirit to a narrow point where the I AM slowly begins to glow under extreme compression. What Elemental Being and force has the task to contract the entire splendor of a plant, into the tiny fire chamber of the seed? Pure Goethean Science, pure Botany, Pure Eurythmy where we are introduced to a new nature being, hidden in Speech, who serves the deepest mysteries of Saturn, holds that sacred position in the realm of Speech and the Vowels.

We can see what the seed kernel of the I AM becomes and what Christ could observe shimmering in Lazarus in the darkness of the TOMB.  A word like TOMB or GLOOM truly reveals a certain elemental nature force in the new Botany and Phytology of the Science of the Word. This mighty Saturn Force rolled away the stone that covered the TOMB and our Earth is still reverberating from the Cosmic Seed Force, still gathering strength and fortitude through the upwelling power of Eurythmy,  that was released from the TOMB on Easter morning.

“The young German poet Novalis became a seer — we might almost say ‘miraculously’ — by the grace of divine-spiritual Powers. Through a deeply shattering event which made him aware, as if by a stroke of magic, of the connection between life and death, his eyes of spirit were opened and as well as a great vista of past ages of the Earth and Cosmos, the Christ Being Himself appeared before him. He was able to say of himself that he was one who with the eyes of spirit has actually seen what is revealed when ‘the stone is lifted’ (CLICK LINK)  and the Being who has furnished earthly existence with the proof that life in the spirit will forever overcome death, becomes visible.”

And what of those in Ahriman’s Army of Monsanto who lock the Seed Force and never let them out, control and regulate and catastrophically manipulate the regenerative seed force, or force humanity to pay a price to Ahriman to let any seed forces at all out of the Tomb? What if we grasped vividly that Ahrimanic Monsanto have been setting traps by tampering with the seed forces of the Etheric Life of Humanity, the Bees, and our Etheric Sun Evolution forces that are alive in the Risen Etheric Christ Being? What if we knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Ahriman wished to prevent all of humanity and our children from ever developing our higher Etheric potentials? That in fact a Counterfeit Etheric Body, manufactured by Ahrimanic Science is already in the works designed to prevent any higher forces of Speech, Eurythmy OR the New Nature forces of the Living Etheric Christ from becoming activated and alive within us and our children. What then?

So if we now measure three events we see the problem of the Word and the changes of the Power of the Word and the requirement to lift the Human Word back into the Elemental Powers of the Constellations and the Planets, because that was their origins and that is whom they served. Nobody has ever known, save those in the depths of the Mysteries and THE CHRIST BEING, through His Human Speech, that each Consonant and Vowel were living elemental beings who were nesting as part of the great future mystery hidden in our human Larynx.

These three events, the Raising of Lazarus through the Word; The resolution of the Egyptian Mysteries through the Youth of Nain, that had defiled the Word forces and caused immense casualties, because there were human spirits who had  Lifted the Veil of Isis with out proper preparations, caused immense shattering consequences. And finally the third factor which has caused Eurythmy to arise and the capturing of each Consonant and  Vowel and bringing each Elemental Sound back to their origins and Lift humanity through the Power of the Word, was the fact that Christ Himself spoke and imbued with life the fallen Language of all the Consonants and Vowels. In the Living Breath of the Christ Being the stream of  Speech as New Nature Forces lit up, were awakened back to life, returned as beneficent servants of the stars. They were Restored and brought back to Life because a God breathed Eternal Life back into the Living Forces of the wild menagerie of Word Beings.

The resurrection of The Bread of Life, by restoring the Word is, once again, so astonishing when we consider The Fifth Cultural Epoch we are in, and the Hierophant Christ Being, using the Twelve Constellations to re-educate humanity, and send a signal out to all those who have ears to hear, that THE FEEDING OF THE FIVE THOUSAND, with renewable Sound and renewable edible Etheric Life Forces, were a direct Signal given out by the Christ Being in the ritual of breaking the bread and gathering and re-distribution of the crumbs. This essay is part of the crumbs, each Eurythmy performance are part of  fragments of the mystery of FEEDING THE FIVE THOUSAND. Each Speech student of the living Word, each Eurythmy student is fulfilling an inner calling that went out to the Fifth Cultural Epoch, to regain the nourishment of the Word into their very Beings.

Matthew 4:4″But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”

Since each Consonant and Vowel have now been Captured and Restored through the  intimate and delicate research work of a person of interest who had a great deal to do with the ancient karma of Egypt we’re back on task with one of the most hidden secrets of our Fifth cultural epoch that connects to the depth of Egypt and our Third cultural epoch (See Link). The Science of the Word, the Dawning of a whole new stream of Nature Forces produced through Speech and Eurythmy are required to lift Creation and Humanity upwards through the changed soul-scape of the Etheric worlds.

The Age of Pisces and the Human Word

“The brightest star in Pisces Austrinus is Fomalhaut, associated in ancient Persia with Ahriman. The open mouth may indicate an ahrimanized or materialistic form of speech, for speech descended, became dispersed into many languages, and began to be used personally and profanely during the third cultural age (Tower of Babel). According to Rudolf Steiner, speech is to be redeemed and will again be sacred in the future, thus Pisces Austrinus continues to receive sweet water from the jug of Aquarius, sign of the Sixth Age.”

Those Beings of the Word that had once served in bringing the Soul and Spirit back into their bodies, now have the task of slowly and carefully coming into the service of refashioning the Etheric Body of Humanity, that we may join and participate in the New Cosmic Nature forces living in the revelation of the Etheric Worlds where Christ now dwells.  Math, Science, Music, Pythagoras, the Music of the Spheres, the Tonal living elemental and cosmic force in each letter and each word, are no longer Dead Language.

To plunge deeper into the problem we are addressing, it would be important to look into the so called Battle of the Minstrels (Study carefully this Link). This obscure and Real event, where Star Beings of the Word were attempted to be re-enslaved, that the elemental beings we have been discussing were brought deeply back into enslavement is not trifling.  We should take what is being offered with far more seriousness, for Starry Language Beings are being sought by Ahriman for enslavement into a counterfeit Ahrimanic and counterfeit materialistic language divorced from their Starry Origins. What follows has everything, literally everything to do with overcoming the decadent effects of the misuse of ancient Word Forces by former Initiates.

Part of the the problem of Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg and the Battle of the Minstrels (STUDY LINK STAR MYSTERIES AND THE WORD) CLICK LINK – is that it put the WORD on notice.

Human Speech and the starry forces of the Word could be enchanted down into the service of materialism. Eurythmy and Speech here described out of Spiritual Science, overcomes the enslavement of Language that Ahriman is seeking and was researched with intensity and spiritual strength by George Orwell in his “1984”. All these things are intimately connected. We are required to understand that the very redemption of the Starry Word Beings we are discussing, are being  threatened with imprisonment within materialistic language constructs that Ahriman and humanity are already locked into.

Rudolf Steiner “The Course of My Life”, Chapter XXXIV

“The evolution of the CONSCIOUSNESS – SOUL exposes the “Word” to danger from two directions. On the one hand it is made the vehicle of social understanding, and on the other it serves to communicate logical, intellectual knowledge. In both spheres the “Word” loses all value of its own. It has to be adapted to the “sense” of what it expresses. That the tone, the sound and the formation of the sound possess a reality of their own has to be forgotten. The beauty and luminous quality of the vowels, the unique character of the various consonants, are lost in speech. The vowel is drained of soul, the consonant of spirit. Speech deserts utterly the sphere of its origin – the spiritual sphere. It becomes the slave of intellectual knowledge and of a social life that shuns the spirit. It is divorced entirely from the domain of art.

“True spiritual perception is also instinctively an “experience of the Word”. Through it one learns to enter into the soul-quality that resonates in the vowel, and the spiritual power of depiction that resides in the consonant. One gradually begins to comprehend the mystery of speech and its evolution: how divine-spiritual beings could once speak to man’s soul through the Word, whereas now it is merely a means of communicating in the physical world.

“To lead the word back to its own sphere requires the enthusiasm kindled by such a spiritual insight. Marie von Sivers had this enthusiasm. Through her personality there entered the Anthroposophical Movement the possibility of cultivating the art of speech and speech-formation. Thus to the activity of imparting spiritual knowledge was added cultivation of the art of recitation and declamation, and this played an ever-increasing part in the events that were organized within the Anthroposophical Movement.”

That Power in the ‘M’ comes from the Water Bearer, the zodiacal sound offered from the constellation of Aquarius. It is so powerful, so stirring and has such an effect on the Etheric body that it was used as the vibratory end of the tone AUM or as the Speech and Drama Course by Rudolf Steiner revealed once and for all to humanity, it wasn’t just OM (I apologize in advance for this Link, I just thought you needed a break in your concentration), it wasn’t just two letters, it was Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end and the actual tonal structure used, that is still valid today is AH – O – U – M.

The ‘MMM” sound stirs our salivary etheric forces to life in smells and tastes with instinctual elemental force, even babies come forth knowing how to awaken and stimulate their Etheric Life forces by intoning  ‘MMMMM’ like a sweet and healthy symphony that the child still experiences resounding through the universe as health, Etheric Life and well being.

Through the Phytology and Botany studies of the Human Word we learn how we explore each gesture of our tongues and what our tongues can do, what our lips do, in how we meet our Karma through a Kiss. Through a KISS, how the lower and upper lips appear on each human being is an amazing study of thin or voluptuousness of lips that reveal completely different forces, readable and definable forces that appear in the Lips and help define the Soul and Spirit of the face that wears those lips.

Here we come to something so extremely astonishing, that in the structure and forces of our Lips, our blood, our compassion, our sympathy and most importantly our Hearts rise in the Lyric sounds and the Lip placement Consonants serve the soothing delicacy of our Living I AM.  The I AM lives in our blood and we meet the world with Love in the Consonants that serve Lyric Poetry and live close to our heart forces.

Lyric Poets and Lyric Poetry of such an astonishing variety works back directly into the region of our hearts and infuses the I AM with cognitive Love for the world and the Beings who are nearest and dearest to us. By practicing Lyric Poetry with a warmth close to the breath-stream and softened with the dignity of the human soul we create a direct pathway for the development of The Fifth Chamber of the Human Heart (See Link).

In the M’s and in the mood of Lyric Poets and Poetry, John Keats epitomizes the epitome of Lyric Poetry in this example that is all in the warmth of the intimate breath stream merging with the heart and Lip Placement concentration and focus. It has the making of a truly esoteric exercise and study in the Lyric forces of the I AM where the blood forces of the ‘ I ‘  and the breath-stream hover near the upper and lower lips and shimmer in the warmed movements of the intimacy of the heart. Most of the sounds of the poem lean towards the lips, caressing and holding tone, consonant and vowel into a forward placement of the Lips. A very potent example of Lyric Poetry by a most astonishing Lyric Poet.

Ode to a Nightingale

By John Keats

My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains
         My sense, as though of hemlock I had drunk,
Or emptied some dull opiate to the drains
         One minute past, and Lethe-wards had sunk:
‘Tis not through envy of thy happy lot,
         But being too happy in thine happiness,—
                That thou, light-winged Dryad of the trees
                        In some melodious plot
         Of beechen green, and shadows numberless,
                Singest of summer in full-throated ease.
O, for a draught of vintage! that hath been
         Cool’d a long age in the deep-delved earth,
Tasting of Flora and the country green,
         Dance, and Provençal song, and sunburnt mirth!
O for a beaker full of the warm South,
         Full of the true, the blushful Hippocrene,
                With beaded bubbles winking at the brim,
                        And purple-stained mouth;
         That I might drink, and leave the world unseen,
                And with thee fade away into the forest dim:
Fade far away, dissolve, and quite forget
         What thou among the leaves hast never known,
The weariness, the fever, and the fret
         Here, where men sit and hear each other groan;
Where palsy shakes a few, sad, last gray hairs,
         Where youth grows pale, and spectre-thin, and dies;
                Where but to think is to be full of sorrow
                        And leaden-eyed despairs,
         Where Beauty cannot keep her lustrous eyes,
                Or new Love pine at them beyond to-morrow.
Away! away! for I will fly to thee,
         Not charioted by Bacchus and his pards,
But on the viewless wings of Poesy,
         Though the dull brain perplexes and retards:
Already with thee! tender is the night,
         And haply the Queen-Moon is on her throne,
                Cluster’d around by all her starry Fays;
                        But here there is no light,
         Save what from heaven is with the breezes blown
                Through verdurous glooms and winding mossy ways.
I cannot see what flowers are at my feet,
         Nor what soft incense hangs upon the boughs,
But, in embalmed darkness, guess each sweet
         Wherewith the seasonable month endows
The grass, the thicket, and the fruit-tree wild;
         White hawthorn, and the pastoral eglantine;
                Fast fading violets cover’d up in leaves;
                        And mid-May’s eldest child,
         The coming musk-rose, full of dewy wine,
                The murmurous haunt of flies on summer eves.
Darkling I listen; and, for many a time
         I have been half in love with easeful Death,
Call’d him soft names in many a mused rhyme,
         To take into the air my quiet breath;
                Now more than ever seems it rich to die,
         To cease upon the midnight with no pain,
                While thou art pouring forth thy soul abroad
                        In such an ecstasy!
         Still wouldst thou sing, and I have ears in vain—
                   To thy high requiem become a sod.
Thou wast not born for death, immortal Bird!
         No hungry generations tread thee down;
The voice I hear this passing night was heard
         In ancient days by emperor and clown:
Perhaps the self-same song that found a path
         Through the sad heart of Ruth, when, sick for home,
                She stood in tears amid the alien corn;
                        The same that oft-times hath
         Charm‘d magic casements, opening on the foam
                Of perilous seas, in faery lands forlorn.
Forlorn! the very word is like a bell
         To toll me back from thee to my sole self!
Adieu! the fancy cannot cheat so well
         As she is fam‘d to do, deceiving elf.
Adieu! adieu! thy plaintive anthem fades
         Past the near meadows, over the still stream,
                Up the hill-side; and now ’tis buried deep
                        In the next valley-glades:
         Was it a vision, or a waking dream?
                Fled is that music:—Do I wake or sleep?

“Let Lips do what Hands do” touch caress, entwine with each other is again a Living Shakespeare Expression but it is also an integral part of the Science of the Word. We literally meet our Karma at our Lips through the starting points where a Mother Kisses her baby. A Mother resolves the pain and kisses the boo-boo and makes it better. All gone!  The Etheric bridge from the Mother to the Child and through the Language of the Mother Tongue magically envelopes the new born soul, now clothed in her earthly garment. Lovers leap to lavish or ravish each other, smother each other in kisses that explode with Life Forces of our Tongues that produce the very Sounds to say the names of our lovers. Their names become for us Life Forces, sometimes they become immortal, Juliet, Romeo, Beatrice and with a touch of Aphrodite and the fallen Venus mysteries we marvel in amazement at MM, Marilyn Monroe.

This was not even her original name, but what Lyric inspiration to Aphrodite and the power of Venus draws us upwards to our Lips and becomes a cultural epitome in a name? M & M melts in your mouth not in your hand (see link). It was so powerful, the force of these two MM’s of Marilyn Monroe that she found her way to Rudolf Steiner and read the Philosophy of Freedom. This is not a Joke.

“The following quote is taken from a biography of Marilyn Monroe called “Norma Jean: the Life of Marilyn Monroe” by Fred Lawrence Guiles, published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York in 1969. The quote appears on pages 331-332 of the 333 page book.

“Some years before her death (in Dec. ’64), Dame Edith (Sitwell) had spent a winter in Hollywood. A meeting between the poetess and Marilyn was arranged by a monthly magazine. It was thought their ‘opposite’ personalities would throw off some journalistic sparks. No one could have foreseen that they would become immediate friends, nor could anyone have known that their deaths would be marked in an almost identical way—while their legends were growing in their lifetimes, they had been taken seriously by too few, too late.

“By the time she met Dame Edith, Marilyn had come a long way. If she had not been moving in an atmosphere— much of it self-created— so removed from her beginning, they might have had nothing in common. But when the introductions were over, these new and unlikely friends were left alone and began talking of Rudolph Steiner, whose personal history, “The Course of My Life”, Marilyn was reading at the time. Dame Edith was to remark later on Marilyn’s ‘extreme intelligence'”

“While living in Spring Valley in 1980, I had the good fortune of meeting the person who had sent Marilyn that copy of Steiner’s autobiography as well as a number of other Steiner books and lecture cycles that Marilyn requested over a ten year period from the Anthroposophical Library, then located at 211 Madison Avenue in New York City. I speak of the late Agnes Macbeth, wife of the late Norman Macbeth (author of “Darwin Retried”. Agnes worked for the library during the 1950’s, handling book requests and she vividly remembers the letters Marilyn posted asking for various lecture cycles. And although Marilyn had a reputation for tardiness and irresponsibility on her movie sets, Agnes assured me that Marilyn was very conscientious and punctual with her returns of the books.

“Marilyn Monroe was introduced to Steiner by her favorite drama teacher, Michael Chekhov (1890-1955), nephew of the playwright Anton, and fellow director with Stanislavsky in the Moscow Art Theater early this century. Marilyn was introduced to Chekhov in 1951 by one of his devoted students, the American character actor Jack Palance.  Marilyn opened herself like a sponge to water to Chekhov’s approach to theater which was so deeply influenced by Steiner that Chekhov left Stanislovski’s method behind.  And Marilyn opened herself very deeply to anthroposophy, not because she felt it would please her teacher, but Chekhov felt that it was one of the only times in her life that Marilyn did something out of her own free inner being.  The tragedy of Marilyn Monroe is that she opened herself up too much and became a slave, not only of the studio bosses, but also the expectations of a world that focused on her as such a fantasy object.  Yet deep inside her inner being, which no one in the media and our popular culture even believed she possessed, she spent the last 10 or 11 years of her tortured life cultivating the delicate plant of anthroposophy.”

Our Vowels and Consonants allow us to be the most Expressive Word Bearers that carry the law, in any language we study, of the entire Zodiac in our Consonants and all the rainbow colors of emotion of the planets in our Vowels. Every Language and every Etheric and Ethnic human being who speaks language, must use Vowels and Consonants. In agony, ecstasy or silence we feel and know the word and the elemental power of emotion that runs through us. In every instance what comes through us, through our Larynx, from our hearts are either raw Planetary Vowel Emotions or Living powers of the Zodiac that dance swiftly on the tips of our tongues in all the different Consonants.

This is how we enter into the study of Etheric and Astral Phytology, where each word, each letter, each sound, that runs in rivers from our lips, that we love, or our gestures, that are sometimes a whole language in themselves are all miniature cosmic forces we were never taught to behold. We come to know each WORD we utter and our fluid mimicry that runs etherically through our gestures as specific instances of the Botany and Phytology of the Word.

The Logos Law is new to some of you, but it is the major discovery that has been resurrected in the Word, in the fact that Consonants and Vowels were uttered by the Christ Being through Language and Sounds, means that those Sounds and those Words became immortal elemental forces of the New Nature that are arising from Eurythmy and resurrected to consciousness through the Science of Sound, Speech and the Word.

The Macrocosmic Logos that Spoke all things, that made Adam name and give etheric, astral identity to Life, that Macrocosmic Logos incarnated and used the Word and the laws of the Word, the humble human word, and breathed immortality into each Sound, each Consonant and each Vowel.

Through our Speech we partake, in miniature, microcosmic miracle, the same forces that Christ used in the Zodiac and Planets. We are the Living Logos of nature and from our Larynx, from our souls and from our spirits we produce, refined, into magic, the New Nature arising from the Living Word and Eurythmy.

In our Consonants we see the individual expressions and characters of the Zodiac and in our Vowels, the Vowels in each word, are the Soul of the Word, the soul of the moment and instant of our meaning and expression. The Consonants are the clothing, the zodiacal garments that our Souls wish to express themselves with. So that we enter into a Science of the Phytology of the Word and gradually come to know each Vowel and each Consonant and how a New Nature is being slowly resurrected from Eurythmy and the Science of the Word.

Just as the plants are fettered music and math filled with starry virtues, nutritional and etheric Sun Logos laws so is Eurythmy filled with the Sun Laws of the Cosmic and Human Word as it ripples through our human etheric bodies. Eurythmy sends a message back to the Angels that humanity has heard their prayers and understood the wisdom spread out in nature.

Our human skeletal systems manifest the frozen music of the zodiac, human beings are the Word Made Flesh. Eurythmy releases the frozen zodiac and planetary forces of nature and defines an entire new Elemental Human Kingdom of Language and the Word, a host of Consonants and Vowels in each and every Eurythmy form, has been snatched lovingly out of the ethers and richly restored as the Living Hieroglyphics that once lay frozen in the stone picture walls of ancient Egypt and Sumeria.

Rudolf Steiner

Behold the plant
It is the butterfly
Fettered to the earth.
Behold the butterfly
It is the plant
Set free by the cosmos.

Dr. Karl Konig

Behold the spoken word
It is speech
Fettered to the breath;
Behold heard language
It is the word
Set free from the head.

Clumping gnomes in the roots are Bass notes, Nymphs and undines serve the Etheric and Angel Kingdoms songs, by sending the fluids in obedience with lovely Tenor like weaving, and winding, through leaf and stem. To achieve blossom and seed the general design of the plant scales tighter, higher into Alto, as a rising Ascension written in the etheric script of nature peaks, time becomes space and the blossom would literally take flight into the Soprano.

It is in the blossom where the very notes of the music call forth the sublime butterfly and winged laborer, the bee, to meet the Soprano and Alto spiral rise to the spirit.

This rising Sun Tone of exquisite music lifts the Queen upwards and upwards, and upwards where the mating with the weighty and bumbling drone male takes place high in the sunlit air. The Queen follows the Sun Tone of the highest plant symphonies high up into a stream of etheric light and tone where she mates with her consort in the Etheric Rich light, and tone unheard by human ears.

Humming birds and dragon fly’s shimmer in supersensible astral desires seeking nectar, while Eurythmy and the veritable Word finds itself in flitting Tone, in garments of tone, as Holy Spirit butterflies soaring on the lymphatic/etheric foundation that our human physical bodies offer to us. The laws of gravity are overcome, weight has been trans-substantiated to spirit. The Angel Kingdom rejoices in their flora strewn prayers uplifted in holy psalms to heaven and the human STAR FORM.

And of special concern, the Angel Kingdom calls forth from the stars themselves Homeopathic virtues distilled from each star. Spices, healing herbs, tastes to titillate and call forth our astral senses,  and awaken our etheric nutritional juices to the manna from the starry world that is woven into the unique design of each flowering herb, fruit, blossom, root, seed, stem and leaf. Each plant carries a Virtue and an Individuality and a familiar Elemental Spirit.

Literal Star virtues, healing herbs are dressed in mathematical finery, clothed with dappled colors that peek from every nook and cranny. Frozen, visible, sound, tone, Star Words that are loaded with secrets to heal our astral bodies illnesses and our etheric bodies dis-harmonies.

Luke 12:27 “Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.”

Nicholas Culpeper was born in 1616 in Surrey, England into an old noble family.  His father died shortly before his birth; and so, his grandfather was the main formative influence in his upbringing. He did his university studies at Cambridge, where he studied for the priesthood, but his heart wasn’t in it.  Culpeper was in love with a rich heiress of whom his family disapproved, so they planned to marry in secret.  On the eve of their elopement, his fiancee was struck dead by lightning, which sent Culpeper into a deep depression.

Culpeper’s best known and loved work is his herbal, called A Complete Herbal, which has never really gone out of print since it was first published.  It gives the astrological indications of every herb in terms of planets and signs of the zodiac.  According to Culpeper, plants were able to channel and embody the subtle life energies of the planets, which were then consumed as food and medicine.  Through an elaborate system of planetary sympathies and antipathies, he found the right herb or formula to treat the patient’s illness.

Each of these flowers, their roots, their stems, their leaves, buds, blossoms, seeds, fruit are filled with secret geometric symphonies of the Angelic Kingdoms lowest body. The Angelic Kingdom sings the math of the Music of the Spheres into the manifold formations, musical themes, solos, duets, trios, quartets, quintets, sextets, septets, octets, nonets, dectets, hendectets and undectets  are woven as Goethean Science into the visible geometry(CLICK LINK FOR GEOMETRY AND TONE), color and scent, medicinal virtue, nutritional value that arises from the soil, the Earth.

We can now SEE with crystal clarity that Sound, Consonants and Vowels literally Shimmer through our Etheric Bodies with each Sound and Each Word we utter. For a fleeting moment both our Etheric bodies and the Speech forces in our Larynx meet and pollinate each other. It happens swiftly, which represents for us the immense meditation of the transition from the Mars forces of blood and heredity and the forces of the human Word Powers to the Mercurial, Conscious, swift ability of consciousness and Etheric mobility able to apprehend a single Tone, a single Sound, hear it, see and understand it in less than a twinkling of the Eye. It is truly a new Mercurial mandate that is arising from the New Nature Beings we are beholding in the effervescent Word.

This Liquid, quivering Mercurial Entity is prepared to Serve Humanity and Ahriman is petrified that it may be so. Ahriman will do everything in his power to kill the life out of these New Beings who wish to serve humanity. It takes some training, it does. It takes some interest, it does.

The Christ had these silvery or Swift Rainbow Hued Spirits at his command, to serve HIM. The entire arrangement and Colonies of Zodiac and Planetary servants embodied in our Consonants and Vowels rejoiced and were Baptized in the Living Life Ethers that we call the Fountain of Life. Speech and Eurythmy where the Etheric Christ Dwells are the Living Waters of Budhi and the Life-Spirit (study link for LIFE-SPIRIT CAPACITIES)  where these New Nature forces await the I AM of humanity to Sing them, Speak them and Dance them into service.

From Angels to Archangels

Geographical, arid, desert, jungles, forests, mountains, lake regions, marshes, islands, ocean shores are Archangelic regions where both LANGUAGE and the unique flora and fauna of specific countries, LANGUAGE BLOCKS, have specific native fruits, spices, herbs, trees, foods that are served that support the etheric nutritional Life and Etheric Language forces of various regions over the Earth.

The Archangels have as their lowest body, not the etheric, but the astral body. The Etheric and ethnic forces and the different qualities,  the Soul of different regions, their favorite cuisines and dishes, their sounds, their music, their style in dress and the peculiarities of their poets and their way of speaking, accents, lilts, brogue’s, gestures, particularly the Etheric gestures from the animated Italian of the Sentient Soul forces, The strong nasal forces of the French (CLICK LINK), snails, cuisine, wine, love;  the English language forces of Owen Barfield, Tolkien, Shakespeare and the Consciousness Soul; the sing-song of the Swedish; Chinese, Japanese, Aborigine, Native American, Cherokee, Apache, Crow, Blackfoot,  Sioux, Chippewa, Navajo, Hopi.

To be honest the Archangels that live in the gestures and forces of the WORD, that hover over a region of Flora and Fauna, that weave inside the lungs and hearts of ALL THESE ETHERIC BODIES, cover vast areas of land mass of the Earth, these Archangel Spirits give the Temperament, Soul, Foods and Flavors of the regions on Earth their Etheric Character. Our Individual human Angels negotiate through our karma with the vast Archangel Community, the Eighth Hierarchy above us for our place, our destination, our incarnation point, our karmic conditions of family life and Language that will most assist us in the unfolding of our own unique Spiritual development.

We learn through our Mother Tongue how our Thought life, can serve as the vehicle for our individual national, regional and Folk expressions here on Earth. Through the cradle of our Mother Tongue, the Archangels of the different Languages, are all of them, subservient to the Consonants and Vowels that shine forth, above the Archangels themselves, through the forces raying out from the Zodiac and our unique Planetary community. Our unique Language is the Garment of a vast Archangelic Being. The Archangels have a vast community in all the different nuances of all the different Languages scattered over the entire Earth.

Archangelic Language Beings (See Link) and the Group and Folk Soul Entities

“In a certain respect the Archangel-nature, the one which guides the people, is something which floats above the separate individual human beings. The personal things which a man experiences because he receives perceptions through his senses, are foreign to the Archangel who is guiding the people. But there are intermediaries, and it is important that we should understand that there are such intermediaries. They are the Beings we call Angels, who are between the Archangels and man. You must take this in the strictest sense of the words: Folk-spirits are Archangels, they are Spirits who have finished the transforming of their astral bodies into Spirit-self or Manas, and are now transforming their etheric body or life-body into Life-spirit. Just halfway between these Beings and man are the Angels. These are Beings who are occupied in remodeling their astral body into Spirit-self or Manas, but have not yet concluded their work. At the present time man is at the beginning of this work, the Angels are nearly at the end of it, but have in no wise finished it. Therefore these Beings come into closer contact with that which makes up the daily life of man. We may say that the Angels incline with their whole soul-nature towards what we call the astral body. For this reason they fully understand all the joy and sorrow the human personality may go through. But because on the other hand they extend much higher than the human ‘ I ’, because they possess a higher ‘ I ’, because they can take in part of the higher world, the world of their consciousness extends to that domain in which is to be found the sphere of consciousness of the Archangels. They are therefore really the intermediaries between the Archangels and the several human individuals. They on their part receive the commands of the Folk-spirits and convey them into the several souls, and by means of this agency is brought about what a single individual may do, not only for his own progress, his own evolution, but for his whole people.”

The laws of Consonants and Vowels transcend every Language used by Archangel Groups over the globe

Abron | Adja | Adyghe | Afar | Afrikaans | Aguaruno | Aimaq | Akan | Albanian | Alsatian | Amharic | Arabic | Arakanese | Armenian | Assamese | Assyrian | Aymara | Azerbaijani | Azeri

Bahasa | Balcanta | Baluchi | Bambara | Banda | Bangala | Bangla | Bariba | Basque | Bassa | Baule | Bedawi | Bemba | Bengali | Bete | Bhojpuri | Bicolano | Bissa | Bosnian | Breton | Bribri | Bulgarian | Buriat | Burmese | Byelorussian

Cabecar | Cakchiquel | Calo | Campa | Cantonese | Catalan | Cebuano | Chachi | Cham | Chaouia | Chichewa | Chiga | Chilupi | Chinese | Chiquitano | Colorado | Creole-English | Creole-French | Creole | Crioulo | Croatian | Czech

Dan | Danish | Dari | Daza | Dinka | Dioula | Domari | Douala | Dutch | Dzongkha

Embera | English | Estonian | Ewe | Ewondo | Fang | Faroese | Farsi | Finnish | Fon | French | Frisian | Fulfulde | Fur

Ga | Gabre | Gaelic | Gagauz | Galician | Ganda | Garifuna | Gbaya | Gen | Georgian | German | Gogo | Greek | Greenlandic | Guaragigna | Guarani | Gujarati | Gulay | Gurma | Gurtu

Hakka | Haus | Haya | Hazaragi | Hebrew | Hindi | Hmong | Huilliche | Hungarian

Igbo | Ilocano | Indonesian | Italian

Japanese | Javanese | Jerba | Jiddu | Jola | Jula

Kabiye | Kabyle | Kalanga | Kalenjin | Kalmyk | Kamba | Kannada | Karakalpak | Karen | Kari%f1a | Kashmiri | Kashubian | Kazakh | Kebumtamp | Kekchi | Ketchi | Kgalagadi | Khmer | Khmu | Kikuyu | Kinyarwanda | Kirghiz | Kirmanjki | Kissi | Kituba | Kongo | Konkani | Korean | Kpele | Kpelle | Kunama | Kuranko | Kurdish

Lalabisa | Lao | Latvian | Ligurian | Limba | Lingala | Lithuanian | Lituanian | Loanda | Lomwe | Lozi | Luba | Luo | Luxembourgeois | Luyia

Maay | Maba | Macedo Rom | Macedonian | Madura | Maithali | Makhuwa | Malagasy | Malay | Malayalan | Malinke | Mam | Mandarin | Mandinka | Mandyak | Maninka | Manipuri | Mano | Manza | Maori | Mapuche | Mapudungun | Marathi | Maya | Mbere | Mbosi | Mbundu | Mehri | Mende | Min | Min Nan | Minang | Mingrelian | Mirandesa | Miskito | Mixteco | Moba | Moldovan | Mongolian | Moore | Morisyen | Motu | Munukutuba | Muong | Myene

Nahuat | Nahuatl | Nauruan | Ndebele | Neapolitan | Nefusi | Nepalese | Nepali | Ngoni | Niuean | Niyanja | Norwegian | Nubian | Nuer | Nung | Nyankore

Occitan | Oriya | Oromigna

Paez | Pai | Papiamcutu | Pashto | Pemon | Pidgin-English | Piemontese | Polish | Portuguese | Pular | Punjabi

Quechua | Quiche

Rama | Rapa Nui | Romani | Romanian | Rundi | Russian | Ruthenian

Saami | Saho | Samoan | Sango | Sanskrit | Sara | Scharchup | Sena | Senoufo | Sepedi | Serbian | Serbo-Croatian | Serere | Sesotho | Setswana | Shan | Shona | Shuar | Sindhi | Sinhala | Sira | Siswati | Slovak | Slovenian | So | Soga | Somali | Songhai | Soninke | Soqotri | Spanish | Sumo | Susu | Swahili | Swedish | Sylheti

Tachelhit | Tagalog | Tai | Tajik | Tamajak | Tamang | Tamashek | Tamazight | Tamil | Tarifit | Tatar | Techelhit | Teke | Telugu | Tem | Thai | Tharu | Themne | Tigrina | Tigrinya | Toba | Tokelauan | Tonga | Tshivenda | Tsonga | Tumbuka | Turkish | Turkmen | Tzutujil

Uigur | Ukranian | Umbundu | Urdu | Uzbek

Valencian | Venetian | Vietnamese

Warao | Waray | Wayuu | We | Welsh | Wolof | Wuluf

Xhosa | Xiang | Xitsonga

Yao | Yiddish | Yoruba

Zapoteco | Zarma | Zaza | Zuara | Zulu

Consonants and the Intimacy of Speech

1 st position: Feet are together, arms horizontally stretched out to both sides.

2nd position: The feet move apart slightly either in a single jump or stepping with the right foot. Arms move to the level of the larynx.

3rd position: The feet move further apart with a jump or stepping now with the left foot . The arms move to the level of the heart i.e. the line connecting the hands touch the tip of the heart .

4th position : The feet are the farthest apart, again either in jumping or stepping with the right foot. The hands are equally far extended forming a direct line with the feet .

5th position : The feet come closer together approximately as the feet were in the 3rd position or to be exact somewhere between the 2nd and the 3rd position, this time stepping with the left foot or again jumping at once. The arms move to the top level of the head.

6th position : The feet are together again, this time using the right foot in stepping, or jumping. Arms are brought parallel up above the head.


Aphorisms on the Word

By Albert Steffen

“The Tree of Life is rooted in the Word. In the Kingdom of the Spirits of Nature is speech. The Nouns of this speech of the gods corresponds to the minerals, the Adjectives to the plants, the Verbs to the animals. Human Beings are the connection of Noun, Adjective and Verb – a sentence constructed by our higher self. The inspired genius of the higher self of humanity does not only imitate the words of the gods, but may continue to form them; indeed, we may even create new words. The inner genius of our higher selves have Word Forming Power.

“Nearly every word has been let fall by the gods. Many words seem dead. Several are in danger of becoming sub-human. A few still contain WILL wherein the godhead sleeps, or FEELING where in it dreams, or SELF-AWARENESS where in it lies enshrouded.

“Into the swoon of our human self-consciousness the Word of Life, (the Bread of Life, Budhi and the Life Spirit (SEE LINK) of the Risen Etheric Christ may always penetrate like a seed into the soil of the soul and spirit.

“The revelation of a New Earth will then sound forth. Words which were once alive have become coffins imprisoning spirits. These spirits are only seemingly dead and may be redeemed. An Angel must step out of every shrine. Poets must never cease to love the Word that has overcome death, until a complete host of living God-Beings stand before us. With these hosts of Living Words we set out to fight against the beast which continues to rise from the abyss.”

HUMANITY THE MEDIATOR (Not the Terminator)

Mingled most wondrously of Heaven and Earth –
Fire, Air, Dust, Water – Adam waked to birth.
Most wondrously is still man’s being blent
Of earthly clod and heavenly firmament.
The Moon-Drawn juices mount; the leaves distil
The Sun’s gold heart-beats into chlorophyll.
Out of the Plant’s green blood man’s red is wrought,
While stars rain down to gild his brow with thought.
Sun, Moon, and Stars, blue air, seven-colored bow
In man are offered to the worlds below.
Stone, Blossom, Beast and Earth’s great task of Love
In man are offered to the worlds above.
In man meet Beast and Angel, Star and Stone.
He stands, with crown of fire and rocky bone,
His dark clay phosphored with a lambent leaven,
A Conversation between Earth and Heaven.

Albert Steffen

Than a STONE on Earth’s floor,
Because the Father-Creator,
As World-Formator,
Gave me the chance
Of an upright stance.
Than the PLANT, unconscious sleeper,
Because the Son as Heavenly Word
In the deeps of my heart is heard.
More than than the BEAST who dreams,
Because the Spirit came,
The enlightening flame,
To my head, as cosmic thought,
The brightness of thinking brought.
Myself and my fellows freeing,
Creative Community maker,
Helper, guardian and waker,
As Thinker – The Truth Behold,
As Lover – The Word Unfold,
As Actor – Do Deeds that are bold.

Rudolf Steiner (Link)

“The more interior speech organs are so formed out of Man’s essential being that they can produce vowels, and the organs nearer to the periphery, the palate, the tongue, the lips and everything that contributes to the form of the physical body, are built up in such a way that consonants can be produced.”


Consonants, Vowels and the Star Forces of the Human Word

Birth From the Stars

When from Seventh Heaven’s bliss, I leaned below,
And longed to love the lorn and languishing Earth,
The planets’ shuttles, weaving to and fro,
Wrought me resplendent vesture for my birth.
Forth the Twelve Mighty Constellations spake
Their world-creating WORD, whose thunder ran
Reverberating through the heights to make
The microcosmic majesty of man.
And singing swarms of stars, like golden bees,
Built the white honeycombs which are my bones,
And lit death’s candle in their secrecies,
Dipped them in dew, and shuttered them in stones.
So from the water-lily of the moon,
Down air’s steep escalade I made my way,
Stately with stars, in mesh of light, soon, soon
To dim my splendor with disguise of clay.
When through the darkling cave of birth I crept,
Entered my house, touched pillar, vault, and plinth,
The Stellar map of skies which o’er me swept
Was printed in my skull’s grey labyrinth.
Thus, while I wake, behind blind walls of loam,
A cataract of Stars Inhabits me;
Till, sleeping, they surge skyward, heavenward, home
To the fair tents of their nativity.


B – P – M – V – W

Build your bridges bold and bended,
Build the bulwarks’ stubborn ranks
Batter down with big bull-dozers
The budding blue-bells on the banks.
Peerless Princess proudly dancing
Tulips tall and peacocks prancing
Pansies purple, poppies red
Primrose pale with golden head
Merrily, merrily marches the Minstrel
By meadow and marsh, over mountain and moorland
Men are amazed by the magical music
Of marvelous melody made by the Minstrel.
Over wintry wind-whipped waves
The white-winged seagulls wildly sweep
Weaving, windling, wheeling, whistling
Where the wide waste waters weep.

TEETH PLACEMENT, Astral intensity, Dramatic precision super charging the Astral Body

F – V – S – SH – Z – C – TH

Fast me flit with flickering feet.
Flinging the flame fronds higher
Fluttering, fluttering, far and fleet
Fashioning flaming fire.
Victory viewed from vantage vain
Vikings versed in victim’s pain.
Silver spray and swelling seas
Swirling seek the shining shore.
Snow and ice and silvered hedges
Sleet and slush and slides and sledges.
Dance, dance, dance down the fiery lance
Prance, prance, prance watch the horses dance
Trance, trance, trance is the high romance
That Nancy’s new born love can chance.

Very Strong Astral and Dramatic Teeth Placement Exercise

From Shakespeare’s “As You Like IT”

Character TOUCH –  “I do now remember a saying: (the fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.) The heathen philosopher, when he had a desire to eat a grape, would open his lips when he put it into his mouth; meaning thereby that grapes were made to eat and lips to open…Then learn this of me: – to have is to have; for it is a figure in rhetoric that drink, being poured out of a cup into a glass, by filling the one doth empty the other; for all your writers do consent that IPSE is he; now, you are not IPSE, for I am he… He, sir, that must marry this woman. There fore, you clown, abandon – which is in the vulgar, leave, – the society, – which in the boorish is company, – of this female – which in the common is woman, – which together is abandon the society of this female; or, clown, thou perishest; or, to thy better understanding, diest; or, to wit, I kill thee, make thee away, translate thy life into death, thy liberty into bondage: I will deal in poison with thee, or in bastinado, or in steel; I will bandy with thee in faction; I will o’er – run thee with policy; I will kill thee a hundred and fifty ways; therefore tremble, and depart.



N – D – T – L – R

Now the night is nigh its noon
Nimble gnomes beneath the moon
Nine times nine the knell is toned
New Knight Knaves now kneel alone.
Down, down, down
Down in dungeons deep
Dreadful Dragons dwell
Doomed the demon
Direful daring to defeat.
Untwirling the twine that untwisteth between
He twirls, with his twister, the two in a twine;
Then twice having twisted the twines of the twine,
He twitcheth, the twice he had twined in twain.
Silks and laces for the lady,
Letters from the lady’s love.
Laughter ripples through the lattice
As she lifts a long lace glove.
Rumbling in the Chimneys
Rattling at the doors
Round the roofs and round the roads
The rude wind roars.
Raging through the darkness
Raving through the trees
Racing off again across the great gray seas.


G – K – (GERMAN) CH – NG – R

Go, go, gallant goodknight
Gallop over the ground,
Give the gift of thy great heart’s gold
Till the Grail’s gold thou hast found.
The Etheric Origins of the Speech sound ‘ K ‘ and the origins of the ETHERIC BODY itself as a root study in the physiology and science of the Centaur, the strong inner light of Prometheus and the strength of the Risen Etheric Christ may be more deeply studied AT THIS LINK.
Cold, cold the cruel King,
Cold the crystal cave.
Crafty gnomes there creep and cling
Cunning clefts they clave.
Linking the stinging, springing chain
The pang sprang from arm to thong.
His joints went ping, his joints went pong
His screaming heard a mile long
Down the echoing, sing-song lane.

Rudolf Steiner

“It was thought that when the human being has entered the planetary sphere on his way to a new birth and has been received by it insofar as his etheric body is concerned, he subsequently enters the earth. He is received by the earth. Yet, even here, people did not merely think of the solid earth. Rather, they thought of the earth with its elements. Apart from the fact that the human being is received by the planetary sphere — whereby he would be a super-earthly being, whereby he would be what he is only as a soul — it was said that like a child he is received by the elements of the earth, by fire or warmth, by air, water, and the solid earth. All of these elements were considered the actual earth. Consequently, it was thought, the human being’s etheric body is so tinged by these external elements, so saturated, that now the temperaments originate in it. Thus, the temperaments were pictured as closely tied to the etheric body, hence to the life organization of the human being.”

Goethe and the Science of the Consonants

Scorching Salamander, burn
Nymph of water, twist and turn,
Vanish, Sylph, to thy far home
Labor vex thee, drudging Gnome.
Fiery Salamander, wither
In the Red Flames fiery glow!
Rushing, as waves rush together,
Water-Nymph in water flow!
Gleamy Sylph of air, glance, fleeter,
And more bright, than midnight meteor!
Slave of homely drudgery
Lubber Incubus, flee, flee
To the task that waits for thee!
Spirit, that within the beast
Art imprisoned be released!
Kingly sway hath Solomon
Over subject spirits won:
– Forth – obey the spell and seal,

Albert Steffen

Swallow loves the Sylph so fair,
Flits with her through fields of air –
Seeks the Nymph among the reeds
And with her down-river speeds –
With the Salamander dashes
Dancing mid the lightening flashes –
Trusting that the faithful gnome
Guard her nest till she come home.
Why, O heavenly one, they ask her,
Dost thou ever earthward wing,
Not uprise to our good Master?
“Peace to anxious hearts I bring!”

Sophia Walsh introduced this to me “Overheard on a Salt-marsh” by Harold Munro

Nymph, Nymph, what are your beads?
Green glass, goblin. Why do you stare at them?
Then I will howl all night in the reeds,
Lie in the mud and howl for them.
Goblin, why do you love them so?
They are better than stars or water,
Better than voices of winds that sing,
Better than any man’s fair daughter
Your green glass beads on a silver ring.
Hush, I stole them out of the moon.
I will howl in a deep lagoon
For your green glass beads, I love them so.


Spiritual forces of Fire by Rudolf Steiner – ” I consume the fire striving force it redeems me in soul – spiritude.

Warning from the Fire Spirits by Rudolf Steiner – ” The will of gods gives strength to thee. Thou reciev’st it not. Thou willest with its strength and Thrusteth it from thee.”

Activation of Fire Sounds from the Etheric and Astral forces in the Consonantal System.

H – Ch – Sh – S – F – V – or W

Hark forsaken rascals these shots so sharp rouse spruce fighters.

Choleric FIERY Will forces “Meanwhile the Choleric Captain” Hexameter study in the Choleric Temperament

“Up leaped the Captain of Plymouth, and stamped on the floor, till
his armor Clanged on the wall, where it hung, with a sound of sinister
omen. All his pent-up wrath burst forth in a sudden explosion,
Even as a hand-grenade, that scatters destruction around it.
Wildly he shouted, and loud: “John Alden! you have betrayed me!
Me, Miles Standish, your friend! have supplanted, defrauded,
betrayed me! One of my ancestors ran his sword through the heart of Wat Tyler;
Who shall prevent me from running my own through the heart of a
traitor? Yours is the greater treason, for yours is a treason to
friendship! You, who lived under my roof, whom I cherished and loved as a
brother; You, who have fed at my board, and drunk at my cup, to whose
keeping I have intrusted my honor, my thoughts the most sacred and
secret,– You too, Brutus! ah woe to the name of friendship hereafter!
Brutus was Caesar’s friend, and you were mine, but henceforward
Let there be nothing between us save war, and implacable hatred!”
So spake the Captain of Plymouth, and strode about in the
chamber, Chafing and choking with rage; like cords were the veins on his
temples. But in the midst of his anger a man appeared at the doorway,
Bringing in uttermost haste a message of urgent importance,
Rumors of danger and war and hostile incursions of Indians
Straightway the Captain paused, and, without further question or
parley, Took from the nail on the wall his sword with its scabbard of
iron, Buckled the belt round his waist, and, frowning fiercely,
departed. Alden was left alone.  He heard the clank of the scabbard
Growing fainter and fainter, and dying away in the distance.
Meanwhile the choleric Captain strode wrathful away to the council”


Oh, Harken to the torrid flame and hissing fury of the pyre,
Approach the searing scarlet chamber of the fevered, furnace fire.
Oh, feel the fierce, ferocious fingers of the fell and fatal flare,
And feel the sweat and salt flow freely, smell the scent of sizzled hair.
How vain it is to flee or shout, alas, what good is frightened prayer?
Accept  the fated fury of your evil life, oh fool despair!
Go hear the howl  and horror of the villain legions ranks you swell!
Go hasten faithful servant mine, go hasten to the heart of hell!


Angel of fire,
Seraphim bright,
Kindle the pyre,
Dance in the light.
Fierce be thy spark, forceful thy fight;
Banish the dark, swordsman of might.
Strike ye the flare, stand ever still,
Radiantly fair, warrior of will.
Sweetly enfold, felicitous one,
Chalice of gold with warmth of the sun.
Wing o’er the earth,
Help us aspire,
Fill us with mirth, Angel of Fire!


‘ R’

Spiritual forces of AIR by Rudolf Steiner – ” I drink in the airy – living force. It fills me to the brim with Being Power.

Warning from the Air Spirits by Rudolf Steiner – ” Creative power lightens thee unbeknownst to thee. Thou feelest all its strength and dwellest not therein.

One Consonantal force of Air. Trill enhances will forces and stirs Astral force and vibrates into the Etheric

From, “The Spiritual Hierarchies and Their Reflection in the Physical World”: “The first stirring of the ‘I AM’ is expressed in speech, in sound. All sound-formation is connected in a particular way with the forces of procreation. . . . The breaking of the voice at puberty, for example, is connected in a definite way with the powers of propagation. There is a hidden relationship between them. Everything related to this sphere in man was summed up by ancient consciousness as the Bull nature of the human Being. This is how the designation of this particular zodiacal sign arose.” (Lecture VIII April 17, 1909).

Spring is an exhilarating moment of  Earth’s procreative forces, bursting out of it’s winter confinement and containment. Through plants, animals and human beings the world’s hidden forces are urged forth in Spring with tremendous inner dynamic and strength. And the startling phenomena of the change of voice and puberty in males, connected with the reproductive forces and THE HUMAN WORD, deepen the voice and awaken in the human being the connections, the intimate links between our astral and etheric bodies and our I AM. The human being is a willing and unwilling Procreative Participant in the mysteries of Sex and Speech.  We become one of nature’s high voltage walking spark plugs who are able to inseminate and call forth human life down from the Stars.

Speech and Word appears to take a back-seat to the unfolding momentum of our new sexual energies. Forces in our blood stream learn to race southwards. We learn the laws of lusty Earthy Beauty and that our desires, our astral urges and our blood, our I AM, (unable yet to waken the cognitive powers latent in our I AM) we find ourselves in the bosom of Nature and experiencing the full tidal forces of the flood of the Will of Nature through our endocrine and sexual drives.

These titanic Will Urges in the human being and will forces of nature come under the mystery heading of Mithras Initiation. Of course every teenager discovers a secret force in them that instead of having to wait for Spring, our independent sexual energies can manifest Spring anytime we feel the desire to through our urges based on our potent reproductive sexual whims and instincts.  Which means THE BULL has been let loose in the china shop. The Bull is let loose through the Running of the Bulls in Spain. The Bull is let loose in the BULL MARKET and our desires are let loose to run rampant through human culture.

So Egypt had the potent powers of the Speech Organ, the Larynx, overshadowed and thundering through it’s Life Forces, because in the Third Cultural Epoch the BULL, the central organ of Speech and the Word, our reproductive forces in our change of voice and our blood, had the Constellation of the Bull as it’s Spring Equinox awakening power.

We are currently in the Fifth Cultural epoch and our Spring Equinox is heralded under the Constellation of Pisces and the Fishes. So to gain some potent insight into the Word Forces of the Larynx and the Power of the Word that ran with full force under the Egyptian culture, we face the hieroglyphic writing forces of the Word, picture forces of the Astral body and the Living Power of the Word that was being used in The Temple Sleep.

All of these forces of the Larynx flow through the one AIR and will force generator, the Consonant we use as the letter ‘ R ‘ in every word that has a letter ‘ R ‘ in it, the raw and pure fountain head of forces that generate the entire system of Speech and channel the reproductive forces upwards into the Larynx are ruled under the Consonant we use sometimes with powerful trilling, and vibrating the ‘ R ‘ sound and sometimes a soft ‘ R ‘ but in that ‘ R ‘ Consonant the forces of the Bull, Speech and the higher reproductive forces of the I AM were sent upwards to map out the astral world of the stars and bring the forces of the Word into Writing, and bring the forces of the Word down through Human Culture.

Now it is intimate to the forces of Speech and the Word, that in our Fifth Cultural Epoch, we may now send the forces of the Word upwards, we are breaking with the ancient blood lines of Kings and Pharaohs, of royalty and the Queen of England, we are breaking with the fallacy of foolishly trying to trace the blood line of Jesus of Nazareth through “The Da Vinci Code”  or  “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail”.  The path of the Word, through the larynx sends the Speech and Reproductive forces upwards through the portal of Eurythmy and the New Nature forces of Spring that have arisen under the age of Pisces and the Fishes, consciously.

Instead of the instinctive flow of the blood and reproductive forces flowing downwards and unconsciously into our sexuality, Speech and the powers in the Word are now being sent upwards. Speech and the Word are sent upwards,  outwards, pollinating through the Word, each human being who is able to Hear and Understand the new mysteries of Eurythmy and the Word.  Pollinating and lifting the Word out of the dead region of language, materialism and our blood, upwards to the rejuvenation and conscious enlivening of the Etheric and Astral forces, unfolding a new spring even now as we Speak. Now under the Spring Constellation of Pisces we are experiencing a new cultural puberty of the Word, a new channel of creative forces that releases and Frees the Consonants and Vowels from their imprisonment in matter.

Rather be merrily rally new riddles  (trilling and vibrating the ‘R’ so that the tongue vibrates.)

Ariel’s Song from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

WheRe the bee sucks, theRe suck I;

In a cowslips’s bell I lie;

TheRe I couch when owls do cry.

On the bat’s back I do fly

AfteR summeR meRRily.

MeRRily, MeRRily shall I live now

UndeR the blossom that hangs on the bough.

We have included Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” in our studies and there are many things we can add to this most marvelous tale of the Word and the magical humanized Sylph Spirit Ariel.  We each have one of these Sylph Spirit hunters and retrievers who willingly, even now accepts our commands from our own I AM. Those commands that our own Sylph Spirit responds to, are wide ranging. Working with our karma and destiny and the Moon’s forces, we can request in our hearts and in our desires to know something deeper. It is like trying to remember a word and how slowly the word comes back to us. But here, we may also send our own Astral Air Spirit out on retrieval expeditions to lead us to clues we are following within our thought life, our research, our most intimate soul interests, that no one but ourselves know.

The breed of astral servant from which Ariel has arisen, is trained to bring clues and insights back from the far reaches of the world. Ah, (Venus Vowel) Ah but here is the catch. The catch is that we have to pay attention to clues that will arise when our own Sylph Spirit brings them back.

It isn’t just remembering a Word we forgot, it could be a sign in a window that triggers a thought, it could be a color, a face, a sound in the street, a smell from our childhood, and suddenly that clue that we sent our own Sylph Spirit out to find, appears like a flash – and we have to remember and take the AWE the WONDER, which is a kind of joy and something similar to a wagging of the tail in well loved dog. Our own Sylph Spirit who serves us, is as loyal,  and as intimate as the servant Prospero had in his own Tempest. But Prospero was quick and understood what Ariel brought back and could quickly and mercurially recognize and read the signature of intuition written in the astral light. We have to be just as Mercurially alive, alert and awake in our intuitions to catch the loving insights of our own Sylph Spirit.

But what we hadn’t guessed about the amazing science of “The Tempest” and the Speech Forces locked in Shakespeare’s magnificent writing is something even more peculiar. The body of Shakespeare’s work are his children, brought forth under the sign of Speech and the Word. When a Sylph Spirit is freed, when Ariel earns and gains it’s freedom from the human being, that human being, like Buddha has transformed and humanized one of the enslaved elemental servants that had been it’s companion through Times and Ages. Finally the human being has matured, conquered it’s lower nature and the potential of lifting the veil of matter and the interlinks and locks of matter that are truly only unlocked by Light and Love. When the human being learns the lessons of Light and Love, matter can no longer hold it. We conquer the riddles of matter ourselves and matter can no longer hold us.

In Shakespeare’s brilliant masterpieces the forces of Speech and the Word were crafted into tools for lungs and human hearts to behold and live with. In the intimate activity of Word Formation and the Breath the Sylph Spirits we all have, are trained, as actors, and in particular living through Shakespeare’s Words, his use of  language triggers to life the education and awakening of our own slumbering Sylph Spirits. We become quicker, more enlivened and awake.

When Shakespeare frees Ariel, Ariel has been fully liberated, trained and humanized. It is a restored Stellar Star Spirit. It has been dignified in a human breast and raised by the Word Powers in a Human Being and is available for all of our Spirits and all of the Sylph and airy Word forces we can produce out of our human larynx and Voice Box.

This is Ariel’s new job description, An Awakener and an Enlivener of the slumbering Speech forces we have nestled in our Larynx. So here is a secret that few understand. Shakespeare’s Ariel now hovers, sends herself out to any and all Shakespeare productions and in all of these productions and in all the actors and in all the lungs and all the voice boxes and in all the hearts, Ariel has been freed up to be the multifaceted Inspirer that hovers like an Angel over any group or production company, any number of people who have chosen to live into Shakespeare’s Words, there lives Ariel as well.

Ariel is now  miniature holy ghost, a mercurial servant of all our human air spirits. Ariel acts as an awakener of the living vowels and consonants that have never tasted, hoped or have yet come to life, were never returned to their starry origins. Ariel, the Sylph Shakespeare liberated in “The Tempest”, now seeks to liberate our own Consonants our Vowels and our Word Forces into light, love, laughter, drama, tragedy and comedy, whole worlds and souls and spirits and Imaginations, alive, filled with Devachan and starry astral wisdom in each sound, is the enthusiastic field of work that Ariel now pollinates in each human Larynx. Ariel helps sing forth our love of Language and the Word so our slumbering Speech Sounds return to life.


Concentrated focus on the Consonant R with heavy Trilling “Archetypal Rabbit”

O’er the prairie raced a rabbit
The coyote tried to grab it
But he missed the cloudy flurry
Of the rabbit in a hurry,
Who kept running o’er the prairie
Like a frightened furry fairy.
Till she reached the friendly furrow
Where she rested in her burrow
Nibbling grass and cauliflower
To restore her racing power,
For a journey to the farmer
Who had often tried to harm her
While ignoring that the feeding
Of the rabbit with it’s breeding
Wasn’t meant to be malicious
Not unfriendly or pernicious
But was just instinctive habit


Air Fairy by Susan Olsen

I am a spirit of the aiR,

And I dance and flit beyond compaRe,

Than any otheR natuRe being

That with me lives and works unseen;

Light and fast I tRavel with wind and bReeze,

ORRR float amidst the meadows and tRees,

I caRRRy the biRds and bees upon my bReath,

And bRing aiR to all living things on eaRth.


Sylph Chorus from Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas

We’Re weaving, we’Re thReading

The aiRy-water-suRges.

We’Re splitting, we’Re buRsting

Condensing caRefully light-poweRRR.

We wisely neutRalise fRuit-foRces

With ouR soul-body’s being,

Outflowing fRom a feeling-Radiance

Which eveR living glimmeRRRs,

That human beings living

May joy in eaRth-becoming’s meaning.

We’Re caRing, we’Re waRming,

InspiRing and foRming,

When human young, the life-foRce dimming,

And human old in eRRoR swimming,

On deeds of ouRs aRe feeding.

What child or aged men aRe needing,

In stReam of time they are Receiving,

And we eteRnally conceiving.



Spiritual forces of WATER by Rudolf Steiner – ” I am moving the water growing force it molds for me a life substance.

Warning from the Water Spirits by Rudolf Steiner – ” Thou thinkest Angel – doings and Knowest it not.

One  Consonantal water sound

Wallow welling willingly, Lilac Listen Luminous Luring Loosen.

Study in Phlegmatic Temperament (See Link “Galaxy Quest” Mathesar, THERMIANS are all Phlegmatic types)

“The Haughty Snail King” by Vacal Lindsay

TweLve snaiLs went waLking after night.

They’d creep an inch or so,

Then stop and bug their eyes

And BLLLLow.

Some foLks …. are ….deadLy … sLLLow.

TweLve snaiLs went walking yestereve,

Led by their fat oLd King.

They were so duLLLL their princeLing had

No sceptre, robe or ring –

OnLy a paper cap to wear

When nightLy journeying.

This King-SnaiL said:  “I feeLL a thought

Within….it bLLLosoms soon…..

O LittLe courtiers of mine…..

I crave a pretty boon….

Oh, yes….(High thoughts with effort come and weLLL-bred snaiLLLLs are aLmost dumb.)

“I wish I had a yeLLLLLow crown

“As gLLListering…. as…. the  MOON.”


The Whale by Theodore Roethke

There was a most monstrous WhaLLLe;

He had no skin, he had no taiL.

When he tried to spout, that great big LLLLubber,

The best he could do was jiggLe his BLLubber.


Liquidity of water, the glistening of dew
Enlivening the flowers, the blood in me and you
The flowingness of rivers, the pulsing of the tide,
The falling of the raindrop, the ocean still and wide,
The lifting of the comber, the rumbling of the surf,
The culing of the ploughshare, the tumbling of the turf,
 The laughter of the fountain, the plaything of the wind,
It quenches all our thirsting, it calms our troubled mind.


A Liquidy calamity:
A Jelly-Fish with sea weed-fresh,
An opulent old octopus,
In hoops he ploys his sea-weed-noose
And loops himself a jelly-goose.
A meal, ho! ho! Like doughnut role
The oooozy mess was gobbled whole!


Spiritual forces of EARTH by Rudolf Steiner – ” I take hold of the root forming force. It fashions me a form body.

Warning from the Earth forces by Rudolf Steiner – ” Thou dreamest thyself avoidest an awakening.

D – T – N – M – B – P – G – K – NG

Matter forming, deed impelling, work, will, crafts and gravitational grounding forces of the Consonantal System

Dropped dim dingles dim by dense margin sparkled dark too dark.

Melancholic Temperament Study

Melancholia (click link for example) by Fletcher

There’s nought in this life sweet,

If man were wise to see’t

But only Melancholy,

Oh, Sweetest Melancholy!

Welcome, folded arms, and fixed eyes,

A sight that piercing mortifies,

A look that’s fastened to the ground,

A tongue chained up without a sound!

Fountain-heads, and pathless groves,

Places which pale passion loves!

Moonlight walks, when all the fowls

Are warmly housed, save bats and owls!

A midnight bell, a parting groan

These are the sounds we feed upon;

Then stretch our bones in a still gloomy valley

Nothing’s so dainty sweet as lovely Melancholy.

NG Study

“What the Gray-Winged Fairy said” by Vachel Lindsay

The moon’s a GONG, HUNG in the wild.

Whose SONG the fays hold dear.

Of course you do not heart it, child.

It takes a fairy ear.

The full moon is a splendid GONG

That beats as night grows still.

It sounds above the evening SONG

Of dove or whippoorwill.


Bradford Riley’s FOURTH GRADE NORSE play (see Link)

Norse Yggdrasill


Knocking at the portal of the ponderous rocks

Hear our little hammers striking, knocks, knocks, knocks

Polishing the surfaces of crystal glass,

We’re darting in and out where only gnomes can pass,

Forming rocky boulders like gigantic gods.

Up inside the mountains to the top we plod.

Hold a little taper in our fingers rough,

We hum a little ditty with our voice most gruff:

Gold, gold, gold,

Silver mirror cold,

copper kettle old,

Iron makes bold,

Tin shines bright,

Lead will write,

Mercury will quickly disappear from sight.


Digging down in depths of darkness

Delving deep where dragons dwell

Gleeful gnomes, bright gold were gathering

Golden grain they love so well.

High they hurled their hundred hammers

Hard they hit the hidden hoard

From the sunlight they were exiled

Gold recalled their ancient Lord.

Crashing, clashing, cleaving, carving

Clefts and caves, clang in accord.

Clumping underground beneath the big green stumps,

Grumbling go the dwarves, going bump, bump, bump.

Dig they jewels and gemstones from the deep dark den,

Golden was the gossip of those goblin men.

Marching to the beating of a cracked, blue drum,

Digging with their knuckles till their hands grew numb.

Gold and silver, beryl, topaz, diamond or coal,

Greeding after minerals was the goblin’s soul,

Pitied be the bungler who obstructs their goal…

Pitied be the mortals that desire our pain

Greed would slowly come to them and eat their brain..


The Use of M, the use of the forces of the Consonants, ‘ T ‘ out of Leo and surging through as an I AM force. ‘L’ and the Lymphatic-Etheric forces and as we have studied the Immune system re-boot out of Aquarius in the ‘M’ Consonant can be studied HERE, (CLICK LINK).


Eurythmy is in Waldorf Schools in every country in the world and it brings music, math, gesture, creativity and the enormous foundations of Etheric Forces back into the life of young people. SEE LINK – CLICK HERE.


Learning through music itself, the laws of the future etheric forces, how the Angelic Community formed plants, flowers, and wove starry forces into FORMATIVE FORCES and Etheric Life. Eurythmy learns to dissolve itself into the forms that have shaped matter itself.  SEE LINK Beethovens 7th for Eurythmy.


Observe and follow the laws of math and music in this (CLICK LINK TONE EURYTHMY OUTSTANDING EXAMPLE). We LITERALLY SEE THE MUSIC. Humanity lends their Etheric discipline to manifesting the secrets of Tone Eurythmy that transcends individual Language and raises, alerts, astonishes humanity when they can see, in color and tone, in ART with Lighting, the discipline of costume, form, tone that are the LAWS of both Math, Music, Botany, and the Etheric systems of the hierarchies themselves. It is Pythagoras raised to Sacrament. Humanity can penetrate the very laws and physics of Life itself. Listen and Observe.

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  1. Oh, dear, dear Bradford! Whenever I find my way to one of your magnificent musings, I feel as rejuvenated as that first morning when I stumbled into the woods behind your home and came upon the steam rising from the Barton Springs. . . And now I have just followed the link to “Star Mysteries & the Word” – just the inspiration I was seeking this morning, as they only yesterday shut down the fountains over the Neptune & Poseidon statue below my window.

    Did you know that Robert identified St. Elizabeth as an incarnation of the John individuality? See Elijah Come Again. I’m off to Italy to dance and pray and study with Robert and other Sophia friends in a couple of weeks.

    Much love to you & Tara,

  2. Dear Bradley, I have just come across your writings full of treasure. I am Annika from a long time ago in Dornach, having loving memories of you and your wonderful family. Thank you for your sharing, it is nourishing and of tremendous inspiration, with love, Annika

  3. Annika, Annika, Annika such a living journey we’ve taken together. I hope and I suggest you see yourself, briefly under the Star of Drama that I wrote with all of us in mind. You know I wrote this summary experiences of our journey into Speech as a Seedling group of TWELVE. You are in mentioned in that karmic group we shared, at this link. I am in Austin, Texas and both Silver and Christal are in Washington State on the Far North Western United States. Lots of children of their own. We have all journeyed far together and taken into our souls the great dignity of Spiritual Science. Love you Bradford

  4. Dear Brad,
    I’m Katherine Rudolph, living in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for you Bolg. Such a comprehensive study of the Word in Eurythmy and Speech.
    Where are you living these days?
    What are the exact diifferences between the cosmic vowel colours for the Zodiac and the colours as given in ‘The Mystery of Ephesus’ Eurythmy?

  5. Hello Bradley. Such a wonderfully revivifying article. I’m currently residing in Alice Springs in the heart of the desert in Australia and seeking to understand and connect with this place and all this space in a deeper way. This article has given me so many pointers. Many thanks.

  6. Hello Bradley, this is a wonderful page, I will need time to study what you have compiled here, I am happy to see such publications here on the net, where, as in physical life, we do have to create islands of culture, give resistance to the negative forces that live through the net-web. well done, and thankyou as I realise you a releasing a lifetimes study into the wide world. with grateful spirit. donna lee

  7. You are so right donnalee. We have had to walk, perform, and live the Word. My history is strewn through many of these essays. We have all been wrested from a comfortable life to a stirring and powerful confrontation with the future. Little do people want to know how deeply the HUMAN WORD is tied to the unfolding of the Science of the Spirit and the awakening of the soul. You summarized it very distinctly. Little Oasis’ of Michael Culture to divert the rushing streams of Ahrimanic determinism or the mis-directions of university materialism. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  8. I started reading, and could not stop, will return to read again, to hear the words sounding, to rejoice in the beautiful explanations and insights you give. I wish to send the blog link to all eurythmists teaching in schools, there is so much more honesty needed in teaching the subject. The new humans on our earth don’t need the secrecy (I feel) thanks so much for your inspiring reflections and sharing your knowledge and experiences. DL

  9. Thank you DL. We have walked together through our Novalis Group and much that I have absorbed in my continuing education into Speech and the Word is captured here. In America and in the world we require always deeper insights. Even in 2016 the film “ARRIVAL” gives a hint of how Language and the Archangels are knocking at our doors.

    Here is a brief review from the Michael School, of how the film “ARRIVAL” integrates our imagination of meeting and encountering Archangelic Speech Entities. These entities are gathering together and revealing an entirely new LANGUAGE OF TIME and a new Etheric Insight into the formation of Language by forming entirely New organs in our Brains.

    Michael School and brief Bradford Review of the new film “ARRIVAL”

    I took my Father in Law, visiting me in Austin, to see “Arrival” the new Sci-Fi film. Spoiler Alert. As a Speech and Language graduate of the Goetheanum, let me try to talk over the heads of those who probably won’t catch my drift. But in doing so, the film “Arrival” is all there if you are a Michael student.

    It is all a question of Learning and how language develops new organs in our brains. Now with sure solidity with reference to our Zodiac and our Foundational Human Form, two things can be noted with immediate clarity. 12 different vessels appear and the occupants of the vessels have a seven fold aspect to them.

    Eurythmy itself reforms patterns in our brain and formative forces in our Etheric bodies. Pictographic writing and Hieroglyphics and how the WORD itself has morphed and is morphing from dead forces back to living individual zodiacal forces, resurrected in our tiny, baby, formative embryonic larynx, where the fetus and formation of the children of the zodiac, our CONSONANTS and VOWELS are slowly returning and arising.

    We also get a good kick in the pants for how our 7 days of the week, our planetary Vowels our 12 months, our 12 Constellations and our lofty 12 SENSES are integrated into a NEW LANGUAGE force by imagining a visiting collaboration of Archangelic Entities of Language itself. You may find some of these explorations in many of the Bradford Essays dealing with the 12 Ages of Time, and the 7 dynamic Speech forces of language that are all formative forces and instruction in how we resurrect the Word into wholly new, higher organs and capacities.

    These thoughts are generally beyond what most people can appreciate. In fact, to appreciate the level of Language and the Twelve Senses, opened in the film, “ARRIVAL” Spiritual Science is required.

    So the film “Arrival” is really about a leap forward, into the dimension of Time, unleashing the astral body, future forces of Manas, Time and learning a new language that is formed by Time and part of the functioning forces of Archangels two stages above our human capacity of Thinking and Language. The kicker of the film of course is, we are forming a new organ in our hearts and brains for THINKING AND SEEING TIME.

    Instead of dead positions in space, living forces are opened and unleashed and reformed in the heart and brain of humanity that launch the secret language of Reincarnation, Karma, Time and Destiny. Part of this is already part of our Eurythmy and Speech trainings. Part of this is a leap into understanding that the Human Form is a Zodiacal Hieroglyph, that when unlocked through Eurythmy, Speech and Archangelic development, INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE as Hieroglyphs can be unlocked and Time and Biography can be seen in the unfolding of a Human Life span and extended beyond Time itself into Reincarnation.

    “ARRIVAL” has all this from awakening a new organ of the LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL that is coming towards us from out of the future. Now, as Anthro researchers we can look at this and we might want to look at it from a far more Eurythmic and Speech standpoint that triggers and exercises already, new buds of new faculties of realities already hidden in the higher regions of our human psyche.

    However the film “Arrival” has, say, 12 Archangel vessels that arrive with Raw Language Beings in the vessels that are like giant SEEDS. More like the roots of a great Language Trees. If we tried to Imagine the Roots of Language Beings we find different branches of how different languages grew from certain regions.

    The Beings inside these Time Seeds Vessels are already advanced 7 fold Language Beings formed from out our shared Planetary Vowel and Planetary extended spiritual Experience. Just imagine, as Imagination goes, literally meeting advanced Archangelic Language Beings “ARRIVED” from the future to inspire and raise the Etheric and Astral forces of Language to an entirely new level. They are not likely to appear in 12 space ships because as Archangelic Beings they are hoping that humanity comes to their higher senses.

    We can say that “Arrival” is an imaginative picture of 12 to 22 to 24 Zodiacal Speech and Language Archangel Spirits who suddenly inject a new Speech and Word impulse absolutely on par with Eurythmy and the Human Word and absolutely in tune and with Speech, Language, Thought and part of the Higher faculties that we can detect in our 12 Sense System.

    Spiritual Science is already exploring these regions and rebuilding forces of Time and Language into humanity. But Humanity is most fascinating when they picture the process for themselves. It is as if a whole set of Archangelic Beings who banded together to bring to birth an entire new organ of higher intelligence in humanity, suddenly “ARRIVED” on Earth’s doorstep.

    To really grasp this immense idea, we have to look to 1919. We have to examine the deep resounding after image and after effect of the Meditation that was instilled below. If you examine this Meditation on the Archangelic Beings and you realize this meditation was carried by the faculty and Waldorf teachers in their being during the development, history and travail of Wars, you may see clearly how the Meditation Itself comes back to humanity in a transformed Image, that was carried up to the Archangels through the Souls of Humanity.

    The Metamorphosis of the Great Archangel Language groups of the European Union, prior to all the catastrophic events, a distinct Meditation formed itself and was carried upwards to the Higher Beings exactly through those that lived and endured and crossed the threshold, having carried this germinal seed upwards to the Archangelic Beings.

    In the film, “ARRIVAL” it comes back to Humanity in an entirely changed and metamorphosed form of Perception, yet we can see what was Living by examining what was carried upwards to those lofty Archangelic Folk and Language Spirits who serve the Archai droplet of Light and Time.

    In other words Time, the Time Seed of Light from the Archai themselves is dropped as a seed in the vast CIRCLE of the different Archangelic Beings of Language. We see clearly a Cup, a Grail cup, a cup where the Brain and Heart merge into a New Language of Time, crystallized in the Mantra and Meditation below.

    Behind each of you stands his Angel,
    Softly laying his hands on your head.
    This Angel gives you the strength that you need.
    Above your heads sweeps the circle of the Archangels.
    They carry from one to the other what each has to give to the other.
    They unite their souls, thereby you get the courage you need.
    In the movements they make as they weave from one to the other
    They form a chalice.
    The light of wisdom is given us by the sublime beings of the Archai.
    They do not clothe themselves into a circle
    But coming from eternal beginnings, manifest themselves
    And vanish again into the eternal distances.
    They reach this space only in the form of a drop of light
    Which fills for a moment the chalice
    Formed by the movement of the Archangels.

    (The Founding Verse of the First Waldorf School in Stuttgart (1919) by Rudolf Steiner)

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