“Sensual Woman and the Gates of the Moon” by Bradford Riley

A well documented correspondence between the Moon and the reproductive organs is the close parallel between a woman’s monthly cycle and the lunar synodic month. The length of time (29 1/2 days) for the Moon to pass through its phases, e.g. from Full Moon to Full Moon, closely approximates the duration of the menstrual cycle. The relationship of the Moon with generation and reproduction is a mirroring activity, but which takes place in the sphere of life rather than in the realm of ideas.

Rudolf Steiner

“…we see that the Earth-life as such, for example in the phenomena of tidal ebb and flow, is connected quite evidently with the movement of the Moon. Nor must it be overlooked that the female functions, although they do not coincide in time with the Moon’s phases, coincide with them in their periodicity, and that therefore something essentially concerned with human evolution is shown to be dependent in time and duration upon the phases of the Moon. It is as though this process of the female function were lifted out of the general course of Nature, but has remained a true image of Nature’s process; it is accomplished in the same period of time as the corresponding natural phenomenon.”

The difference between our ideas and concepts we hatch in our heads and the biology and gestation cycles of every living thing on the planet that gives birth, is our intimate and precise relationship to the Moon. In the case of the human female, her biology anchors her into the movement of the stars. In other words men are not locked into an obvious star pattern that comes around and hits monthly or approximately every 29 1/2 days.

Not only does nature reveal different flashy colors for males of the species against the more subdued female colorations, but the reasons for such external vs internal differences are because the female of all the species except the Sea Horse, are locked into the gestation cycles and internalized forces that project inwards. While the male of the species the male cardinal, lion, rooster expend their forces externally while the female projects her excess forces inwardly.

Human females have a wonderfully startling and more sensual sensitive and obvious difference in their outer skin and hair than what men have as their equipment and naked design. The sensual differences are striking but the facts are still, without exception, that the female projects external forces inwardly as she is locked into the movements of the starry heavens down into her biology.

Islam had an ancient cult where women were gathered in a harem and
their cycles all timed together and linked to a menstrual moon cycle. Now the idea of having 12 women each with a different aspect of the zodiac signs through the starry Sophia window, the Moon, timed in unison with the changes in the Moon cycle and serving the intuitions of One Sun Cock, one male, Mormon or Sheik, takes us back to King Solomon and opens up a hidden path to the stars and the ancient planning of births via female cycles.female mysteries

Even today we find that women working together find that their menstruation cycles sometimes tend to merge and fall into similar patterns. Now friends when this happens this is an etheric lymphatic event that binds on deeper levels the GROUP of females into an unconscious ring, an unconscious lunar portal and star ring operating just below consciousness in the work place.

A circle of Harem like etheric and lymphatic forces geared and in sync with the Moon, with Luna, means literally that the tides and group of females etheric and lymphatic rhythms create a little but potent lunar tidal wave or ring knot that comes together monthly and connects to the various open zodiacal signs that the moon phases through every three days. Yes that is correct. The Moon as well as the Sun phases through the zodiacal windows. The Moon phases are faster than the Sun phases and all heredity and gestation cycles of every living thing on the planet operates in sync with the Lunar rhythms. Every gestation cycle on the planet is locked into the laws and numerical sequencing of the moon’s phases.

Solomon and the preparation for the line of Jesus had to do with the
Queen of Sheba and the building of Solomon’s Temple as a domed work
of math, science, zodiac, planets was fitting preparation for all the wisdom gathering into a Zarathustra/Jesus destiny. Yes, that is right. If you thought the riddle of Jesus was finished with just a simple humble pie guy who happened to reconfigure the entire genetic code of the fall of humanity, than you haven’t understood the preparation involved for the incarnation of this Jesus individuality or how Solomon played into the generations that led to the incarnation of Jesus.

But Solomon was a real zodiac shopper for unique aspects in female qualities. Solomon was a real lover of women. Solomon was a Harem master (see this clip)and the inner side of the Romantic and Romanticism while Hiram, the builder was the outer side of the occultist. Solomon savored each unique flavor that each female brought with them from the stars. Solomon gained wisdom from every female that he encountered. Hiram the builder was a nerd for how the planets, stars, earth, geology, gems, and technology and form brought the stars into visible matter. In Hiram and Solomon we have the marriage of Occultist and Mystic.

There was indeed a mystery to the sentient soul qualities of female sensuality,different sexual tastes, different stellar forces, different flesh
tones, intellectual idealism out of Aries as foreplay, which is where “Scheherazade” revealed one aspect of a highly complex Sophian star tale. The Thousand and One Nights film can viewed (HERE- CLICK LINK).

“THE Thousand and One Nights (Alf Laylah wa Laylah) is the only
Arabic work that has become truly popular in the West. For centuries
it was frowned upon by educated Arabs for its inelegant style and
mixing of the classical and vernacular languages.

“The first written compilation of the stories was made in Iraq in the
10th century by al-Jahshiyari who added tales from local
storytellers to an old Persian work, Hazar Afsana (“thousand
tales”), which in turn contained some stories of Indian origin.
The “frame” story, in which Sharazad saves herself from execution at
the hands of King Shahrayar with her endless supply of tales was
borrowed from the Persian Afsana but probably originated in India. A
similar device, which may also come unltimately from India, is found
in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Boccaccio’s Decameron.”

A stable of different Sophian stellar and sensual moon forces
embodied in females with living qualities, a living sensual reality
that is truly wonderful to describe on the basis of all the different types of women, their smells, their minds, their seductions, their warmth, their coldness, their heart, their intellects, their music, their art, their cooking, their touch, and their ability to touch different places in the psyche of foreplay with the sexual harem owner were a form of Solomon wisdom schooling for male/female relations.Sensual Woman gates of the Moon

I have encountered as well how females have taken this up in having a stable, as in horse stable of different men types sizes and shapes, man breeds, which is a liberating thought that women can easily grasp this in similar manner as Solomon did with all his women. Women today are just as able and can clearly have an entire Harem of different types of men weaving in and out of their lives on a monthly basis as any Mormon male or Harem big daddy did.

It wasn’t all sexual in the Harem or the concubine world, even though the different way each female has orgasms, a screaming Jap (not Jewish American Princess; they usually faked their orgasms.) What would a blond with sulphur or a redhead be like? What would a dominating Iron force in the blood of a dark haired lusty one be like? Large breasted, small, tiny, tall, fleshy…and then the interior nuances of how each woman was tuned to their aspect of one fully living form of a specific zodiacal field. And of course the idealists out of Aries makes the challenge of riddles and the psyche become foreplay and intuition. All of this was what was left when we finally reemerged from the past with the Troubadours, The Romantics and finally collapsed into country western trailer park love songs.

The dance of the 7 veils were the earliest forms of strip club. But the art of opening and uncovering layer upon layer of the deeper levels of the 7 planets, used to be considered a revelation as to how a child descends from the stars through the 7 planets and sought incarnation. Yes, the dance of the 7 veils was once a profound initiation dance that has now become a mere gathering for rabid sexually frustrated wolves.

7 veils and 7 layers into the deeper realities of the planetary fields out beyond the Saturn veil of karma to the core of mighty Virgin, The pure white moon, Diana the many breasted Ephesus mother.

In case you were wondering, it is at Ephesus where Diana was honored. It was also the place that St. John took the Mother of Jesus after the events of the Crucifixion. It was under the Cross of Golgotha where Christ gave St. John the task, that Mary was now to be his Mother and his responsibility. It was to be St. John’s esoteric responsiblity to serve Sophia and the higher wisdom of the Spiritual World under the Divine Virgin.

These 7 veils are the key, not only to the interior of the human heart and it’s FIFTH CHAMBER (link here) but obviously such 7 veils worked well for two women getting back at fat Luciferic Herod. Herod was living portrait of the Luciferic addict of sensuality. Herod was a harem derelict and debaucher of his own daughter. Out of  spite and abuse of innocent sensuality his daughter tricked him with a promise of sensual favor for the beheading of John. St. John was beheaded because of the base instincts of Herod  willing to promise anything and everything if this young babe would do the occult strip tease for his slimy soul. CLICK LINK see parts I and II) The devil’s bargain was the head of St. John. Herod traded his momentary pleasure and sensual delight for the cut off point of the incarnation John the Baptist.

In the far west the liberation of women where the individual I Am of
women were and are on equal par and sometimes vastly superior to the
I AM carriage of men we must watch [SEE CLIP]  of  the movie from “Dangerous Beauty” to get some idea…and of course, back in the day…such a creature as Helen of Troy embodied all the artistic work of Aphrodite, but there were Athena women and Hera women as well. Athena women of intellect and Hera women of power. Hilary Clinton is a Hera woman and so was Margaret Thatcher.

But “Dangerous Beauty” was a brilliantly done film where the true troubadour and Romantic origins of the sensuality and freeing up of both the role of females and males, liberating the suppressed instincts and passions so that each human being can see them clearly, is what in occult terms are clear cut Luciferic or serpent and apple, Luciferic forces as opposed to the other end of the spectrum, the icy cold forces of the Ahrimanic.

We are hardly human if we cannot determine the differences between hot passion and sensuality and the icy grip of power and cold avarice. These two forces make up the one entity that rules our shadows called Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles is alive and is an equal opportunity employer for sucking both female and male souls dry. They, WE, never see it coming, even if it is easily predictable.

Now the Ahrimanic forces of mechanized female habits appear fully contrasted in the Stepford Wives. Here artificial intelligence unlinked, severed from the organic and etheric forces of the moon and gestation are brought into the service of servicing males. The same dark moral problems that were in the film, AI or Artificial Intelligence, reveal the fully developed Ahrimanized model of decapitated or deconstructed female reality which severs ourselves from the core of nature and presses us toward the road to The Matrix.

In a fundie future world the I AM of women of the west will be set back again to what some Mormons in Utah think is cool. Mormons merely have inserted the Arab practice of harems to serve as moon rings of power of circles of women adjusting their most intimate menstrual rhythms to the cock of the roost, the chief sheik and big daddy who vowed to support them. These Mormon family values have infected political processes deeply into the current Govt. Who can ever, ever forget “A Handmaids Tale”? “The Handmaid’s Tale” is a feminist dystopian novel, a work of science fiction or speculative fiction, written by Canadian author Margaret Atwood and brilliant, frightening and terribly true to the fundamentalist bible thumping stooges who have a different Orwellian angle to cut out the heart of freedom in humanity.

Well it is easy to forget if you were unable to think or were never drawn into deep comparative literature studies and saw the meaning of things with new eyes. Education is a bitch and then you discover the truth and learn that it is part of the Great Sophia Wisdom of the soul to see how truth and the heart function when they work as intuition together with the I AM.

“It turns out that Stepford’s husbands have conspired with
chauvinistic scientists to replace all the wives with computerized
android duplicates. While the film’s ending did leave me wondering
what domineering heterosexual husband in his right mind would
consider Katharine Ross in a long, high-necked dress and white
gloves an improvement over Katharine Ross in short cut-offs and a
halter top, I took it with a grain of silicon and went with it.”

In conclusion we have to look at what Ahrimanic forces have brought as the bastardization of the west to the middle east. Therefore under the repression that is building in the west, women will not have it any better under Ahriman’s grip than at Lucifer’s at the Luciferic mystery center known in the west as Las Vegas.

The true sexual revolution brought men and women to a vast equal and appreciative open field of reality that has morphed into repressive sex for the Fundies, Porn for the masses and gay and lesbian open relations for overcoming the sexual roles of their own inner anima and animus…and taboos and tattoos for everyone.

Yet all of these insights come at us as conscious or unconscious constant distractions that avert our gaze from the reality of how the moon sets all gestation cycles of every living being on the entire planet. These distractions are there so that you will fail to understand how the female is the portal to the star mysteries and how children come into incarnation (SEE LINK) through the portal of the stars and gather for their internal spiritual use their own sun, moon and planets and how these link themselves to the hereditary forces that they chose for their parents.

The most brilliant, mathematical and profound study of how the Gate of the Moon and the embryology of the formation of the child is brought about within the womb of the mother is in this lecture. Not only are there concrete mathematical relations to the moon and the length of time a child develops within the womb, but each pathway and gate to the stars, where the moon stands during the formation of the child within the womb is outlined. As an example of the wealth and depth that is contained within this lecture, I will give only this small indication.

“…during the development of the embryo the human being is caught up in that cosmic condition to which the tone is given essentially by the Moon and its activity. This comes about through the movement made by the Moon, through the encirclement of the head by the Moon, which occurs ten times during the human being’s embryonic development. Thus the Moon first passes by and works upon the formation of the human face — leaving it then in peace to continue its growing. During this period the Moon retires. When the formation of the face has been in abeyance for some time, the Moon re-appears and gives it a fresh impetus. It does this ten times. And during these ten lunar months the human head is formed rhythmically out of the Cosmos. Thus the human being waits for ten times twenty-eight days in the mother’s body, under the influence of cosmic forces mediated through the moon.

“Now what really happens here? As a being of soul and spirit a man descends to the personality he has chosen out of the whole Cosmos to be his mother. And from that time the Moon takes over the formation of his head. Were he to remain within the mother’s body for twelve lunar months, a quite self-enclosed, circular formation would result. But he remains there for only ten lunar months. Hence something of his development is left incomplete, and after birth all that works in out of the Cosmos is occupied with this. Thus, before birth, ten-twelfths of the cosmic forces work upon the forming of the human head, the remaining two-twelfths being left over for the formative work which continues outside the mother’s body — though it actually begins during the embryonic period. In addition to the cosmic forces there are others, and these come from the Earth itself: they do not work on the head but on the limb-system.

“…..These activities are connected with temporal conditions different from those prevailing in the mother’s womb. In the mother’s body we have ten times twenty-eight days — that is, ten moons or 280 days.

“Here we have to do essentially with the course of the day. Where the development of the limb-man is concerned we have to do with the course of the year. We see also how in their earliest stage the human limbs are developed with a continually decreasing rapidity. A man needs actually twenty-eight years for their full development, though this is certainly not so evident during the final seven years as it is up to the age of twenty-one. He needs twenty-eight years to develop his limb-system outside his mother’s body, though it is within the mother’s body that the development begins.”

The strip club has severed us from the reality of the true dance of the seven veils. We now neither understand our own inner navigating stars or how our brains contain a map of our stars so that we can think and uncover our destinies by using the soul forces of our intuitions.

Ishtar and Inanna The Dance of the Seven Veils (click link)

“The foundation of this dance is the ‘descent of Inanna/Ishtar’, through the seven gates, and is one of the greatest myths to be revealed to us from the ancient world. Historically, there are two main versions, written in cuneiform [simple texts made by pressing a reed stylus into wet clay] and found in Mesopotamia. Dated around two and a half thousand years apart, they relate how the Sumerian goddess Inanna [later to become known in the second version as Ishtar [after the Bronze-age Akkadian invasions] made an epic journey into the underworld. In the first and oldest version the Tutelary goddess wishes to gain the secrets of death and the afterlife; the second tale relates how she seeks to rescue her lover Tammuz/Damuzzi in a perennial fertility rite, ……..either way, her journey necessitated her entering a series of seven gates, believed by scholars to represent the seven stages of our humanity.

“At each gate, veils are removed one by one to allow the complete sublimation of the ego. These veils may be viewed as metaphors for either the material aspects of our material world that surround and encompass our material bodies,’ or they may be viewed as levels of the subconscious, which when removed lay bare our true selves. This is indeed a true and much valued analysis of this ancient tale. However, I believe that its original context reveals it to be more ritualistic, a magickal tool evincing a journey through seven stages of altered consciousness for a higher purpose

[please note that the following selected verse is a direct translation of the original Sumerian cuneiform script]

The Descent of Inanna……………
‘From the great above she opened her ears to the great below
From the great above the goddess opened her ears to the great below
From the great above Inanna opened her ears to the great below
My lady abandoned heaven and earth to descend to the underworld
She abandoned her office of holy priestess
To descend to the underworld
She gathered together the measures of Heavenly and earthly powers
She took them into her hands
With the measures of heavenly and earthly
Powers she prepared herself
Inanna set out to the underworld………’

“The goddess Inanna is unfamiliar with the Mysteries of death and rebirth; she possesses only the virtues of life and fertility. And so she seeks entry to the Mysteries.

“At each of the seven gates of the underworld she pauses, asking permission to enter. She is challenged there to remove her jewellery, girdles, and royal regalia that bind her spirit to the material world. Only thus, ‘naked’ may we gain entry to the halls of eternity.Ishtar seven veils

“Then as now we approach the underworld to battle and learn through facing ‘death,’ the other self, the balance of light and dark within, here only do we learn the true cycle of life and discover our worthiness to receive deity.”

That which is covered becomes uncovered – naked. That which was veiled becomes unveiled. That which is the mystery of mystery and holy of holies, that which is our own I AM and our own Star Maps, are part of the ancient mystery of the seven planetary spheres and the mighty wheel of the zodiac. We bring our stars with us and the miracle is that they become our biology and our anatomy. But the secret navigating impulses arise in our soul and spirit.



We look up to the external world of space and the stars, but we come from and we bring with us into living thought interrelationships our navigational maps of what the interior of the starry worlds are all about. We are each of us the gateways to the mighty world of the starry heavens.


Initiation for Women has taken on many forms. Weleda was a Celtic Warrior and Priestess who was schooled in the science of  natures herbs, remedies, star influences and the elemental beings of nature. IN THIS CLIP (click link) only the vaguest hints are given in THE MISTS OF AVALON to what is in truth a vast gateway into the etheric forces of the Living Earth.


Admiration of the nobility of Women. And in another examination of the courage of women, no man was able to kill a Nazgul. But Eowyn disguised herself as a male warrior and went into battle to defend her father the King.  (See Link)  Eowyn vs. The Nazgul.


THE MISTS OF AVALON, and female initiation rites. (CLICK LINK).


CLICK THIS LINK just a massive, wonderful poem of the Eternal Feminine.  Go Hugo. Called the “Ode to Ishtar”. Highly recommended.

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